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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  April 1, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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miles is there right now with the latest. darla. >>reporter: well, diana, we have learned here at eyewitness news that this 23-year-old has been arrested before in burglary and has led police on a foot chase through this neighborhood before. in fact, i spoke to one eyewitness who said around 4:00 yesterday afternoon that he ran through his front yard, looked at one of the neighbors and kept going and that was just hours before this shooting. what was his grandmother doing at the time? >> she was on her knees crying inside. because where my window is, i can see in their door, she was crying. >>reporter: a 23-year-old man shot by police, according to witnesses inside of his grandparent's home. they say his grandmother simply beside herself. >> the ambulance came for her. she fainlted. >>reporter: outside? >> yeah. >>reporter: the incident happy around 7:00 p.m. thursday on bellevue avenue in butler. you were standing ouz. >> talking.
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they put the tape in. stretcher. >> the policeman told me that it was a guy on the loose they went looking for him. >>reporter: exactly why he was allegedly wanted, the police department isn't saying. neighbors say officers went to the back door of his grandparent's home looking for him with a police dog. >> my mom was home the whole day. there was a bunch of police. they were looking for him. the grandma wouldn't let them in the house, but they knew he was in there. >>reporter: the morris county prosecutor's office released a statement which reads in part, at this time the prosecutor's office can confirm that an incident occurred with butler police officer discharging his weapon. eyewitness news has learned the 23-year-old was shot up to four times in his chest and torso. >> when i saw him, i said he's dead, and then i started crying and shaking. >>reporter: and this is a live
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you can still see there's a police car stationed out front closed here. in terms of the suspect, he did survive and we do know that is he at st. joseph's hospital in paterson but his injuries at this time are unknown. reporting live in butler on bellevue avenue, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news >> okay. thank you, darla. we turn now to vote 2016 and presidential candidate dreump is meeting with -- donald trump is meeting with republican leaders while the democrats are battling it out right here in new york. hillary clinton. this -- a live look at hillary clinton. this san event happening right now in syracuse. she is speaking at a manufacturing roundtable. the primary in new york now less than three weeks away. eyewitness news reporter rob nelson is in harlem with more rob. >>reporter: good afternoon, diana. bernie himself is not expected to be at this event, but his campaign is hosting a
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several topics on the table, including healthcare reform, justice reforms as well. it's important to discuss just how important the minority vote is in election, also clinton and sanders consider new york to be a state very much up for grabs. hillary clinton will hit the campaign trail in syracuse today, but her appearance yesterday in westchester county included this tense moment along the rope line when she was asking for donations to her campaign. >> were you good on your word [ inaudible ] >> i get money from people [ inaudible ] >>reporter: today on "good morning america" sanders strong advocate of campaign finance reform responded to clinton's rare flash of anger. >> the fact of the matter is secretary clinton has taken significant sums of money from the fossil fuel industry. >>reporter: the tension comes as the latest poll shows with a 12-point lead over sanders amongst new york democrats.
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hoping a win here on april 19th would blunt clinton's momentum and also cut into her big delegate lead. >> if we win here in new york, we are going to make it to the >>reporter: clinton stumps upstate and then attends a fundraiser tonight in tenaflievment sanders is in primary on tuesday, a state where he now leads. back here in harlem, today's roundtable discussion will feature as persar io dawson, a sanners supporter. >> i'm excited about the fact that i don't have to vote vote for someone. >>reporter: and when voters in our state head to the polls on april 19th, there will be 247 delegates up for grabs. that is second only to the big state of california. and, of course, both sanders and clinton have deep roots here in new york, so a victory personal. reporting live in harlem, rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness
