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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  March 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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the cherry blossoms are in bloom, families are on spring break. this is the peak of the tourist season there, and in the middle of all that, at least one gunshot in the part of the capitol that all those tourists have to walk through. it's called the capitol visitors center and a man was spotted with a handgun, and whatever followed that moment, the civilian woman was shot. the man with the gun placed under arrest. it's not clear who fired the shot, if it was the police trying to neutralize the man with the gun or if the suspect fired the shot. the capitol was placed on lock down, but people who had been waiting to get in scrambled to get out as quickly as possible. in a short time, the capitol police issued a statement saying there was no further danger, confirming the suspect was in custody, and they had no reason to believe there was any additional threat, but for about a half hour this afternoon, it was pretty frightening at the capitol. >> there were pretty much screaming at us get out, get out.
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shooter is outside, so the guns are drawn. they were out, you know, making sure we were safe but it was pretty anxiety producing, even that part of it, and we all started scattering, as soon as the shout happened. ran through, ran out, and got out of the building. my biggest concern is getting my stuff back because it has my life in there, but just that i'm safe, and i need to process it with my legs that i'm here -- colleagues that i'm here with, and continue to be safe. >> reporter: the lock down has been lifted and the man who had the gun inside the capitol has been arrested. police believe there is no additional threat. now we are learning that police are investigating whether that man is the same man from tennessee who interrupted a session in congress last year. it is not yet confirmed that is the same man, but that is what police are looking at at this moment. and we of course will get more on that as we go through the afternoon. we'll continue to report all we get here live from the newsroom. for now, reporting live, jim dolan channel 7 eyewitness news.
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for a while there. jim, thank you for that update, and remember you can get the latest breaking news sent to your phone by downloading our app. search abc7 in the app or the google play store. a taxi driver was shot this morning on the job. it happened as he was dispatched to a location in east orange. eyewitness news reporter mallory hoff in newark where the driver is recovering. >> reporter: his brother tells me that he had surgery this morning and he's sleeping now. he is listed in fair condition. family does expect him to make a recovery but they say what they want now are answers. family members say 43-year-old elidieu collin was shot in the face early this morning after he was dispatched to the first pickup of his ship in east orange. collins is a married father of four from haiti and he's also a twin. his brother spoke with us. >> one thing, i always
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>> reporter: east orange police say the shooting happened at one davis place. that's where classic taxi and owner operated taxi company with over 200 cars says collins was dispatched early this morning. >> my coworker received a call around 2:34 in the morning about that, a female asking for a car. >> reporter: collins went to the location but what happened next is unclear. the man who owns the car and rents it to collins to drive early in the morning says it appears his friend was shot through the window. >> they shot from outside. somebody shot from the window to his face. >> reporter: police say after he was shot in the face, he was able to drive himself to the east orange police department. three blocks away, at 15 south munn avenue. this map provided by classic taxi outlines the route he took. when he got to the police department, emergency medical services took him to university hospital in newark. >> it's a miracle that he's alive at this moment, and we are praying that he gets through it. >> reporter: there have been no arrests and there are no
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now, this is not a cab company that is unfamiliar with tragedy. we'll have that aspect of the story coming up tonight at five. live in newark, mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you mallory. well, turning to the weather, and after a rainy morning, there are new concerns, high winds. meteorologist lee goldberg outside our studios with the accuweather forecast. leigh. >> -- lee. we have brightened up, dried out. i wish we could hit the pause button because it's perfect. the next few hours, these winds will go up. you can just start to notice the breeze picking up right now. you look over new york harbor. it's beautiful, clouds racing by from west to east. we're up to 57. we were at 46 two hours ago. we have climbed eleven degrees just with the late afternoon sunshine. we had over a third of an inch of rainfall, even 8/10 in ivy, but that rain -- islip. that rain is long gone. there are instability showers that could push into the far northwest suburbs.
