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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday Morning  ABC  March 27, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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we'd like to see. clouds and chilly temperatures compared to yesterday. but that being said, we're still about average for this time of year. 43 degrees in central park right now and we're looking to go into the low 50s. right now, some of the cooler spots are north and west. 37 for monticello right now. 39 in new berg. but i think this is going to be a swap and change by the afternoon, meaning we'll have warmer temperatures north and west, cooler numbers closer to the coastline because of the easterly wind. that dominates pretty much all day, shoving that cool ocean air inland. and as that happens, it keeps the clouds around and it also keeps our temperatures limited. by the time we get into tonight, this low pressure system will develop off the coast. we'll get a little piece of energy from the west and it's rain tonight into the workweek. i'll talk details on that in just a few minutes. easterly wind today with
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i'll have details on the week ahead in the accuweather seven-day forecast next. rob. >> amy, thank you very much. parishioners of a historic church destroyed by a fire will still come together on this easter sunday bergen performing arts center. last week flames tore through the 150-year-old first presbyterian church of engle wood. parishioners are gathering with a lot of gratitude that no one was hurt and that their people remain intact. >>reporter: the reason why the church is holding services here this morning at the bergen performing arts center is because they expect so many people to come out for easter services. these are pictures that we got of the damage from inside the
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this fire last tuesday night. the fire badly damaged the 150-year-old church. congregants celebrated good friday nearby at saint paul's and those who are with this church say they are so thankful to the community which has come out to help. >> it is a devastation to the whole community, for one thing. certainly. they've been very generous. church. >>reporter: this is a cross that the pastor of the first presbyterian church showed to parishioners at good friday services. it was pulled from the rubble. he says it is a should and that they will rebuild. we're live in engle wood, kristin thorne, channel 7. tens of thousands packed into st. peter's square to hear pope francis's blessing of.
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attacks around the world before telling the faithful never to future. his message is an annual easter are tradition. earlier he celebrated mass as the sun shone over vatican city. the archbishop of new york is celebrating at 10:15 today. last night he celebrated easter vigil mass. if you're looking for fashion to go with your easter fashion sunday, fifth avenue has the easter parade and bonnet festival. it goes on for hours as people don their most colorful easter head wear. the tradition dates back to the late 1800 s. police are searching for four men after a slashing attack
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the victim ran after the attack. the 19-year-old victim was waiting for a cross town bus when four men approached him, accused of slashing him multiple times in the head, back, even his hands before taking off. the violence at that crowded station was a shock to people who live in the neighborhood. >> i wouldn't expect that. we've been here the last three nights at that same time. it's weird. >> it's new york city. you've got to be on your toes and ready for anything. >> the victim is in the hospital in serious season. last week the nypd announced lanz to implement operation cutting edge to help track stabbings and slash ingz throughout the city. now to the latest on the brussels terror attacks. we've learned more two americans are among the dead. the news comes on top of one more arrest of a man in belgium.
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that and the latest in the fast moving investigation. >> overnight justin and stephanie shults, an american couple from kentucky missing since the attacks now confirmed to be among the dead. they had just dropped off stephanie's mother at the airport. justin's brother tweeting go rest high on that mountain. the first charges since the attacks that killed 28 have been handed down. the most important against this man. faycal c., charged with terrorist murder. this video shows his work as a freelance journalist. this morning abc news learned he had been detained in the past for trying to recruit refugees for jihad. but is it one of the two suspects? this man with the hat in the airport or another man scene at the metro station with the suicide bomber before he truck a train. authorities released this photo
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believed to be kom list it in the attacks. the links between brussels and paris now even stronger. the airport suicide bomber on t he left is the alleged bomb maker for paris. the list of suspects and possible ak mrisz growing. in italy overnight, a man wanted by belgium was arrested for making fake documents for suspects involved in the paris attacks. now, almost daily reports of arrests and raids to capture those involved and prevent more attacks. the new normal in europe. >> frightening new normal. in other news now, american airlines was forced to apologize to customers after one of its pilots failed a sobriety test. these photos were taken from a passenger on board that plane. they are believed to be of that american airlines pilot. investigators say a tsa agent smelled alcohol as the pilot
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detroit when he arrived for the flight to philadelphia. police say he then failed two breathalyzer tests and that his blood alcohol was over the legal limit for pilots. the flight was canceled, passengers had to be rebooked on other flights. coming up on eyewitness news on this sunday morning, a triple win in the western caucuses for presidential candidate bernie sanders. it's a huge boost for his supporters, but is it enough to move him closer to the democratic nomination? and in accuweather, we're tracking perhaps a wet start to the workweek. we'll see clouds today come and go, but it's rain after midnight and showers through the early morning commute.
