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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  March 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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the mother's plea. she desperately wants to know who lured her son to his death. >> alarming new research. the truth about the zika virus. >> the video that will make your
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breaking news. a raging fire in a three-story building. >> that fire now at three alarms, the flames lighting up the sky. this is in bushwick, brooklyn. you can see it on dekalb avenue. >> josh einiger just arrived on the scene. he has the breaking details. >> breaking right now, it's now up to four alarms here on dekalb avenue between knickerbocker and wilson. the wind is a huge factor here. it's been windy all day. this of course is fueling or helping this fire spread from townhouse to townhouse here on dekalb avenue. you see a flame there in the
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we're basically up wind but if we widen out, look to the left a little bit down the block, you can see how people have been evacuated from this block and being kept off of this seed as the fire department struggles to get ahead of happening here on this block. as we come back in and you can see these firefighters heading now in to the scene here, this fire still out of control right here on dekalb avenue. we've heard reports of at least one and possibly a second civilian injury, minor smoke inhalation-related injuries. no reports of injuries to any members of the service, any firefighters. but as you can see, they're still here arriving on the scene and trying to get a handle on the situation here. that's what we can tell you here from the bushwick section of brooklyn. dozens and dozens, possibly 100 people on the street just behind the camera who have been
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waiting for word on what's going on, but clearly severe, severe damage if not destruction to multiple homes. this fire made much, much worse by the very heavy wind on the scene here and we'll continue to follow the situation as it develops throughout this newscast. josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. new details tonight on a house of horrors on long island. where foster churn were allegedly -- where foster children were allegedly abused for years. >> tonight a social worker telling eyewitness news how she alerted authorities but no one would listen. did the system fail these boys? >> eyewitness news reporter stacey sager has her story. >> you had so many agencies supervising these kids that there's no way this should have happened.
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worker here at longwood middle school, debi edwards is now talking about how she found herself closer than ever to an alleged pedophile in what's fast become one of long island's most horrific cases. >> how come you're talking to us now? >> because now it's concrete and it's real. >> reporter: so real it's sickening. a 17-count indictment earlier this month alleging 59-year-old gonzales-mugaburu sexually abused boys in his care, even had sex with his dog, all in the community of ridge. investigators suspect there are far more victims. caesar fostering 140 boys here over 20 years. >> you didn't know they were being sexually abused. >> i had a feeling. i never felt professionally supported to pursue that feeling. >> reporter: she did confront
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problems with three boys loving here. the first -- three boys living here. the first, a 16-year-old boy kicked out for having a girlfriend. >> he said he had nowhere to live. >> reporter: she filed a complaint that went nowhere with the state registry. then four years ago, another complaint about an 11-year-old here at longwood who looked malnourished, afraid, couldn't see very well. for the second time she called caesar herself. >> caesar's response to me, what, when i call you think i should drop my pants for you? i thought that was a really odd response. >> reporter: lastly, another 11-year-old boy who caesar wanted in special ed here at the school because all the subsidies added up to $18,000 a month. >> because it could guarantee money for him, and victims. >> because debi confronted caesar, she says he threatened to sue. he also complained to her bosses here in the long wood school district.
