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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  March 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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exclusive video, you see a man with a black hoodie on fighting with a woman inside, a second man appears and then the man in the hoodie throws a purge at the hair. the man then -- punch ever punch the pair. the man then starts pushing racks down. then he takes off his hood. at one point, another man appears to hand the attacker something which he then throws at the victims. the entire time, the owner is crouched down behind the counter. then the suspect goes behind the counter to the kitchen area and comes charges towards the victims with a huge knife. police say the suspect then chased one victim up the road, stabbed him in the back. he is in critical condition at harlem hospital tonight. emt's say they transported two victims to the hospital. it's not clear if the woman in that
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there are no arrests at this time although police say they are looking for two suspects. we'll have much more on this story coming up at 6:00. >> thank you. developing overseas, a deadly bombing attack in pakistan. a break away faction of the militant taliban group has claimed responsibility for a bomb attack. sixty-five people were killed, more man 300 wounded in an explosion at a park. a spokesman for the group says a suicide bomber deliberately targeted the christian community. police say the explosion took place near a crowded children's ride area of the park. politics now, donald trump doubles down and his challengers respond. meanwhile, bernie sanders runs the board with win this is
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what's happening in the race. reporter: the presidential candidates took easter sunday off the campaign trail, instead battling it out own tv. >> always the press likes to make me the bad guy. he's the one that started it. >> this story is garbage. trump trading accusations over a national inquirer operatives are had multiple marital infidelities. >> i had nothing to do with the national inquirer. reporter: trump says his wife was a victim first when an antiturn pac posted a ad with a photo of his wife in the nude. >> should this kind of thing be off limits? do you condemn this story? >> i don't carement i mean really, i don't care. reporter: john kasich says he
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>> familiar -- disagrees. >> families have to be off limit. i don't want to project that he'll be the nominee, i don't think he will be. reporter: meanwhile, bernie sanders is basking in his three blowout victories. >> we won three victories last night, we've won six out of seven contests. reporter: sanders keeping the pressure on hillary clinton. its still a long shot campaign but he says he's you building momentum to win. >> i will not deny for one second that we still remain the underdogs. reporter: the next show down is in wisconsin nine days away. up next, for both parties, the wisconsin primary. that's tuesday, april 5th. stay with us throughout the election. the latest set back for the
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state comes in a syrian town. today, islamic fight fighters were run from the town. state monument destroyed by the islamic state. morning kills an 88 year old man inside. the fire started on the first floor of a home in elmhurst. cefaan kim is there. reporter: lauren, you can still smell the scent of ash in the air after a fire tore through this two story home. you can see two old junk cars sitting there. you can see how narrow of a walk way it leaves for anyone trying to get in and out of this home let alone firefighters. neighbors say for almost a decade these cars have sat here like this. firefighters front and
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firefighters to battle this blaze. sadly, the 88 year old victim here died. residents say he lived alone and was reclusive. they say his wife passed away a few years ago and he was a korean war veteran. the fire broke out at 4:00 this morning requiring 60 firefighters to get the fire under control. one neighbor says because of trouble accessing the building from the front of the building, firefighters came around here place to enter from the back. you're looking at the first floor of the building. that is where fire officials say it started. two firefighters were injured, minor injuries, while battling this blaze. did victim's identity has not been released yet. . reporter: thank you. a truck plunged off an overpass on the new jersey turn bike and injured two -- pike
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lost control of the truck and tumbled over the it happened just before 8:00 this morning. the truck landed on raymond boulevard below the overpass. two pedestrians helped rescue the man in the truck. the new jersey congregation whose church was gutted by fire celebrated easter service at a makeshift site. members of the first presbyterian church of englewood lost their church tuesday night in a fire. >> it is resurrection time and today's easter. even though we have a set back, we shall overcome. >> doesn't matter, we worship god any place. >> we have faith. reporter: church line of dutiers say all of the -- leaders say all of the bridal parties scheduled to marry there this