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. it was a blowout for bernie. >> we just won the state of washington. >> bernie sanders sweeping the democratic caucuses in washington, alaska, and hawaii by huge margins over hillary clinton. >> don't let anyone, don't let anybody tell you we can't win the nomination or win the general election. we're going to do both of those things. >> sanders claiming momentum after a string of 10,000-plus mega rallies in the west coast to wisconsin. no comment on the losses from clinton who is taking easter weekend off. clinton dominates the delegate race.
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of those still up for grabs to clinch the nomination. that. ugly personal dispute. donald trump off the campaign trail for easter firing tweets at rival ted cruz. lying ted cruz is trying to convince people that his problems were caused by me, trump tweeted. story. cruz says the tabloid rumors of marital infidelity are a plant, striking back at are trump tweeting donald trump is no republican and he's certainly no conservative. the gop race now turns to wisconsin, the next big primary in just nine days. all the candidates will be off the campaign trail for easter, many attending church services with families. as for the man already in the white house, president obama, he's expected to attend church today too. abc news, the white house. and now what is next for
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that is considered to be a key battleground state, particularly for the democrats. it's coming up on the tuesday, april 5th. stay with eyewitness news and abc news throughout this wild presidential season and you can tune in this morning for this week with george. it starts at 10 a.m. right here on channel 11. more than 30,000 people are supporting a petition calling for guns to be allowed inside the republican national convention. the quicken loans arena in cleveland does not allow firearms, but ohio is an open carry state. the petition quotes the presidential hopefuls who have all spoken out against gun free zones. the petition was aiming for 5,000 signatures originally, but increased the number to 35,000. straight ahead on eyewitness news saturday morning, a string of violent armed robberies in brooklyn. two of the victims were elderly women.
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to track down the
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(maintenance guy) should you be doing that? (it guy) nope! (maintenance guy) well, you could play a new york lottery scratch-off game. that's how i break the routine around here without making our entire network collapse. (it guy) good point. can i have one? (maintenance guy) sure. (avo) take a break from the expected.
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. the easter bunny got a little bit of high flying help in tampa. thousands of plastic easter eggs rained down on a high school there yesterday in time for a massive easter egg hunt. watch out. after the bags of eggs were emptied, children rushed the football field and started hunting. it only took a few minutes for all those goodies to be snatched up. we had our easter egg hunt, our tradition in our family in the backyard on friday. and it is a blood sport. >> as the only member of the panel who does not have kids yet, is the goal of the easter egg hunt for the kids to actually hunt or to pick up? because that didn't look like >> no. that wasn't challenging. house is a hider.
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>> hunt, yes. >> i will say the ultimate goal from our easter bunny is that there is a golden egg. we have two of them. >> what is in the golden egg? >> i was going to jokingly say cash. >> how much? >> $10. it depends on the year. but my first periscope ever, i was periscoping the bunny hunt and the golden egg had disappeared in the two minutes from being hidden in new york city, open area, to the kids coming out and searching. only in new york. it was live on periscope. >> what? >> the golden egg, poof, disappeared. >> someone took the cash? >> yeah. >> he said yet. he said kids yet. >> is there news? >> no there is no news. i want kids. that's no secret. >> hashtag yet.
