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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  March 31, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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channel 7 eyewitness news with lori stokes and ken rosato. heather o'rourke with traffic, and bill evans with the exclusive accuweather forecast. now, eyewitness news this morning. >> good morning, it's 6:00 and a man trusted to keep students safe at a long island high school is facing serious charges this morning accused of recording a student in the bathroom. we're live at the school. >> workers are on strike at kennedy and newark airport. we're going to tell you if it will impact air traffic. >> and massive tornado moves through oklahoma. we'll show you what damage was left behind. >> and good morning, i'm lori stokes. >> thank you for joining us today is thursday. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. meteorologist bill evans. >> we're working toward dawn and it will be gorgeous. a beautiful sunrise is headed your way. thank you very much for joining us.
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degree or two every hour. 52 degrees to start your thursday. it's only going to get warmer today. normal overnight low is 40. we're at 50 at smith town. brookhaven 49. as is a cool place. 41 around white plains. 51. so we are looking at a warm day today, temperatures will be 15 degrees warmer than normal when it hits 70 degrees this last day of march. march going out like a lamb, but april is coming in like a beast. we're going to talk about that. arctic air on sunday, heather. i know that just made your day. how are the subways out there? >> so excited. subway service is on or close to schedule. if you normally use the subways to get to work. we have new jersey transit, long island railroad and metro north doing just fine. checking out what's happening here south right near bay shore road, we have everything closed down because of a serious fire.
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traffic coming towards us this direction, that's going into queens. traffic going in that direction going into the bronx and over into manhattan, no major issues at the rfk bridge or any of our east river crossings. our hudson river crossings are doing just fine. no major problems, you're in good shape. let's tick a look and see what's going on with our web cams. i can show you how the southern state is looking. this is right near deer park avenue. southern state moving just fine, but keep in mind north of this area, that's where we have that fire on deer park avenue. our street cleaning rules are in effect. >> heather, thank you. it's 6:02 and a school security guard is facing charges accused of recording a teenager inside a bathroom and then posting it on snap chat. this happened at roosevelt high school and police are urging parents to talk to their children just in case there are other victims.
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>> reporter: lori, police say this has been extremely embarrassing for that 16-year- old student that secret surveillance video. the security guard has been suspended with pay. police say 24-year-old, daniel williams, followed a 16-year- old student into the men's bathroom and snap chatted a video of the student inside of the stall. that was on tuesday. police came to campus on wednesday, arresting williams, charging him with unlawful surveillance and endangering the welfare of a child. williams has been given a desk appearance. he will be in court on april 11. while this investigation is on going. williams cannot step foot on campus. >> he was able to video tape the student in the stall using the facility. after that, he posted it on snap chat. the school was alerted. once they found called the police, detectives came and they were able to view the snap chat.
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statement which reads in part that the safety of their students is profoundly important and they are cooperating with investigators. but if you want to take another look at that mug shot, go to our website. you can see it there. police are trying to determine if there are any other victims. reporting live in roosevelt, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> 6:04. right now, be prepared to see picket lines at area airports, baggage handlers and other workers at kennedy and newark liberty are on strike. it's part of a job action that began last night. the workers are raising security concerns in the wake of the brussels attacks. they also want higher wages. the strike is not impacting any flights this far. >> and brooklyn, police are trying to catch a pair of burglars on a big crime spree. the two men pulled off at least 19 burglaries since february. the burglars have targeted homes throughout the williamsburg, carol gardens,
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police say the suspect's break into homes overnight. they have stolen everything from credit cards to a lexus. >> 6:04. a man from the bronx is facing charges this morning after a police dog sniffed drugs in his car, but the drugs were not in the vehicle, per se. instead, police say doctors found more than 1400 bags of heroin inside the man's body. 41-year-old fernando pleaded not guilty to charges including heroin possession and trafficking. he was pulled over for a traffic vie ligs in vermont tuesday leading to that aspoonishing discovery. >> a former cheerleader and honor student pleaded guilty to a federal terrorism charge for trying to join isis. prosecutors say jaelynn young converted to islam while studying at mississippi state university and drawn to isis in part by its own line videos. she is also convinced her fiance to join her.
