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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  March 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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tourer are our area today as drum -- donald trump makes controversial statements about women and abortion. some families in brooklyn say they lost everything in this morning's fire. the flames visible for blocks. but once they were extinguished it became clear what was lost was more than just those buildings. >> tim fleischer is in brooklyn with the story. tim in. >> reporter: liz most of the five buildings were destroyed by the fire. but the biggest challenge faced here is going to be finding homes for the many families who lived here, affordable housing. when rosario quinn yoenis looks up there is blue sky. while she and her 1-year-old baby boy and her husband were able to escape to safety, their worries now turn to find ago fordable housing. >> there is a lock -- finding affordable housing. >> there is a lack of affordable housing for the community.
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>> reporter: in these five buildings 40 rent regulated apartments were lost, leaving 90 people without homes. >> my house got destroyed. everything in my house is destroyed. >> reporter: a devastating loss and a narrow escape. >> i was in the shower when my brother started saying there was smoke. so i ran out of the shower, got dressed, ran out of the building. >> reporter: quickly spreading between five 3-story buildings this raging inferno went to six alarms. from this video, shot from a drone overhead, you can see how the fire consumed these buildings. it is believed to have started inside one building, which also housed a church. the fire spread quickly because of the way these buildings were built. >> i think more what caused the fire to spread tonight is the construction of these buildings. they are attached frame buildings and that is what happens. >> reporter: as arson and explosion detectives begin their task of finding the cause, city building inspectors try to determine which can be
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>> we need to work to get permanent affordable housing in the city of new york city for low and moderate income people. >> reporter: the red cross was meeting with displaced residents, getting them immediate shelter, food and clothing. rosario was paying $1350 for the two bedroom apartment she lost. >> i really won't have a place to go you know? and i have a 1-year-old baby. i just need a roof. >> reporter: and city officials admit it will be quite a challenge to make these lives whole again. reporting live, tim fleischer. we are following a developing story. republican front runner donald trump minutes ago suggesting on msnbc that women should be punished for having abortions. >> people in certain parts of the republican party and conservative republicans would say yes they should be punished. >> reporter: how about you? >> i would say it is a very serious problem and it is a
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on. >> reporter: but you are for banning it? >> are you going to say put them in jail. >> reporter: no i'm asking you. you say you want to ban it. what does that mean? >> i am pro life. >> reporter: do you believe in punishment for abortion? yes or no? as a principle? >> the answer is, there has to be some form of punishment. >> reporter: for the woman? >> 10 years? >> that i don't know. >> reporter: you take positions on everything else. >> i do take positions on everything else. it is a very complicated position. >> reporter: donald trump's comments come as he has been forced to defend himself on several women's issues. moments ago hillary clinton tweeted quote just when you thought it couldn't get worse, horrific and telling. earlier in the day mrs. clinton had a rally inside the apollo theater and stopped by make my cake bakery. also in new york today republican john kasich stumped
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surveillance of muslims is not a good idea. pse&g and osha are on the scene of an explosion in new jersey. the blast happened as a crew was testing a new gas line in bayonne around 9:00 this morning. pressurized air was being used when the line suddenly failed, at the time. >> we'll conduct an investigation as to what went wrong maybe relative to what the plug was, that is something they normally do anyway before they fill it with natural gas. >> two workers and two police officers were treated for minor injury. a third worker suffered serious injuries. the cause of the explosion is now under investigation. police in nassau county are warning parents about an attempt to lure two 10-year-old girls into a car. this happened as the girls were
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police are looking for the man. nj burkett has details. >> reporter: police gave a briefing here about 90 minutes ago. in a word, detectives say this case is troubling and they tell me there is no reason to doubt the girl's story. two girls, each 10 years old were walking through their own neighborhood late monday afternoon around 5:30 when a young man in a dark car with dark windows approached them and asked them to follow him. at one point he actually gets out of his car and walks toward the girls, pleading with them to follow him. well the girls are both 10 years old, as i said. they knew exactly what to do. they ran to find a parent. tonight patrols have been stepped up in the neighborhood and detectives are warning careful. >> if you are grabbed by this individual, you can do anything you need to do to get away. you can bite, you can scream, you can kick, you can scratch