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the golden egg. >> sure. >> because once the bunny places it, anything can happen. >> could happen. >> i want some cash. >> that's right. >> anyway, what's the weather for all those egg hunters? >> that's where i'm going. 43 degrees is what we have in central park. that's how we begin this day with temperatures really on the mild, cool side with the cloud coverage. the difference between yesterday and today is that we are going to be cloudy and cooler because of the easterly winds that are coming. and i've had a few tweets already, an easterly wind on easter. i know. but the point is that it's going to influence our weather pretty dramatically early on in the day. and then we hope for sun breaks later on. looking down to lower manhattan, visibility still, but cloud cover is there. a little bit of heat to work
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50s, about average for this time of year. we'll expect clouds and temperatures just a few degrees off the rest of the area once you get to the coast lines and warmer temperatures north and west. that's what happens through the afternoon. we spin this weather wheel. >> taking it in the low 50s this afternoon, high of 52. after sunset, temperatures fall back into the 40s pretty quick. clouds move in tonight and we're expecting rain. i mentioned the water temperature because when we get an easterly wind, onshore flow, that's air coming from over the water. if you have temperatures in the upper 40s for the water, that's the kind of cool air that's going to be moving in. that's why we stay cooler in those areas today and also the moisture and cloud cover reaches those places more quickly. thinner clouds back here to the north and west allowing for the temperatures to go up just a little bit higher. rain coming in from a low pressure system down to the south and also energy making its way from the west. as those two combined, we're
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up tomorrow, but also rain to come down. so we'll make some consensus as we go into the workweek of needing an umbrella, but temperatures more mild. tonight it's mostly cloudy and after midnight the rain develops. right through the commute tomorrow, there is drizzle, spotty rain showers. another round comes in for the afternoon before we finally say goodbye to that. tuesday and wednesday look great. both are very seasonal and lots of sunshine. for today, breezy sun breaks this afternoon, 52 degrees. overnight, 42 with rain can and and drizzle developing. tomorrow temperatures are pushing the upper 50s. there is enough of that mild air coming p in that it will be a little more comfortable, but showery at times. there is tuesday and wednesday with temperatures in the mid-50s, seasonal, just maybe a degree or two above the averages
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the workweek. thursday, we get warm. 70. but showers could turn into thunderstorms with that weather pattern. 57 on friday and saturday a high of 64. the accuweather seven-day forecast, this is the last week of march in to april. and a little rain could do us some good as we get into the blooming. the overnight lows which are sometimes pretty critical with blooms and flowers happening, they look like they hold steady for this week. >> not too shabby. >> good luck with your golden eggs. >> thanks, amy. the faa is investigating a very close encounter between a drone and a small plane in new jersey. officials say it was getting ready to land at mon mouth executive airport when the piloted reported seeing the drone. the plane was 2,000 feet in the air and did not have to take any evasive action to avoid that drone. we are hearing more and more close
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of the major airports, incidents at jfk and la guardia. that and the lasers, a lot going on in the sky. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price thisgood,
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. waek, everybody. a would be thief learned the hard way that you don't want to come between an army veteran and his priced motorcycle. a man was trying to steal a motorcycle at a red light in arizona. the reason it's caught on video is because the man was being chased by police at the time after being involved in a hit-and-run crash. the bike is jenkins one big purchase after serving in the army and he was not letting it go without a fight. >> i'm a small dude, but i'm pretty feisty. it was go time. then it was you're trying to take my bike and that's not going to happen. if it was anybody else, who knows, they could have gotten hurt. i'm kind of glad it happened to
9:24 am
>> jenkins was okay. his bike not so much. it's pretty beat up after that whole encounter. he says he has insurance and is hoping to either fix it up or get a new bike. >> somebody needs to step in and fix it. >> i bet they do. once that story makes the rounds, done. >> 9:23. time for sports with laura behnke. >> good morning, everyone of the the cavaliers are trying to put everything together for a stretch run at an nba title while the knicks are jucht trying to put anything together. another disappointing season winds down. after back to back wins, they were. but then cleveland arrived at the garden. lebron james and carmelo anthony are bff. the corner shot as the shot clock expires, it was still a close game, but not for long. the route is on. draining the three ball. the knicks not happy about that. lebron putting on a show in front of miley cyrus and victor
9:25 am
triple double and then a tech here for taunting. 107-93, the cavaliers roll. also last night, it was the nets looking to play spoiler against the playoff hopeful pacers. paul george had a nice evening. finishing with 27 points to lead all scorers. that kept the pacers up in the early go ingz. the triple to open a six point lead, the nets pulling off the win. two weeks from last night the regular season ends for the rangers who had themselves in good position, but still have not clinched a payoff spot. every point very valuable. last night against -- made it 1-0. derek beating chris for the one timer that made it 3-1.
