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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  March 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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came crashing through, they were not hurt. meantime police are searching for two suspects who residents of the building saw get in to a getaway car that was parked right here and speed off. >> reporter: the path the bullet took is plain to see. a hole in the siding outside of the home. inside a hole in the sheet rock, and a few feet away the shattered glass of a liquor cabinet where it came to rest. unnerving to say the least for this homeowner who doesn't want to be identified. >> we was very scared. we just run around the house to see what happened but quite afraid to walk through the windows because you never know what is happening outside. >> reporter: turns out what was happening outside was several shots fired. it was responded to 911 calls from the carlton house, a luxury building on north chatsworth avenue in largemont. >> i heard shots and i'm in the corner apartment there in the fourth floor so i looked out the
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got in to a car, and sped off and turned right on jefferson. >> reporter: it's unclear who or what was being targeted but police found a parked car with multiple bullet holes. the one that ended up in house, likely a stray shot. today police patrols in and around the carlton house as cops look for the suspects and try to calm jittery residents. >> i never had heard bullet shots before so i didn't know for sure that that's what i was hearing but i thought that must be what it is. >> the vehicle that was hit by gunfire is owned by a woman who runs a local blog, a popular blog here. is there a connection? was it targeted? this afternoon she e-mailed saying obviously it is quite a shock. i have no idea why it happened. police have asked me not to comment any further while the investigation is happening.
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another new controversy. this afternoon in an interview with msnbc, trump said women should be punished for having an abortion. >> people in certain parts of the republican party and conservative republicans would say yes, they should be punished. >> how about you? >> i would say it's a very serious problem. and it's a problem we have to decide on. >> but you're for banning -- >> are you going to say put them in jail? >> that's what i'm asking you. you say you want to ban it. >> i am pro life. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion? yes or no as a principle. >> the answer is there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yes. >> 10 years? >> that i don't know. >> why not? you take positions on everything else. >> i do take positions on everything else. it's a very complicated position. >> some form of punishment. shortly after trump made that comment his campaign released a statement completely reversing his position saying if laws are
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then, quote, the doctor or any other person performing this illegal action upon a woman would be held legally responsible. not the woman. hillary clinton blasted trump's comments, tweeting, quote, just when you thought it couldn't get worse, horrific and telling. mrs. clinton made those comments here while campaigning in her home state of new york and just less than three weeks away from the primary. former secretary of state held a big rally this afternoon at the famed apollo theater in harlem. bernie sanders comes to town tomorrow. political reporter dave evans is in the newsroom with more. >> a few weeks ago, no one really thought the new york primary would make much of a difference. most thought voters would have already settled things and we'd know the nominees by now. the republican race as we all know, it's a mess. on the democratic side, it may be awfully difficult for bernie sanders to catch hillary clinton in delegate totals. today she said though new york's primary on april 19th could make a big difference. >> reporter: hillary clinton came home today to an
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the apollo theater in harlem. and here she unloaded on donald trump saying he plays cozy with white supremacist and vilifies immigrants. >> he wants to round up millions of latino immigrants and kick them out of the united states, a nation built by immigrants. >> reporter: and a new commercial underscores hillary clinton's already decided. it's her versus donald trump in the fall. >> when some say we can solve america's problems by building walls, banning people based on their religion, and turning against each other, well, this is new york. and we know better. >> reporter: in wisconsin the next big primary battleground, trump today was talking about clinton. >> hillary is a disaster. hillary is a disaster. hillary clinton will be a disaster as president. and i will beat hillary. ted cannot beat hillary. >> reporter: and clinton today took on not only republicans,
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rival, bernie sanders, who campaigns in the bronx tomorrow. here she rips sanders for often siding with the nra. >> i remember how hard it was to get the brady bill passed. my opponent voted against it five times as i recall. >> reporter: and supporters here in harlem said they like bernie sanders, they just like clinton a lot more. >> i'm 20 years old so i'm a millennial. i think bernie sanders is very dangerous. i think the problems that we face are real. and i think we need real solutions. >> he doesn't have national material. his only international experience, solid international experience is, i don't know, canada? >> hillary clinton will be spending the next three days in new york. tomorrow it's westchester and on friday, syracuse. also bill clinton will be campaigning at union halls this week. bernie sanders will hold a rally in the south bronx tomorrow. the new york primary is april 19th.
