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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 29, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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the day today and that will continue with these winds at 28 miles per hour. be careful of that wind today. thank you bill. thanks for starting your morning with us, good good morning, america. breaking news, hijacked. a man saying he has an explosive belt take flight with at least 55 passengers on board including americans forcing it to land in cyprus. >> some passengers and crew still held hostage at this moment. the hijacker threatening to blow up the plane as authorities try to negotiate. the race to get hostages to safety right now. and we do say good morning, america.
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we'll take a live shot at the plane in cyprus where at least seven people are still being held hostage. negotiations with the hijacker happening right now. >> it took off from alexandria en route to cairo but diverted to cyprus after a man claimed to have an explosive belt. here's what we know as we come on the air. at least 55 passengers including a number of americans as well as seven crew members were on board the airbus a320 and as of this moment three passengers and four crew members are still being held. the white house saying they have no comment at this time. >> we're learning the hijacker is demanding to see his estranged wife and there are reports she's been brought to the airport. want to get the latest from abc news chief foreign affairs correspondent terry moran who is tracking it all from london. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning. it has been a tense morning in egypt and in cairo. just minutes ago now the foreign ministry in cyprus has officially released the name of
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plane. seif eldin mustafa, he allegedly claimed to have a suicide belt but at this moment there's no confirmation that there are any explosives on that plane. he may have been bluffing. cyprus media is reporting mustafa's ex-wife lives in cyprus and there are reports when it landed he handed a four-page letter to officials demanding that it be delivered to his ex-wife and our ail arabiya network says he is not a terrorist. he is an idiot. but this situation is still unfolding and still very dangerous. at this hour, the tense standoff on the tarmac continues as three foreign passengers and four crew members remain on that plane. egyptair earlier saying 55 passengers, seven crew members were on board. there were initial unconfirmed reports that the hijacker may have been wearing a suicide belt.
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arab airport. and after landing at larnaca, an unknown number of passengers were released and left the scene in buses calmly. no panic. according to flight radar it flew to the island without the pilot's signaling any trouble through their transponder. the president of cyprus said categorically this hijacking was not terrorism. then amused he suggested the motivations that the hijacker may have been a love triangle gone awry. >> it's not something which has to do with terrorism. always there is a woman involved involved. >> reporter: four months after 220 were killed on 9268 when a bomb blew up that plane just minutes after takeoff from the red sea resort of sharm el sheikh in egypt bound for russia. now urgent questions about egypt's massive security lapses at the country's airports. negotiations continue in cyprus with that hijacker. still holding hostages,
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board that plane. this is a very tense situation and as i say, a disaster for egyptian aviation raising a lot of questions about the safety in that country. david and robin. >> all right, terry moran leading us off. terry, thank you. we want to go back to that live picture. as terry pointed out there are still seven hostages on board that plane. joining us now tv correspondent simon newton at the airport there in cyprus. and, simon, first of all, tell us what you can see. were you able to see some of plane? were being brought off. the ones i saw were brought off on foot and subsequent to that we've seen a number of people coming off with small suitcases behind them walking across the tarmac being greeted by an official and taken away so we presume that they are still inside the airport building because this whole area is now
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no flights in or out and larnaca is as you may well know a hub for this part of the world. a lot of flights in and out of here to different parts of the middle east en route. you're seeing a picture of the aircraft on the tarmac, not moved for several hours, it's about 7:50 local time here, so at the moment these negotiations are still going on on board. we understand the captain and co-pilot, one female member of the cabin crew, one security officer is being described as a security officer perhaps what you would call in the states an air marshal of some description and three passengers and the nationalities of those passengers we don't know yet. the egyptian officials who held a press conference wouldn't speculate on what those nationalities were. >> tremendous relief for the passengers who were able to come off that plane, simon, from the pictures at least as far as we could tell they were relatively calm as they were coming off but
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the co-pilot, a flight attendant and what we would consider here in this country an air marshal passengers. simon, there appears to be some discrepancy, what the hijacker is asking for. what do you know? >> indeed, the foreign ministry in cairo held a press conference as i mentioned some time ago. they said there were no demands being made, but here in cyprus, the president himself attended and spoke at this press conference saying it wasn't a terrorist act saying this was a domestic incident essentially, this gentleman who we are told in local sources 59-year-old egyptian wanted to see his estranged wife. these are unconfirmed sources and stress he lived in cyprus till 1994, had four children, those numbers i've got actually from the police here and that there is some domestic
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wanted to see -- he arrived with a letter written in arabic which is, perhaps, what your correspondent mentioned. this has been given to the authorizes and in arabic and needs to be translated into greek for his wife to read. now, there's speculation about whether she has been brought to the airport to either receive that letter, i guess, or to meet this gentleman face-to-face, but standoff. there is a lot of media here as you imagine. we ourselves were moved back 500 meters. we were fairly close to the plane to start with but the security and the police have moved us back and emptied all the cafes along this end of the runway because this is very close to the shoreline, the beaches here. so we are now on a sort of road about -- >> simon newton with us. simon, stay with us. one more quick question for you, simon.
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estranged wife is actually at the airport? >> no, i can't confirm that. that is a question that's obviously being asked. there is rumors she was being brought to the airport to, as i say, either read this letter or to meet this gentleman face-to-face as part of the negotiations. we don't know whether negotiations are taking place face-to-face or via the phone. i would imagine done via the phone but i don't know whether she's here. >> simon newton at the scene witnessing the passengers coming off that plane. >> so calmly when they were doing that. we turn to abc news correspondent and former marine fighter pilot stephen ganyard and abc news consultant and former hostage negotiator brad garrett with more on the negotiations that are unfolding right now and, brad, let me start with you because we're hearing these reports the hostage-taker has explosive firearms. how does this affect the negotiations? >> well, the real key, robin, is to connect with him to the point
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initially. what you're trying to do is pick up intel through conversation with him, in other words, what is actually going on inside that plane. does he really have weapons? perhaps he does, perhaps he doesn't but the real key is, can you possibly give him something that he wants to disarm the situation so it ends peacefully. >> what about the speculation about his estranged wife that he is demanding to see her and it's unclear if she has been brought to the airport or not. how would that -- how would that affect the situation? >> well, it's very tricky. it's called third-party negotiation and what you don't know is the motivation of the hijacker. does he want to get somebody on the phone like his ex-wife to people? or is there some other motive? so you have to be as the negotiator you have to be extremely clear if you're going to put her on the phone with him as to what the motivation really is.