9:26 am
away. moves in and converts for his second goal of the game. 5-2. the rangers with the win. and the islanders at carolina last night trying to of seven. cal clutter buck scored and forced overtime where he then did this. 14 seconds left and he gets the game winner on the dad's trip. of course they were all excited. 4-3, the islanders with a much needed win. spring unofficially began in florida over a month ago, but spring in new york is getting closer. one week from sunday night, the mets open the basketball season with the yankees following -- baseball season with the yankees following suit the next day. yesterday afternoon the mets visiting the braves, rooiding an 8 game -- riding an 8 game winless street.
9:27 am
3-3, the mets have to settle for a tie. so the winless streak at nine games. the yankees on the road to meet the blue jays yesterday afternoon. second pitch of the ballgame, aaron hicks turning it right around. the solo blast for the 1-0 pinstripes lead right away. the yanks down one, alex rodriguez gets the single. they add another from there, 4-3 and the yankees get the win. that's your morning look at sports. i'm laura behnke. we're back with you later tonight at 5. >> i'd like to wish my tar heels good luck tonight. beat notre dame to get to the final four. fingers crossed. great games last night. >> so much fun. >> it's good. the best sports of the year. >> the best. much more ahead including a live look at today's top stories.
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. welcome back, everybody, to eyewitness news sunday morning. looking at a live shot out side our studios on the upper west side here at 66 and columbus. people getting around, kind of overcast, but not too bad for march. we can't complain, particularly on this easter sunday, march 27th. >> it's nice outside. a little chilly, but beautiful. >> a little cold during the egg hunt, but that's all right. >> that's all right. >> bundle up. >> exactly. you'll be fine. >> good morning. i'm michelle charlesworth. >> i'm rob nelson. sunday morning. >> meteorologist amy freeze. it's fine for the egg hunt, the church, the fifth avenue eastern bonnet parade which starts at 10:00, p em get so creative. -- people get so creative.
9:31 am
>> happy easter to the both of you. this sunday is cooler and cloudier than yesterday. you can see that from the live pictures. 43 degrees currently in central park. cloudy and mild. we're expecting a warmup of about ten degrees across the area, despite the cloud cover. a sun break or two this afternoon. what's happening right now, we start off with upper 30s and low 40s. the onshore flow or easterly winds on easter are actually bringing cool air from over the ocean waters inland and that's creating the cloud coverage for us. later on to night, there is a low pressure system to the south, along with energy coming in from the those two after midnight combined to produce rain showers for us. so monday we'll start off wet, you'll need your umbrella. for oh, the rest of this day, cloudy with sun breaks. 52 in the city.
9:32 am
north of the city, monticello and even up to sus ex, temperatures could push 60 degrees. details on the accuweather seven-day forecast are coming up in a few minutes. rob. >> thank you, amy. a massive fire is not denting the spirits of resilient are worshippers at one church in new jersey. the congregation is coming together this easter sunday days after a fire gutted their historic church. kristin thorne is live in englewood with this story. >>reporter: good morning, rob. i just spoke with the pastor of the first presbyterian church of englewood and he says they are expecting a lot of people to come to services here at the bergen performing arts center this morning. he says people not only from their church, but people from neighboring churches who want to show support to the church after losing their church building. and that is one of the reasons why they're holding services here at the bergen performing arts center, because they do expect such a large turnout.