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summer before boarding a flight with tickets to istanbul. she faces up to 20 years in prison. 6:05. we're seeing lots of new images this morning from the damage done by tornadoes. captured on camera near tulsa, oklahoma. reports say as many as nine people got hurt. one critically. the same cloud touched down and lifted down a number of times. most of the damage was in a one square mile area. making sure no one is missing. so far, all residents have been accounted for. 1,000 people are without power. that is down from 10,000 late last night. 6:06. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and bill evans. >> let's take a look at don from the george washington bridge. those clouds, oh, don't they look nice. that's just a precursor to what will be a beautiful day today with a lot of sunshine. a warm, southwest wind. here's a look at our camera. looking for that sunrise.
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something happening there later
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you'll want to catch. sure sign of spring. 52 degrees to start your 6:00 hour on this thursday. sunshine all the way back here to the great lakes. there are clouds in western pennsylvania. those will slowly stream in. that will stay broken up. the rain comes in edgy. 57 here by 10:00. 1:00, it's 65. and 3:00 to 4:00, we're going to get 69, 07 degrees warmer than normal. and the bus stop is cool, but come phi. it will be around 48 to 52 degrees in the suburbs here. all the kids are back. we got on their warm gear. after school, they'll be ready for sports. >> the sport of napping. an olympic napper. >> unfortunately right over here, we have police activity. nobody has time to nap as you go through here. this is an accident being cleared away. it's a dark shot in the melrose section of the bronx. we'll go over to our maps and pinpoint where this is for you. grand concourse at east 153rd street. it's a little bit close to the deagon. south of yankee stadium. this is something to think about if you travel through that area. we're taking a look at web cams and showing you how things are looking. this is the 59 street bridge coming into the city, lower level, you can see you have some delays there. it's typical delays, however, no major issues at our other east river crossings and then as we take a look at what's happening here as you travel on to the fdr drive. a pretty good ride for you. we have our street cleaning rules in effect for today. kern, lori, other to you. >> still ahead, the mma fighter
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lives. >> i never felt that way. >> we're going to introduce you to the man who ran into a car in new jersey. >> also ahead, the prince blizzard closology schools and
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let us help grow your company's tomorrow -
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6:11 and breaking right now. in india, at least three people are dead and dozens more hurt after a bridge collapsed. this new video just in from the scene. it happened in a heavily congested area in eastern india. an overpass that was under construction came crashing down on moving buses and cars. right now, rescuers are working to free people trapped in the debris. veteran theater and television actor james noble has died. noble died earlier this week at a connecticut hospital after he had a stroke. he started his acting career on broadway from moving on to several popular tv shows. he was best known for his role in the 1980s sitcom. he continued his acting career in connecticut where he was an active member of the theater arts workshop. james noble was 84.
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with his fists shows his heart as he saves people trapped inside a burning home. rescued at least six people from a fire in patterson. he used his training to kick down a bunch of gores, at least two. the first time he helped a mom and two young children. the second he rescued a man who was fast asleep. >> the lift room, and i found two beds, one to the left, one to the right, with a man with his underwear and yelling at them, fire, fire, fire. >> he ran back in, he was like a firefighter. >> wow, the experience has changed his life. it's looking a lot more like winter than spring in some parts of the country. this is what they are dealing with in castro, wyoming. which was socked with more than a foot of snow. some mountain areas were blanketed by more than 2 feet
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schools and highways have been shut down. the city's airport is up and running. >> time now, 6:13. it's time to check the accuweather forecast. >> bill evans who is outside the studio. bill. >> good morning, everyone. here we go. let's take a look outside. first to let you know, today is the first mow. we're going to talk about that today in central park. we're going to be looking down the east river here, because we have is the sun coming up. we're getting a good look at that. southwest wind and we'll continue to take temperatures way warmer than normal. it should be about 35 to 30 around monticello. monticello is at 39. 52 in the park. it should be 40. southwest wind is responsible for that. so we're going to be looking at 14, 16-mile an hour wind. so, the south facing shores will be in the upper 50s.
