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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> reporter: the police commissioner. >> reporter: she was turning purple, not breathing. we were able to lift it up for her to breathe. her legs were crushed. >> reporter: the nanny was rushed to the community hospital where she is said to be in critical condition. it happened at 3:00 yesterday afternoon as the nanny was pushing the child. >> that was an attempt to save the baby, which she probably did. >> reporter: amazing, the live picture of the intersection. i'm told she is 62 years old from ocean side. i spoke to the family of the little boy. the driver has not been charged because she made a legal turn, 75 years old and said to be distraught tonight.
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we are following breaking news in manhattan. police are investigating a stabbing 34th street. the victim is stabbed up the shoulder where she has been taken to the hospital. right now no one is in custody and we don't have any word yet on a motive. we'll share it with you as soon as we get any new information. spring storms are moving through the area right now. we're about to see a big dip in the area. they are tracking things from the weather forecast. >> we are in for an incredible ride over the next several days and the first week of april, all about warm winds and this great summary field to the evening with the blue skies, they are building off to the west. and we are back up to 78 degrees. 79. some parts of the area are getting close to la guardia and morristown and the atlantic and the sound that will be keeping
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some of the gusty showers that are coming through a 40 miles per hour gust. storm prediction center has it in a marginal risk for severe weather and a brief gusty downpour and some lightning parts, heading to monotoe and that storm is just leaving wantage. and right along i-80. so these are moving to the north and east and more storms north and west of philly in an hour or two if you notice the future cast will be focusing on the hudson valley that it will be some storms in new york city and probably out on the 6:00 to 7:00 and then long island, connecticut and offshore after that by 9:00. what you need to know is a line of showers that will be going through and any one given spot. expect some brief downpours and some gusty winds and then in april the arctic blast will be on the way tomorrow night into sunday. damaging winds are possible.
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watch out for the entire area. and that is for late tomorrow night into sunday morning and maybe some wind gust to 60 miles an hour. and more on that and storm tracking throughout the show. that's coming up in just a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you. and you can keep track on the rain any time with the free accu track weather track. a man killed in the crash with the police cruiser in new jersey and the police car was responding to the scene of the other accident when it slammed into the car. eyewitness news is live. he was an innocent bystander killed just two blocks here. he was struck by the police vehicle here in this corner and it was a part of the police chief of the motorcycle in new jersey. that lead to two separate crashes around 2:00 p.m. yesterday. this is the man they were following of harryman, new york. they started pursuing him where
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and zigzagging between lanes on to route 17 near ridgewood avenue. cops say they lost him, but the short while later that the maywood police department nabbed him after crashing into the other vehicle here in maywood. now back here live you can see the shattered glass. the hacky sack patrol unit collided here at this intersection killing 67-year- old john harhem who lives just two blocks from this intersection. we spoke to his cousin who says that the wife is devastated. now asking for some privacy at this moment. charged of eluding a police officer. >> thank you. the morris county prosecutor's office is saying very little tonight. witnesses say that the officers surrounded a tiny house and
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the police dog. something happened inside that home. he was brought out on the stretcher. the man was shot as many as four times or why that officer discharged his weapon. a man lost one of his hands. they found the suspect on kennedy boulevard last night. they cleared the basement and figured out that the blast was just an accident. and now to the race for president and all of their delegates. and some with star power. rob nelson is live in harlem for us with more. >> reporter: good evening diana. according to a poll released yesterday, hillary clinton is enjoying a 12-point lead over
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there is still plenty of time to go about three weeks before the primary. each candidate still fighting harder if new york with 247 delegates up for grabs. >> reporter: before heading back to wisconsin for tuesday's primary there. bernie sanders made a pit stop today at new york daily news, mingling with newspaper leaders, a day after drawing nearly 20,000 people to a rally in the south bronx. >> and if we win here in new york, we are going to make it to the white house. >> reporter: further north in harlem, his campaign held a round table discussion focused on the minority women and the event featuring the outspoken sanders supporter and actor rosario dawson. >> i'm hard pressed to see him ever talk inhumanely about anyone ever. in a way that i'm seeing literally every other candidate. healthcare to equal pay,
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>> we deserve a president who will be accountable to us and not the big money that is being poured in through the politics. unveiling a plan. >> it has helped more than 350 businesses in new york all in the last decade. >> sporting a little orange in support of the syracuse basketball teams. clinton also made the rounds at the local pizza joint. >> i'm thrilled to be back in syracuse. >> in the meantime they held a conference call this afternoon. >> any suggestion that she is in anyone's pocket on climate change is false.