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basically get away from this individual. >> reporter: the girls did the right thing didn't they? >> they did. they went right home, reported to their parents and the parents called the police. >> reporter: the car was described as black with black rims. again as i said, with dark windows. the suspect, described as caucasian late 20s to early 30s, 5'8", blue jeans and sneakers. we are live in long island, nj burkett channel 7 eyewitness news. newark has reached an agreement with the justice department on reforming the city's police department. this is a reaction to a 2014 report that found rampant problems. among them unconstitutional stops and searches, use of excessive force and theft by officers. the deal includes new training for officers and dashboard and body cameras. it also includes fostering a better relationship with the community and creating a
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>> the officers that i know understand that they are better cops, they are more effective, they are safer, they can do their jobs better if they are more comprehensively trained if standards are transparent and fair and if they have the tools they need to do their jobs. >> former state attorney general peter harvey has been chosen as the federal monitor to oversee the reforms. none of which can begin until they are approved by a federal judge. breaking news in new jersey right now. part of the garden state parkway near exit 98 is closed. there is an overturned vehicle. you are looking at live pictures right now of the medical units there, taking care of somebody that was hurt. southbound lanes have been closed near exit 98. multiple vehicles involved. a medevac helicopter has been called to help the injured. again the southbound parkway
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we'll keep you posted as more information comes in. we are learning this afternoon that a laptop used by one of the brussels bombers contained images of the belgian prime minister's home and office. this revelation comes one week after the deadly bombings in the airport and subway station. despite the images, the investigators in belgium there say there is absolutely no specific indict cation that the prime minister was under threat from the attackers. meanwhile, we are getting our first look at a new yorker injured in the airport bombing. he was at the delta ticket counter as the explosion went off. two delta workers helped him celebrate his 48th birthday. egypt formally asking cyprus to extradite mustafa,
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charges and threats to commit violence. a judge ordered mustafa to remain in custody for 88 days. we are hearing from a man who took a notorious selfie with the hijacking suspect. ben ennis said he does not know why he wanted to take the picture except that quote he wanted to stay cheerful in the face of adversity. the fdny is remembering former fire commissioner nicholas sa pet ta. a memorial service was held. he led the fdny from 2002 to 2010. he is credited with helping rebuild the department after the september 11th terror attacks. his former boss today praised him as a public servant. >> when it came to doing the right thing, nick never flinched. after hurricane katrina nick sent a group of firefighters to new orleans to help the city in
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support new york city had received after 9/11. >> he died last thursday at the age of 83. one minute she was watching television. the next, a bullet flying into her home. we'll have more on the family's frightening ordeal. also meet the teacher from new jersey who spends his summers freeing child slaves in africa. his story, coming up. and details on the giant sinkhole that opened up in the middle of a neighborhood. i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. nice outside. little wind. the wind is coming back tomorrow, but it is a warmer wind. we'll tell you here is your next 7 on 7. a decent breeze tonight, wait to hear about the warm up in the 7- day accu-weather forecast and a warm-up for the weekend, next on first at 4:00. we want to go back to that accident that happened on the garden state parkway.
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leaving the scene. part of the area by exit 98 has been shut down. we'll keep you posted as we
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we continue to follow the breaking news report where part of the garden state parkway closed in monmouth county. a live look from news copter 7, you can see the back-up in traffic. an accident a car overturned, a vehicle of some sort near that exit 98. moments ago we saw medevac pull someone out to bring them to the hospital.
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southbound lanes are closed and as you can see the shoulder just reopened but there are delays for several miles and of course we'll keep you posted. let's look at the river crossings before we go right now outbound 15 minutes at the lincoln tunnel. at the holland tunnel outbound 20 minutes and at the george washington bridge no delays. the indian point nuclear power plant will remain shut down for weeks while faulty bolts are replaced. an inspection one reactor found 220 stainless steel bolts were missing or so degraded they needed to be replaced. congresswoman nita lowery who represents the area, put out a statement saying quote if we can't trust the bolts that hold the reactors together are secure, how can we trust the plant is safe and secure. >> and last year there had been unplanned shut downs due to various causes.