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it might get him off and may disarm him to the point where he would walk off the plane. but that remains to be seen at this point. >> and, steven, we know from the reporting that the pilot and other crew members are still on the flight and also what we would refer to as an air marshal. what do pilots and the crew do in a situation like this, stephen? >> they comply, robin. it's not the flight crew's duty to disarm a hijacker or to get in a fight with him. if there was an air marshal on board he probably assessed the situation or got out of control before he could do something. the intent even with an air marshal is get the airplane on the ground and get it to a point where as brad's people can take over and begin negotiations. >> and hopefully resolved in a peaceful manner. stephen and brad, thank you very much. eye-opening number. there have been 50 hijackings worldwide since september 11th and joining us now with more on
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home pierre thomas and former national counterterrorism center director matt olsen. >> u.s. authorities are watching this very closely. what are your sources telling you? there are major concerns about flights taking off from egypt and the security in place there. >> reporter: well, law enforcement officials say so far it doesn't appear to be terrorism. that much they're pretty confident of so far but it's a very fluid situation and don't yet know whether the man has explosives or not but here's the key, whether they turn out to be fake or not, the key is did he get something on board that plane that looks like an explosive belt? that would be raise very severe questions about egyptian aviation security, david. >> so let's bring in matt because you heard pierre say unclear whether or not he actually has a suicide vest but authorities particularly in this climate around the world have no choice but to take him at his world. >> yeah, that's exactly right and, you know, we go back to the downing of the russian airplane
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you know, obviously there are real concerns about aviation security in egypt but also in other places in the middle east, so regardless of whether or not this is a real device, there have to be real concerns raised at this point about security there. >> all right, matt olsen and pierre thomas, thanks to you and the entire team. we'll stay on it to bring you details as soon as they come in. to the latest on the shooting and lockdown at the capitol. a suspect drawing what appeared to be a gun before officers took him down. authorities learning more about who he is and abc's david kerley is on capitol hill with the latest. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning. the visitor center under this plaza will re-open after those moments of shooting and fear and the suspect can in the hospital with a gunshot wound. it was chaos in the capitol's visitors center. americans told to flee after gunshots. katherine left was one of those
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all of a sudden hell broke loose. just police with guns drawn. people running and screaming. >> shots reported in the capitol visitors sen terror. >> reporter: the entire capitol on lockdown. tourists fleeing and staffers barricading doors and police out on force. going through security first at the visit ser center is where at 2:39 according to police larry dawson moving through security pulls whatting looks like a gun. >> he drew what appeared to be a weapon and pointed at officers. an officer fired and struck the suspect. >> reporter: the suspect known to capitol police. he was transported to a hospital for surgery. it was last october that dawson of tennessee disrupted the house chamber yelling he was a prophet of god. >> i'm a prophet of god. >> reporter: dawson was under orders to stay away from the capitol. his truck was found on the grounds after the shooting. now, there was a bystander who was wounded.
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she is okay, a weapon was recovered, david, turns out it was a pellet gun that the man was apparently carrying. >> incredible and the fear for so many parents who brought their children to the capitol for spring break. david, thanks for that. now to the latest on those belgium terror attacks. a major setback. police releasing a suspect they thought could be the third airport bomber seen in this surveillance video that's now been released wearing that hat. abc's alex marquardt has the latest for us this morning. alex, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, david. the man who had been charged with terrorist murder in connection with these attacks has been released. his lawyer this morning saying that the investigation was completely off track meaning that the main suspect in these attacks is still very much at large. this morning, he is one of the most wanted men in europe, the man in the hat seen in that surveillance video strolling through the brussels airport with the two suicide bombers moments before the blast went off. it seemed the authorities thought he was this man, faycal cheffou, arrested on thursday
7:15 am
terrorist murder in connection with the brussels attacks. now cheffou has been released. the judge saying there wasn't enough evidence to hold him. in doing so likely conceding that cheffou is not the man in the black hat. we went to meet him after his release from jail at his mother's apartment. mr. cheffou -- [ speaking a foreign language ] he invites us to come upstairs. but at the door seeing our camera, a change of heart. angrily angrily shouting at us to get out. this morning, cheffou's lawyer told belgian tv his cell phone activity shows he was at home during the brussels attacks. this as new video emerges of the paris attackers ibrahim and el bakraoui partying in a club nine months before at tacks. those brothers from the
7:16 am
we've now heard so much about and this morning a disturbing text message an official from molenbeek showed us from jihadist recruiters to young men in the neighborhood calling on them to make the right choices and fight the westerners. robin. >> all right, alex, thank you. now to politics. republican candidates donald trump and ted cruz on the campaign trail battling over votes and whether or not they should debate. abc's jon karl has the latest from washington. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, robin. today the battle for the republican nomination moves to wisconsin where ted cruz believes he can finally stop donald trump's momentum. campaigning in central wisconsin overnight, ted cruz challenged donald trump to a one-on-one debate. >> donald, why don't you show up and debris like a man? i recognize that donald prefers to communicate in 140 characters or less. >> reporter: trump was quick to respond on twitter.
7:17 am
have already beaten you in all debates. >> ted is a very concerned puppy because he's losing big. i've got hundreds of delegates more than him. i've got millions of votes more than him. >> reporter: trump and cruz trade barbs, long shot john kasich is hoping for a wisconsin breakthrough. trying to stay above the fray. criticizing both of them for insulting muslims. >> you know what this is, the voice of inexperience, amateur hour. it's what it is. >> reporter: trump called in to one of wisconsin's top conservative talk radio shows and got an earful from the host, a cruz supporter. >> i didn't start it. he started it. if he didn't start it, it would have never happened. nothing like this would have ever happened. >> we're not on a playground. we're running for president of the united states. >> i agree with that 100% and my views are not playground views. >> reporter: overnight president obama said the ugly campaign is an embarrassment on the world stage. >> the number one question i'm getting as i travel around the world or talk to world leaders
7:18 am
in america? and it's not because around the world people have not seen crazy politics. it is that they understand america's the place where you can't afford completely crazy politics. >> reporter: the top aide to john kasich confirms to abc news that kasich is seeking to team up with cruz to deny trump the delegates he needs to clinch the nomination, was even trying to get mitt romney to be involved in the effort. the cruz team, though, says they are not interested in teaming up with kasich. robin, david. >> all right, john, thank you. we turn to rob with wind causing major problems on both coasts. >> yeah, a lot of wind especially across the northeast. this is damage out of yonkers, winds gusting to 58 miles an hour. near 50 miles an hour at jfk and these pictures out of san
7:19 am
were 50 to 60 . good morning. happy tuesday. i'm meteorologist bill evans. we've got sunshine, its a windy 44 degrees. wind gusts around 33 miles per
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so it's going to be a windy day today. wind advisory in affect. sunshine and 54 later this afternoon, which is normal for this time of year. the wind dies down tonight, >> coming up, the latest on that breaking news, a plane hijacked. seven people held hostage. negotiations still under way right now. the other aviation headline, the man living a double life. the united airlines pilot operating, running a sophisticated string of brothels managing more than a dozen women. what he now coming up. [engine revving loudly]
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march 29th. looking another the latest headlines at this hour. a wind-driven fire ripped through two homes in queens. six firefighters suffered minor injuries battling the flames. that fire broke out in one house at about 2:00 a.m. the high winds then quickly had the flames jumping to a second home. nine people were forced to run for safety. thankfully no serious injuries to report. it's been a morning of downed power lines. this was a look of what it was like in yonkers a short time ago thanks to the the high winds that swept through that area much of the night. there have been power outages and the weather is affecting air travel. the suspect in last week's triple shooting has been captured. anthony morales was caught last night. authorities found him in his car and shot him.
7:26 am
he is wanted for the murders of idelle rivera and anthony rivera. police say he killed anthony rivera in a dispute over a car. it's 7:25. we'll in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester,
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and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at . let's get a check on your morning commute with heather. >> we are going to talk about mass transit and it looks like new jersey transit, metro north schedule. and we had some earlier problems with the 1 trains. they have been corrected, so subway service is also running. route 120 both ways between kip street and douglas road, we have a downed tree. it's 20 minutes inbound.