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a driver has died after getting hit by a police car that was rushing to the scene of the accident. police were pursuing a motorcyclist after he fled from a traffic stop in paramus yesterday. the motorcycle eventually crashed in maywood. another cruiser was headed to that scene when it crashed he on into the side -- into the side of the car in hackensack. the 67-year-old man driving that car was killed. his name has not yet been released. no foolin'. april is getting off to a rough start. storms this afternoon and some potentially messy weather this weekend. meteorologist bill evans is in for us. bill. >>reporter: well, the temperatures are warming up, as you see the skies are gray and we have a few peeks of sun and a few showers around as well. here we go. temperatures 54 around brookhaven, 53 around west hampton. we're looking at these temperatures here, 71 already in new york city. you see the inlet areas where -- inland areas where the wind out of the southwest really warming up spots like poughkeepsie. it's cooler on the coastal
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especially, that's because of that southwest wind that's coming in at 22 miles an hour. but at the same time that warm wind over the cooler beater waters in the atlantic creating poor visibilities in spots. white plains up to a mile. jfk for a while was at zero to.30. half mile visibility jersey shore and there you see right there toward islip. so now we're going to be looking at some airport delays. as you see a half hour laguardia, jfk, and then storms are starting to pop up in parts of the area. we are going to be watching these showers and thunderstorms that will be popping up this afternoon. there's a ban of rain already here from essex, hudson, union county, down here toward monmouth county to middlesex. it's going to be coming across the five boroughs, right across lyle. then you see the front itself is here in central pennsylvania. that's the line that with some heating is going to fire up a storm or two as it comes eastward. so you see this afternoon we're at 70 by 2:00, 75 around newark and then showers and thunderstorms at 5:00, 6:00,
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kind of clear out tonight. but we're going to have a good shot at colder air coming in, a few showers on saturday afternoon, and then look at sunday, snow, wet snow off to the north and cold air coming in behind this on sunday which we'll talk about next in your accuweather forecast. diana, liz, back to you guys. >> okay. 70s to snow. new at noon, a man was slashed on the face on the subway platform in lower manhattan this morning. that man was attacked while waiting on the a-line platform at the chambers street station at about 5:10 this morning. the suspect asked for money and when the man refused, he was slashed in the face. the suspect then ran away. the victim refused medical attention at the scene. well, investigators are still looking into what caused an explosion in new jersey that cost a man part of his hand. guttenberg. police say the man lost several fingers when the explosion happened inside an apartment. terror related. new york state has a new
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minimum wage. it's going to take effect in new york city by 2018, and the remainder of the state by 2021. the budget at $155.6 billion also includes new provisions for paid family leave. schools will receive more and the middle class will get a tax cut of more than $4 billion. well, steady job growth in the u.s. for the fifth straight month. the government says 215,000 jobs were added in march, however, it wasn't enough to stop the unemployment rate from creeping up to 5%. the labor department says the increase is as a result of more americans resuming their job searches. here's a live look right now at the big board. the dow has inched up a little bit -- well, just about 36 points or so, 35 points right now. and it keeps moving >> it keeps moving until it closes. a cow on the run in new york city. this is no april fool's joke. >> nope. we're going to show you where this cow made its escape.
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photo sparked some fury. now the man who posed with a hijacker shares his side of the story and answers the question of why did he take that picture. >> why? and caught on camera, kidnapping a baby at a mall. that chiel is safe and soun right now -- that child is safe and sound right now, but find slow, building african-style music it's the little moments that make the biggest waves. kalahari resorts & conventions the world's coolest indoor waterparks.
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quite a scene in queens with another cow on the loose. >> yeah. police were called in to corral it using both a lasso and a tranquilizer dart. eyewitness news reporter lauren glassberg is in jamaica this afternoon with the story. lauren. >>reporter: the greener pastures of jamaica, that cow was at a slaughterhouse when it broke loose on archer avenue about 10:18.
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college, found a very nice field over here, ran around here a bit, and then ended up slamming into a fence. you can see the dirt kick up before it was finally dart. we have some video of how it was captured. it was first lassoed around one foot, and then lassoed around the body, thanks to the people who transported the cow and also to police. they ended up darting the cow about four times before it was finally tranquilized. for folks at the school, well, this was certainly an exciting morning. >> an the man in the schoolyard said get in the school, get in the school, run in the school, there's a loose cow in the yard. he said get in -- get in that school, get in the school. and that's what i did. i ran into the school, and then i had to stay there an wait until they moved the cow. >>reporter: not what you expect when you go to classes in the morning.