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that this facility simply isn't operated as safely and securely as it should be. meanwhile governor cuomo has called the report troubling and has been asking the federal government to reject an extension of indian point's operating license. a massive sinkhole forces people from their homes in florida. this right here 60 feet wide. around 30 feet deep and full of muddy water, at this point. six homes in a nearby trailer park near tampa had to be evacuated as a precaution. at least two power poles were affected by this. city contractors repairing another road collapse nearby when this happened. fortunately no one was hurt. quite a big mess and a giant sinkhole. >> you see a lot of those in florida. >> you really do. >> lee it is nice to see you without a coat on. >> reporter: i came out with the coat, it actually feels really nice. >> look at that. you are flexible like that. you made a decision.
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on my part. >> wow. >> you should be commended. >> reporter: can i wing it. so it is nice out this afternoon. i know if you coast you definitely feel a little bit of a chill. tomorrow there won't be any chill, when we make a run at the 70-degree mark. a lock outside, first of all high cloudiness starting to come in down to one world trade. a beautiful afternoon, this is something we talked about yesterday, the breezes were going to kick up out of the south later in the day. not feeling it on the west side right now but certainly feeling it on the coast, other stations reporting south wind over 20 miles per hour. that is carrying in ocean water air. that goes in the books today right on target in terms of normal temperatures. wind speeds around 16, we can take that. gusty wind back tomorrow. right now our temperature is 54. 46 in hampton bay and that
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waters are warming up a little bit, we have stayed above 50 degrees on parts of long island. temperatures inland doing well, 60-degrees in wrights town and atlantic city. here's your planner through the evening hours. sun and patchy high clouds. through the overnight, i don't think we are going to drop very much. the south one is going to bring in the milder air. mid-40s overnight and with that launching pad around 49 at 7:00 in the morning we are going to be in the 60s by noon and near 70 later in the day. one thing i want to point out the wind could be gusting over 30 miles per hour again. high pressure sitting offshore. off to the west, a front that doesn't look terribly organized but there are a few heavier showers working across the ohio valley. this front does have a connection to the gulf of mexico. so later tomorrow night into friday morning i wouldn't be shocked to see a couple of downpours. so you are looking at the futurecast here, going through the overnight hours.
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tomorrow is looking like a dry day. i don't think we are going to see any showers develop, at least until the evening hours. your early evening is probably okay. showers are likely to become a little bit more widespread and maybe a couple of downpours to greet your friday morning commute. in terms of temperatures, 45 to 50 to start the day. for the last day in march, near shy of our daytime normal highs. we should get in the upper 60s to around 70. the exception will be south facing shores that only reach 60 degrees. partly cloudy and milder than last night, 45. tomorrow your high temperature will work up into the upper 60s. 69 degrees. filtered sunshine. high clouds mixed with sun and the clouds will thicken up later in the day. we'll end the day on a mostly cloudy note. 50s to around 60s, a nice mild day. only down to 60, breezy and mild, and showers are likely to develop.
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you need your umbrella later tomorrow night and especially into friday morning. friday morning will start damp and mild. how about breaks of sunshine in the afternoon. if that happens, you'll be talking about the potential of going mid 70s on friday afternoon. we'll talk more about that. there are tweaks to the weekend forecast i want to talk about for your planning guys, and also a little change to the yankee home opener forecast all coming up in our next half hour. guys? >> good tweaks? >> for the most part. you talked yankees. let's talk mets. the new season will bring changes to citi field. the mets announced a new partnership with coca cola. no more pepsi porch. the old sign being replaced by its rivals, now being called coca cola corner. the mets showed off food offerings. david chang's chicken stand getting the most buzz.
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area on opening day april 8th. >> food. food looks good. from baseball to basketball trouble in the locker room. the scandal involving some pro basketball players, a pop star and a secret recording. a man goes into rikers island walking on his own two feet, comes out paralyzed. his mother is outraged. join us tonight for an
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a real life open opera involving iggy azalea and her boyfriend. admitting he has cede on her. the two people in the video are teammates for the los angeles lakers. nick young reportedly heard on the video admitting he cheated on azalea after being prompted by rookie deangelo russell. the league video reportedly recorded without young's knowledge. azalea reacted earlier today, tweeted quote i see deangelo russell is trending. i actually liked his film. thanks. not sure what she meant by that. or what this will mean to the couple's upcoming plans to marry.