7:28 am
lincoln 25. let's check in with bill and your forecast. >> we've got lots after sunshine. we have a high pressure ridge coming in, so that makes it windy today. the temperature, 44 degrees. 47 white plains. it's also 47 miles-per-hour wind there. it's a 38, 39-degree temperature across long island. so we'll look at 47 as our temperature. we get into the mid-50s this afternoon, but we have the wind out there, so be careful with that. much better day, a quiet day for tomorrow, lots of sunshine. coming up, jill kelly talks
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welcome back to "good morning america." robin and i were just looking at this during the break and wanted to show you. a member of the flight crew in the front of that plane, look at this, complying down appearing to get off the plane as we've been telling you, there do remain hostages on board as authorities negotiate with that hijacker while we're on the air. >> so let's go back to our chief foreign affairs correspondent terry moran who is following these developments from london. terry. >> reporter: very dramatic developments as you and david have just seen. just mens ago three people came down the stairs and as you say there have been negotiations with this hijacker going on and
7:31 am
other side on the cockpit -- in the cockpit somebody comes down the railing there, the ladder there on the side of the plane and hops -- looks like an escape. we are told there were seven hostages remaining on that plane with the hijacker and let's recap the story. this plane mh 181, an egyptair flight taking off from alexandria, egypt, this morning bound for cairo. usual lyly a 45-minute flight diverted to larnaca in cyprus under the orders of an alleged hijacker. reports saying that this man claimed he had a suicide vest on and was willing to blow up the plane so the pilot brought that plane to cyprus. the government in cyprus has identified the alleged hijacker seif eldin mustafa. he is said to have an estranged wife or ex-wife in cyprus and there are media reports in cyprus that he has asked that a letter be delivered to her. most of the passengers were
7:32 am
got on buses and the channels of communication have remained open which is another good sign. but as you've just seen, there are still people on board. some of them coming off down the stairs, one apparently escaping out of the cockpit. >> we saw -- yes, we also, terry, saw that others were leaving the plane, as well. >> really encouraging signs. all right. we'll stay on this. now to the houston pilot meanwhile, accused of living that double life. bruce wayne wallis appearing in court charged with running a string of brothels involving more than a dozen women and abc's gio benitez is here with the latest. good morning, gio. >> reporter: good morning. court records say he liked to go by the nickname batman but police say this bruce wayne is no vigilante running a ring so large many have not seen anything like it. a respected pilot accused of living a double life. by day he is a united airlines pilot recognized with top awards but by night court documents
7:33 am
texas. >> it is the largest operation of this type that i have been associated with. >> reporter: the alleged high-flying criminal appearing this court monday. prosecutors say he acted as a pimp to at least 20 women charging them $400 a week to use a room in one of the brothels. wallis reportedly running the operation out of his black hummer. managing nearly a dozen brothel apartments in the houston area. the alleged evidence, 50 grand in cash that police say they discovered in wallis' home. along with dozens of firearms and text messages between him and his employees. one saying, it's my job to keep you guys safe. wallis' attorney says he's ready to fight. >> hardly the case of the century that the state makes it out to be. >> reporter: his alleged accomplice, this woman, tracy tanner, a suburban mother of five. >> she's in a very, very scary
7:34 am
>> reporter: wallison wallis united airlines saying we are assisting the authorities and removed this employee from his flying duties. wallis will appear in court again in may out on $15,000 bail. he and tanner each could face 20 years in prison if they're convicted. this morning, police are sure that more arrests are on the way. >> they are, all right, gio, thank you. now to a big announcement from one of nascar's most popular stars, dale earnhardt jr., who suffered from concussions in recent years saying he wants to donate his brain to science. abc's linsey davis is here with that story. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning. when you think about nascar crashes you don't think about concussions necessarily, not until now at least. nascar's most popular driver might have just changed all that with a single tweet. it's the tweet that is putting nascar in the fast lane. thrusting it into the national conversation about concussions. nascar's pose popular driver dale earnhardt jr. announcing he's planning on donating his
7:35 am
the two-time dpaet 500 champion tweeting a "sports illustrated" article about three former nfl players donating their brain for research and he will donate posthumously. writing "what use is it to you at this point. i'm donating mine. >> it's a big surprise. it wasn't on anybody's radar screen. >> reporter: earnhardt jr. suffered back-to-back concussions in 2012, the first during a test drive at kansas speedway where he blew a tire and slammed into the wall. the second just two months later, spinning out of control and the chain reaction crash at the talladega superspeedway. the first went unreported. after the second he was evaluate wayed by medical professionals sitting out of his next two races due to the injury. >> the science of cte is in its infancy.
7:36 am
tau protein specifically but don't understand why some get cte. >> reporter: nascar says their drivers have had significantly fewer concussions since implementing a number of safety enhancements following the 2001 on-track race car death of earn national's father dale earnhardt sr. including install installing s.a.f.e.r. walls and making full-face helmets mandatory. 2013 nascar announced a program mandating they get a neuro neurocognitive assessment. >> they've got a protocol and baseline tests for the drivers and that is a start. >> reporter: nascar also allows a driver to miss events because of a medical swaying and still be eligible to compete in the chase for the sprint cup, which they hope is incentive for a driver to share their complete medical information and not try to hide a concussion. this way they'll get medical treatment. >> and recently brandi chastain, she also said she would donate her brain to science, so it's happening more and more.
7:37 am
athletes are saying, hey, as he said, what good is it after the fact? might as well make some good out of it. >> thanks. coming up here, that hit series putting o.j. simpson's trial back in the headlines. how some of the original players from the case are now cashing in big. a must see for all parents, kids revealing their secret lives on their smartphones and how they hide what's really
7:38 am
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we're back with the o.j. simpson case, so-called trial of the century captivating a new generation with a popular series "american crime story." well, now key figures from the case are cashing in. abc's david wright is here with more on that. good morning, to you, david. >> reporter: good morning, lara. "the people v. o.j. simpson." a lot of us caught up with the original cast but for those who missed it there is a popular revival on fx. so popular some of the original players are cashing in all over again.
7:42 am
remember the slow-speed chase. >> tonight o.j. simpson is a fugitive. >> reporter: or the bloody glove. or johnnie cochran's most famous refrain. >> if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. >> reporter: there's now a whole new market of fans. now you too can dress like the world's most famous freeloader, cato kalekato kaelin marketing his own line of slacker wear. the vintage versace suit he wore on the witness stand recently sold for $4,000, two to three times what it was worth when it was brand new. mark furman's book sold more copies in the last few months than in the past five years combined. >> across the board we see that most of these books are selling between eight and ten times what they were selling before the series aired. >> reporter: sales of jeffrey toobin's book on which the series is based are up 900%. >> this story combines everything that obsesses the american people. it has sex.
7:43 am
it has violence. it has sports. it has hollywood and the only eyewitness is a dog. what more could you ask for in a story? >> reporter: "the people v. o.j. simpson" harkens back to a time when the name kardashian meant a very different sort of reality tv. >> that's o.j.'s garment bag. >> reporter: that's ross from "friends" playing kim kardashian's dad. he was o.j. simpson's lawyer, part of the dream team. >> i think it's a terrible idea. what if it doesn't work. >> reporter: for the original cast 20 years later it's deja vu all over again as o.j. prosecutor marcia clark recently told "the view." >> for me it's reliving a night their. it's just awful. every bit of it is awful. hard for me. >> 1989. >> reporter: the o'neal simpson trial was not her finest hour and kato kaelin tells us he didn't sell the versace suit. get this, he didn't own it. he borrowed it the guy he borrowed it from sees an
7:44 am
>> he needs the $4,000 obviously. thanks, david. coming up here the miraculous turnaround for one young girl after she met pope francis. >> an abc news exclusive, one of the women at the center of the stunning scandal that brought down the head of the cia speaking out this morning. come on back.t you have friends coming over? yeah, so? it stinks in here. you've got to wash this whole room are you kidding? wash it? let's wash it with febreze. for all the things you can't wash, use... ...febreze fabric refresher whoa hey mrs. webber inhales hey, it smells nice in here and try pluggable febreze... continuously eliminate odors for... ...up to 45 days of freshness pluggable febreze and fabric refresher... ...[inhale + exhale mnemonic]... ... , two more ways to breathe happy i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults
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let's go. what? you didn't even move your hands! another game! i've got a table ready at 6:00 o'clock. alexa, how's the traffic? female voice: the fastest route is 45 minutes to downtown. jason, get in the sidecar.