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who we spoke to that she felt something brush up against her and she thought it was another student, and she turned around and she saw a cow. that cow, meanwhile, is being transported to animal control. we're live in jamaica is, lauren whitney, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> that cow did not look happy. >> no, that cow is not ready to go to the slawt irhouse. a string of severe storms tore across the south, spawning tornadoes in at least three states. high winds, heavy rain, strong winds all knocking out power to thousands of 12,000 people in mississippi are now without electricity. the twisters also damaged homes. this is downed trees, and, of course, very frightening for residents. >> took off running. i didn't explain. i said this is it. stuff started falling >> you know, anytime storms come through like this, you always wonner is everybody okay. that's the first thing. damage to houses and stuff, you know, you don't want to hear about that, but you never want to hear about people. >> so far there are no reports of injuries or deaths from this latest round
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kelly began his last day on the job by sending out a tweet, thanking nasa for 20 years. kelly holds the record for the american who has spent the most time in space with 520 days, a bulk of those by spending nearly a year on the international space station. kelly will be continue to be part of the study looking into the effects that space travel has on a person's body. a car hijacking nightmare, a thief steals a car with a child inside. you're going to meet the brave mom who jumped into action to save her child. the fawmous attorney and husband of a "real house wives" reality star is now facing some real trouble.
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beach goers in california got quite a show this week. check this out, a pacific gray whale was rolling around the surf at redonnedo beach. experts say it was likely the young whale's first annual migration without its mom. gray whales usually migrate from alaska to california for mating season this time of year. an awesome sight. >> they're on spring break >> so liz and i were kind of going through april fool's jokes. >> we were googling. we're going to do one on you now. >> an air horn on your seat.
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more preparation. >> we could have surrounded your car with shopping carts. >> we thought about saran wrap. >> i like the air horn idea. you just need an air horn. >> which we don't have here on the set. >> they have them over there at century 21. >> well, you know, march goes out like a lamb, but it's going out as the third warmest march, second warmest march 2012, but the warmest march ever 1945. >> wow! >> so warming and cooling, warming and cooling. we're going out on the warm side. we are going out on the ugly side too an the stormy side before the afternoon is up. so here's what's going on here at noontime. we have clouds, we have some breaks of sun. we have a warm 69 degrees. as a matter of fact, it's so warm the central park meters aren't even working. i took these numbers from laguardia airport. humidity in the moderate range, winds south at 10 and the pressure 29.62. now, that's unstable. our mark of fair weather is
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yesterday's high number was 70, we're going to be right at that again today. our high so far today is 69. we'll get to that low 70 number. there's the record of 83 back in 1917. it's know april fool. april -- no april fool. april starts warm and stormy. a couple of showers and thunderstorms this evening into tonight. we clear saturday with the sunshine returning and cooler air, maybe a sprinkle saturday. but arctic air comes in on sunday. that's right. 69 in hauppauge, 70 hanover, mont claire and the meadowlands already at 71, 71 newark. but look at those numbers along long island and coastal connecticut. southwest wind, over 45-degree atlantic, makes it cooler on those south-facing shores. 21 teterboro. these are the sustained winds coming up out of the south. so it's a lot of warm air. there's a high wind watch in effect for saturday night into sunday. saturday night into sunday, letting you know that now as you have your plans for the weekend. could be a big old win around with an arctic wind coming in saturday night through sunday. so we have these showers out
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sprinkles here in essex, hudson, union county, passaic and the five boroughs. that will spread across connecticut. then the front back here -- then the front is back here and the arctic air is back here and it will slide in as we go through saturday afternoon, saturday night. this first batch of showers will be coming with the warm air. 75 from trenton to teterboro to morristown. then there comes the scattered evening showers, hit and miss, popup, you may have one, you may not. but they have the chance of being gusty with heavy downpour of rain and the possibility of some lightning with that. then look at the temperature cool off. we start tomorrow in the 50s. it'll get to the upper 50s. there could be a sprinkle with that, but then notice as we go into saturday night temperature drops into the 40s with some showers in the city, some snow off to the north, and look how cold it gets up here to the north as we go into 7:00 a.m. sunday. that's your 7:00 a.m. sunday temperature, and that's pretty much how it's going to feel all day long on sunday. your accuweather forecast, sunny breaks, breezy, warmer,
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a shower or thunderstorm tonight. early showers and then we cool off. tomorrow it's breezy, cooler, a couple of showers pop up tomorrow, right around 59. sunday, i call this, ladies, earlier today, just a dumpster fire. that's what it equates to. >> okay. is that a weather term? >> well, i kind of made it one. but it's an ugly day if you want to call it that where we have the showers and the thunderstorms possible. but we'll have good weather for yankees' opening day. >> all right. chilly, though? >> what was that? >> wind. >> april fool's. it's your turn. >> at least it's not an air horn. still ahead, kidnapped, a baby taken from his mother at the mall. we're going to tell you how social media actually helped bring this little boy back home.