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their deposits to rebuild. cardinal doland celebrated easter today. mallory is in midtown. reporter: lauren, good evening. this is a tradition that dates back more than 100 years in new york city and today, pastels and bonnets were hard to miss. >> happy easter. reporter: easter bonnets, bunny ears. >> easter on fifth avenue is something i like to do every year. reporter: you're all here to enjoy easter sunday. >> we are. reporter: paraders flooded fifth avenue on easter sunday marking the occasion with get ups that required time and inspired creativity. >> every year i come and this and every
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reporter: two weeks and 200 peeps later it's impressive. >> tell me about your hat? >> it's bunnies and eggs. reporter: this young man shared his easter joy. reporter: thank you, so much. how do i look? >> good. reporter: i think it looks better on you. >> we have been having a winter that's been up and down and the world is sad so it's nice to have a little color and fun and excitement on easter sunday. reporter: this morning, the cardinal welcomed the crowd to easter mass. >> blessed easter everybody and welcome to easter sunday morning mass here at america's parish church. reporter: he discussed the meaning of easter sunday. he also spoke about the recent terrorist attacks in belgium. >> that we're constantly dying to evil and to lies and to sin and to problems. we're dieing and we're rising, we're rising to new
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>> at st. barton on second avenue, a dove ceremony marked the holiday. the annual release of the dove symbolizes christ's release of his apostles. reporter: and dozens posed for pictures. there were baby's celebrating easter for the first time and adults enjoying a festive moment. >> enjoying one another and all of the positive energy. its a gorgeous time of year. reporter: and back out here live. as you can see, fifth avenue has since reopened and those bunny ears, hats and bonnets, they've been put away for next year. >> a great day. catholics from around the world crowded into st. peter's square to hear pope francis' easter message. >> pope francis offered a message of life while condemning what he called blind
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heiferred prayers for the victims -- he offered prayers for the victims of terrorism world wide. >> even in space, there's an easter celebration and the astronauts got a holiday treat with the arrival of a much needed supply ship. there were no chocolate easter bunnies but the container brought nearly 8,000 pounds of grocery, equipment, and research. this is the first of three cargo deliveries scheduled to arrive in the next three weeks. >> they should have put a request in for peeps. >> not a bad day but showers are moving in. reporter: let's check with jeff smith. reporter: you can already see the high clouds increasing ahead of that next system. temperatures already in the 40s. quite a bit
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head north and west and your 57 at poughkeepsie. we have a light sprinkle moving along offshore. we have two separate systems heading in our direction. we don't get the brunt from either of them. we will get some rain. here's our high resolution futurecast. by midnight there, are showers especially north and east of the city. after midnight, all bets are off. we'll have rain lasting through midday on monday. we'll have the full forecast coming up. we do have nice weather in there as well. taking a swing at smokeless tobacco. coming up, mayo de blasio weighs in on a ban on chewing tobacco. >> the home in our area that
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to yankee great now on sale and
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pr , with opening day coming up, new york city prepares to ban smokeless tobacco. the mayor told espn he would sign the ban on chewing tobacco at arenas and stadiums in the next two weeks.
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be on education and warnings but the mayor says officials will not hesitate to hand out fines to major league baseball players who ignore the ban. some people buy a house for the space it offers, the neighborhood, the view, but there's a house in our area with a providence that may be the ticket for a buyer. >> its a house that once belonged to yankee legend lou gehrig and it's priced well below market value. >> it needs a lot of work but once it's done. you need about 40 windows, you have electrical problems. reporter: he doesn't have the money to fix up his new home, it's not just any home. the four bedroom house once used to belong to lou gehrig. it is now up for sale for $400,000.
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it in 2008. >> when they play $100,000 for a shirt, why wouldn't somebody buy this house and restore it. reporter: the legendary first baseman nicknamed the iron horse, died in 1941 of als which later became known as lou gehrig's disease. his former house sits on the street named in his honor. he bought the house for his parents back in 1928. over the years, father time and mother nature have taken their toll on the now 116 dutch colonial but bob and lesley see a unique opportunity. >> you take out these trees and you redo this house and it really doesn't, as my wife would say, it wouldn't cost that much to redo this house.