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says she was prohibited from ever speaking to caesar's foster boys again. >> i'm ashamed that i wanted to keep my job instead of helping them. i'm sorry. >> but you cared about these boys. >> yeah, but i should have done more. >> reporter: in suffolk county, stacey sager, eyewitness news. new tonight in new jersey homicide detectives are investigating the suspicious death of a woman whose body was found on the side of a store. we've learned 73-year-old virginia wilson's body was discovered saturday by a worker at a store on amity street in jersey city. police say she suffered multiple injuries. police arrested a 14-year-old boy. investigators say he brought a knife to a school classroom. it happened at the urban assembly school for careers and sports. police say his intention was to intimidate an older boy who punched him the day before. investigators say the teenager flashed the knife at the older student but did not attack him. the final three republican
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tonight, all three of them though speaking separately and a few expected them to shed light on important policies and proposals. there wasn't much of that. instead the main topic for all three was donald trump. eyewitness reporter jim dolan is here with more. >> there were some sharp contrasts among the candidates. ted cruz saying police should patrol and conduct surveillance in muslim neighborhoods. john kasich saying that idea was unconstitutional and almost certainly counterproductive. but as always in these affairs, it was donald trump, his fiery rhetoric and dominance of the campaign who drew most of the attention. >> right now the gop frontrunner, new york businessman donald trump. >> reporter: the three candidates appeared separately in wisconsin tonight for what was described as a town hall meeting. the candidates took questions from audience members and host anderson cooper. all three candidates spent a lot of time on one subject. >> i think nominating donald trump would be an absolute train wreck. i think it would hand the general election to hillary
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>> if name calling, bringing in spouses, and ripping each other below the belt and wrestling in the mud is the new politics, we all need to stand against it. our children are watching. >> i've been treated very unfairly. >> unfairly by who? >> i think by basically the rnc. >> reporter: mr. trump was asked about his campaign manager who was arrested for a misdemeanor this week for an incident in a campaign rally in florida. trump said he will stand by him even if there is a political cost. >> i would have loved to have fired him. it would have been easier than talking to you about this. >> if he was your campaign manager, would you ask him to resign? >> of course. >> reporter: trump as always was the most entertaining of the candidates. >> when was the last time you actually apologized for something? >> oh, wow. >> reporter: but cruz showed more personality than usual and acknowledged the campaign has
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>> what i'm not interesting in doing is what donald's pattern has been. attacking family members. none of that has any place in politics. >> mr. trump was asked what the three top priorities of the federal government should be. he said security, then education and healthcare. of course most republicans oppose national healthcare and some want to eliminate the department of education all together. perhaps most surprisingly mr. trump did not mention managing the economy or immigration. democratic presidential frontrunner hillary clinton will be in manhattan tomorrow making a brief campaign swing through harlem. clinton will host a rally tomorrow morning at the apollo theater. she plans to discuss income inequality and uniting the nation. new information on a story you saw here first on eyewitness news at 11:00. a mother pleads for help from the public and police to find her son's killer. police say amani miller was
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in brooklyn where he was tortured and killed. his mother told eyewitness news it's a mystery why he was there in the first place. josh einiger broke the story. he's in canarsie with the details. >> reporter: he had the brightest of futures and led, police say, a perfectly normal, law-abiding life. >> the minute he was born he changed my life. he made me a better person. he made me a better person. and i just miss him so much. i miss him so much. >> reporter: but someone wanted amani miller dead. his mom won't rest until she finds out who and why. miller was slaughtered in canarsie, a place where cops say he had no business but where he was plainly tortured. stabbed so many times and stand so hard, police found the knife's blade embedded in his ribs, and then he was shot multiple times, including once in the head.
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loud crime, but at 2:30 in the afternoon on a monday, police have found not one willing witness. >> we can't understand the dynamic of somebody being killed. this young man being killed at 2:30 in the afternoon and nobody hearing or saying anything. everybody in bayview houses should be up in arms. >> reporter: there are no cameras. the closest one captured this image of a livery cab detectives believe carried at least two suspects away but you can't make out the license plate. this heart broken mother is desperate for anyone to come forward with anything that can help solve this case. >> the last words we spoke was we loved each other and that was the last time i spoke to him. that was the last time that i talked to him. we told each other and that's all i have now. that's all i have left. i just have the memories. i just want somebody to please help me and come forward and say something. >> reporter: josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. new tonight, we hear from a
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and robbed by three passengers in manhattan. abduli tells us he picked up the passengers early yesterday morning in a strip club in the bronx. when he arrived at their destination in east harlem, the two women and a man attacked him. >> he pointed to my face, my nose was bleeding and my neck and he was in the back, they punched me too. >> the suspect stole $200. the new york federation of taxi drivers is offering a $500 reward for their capture. still to come, a sickening discovery found inside a chicken dinner. what this mom says she found printed on her children's meal. >> plus, a rat running wild in a subway car. we've got reaction to this viral video. >> and meteorologist lee
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>> and we want to hear from our viewers. tomorrow night eyewitness news is hosting a town hall meeting.