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a baby kidnapped at a mall, a boat on a collision course and a parent rattles a reporter, just some of the stories caught on camera and caught our attention. we begin with a heart-warming reunion between a mother and her 7-week-old baby just hours after that infant was stolen from a mall in pennsylvania. police say the woman in this video befriended baby asher's
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philadelphia and spent some time with her. when they got to the food court, asher started crying, so is the woman offerd to comfort him while the mother was taking care of her other kids. instead she picked up the baby and ran out the mall. an amber alert was issued an the baby was found safe. >> everybody that shared the pictures and the posts and everything. thank you all so much for allowing me to get my baby back safe. >> the woman who snatched the baby is now in police custody. she has not been identified and charges against her are pending. a boat sails right into a pier, sending people scrambling. whoa! this happened in san diego. investigators say a mechanical malfunction left the boat unable to stop. 144 people were on board, seven were hurt, three were taken to the hospital. their injuries, though, not considering life threatening. but that'll scare you. the crash also caused heavy damage to the boat and the pier. and finally on a lighter note, a happy reunion for this
12:26 pm
lola had escaped earlier this week and it was a reporter who found her. brittany cline was getting ready to go live when lola unexpectedly came into the picture. polly want a cracker? [ scream ] >>reporter: get it off of me. can you please get it off of me? it's not funny, guys. it's not funny. what if that would have happened in the middle of a cross? >> you know, it's just a parrot. cline has since posted to twitter saying she was happy she could help reunite the pair and her owner. and a nanny -- this is you. >> this is me, yes. good thing the parrot was okay, though, and the reporter. still to come, a nanny on long island pulls a baby out of the path of an oncoming car. new at noon, you're going to hear from the people that watched it all unfold and see the video from the scene. and meet the brave mom who jumped onto a car to save her child from a carjacking. we've got her warning for other parents.
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coming right back on this rainy
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awards aren't everything. but when they come from your customers, they mean a lot. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. right now, get super fast 100 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds plus tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. and good afternoon once again to you, i'm liz cho. >> i'm diana williams. david and shirleen are off. we begin this half hour with a story of a heroic nanny who is
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after pushing a baby out of the way of an oncoming car on long island. >> we have new video. shocked within gathered at the scene in rockville centre. reporter n.j. burkett joins us now with the details. >>reporter: it was on the streets where it happened here on rockville centre, long island, where bystanders felt helpless because the car literally ran the nanny over. in this cell phone video that you saw just a moment ago and you're going to see right now, you can see what the situation was like. at first they tried to lift the car, but they realized they needed to wait for firefighters with heavy equipment. it happened around 3:00 yesterday. the nanny was crossing hempsted avenue when a car came around the corner. she shoved the toddler and the stroller out of the way just in time. so the child, the 9-month-old little boy was not injured. but the nanny was very badly hurt, reportedly in serious condition in what was described as a medically-induced coma. we spoke with one of the
12:31 pm
desperate efforts to save woman. >> so when i looked outside and i actually ran outside because i wanted to try to help everybody lift up the car, but by that time it was, like, kind of too late because at that point when we were trying to lift the car, it looked like we were hurting her more. >>reporter: the name of the nanny could not be confirmed late this morning. the driver i'm told will not be charged. she stayed at the scene. she did not run the light, but clearly did not yield to the pedestrians in the crosswalk. i'm told she's 75 years old and is distraught over that accident. live in rockville centre, long island, n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> okay, thank you, n.j. funeral services today for the new york siblings who were killed in the terror attacks in brussels. friends and family gathered at a private funeral service in the netherlands for 29-year-old alexander pinczowski and his 26- year-old sister, sascha. they were dutch citizens who lived here in the u.s. the two were heading back to new york
12:32 pm
off at the airport. meanwhile, the brussels airport set to reopen more than a week after the bombings, but police are voicing security concerns. airport officials are now in talks about creating new security strategies that include screening passengers before they even enter the terminal. the attacker set off suicide bombs in the ticketing area before security. 32 people were killed both at the airport and in a subway bombing. the man who took a selfie with an airline hijacker is speaking exclusive to abc news. ben inez says he purposely took that photo that has now been seen around the world and has told abc news that was a we'll- thought-out process and he had many reasons to get closer to the bomber. >> i wanted to interrupt the hijacker. i wanted him to understand that i was a human, i was doing human things, that i wasn't just a nameless, faceless victim, that i was a real living person.