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the owner told us his cousins once found baseball bats in the backyard. new owners will most likely make necessary renovations to the house but the history will remain the same. on lou gehrig way. that's so neat. >> i'm thinking a bidding war. >> you're going to enter. >> so we talked about how there was a possibility of rain today. it held off really as you said. >> we really eked out. >> maybe tonight it will come. >> we eked out a nice day and temperatures overachieved getting up to 55 in the city. they've cooled off a little bit. the rain is gradually working its way off to the north. you've had a couple of sprinkles over parts of jersey county already. you can see the sky, kind of that milky white appearance. there's high and mid level clouds moving in. the temperature 48. the high did get up to 55 earlier this afternoon before
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kicked in from the ocean. we did get down to 43 earlier this morning so it was a little chilly for sun rise easter services. normal high is around 54. back on this day in 1988 it got up to 83 degrees. occasional rain coming in late tonight lasting through midday tomorrow and then clouds breaking by late tomorrow afternoon. it turns windy. we could have winds gusting 40 to 45 miles per hour late tomorrow, tomorrow night and into tuesday as well. nice day wednesday and then we turn much warmer late in the week. rain will be returning at the same time by late thursday. 49 at la guardia airport. colder as you head farther out island. upper
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rapidly streaming from south to north right now. we're going to track this rain for you on the futurecast. by midnight, showers are probably still located south and east of new york city. after midnight those showers move in. maybe heavier, steadier rain for a time. it will be on and off rain and showers through midday tomorrow and then we try to clear things out. that will let temperatures try to get up into the upper 50s maybe exceeding that 60-degree mark to the south. so tonight, turning overcast, occasional rain and drizzle out there late. we're down to 42. it's occasional rain and drizzle. that will last through about mid-day and then turning midday and brightening late in the day. the high up to 58 degrees. partly cloudy tomorrow night, we're down to 42. here's your accuweather seven-day forecast, that windy weather
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mix of sun and clouds 55. we'll have a mix of sun and clouds, less wind, 54. sun giving way to clouds on thursday and i think there could be rain coming in late this the day thursday night. it's warmer and breezy. as we head into friday, still could be some periods of rain out there but also a few breaks of 66, a little cooler on saturday, 57. there's a chance we could get an arctic out break by sunday into monday of next week. only 50 sunday but down to 33 by next sunday night. we'll detail that next half hour. that might be a reason to keep the plants in doors. >> you think april and you hear arctic and you think of the past. >> laura behnke up with sports next. >> we also don't like arctic with
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days mets fans, that's all that's standing between your team and the games that count. today, the mets captain doing something he had
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. laura, i see daniel murphy in our future but not in a met's uniform. season that's for sure. the start of the baseball season next sunday night, the reigning national league camps will be playing. with nearly the entire opening day lineup on the field today, david wright limited this but looking good. his first grapefruit league homer. keeping with that, it's a match. this one is a 2-run blast. the nationals find their way back. jerry blevins helping them out, 4-4. this one ends in a tie so yes, their winless streak is at ten.
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gardner taking him deep. 5-work its the twins who win -- 5-2, its the twins who win. half of the men's final four was set but the other half set today. syracuse is looking to be one of them. the ten seed orange weren't necessarily supposeed to be here as a controversial at large choice by the committee. once they got in, they made it count. they topped 11 seed gone gonzago to get here and now standing in the way, virginia. >> if you're not a good team, you're not going to win the tournament. we have a good team. we've proved that by how well we played against top team. reporter: as for yesterday's march madness action, it was a bad day to be a top seed in the naacp tournament. both one seeds bowing out. one in dramatic fashion. entertaining, yes, just see for yourself.
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>> overnight, after a knock down drag out battle, one-half of the final four is locked in. villanova stunning kansas in a nail biter. >> load up a three and he buries it? the record wild cats clawing back from a deficit trading big buckets down the stretch. two freshmen sealing the deal, bridges diving to the floor to prevent the jayhawks any chance of tying it up. . >> best birthday present ever. i just love everything about this university. reporter: that win destroying what is left of a landscape littered with ruined brackets in this year's tournament. 25% of brackets picked the jayhawks to win it all.
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in houston, the oklahoma sooners. >> are you surprised. reporter: super star budly hill continuing to elevate his game scoring 37-points. >> hill. >> reporter: basically at this point, just don't look at your brackets anymore. just enjoy the fun. two more games tonight. we'll wrap that up at 11:00. we'll hear from yesterday's winners, more at that time. >> i was one of the many who had kansas. bedlam in brussels, investigators fire water cannons. >> broken baskets and children in tears. parents turn a easter egg hunt into a pushing match.
