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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  March 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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dolan is in the news room with the latest. >> larry russell dawson calmly went through the long line that led to the metal detectors of the visitor's center. when he went through, the alarm went off. that is when normal ended at the capitol because according to police, dawson pulled what appeared to be a handgun and just as quickly the police pulled theirs and they fired. gunshots rang out at the visitor's center. within seconds the whole complex was put in lockdown mode. people scrambled to find safe ground. dawson was shot, his weapon recovered. a woman also in line was hit by shrapnel in the gunfire. it's not clear if dawson fired any shots but he was taken to a hospital to be treated for his injuries. if there was some mission behind his madness, police aren't saying yet. but he's being described as a criminal and not as a terrorist. for the people there, sure was terrifying. >> we ran out and then as we were coming out, they said get
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they said get out of here. guns were drawn. and they were pushing us out. there was literally pandemonium. >> during administrative screening the individual drew what appeared to be a weapon and pointed it at officers. an officer fired and struck the suspect who was subsequently treated by medical personnel. the suspect was taken in to custody and transported to the hospital for treatment. the suspect is currently undergoing surgery and his condition is unknown at a time. >> dawson is well known to capital police. last year he stood up in the gallery of the house during the debate and announced he was a, quote, prophet of god. police subdued him then and he was arrested but never showed up for court. today he returned to the capitol, this time armed. he was hospitalized and is under arrest. the woman who was hit by the shrapnel was not seriously injured and the lockdown was
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dawson acted alone and there was no further threat. >> we should tell you eyewitness news reporter josh einiger is on his way to washington, d.c. he's going to have complete coverage tonight at eyewitness news at 11:00. we turn now to the weather. first soaking rain. now a little sun but some strong gust y winds out there right now. meteorologist lee goldberg is tracking it all. he's outside the studios with the latest. >> it's just been a tough weather day to dress for. have your rain gear in the morning then sunglasses. all of the sudden it's calm and great in the afternoon, then all of the sudden the sun is about to set and now it's blustery and a biting wind developing. it's a beautiful dramatic looking sunset developing. couple holes in the clouds. our temperature is up to 60 degrees. it's starting to feel chilly. we had had about a third to .4 of an inch rainfall across the area. the rain is dried out and now
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and there are a couple over the catskills. certainly going to see some airport delays. not only tonight but in to the day tomorrow. be careful with your travel as well. wind gusts across the area, anywhere from 30 to 44 miles per hour in morristown. the wind advisory will go all the way through the day tomorrow and the winds will begin to back off. winds are cranking up this evening. watch out for the cross winds on the bridges and overpasses. gusts at 50 miles per hour can take down tree limbs. so could have some damage across the area, even isolated power outages and the wind finally backs off tomorrow evening. this wind is bringing in colder air. we'll have a look ahead to the beginning of april which could be chilly as well. >> we hear that wind whipping out there. thank you. we turn to the attacks on the elderly. police tonight are desperately
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suspect who they say is preying on the elderly. the suspect left his latest victim, an 84-year-old woman, you can see her right there. a bruised face and broken nose. investigators say the same man has been linked to four other attacks in queens and brooklyn. cefaan kim in the kensington section of brooklyn with the latest on the investigation. >> this is the worst kind, the kind that preys on vulnerable victims. all happening in broad daylight. now spreading across two boroughs and four neighborhoods, all the incidents are violent. >> reporter: just one look at erin van schendel's face tells you all you need to know about the kind of man this suspect is. >> he needs somebody to just grab him and put him somewhere where he can't get out, like jail.