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look at the wind streamlines, they kicked in. the flood gates opened for the stronger winds getting into the area right now. you're going to notice a huge difference during the evening commute. gusts up to 31 miles per hour at wrightstown. 23 miles per hour at morristown. the winds will continue to increase in the next few hours. the wind advisory is tonight all the way through the day tomorrow, the strongest winds probably tonight. the wind is cranking up quickly this evening. beware of the cross winds on the area bridge asks overpasses. the gusts can go up to 50 miles per hour this evening, and that can bring down tree limbs and the wind does not back off until tomorrow evening. it will be dry for the most part and we'll talk about a nicer midweek in the 7-day forecast. back to you. >> thank you. police in brooklyn are intensifying their search for a violent robber after another elderly woman was attacked. in an interview on channel 7. 84-year-old erin van snidel
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and hit her with a handgun. detectives believe the man who assaulted her attacked at least five other women. >> i'm looking around corners and things like that. yes, i didn't have any reason before, but now i, you know, now that i see that there are people out there. >> the suspect has struck in park slope, prospects heights and now kensington. he's stolen hundreds of dollars in cash, except in the latest case where he got nothing. an emotional day inside a courtroom on long island as the suspected gang member was sentenced in the shooting of a suffolk county police officer. the officer survived, and there was, as the gunman learned his fate. >> a mother nearly lost a son. a wife nearly lost a husband. and we, as a community, nearly
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he should never be permitted to walk free in society again. >> reporter: with the man convicted of trying to kill a police officer looking on, prosecutors call for the stiffest possible sentence and the judge agreed. >> an attack on the police is an attack on all of us. the punishment must be severe. >> the judge ultimately sentenced sheldon to 40 years to life for attempted murder and 15 years on weapons charges. my regards goes out to officer collins and his family. the situation, i situation is out of hand. >> the lieutenant shot officer collins last year after a traffic stop and a foot chase. he opened fire as collins tried to handcuff him. >> i still have some lingering side effects but i'm not going to let them hold me back. >> reporter: officer collins was shot twice, once in the neck and once just inside the
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a trauma surgeon said the next shot bare -- neck shot barely missed one of collins major arteries. >> as you can imagine, i have a whole different outlook on life, and a lot of things mean a lot more to me these days. >> he was honored as suffolk county officer of the year. there are several developments in the brussels terror investigation. a man identified as a suspected accomplice was released today from custody. a judge ruled that there was no evidence to justify holding the man who's been referred to as fizel c. he identified himself as a journalist. he was thought to be the man seen in the video with the suicide bombers at the brussels airport. police, however, said they are still trying to identify that man. meanwhile, this video has just surfaced of two of the paris attackers partying in a nightclub in brussels. rahim abdul salam was visible
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his brother, salah, dressed in the orange sweatshirt, he became the only known member of the cell to survive. he's now in custody after being taken into custody in brussels. the video was taken eight months before the attacks. meanwhile, pope francis today spoke out about a deadly error attack on christians -- terror attack on christians in pakistan. most o.70 -- of the 70 people killed were christian families celebrating the holiday. pakistan observing a 3 day public mourning period. in brooklyn. >> it's an attack of pakistan yan people, and an attack on humanity. and we are not going to allow the evil minds of people to divide us on religious grounds. >> members of the pakistan
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to show a unified front against terror. in politics, the race to the white house, hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail with big weekend victories for bernie sanders. on the republican side, the fight between ted cruz and donald trump continues to dominate the contest and headlines. lauren glassberg is tracking it -- lauren lauren is -- lauren lister has more. >> reporter: while donald trump made waves during a conservative radio interview there. >> did you know that i'm a hash tag never trump guy. >> that i didn't know. >> reporter: host charlie psychs a cruz supporter asking trump to apologize for his treatment of cruz's wife. trump making a twitter threat to spill the bean on high -- heidi cruz. >> trump claiming he's the victim of personal attacks by
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pack released this ad, featuring a racy gq photo of his wife. in this ongoing spat, cruz is accusing trump behind a national inquirer story of him. trump denying that. >> i had nothing to do with it. the campaign had absolutely nothing to do with it. >> reporter: on the democratic side. >> we just won the state of washington. >> reporter: bernie sanders trouncing hillary clinton in three statings over the weekend. earning at least 70% of the vote in each contest. but sanders would need to win 73% of the remaining delegates to clinch the nomination. the candidate insisting he can still win. >> we do have a path toward victory. >> reporter: and hillary clinton in a campaign speech in wisconsin expected to focus on that vacant supreme court seat telling voters they should be concerned about the kind of nominee a president trump might put forward. in washington, lauren lister, channel 7 eyewitness news. and still to come on eyewitness news first at four, confrontations in times square, renewed call for change
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between a costume character and a tourist.