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off to the west is a cold front. that will bring us rain through the night. tomorrow is a rainy day. and so we're going to be looking at warmer temperatures out ahead of that front today. around 70 this afternoon. sprinkles tonight, 62. tomorrow, we have rain to start your day. on april fool's day, and no fooling. by afternoon, there could be a thunderstorm and 72, 73 degrees the model is showing. and then we have cooler air that will come in on saturday with a shot at a shower. maybe a wet snow flake on sunday. after school kids, it's great for sports or whatever. even if you don't have sports, get outside today and enjoy this stuff. because it's really warm this time of year. 15 degrees warmer than normal. sun and clouds, breezy, warm, 70 today. now there will be a shower coming in tonight. late tonight and temperature 59, still very warm. and a warm day tomorrow where 71, you see the models putting out 73 with a shower and thunderstorm tomorrow.
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forecast. march goes out like a lam. april comes in like a beast. bitter cold on sunday. going to feel like the 30s. gusty and colder, maybe a wet snow flake to the north. and the we're looking at a sprinkle. yankees home opener, 1:00 temperature should be about 51 degrees. because it's raining tomorrow, normally i have my children with me on fridayings. so, where are my children? there they are. good morning. we have maximus. [ barking ] not all of my children want their dad says. give me some love. that's my boy. so we have suri and we have lulu here this morning. the girls are here. and lulu, you know how to put on the bean bag, girl. yeah, but you know, they also
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all right, maximus. you want to give me kisses? you guys have a great day. they will be wet dogs tomorrow. >> i don't want anything like sweat, smelly dogs. >> all right, bill, unfortunately we have something that stinks and that's route 17 right near route 46. we have an accident being cleared away and this problem on routes 1 and 9 near county road. that's a disabled truck and as you go into the section of the bronx grand concourse at east 153rd street. we have an overturned vehicle. the degon is doing fine. subway service is running on or close to schedule. metro north doing just fine, and then as you go on to deer park avenue south, that is a very serious fire. and let's go over to your web cam. i want to show are looking as you travel on to the new jersey extension.
6:18 am
there's some kind of a new construction pattern that will the weekend. we'll ghat information to you and looking at how things are looking as you travel through long island. you can see we have some fog out there. effect. ken, over tore you. >> heather, thank you. new this morning, new york state will have a new budget. that will include a special deal to end the dispute over putting a slot machine in nassau county. video slot machines to racetrack in queens. nassau will collect $43 million over the first three yearsover the deal. annual payments after that will be $25 million. library congress will no longer use the term, illegal alien. this comes after students at the college called for the change. library of congress will now
6:19 am
unauthorized immigrants, or noncitizens. 6:18 is their time. still ahead, not so fast. the young man and woman attempted to use fake money. where they got the bogus bills. >> and despite a really bad year, chipotle may be expanding into burgers. hello. the first reviews are in for apple's new ipad pro. >> the best standard sized ipad has ever produced. doesn't think it can take the place of full featured laptop. >> the smaller ipad pro hits store shelves today. starting price, $600. the new iphone goes on sale today. >> the new device isn't setting
6:20 am
men, seniors, and android users and that was apple's goal. >> and uber is letting passengers see their new rating. may not know that drivers also use a 5 star rating system. >> now a new customer section allows users to see how drivers rate them. >> and candice's rating, it's a 4.77. >> i want to know who didn't
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on the money this morning, the dow starts the day up. nasdaq and s & p 500 also gained ground on wednesday. right now though, futures point to a lower open. >> overseas japan fell a fraction. boeing is cutting jobs. hopes to complete the cutback and leaving jobs unfilled. boeing says involuntary layoffs will be a last resort. boeing trimmed 13,000 jobs
6:24 am
>> chipotle is reeling from its food contamination shutdown. the company is ready to give burger king and mcdonald's a new challenge. to make a better burger. a trademark request for the better burger name. right now, chipotle spokesperson said this is a growth seed idea. chipotle invested in other restaurant chains in washington, chicago, and los angeles. burger king is introducing a sequel to its spicey angry whopper sandwich called the angriest whopper. it has hot sauce baked into the bun. >> and for even more heat, it comes with jalepenos and spicey sauce. with that comes extra calories. it has 830-calories. that's 200 a regular whopper. you would think all that spice,
6:25 am
>> that's what they say. >> don't wander too far from home. >> right. [ laughter ] >> you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic and bill. >> feel the burn. >> yup. >> there we go. you know what we have today, what we have today with a southwest wind. the southwest wind comes in more like that and heads on out toward long island. a land breeze for the jersey shore. so that's going to feel good today. however, as we go into -- however, as we go into the morning, we'll be looking at what's going to be temperatures around 52 in the park to start the day. it should be at 40. and then here on the meadow. today will be the first mow. that's right, the first mow today. i'll be there at noontime with the first mow. the kickoff of spring in central park. the next seven hours, we'll get
6:26 am
het her used to mow the lawn. she knows all about that stuff >> mowed the lawn, picked the weeds. here is an accident. this is route 17. we have news cop ter. right near route 46. that accident being cleared away. we have heavy delays as you go through that spot. let's go over to here ask look at the parkway where you can see a slowdown. we have an accident on the bell parkway. it's east. our street cleaning rules are in effect for today. ken, over to you. >> heather, thank you. 6:26. new this morning two women are being arraigned on long island because they just didn't read the fine print. 19-year-old crystal and sarah abraham are accused of using fake $100 bills. take a look at the bills themselves.