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will not be until april 19. between now and then and this is just the beginning. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right, thank you. turning now to the republicans. john kasich is the only one today. he used the opportunity attack his opponent and how they act during the debates. >> where they would use sound bytes, that they are in a derby. >> kasich is focusing on new york in queens earlier this week and will head to long island next week. we are learning more about the gunman who killed a state trooper in virginia. 34-year-old james brown has a lengthy criminal record including attempted murder and domestic battery. brown opened fire inside a bus station yesterday while
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brown fatally shot state trooper chad dermeyer before being killed. they remember him as a guy who loved policing and great instincts. to belgium where the brussels airport remains closed as talks over security continue. police unions are demanding tighter screening before passengers and their backpack make it through the airport. and the officials say that things appear to be on track. suicide bombers attacked the airport killing 32 people. family and friends said good to to siblings. for alexander pinkowski and his 26-year-old sister sasha. the two dutch citizens were living here in the u.s. on their way back to new york when
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not to become come play sent. hosting his final summit. it comes a little theses than a year where it has reduced the risk, but no nation could let their guard down. helping to lift stocks on wall street, and they rose 107 points. nasdaq climbed 44 points. parents should be worried
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and who they are looking
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yesterday lead was found in the superintendent's water. jim is live in newark with more. jim? >> reporter: the levels of lead found in the schools, the water of the schools in newark, it is just a fraction of the levels that they have been finding in flint. but still the numbers are alarming in just one newark school the early childhood learning center, four different water fountains that would have
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>> it is so easy to fall into the trap of going, well this is flint and this is to the flint. >> reporter: the new york school's superintendent say that the test results for lead in the city's schools, they are alarming and the parents should be concerned. >> and i'm a parent of three, i don't think that this is something that we should deal with that we should talk about it and address it and that we should advocate for funding and from the state and federal sources that we should work together as a community. >> reporter: of the 30 newark schools tested so far, eight would have some water sources that when tested would have elevated levels of lead. one water fountain in a school that children were drinking from that they had water that tested 20 times higher than federal limits for lead. >> and if a source is identified as above the threshold, then we will shut it down. and we will make sure that there is free fresh drinking water in the form of bottles. >> reporter: the parents that are concerned, they should have
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exposure and to be aware that there are other possible sources. >> there is no such thing as the safe elevated lead level even though that the 15 parts per billion is the standard and that it does not mean it's the safe level and that it means that it is where the alarm bills, that they really should go off. >> reporter: yeah, when they do go off in newark schools, they are doing everything that they can here to make sure that the children have safe drinking water in those schools. and the water fountains and the other sources, they are shut off immediately. reporting live from newark jim dolan channel 7 eyewitness news. the new york city's transportation is firing back after criticism about graffiti removal. the department saying that crews this year have stepped up efforts. dot says that 45 million square feet of graffiti is removed each year. that this is all part of the major initiative by the city to be safe and clean.
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believer in the broken window's theory, investing also to graffiti clean up. >> the department also says that the city is constantly on the lookout for graffiti troubled spots. a string of severe storms tearing across the south spawning tornadoes in at least four states. take a look at this video from georgia of a tornado that touched down to the central part of the state this morning. heavy rain and strong winds, they also caused flooding and down trees and powerlines and twisters, also swirled through louisiana, mississippi, and alabama. and so far no reports of injuries or deaths from this latest round of storms. and something pretty to show you, something special about to happen. and the major cherry blossom festival in new jersey. isn't that pretty? this will be the first spring that the 5,000 cherry trees in essex county's branch brook park are all going to bloom together in unison. 1,000 trees were planted last year to make this new milestone
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this year's cherry blossom festival kicks off next sunday april 9 and runs through april 24. isn't that gorgeous? >> the biggest collection in the county. >> jeff told us that one day. >> yes. pretty remarkable. >> yes. >> synchronize. that's good stuff. i wish everything was in line with this, you know, april weather. >> it is all over the place. wait until you hear this. over new york harbor how we have some sunshine and also some dark clouds on the horizon that are starting to approach parts of o weehawken. it is over new jersey. southwest wind gusting up to 18 and our high can be updated up to 79. working 23 degrees above average. there are your sunrise and sunset times with a sunny start