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. a federal lawsuit was filed challenging a new north carolina law blocking local governments from making anti discrimination rules covering sexual orientation and gender identity. meanwhile, georgia's governor announced that he will veto a bill aimed at shielding opponents of same-sex marriage. they want to protect clarify gee and religious people from having to hire or serve gay people.
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those are things government should not interfere with, i am not aware of a single instance of any of those things occurring in the state of georgia. >> well, opponents of this bill call it anti-gay. the midwest and parts of the south spent easter weekend battling severe weather. central indiana florida, we're here with hail, you know, the size of golf balls, they were big. damage from tornadoes while a foot of snow caused power outages out west, and in kansas, firefighters are dealing with bad winds as they continue to battle the largest fire in state history there. wow. dramatic weather today. washington, d.c. as the president and first lady host the annual white house easter egg roll. washington, d.c. appeared to have much better weather. this is before the lock down, as they welcomed thousands of people, 35,000, hundreds of people. parents came to the south lawn.
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troopers, not exactly associated with easter, but it is the year of star wars. one of them got a fist bump from the president. this is the final egg roll for the obamas. >> we couldn't be more excited for this last easter egg roll. we got a little whip and a little nae nae or however you do it, something like that. >> a little whip and nae nae. got to love that. in past years, there were plenty of other activities and there were this year as well, first lady herself. and take a look at these pictures of president obama with some of the children at the egg roll. look at that. just so delicious. >> and i'm so happy you mentioned it. you know, they had that shooting at the capitol visitors center which was nearby. a lot of people concerned, but so many people turned out for the fun event. nobody hurt on that side. everything good on that, and we conference at any time. could happen in our show, could happen in the 5:00 show.
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we're going to break up what we're doing and bring it to you live. >> and as jim dolan was reporting, this is the height of the cherry blossoms,. >> yeah, a lot of people in town down there. i hope your easter festivities went well over the weekend. i hope the girls had fun, liz, and we have a pretty nice day right now, and all of a sudden the wind is kicking up. our photographer ronald was trying to keep me from squinting, had a big shade up. not safe anymore in. wind gusts going over 25, 30 miles per hour. let's go ahead and look at our camera, looking downtown. cameras starting to shimmy. we're at 57 degrees. a west wind at 8. the pressure is now falling off, and the high today, 57 degrees. so running above average. we have really covered since the sun came out this afternoon. look at the numbers over parts of central and southern new jersey in the lower and mid- 60s. we're still getting rid of the clouds and got rid of the rain over eastern long island. temperatures are still in the upper 40s. we'll continue to have the late
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also a late day spike in the winds, which are gusting over 30 miles per hour in the west. at 7:00, temperatures not all that bad. we'll have clouds and breaks of sunshine, wind gusts over 30. and evening hours, wind gusts over 40 miles per hour, if not touching 50 in a couple spots. you'll hear it howling all night, and then through the day tomorrow, we'll have wind gusts over 40 miles per hour, until it subsides tomorrow afternoon. there will be sunshine tomorrow and the numbers will get into the low 50s, but it will feel like 40s all day long. a couple showers will still sneak into the cat skills with all the instability. what's happening is you've got two lows together. as they merge, the wind will only get stronger as they merge into one powerful system over northeastern canada. there are a couple showers we're watching near williamsport. williamsport had a gust over 50 miles per hour. that's going to start translating off to the east. we'll have one windy day, the chill will come in. a chilly start to wednesday morning, and the big area of
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wednesday and the middle of the week looks fantastic, the better part of the week. future cast will show sprinkles that could get into the northern suburbs during the evening hours. winds will crank, and numbers will drop. we could wake up to windchills in the 20s in many suburbs. the afternoon will still be blustery, 50 to 52. 40s north and west. sunshine and a few patchy clouds, but the windchills will be in the 40s during the afternoon. here's your accuweather forecast. partly cloudy and blustery. for tomorrow, a high of 52. blustery and chilly, never feels like it's in the low 50s. the gusts could bring down tree limbs. you want to be careful of that. the bridges and overpasses have a firm hold of the steering wheel. clear and cold, brisk early. 20 in many suburbs, there is definitely a chill to the wednesday morning weather map. at 4:30, we will look at the weather map and tell you when the wind comes down and when the temperatures start to recover. we could actually have a couple 70s later on in the workweek.