6:27 am
with the picture, for motion picture use only. oops. >> closing in on 60:00. still 6:30. a new fire storm for donald trump. republican front runner backtracks after saying that if abortion is ever banned, a woman getting one should face some form of punishment. we have new reaction from chris cristie. >> also new video released overnight, clearly showing the
6:28 am
6:29 am
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now new york's number one news. channel 7 eyewitness news this morning. >> you believe in punishment for abortion? >> the answer is that there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yeah, there has to be some form. >> donald trump sparks outrage after his comments on abortion. then hours later, he completely reverses course. we're live with new reaction and a new poll on the battle for new york. >> plus, new video this morning. the man who police say is
6:31 am
>> and the search is on for a bronx man missing for a week. good morning, i'm ken rosato. >> this morning we have a beautiful sunrise in progress. sun is officially up at 6:40. 9 minutes from right now. it's 52 degrees. clear sky, got a southwest wind. going to be really nice. north port is at 49. 48. and it's 46 at bridge port. fire island, you know, the south shore and also bridge port. the connecticut coast is going to be cooler today with the southwest wind. but it's going to warm up nicely. 55 by 9:00. 63 at noontime. 70 later on today. 15 degrees warmer than normal. we'll talk more about that coming up in just a moment. weather and traffic together every seven minutes. looks like you got trouble out there. >> up above this accident on route 17.
6:32 am
it's right near route 46. you can see only the right lane is getting by. and it's causing some pretty heavy delays for you as you get into the accident scene. it looks like we have police activity, police vehicles on the scene of this crash. let's go right over to our maps and we will pinpoint where it is. it's 17 north, right at route 46. we have this problem as we go on to the hutch. one of my favorite things. northbound hutchingson river parkway. unauthorized tractor trailer. then we have this problem. it's near exit 24a. routes 1 and 9 in jersey city near county road. disabled truck. mass transit is doing just fine. that includes our subways. alternate side parking rules are in effect for today. lori and ken, over to you. >> the race for president,
6:33 am
donald trump is being blasted for his comments. >> diana rocco is live at columbus circle where a demonstration is planned for later today. diana. >> that's right, lori and ken, good morning. the protests are planned by groups who say donald trump has officially declared add war on women, women who seek illegal abortions should be punished. the candidate is backtracking from those statements is draw ago fire storm. >> you believe punishment for abortion? >> the answer is that there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yeah. some form. >> that i don't know. that i don't know. >> you take positions on everything else. >> i do take positions on everything else. it's a very complicated position. >> hillary clinton condemns trump. >> what he said today is just among the most outrageous and dangerous statements that i heard anybody running for president say in a really long time.