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music celebration to notorious big. it will feature lil kim. wallace worked with combs at bad boy records. the concert will be held on what would have been wallace's 44th birthday. the director of the acclaimed movie boyhood struck a chord with many fans and now richard link letter draws ongoing to college on a baseball scholarship. sandy kenyan lets us know if everybody wants some is a hit or if it strikes out. sandy? >> reporter: dave you take a director with a total of five oscar nominations and put him back on that familiar turf making a movie about a world he knows well and then ask what could possibly go wrong? plenty, as it turns out. his look at boyhood earned an oscar nomination for best picture.
4:25 pm
and confused put matthew mccon hey on the road to stardom. now richard link later has returned to his texas roots for a movie set music has always played an important part in the director's very personal films and this one about college baseball players is no exception. quentin johnson was still in college when he was cast, but most of these actors are in their mid to late 20s, making it hard for me to buy them as knife young men and none of the men are stars in the making like mcconaghey was. but the real trouble here is having witnessed some of this firsthand, i have no desire to relife these days through the eyes of these sexist, immature guys. scenes of drinking and dope smoking are filled with the
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sense if and when you are high. all this pointless chatter, there is one grace note. forget these losers. i want to see a movie about her. that is zoe deutsch, daughter of actor leah thompson from back to the future. if this movie succeeds in making zoe a star it will have accomplished something. dave and liz. >> definitely has that 80s feel. >> yeah. not good. everybody else likes it except for me. so there is that. >> we do love your reviews. coming up next, we'll tell you why vice president biden is teaming one lady gaga in vegas. new legal trouble for
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could her brand of cleaning
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we continue to follow breaking news in new jersey. part of the southbound garden state parkway has been reopened after a bad accident there. this is near exit 98. the left lane and the shoulder are now getting by. earlier an medevac helicopter was called in to help the injured. no word on how many people were hurt. the traffic in the southbound lane is backed up for several miles as a result of the accident. we'll keep you posted. all new this half hour. traffic for an inmate on rikers island. his attorney said his treatment there was criminal. it left him paralyzed and him confined to a bed in the hospital. >> eyewitness news reporter stacey sayinger has the details. >> reporter: dave it is certainly not the first time an inmate at rikers has complained about healthcare at the jail. but this man is now lying paralyzed in a bed here at bellevue for a condition that
4:31 pm
attorneys for 2-year-old ken cap plan -- 29-year-old ken caplan needed a scan in november. he was sent to jail for failing to attend a drug program. he went to the sick bay at rikers at least four or five times complaining of serious pain and numbness. on january 12th he is finally taken to bellevue, given a scan and found to have an infection leaving an abscess in his spine like this one. that caused so much pressure it triggered paralysis from the waist down. >> i feel horrible. and then i think about my son and i think about all those that are in there, going through the same thing that don't have a voice. >> reporter: 29-year-old aspiring artist will never be able to walk again. is incontinent. this is unacceptable in this city. >> reporter: as we said it is not the first time an inmate at
4:32 pm
healthcare at the jail. however it does appear this case occurred right during the transition from a private company contracted by the city to provide healthcare to the health and hospitals corporation. they say they have been working aggressively on reforms. we'll have a lot more on this story coming up in another live report. eyewitness news. new at 4:00, police are investigating why shots were fired into a car in a house. shortly after 10:00 last night police were called to an area of chats worth road for reports of gunfire. they found a bullet had struck a car in the parking lot of an apartment complex. another had flown into a house nearby. the family was home and the homeowner described to eyewitness news what happened. >> we was very scared. we just run around the house to see what happened.
4:33 pm
the windows. you never know what is happening at that moment. >> reporter: neither the homeowner nor the owner of the car that was damaged are believed to have been targeted in this. the onslaught of criticism against the governor of north carolina continues to grow today after he signed a controversial new law that eliminates antidiscrimination pro folks lesbian, gay, people. the governors of washington and vermont issued bans on most official state travel to north carolina. 80 chief executives voiced objection to the law and the nba today implied it might move the 2017 all-star game from charlotte. elizabeth hur has the story. >> reporter: the battle lines are drawn and neither side is showing any signs of backing down. the two sides divided over the religious freedom bill, passed in north carolina.