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doesn't always come with symptoms. i was worried about the cost but got screened when i learned there are options. my doctor helped me find the right test for me. we got screened when we turned 50 and we're so glad we did. if you're 50 or older talk with your healthcare provider. there's more than one way to screen for colon cancer and it's easier than ever. if you're 50 or older get screened for colon cancer. i'm meteorologist lee goldberg in the weather center. wind gusts down to 20 to 25 miles per hour but still 25 miles per hour in bushwick, making it very difficult for firefighters right now. your wake-up weather tomorrow, clear, calm, and cold but it is chilly. you'll have to bundle up. about 36 degrees. 20s in the suburbs. rest of your accuweather forecast just 3 minutes away. new at 11:00, a mother in
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food restaurant served her family tainted chicken. they brought home an 8-piece chicken combo from a popeye's. her children already started eating when they saw what appeared to be newsprint on the chicken. >> they said mom, did you leave the chicken on the table? they said don't eat it if it has print and writing all over it. i take a couple bite from it and they say look at it. when i look at it, i was in shock. >> she says her family suffered stomach aches after the meal. we've reached out to popeye's for comment. haven't heard back. we've reached out to the health department, no comment there either. it's video you've got to see. a giant rat crawls on the subway. this will still make your skin crawl. aj ross is on manhattan's west side with reaction.
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mickey mouse or the cute little guy from ratatoui. >> reporter: step by tiny step, he ascended to where only few rats have been before, jumping aboard the 7 train was only a small hurdle but climbing atop this sleeping subway passenger qualified for video gold. >> oh, my god. like you want to whisper to him, wake up. >> reporter: this determined and sizable rat put on a show for lin who filmed the entire fiasco. >> i'm getting ready to see where he's going with this rat then all of the sudden i'm like oh, gosh. >> reporter: it was a feat reminiscent of other subway legends before him. remember this stowaway from a couple years ago. then, of course, there's pizza rat. but not everyone has the showmanship necessary to get the crowd going.
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it's bound to happen. it's kind of inevitable. i'm just glad it's never happened to me. >> i don't know, i'd be really scared. i'd run i guess. >> maybe move to a different car. i'd get as far away as possible. >> reporter: witnesses say he got off at times square and may be taking a show to broadway. >> and before this little guy can get his big break, the mta is going to check to see if he paid his fare before hopping on the 7 line. aj ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. got a lot of wind out there for those firefighters fighting the fire in bushwick. >> there's still some gusty winds. they'll continue to die down overnight but still 20 to 25-mile-per-hour gusts. the camera still bouncing. it's been bouncing for well over 24 hours and it will really get lighter after midnight. 43 degrees, northwest wind at 9 to 21.
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felt good in the sun but when you were in the shade in the early evening hours, felt cold. 54 is the average high. there are your sunrise and sunset times for tomorrow as we gain 3 minutes of daylight. weather headlines, clear and cold. calm by dawn. beautiful by midday. that chill from the morning leaves us. late week warmup. we'll be near 70 thursday and friday. but friday is looking wet. april showers at times over the weekend, not a washout. but there could be a couple snow showers north and west on sunday. only 45 degrees feeling like 30. saturday is the milder of the two days. peak wind gusts were near 60 miles per hour in newark. 52 miles per hour, jfk. long island at 45 miles per hour. now the gusts are between 20 and 28 miles per hour and most stations not reporting big gusts. sunshine, very light wind by morning but very chilly. bundle up early. the cold eases during the day with light winds. it does get a little breezy late day along the coast where mid
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it's clear right now and high pressure builds in. the winds continue to get lighter. there's our next storm system over the rockies picking up gulf moisture but this is going slowly so after sun tomorrow, there will be a lot of high clouds filtering in on thursday. i think we're dry during the daylight hours and some of the rain can come in to the day friday. this futurecast depicting light showers by thursday evening. the 3 cs tomorrow morning, clear, calm, and cold. 36. we're up to 57. after that calm chilly start, sun and a few patchy high clouds. breezy late day. that 57 by 6:00, probably go down to about 50 at the coastline. even upper 40s. not as cold at 45. here's your 7-day accuweather forecast. 69 on thursday. dry daylight hours. on friday, periods of rain. but i do think we could have late day breaks after the showers. friday evening looks okay. 57, saturday. blustery and cold on sunday with the rain or higher elevation snow shower. here's an early look at yankee opening day. 42 degrees. it's chilly but it is dry.