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. a look at tonight's top stories. a man in critical condition but stable after getting stabbed early this morning. the stabbing happened after a brawl. police are searching for two suspects. >> a fire broke out inside a queens home earlier today killing an 88 year old man. it happened at about 4:30 in the morning in
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it took about 45 minutes and 60 firefighters to put the fire out. >> fancy bonnets and costumes afiremen plenty today on -- aplenty today on fifth avenue. it is a tradition that dates back to the 1880s. good evening everyone. there have been additional antiterror raids today in belgium. four more people are in custody after 13 raids in brussels and two other cities. >> the anger over last week's deadly terror attacks brought protesters to a central square in the city. they clashed with riot squads that eventually turned a water cannon on them. here's erin. reporter: on this easter sunday, a blast in pakistan targeting a minority christian community. while there were no direct attacks
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when protesters marched to the square where people have been honoring the dead [inaudible] the protest briefly interrupted the serenity of easter. a respite from what the arch bishop caused the useless suffering -- called the useless suffering of terrorism. elsewhere in italy, police arrested a man accused of supplying the brussels attackers with fake documents while belgian police conducted searches and four people were held for questioning. police arrested this man -- chargeed in man with taking part in terror activities. most of the victims of tuesday's attacks have been identified including a couple
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unaccounted for this weekend. >> it's just tearing my heart out of my chest. i just miss seeing him. reporter: soldiers and police are now a constant presence here but tonight, the belgians can see that they neglected security in the past leaving the country vulnerable to terrorism. new video tonight of an armed robbery in bridgeport, connecticut. the surveillance video shows three suspects who entered the king discount liquor store. two of the men jumped over the counter, opened the drawers and took cash while the third man served as a lookout. police say they made off with about a thousand dollars in cash. a wild house party comes to an abrupt end as a roof collapses. police say eight people were dancing on the roof when it collapsed right under them. three people were hurt but they're expected to survive. the accident is under investigation.
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united kingdom tonight following a deadly accident at a bouncy house. it happened at a fair at a london suburb. a 7 year old girl was killed when the bouncy house was swept away by a strong gust of wind. police say a man and woman from the bouncy castle company are under arrest facing manslaughter charges. the company says the winds were not -- had not been consistently high. fiction writer jim harrison has died. harrison's publisher says he died at his home in arizona yesterday. he was 78 years old. are your property taxes up to date? rockland county now has an aggressive approach. one of the biggest offenders of
5:35 pm
more than [inaudible] marcus explains. reporter: it was anus conference about tax and the money that the county should be collecting. >> we're talking $1.3 million total and that's the money that the good people of the county are supporting. reporter: but the location was telling, next to a wooded area called patrick farm which is at the heart of where you know of most controversial proposed development in the county. >> open space, trees, wild life, gone forever if this happens. reporter: this is video from a community ever community group which is suing to stop the project. in 2001, the land was purchased. over the years, the town approved zoning that could would clear the way for homes. [inaudible] >> we're talking about
5:36 pm
with, you know, 7 to 10 bedrooms per unit which is not what most people consider a townhouse. so we're talking about extremely large population. reporter: suzanne is a lawyer suing the developer. >> her home over looks the property. >> they're planning to build a city. reporter: which brings it back to today. the county is moving to fore close on patrick -- forclose on patrick farm since they owe back taxes. >> this is the largest parcel and the one that owes the most money. reporter: even if the taxes are paid, the developer faces an uphill battle there. are 17 lawsuits still pending against the development. . what was supposed to be a family fun easter egg hunt turned violent in connecticut. hundreds of people came out for the event hosted by the candy company pez. the event was supposed to take place in three stages broken
5:37 pm
youngest going first but some pushy parents broke the rules and began snatching up the legs. >> it was like locust. >> when my son left, he had a broken basket and was crying. reporter: no injuries were reported. pose has issued an -- pez has issued an apology. college students and their parents know money is tight on campus and books are expensive.
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came up with in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow -
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necessity truly is the mother of invention. a college student in connecticut created a special app after he found himself deep in debt following the purchase of expensive textbooks. he developed a free app called mivy. it provides students a way to buy and sell used books between themselves rather than through the school. you take a picture of what you want to sell and name
5:41 pm
>> we have resources such as buy back programs in the bookstore, but i mean, this -- receiveing $10 or 20 or 30 on a $200 book so they can turn around and sell it for 200 again doesn't make since. >> good idea. maybe he should be a finance major. the next time you ride a train, there's one passenger you might want at your side. he's the good samaritan who subdued a passenger on a train. he happens to be from our area. >> you always have these instances where people will act up or you hear a disturbance but it never really escalates. reporter: but on saturday night, this shirtless man made the riders on a los angeles metro train uneasy. >> he went after the one guy with a
5:42 pm