6:34 am
>> that comment was wrong and it really, it's the latest demonstration of how little donald has thought about any of the serious issues facing this country. >> three hours after his punishment remarks, trump backtracks saying the doctor performing a banned abortion would have to be punished, not the woman. meanwhile, chris cristie defended trump. >> people misspeak all the time. you can't -- but with him, everybody wants to make a bigger deal over it. i get it. there's a lot of hostility. >> so those protests are scheduled to start here at 4:00 this afternoon. new this morning, a new poll shows that trump and hillary are leading the race heading into the new york primary a little less than three weeks from now. bernie sanders will be in the south bronx. clinton will be fund raising in westchester. i'm diana rocco, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. 6:34. for the first time this morning, we're seeing the clear
6:35 am
search for a man targeting elderly women. new video showing the suspect near the scene of the latest attack. this past saturday in kensington. he hit an 84-year-old woman in the face with a gun. he broke her nose in the process. it it was the fifth attack in the past two months. if you recognize this man, please give police a call. >> a family from the bronx is heartbroken this morning desperate pr information about a loved one who hasn't been seen since last week. 34-year-old javier was last seen friday night on noble avenue. he was wearing black jeans, a black t-shirt, a black hoody and black sneakers. his family is understandably consumed with worry. his brother is urging anyone with information to please call police. even the smallest thing that you think may not matter, just call the proper authorities. let us know. let somebody know because we need javier back and we miss
6:36 am
we just want him back. >> he has several tattoos on his arms including some very distinct ones. an ecan warrior on his upper left arm, a rose, and an arm breaking through a grave. 6:36. today the man accused of killing an mta bus driver while behind the wheel of a stolen truck will go before a judge. this morning. he's charged with the murder of william pena february 2014 crash. police say willby stole a delivery truck before crashing into pena's bus. his coworkers and family is expected to be at today's hearing. >> it appears new york state has a budget deal ready to be announced later today. the deal includes a main mum wage increase to $15 an hour in the city over three years. paid family leave and a $1 billion tax cut for people
6:37 am
new jersey has a projected 57 million budget gap. but governor chris cristie says that there will not be a new fare hike this year. fares rose 9% last year because of a similar budget gap. the governor also says the latest contract deal reached with rail yon yon workers would not result in a fare hike until at least june of 2017. that is when the next fiscal year ends. 6:37. you have a couple hours left if you want to bid in the charity auction for the fiat that was used by pope francis. the online auction closes at 3:00 this afternoon. the price on the website charity buzz topped a quarter million dollars. that's more than ten times the listing price. the winner will get the car and will also get proof it was used by the pope himself. the arch diesis will provide
6:38 am
>> it is 6:37. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. >> this is a look from the george washington bridge. it's all packed there. she'll talk about that in just a moment. i'm going to tell you what a beautiful day it's to be. we have a gorgeous sunrise from progress. sun is officially up in two minutes. it's 51 and 52 degrees. we're looking at clear skies, beautiful sunshine, great day, warm out ahead of this front. this front gets to us late tonight and through the day tomorrow on april fool's day with rain. we'll be looking at sunshine. a beauty of a day. 68 by 3:00, hitting near 70. going to be a great day to mow the lawn, i do believe. we'll talk about that in a moment. what do you got going on now? >> we have the earlier accident on route 17 as you come on to
6:39 am
around williams avenue. so as you travel on to 17. let's go over to our maps. we'll talk to you about the hutch north near king street, unauthorized tractor trailer needs to be cleared away and then we have this problem as you travel on to the belt. it's eastbound, it's right near exit 24a. that accident, so as we take a look at a camera, i can show you the belt parkway. this is near jfk. the accident is east of jfk. so you can see that delay. that's building there. and then north at atlantic avenue. you have a disabled vehicle and going over here into jersey city. right near county road, disabled truck. our mass transit systems are doing just fine. lori and ken, over to you. >> it's 6:39. still ahead, the superintendent of the newark school district responds to parent concerns about elevated levels of lead in the water. >> plus, response surrounding
6:40 am
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6:43 am
says that retesting is now underway at those sites as well as testing at additional sites. some parents say they are frustrated it took so long to start testing. >> it should have been a no brainer. the problem was in the school, the health department should have come to the locations, come to the nurse's office. made it available for the children to be tested there so they don't lose time. >> the superintendent has also said that fixing the aging infrastructure will not be a quick fix, but he has no timetable set for it. >> the producers of the broadway hit, hamilton, are changing a controversial casting notice saying that actors of all ethnicities are welcome to audition. the casting notice originally called for quote, nonwhite men and women who can sing and rap. the actors association says that the wording is inconsistent with its policies
6:44 am
casting for roles for nonwhite characters, but saying all performers are encouraged to audition. >> 6:43. the faa ignoring pleas from officials in six towns to delay a new flight path into the airport. the officials got an faa briefing at the airport. a six month test of the new flight path will begin monday. even though the town officials say they got virtually no warning and had no input into the new flight path. it will send more jet traffic along a corridor that roughly follows route 17. >> city bike is pulling about 1,000 bikes from its street to inspect them for a defective part. the company says that its newest bikes have a part that seems to be wearing down faster than expected. questionable bikes will be returned to service after they pass inspection. that could take a few weeks. >> 6:44. good morning america is coming up next.