9:33 am
that we got from inside the building last tuesday night. this happened around 8:00 at night. a fire broke out in the church. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. the pastor of the church said he was willing to hold holy week services in a parking lot if he had to. thankful yes he does not have to do that. st. paul's episcopal church opened up their doors and then the mayor made it possible for the bergen performing arts center to be used this morning. the pastor tells me the message today will be one of hope, it's easter and it's about resurrection. we're really excited for the opportunity to have our people together, celebrating in the midst of obviously a very, very difficult week, but it's a chance for us to remind ourselves of hope. >>reporter: and here is the pastor holding up a cross that was pulled from the
9:34 am
services at that local church, really as a symbol that the church will rebuild. this cross was pulled from the rubble of the fire. services are set to begin at 11:00 this morning. we're live in englewood, kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness >> thank you so much. a man says he was attacked by nba star jr smith in basketball player. he was in town last night when the cavaliers played the knicks. the gament is just days after justin brown said he would sue the nba player for $2.5 million. brown claims smith choked him outside of the club last november. he played for the knicks 22012 to 2015 and was not arrested after the incident. hoping to drum up opposition against a proposed casino at belmont park. opponents say it will create traffic problems and increase
9:35 am
ck a plan that would ban video casinos on long island. >> belmont park has a storied history. it has been here for over 100 years as a racetrack and that's how it should stay. >> it's our community, us united in the face of saying that we don't want to see hour community fail. >> opponents say they are concerned with quality of life issues that the casino could bring, but supporters say the casino is a good idea for the area because it would create both jobs and additional revenue. today governor cuomo will welcome the public at the executive mansion. the mansion is traditionally open to the public on new year's day, but the event this year was postponed as the governor marked the first anniversary of his father's death.
9:36 am
open house to easter so he could continue that same tradition. coming up next, a pastor back tracks on his controversial plan to mark easter. why he ditched a three-day idea that had involved a casket. plus, the new york international auto show is kicking into high gear. we're going to check out some of the rides and a few familiar faces spotted at the center. >> one of those faces was the very own amy freeze yesterday. >> that's right. >> she'll be back with the accuweather forecast right after
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pastel for easter, lit up in purple and pink and blue. beautiful. >> i mentioned monday night the empire state building will be going orange for the mmrf foundation, great organization, multiple my loma organization. great organization. look for the orange tomorrow night. >> for all the easter bunnies hopping around tomorrow, what kind of weather? overcast, not a great day, but not a bad day. >> temperatures are cooler and it's a little cloudier. that's the big change. i think you need extra layers, jacket, maybe a scarf. while we're in the low 50s, we have this easterly wind, which is wind out of the east, not easterly because of easter, but it's coming out out of the east
9:40 am
temperatures will remain near average today, low 50s. then a quick warm up tomorrow and then return back back into the low 50s. cloudier and cooler today. the afternoon sun breaks are most likely north and west of the city. further away from the ocean. the rain does return late tonight overnight and into tomorrow morning. it will be a wet commute. seasonal sunshine gets in here mid-week with temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. we could get 60s before the last week of march is over. northwest new jersey, low to mid-40s. randolph at 45. looking at long island, temperatures in the low 40s. mon tauk 39. down toe shore, temperatures are are chilly -- at the shore, temperatures are chilly, but low to mid-40s in as well. ocean temperature is in the
9:41 am
too that's influenced by the temperatures. and that's what's coming in. that's why we're staying a little cooler and have the cloud cover. there is a system south of us creating the energy across the upper midwest. the combination will allow for cool conditions today, but as high pressure slides off, making room for those two systems, we've got wet weather coming in. sunday night into monday, showers. here they are in future cast right through the early morning commute tomorrow. and then through the afternoon is drizzle, light rain and another round of showers in the afternoon, then we clear things out. expect temperatures to be in the low 50s for the city and all places that are coast to the coastline. inland 58, 60 for poughkeepsie. inland temperatures warmer and brighter skies. future cast shows a wet commute, but we'll hold on to some of that rain in the evening hours. spotty rain and light drizzle possible.