12:33 pm
wanted to get a look at the hijacker's device. the bomb ended up being fake and no one was injured. still a lot of unanswered questions after a police training exercise turned deadly at a bus station in virginia. a man opened fire on a state trooper, killing that trooper before also being killed in a shootout by his fellow officers. abc's lauren lister has more. >>reporter: it was a standard police training exercise, scouting for suspicious activity. but what started as just a drill -- [ sirens ] >>reporter: became very real thursday afternoon, turning deadly. >> all units be advised we have an active shooting. >>reporter: at this richmond greyhound bus terminal, trooper chad dermyer seen here at his police academy graduation in 2014 approaches a man inside the doors of the station just before 3:00 within seconds the man now identified as 34-year-old james brown pulls out a handgun, opening fire, shooting the 37- year-old dermyer multiple times
12:34 pm
two other troopers begin firing back. >> this man was, like, get down, get down. threw me to the ground. he's, like, crawl, crawl. >>reporter: two innocent female bystanders getting hit in the hail of gunfire. >> multiple victims. >>reporter: the shooter retreating to the terminal's men's room. >> as soon as i came out of the bathroom he started shooting. >>reporter: taken to the hospital, the suspect dies of his wounds. an fbi s.w.a.t team descends on the scene, sweeping it to make sure there's no other threat. the two bystanders both expected to make a full recovery. trooper dermyer died in the hospital. trooper dermyer wasn't wearing a bullet-proof vest, but that is acceptable practice for this type of exercise. as for the gunman, we're still hoping to learn what may have motivated him to pull out a gun and kill that trooper. in washington, lauren lister, channel 7 eyewitness news. well, an nypd lieutenant who was involved in the arrest of a postal worker in brooklyn has been stripped of his gun and his badge. part of the arrest of glenn
12:35 pm
on march 17th. grays says the officer's unmarked car nearly hit him while he was working his route in crown heights. after wors were exchanged, the plain-clothessed officers pulled him away and then arrested him. the lieutenant who was supervising the arrest has been placed on modified duty. the three other officers involved have been placed on uniformed patrol. test results reveal more elevated lead levels in the water in newark schools. the latest tests focused on eight buildings in the district. out of 324 drinking fountain or water sample, 16 showed higher lead levels. these tests were done on nontraditional build, including athletic facilities, charter schools and student centers. this is just the first phase of a new lead testing strategy in newark. we want to go ahead now and return to meteorologist bill evans. bill, i just saw some umbrellas go up immediately as i kien of walked through the studio >> yeah. there's a couple of areas where there's going to be some showers going by and we'll have that off and on, hit and miss as we go through the rest of
12:36 pm
we're looking at one of those showers right now that you're talking about, liz, that batch that's sliding off to the north and east, right through the five boroughs, hudson county, this will go right up through 95, a little shower an back to our west there's more to come during the evening commute and the first part of tonight. after school, kids, just watch out, parents, athletic directors, coaches, teachers, after school there could be a popup thunderstorm that might be while there's some sports going on outside after school. just be on the lookout for that. it'll be very warm, 73. we're going to talk about a cold weekend coming up. no april fool on that. we'll have that in just a moment. liz, diana, back to you. >> 73 and cold. -- 73 to cold. still ahead, a deputy charged with killing a suspect now see what newly-released video reveals about the days before this deadly shooting. "the real housewives of beverly hills," one of the
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12:40 pm
shooting. here is a situation where this individual has already been detained, but yet mr. bates feels it necessary to draw all kinds of weapons in a situation that does not call for it. >> well, that attorney claims that bates did not have the proper training to be on the street with police. bates' manslaughter trial will begin later this month. the hiring of a controversial police officer by the union is sparking protests. jason van dyke is charged with a 2014 murder of laquan mcdonald in chicago. he is suspended without pay by the police force, but the union has hired him as a janitor, paying him $12 an hour. the fraternal order of police issued a statement saying that the hiring is meant to help the officer's family. the move has sparked at least three demonstrations. well, just months after being declared ebola free, a new case of the virus has been confirmed. the world health organization says they are investigating a case in liberia. the z the w.h.o.