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hitting a nice old woman who's 84. i just don't know what kind of creep that is. >> reporter: police believe van schendel is now the latest victims of this man, a suspect tied to 5 attacks against elderly women. his pattern is becoming clear. on january 20th he followed a 76-year-old woman to her home in ridgewood, queens, clasped his hands over her mouth, pushed her inside and demanded money. he pointed a gun at a man in that home and demanded more cash. on february 11th he followed a woman, pistol whipped her, splitting her lip before robbing her. on march 2nd in the same neighborhood he followed a 91-year-old woman in a library, pushing her in to a building lobby and putting her in a chokehold. >> i said please, leave me alone. and he choked me. give me the money. give me the money. i don't have the money. >> reporter: a man came across
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a handgun at him too, then stole his money as well. then on march 19th in prospect heights he used a box cutter and a handgun to rob an 81-year-old woman. 84-year-old van schendel attacked on saturday. he broke her nose. >> she could be dead. if you're elderly and your bones may not be quite as strong. >> reporter: investigators say he's a large man at 250 pounds, about 5'10", about 40 to 60 years old. van schendel has never felt unsafe in her own home until now. >> i'm pretty nervous. i'm looking around corners and things like that. yes, i didn't have any reasons before. but now i see there are people out there close by. >> in mosts of these cases he's taken off with several hundred in cash, but what he's really
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reporting live in kensington, cefaan kim, channel 7 eyewitness news. we're going to turn now to brussels. there's new information in the terror investigation. first a man identified as a suspected accomplice has now been released from custody. a judge ruled there was no evidence to justify holding the man referred to as ficel se. he was thought to be the man on video. police, however, said they are still trying to identify that man. meanwhile, video has surfaced of two of the paris attackers partying in a nightclub in brussels. rahim abdeslam is seen with a cigarette in his hand. he blew himself up inside a cafe in paris. his brother salah is the only known member of the cell to survive. as we now know, he hid in brussels for months before he was captured a few weeks ago. the video was taken eight months before the attacks meanwhile, the nypd has
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since the brussels attacks. more laurfss remain -- more officers remain at key locations. this afternoon mayor de blasio and police commissioner bill bratton participated in a terror drill at police headquarters. political reporter dave evans is in lower manhattan with the story. >> there's a lot of comparing and contrasting between the situation in europe and here in america, specifically new york city with counterterrorism efforts. specifically with intelligence. police commissioner bill bratton said in europe they're now much like we were back on 9/11. you might remember the fbi and the police. they didn't really talk to each other very well. that's the such now in europe. also they don't talk well to each other among different countries in europe. also, the other big concern is with muslim communities in europe very segregated from the rest of a city. the mayor today said he does not want to see that happen here. >> reporter: at this
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terrorism, police revealed several attempts during the holidays were discovered because of tips. >> a couple others came in from members of the muslim community where they told us things they saw, people they knew, things that were said, and turned in to significant investigations. i think that was the beginning of a turning point. >> reporter: new york city police have stopped surveillance on muslims. they've tried to work with community leaders. the mayor says it's making a difference here. >> if you don't want to see young people radicalized, treat them with respect. treat them like they're part of this society. don't push them out of this society. >> reporter: police say the other thing that's helped is better preparations than in europe. today police conducted a tabletop exercise, a practice run, four different locations, an active shooter, explosions, all to test how police in one part of the city responded.
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can be to try to protect against through intelligence, information gathered, and in the likelihood that there will be an attack and there will at some point in time in our lives. that's the reality. >> reporter: they say they responded with flying colors. the mayor today said trump is just plain wrong. >> i'm quite sick of donald trump denigrating the ability of this country to protect people. >> and one big concern right now is federal money to fight terrorism earmarked from washington for new york city. last year it was $180 million. under the current budget in congress right now it's been cut to $90 million. that's a big worry. dave evans, channel 7 eyewitness news. following some breaking news out of california. the fbi has successfully retrieved data from the iphone of one of the san bernardino killers without apple's help.
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under a court order. today's development means the fbi no longer receives the assistance from apple. the fbi says they're reviewing all the information from the iphone. as we continue with eyewitness news at 6:00 on this monday night, entertainer p-diddy is giving back to the community. he's behind a new plan to open a charter school. he says it will build leaders of the future. >> mets pitcher matt harvey misses the last spring training start and now there is a medical scare.