9:42 am
wednesday, look like great days in the mid-50s with a lot of sunshine. breezy sun breaks is what we'll keep our fingers crossed for. it will likely happen in the suburbs away from the ocean and beaches. if you're down the shore spending easter, looks like you're clouded in. 58 degrees for tomorrow. that looks like a pretty good none. but with the rainy drizzle, i don't think it's going to be that comfortable. grab your umbrella and rain gear, you'll need it off and on through the day. tuesday and wednesday both in the mid-50s. thursday a few showers, even a thunderstorm possible as temperatures push near 70 degrees. that will be a day where we have sunshine, clouds, and afternoon showers and thunderstorms. friday 57 and then saturday mid-60s. a little iffy on going into next weekend. it's the last few days of march, early april. we could have weather that tries to see saw back and forth a bit. 50s and 60s in those areas.
9:43 am
>> buckle up. >>. life in the fast lane on the west side. the international auto show is underway. whether you're in the market for a new car or love cars and technology, it is the place for you. you'll see the coolest vehicles and the car features that are making a splash in the automotive world. >> we've got special attractions throughout the whole show. ride and drives, three ride and drives. take a ride in an electric car, you saw on the video you can go literally off-roading in the city, which is fantastic. >> and of course some of our colleagues are from channel 7 have been out there -- >> heather. >> meeting and are the greeting. >> lori, julie and dave. >> shooting selfies. >> i know. it was fun to be out there with liz yet. people were so lovely and so kind and so nice to make time for us. >> jeff. >> make sure you keep n eye. >> jeff smith, laura behnke, joe torres.
9:44 am
there is still mrent yi of time for you to check out the auto show if you want to. it runs until april 3rd. tickets $16 for adults, $7 for kids. and on top of that, we want to see your photos from the show along with pictures maybe of your first car or if you want to send us a picture of your dream car, shoot it over to us on facebook, twitter, or instagram. use the hashtag abc 7 ny or nyias. >> dream, dream, dream. >> so good. >> what was your dream? the convertible bentley? >> yeah, that would be fine. >> or one of the blue life green thunderbird convertibles. coming up, robert de niro has achld a movie from the try
9:45 am
why the project has stirred up controversy. this morning on up close, we go on heightened alert with the nypd after the brussels terror attacks. more new york cops on the streets and subways. what's the department doing behind the scenes to try to protect new yorkers. this morning we ask the department's top uniformed officer about what's going on. and the last u.s. terror attack was in california last december. this morning we talked to the police chief of san bernardino about lessons he learned and
9:46 am
9:47 am
. welcome back. police in brooklyn or worn warning a robber is praying on elderly women. he is tied to four robberies dating a few months. his latest victim was an
9:48 am
weekend in prospect heights, threatened with a gun and box cutter. he also attacked a 91-year-old woman, pushing her into her home and choking her at gunpoint. residents are becoming much more seriously aware of their surroundings. >> make sure you watch behind your back when you come home at night and you go into your house. it is really alarming. >> the suspect is believed to be 5-10, weighing 250 pounds. police are searching for an armed robber who held up a jewelry store on queens boulevard. it was caught on surveillance video. police say he pulled a gun at adl jewelers in sunny side on friday. and demanded gold, diamonds and watches. he then fled with $15,000 worth of jewelry.