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start april. up and down we continue to go and the winds continue to pick up. we'll have more in our next half hour. david and liz, back to you now. >> we're going to hear complaining when it gets back into the 30s. we're so weak. >> it just seems so cold now. >> keep in mind what's ahead and it will get you through it. >> looks good. >> thanks lee. the lead crisis in newark schools has lawmakers taking action. coming up, the new proposal that could affect schools all over the state of new jersey. and india is not the only country with the film industry gaining international
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let's get a quick check on the commute this morning. there are 30 minute delays at the lower level of the inbound george washington bridge, and 15 minute delays at the inbound lincoln, and 15 minute delays at the outbound holland. the one train, a large stretch will be shut down each night for the next two weeks, beginning tonight through friday of next week, there will be no trains overnight from 96th street to dikeman street from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. free shuttle buses will be available. movie critics were not kind, many to the world's superheroes. it didn't matter, despite the bad press, bad man versus superman, brought in $170 million domestically this weekend. the film opened as one of the
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time, and set a new record for the best presummer debut. i got a feeling sandy knew what he was talking about. >> i think all those people listened to sandy. that's why he went. >> well, you have probably heard of bollywood, india's version of hollywood, and now another country is getting attention. nigeria. >> it was born out of the home video revolution of the 1990s, as cheaper cameras were made available to nigerians. many made movies about their daily lives, and we have sandy kenyon to talk about what is now called nollywood! wood! at first those movies were sold in the city at video stores and now they are wildly available online, where sites like noll tv are widely popular. >> first came hollywood, then bollly wood, followed by nollywood.
4:25 pm
makes me proud to be an african. it's showing my culture in a way other people may not see it. >> it's showing that we're not just this small uncivilized place. >> ajovi, originally from togo are students from brooklyn's campus taking a class from professor jonathan haynes, an expert on nigerian pew valleys. >> i was there -- movies. >> i was there when nollywood was invent. >> that was almost 25 years and tens of thousands of movies ago. >> if you live in the american media economy, 95% of the images that you get of africa are either from a couple of game parts in east africa where you're mostly just seeing animals or it's catastrophes, civil war, child soldiers, ebola, some kind of terrible news. >> reporter: for every movie
4:26 pm
about daily life, or a comedy called sophia in london about adjust to go life abroad. >> the movies they put into our social culture, and political existence. >> reporter: and nollywood's influence is felt far outside nigeria's borders. >> in new york and the bronx, a lot of my friends will wear dishikis and stuff like that. >> it opens the eyes of people, and takes away ignorance. >> the average budget is less than a hundred thousand dollars. that covers the catering on a block buster like batman versus superman, and some are made for much less but they become so popular around the world, the recent budgets have started to creep into the millions. >> we'll be on the look out for them now. can't wait to see them now. thanks sandy. still to come, times square characters are facing new scrutiny, coming up, the
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now, new york's number one news, channel 7 eyewitness news. it is 4:30, and recapping our top story, a lock down has been lifted at the u.s. capitol after gunshots were fired. the shots were heard at the capitol visitor center, tourist and capitol staff were shut in their office and told to shelter in place. gunman was quickly taken into custody, and at this point, it was unclear if anyone was injured. the public not in any cage. we expect -- in any danger. we expect to hear from capitol police in the next few minutes. we are going to begin with the latest push to crack down on characters in times square. today, lawmakers began a public relations campaign to get the area split into special zones. >> it comes after the city council released regulation to regulate them because of the headache they have become.