12:41 pm
an international health emergency, but flareups are expected. the ebola outbreak killed more than 11.000 people in sierra leone, liberia and guinea since december of 2013. new figures show autism numbers are actually holding steady here in the u.s. a report from the centers for disease control shows one in 68 school-aged children is autistic or has related disorders. now, that is the same figure from two years ago. percentages have been increasing since 2007. the cdc says it's too early to tell whether the current figures mean the number of autism cases is stabilizing. well, still to come, it's a parent's nightmare. you're going to meet the brave mother who jumped onto car to save her child during a carjacking. you're going to hear from her and her warning for other parents. and man's best friends, the subject of a new movie.
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some terrifying moments for a texas mom as she drops her son off at a day care. the mom takes her son inside, but she leaves her 7-year-old daughter in the car and the car still running. take a look here. just moments a man jumps into the driver's seat of her car and takes off. >> and the lady was, like, who's that in your car. i turned around, he's already in the car and closed the door. >> whoa! the mom runs teurdz the speeding car trying -- towards the speeding car, trying to stop him. her daughter manages to get out through the back door. the mom is now warning parents do not leave your keys in the car and your child in the car. a pair of problems involving stars of "the real housewives" series. first another foreclosure and another house lost for the real housewives of new jersey couple joe and teresa guidice. their modest home in lincoln park has been sold back to its lender for $100 at a foreclosure auction. the house was part of a federal
12:46 pm
joe guidice and his wife in prison. the couple also lost their manahawken vacation home last summer. that was because of another foreclosure, but they have managed to save their mansion in montfield township. and other legal trouble for another husband, also who stars on "the real housewives," but of beverly hills. the new suit alleges that he stole from clients, swindling some of them out of $130 million settlement. eyewitness news anchor ken rosato has the details. >>reporter: they're the may december couple with a lavish lifestyle. >> being broke sucks and being rich is a lot better. >>reporter: featured on season 6 of "bravo's real housewives of beverly hills." >> i'm going to mama wraped wraped in a riddle and cash. >>reporter: 44-year-old singer dancer erica jane and 76-year- old tomorrow giardi, one of the country's top lawyers >> i make sure the jury likes me today. >> everyday. >>reporter: one of his biggest cases, a lawsuit made famous by
12:47 pm
portrayed in the movie. but giardi has been hit with a federal lawsuit, accused of swindling clients out of millions of dollars in another case. paul kranich accuses giardi of taking more than his fair share of the $130 million payout for lockheed martin's decades-long class action lawsuit in the '90s. court documents obilitied by abc say giardi, their partner and the firm defraud the clients by charging excess fees and costs and diverting settlement proceeds. the lawsuit says a chunk of the $130 million were spent in part on giardi's own aviation company, and even on divorce costs. >> he's feathering his own nest at the expense of the clients. so that's just wrong and fraudulent. >>reporter: greenwich now asking for $50 million in damages. >> this is absurd. we didn't have anything to do with the distribution of the funds. >>reporter: giardi says the real house wives show has made him a target. >> it's life and you take the
12:48 pm
>> having all of these great things, it's not 100% awesome all the time, just most of the time. >>reporter: ken rosato, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> well, giardi says he firmly believes that this will be thrown out of court. he also wants to seek sanctions against the attorney who file the suit. you may not be able to live like a rock star, but you could vacation like one, and no surprise it doesn't come cheap. david bowie's caribbean home in the island of mystiqu is up for rent, $40,000 a week. mandalay features a coy pond, infinity pool, game rooms and a dining pavilion. and with all of that you also get a 10-person staff. the 6.2-acre compound was sold more than two decades ago but still has many of its original features >> it looks awfully nice. >> it really does, especially when you look outside today. >> i know. >> and what's coming. >> exactly. >> and what's coming. it's going to feel like winter. >> let's put it this way.