4:34 pm
consideration in mississippi and others just rejected in virginia and georgia. >> georgia is a welcoming state. >> reporter: more than two dozen major corporations had threatened to leave georgia, meaning the state could have lost billions in revenue if the governor had signed the bill into law. a bill that would have allowed churches and groups to refuse services to gay couples. and now, the new state law in north carolina is facing the same pressure from corporations to have that law repealed. some governors from other states are banning travel to north carolina and the aclu suing the state, calling the new law unconstitutional. the state's attorney general says he will not defend the state against these lawsuits, to which the north carolina governor issued this message on youtube. >> as the state attorney general, he can't select which laws he will defend. >> reporter: and with officials in atlanta already asking the
4:35 pm
year's all-star game out of charlotte, the nba said in a statement they are hopeful this can be resolved soon. channel 7 eyewitness news. singer lady gaga and vice president biden are teaming up again. this time they are taking their message to vegas. they will hold a rally to raise awareness about sexual assault on college campuses. the two last worked together at the oscars last month. the vice president introduced gaga who perform her oscar nominated song until it happens to you which is about sexual assault. let. >> it is marketed as a family friendly brand. but was the company called honest actually deceptive in its advertisements. the new complaint. plus you are looking at
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it is time for tell me the truth. let's start with jessica alba her brand of cleaning products, the company called honest being sued. >> a class action lawsuit
4:39 pm
deceptively marketed cleaning products like dish soap and laundry detergent. the suit claims the company advertising them as free of sodium laurel sulfate, an ingredient that causes health problems for some. what exactly is that? >> reporter: it is found in a lot of products. detergents, cosmetics, even in some foods. and the question is whether there is a health risk. there has been a rumor out on the internet for years that this product can cause health products, cancer, organ failure, skin problems. but the thing is these are rumors. i have looked into the science on this and many groups have looked into the science on this and it is really it is a safe chemical. the fda says it is safe to use in food if used at the right levels. the committee that looks at chemicals for cosmetics has deemed it safe but it is very hard to kill a rumor that is out on the internet. if you are someone with very sensitive skin and you have
4:40 pm
it for everyone else it is not an issue. our next question comes from darlene from new jersey. >> i'm from new jersey and i want to know what is the best way for a woman over 50 to start a diet plan? >> yeah i mean this is a great question. it is a question that people have you know, all the time. he is speciallys at weather is getting better. so the first thing you want to think about, when you are thinking about losing weight are you looking for rapid weight loss for an event? or because the summer's here? or something sustainable? if it is rapid weight loss any diet book will help you get there. but the weight will come back. if you are looking for sustainable it is going to take more work. and the first step people should do is keep a food diary. record everything you put in your mouth, everything for about a week. that will give you clues. then you take action and you need to eat less.
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but your food diary may identify easy targets. a soda person? snack person? sweet person? it is going to help. eat differently. not all calories are the same. reduce the amount of processed food you get in. add in whole grains and fiber and fresh fruit and vegetables and lean protein and move more. using your boyd. it may not help you lose weight but you are going to feel better about your body. so finding an exercise that works for you is the way to go. and then a few tips that will help you get on your way. make small changes and build from there. en list a friend or partner to help you. weight watchers is a good way to get that kind of support. visit a nutritionist, and check with your doctor when you start out to make sure what you are doing is safe. >> don't beat yourself up. if you have a bad day you have a bad day. the next day start over. >> if you try to do a wholesale change on everything you eat you are not going to get there. small changes and build.
4:42 pm
david on the upper west side. >> here's my question. my foot sometimes gets a cramp for no reason. cramps down like that. what could that possibly be? >> i like that guy. >> this has been a conversation the two of them have had now. >> the only way to get him to answer my question is put it any, in, a segment. >> there are many reasons your foot can cramp. overuse, dehydration, some medications, medical conditions. >> no, no. >> overuse what happens there. >> that is not a medical condition. >> for you it is an overuse situation. you are pushing down on that and cutting off some of the blood flow. >> you are calling me a lead foot on it v. >> tips for david and others to try. and i want david to get back to us and see if these work. >> stretch and massage your feet regularly. stay well hydrated, loose- fitting comfortable shoes.