9:49 am
announced the tribeca film festival won't screen a controversial antivaccination film. it was codirected and written by an draw wakefield who was stripped of his medical license after linking autism to childhood vaccines in a now discredited study. robert did i near 0 was a cofounder -- robert de niro has a child with autism. a newborn baby boy is in the hospital this morning after being pulled out of a dumpster by a good samaritan in washington state. the baby was discovered friday night when a woman was taking her garbage out. she turned on the compactor and heard the baby's cries, she jumped into action, calling 911 before diving right into the dumpster to dig. >> she was saying, almost if tears, i hope this is just a toy. i hope this is just a toy. and then a sound that i've never
9:50 am
life, a cry saying oh, my god, it's a real baby. >> the paramedics a #r50i6d at the scene, rushed that babe -- arrived at the scene, rushed that baby boy to the hospital. police are searching for the baby's parents. a louisiana pastor who planned to recreate the resurrection of jesus has changed his plans. bishop ricky says instead of spending three days in a casket, he'll spend them outside on a cot. he says it's because the weather is so nice and the casket was only in case it rained. he can still get his point across, parishioners are glad to see. >> thank god it's not a casket and it's just a cot, a symbol of what he tried to portray what ease us did. >> bishop moore's easter passion
9:51 am
he said he made the plan after god sent him a vision for a way to get the city's attention. >> got attention had. >> mission accomplished. it is big dog sunday. >> they've got their ears up too, basically. big dogs being sent in this morning are all ears, including d cruz sent in by diane. we have hooch with a pair of bunny ears ready for the hunt teddy, alley, so great to see all your pets ready to go for this big holiday weekend. cupcake has her bunny ears ready to go. we'd love to see your dogs, send them in. my twitter handle is amy freeze 7. we'll be right back with more
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. coming up in a few minutes is this week. >> here's jonathan carl with a preview. >> good morning michelle and rob and happy easter. it was an ugly week in politics as the campaign got nastier and more personal. the candidates now trading insults over wives and tabloid rumors. i'll go 1 on 1 with donald trump. the breaking developments overnight in the brussels investigation. the new arrests and what it means for american safety. and my meeting with a homeless vet now back on his feet. it's a good news story that you won't want to miss. it's all coming up on this week. michelle, rob, back to you. >> have a good show. this easter sunday, parishioners will gatdzer at the bergen performing arts center after their church is covered by fire. >> identity witness news
9:55 am
in englewood with the latest. >> reporter: we're starting to see some of the parishioners arriving here at the bergen performing arts center. their services are being held had because they are expecting such a large turnout. all this after we're going to show you pictures of done to their church last tuesday night when a fire ripped through their church, their 150-year-old church. congregants celebrated good friday at st. paul's episcopal church who opened up their space. those with the presbyterian church has been so thankful. the pastor said they do expect people here for services from all over the area coming to show support for their church. live in englewood this morning, kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news.
9:56 am
residence in albany, including tours, a chance to meet the governor, and an easter egg hunt. the mansion is traditionally open on new year's day, not easter, but the event was postponed as the governor marked father's death. he changed the date to east tradition. the man who says he was attacked by nba star jh smith in manhattan is suing the basketball smith was in town when the cavaliers played the knicks. it comes days after justin brown said he would sue the nba player for $2.5 million. he was choked outside the club, he he says, from last november. he was not arrested after the incident. protestors gathered hoping to drum open opposition for the casino at belmont park.
9:57 am
problems and increase crime. they want them band on long island. supporters say it's a good idea because it would bring in revenue and jobs. >> what we're bringing is one fine at shot of easter spirit. just a little dab here. >> you guys look so good. in fact, i'd like to capture this at the moment. >> a live selfie. >> i have to look at yu here. >> happy easter. >> if you're in hats ready to go, hit the streets. we're storm free, but clouds are cooler than yesterday. outside we've got low 40s. empire state building looking down to one world trade, 43 degrees turns into the low 50s later on. accuweather seven-day forecast. monday morning starts with rain. after midnight tonight, we'll see rain drizzle developing and then showers during the commute.
9:58 am
afternoon, high of 58. tuesday and wednesday are dry with bright skies and temperatures in the mid-50s. showers are expect on thursday with the warm air clyding with the cooler air. 57 on friday, 54 on saturday. we end the month of march as we go into next weekend and begin april. we'll see if the weather gets a little more skooiting as we start to make the transition there and -- exciting as we start to make the transition and see bigger stornlz. >> the next time we're together is april. >> you're a postcard right now. you know that. >> happy easter. >> happy easter to you too.
9:59 am
>> thanks forslow, building african-style music it's the little moments that make the biggest waves. kalahari resorts & conventions the world's coolest indoor waterparks.
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starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. war of words. the trump-cruz feud getting even more personal. >> it is a smear that has come from donald trump and his henchmen. sleazy donald. >> ted cruz blaming donald trump for planting a tabloid report. all after a fight about their wives brings the campaign to a new low. donald trump responds right here. only on "this week." plus, after his big weekend wins, bernie sanders joins us live. and, breaking overnight. a new arrest in the terror manhunt. italian police taking down


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