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he was born in harlem and has gone on to be a successful hip hop recording artist and producer. now sean combs will have one more title, educator. he's the force behind a new charter school and he's promising to recruit some of the best teachers from across the country. here's kemberly richardson. >> reporter: he's had several successful business ventures but his next most surprising, and some say most significant. come the fall you just may bump in to sean p diddy combs here at this building at the corner of 5th and 104th street. that's when the rapper will open capital prepatory harlem charter school. >> it's real cool. going to be impacting on the community and all that.
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>> reporter: students will soon roam the halls and share space with kids from girls and boys harbor, a nonprofit organization that runs a pre-k and after school program. capital prep will be free and admission is done by lottery but some admit in general they're not fans of charter schools. >> they overrely on testing, many of them. and i find many of them are there to break the teachers union. >> reporter: combs met privately with community leaders in east harlem and education experts. though no one was available from the school to speak on camera, many are excited. >> i'm surprised. i've been living here my whole life and you don't really see rappers or anybody giving back to community so it's a good thing. >> the deadline to apply to the school is april 1st. >> i'm curious what he knows about education and educating
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i know there's a couple charter schools where well known people in the community have supported it and that's wonderful. i'm just curious his knowledge of education. >> reporter: in east harlem, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. just ahead on eyewitness news, lee returns with much more on the high winds tonight and
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you could hear that wind while you were standing out there before. >> you got a whole different experience every three hours today. now you're fighting the wind through the day tomorrow. outside right now, we have a great time lapse with the clouds racing across the sky as we look downtown. this is sped up a little bit. they are moving pretty quickly, especially with the help of these winds gusting near 40 miles per hour. current shot over new york harbor looks beautiful. got a great sunset developing in just under an hour. we're at 60 which is great, but the numbers will drop, then this wind will really feel blustery as our wind chills will start
6:20 pm
average high is 54. above that today with our high of 60. these wind gusts could definitely get damaging in isolated spots through tomorrow if we have wind gusts over 50 miles per hour. then there's going to be a chill in the air starting late tonight and lasting in to wednesday morning. a late week warmup will actually end with some wet weather thursday night in to friday. you see the winds are racing out of the west. we've spiked up to 59 in islip. 40s couple hours ago. we've had had a late bump in temperature but the trade-off, these winds gusting near 50 miles per hour. flushing, jfk, newark as well. 35-mile-per-hour gusts in central park. gusting over 40 in parts of new jersey as well. so the airport delays running one to two hours across the area right now. that will continue in to the day tomorrow. clouds and sun, 7:00. gusts overnight, past 40 miles per hour if not 50. that continues in to tomorrow. the 41 at 7 a.m. will feel like freezing and many suburbs will have wind chills to start the day in the 20s.