6:45 am
good morning, robin. >> we have the race for the white house, wisconsin, the next state to vote and it could be a turning point. john kasich is going to join us live to discuss trump's latest comments about abortion and also the upcoming primary. also ahead, the story behind that viral photo from the hijacking. new video showing the moment a passenger posed with the hijacker on that plane was taken the photo a safety risk, and an elementary school under scrutiny. three first graders allegedly overheard plotting to poison one of their classmates. how their plan was discovered, what the school is saying about the incident. we'll talk about that, tim howard will be here and the fun gang from the chew is going to be whipping up stuff here on gma. >> love them. all right, thank you, robin. we'll be watching. >> it's 6:45. let's get a check on your accuweather forecast. >> bill evans is live outside our studios on the upper west side.
6:46 am
you might want a jacket, i call it suit weather. it feels perfect today. going to be a great day. it's going to be warm. so a light jacket, light sweater is all you need. brings you this beautiful picture this morning and as it is a beautiful morning with those high, thin clouds. that lets you know it's going to be a fair weather day today with a lot of sunshine. thank you, johnny. coming up at noon today, i'll spot. the sheet meadow in central park. it's the first mow and annual first mowing of the lawn, all that, as we kick offspring in new york city. i'll be there at noon today. noon. kicking off in central park. doug and the whole gang. thank you so much for having us along for the ride. take a look outside, we have a pretty morning. lots of sunshine. sun is up and looking at a
6:47 am
normal high is about 55. we're at 56 yesterday. all right, here are your headlines for the day today. it is going to be a nice warm day today. temperatures are going to be above normal. you have rain coming in tomorrow. so you see the there. south facing shores, temperature barely going to get to 60. probably upper 50s because the water temperature is a 45 degrees with a south to southwest wind passing over it. the rain we're talking about is off to our west in the ohio valley. today, by the time we get to 10:00, it's nearly 60 degrees and for @ afternoon, 70. a few showers tonight, temperatures in the low 60s. tomorrow is a warm day. look at that line of thunderstorms at 5:00. the temperature may not be around 74 degrees around trenton. cool down this weekend, it's going to get downright cold on sunday. the bus stop is nice.
6:48 am
will be sun and comfortable this afternoon. we'll get a temperature of around 70 degrees. great for being outside. get there. 50s on the south facing shores, fire island coast in connecticut, a spotty shower, 59 tonight. windy and warm tomorrow. maybe a thunderstorm. 71. we're looking at cooler weather on saturday, maybe a passing sprinkle can go by. looks like early sunday morning, a shower, and a wet snow flake to the north and some better weather for baseball as the yankees home opener. 1:00, 50 degrees at the stadium. hope you guys have a great day. you don't want to miss it. i'm a professional at mowing the lawn. >> is there anything you can't do? >> there's a lot of things i can't do. i can do the weather and i can mow the lawn. >> well, all right. thank you, bill. >> let's go right over here. i can tell you that mass
6:49 am
metro north, all doing just fine. subway services on or close to schedule. we'll take a look here. that's another collision being cleared way and the van wick with the disabled vehicle has an accident east right near exit 24a. that accident being cleared. getting into the accident scene. our street cleaning rules are in effect. >> happening today, some of the biggest names in music are in new york to pay tribute to david bowie. the music concert is being held tonight out carnegie hall, which features mumford and son and pixies will be available to stream on skype for a varietyable donation. boeing died in february at the age of 69. another memorial concert is being held tomorrow night at radio music city hall.