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pair of sevens in morristown. 80 in newark. 58 because of the wind off the atlantic. cooler off of bridgeport. showers and thunderstorms at 7:00 as they should move offshore between 8:00 to 9:00 and just some clouds around midnight. but rain is returning not thunder, but rain early tomorrow morning and that it will be breezy with the showers through the early afternoon hours and the early breaks of sunshine. heaviest shower with a little lightning that will be headed into newburg right now. i-84 a little damp with the showers as well. you'll see more moisture over northern morris county not too far from randolph with a few showers getting back into hennepin county. then they are going into philly the ones that could reach new york with some thunderstorms and closer to the 6:30 to 7:00 hour. meanwhile this front is connected to this rainfall that will be riding along the front with the resurgence of the rain tomorrow morning. and then you'll have this system and this is something
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some snow out in front of it and powerful winds getting going. this dives down into the northeast tomorrow night into sunday morning that it will be very turbulent around here. close to the 6:00 to 7:00 hour watching the cluster of storms for new york city. and moves over the island around 8:00. connecticut too, moving away during the evening hours with the rain returning tomorrow morning. leaving the air during the mid- afternoon with the breaks of sun, not so much east though. temperatures getting to the upper 50s. breezy, mostly cloudy, right down to 52. your evening is nice and mild and the rain will not last too long. breezy and gusty tomorrow with the rains maybe the afternoon breaks and a few showers after that. then tomorrow night late at night strong winds will develop turning sharply colder with any rain showers to mix with the wet snow. 37 and the windchills will drop into the 20s. here is what we're working on for you at 5:30. and can they be in that accumulation with the updated yankee forecast and some rain in the area and how about that
5:20 pm
them hitting 80 degrees today that we will be feeling some 15 degrees colder by sunday morning back to you for now. >> thank you. we want to go back to the breaking news that we told you about in the top of the broadcast with a subway slashing at 34th street and 7th avenue. eyewitness news reporter is just arriving on the scene. the 51-year-old man, right a.j. who is now hospitalized? >> diana, we are still getting some new information about the identity of that victim. what we do know at this point that they would have two suspects in custody at this time and that slashing did occur in the stairwell of this train station here at 34th and 7th that it would happen around 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. what we know is that the victim was approached by reportedly two handlers. one a male, another a female. and that victim was stabbed in his shoulder that he was taken to mt cyanide roosevelt.
5:21 pm
obviously this is a very busy intersection here with a lot of traffic flowing through here with a lot of people that will come through the area of commuting. still a developing story. as we get more information, you'll certainly be the first to know. live in midtown i'm a.j. ross channel 7 eyewitness news. >> that is a very busy area. yes. all right, too much marijuana has residence fired up. just how bad neighbors say things are that have them taking legal action. a death row dog that became an internet sensation saved is now the mascot for a new movie. tonight, we introduce you to this pup that others are looking for homes.
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chicago mayor rob emanuel is urging teachers in his city to join him in lobbying state lawmakers from money for education. instead of going on strike. thousands of teachers walked off the job today shutting down schools for nearly 400,000 students. they staged that one-day strike to protest schools and funding for their third largest school district. seven on your side will come to the rescue of all sorts of victims. tonight it happens to have four
5:25 pm
a dog that gained internet fame in need of the home. here with that and some good tips if you are looking to adopt. >> reporter: the dog that you're about to meet was used as a bait dog. her teeth were filed down. she was defenseless as fighting dogs would attack her over and over again to train. abandoned and near death though she got a second chance. >> she's had a real rough life and has come very far. >> reporter: brianna is still in foster care with her trainer waiting for a forever home. >> how come no one adopted you? >> reporter: it's been three years after becoming an internet sensation when thousands signed a petition to save her. now brianna is the new york mascot for rescue dogs the movie. >> we've had a different charity aligned with 22 different cities that we are releasing it. each one with their own charity that does amazing stuff. >> hi guys. >> reporter: the non-profit second chance rescue rescued brianna and hundreds of others
5:26 pm
>> we have volunteers that take the dogs into their care and home. >> reporter: her charity relies on people like a flushing homeowner. who has turned her home and her yard into a foster camp. >> it started very innocently, you know, just bringing home one dog then another and another. and over a year and a half i have fostered over 120 dogs. >> reporter: castle the puppy with a deformed paw and baby joey are two dogs now. >> with both the rear paws chopped off, he was in pain and bleeding to death. >> reporter: but watch how he manages to scoot, keeping up without the use of his legs. >> most often the animals that are special needs and deformities that other organizations can't handle the financial burden. >> reporter: they need to have that yard leveled to install what is called canine grass. >> reporter: keeping up on the cost relying on the donation is a challenge, but the volunteers that would house, feed, sometimes just show up to pet and walk the dogs would tell
5:27 pm
the dogs, the dogs are rescuing them. >> the rescue dog, they will always be saying thank you a million had times over. because you saved their life. >> reporter: well the rescue dog the movie is playing this weekend on hamstead avenue. you may get to meet them staged during the matinees. if you decide to adopt though, do you have the time and the money? i mean really don't bring a pet into your home if you cannot afford all the vet bills and things that will go with it. >> you are best set on your sights ever. they will want one of those dogs. >> i didn't know i was. but now i am. >> they're cute and precious. thank you, nina. new information about a brute praying on two senior -- preying on two seniors. troubling new details about the past.