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for the home opener. we'll stay chilly in to early april there so april chill. bill evans will have more in the morning. still to come, many americans remain misinformed about the zika virus. the surprising research about what people don't know.
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caught on camera, dramatic video shows a skier swept up in an avalanche from his own perspective. the skier was holding a go pro camera when he was swept down a 1,000 vertical slope in colorado. the avalanche information center says the skier did two important things that helped him survive. number one, he kept his hands out of the pole straps, and number two, he kept his feet pointing downhill. in tonight's health alert, alarming misinformation about the zika virus. researchers at harvard polled more than 1,000 adults in homes with women who were pregnant or planning to be pregnant. 1 in 4 were unaware of zika's link to birth defects. some believe there is a vaccine. there is not. 2 in 5 believed zika can be transmitted sexually. we're down and counting the days on one hand. five days to go. good news for the mets. their opening day starter, good
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matt harvey has a scare but he
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big exhale for mets fans today. >> it was a scare but it's now over. fans were sweating this one out, but he says all is well. harvey said he had a blood clot in his bladder. apparently started with an infection. doctors gave harvey a clean bill of health and the green light to pitch. >> i'm going to throw a couple innings tomorrow i believe and be completely fine to go.
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in their last 12 spring games the mets are 0-9-3. cc sabathia pitched against the pirates. carlos beltran knocked out a home run to give cc and the yanks the lead. the umps would call this one early because of rain. it was the final in 5 innings. masahiro tanaka pitched for the yankees' other split squad. struck out five. game delays by rain, then canceled because of rain. called off after four innings. it was 7-1 yanks when they called it. the championship game of the tournament played tonight right here in town. columbia hosting the anteaters from uc irvine. big second half comeback. grant mullen scored 20. the lions were on their way. 73-67 to win the cit title. four games in five nights for the nets. they lost in miami last night.
11:30 pm
back-to-back tonight in orlando and this one was ugly. eric gordon, the slam dunk contest runner-up. 20 points for the magic. thomas robinson started for the nets. he scored 18. it was out of hand early. nets lose 139-105. it was a bad night. nhl. the islanders control their own playoff destiny but they have to keep winning. anders lee tips one in front. that ties the game. kyle okposo would score in a shootout and the isles win 2-1 in the shootout. points in four straight now. the devils at home against the brewers. they've lost five in a row to boston but not tonight. a 1 -1 tie on the power play. keith kincaid would make 39 saves. playoff hopes still alive. they snap a two-game losing streak and keep things interesting.
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an update to the story we told you about at the top of the hour. a five-alarm fire burning in bushwick. >> josh einiger is on the scene. >> it seems like they're having this. >> this wind is no joke and causing major problems. for now, 200 firefighters who are here on scene trying to keep this fire from spreading beyond the three buildings it has already consumed. we'll show you video as these flames were just getting going, a very hot, very traumatic fire here on dekalb avenue between knickerbocker and wilson. dozens of people displaced from these buildings that are certain to be heavily damaged, if not destroyed at this point. it's not clear what started the fire. it's clear what has kept it going and spreading this wind that has been a very, very big problem for firefighters. we've heard of two minor injuries to civilians. no injuries to firefighters or other members of the service just yet.
11:35 pm
we'll be hearing from him in the next few minutes. we'll have the very latest on social media and on eyewitness news this morning. live in bushwick, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> busy night for firefighters. that is the news for now. thanks for joining us. i'm joe torres. >> i'm diana williams. jimmy kimmel is coming up next. eyewitness news returns tomorrow at 4:30 a.m. >> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- salma hayek, reggie miller, and music from lukas graham. with cleto and the cletones.


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