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swinging in to the catskills. as the sun goes down, these will melt away. there's two storm systems that are merging together with one powerful storm over eastern canada. the winds will only whip more through the overnight. these strong winds coming out of pennsylvania are working through the area over tonight. high pressure here over the middle of the country will build on wednesday. and the winds will die down. tomorrow morning the wind chills are generally in the mid 20s to lower 30s, even feels like teens well north and west. actual temperatures in the 30s. dress with a heavy coat. during the afternoon hours the thermometer will look great. low 50s. it will feel like lower 40s during the afternoon hours. our low tonight, 41. partly cloudy and windy. 30s in many suburbs. 52 tomorrow. it's blustery and chilly. sun with patchy clouds. still isolated gusts to 50. i think during the daylight hours tomorrow you'll see more
6:22 pm
clear and cold. brisk early tomorrow night. the wind starts to back off. 34. 20s in many of our suburbs. nice by afternoon though. thursday, think it's going to start to push the rain to the nighttime hours. we'll deal with that at 11:00. windy, 70 thursday and friday. friday could turn out to be a wet day. saturday, 57. a transition day. might not get out of the 40s on sunday. and monday, a little chill to start april with overnight lows around freezing. >> don't put the scarf away quite yet. rob is up next with sports. >> with big baseball news. the mets say it's too early to attach any level of concern, but mets fans aren't listening. all they heard was matt harvey and medical issue. straight ahead, we'll tell you what we know about what's going on with harvey and what it might
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how worried should we be here? >> the mets say it's too early to attach any level of concern but mets fans aren't listening. less than a week to go before opening day. mets fans are holding their breath. matt harvey opening day start in question after seeing a doctor today for an unspecified reason. all the mets will say is it's a non-orthopedic appointment. suddenly the status for the opener is in the air and the mets won't exactly say why. manager terry collins says harvey's arm is fine. it's a non-baseball related issue. gm sandy alderson telling reporters in florida harvey may have to come back to new york to be evaluated and we should know more this week. >> my understanding is yes, he had a symptom and it was investigated and so we're still in that process.
6:27 pm
bartolo colon went six innings, struck out five. the mets were down and didn't rally. mets lose today 3-1. winless in their last 11 exhibition games. yankees take on the tigers in tampa a few minutes from now. houston gets ready for the final four this weekend. villanova, oklahoma in one of the semifinals. north carolina, syracuse in the others. plenty of folks have the tarheels advancing in their brackets. syracuse? now just the fourth double-digit seed ever to make it this far. last night syracuse trailed virginia by 15 points midway through the second half in the final 9 and a half minutes, syracuse busted out a 29-8 run. scored 15 unanswered at one point. won the game by 6. and now they're back in the final four. >> where you're at, this is important. it's where you get to. they made plays that you would think from a basketball perspective could not be made.
6:28 pm
>> north carolina is in the final four. record 19th time. first time since the heels won it all in 2009. one would think coach roy williams would be used to cutting down the nets. he sliced himself on the scissors and started bleeding. >> felt like the ladder moved a little bit. when i grabbed, i grabbed the end of the scissors and started bleeding. we've got nba basketball tonight. nets have won two in a row, beat the cavs and the pacers try their luck in miami. knicks and new orleans knowing officially the season ends two weeks from tomorrow. that's when the regular season is over. last night the knicks were mathematically eliminated from the playoffs for a third straight year. you're thinking well, they get a good draft pick, right? think again. knicks don't have a first round draft pick. they traded it a couple years ago. eight games to go. >> we're still evaluating guys. we're still looking at our team. we're still looking at character
6:29 pm
there's a lot of things that we're looking at. we still want to drive the players to have this mindset to win ball games. all the hockey locals have the night off. they get back to it later this week. the fighting hawks from north dakota beat michigan to advance to the college hockey frozen four. best hit in the game delivered by the official after scoring the opening goal. north dakota players, nice hit. one more look. oh. that's the guy you don't want to mess with. [ laughter ] >> we'll give you the goal. it counts. here's what's coming up later on eyewitness news at 11:00. a sexual assault at the historic stone wall inn in greenwich village. we'll tell you about the suspect that police now want to find. >> caught on camera, a suspect tries to escape police by jumping in to a muddy river. wait till you see how police
6:30 pm
we'll have that and much more coming up tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00. that's our news for now. world news tonight is coming up next. have a great night. tonight, chaos in the capital. shots fired. panic inside. families visiting. and staff running for cover. capitol police opening fire. and we're on the scene tonight. breaking news. the urgent new bulletin at this hour. the school on lockdown. the community on alert. an escaped murderer on the run. the war of words tonight. donald trump, ted cruz and who really started this over their wives? the new accusation. and hillary clinton pivots to trump, issuing a new warning tonight. the extreme weather hitting parts of this country. in the east, the wind fears. from washington, d.c. all the


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