4:43 pm
control and take regular breaks. a lot of people get cramps at night when they are trying to go to sleep from their toe pointing. loosen your sheets. >> i have loose sheets. i'm not buying these things. >> if you get cramps and other problems like weakness or redness or swelling. >> you cannot ask a question and then dis, the answer. >> he is troubleshooting. >> cut off the foot then. >> you haven't tried, you are driving too fast. >> whoa i'm in good hands here. >> thank you for ignoring this with us. >> i tried. if you have a health or legitimate medical question that you would like to ask, tweet us or send us your videos. you can find the doctor at dr. richard besser.
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tell me the truth. have you ever heard of the term man spreading? the guy takes up too much room on the subway? nobody like this. some researchers say man spreading can say a lot about your personality. and sometimes it is not bad. also ahead, a high school teacher going above and beyond to not only help students but children outside this country. and a terrible display of terrible behavior. kids on a train in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation
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like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow -
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so-called man spreading makes you very unpopular on the subway. uncomfortable. >> researchers say if you are looking for a date, it could make you more attractive. i'm not sure how. both men and women who adopt an expansive posture in profile photos or while speed dating apparently are twice as likely to be rated attractive. that is according to scientists at the university of california berkeley. they define an expansive posture as an enlargement of the amount of space that the person is occupying. this stance is believed to be appealing because the brain links it with dominance and openness. >> there is a lot of science
4:48 pm
lots of science. to explain what we like to refer to as man spreading. >> oh my gosh. >> didn't know what that was until today but i'm up to speed now thank you. >> seems like you did. >> we all sit with our legs crossed. >> exactly. just means you are open. we are hope to talking about the weather forecast right now. we'll go right outside. we have some sunshine, high, thin clouds out there boy there is nothing redder than liz's face right now. there is the meadow where tomorrow we have the first mow of the meadow. the entire weather team will be out there tomorrow, excited about the first mow in central park. it will be nice and mild. 50 degrees right now, mostly sunny skies. south wind has gotten a little gusty. with a south wind coming in overnight, temperatures are going to essentially hold stead if i much of the night along with the southerly breeze. the breeze turns gusty again
4:49 pm
wouldn't be shocked to see gusts near 40 miles per hour. filtered sunshine, tomorrow a balmy breeze. if you watch the futurecast here, you can see we start the day in the mid and upper 40s for the last day of march, not all that bad. and then clouds, the sun will be filtered at times, it can look mostly cloudy and then it goes partly sunny. noticeably cooler along the shoreline. south facing shores will be closer to the upper 50s and lower 60s of the then the clouds will thicken up tomorrow night. after 8:00, 9:00 tomorrow night have the umbrella handy if a couple of scattered showers. the showers become more widespread toward the morning commute. a rumble of thunder early friday but that should leave the scene, allowing the clouds
4:50 pm
these numbers here may be conservative. here's your 7-day accu-weather forecast. temperatures near 70 the next couple of day. at least we are still around 60 but sunday cold, gusty wind, maybe even a rainshower or snow shower, 45 feels like 30s. a little change to the yankee forecast. i was able to bump up temperatures a little bit to 46. there is a front to the north kicking up the breeze a little bit. only a 10 or 20% chance of a belief shower. nothing to wash out opening day at yankee stadium. you guys got it all together now? >> we are composed. here's what's trending. when you share your vacation pics, nobody but your family
4:51 pm
when lee navy yard dough dicaprio does it the world notices. not to make you jealous, he is looking to raise awareness of the damage harvesting palm oil in our world jungles is having on our planet and environment. large swaths of rain forests are routinely burned down to make way for palm oil. vincent van gogh is training on the anniversary of his birthday. a new movie is coming out that brings his paintings to life. it is called loving vincent. it tells his story by animating his paintings in his style. 100 painers were trained in his style to do it. rob gronkowski officially joined instagram yesterday, this did make me smile. >> i'm coming to instagram. you ready? instagram baby. >> oh my goodness. >> he is a little boy trapped
4:52 pm
he has one post so far but it is a compilation from working out to dancing in the club. the easter bunny is long gone, or is it? >> say hi. >> come on, that is funny. >> the little dog is saying why are you humiliating like this? finally, when some uber customers call for a ride expecting a prius to pick them up they were in for the surprise of their lives. >> i'm batman. nice to complete you. >> is this for real? >> yeah. this is my prius. >> yes batman's prius is actually a jet black lamborghini or in this case a bat mobile. the guy went from customer to
4:53 pm
bat outfit with his bat mobile. and if you ask that prankster, he says it was well worth it. check out the trend online. >> i know lee would have gotten in the car. would you have gotten in the car? >> of course, it is a lamborghini. he had me at lamborghini. >> that is a little weird. i have to admit. >> that is very cool. and coming up, not your typical school project.