7:47 am
7:48 am
back to you with that big medical breakthrough for a young girl who met the pope. she received a special blessing when he visited the u.s. in september. now she's seeing promising signs and credits that moment with changing everything. t.j. is here with this fabulous story. >> hey there, you saw the picture. the pope is here, blesses this little girl. wouldn't you know not too long later she starts to show recovery from this long-term illness so does the power of healing in that hand of the pope? well, he really just turns out to have the power to draw media attention because a lot of people saw her story. next thing you know here comes a whole lot of healing hands. 12-year-old julia bruzzese was stunned when pope francis picked her out of a crowd at jfk airport for a blessing during his trip to new york last september. >> there's no words really to describe how, you know, magical that can be.
7:49 am
been unable to walk for nearly a year after losing feeling in her legs and feet. >> couldn't keep my head up on my own and started going into like in and out so i started getting tired and like that's when my legs actually started to go numb. >> reporter: no one could determine the cause but after that papal visit miracles started to happen. a new doctor reached out offering a more accurate diagnosis, turns out julia had lyme disease, some friends started a go fund me page to pay for her treatment and then -- >> the night before my dad's birthday i was able to -- i started feeling the top of my feet and ankles. >> reporter: her family considers it divine intervention. >> i knew that god was sending us a message that she's going to be okay. >> this is the strangest story. vibrant healthy 12-year-old girl all of a sudden -- part of the problem was it's hard to diagnose times lyme disease. >> oh, yes it is. >> the insurance company wouldn't cover the cost of the treatment because we couldn't say for sure what it was so she had all these issues and you
7:50 am
being something spiritual, something out of this world, you know sometimes a little miracle happens just like that. just folks come and help. >> people reaching out. >> that's it. >> she's doing better. >> we're happy about that. thank you, t.j. did y'all stay up to see ginger? the last one to dance last night. but, boy, was it worth it. ginger will be here and geraldo got the first booted couple. they'll be here too. >> saw that coming. the best for last. what did you say? didn't see that coming. geraldo is on line two for you. big health headline about the mediterranean diet. a new benefit. how it may help strengthen your bones. >> didn't think he would go first. i didn't think soy. coming up, "gma's" "home sweet home" brought to you by rocket mortgage by quicken loans. push button, get mortgage. here's what we were thinking. what if you get a mortgage on your phone? wouldn't more people buy homes? and wouldn't those people need to fill their homes
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7:54 am
welcome back to "gma." winds howling out west. this shot of new mexico where they had a wildfire. 200 acres burned and precautionary evacuations under way. high wind warnings posted and
7:55 am
7:56 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by neutrogena hydro boost. instantly quench your skin. . good morning. it's 7:56. looking at the latest headlines for you. developing in brooklyn, a woman is in critical condition after going into cardiac arrest during a fire at an apartment building. it started just before 11 last night on metropolitan avenue. two other people were taken to the hospital, suffering from smoke inhalation. a dog was killed also. the cause of the fire has not been determined. matt harvey is being
7:57 am
he may not be on the mound opening night. he was scratched from the spring training due to a nonbaseball medicine issue. there will be follow-up tests and evaluations over the next few days. they start sunday night in kansas city. it's 7:56. let's check in on your morning commute. >> we have new jersey transit, long island railroaded, metro north all running close to schedule. we have one-hour arrival delays at laguardia airport. contact your carrier if you're going to jfk. the connecticut turnpike, i-95 south, a collision. your accuweather forecast now with meteorologist bill evans. >> we've got sunshine and it is pretty. the camera is bouncing around.
7:58 am
look at our wind gusts. 41. so we're going to have these wind gusts all day long today. we're looking at 49 by lunch hour. 54 this afternoon. the wind dies down tonight and get downright chilly. a nice day tomorrow. 57. we'll close out with rain late in the day of thursday. the first couple booted
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. new details on the hijacked plane. an egyptair flight with multiple hostages including americans, threats to blow up the plane as authorities race to get the passengers and crew to safety. also this morning, an abc news exclusive. the woman at the center of a shocking scandal that brought down the head of the cia. one of the country's most powerful generals. >> you thought you were in danger. >> oh, absolutely. i was scared for my life. >> reporter: jill kelley speaking out for the first time about the fbi investigation,
8:01 am
side of the story this morning. a sizzling showdown on "dancing with the stars." and ginger and val samba, nyle and peta rock the rumba and geraldo takes on the donald. >> impressive for all the wrong reasons. >> now the first booted couple flying all night on the "gma" express right here live in times square. all that and we're "hoff the record" with david hasselhoff as we say -- >> good morning, america. good morning, america. right to that breaking news about the hostage situation in cyprus. there has been afternoonn arrest. right to terry moran. terry. >> reporter: good morning, robin. dramatic developments indeed and
8:02 am
the foreign ministry in cyprus just tweeting out a few minutes ago it's over. the hijacker arrested. and it is confirmed that the alleged dd hijacker is now in police custody and all of the hostages on board that egyptair flight are safe. 55 passengers, 7 crew. no one hurt. this could not have ended any better. the media in cyprus are reporting that mr. mustafa was eager to see his estranged or ex-wife. he is now off that plane apparently in police custody. the hijacking which had gone on since early this morning. that plane originally from alexandria to cairo diverted to cyprus is now over. >> thank you, terry. huge sigh of relief that it is over peacefully. >> a lot of americans on board and everyone relieved this morning. we'll switch gears because last night, it's why we were all
8:03 am
"dancing with the stars" first booted couple, geraldo and edyta. a lot of reaction on the donald dance. >> look at them. >> they flew overnight still dancing. we'll talk to hem and also ginger and val joining us live. a sizzling samba to justin bieber bieber's "sorry." nothing to be sorry about for that performance. can't wait to talk to you. >> and the producers. you got to dance sooner. can't be the last dance. >> killing our bedtime. >> it was so worth staying up for. let's turn to "gma" weekend anchor paula faris here with the morning rundown. >> as you said on your twitter feed they saved the best for last. they certainly did. we begin in washington, the man shot outside the capitol building monday is in critical condition. police say they opened fire on 66-year-old larry dawson when he pulled out what appeared to be a weapon at a security screening area.