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also campaigning here in new york. the republican governor headed to howard's pizza. kasich says the state of new york is extremely competitive and his team here is working hard. three construction workers and two police officers are recovering tonight from injuries they suffered in a gas line explosion in new jersey. the blast happened while a crew was testing a new gas line in bayonne around 9:00 this morning. officials say pressurized air was being used when a temporary cap was blown off. it sent dirt and debris flying out of the hole and that hit the victims. >> there's no gas explosion. this was a concusive type explosion built with pressurized air that was in the air at the time and that pressurized air expelled all the dirt from the construction hole. >> one worker was seriously hurt. the other victim sustained minor injuries. pse&g and osha are now investigating. a former inmate at rikers
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about pain were not taken seriously until it was too late. the man was eventually taken to the hospital for emergency surgery and now he's paralyzed. eyewitness news reporter stacey sager is at bellevue hospital with more on the story. >> there was pain, there was numbness, and just a few weeks after he got to rikers, he's paralyzed from the waist down. now this man is lying in a hospital bed here in bellevue and his family wants answers. >> every time i went to see him, he was complaining of pain. he couldn't move his head. >> reporter: perez describing her son's rapid decline from pain and numbness to paralysis from the waist down. 29-year-old kenso now in a hospital bed here in bellevue after first being incarcerated at rikers on december 16th. he had a pending drug case and his bail had been revoked after he failed to attend drug rehab. >> in this case this young man
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of his life because he was not given the appropriate medical care at rikers or sent for it. >> reporter: his attorneys say he went to the sick bay at least four times but all they gave him was pain medication and what he needed was a scan. he had an epidural abscess, a space created by an infected cyst causing pressure on the spine. but it wasn't till january 12th that capulong was finally transported to bellevue. by then it was already too late. >> this was treatable had it been recognized. diagnoseable and preventable and curable. >> reporter: he's not the only inmate at rikers to complain about medical services at the jail. shortly after the transition away from the private healthcare provider corizon which the city dumped in july. issuing this statement, saying they are working aggressively with the department of
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quality of and access to care. but for capulong, an artist who now can't move his right hand or walk, it seems this punishment far outweighed his crime. >> what happened to him is unfair and nobody should have to go through what he went through. >> health officials say his condition was rare. still his family is suing the city. they say this is about all the inmates at rikers and the quality of their healthcare, and they're asking the state's health department to investigate. we're live in kips bay outside bellevue hospital, stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. members of the fdny joined family and friends today to remember former new york city fire commissioner nicholas scapetta. he's credited with helping rebuild the department after the
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former mayor michael bloomberg praised him for looking beyond the city. >> when it came to doing the right thing, nick never flinched. and after hurricane katrina nick sent a group of firefighters to new orleans to help the city in its recovery efforts. he remembered the outpouring of support that new york had received after 9/11. >> he died last thursday at the age of 83. as we continue with eyewitness news at 6:00 on this wednesday night, a massive fire spreads through several neighboring homes. homeless tonight. >> also growing concerns about bolts used in a reactor at plant. >> fresh off that medical procedure, a rough day for matt harvey as he pitches his last game in spring training before the season opener. >> heading out this evening, take the jacket. we're in the low 50s, upper 40s across the area right now. also the breeze is picking up but eventually that breeze is
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new york city officials say 90 people are homeless tonight after a huge fire in brooklyn. the blaze destroyed five three-story buildings on dekalb avenue in bushwick. the fire started around 10:00
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under control until 1:40 this morning. residents are understandably anxious about where they will live next. >> my house got destroyed. everything in my house is destroyed. i wasn't expecting this when i came home from work. >> arson investigators have just begun the task of trying to determine a cause. city buildings inspectors must decide which buildings must be torn down and which ones can be saved. the indian point nuclear power plant in westchester county is closed tonight and will stay shut for several weeks while faulty bolts are replaced. an inspection of one reactor found 220 stainless steel bolts were either missing or so degraded that they needed to be replaced. the company says the bolt issue poses no risk to public safety. governor andrew cuomo says the report is troubling and he's asking the government to reject an extension of indian point's operating license. a guilty plea tonight from a man on trial for dumping toxic