12:49 pm
it's going to be 40 degrees colder in the real feel by sunday. that's 40 with a capital 4. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> that's by sunday, all right? so we are going to be up, down and all around with these temperatures. they're going to be crazy as we go into this weekend and into next week. so they're really going to be up and down. you have to be prepared for that. now, this afternoon you need your rain gear because temperatures are going to be warm. we're looking at south wind at 10 miles an hour. we're looking at the pressure at 29.62. the temperature is 69 and the humidity is in the moderate zone at 60%. yesterday's high was 73. normal is 56. so there's going to be some really big swings with the temperature over the next seven days which i'll explain. sunsets at 7:21, but we'll have a shower and thunderstorm going on then. 58 at northport and massapequa, hauppauge isification. it's 53 out toward east hampton. 70 poughkeepsie, 71 newark. these inland numbers are warm because of the south and southwest wind coming right
12:50 pm
temperature here in the atlantic and long island sound. so it's going to be cooler on today. high wind watch is in effect tomorrow through sunday lunchtime. the reason being arctic cold front is going to blast in here saturday and saturday night. temperature contrast, you're going to have a lot of wind with it too. so there could be some damage early sunday from the wind. there's a few showers nassau county here right out to the l.i.e., the southern state, out toward sunrise highway. the front itself is back here to the west. a few showers are popping up along that. rainfall amounts so far just been in the hundredths. futurecast showing that line continues to -- continuing to push eastward here as the temperature get noose the low 70s. but i call it popcorn showers and storms where it just kind of pops up in spots. in dutchess county, there's there in passaic and the bronx. as we get to 6:00, lee goldberg will be right on top of this. and by 9:00 this is gone and cooler air kind of filters in for tomorrow. now tomorrow you'll notice in the afternoon there's that popcorn shower activity. that's because the second batch
12:51 pm
and that will give us some snow, wet snow to the north. so if you're traveling early sunday morning, you know, this gets out of the way -- wow! it gets out of the way by maybe 9:00. amy freeze will be here on sunday morning. she'll have that for you. a messy travel situation to north and then it's going to get cold. 73 this afternoon with a shower or thunderstorm. breezy warm tonight, 54. tomorrow a couple of showers in the afternoon. if you want to call it that, saturday is the nicer day of the weekend. tomorrow it's 59 with a scattered shower. sunday is just down right kind of medieval, and then we get to warm right back up for monday for yankees' home opener which will be around 59. there might be a shower toward the end of the game, and that would make us some damp yankees. >> yes. >> of course you know what's going on this weekend? >> it's a big weekend >> oh, definitely. >> see, she -- see? she knows. >> you get to the cinderella story. >> you're going to root for syracuse >> if we don't, our entire newsroom -- >> it is final four weekend in
12:52 pm
men's teams have now arrived in houston. the team that most didn't expect to be there, syracuse, the orange are the first number 10 seed to reach the final four. syracuse takes on north carolina in tomorrow night's second game. oh, that's going to be a game. the first matchup will pit villanova against oklahoma. the winners play monday night for the national championship. a new movie is hoping to find homes for animals currently in shelters. film rescue dogs is the story of a man and his loyal rescue dog charger. in the movie the man is trying to save his restaurant from a developer. the film features dogs that were rescued all of them themselves and some of the proceeds will go to animal organizations. >> we wanted to make a movie that wasn't just fun for the family and entertaining to watch. we wanted to do something that actually gave back to a community and a charity and a cause we loved and for that it was rescue dogs. >> aww. before the screening there will be adoption event from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the ball room theater. coming up this afternoon on
12:53 pm
going to introduce you to some of the other pups looking for a home and look at what you should do before adopting. >> what a cool thing. we'll be right back. but, first, we're going to take a look at what's coming up next on "the chew." >> hey, guys, today we're cooking up skip the drivethrough dinners. i'm showing you how to make a fast food favorite right in your own kitchen. mike and carla have a duo of
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oh, yes, it is time for the feed. these are the stories that got their start on social media and are now being shared and retweeted. news, of course, as we have mentioned multiple times, april fool's day and that's a day you really can't believe anything you read on the internet. h&m claiming to introduce a mark zuckerberg collection. >> cute. >> yeah. >> most boring clothes ever. >> exactly. it includes a pack of seven gray t-shirts and a pair of jeans. the fake collection's tag line is one less thing to think about in the morning. >> totally. classic.
12:57 pm
and thinkingy game popular online shop for science- inspired gifts gave a fake line of products for april fool's day. a rocket made from mentos and diet coke bottles. fake items appear as regular stock, but when a customer tries to buy them, that person is told he fell for a prank. but in the past some of the companies' april fool's day items have been so popular that the company has actually made some of them happen for real. >> we know what happens when you put diet coke and mentos together. >> it happen as lot. my son got in trouble at school for doing this. he did it on the roof of the school. it's a science project. you know, the science project cost his phone and car for two weeks >> lily just asked to do this this week. we're getting mentos and diet coke in our house. we'll do it outside. thanks for joining us for
12:58 pm
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