4:31 pm
-- rob nelson in times square. >> it doesn't matter if it's batman, elmo or the famous topless women. appears that the cross roads of the world has found itself in the cross hairs of the city council. >> tweets unsolicited from 2016. someone said i just got attacked by elmo in times square. those costume characters in times square are scam artists. when elmo grabs your [ bleep ] your childhood is immediately ruined. >> reporter: city leaders shared a long list of testimonials from tourists and employees of times square alike. all griping about overly aggressive and harassing behavior from ticket sellers to performers to those costume cartooned characters. one times square worker cara said quote i've had costume characters approach me and try to hug me, and i have been sexually harassed by comedy show promoters. michael a theater employee says
4:32 pm
times square, peel with cds, characters, homeless people and comedians. >> we need to protect tourists and new yorkers from unwanted harassment, and unwanted solicitation. >> reporter: this controversy has been brewing for months and now city leaders are pushing for a new law that would put the city's roughly 70 pedestrian plazas under control of the city's transportation department. the agency would then designate certain areas of the plazas that could be used for commercial activity, giving people a better shot at avoiding solicitors if they want. >> you should be able to visit times square and not have to duck and maneuver around the endless number of hawkers and hucksters. >> the law would not ban the money minded hustlers, just try to contain them. >> we are not saying that all of the people who are dressed in costume behave this way, but there is a consistent and ongoing issue that needs to be dealt with. >> reporter: now, a public
4:33 pm
set for wednesday, the 30th. later this week. the goal for supporters is to have the law on the books and in place by the start of summer. reporting live from times square, rob nelson channel eyewitness news. thank you, rob. well, an elderly man has been found after relatives and friends lost track of him days ago. families tell us he was found at the hospital. he walked out of his home on the upper west side early friday morning. not clear what happened but we're told he is in good condition. well, several lawmakers in new jersey want public schools in that state to immediately test drinking water for lead contamination. senate president steve sweeny and two democratic state senators will propose a bill later today. they say the legislation would allocate $3 million for the water test. the move comes after elevated lead levels were detected in water at least 30 schools in newark. overseas, officials in
4:34 pm
damage from isis attacks on the ancient city of pal palmyra. isis left their mark. that he demolished artifacts and monuments, including two temples that date back to 1800 years ago. estimate losses. this is the first important victory over the islamic state since the international agreement took effect last year. there are calls for alabama's governor to resign, after he was accused of having an affair. recordings have surfaced that appear to support the claim. >> you kiss me. you know, i do love that. >> that's the voice of alabama's governor who campaigned for office on old fashioned christian values, now accused of an improper relationship with one of his top political advisers. >> remember what we did the other day. >> reporter: the tea was spilled when these recordings were made public.
4:35 pm
all of the sexy talk, allegedly having a private conversation with rebecca caldwell mason who's married too. >> you know what, i stand up and i put my arms around you and pull you in real close. i love that too. >> reporter: the alleged affair might have remained a secret if it weren't for alabama's former law enforcement secretary spencer collier who was fired last week. collier claims he got the boot because he refused to cover up the governor's alleged affair. >> i told governor bentley that i loved him like a father, and there was nothing i wouldn't do for him except lie to a grand jury. >> the governor says no affair ever happened. >> i want everyone to know, though, that i have never had a physical affair with mrs. mason. >> reporter: but he does admit to making inappropriate remarks to the female staffer in the conversation, which he says was recorded in 2014, a full year before he and his then wife diane divorced.