6:50 am
out of out of their shell. abandoned by her owners. now she has. and sueo phi's presence is giving readers something else to look forward to. >> it excites the kids and engages them to want to come back. >> she just roams all over. she goes to the reference section. she likes to go to the stacks. she attempted to go down the stairs, but luckily i caught her before that happened. >> i think sophie needs a gate. watch the turtle wander around at her own pace. the good thing is, she doesn't annoy anybody trying to read a book quietly. >> the definition of luxurious living on display in london. you know somebody has too much money when they travel with a fleet of gold cards? >> and the act of kindness
6:51 am
how police officers helped two when does your body become a medical breakthrough? when 61,000 people look at it differently. while others only focus on healing your body with new medication, we're researching bioelectronic medicine that will help your body heal itself. look north to see how we're not just looking to raise our standard, but raise the standard of health care.
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6:53 am
6:53. welcome back. ends well for two young boys thanks to an act of kindness from a good samaritan and police officers. >> you guys want a happy meal or something? >> this happened sunday in new mexico. a woman found two young brothers walking on a street. they haven't eaten all day. after getting them some food, she handed them over to
6:54 am
the kids definitely appreciated the help. >> you are pretty nice. >> thank you. >> the boys were supposed to be with a man who got drunk and abandoned them. both he and the boy's mother are charged with child endangerment. the kids are now with their grandma. in the meantime, the boys have lots of new friends thanks so a picture posted on the facesbook page. >> there's a fine line between packing and over packing for vacation. and one man is speeding past that line. that is after a young man visiting london from saudi arabia brought a fleet of cars with him on his trip and these aren't any cars. the four luxury vehicles are all covered in gold vinyl. >> nice. >> the cars are worth an estimated $1.8 million. and these are just the ones he takes on vacation. >> you never know which one
6:55 am
take them all. lori keeps her cars parked out back. 6:54. up next, a local school security guard arrested. >> what he's accused of doing and why police are urging parents to talk to their you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. maxx life in store and online.
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6:57 am
your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. a school security guard is accused of following a teenage boy into the bathroom and posting video of him on social media. >> eyewitness news reporter is live in roosevelt with the story.
6:58 am
>> reporter: good morning, ken, lori, police say that security guard was arrested right here on campus of roosevelt high school. endangering the welfare of a child. they say on tuesday, he followed a 16-year-old student into the men's bathroom and snap chatted add a video of that student while he was using the facility. williams has been suspended without pay. reporting live in roosevelt, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, darla. and new video is giving us a clear look at a man accused of protecting elderly women, most recent attack happened last saturday when police say this man hit an 84-year-old woman in the face with a gun. when she answered her apartment door. investigators say same man is behind four other attacks, all of the incidents happened in brooklyn and queens. 6:58 is our time. final check on the traffic. >> started quiet, then
6:59 am
so this is the belt parkway near jfk. you can see the eastbound side is slow. we do have an accident being cleared away and it is on the belt parkway and eastbound by exit 24a. you can see the red line of traffic getting into the accident scene. it's ten minutes george washington bridge, lincoln and holland 20 minutes. we have news cop tear 7 up above the lincoln tunnel. getting into the tolls, so that's about a 20 minute delay. nothing too terrible. and our alternate side parking rules take effect. >> all right, thanks. we have a beautiful day in progress. going to be nice and sunny, check this out. there's the sheep meadow 5th avenue. looking all the way out to flushing queens. a pretty morning. the temperature is going to be 52 degrees for your 7:00 hour. 52 murray hill to sunset park. it's 53 wrightstown. looking at 65 by noon and 70
7:00 am
15 degrees warmer than normal. shower and thunderstorm tomorrow. going to get cold by sunday. >> okay. see you then. i'm ken rosato. >> thank you for starting your mowi good morning, america. a massive storm hits the heart heartland. six tornadoes destroying homes downing power lines and in on a major airport as passengers face violent turbulence. >> we had some severe turbulence. an aircraft had to divert due to injuries of some personnel on board. >> flash floods and rescues in arkansas and more storms on the way. also this morning a political firestorm erupting overnight over donald trump's


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