8:04 am
gun. last fall dawson was ordered to stay away from the capitol after he disrupted a house session by god. and the fbi is investigating the computer virus that crippled several hospitals in the washington, d.c. area. the virus prevented doctors and nurses from accessing e-mail accounts and records. authorities trying to determine if the virus is the so-called ransomware which hackers have used to extort money in exchange for restoring services. and in the race for president ted cruz is challenging donald trump to a one-on-one debate ahead of next week's crucial wisconsin primary. trump hasn't answered directly yet but tweeted he already won all the debates. scott walker is expected to announce his endorsement for president. in medical news one more benefit of the mediterranean diet. it may strengthen your bones. a new study found that older women who stuck to the diet were
8:05 am
fractures. the diet emphasizes ss fruits, veg yis, nuts and grain. instagram is promising not to change the way it displays your photos and message, at least not yet. earlier instagram announced that it will be reordering your feed. instead of using a reverse cron look cal order it's planning to use an al go rhythm based time line but after an outcry they say nothing is changing yet. uconn has done it again. the lady huskies beat texas last night to earn their ninth consecutive trip to the final four. so, here's a look at the women's final four oregon state will take on uconn. washington versus syracuse. you guys, you can catch all those games on espn. a little uconn trivia. the last time they lost, do you remember the month, the year possibly? 73 straight. >> 1822. >> very close.
8:06 am
they are a dominant force. >> as you said, ninth final four in a row -- their seniors have never lost. >> you make a great point trying to win their fourth straight title. >> yes, yes, yes. >> that is unprecedented. >> geno auriemma has it going on. thanks so much. here's what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." we have an abc news exclusive. the woman at the center of the scandal that brought down general petraeus, jill kelley speaking out for the first time. what a night on "dancing with the stars". ginger and val and the first booted couple joining us live. thank you, fonzie. ooh, don't trip. going outside to see geraldo and edyta and we'll talk to them live on "good morning america." strength is an addiction. you can never get enough of..
8:07 am
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8:11 am
at panera. food as it should be. this was a big hit last night. wayna morris, the ballroom once again, that was a sizzling salsa. >> yes. >> that heated up latin night. more from "dancing with the stars," ooh. coming up in just a little bit. >> ginger has a little competition? she's holding her own, though. great cast this season but first to the woman caught up in the scandal that brought down general david petraeus. jill kelley speaking out for the first time exclusively to abc news revealing details about petraeus' affair with another woman that forced the thencia director to resign. "nightline" anchor juju chang sat down with jill kelley and is here with so much more. good morning, juju. >> good morning, robin.
8:12 am
that rocked the corridors of power. jill kelley referred to the cia director as her best friend. they even had nicknames for her. he was james bond, she was a name that meant lady ambassador. it set into motion the events that led to the resignation of two high ranking officials is finally speaking out. >> it was a shock today. general petraeus resigns. >> reporter: a political sex scandal that read lick a hollywood spy thriller. >> breaking news on the fast developing cia sex scandal. >> the new mystery tonight about what really happened and when. >> reporter: the cia director and retired four-star general resigning in disgrace after an fbi investigation into an extramarital affair. and the general's mistress, his biographer. paula broadwell accused of cyberstalking several of his friends and colleagues. >> describe for us the moment
8:13 am
to you who the stalker was. >> i saw him break down and he immediately looked me in the eyes and said, it's paula broadwell. >> reporter: one of broadwell's alleged targets, jill kelley. a well connected honorary ambassador for the high ranking military generals stationed at sent come in florida including the top commander in the war in afghanistan, general john allen. how is it that you got so enmeshed in the personal lives of some of the pose powerful men in this country. >> i was very close with their wives. they were my best friends. >> reporter: you were portrayed as the vixen, the femme fatale. >> right. >> set the record straight. did you have a romantic relationship with general petraeus? >> no. >> did you ever have an affair with general allen. >> never had an affair with anybody in my life. i'm so happily married. >> reporter: in her newly released self-published book "collateral damage" kelpley
8:14 am
dismissing claims she ever inappropriately touched the cia director at an easter dinner in 2012. >> it never happened. sadly, nothing was the same after that and that's when the stalking started to happen. >> you were in her mind the other woman. >> i don't know why. >> reporter: kelley says she and her husband scott began receiving threatening e-mails pinpointing her location tracking her meetings with generals specifically david petraeus. where did you think it was coming from. >> i didn't know who it was. i thought is it a terrorist group, a rogue agent, organized crime? do they want to harm us? >> you thought you were in danger. >> oh absolutely. i was scared for my life. >> reporter: that's when she says she went to the fbi for help. do you describe a pretty harrowing incident involving fbi officials. >> they told me, miss kelley, you got to get in the car immediately. inside the car was basically like an interrogation. they were trying to make me say i had an affair with general allen, general petraeus. i said this is outrageous. >> you triggered an
8:15 am
brought down two of the country's top generals. what was your reaction? >> general petraeus didn't know his stalker was his mistress. general allen didn't know general petraeus was having an affair. i didn't know he was having an affair. i found out when the whole world found out. >> did you feel betrayed. >> i feel sorry for david. in his defense he was in a difficult situation are where he had an unhappy ex-girlfriend and the most amazing job in the world and friends who are now being stalked. >> if you could send a message to paula broadwell, what would you say. >> i really have nothing to say to her. i wish she never sent those e-mails. i just hope she's in a better place today. >> now, paula broadwell was never charged and she didn't respond to our requests for comment. general petraeus had no comment and neither did general allen who was never accused of any wrongdoing, we should point out and the fbi has previously denied kelley's claim of an suv interrogation. can kelley is adamant she is
8:16 am
of not commenting herself to combat what she says is abuse of private information in the hands of public officials for political gain. now, kelley is very passionate about her fight to protect the privacy rights of all citizens. >> there's a lot going on. >> yeah. >> big scandal. >> she seemed very candid with you. >> she was. she told what her version of the truth was, absolutely. >> her version -- her version of the truth. >> well said. >> i like how you said that. thank you, juju. now to those sizzling moments, "dancing with the stars" latin night and ginger and val rocked the samba tanning by live -- you're stretching there. we caught you. we caught you there. >> but first the booted couple, jesse is here with the hottest moments of the night. jesse >> that's right, you know the heat was on in the ballroom for the second week of competition as we watched the dancers salsa and samba their way up the leaderboard but one couple had to say adios, take a look at some of last night's standouts. >> aaagh.
8:17 am
>> oh, yeah, i'm in trouble. >> reporter: an injury and donald trump. and that was only the first five minutes. "dancing with the stars" serving sizzling performances during latin night. >> reporter: and even filled with twists. and turns. boys to men star wayna morris bringing his "a" game. and it paid off. >> the king of the ballroom. >> reporter: speaking of the alphabet, a certain "z" finding the swag. >> you bring on the feel good factor. >> no matter what type of dance we do i want people to enjoy it. >> reporter: mark ballas' injury not throwing his partner off balance. >> i just slipped a disc. i'm hurting. a replacement dancer coming to her rescue learning the routine in just two hours. >> really happy that alan was
8:18 am
but, yeah, i'm hopeful i'll be back. >> reporter: "full house"'s jodie sweetin golden despite early on self-doubt. the judges coming down hard on nyle dimarco and his partner peta murgatroyd. >> peta's dancing is music to my eyes so that's what's important to me. >> reporter: for geraldo rivera, even dressing like donald trump couldn't help him win viewers' votes making him the first star to be sent home overnight. >> it's embarrassing, onward and upward. >> the ups have been really tough so far this season. this was the first time since season 13 that no 9s were given in the first two weeks. like they forgot those 9 paddles at home. >> something to work toward, i think. >> yes, where are our manners? geraldo. >> great job. >> wonderful. >> i thought you didn't recognize me because i didn't have my blond hair on. >> you know what, you looked like you were having a great time. >> i did. it was a lot of fun. i wish i could dance better.