4:36 pm
let me kiss you here. >> reporter: this two term governor and former baptist doorway con says he's -- deacon says he's apologized to his family, and mason's family. >> i said some inappropriate things and i know that i did that, and i just am apologizing to her, and i've apologized to my family and the state of alabama. >> the husband of mrs. mason is defending her on facebook saying she's my amazing wife of nearly twenty years and they have long ago resolved the personal issue. abc news, atlanta. the u.s. supreme court rejecting the appeal of rod blagojevich serving a 14 year sentence for corruption. he was convicted of among other things trying to sell president obama's vacant seat. his lawyers argue he was offering legal political favors. well, when it comes to chain restaurant menus listing
4:37 pm
back in 2010, congress passed a law requiring restaurants with 20 or more locations to post those calorie counts, but the fda still hasn't put into place the rules restaurants need to follow. until the agency does so, many restaurants aren't bothering with it. new york city requires calorie counts at chain restaurants. a dangerous convict on the run. a fugitive escaping from a prison in ohio.
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4:40 pm
there's an intense man hunt in ohio right now after an inmate escaped from prison, convicted murderer john mody was reported missing during a prisoner count last night. guards searched the southeastern correctional complex in nelsonville and did not find him. the local sheriff says he could be with two women in a gold color jeep grand cherokee. the new national museum of african-american history and culture is not open yet but one of its exhibits already causing a controversy. comedian bill cosby is being
4:41 pm
in the new york times reports there's no mention of the many sexual assault accusations that have arisen against cosby. the curator says they feel his achievements should stand alone. the museum is set to open in september in washington, d.c. cosby has denied the accusations. this next story about donald trump has nothing to do with politics. he's a grandfather again, the republican front runner ivanka donald trump gave birth this weekend. they made the announcement on twitter on sunday, saying the family is incredibly blessed. theodore james is her third child. grandpa donald trump has not made any public statements, not on twitter, not publicly about the birth. the heroic actions of a 10- year-old boy in alabama going viral. his quick thinking credited with saving lives during a scary ordeal on the roads last week. the 3rd grader, christopher wheeler was riding with his elderly neighbor on a busy interstate when the 70-year-old had a diabetic episode and lost control.
4:42 pm
into oncoming traffic when christopher jumped into action. >> i put my feet on the brakes and i had pulled it over and put it in park. i don't want us to die. >> he probably saved some lives. his own, the driver, and oncoming traffic. >> there he is there. the incident was posted on facebook, and it's gone viral now. christopher's neighbor is recovering and is expected to be okay. >> he looks so proud of himself in that picture. i love it. >> he should be. he's got plenty to be proud of. >> that's awesome. fantastic. still to come, a massive cocaine bust at sea, hundreds of millions of dollars worth of drugs that were discovered. we'll tell you what the criminals were using underwater to hide all those drugs. also ahead, a disabled woman outraged.
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a cocaine bust that could have been out of a spy movie. $200million worth found in a submarine like vessel. this bust was made off the coast of southwest panama. u.s. customs and border patrol tipped off and worked with the coast guard on this case. they were able to find the low pro file boat. the people on board were arrested. agents ceased nearly 13,000 pounds of drugs. an ash cloud from a volcano has stretched more than 400 miles.
4:46 pm
it is one of alaska's most active. it has 40 known eruptions. >> that's amazing. >> that's huge. >> that's the kind that changes the patterns of flight, that's how bad it is. >> and temperature patterns as well. blocking some solar radiation, locally, and it has a ripple effect down the line. >> i guess we can't use that to explain the reason why our temperatures are plummeting over the next few days. >> you know, there's a little chill. this one's short lived and then we bounce back the middle of the week. yeah, it's kind of pulses of cold, saying winter is slowly easing out the door. >> we're not that long gone yet. >> again, it's all about the winds that gust during the evening hours, and it's kind of slow go in the george washington bridge, and you have to be careful on the bridges bridges and overpasses, as we go through the next, i just dropped my clicker under the news desk. had to go dive for it. we're ready and running again. pretty clogged up on the fort
4:47 pm
we're at 57 degrees. mostly sunny skies, and west wind around 8 miles an hour right now, and you can see some of the cloud cover around the area. these are some of the wind gusts. the park is reporting calm. most area wind gusts around 15 to even 30 miles an hour, and you can see off to the west, we have some gusts that are approaching 40 near scranton. it's only a matter of time before the wind gusts translate eastward. wind advisory right through the day and here's the next 7 as we drop through the 50s. temperatures aren't all that bad. when you see the sustained winds over 20 miles an hour, that's getting really gusty, and then the actual gusts can go to probably 30 or 40 miles an hour. here's a planner for tomorrow. again, wind gusts will be over 40 at times. there will be a lot of sunshine. that's not the problem. the high in the low 50s will feel like 40s. talking about feels like readings, you'll wake up to windchills in the upper 20s and lower 30s tomorrow morning.