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thomas daughtry, jr. pleaded guilty to four felony counts including endangering public health. they say he dumped tons of contaminated construction debris in four locations in suffolk county, including a park in brentwood. daughtry is expected to get up to three years in prison. taking a quick look at wall street where stocks finished the day higher. the dow gained more than 83 points. nasdaq was up more than 22. and the s&p 500 picked up nearly 9 points. just ahead on eyewitness news, do you like your food really hot? we've got just the burger you want to try. >> we want to hear from you. join us for an eyewitness news town hall meeting. it will be held at the yonkers
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a spicy new addition to its menu called the angriest whopper. it has hot sauce baked right in to the bun and for even more heat, it comes with jalapenos and spicy sauce. that's a red burger. that's a red bun there. the angriest whopper which is a followup to the angry whopper debuts tomorrow. with the heat comes extra calories. it has 830 calories, 200 more than the regular whopper. it's got a red bun. >> the dorito taco bell taco that was ready was good. >> let us know how it is. hot whopper but not hot weather. >> warm. we're getting in to the low 70s the next couple of days at least in parts of the area. outside we go tonight. we have high clouds, this is what the time lapse looks like. the sunset still about an hour away. should be a pretty one. a lot of times when you have these ice crystals, they scatter the color beautifully.
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abc7ny. our temperature is at 50 degrees. the wind has kicked in off the south. this is something we advertised yesterday. we were able to make it to 56 degrees. now that the wind is kicked off the atlantic, we dropped back in to the 40s near the coast. that includes new york city. we were able to get slightly above average before that drop happened. your weather headlines, it gets gusty tomorrow but this time it's a warmer wind. showers will show up tomorrow evening. you're fine, no umbrella through early evening. friday is not a total washout. i'll get to that in a moment. it's actually above average for april fools. however, arctic air is going to arrive sunday. that's no joke. 18-mile-per-hour wind right now in newburg. this is all coming out of the south right now. that's why we only have lower and middle 40s to babylon, brookhaven, and across to norwalk. inland away from the ocean, andover, wrightstown mid 50s. temperatures hold steady with a south wind and patchy clouds
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launching pad near 50 with sun and high clouds. yes, it will be gusty but we'll get to 64 at noon and close to 70 around the afternoon hours. there's that high pressure which is going to help to draw on some of that milder air. also helping to pull in milder air is this front from the west. especially in to the friday morning commute. if you watch the futurecast here, off and on clouds mixing with the sun. kind of a filtered sun. eventually those clouds will thicken up late in to the day in to tomorrow night. patchy light showers, maybe a little steadier in to fright morning. your numbers tomorrow start out in the mid and upper 40s. upper 60s to near 70 away from the coast and 60 at the coast. partly cloudy, not as chilly tonight at 45. high of 69 tomorrow. filtered sun, windy and warmer. upper 50s at south facing shores. tomorrow night the showers will develop. i think you're a little more widespread later tomorrow night. there could be heavier downpours especially later in the commute. breaks of suns in the lower and
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looks like the morning may be the wettest and scattered showers in the afternoon. saturday, clouds. maybe a shower at 60. sunday i'm concerned it's gusty and colder. 45 feels like 30s. here's the latest on the yankee home opener. i think we're looking at 46 degrees right now and i think we'll have a fair amount of clouds around. only a slight threat of a shower there. temperatures keep trending up on that day, turning cooler tuesday and wednesday of next week. so we'll focus on the friday morning commute which could have a thunderstorm there to say hello to april. we'll have more on that at 11:00. rob powers is off. laura behnke is up next with sports. >> one week from now we'll be talking about baseball games that actually count. today the mets and matt harvey were pretty relieved. the final result did not count as they neared their opening night. plus a scary moment for the yankees who watched andrew
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perhaps matt harvey gets an a for effort? >> he went out there and it's not opening night. that's the most important thing. goodbye, florida. today the mets wrapped up great fruit play before heading to two exhibition games against the cubs. that leads up to the season opener in kansas city. first a florida farewell. matt harvey on the mound, a day after revealing the bladder infection issue. like the medical scare, it really wasn't awesome today. left after two innings. stagnant. david right is going to try to score on that sac fly but gets thrown out at the plate. noah syndergaard didn't fair much better. here's the two-run jack to jayson werth and it got even worth. even familia struggled. that's an error.