8:19 am
superb dancer, deserved a much better partner. so patient. really, so, so charismatic and wonderfully supportive. >> the incredible thing about you, you smile through everything. you could tell you were having a blast. >> it was a lot of fun. you know, david, at the end when we were eliminated, my 10-year-old was in the audience with her mom and my friend and his wife so the 10-year-old started sobbing, the one person that could console her was von miller, the subwayper bowl mvp came walking over and she calmed down immediately. it was a touching thing. although ginger is obviously the home team. >> edyta, wonderful to have you back. 11 seasons since we've seen you. >> yes, it's been 11 seasons, more than five years and i'm so glad to be back. >> what was it like being back. >> it was wonderful. it was a little like riding a bike. once you learn how to do it you
8:20 am
just improved. it has gotten better and pigger and coming back with geraldo, i'm sad we left. i'm really sad but it was such an amazing treat for me to get to know this person. >> oh. >> i'm sad because i think geraldo has so much more to offer and to show and he would be such a great addition for the memorable week. >> oh, yeah. >> maybe "celebrity jeopardy." >> i want to ask you about your choice, the donald trump thing. how did that come to be. >> well, we had the idea because she makes a great melania. and i've known donald forever and it all became about the wives didn't it in the last week or so, went from body parts to whose wife was hotter and as we got closer to the show the idea evolved on to kind of spoof that, to bring that down to earth, deflate that as a
8:21 am
so the whole red phone and vladimir on the other line and melania wants to dance. >> we laughed. >> he's still -- you're still in character. >> that's how we feel about you leaving, we're crying because you brought a lot of joy and that's what this is all about. so who do you think, edyta, who do you think is going -- are we going to see in the times. >> a lot of great couples. my pick would be wanya and nyle and ginger, i'm rooting for her as a fellow mom but wanya and nyle are doing such a wonderful job. it's tough to not support them. >> the buzz for nyle in that crowd was pretty intense. >> that's an incredible story. >> inspiring. >> i don't know how he does it. i don't know how he did it with a knee replacement and bad foot but at least i can hear the music. so if i had two good feet it wouldn't have made much difference.
8:22 am
going right down to the wire. >> great night last night and -- >> kick you in the head -- >> well, thank you both. we'll bring in ginger and val. they're up early. >> they did a great job. >> they did a great job again last night. so, you know, we have's been joking about you keeping us up by being the last dancers out there. how is it for you, ginger, when have to wait to get on the dance floor? >> oh, it's torture because you just want to dance, you just want to perform but it's so much fun because you get to see the show too so i think it's a combination. >> but doesn't your heart start racing as you're waiting for your moment to be out there. ginger, we all tried to passion you that yellow flower. we know what that is like. >> yeah, no, my heart was fine. i actually had enjoyed it. like the room is so full of energy, i like forgot that we were starting almost because people are cheering for you and clapping. we had such good -- such a good crowd. >> i'm watching the dance right now.
8:23 am
talking about. >> and, val, are you helping ginger get her mojo back? she was talking yesterday about the fact of being a new mom and being married. you know, you're great, ginger. i don't know what you're talking about but she said she didn't have that sass. are you helping her get it back. >> she's got it. she's got it. first of all we officially retired the word swag last night on "dancing with the stars" and secondly she certainly has it, you know, we're talking about confidence and i love that about ginger is just it's an unusual kind of platform to be in the sparkly dress in front of millions of people on a monday night so just in terms of her confidence in this realm, it's important for her to believe in herself and she looks beautiful. >> i couldn't have a better mojo instructor than this guy. >> ginger, already the first elimination, is it more of a relief for you now or is the pressure even that much greater? >> the pressure just keeps
8:24 am
the day it is a competition but i think that we're both having such a great time we just want to do this for as long as we possibly can because i'm enjoying every performance and every time we rehearse we're actually having a wonderful time. >> how are things looking for next week, gigg? already getting into it. what's the dance? >> yes, most memorable year and it's going to be really different than anything we've done already. and he's going -- let's just say we both have bruises already. >> she thinks she's on "gma" doing the tease making us watch. >> val, i can see val, he has something cooking. >> he does? something for next week. hey, guys, thank you so much. you're up late and then up early again with us this morning. >> thank you, robin. >> watching cheering you on. so happy for you and you can see ginger, val and all the competition on "dancing with the stars" monday night 8:00, 7:00 central right here on abc but now let's get it out to rob. >> hey, robin, i know she has no
8:25 am
southern california. good morning, i'm meteorologist bill evans. as we look south we've got a lot of sunshine here. 44 degrees. we've got a lot of wind out there too today. our 40s are going to feel like 30s and later on today we'll be in the 50s. with this wind out there 28, 29 miles an hour sustained. you see from flushing to white plains going to be a very windy day with that northwest wind. even though we get into the low and mid-50s it will feel like the 40s today. tomorrow much better 57 with sunshine. we warm to near 70 the last day of march with some rain late in the da >> lara, in case "pop" bombs, which it won't, i'll bring this in for you. >> no pressure.
8:26 am
harrison ford is giving one lucky fan the clothing off his back, all to raise money for a great cause, so near and dear to his heart. the actor auctioning off the leather jacket he wears as solo in the new "star wars" movie on if proceeds supporting new york university's langone medical center where his daughter received treatment for epilepsy. ford is so grateful georgia is now thriving and so is the awk. bidding currently $30,000, again, a great cause. and finally, look, mom, i got my first base hit. check it out. there is joy to be found in any of life's moments. just human nate on that,
8:27 am
i want to put on this is a channel 7 eyewitness news brief. good morning, everyone. it's 8:27 right now on this tuesday, march 29th. i'm michelle charlesworth. one person was killed in an early morning fire in brie el new jersey. a neighbor shot this video that gutted a home around 7 a.m. one resident was unable to escape. it has been a morning filled with fallen trees, damaged cars and downed power lines throughout the tri-state area. this is what it looked like in yonkers a short timing a thanks to the high winds that swept through much of the night. there have been thousands of
8:28 am
the weather still is affecting air travel as well. let's get a check on the commute with heather o'rourke. >> here's the george washington bridge and right over here we had an accident that was being cleared away. now this was the ramp getting to the west side highway. but it looks like they just cleared it away, so that's some good news. so inbound side right near the west side highway exit, that
8:29 am
it's 40 minutes going inbound, lincoln is 50. the holland tunnel is a 30 minute wait. subway service doing great, if that's the way you've got to go, new jersey transit, long island railroad, metro north all doing just fine. now if you are going to the airport to pick somebody up, laguardia airport, that is a one-hour delay. jfk, newark, you just want to contact your carrier before you head out. we do have our street cleaning rules in effect for today. michelle, back to you. thank you so much. sending it right over to bill. >> this morning we have sunshine. we just got one little lone cloud dissipating over manhattan. we're going to be looking at temperatures right around 44 degrees. so we're going to be warming up. we're going to have this wind today that's a 28, 29 miles per hour you see there from flushing to white plains, 20 over towards newark to staten island, and about 25 miles an hour wind on long island. this will stay consistent throughout the day with some gusts. there's a wind advisory until noon today. we'll be seeing partly cloudy skies with a lot of sunshine. temperatures going to warm to
8:30 am
will feel like 40s. have your sunglasses too to protect your eyes not only from the sun but the wind. tomorrow's a much better day. the wind's gone, we warm to 57. a beautiful day and the last day of march goes out kicking and screaming like a lion with rain late in the day. some showers on the first day of april friday. good morning, america. >> oh. >> likewise, the feeling is mutual. >> the one and only harrison ford wishing all of us a very good morning. yes. >> also coming up, david hasselhoff he's going -- we're going to say this again -- "hoff the record." can't wait to catch up with you, david. coming up. what is that? is he talking into -- we'll get into that too. >> did it twice. >> not again, i promise. >> you committed.