4:48 pm
on and blues rows, so have -- blues -- blustery. and upper 30s and lower 40s and during the afternoon hours will be in the low 50s. tomorrow night, as the winds die down, we'll see actual numbers drop below freezing. many of you who have been watching on social media, can i put my plants outside, not yet. we have cool shots where we're going to get below freezing, even in the first week of april. hold on. air quality is good. more weather in just a moment. we have breaking news. david and liz, back to you. sorry to interrupt you, police are happening about the incident that happened this afternoon. let's go ahead and listen in. >> adult male subject entered the north screening of the capitol visitors center. during routine screening, the individual drew what appeared to be a weapon and pointed it at officers. an officer fired and struck the suspect, who was subsequently treated by medical personnel. the suspect was taken into custody, and transported to the
4:49 pm
the suspect is currently undergoing surgery. his condition is unknown at this time. a weapon was recovered on the scene. the congressional complex was locked down. and uscp ordered a shelter in place. based on the initial investigation at approximately 3:40:00 p.m., the lock down was lifted. and all buildings, except for the cvc, which remains processing for crime scene. the suspect's vehicle has been located on the capitol grounds, and will be cleared of hazards and seized pending service of a search warrant. an uninvolved 35 to 45-year-old female bystander also suffered what appeared to be minor injuries and was transported to the hospital. no officers were injured.
4:50 pm
weapons. the u.s. capitol police investigations division, the capitol police officer of professional responsibility, and the metropolitan police are this matter. i stress that much of this preliminary. i want to stress that while this is preliminary, based on the initial investigation, we believe that this is an act of a single person who has frequented the capitol grounds before. and there is no reason to believe that this is anything more than a criminal act. as additional information is gained, i'll provide as much as i can through our public information office. i want to assure the american and visiting public that the u.s. capitol police officers continue to protect the capitol and the cvc. for all who visit, we expect regular order of business tomorrow morning at the capitol visitors center.
4:51 pm
united states capitol and their member offices. again, this is preliminary information, as we get more information, i'll be happy to provide it through our regular pio sources. >> chief, is this suspect known to you? known to the capitol police. >> while i have not received confirmation about who the suspect is, we believe that the suspect is known to us. >> and how was he known to you, sir. >> through previous contacts. >> disruptions, sir. >> do you know if this was the individual who disrupted the house chamber last fall, the gentleman from tennessee. >> i can't comment on that right now. >> chief, have charges been filed? >> not at this point. >> there's been a lot of talk about security lately in light of what happened in brussels. this check point at the cvc was designed to identify a threat before it could get into the capitol. did this work the way it was designed today? are you satisfied with the response? it appears that the screening
4:52 pm
supposed to. that's correct. again, this is preliminary, and i know you want as much information as i could possibly give you, but without confirming some things. >> you have been listening to a news conference this afternoon from the incident that happened at the u.s. capitol. pio officers saying there was an incident that happened inside the visitors center there inroutine screening, a man walked in, drew a gun. that's when he was shot. we're going to continue to follow the developments here. right now, he is in surgery and in custody. we want to get back with much more on the 7-day. 52 tomorrow, and again, very wendy. we'll bounce back after a cold start on wednesday. 57. your warmest day of the week will be thursday. maybe the rain holds off until the nighttime hours. if it's going to rain during the day, it's late. rain on friday, could linger into the early afternoon. 57 on saturday. much colder air at the end of
4:53 pm
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a homeowner on long island says she's being unfairly targeted with her condo and it all has to do with her two cats. >> she's having to pay thousands in dollars for one of her two cats. stacey sager has the story. >> these cats are my children. i don't have any children. i'm not married. they're my life. >> reporter: fighting back tears, 58-year-old elizabeth explains how her condo would charge $10 more a month if she had an extra person in here, but for an extra cat, it's hundreds more per month.