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the mets go winless in their last 13 grapefruit league games. and citifield is ready for next week's opener. the mets unveiled changes at the ballpark including the new coca-cola corner which replaces the pepsi porch. the yankees will remain in florida through saturday before they open their season monday afternoon at the stadium. the biggest goal at this point in the spring, just get out healthy. the yankees visiting the braves today. he was struck by a comebacker. he immediately left the game and appeared to be in some pain. x-rays are negative. he'll have a ct scan. as for the game, 2-0 the yankees would win. if you thought those easter egg hunts were competitive this weekend, check this out. this is a home run at a royals-giants spring game which went sailing in to some bushes in center field.
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suddenly it's a mob baseball hunt. they went on and on and on. finally the one intrepid hunter found the jackpot. the flowers are now safe. with the season over, just days away, prosecutors in hawaii are moving to dismiss the domestic abuse charges against former met jose reyes because his wife is not cooperating. the rocky shortstop has been suspended by major league baseball since the charges were filed. it is a pretty good time to be apart of syracuse basketball. both the men's and women's team are bound for the final four. both were celebrated at a pep rally on campus before the men then left for houston. the first 10 seed to ever make the final 4, syracuse has shocked pretty much everyone. the biggest challenge though is next. top seed north carolina in the semis on saturday. and yesterday the columbia basketball team celebrated a major victory as the lions won the cit tournament.
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at the university of san francisco, leaving columbia after six years at the helm. that's what happens when you win big tournaments. the knicks will again look to play the role of spoiler tonight in dallas even though there's beale without chrisops porzingis because of a shoulder injury. the mavs just a half game out of the final playoff spot in the west. as for a team with no playoff worries, that's the warriors. they continue to roll. last night steph curry hit six 3-pointers against the wizards as golden state won its 67th game of the season. they're 36-0 at home where they've won 53 straight. but steph curry might not be the most impressive 3-point shooter on this day. that honor goes to geno smith. yes, geno smith. the jets quarterback posting this video on his instagram account. that's him in the parking lot making a basket on the court next to him. 40 to 50 feet over the fence. might be his best throw since becoming a member of gang green. or best completion. >> he looks so confident.
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time now for us to take a look at what's coming up on eyewitness news at 11:00. police on long island are about to release details after a school security guard was arrested for planting a camera in a school bathroom. also, first graders accused of plotting to kill another classmate. we'll tell you how they planned to carry it out before they were stopped. that's our news for now. world news tonight is coming up. have a great n breaking news tonight. donald trump and what he said about women, abortion and punishment. the backlash swift tonight. as we come on the air, trump himself with a new statement. you will hear what trump initially said that ignited a firestorm late today. the severe weather hitting at this hour. nearly 30 million americans bracing tonight. the whiteouts, the hail, the tornado watch. and that entire system now moving east. tonight, we have learned of a major terror plot foiled. the explosives, the arsenal discovered.


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