8:31 am
back to harrison ford. opening up about "star wars: the force awakens" now, the movie, of course, shattering box office records becoming the highest grossing film of all time in the u.s. lara telling us about the big auction in "pop news" moments ago but now you can own "star wars" friday ahead of that. nick watt sat down with han solo himself. >> that's not how the force works. >> reporter: harrison ford doesn't just play han solo. >> electrical overload. >> reporter: he is han solo and he got his wish. you've been wanting to do something like this with this character for awhile. >> for 30 year, 30 years. he serves as a story. he brings emotional weight and gravitas to the story. >> reporter: which is something -- >> don't say how. because nobody has seen the movie. >> nobody has seen the movie. >> and you will spoil it. >> for the two people -- >> for the three people who have not seen it. >> reporter: for those three and the rest of us "the force
8:32 am
from april 1st. hans' pivotal moment involves his son -- that's all i'm saying. >> he is a naughty boy. >> reporter: theme of the entire "star wars" movie -- >> the dark side. >> the light and the dark being so close together. >> how did it feel? >> it felt like a job to be done. it's my job. i love it. >> there's a quote from six or seven years ago where you said that there's going to be a time when you can't play action heroes anymore. you're now coming back as indiana jones. >> i said that? >> you don't remember saying that. >> no. >> clearly you didn't mean it. >> indiana jones, always knew someday you'd come walking back through my door. >> reporter: indiaterdiana jones slated for release. do we know anything about what it'll be about?
8:33 am
to announce details. >> yeah. >> of the script. >> you're probably right. thanks for helping me do my job. >> yeah. whatever i can do. >> reporter: will he ever return to a galaxy far, far away? >> you hurt chew. ie, you'll deal with me. did it feel like passing the baton to the younger ones? >> i don't think of it so much as passing batons as a further development as an enrichment of the experience for the audience. >> will you be back at all to -- >> to pick up a baton? >> we've moved on from the baton question. >> will i be back? we can't talk about that. i'm so sorry. >> i mean, you know, appearing in the shower after it's all been a dream. i'm wondering maybe something like that. >> there are no showers. there are no showers in space, you know. >> reporter: for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, hollywood. >> all right. thanks, nick. the digital download of "star wars: the force awakens"
8:34 am
the blu-ray version available april 5th with lots of extras for the fans. our next guest an entrepreneur inspiring millions to tap into their inner power, accomplish their dreams. he is revealing his secrets to reaching financial freedom in his brand-new "the new york times" best-seller "money: master the game" out in paperback today. please welcome tony robbins. [ cheers and applause ] >> how are you? thank you so much. >> how are you? >> doing wonderful. >> please, please. >> nice to see you, thank you, robin. >> there's no applause sign. that's coming from the heart. no applause sign. we changed our state. we changed our state like this. >> i see that. >> that's what you're about. you have inspired so many
8:35 am
where does that come from? where did that begin with you? >> pain. >> yeah. >> i grew up in a pretty tough environment and my mom loved me dearly and i have a younger brother, younger sister but she abused alcohol and prescription drugs and was very violent so i became a practical psychologist to figure that out. since i suffered so much i didn't want anybody else to suffer. >> you have changed people's lives from all walks of life. oprah talked about how your howerhow er hower -- power is superhuman and bring out the best in us and the catalyst of change. why do you think that is. >> i think part of it is 38 year, going on my 39th year with people from 100 countries around the world. 50 million people so at this point i could be an idiot and see there are patterns that make peep depressed and patterns that make you fulfilled and joyous and connected and grateful so nobody is broken. nobody needs to be fixed but we have patterns that get in the way and i know how to change it.
8:36 am
departure talking about money and the financial word and there's something in 2008 you were angry with what you were seeing and wanted to help people. >> when i saw people losing half of all they owned in the stock market or losing their hopes during that time it wasn't a statistic and i had a unique gift is pose people don't know for 22 years i coached a man named paul tudor jones, one of the top ten financial traders in the world and coach him every day and has not lost money in 22 years. no one else can say that in his category so i learned a lot and if i interviewed 50 of the smartest people and figured out is it possible for the average person to still win this game in a stock market where 70% of the trades are done by high frequency traders an the answer is you can still win. >> what's the biggest mistake we make. >> everybody spends so much so we have no money to invest and the real reason we don't invest we don't understand the power of compounding. there is a gentleman named theodore johnson. he never made more than $14,000 a year at u.p.s. as a driver of
8:37 am
and gave away 35 million and all that happened, a friend of his said i want to put a 20% tax on you. he said, the government gave you 20% tax, you'd scream and yell. we'll put that upon aside and keep reinvesting. that's the power of compounding. and then the other one, though, is getting the wrong advice which is why i wrote the book. i went to the best on earth. none of this is my advice. it's the 50 smartest people in the world, the warren buffetts and carl icahns but getting the right advice and i promote a fiduciary standard, an "f" word. what it means is most people giving you advice are brokers, they're good people but they're selling for the house and the house always wins. if you get a fiduciary, i.a. that's a person legally required to put your needs first. if they tell you buy apple and their stock. planning. go to and work with millionaires and billionaires and take care of
8:38 am
convinced them to bring it down to any family with $50,000 and give a second opinion. it'll cost you nothing and can implement yourself. >> say it again, creative -- >> creativeplanningnet. andre, what's your question. >> i have a friend in a negative emotional place for two or three years now and i want to know how to help him because you helped me when i read your book and i want to know how to help them through the same process. >> you know, parents say this to me also about their kids all the time and we all want to help everybody else but the most powerful way is to help yourself first. i lost 38 pounds and i kept it off for 25 years, went fro broke to financially free so it's hard to help somebody else when you haven't lived it. the way you can do that, we've all met somebody -- haven't you met somebody who sucks the energy out of the building. you have people that walk in, you feel lifted by their presence, right? somebody who, you know, thinks they're funny but not and crack
8:39 am
own state, getting yourself to not suffer is really valuable so i thought, you know, if you give me two minutes let's do something really fast. i'll show you something simple. something. anybody at home as well. that stresses you, some unfinished business and may be something upsets you or frustrated about or you need to do something about but you keep putting it off and who knows what i'm talking about? so think of something, though, on a zero to ten scale that maybe is a seven of upset or more, eight, nine, ten, three or four it's not as valuable. do it fast. let's try it. understand when you're stressed you're not going to help your partner. when you're feeling their pain you can't help them. when you're stressed your heart and brain if i could show you an eeg, ekg they look jagged and don't look anything like each other. if you breathe in your heart 2 two minutes, breathe deep in your heart, actually physically feel and those at home can do this as well like the oxygen in
8:40 am
heart and as you're doing it for two minutes we'll do less than two minutes i want you to think of three things you're grateful for but step in like you're there not watching the roller coaster, imagine you're going over the edge, stop just for a moment, breathe deep in your heart, physically feel your heart heart, and then think of one of those things stepping it like you're there for a moment. breathe it, feel it. feel so grateful. when you're grateful there's no anger. when you're grateful there's no fear. think of another one you're grateful for. really feel it. step in. hear, feel, see. and then one more. and enjoy it like really take in the blessing of that moment. the gift of that moment. and then while you're still breathing in your heart, i want to you think of the thing that was upsetting you at a seven or above but keep breathing in your heart. keep feeling this feeling of gratitude and just answer this question. all i need to remember in that
8:41 am
on, all i need to do is what? but keep breathing in your heart. all i need to remember, all you need to focus on, all i really need to do is what? in your heart knows the answer. raise your hand if you know what to do right now. >> i do. >> look around the group and what is it? is it 100% and that was two minutes, so if you put yourself in that place, go ahead and have a seat. >> i was able to do it with someone yelling in my ear to wrap. if i could do that being told to wrap, we do need to go and we need to say all your proceeds go where. >> they go to feeding america. we've fed 102 million. [ applause ] >> all right. and everybody here is getting a book. everybody here is getting a book. [ cheers and applause ] >> so great to see. >> you great to see you. >> go outside to rob. >> great to see you healthy and strong. >> thank you so much. check out this, i got to show it.