4:56 pm
mickey since 2008 when she moved in to her condo in leisure village, an adult community for ages 55 and up. even though she knew about the one cat per household, no one cared about her kitties. in 2012 elizabeth suddenly became disabled and had a ramp installed. >> i honestly feel it's retaliation because i put the ramp in. >> reporter: retaliation of the way of fines, fines now totaling more than $11,000 for an extra cat. >> every six months i'll get a legal fee that they want me to pay a percentage of that also. >> elizabeth also says aesthetically this ramp really shouldn't affect anyone. look where her condo sits. she on the corner right at the edge of the property. that's the fence to the main road. >> so the ramp is approved by the condo board, by the american disability association. >> reporter: and as for those legal fees, leisure village has an attorney all right.
4:57 pm
asked them to comment on the fines. he called us back saying it was an ongoing legal matter then hung up when we tried to ask more questions. as for elizabeth, she's now filed a complaint with housing and urban development. she also has a doctor's note describing her cats as emotional support animals. >> if i didn't have them i don't know what i would do. it would be horrible. >> she hopes that by sharing her story, someone can reverse a living situation becoming more and more costly by the day. in ridge, stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. there's still more news ahead. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. >> shots fired at the busy visitor center in the u.s. capitol. the entire complex put under a lockdown. tonight the gunman in custody
4:58 pm
to capitol hill. good evening at 5:00. i'm diana williams. >> and i'm joe torres in for sade baderinwa. we begin with a developing story. law enforcement officers in washington have a gunman in custody after shots were fired at the u.s. capitol. authorities shot visitors and staff in their offices and ordered them to shelter in place. >> of course the shooting happened at the visitor's center. it's not right at the capitol itself. it is part of the sprawling complex there. police updating the situation just moments ago. eyewitness news reporter jim dolan in the news room now with the late details. >> we now know that the gunman is larry dauphin from tennessee. we'll get in to his somewhat disturbed history in just a moment. today police say he walked through a metal detector at the capitol visitor center, the main center for lobbyists and tourists and the metal detector went off. according to police he pulled a
4:59 pm
officers who were working that checkpoint. in the chaos, a woman was hit with shrapnel. for a few moments it was bedlam as the capitol went in to lockdown mode. police knew they had the initial gunman but was he the only threat or was there more? that took time to sort out, but eventually it was decided there was no danger and the capitol returned to normal. for some who were right there, the sudden insanity of a shooting at the entrance to the capitol was kind of hard to grasp. >> as i walked through, we heard get out, get out, there's an active shooter so we all ran out, went around the side of the building. then we were relocated from the building that police escorted us up the building. >> when you start to talk about it -- >> it's still anxiety producing, sure. the most stressful experience i've ever had in my life. >> police say as frightening as it was, the incident does show
5:00 pm
>> during routine administrator screening, the individual drew what appeared to be a weapon and pointed at officers. an officer fired and shot the suspect who was treated by medical personnel. the suspect was taken in to custody and transported to the hospital for treatment. the suspect is currently undergoing surgery. his condition is unknown at this time. >> police now confirming that man, the one in custody who was shot and wounded by capitol police is the same man who interrupted a house session last year, claiming to be a, quote, prophet of god. dauphin never showed up for a court hearing on that case and was ordered to stay away from the capitol. apparently he didn't, and came back today armed. his handgun has been recovered. his car search and found to not contain any threats. we'll keep an eye on all this and have more for you tonight at 6:00. >> police saying the capitol


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