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4:55 pm
a high school teacher from new jersey is really going above
4:56 pm
after reading an article about child slaves in ghana, he knew he had to do something. >> he's helped free dozens of children. michelle charlesworth has more on his organization, breaking the chains through education. >> he was about 8, 9. you know he's a traffic child also because he doesn't smile. >> reporter: moved by the obscene brutality of child slavery in ghana, evan roberts had to do something. that was 10 years ago. he and his students have freed 71 child slaves. here are some of them in ghana at a school robbins founded to also provide safety, love, and therapy. but he says this haunting picture tells the story of so many more who need to be rescued. captors are in the back. robbins says there's no question the little boy is a slave. >> because he's naked. and this is not the way a parent would treat a child.
4:57 pm
a day diving in the water. >> reporter: the dangerous business of saving the kids and negotiating their freedom happens at the hands of two organizations, one of which he found watching an oprah segment inspired by the same new york times article that moved him. >> the high school kids in his club say he knows every single one of the 71 kids he's saved from slavery by name. >> when he's not working here at the school, he's spending all his time working with these kids, making sure they're living a good life, getting an education, getting out of slavery. >> reporter: ghana is 5,000 miles away. he goes every single summer to see these children whose gentle faces belie the 14-hour work days and abuse. >> they have to stand in the sun, and they put a piece of wood underneath their heels with nails sticking up. it's torture. >> reporter: his high school students say watching one teacher make this kind of difference in the world has
4:58 pm
>> we don't just rescue the kids but we help support them. we have a whole list of the kids, what they're progressing through in their education, what they hope to achieve, any problems they're encountering. >> and they help, and they need help. robbins says he is still trying to find and free this one boy. michelle charlesworth, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> that photo just breaks your heart. >> it really does. robbins won a human rights award in 2013 and it was well deserved. if you know anyone who goes above and beyond to inspire people in our community, go to abc7ny. tell us about it. we'd love to share their stories. there's still more news ahead. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. fierce flames destroyed dozens of rent regulated apartments and today dozens and dozens of people are now
4:59 pm
will live. >> plus as hillary clinton visits harlem during a manhattan campaign stop today, donald trump drops a bombshell about women and abortion. >> there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yeah. there has to be some form. >> good evening, i'm joe torres. sade baderinwa is off tonight. >> i'm diana williams. reaction already pouring in tonight about those comments by donald trump, comments that were made in the past few hours. >> he said today he is pro life and that abortion should be banned, and that women who break the law should be punished. >> dave evans is following developments. he's in the news room with the latest. >> these latest comments by donald trump will certainly upset pro choice voters. he told nbc's chris matthews that women who get an abortion should receive some form of punishment. >> you believe in punishment for abortion, yes or no, as a principle? >> the answer is there has to be
5:00 pm
>> for the woman? >> yes. >> you take positions on everything else. >> it's a very complicated position. >> donald trump today made the comments at a town hall meeting. he's campaigning in wisconsin to very conservative republican voters there, his comments may have some appeal. but hillary clinton this afternoon responded tweeting out, just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, she goes on, horrific and telling. clinton is back in new york today campaigning at the apollo theater at noon today. tomorrow it's westchester and tomorrow, syracuse. she was critical of bernie sanders, but clinton today reserved her harshest criticism for trump saying he coddles white supremacists and vilifies immigrants. she called it wrong and against everything we stand for in new york. >> let's face it. on the republican side, what we're hearing is truly scary. we're not going to let the


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