8:42 am
because we only see >> this weather report is brought to you by panera bread. robin, back inside to you. >> our hears with pounding right now. all of us. all right, rob, thank you. coming up the hoff maybe that's why it's pounding to. "hoff the record," david
8:43 am
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>> where did you get that jacket. >> still works. >> how did you get in here? i'll call security. >> don't worry. i see them. i tell them my name and they say go right up. >> what the hell is your name. >> dieter. >> where did you get your jacket. >> you gave it to my mother 25 years ago, you know, the night that the berlin wall fell, the same night that i was conceived. i am dieter hasselhoff. i am your son. >> ooh. >> oh, dieter. >> dieter hasselhoff. the funny part that kid always stays in character. he's a method actor. you know, he's english but always dieter hasselhoff, it's so crazy. >> you were just telling me the jacket really still works. >> the jack still -- that is the same jacket i wore on the berlin wall 24 years ago, you know, but it's really an honor to be on your show and back in the ussa because -- >> ussa. >> because the show is here and i want to work here and it's a
8:47 am
reviews and it's kind of like "curb your enthusiasm" with a little dash of -- i can't remember the other show. >> reminds me of danny deutch's new show. you're really willing to make fun of yourself to have fun with yourself. is that kacathartic. >> it almost became therapy. all the stuff written about me all the times when i got some seriously bad press for like doing something at home, you know, i was able to address that through comedy. you know, and through entertainment and i thought, oh, my god, this is great. >> i think you're referring to something that you do touch on which is that viral video. >> yeah. everybody brings it up, yeah. >> but you bring it up on the show. >> 11 million hits in one day. my daughter comes in and says, dad, you got 11 million hits. i'm going, oh, my god, it's ridiculous but i said, come on.
8:48 am
you know, maybe i'm -- tonight i'll have eight burgers and 24 beers and guess what, you can't film it because it's at home. it's in my home and that was the whole point. and we were able to do that through the series, got great review, great ratings, picked up on access tv with mark cuban who said the three greatest thing, i love the show, i love you in it and let's move it to l.a. >> i love it. >> i need sun. >> so, david, is anything off-limits? >> no. no, no. i remember once reading a headline, can you embarrass this man? you know. >> tell me a little about the "baywatch" reboot? the set. >> you know, it was a lot of fun. you know, i had to get in pretty good shape because you stand next to the rock. rock is like a man and a half. and zach is like right behind him so i went into the gym and pumped a little bit but the best part about it, they were really extremely nice and gave me the respect of the guy who created the role, you know, and they
8:49 am
met -- i even met the rock's mom and it was just really nice to be down there and gave me a great feeling about the reboot of the show and i might be back in a different way and i might be singing and a lot of things may come out of it. my daughter always said, dad, get in the game. that's your advice, you got to get in the game. >> a good daughter. >> i believe in my daughter because a lot of times when things were bad, my daughter would come on, dad. let's go. and then get in the game because, you know, you can be watching it on television or you can be in the game so i'm in the game. >> you're in the game. david hasselhoff, everybody. the show is "hoff the record." it remeres this thursday on access tv. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> congratulations. >> you'll love the show.
8:50 am
8:51 am
blue skies smiling at me nothing but blue skies do i see the new jetblue card. it's like having jetblue with you wherever you go. get three times points on jetblue purchases. the new jetblue card. and back now with some simple home selling tips to get your house off the market right
8:52 am
story. >> reporter: the housing market is in full swing, according to a recent study nearly half of all home sales for the year happen during the spring. but for rob and trisha white selling their four-bedroom home in port jefferson, new york, has been challenging. >> it's just been a lot of craziness to try to get it prepared for sale. >> reporter: so we brought in real estate staging expert kathy howell to show us simple ways to spruce up and sell their home. first, add color and mirrors to make your living room pop. >> it feels open and airy but really, really dark. >> reporter: she adds white, cream and red pillows to the living room couch and two mirrors to make it feel bigger. >> nothing opens up quite a spice like mirrors. >> reporter: turning it from this to this. next up make the most of all your space.
8:53 am
this room around. >> reporter: furnishing this with unused items from around the house we turn it from this to this. >> it didn't cost us a single benny benny. >> reporter: next, declutter and depersonalize your pastor bedroom. >> this is a master bedroom. >> yes, it is. >> fees like a baby room. >> we remove the extra baby items and add colorful bedding to take it from this to this. an a real estate agent confirming it adds thousands of dollars to your home's value. >> the increase in value is $10,000. >> such a transformation. >> it looks amazing. >> reporter: $10,000. some real estate listing companies offer professional photographers to help your listing stand out online and remember posting at least 12 pictures on your online listing will make your home more appealing. everyone wants to see pictures when they're looking at real estate. >> especially professional ones.
8:54 am
"gma's" "home sweet home" brought to you by rocket
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8:56 am
how lucknowy am i? thanks for watching, everybody. you can see david on "world news" >> that's not me there.
8:57 am
>> he's dancing. this is a channel 7 eyewitness news brief. good morning everyone. it's 8:56 on this tuesday march 29th. i'm michelle charlesworth. topping headlines, the suspect in last week's deadly triple shooting on staten island has been shot by u.s. marshals and captured in pennsylvania. anthony morales was caught last night in hamburg, recovering in the hospital now morale lets is wanted for the murders of anthony and ideli rivera. another man was also wounded in that incident. a fire ripped through two homes in queens, six firefighters suffered minor injuries battling the flames in east elmhurst. the high wind had the flames jumping to a second home. no one was seriously injured. let's get a check on the commute with heather o'rourke.
8:58 am
unfortunately we have an accident at the vary virginia know bridge. new jersey transit, long island railroad metro north doing fine: an accident on the l.i.e. westbound at exit 50. our street cleaning rules are in effect for thanks so much. sending it over to bill evans. hey you. >> hey you. here's what's happening. 44 degrees our temperature right now, and that's going to be your 9:00 temperature. we're looking at wind speeds here around 22, 18, 12 miles an hour, 29 miles an hour white plains, jfk. you see those wind profiles out of the northwest and west. that's going to kind of continue. the heaviest of the wind will continue until noon. it will still be windy for the afternoon. 35 to 45-mile an hour winds this afternoon with sunshine and a temperature that will get to 54. it will still feel chilly with that wind. it's going to be great tomorrow, 57 and the last day of march featuring warm temperatures and rain by afternoon.
8:59 am
9:00 am
announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today actress and singing superstar jennifer lopez and from the drama "chicago fire," taylor kinney. plus, another member of our studio audience could win a fistful of 50s when we play "the flashback games," all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] and now here are your emmy-award-winning cohosts kelly ripa and michael strahan.


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