the bike up as a guard and he was punching and pushing through the bicycle. there was a few bystanders, women that got knocked over. reporter: after several minutes of this behavior, adrian felt compelled to intervene. with little trouble, he puts the shirtless man in a head lock and that causes the man to briefly pass out. the video went viral. adrian is originally from long island. >> as i was on top of him, i was just saying stay down, help is on the way, just stay down. i'm not going to hurt you. reporter: the conductor notified police, a female officer arrived first needed his help. >> she handed me the cuffs and i handcuffed him myself for a nice citizens arrest. you don't know if they have a gun or a knife or any weapon on them so
5:43 pm
to intervene because you don't want do get hurt and there's nobody else to help you. reporter: the shirtless man was arrested. and adrian has since updated his social media profile. . >> just waiting for him to put his cape on. >> yes, exactly. >> repaying kindness with a major surprise. coming up, how a full-time college student gave his grandparents peace of mind with a super generous gift. >> and flower power, the cherry blossom festival in full bloom. >> we may not get the brunt of
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newark has the largest cherry blossom display in the country and we just have to watch for late sunday night into monday. there could be
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we just have to watch that situation. should be a few weeks before they peak over in newark. we head out right now and we see the clouds gradually increasing right now from the south and temperatures are falling a little bit. down to 48. we got up to 55 this afternoon. cloudy skies now. that wind coming in variable but generally from a east and southeasterly direction around 6 miles per hour. next seven hour hours, clouds gradually lowering and thickening. i don't think we have rain through the city through midnight. by midnight there probably will be showers south and east of new york city. the temperature overachieved a little in central park, got up to 55. closer to 60 farther away from the atlantic ocean. then you head out to eastern
5:49 pm
you stayed in the 50s. 43 at shirley. your 46 down at tom's river. temperatures well into the 50s well north and west of the city. you can see the clouds gradually increasing from the south. we had a line of sprinkles and light showers move on over ocean county and some of those could effect southern parts of new jersey during the next several hours before the lions share of the rain moves in later tonight and into the day tomorrow. i don't think we're going get extremely heavy rain but at times it could come done steadily enough to cause ponding of the water. you can see just after midnight, that rain just approaching areas south of new york city. by 4:45 a.m., maybe heavier downpours over long island, another batch of heavy rain over eastern pennsylvania. we're in between the two batches so we'll call it occasional
5:50 pm
through midday. at the bus stop, occasional rain and drizzle, temperatures in the mid-40s. we still will have rain around through about midday. then, late in the day, there still could be a spotty shower and then it turns windy with breaks of sunshine. that could get our temperature up into the upper 50s. there could be winds gusting up to 40 and 45 miles per hour late tomorrow and tomorrow night and tuesday. arctic air is expected to arrive as we move into the month of april. by friday, by frill first, -- april 1st, we have this arctic air over canada and by sunday, it's knocking on our doorstep and we could be talking about temperatures at or below freezing sunday night. it could be a hard freeze in much of the area. the seven-day forecast like this, damp tomorrow through midday and then we try to clear out, 58. it's a windy day tuesday, we'll have a mix
5:51 pm
wednesday -- 55. nice on wednesday, sunshine and 54. sun gives way to clouds on thursday. look at sunday night, down to 33 degrees. >> i'm trying to ignore that part of your forecast. >> we can ignore it for now. a hardworking college student in texas gave his parents the surprise of a lifetime. 24 year old stefan darts gave his grandparents $15,000 to pay off their mortgage. darts is a full-time college student who also works full time and runs two small non profits so he's not busy. he says he's been saving all his life for this. but darts didn't stop at paying the mortgage, he also gave them a trip to the bahamas. that's the best. >> that's amazing.
5:52 pm
>> scoring off -- squaring off over an odd shaped treat. coming up, the bakeries that are battling over four sided
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5:55 pm
. two bakeries share a love for four sided donuts but they believe there's only room for one square donut maker so one of the companies asked a court to declare that they can call their product square donuts. however, square donuts has been making them since the 1960s and has four locations. so far, the talks have gone nowhere. sorry about that. an artist on long island is raising money for animals in need but the artist isn't who or even what you might expect. >> you are going to meet dagger, a labrador that's creating the art. kristen has
5:56 pm
reporter: art can come in many forms and so car art -- can artists. dagger is a black lab who has quite an eye. >> pick a color. reporter: his owner says she's just the director. >> every stroke that you see on the canvas is dagger's mark. reporter: yvonne took in dagger as a training puppy but there was a different plan for him. one day, yvonne, herself an artist, was working in her studio when. >> he just started nudging me and i said dagger, do you want to paint. so his tail started to wag and i said okay, let's see. reporter: but like any budding artist, dagger daggers works aren't free. a 12 by 12 painting
5:57 pm
>> we've taken in so many orders for painting. he was painting yesterday and he'll be painting again today. reporter: dagger's works are actually getting to be quite well known. he's been commissioned by people all over the world. so far, he's raised more than a thousand dollars for canine companions for independence. >> in his own four legged furry way, he's able to give back to the people that were so kind to him. and a plain sweeter than that. >> go stagger. >> coming up, -- dagger. >> coming up. >> a man stabbed after a fight
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
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new at 6:00, night club confrontation. new video shows a scuffle between rapper and [inaudible]


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