5:28 pm
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caca now at 5:00 police have identified the man suspected of roughing up and robbing seniors in a crime spree that has spanned two burros. >> this is a new picture of that suspect. silver hair clarence jones. he's a career criminal who spent 14 years in prison for a series of similar robberies in the 90s. eyewitness news reporter josh einiger is in prospect heights. josh? >> reporter: and shirley, i'm here in the 78th precinct where the squad has been investigating tree of these five cases. one man cop says that he has been preying on the elderly
5:31 pm
you his name and his face. police released this mugshot, the patrol picture of the 64- year-old this afternoon as they desperately want to find him. they say he's been preying on the elderly since january 20 across brooklyn and kings. allegedly he's been using knives, guns to hold them. he hit another one in the face this afternoon, urgently calling for the public's help in catching this man. >> we have a lot of images on this fella, but we couldn't identify him. members of the century division, they just went back to look at all the cases. home invasions against the elderly, identifying this person from the bronx. situation. the 64-year-old male with 19 prior arrests.
5:32 pm
back for the rest of his life. and police say that mr. jones has been making a career out of targeting the elderly that he would do 14 years in jail, did it again, glue back to jail adjusting the past couple of months. we are live outside the 78 precinct josh einiger channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, josh. new at 5:00 the upper west side condo board is suing one of its residence for smoking marijuana. published reports say that the board at 400 central park west claims that the resident and her son are smoke pot. they say that the smell and loud noises coming from the residence's causing neighbors to report. they are suing the mother and
5:33 pm
another $12,000 for the 20 fines they have yet to pay. a deadly shooting is under investigation in new jersey. a man was killed on the quiet residential street in plainfield this morning. no word on that motive or a suspect. the thief that held them standing at the store counter on wednesday. then he walks behind the counter and holds a knife to the sale's womans neck forcing her to on the part register. police say that he fled with more than 500 and three cell phones. it shows the woman running out near philly with little simmons in her arms. the baby's family was shopping when police say that the woman
5:34 pm
them and then managing to take the bay bit story swept social media as police were able to find the boy and his abductor. >> thanks to the marion county police department. everyone on social media for helping me get my baby back. i want to thank god so much. >> the suspect the 32-year-old sherry amore had an out of body experience when she allegedly took that baby. today is the second and final day of the nuclear security summit in washington, d.c. world leaders gathered to talk about how to prevent nuclear materials from falling into the wrong hands and president obama took center stage. marci gonzalez has more. >> reporter: outside the nuclear security summon in washington, d.c.
5:35 pm
more than 50 leaders. accessing nuclear material. >> it would be inhumane. for decades. >> reporter: heightened concerns that building a dirty bomb is likely a goal of isis and other terror groups after two used hidden cameras to secretly record one of their top nuclear scientists. with about two dozen tons, some not properly secured. more needs to be done to keep it from falling into the wrong hands. >> we are in a race against time here and the chances are that it could happen at some point where we need to do everything that we can to prevent it. but i don't think that we will be doing as much as we can. >> saying that they will be reducing the stockpile, used to
5:36 pm
urging others to do the same. they would use it to kill as many innocent people as possible. a man that took police on the high-speed chase in miami is behind bars. the man ended up crashing into the fence. the driver was ultimately dragged from the car and arrested. health officials among the national team of experts taking part in the zika virus center.
5:37 pm
reported 273 zika cases in the u.s. so far. and no cases of zika in the u.s. have been transmitted through a mosquito bite. it was a parade of blue through lower manhattan today. the students from the comprehensive kid development school would lead the charge as they were decked out in blue, all in the name of the world autism awareness day. they would offer from autism. and the dramatic video before the ship smashes into the pier. the family is furious tonight after being booted from the flight because of their race. and i'm meteorologist
5:38 pm
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hundreds of police officers are ready to hit the streets in their area. police commissioner saying that this class is the best of the best. >> you are truly the best trained in the history of this organization and that i would say that the best trained of any police force in the united states of america.
5:42 pm
the force with more than 100 graduated from the academy as they were held at the community college in brentonwood. disturbing video shows three women viciously attacking a woman lounging on the river beach in columbia. they held her down and beat her. the three attackers have been arrested. the man, the woman and their three young children were forced off the flight to chicago for what is being called the security concerns. the mother posted video saying
5:43 pm
profiling her family. check what happened, they noticed how fast that ship was going and then they would scramble out of the way. boom seven people were hurt, but they were not considered life threatening. they say that the accident happened because of the mechanical malfunction. that was really good. >> yes, good instincts. >> reporter: he would try to steer clear.
5:44 pm
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would honor him, he's been through a tough battle. able to show that world that they could walk to the children. >> he is doing great now. >> right. >> you are checking out the outfits there. >> yes, you used that short guy. >> yeah. all right. we've got some changes coming. it is a big time change over the weekend. we want to alert you some
5:48 pm
approaching. the rest of the area is okay. that may increase in the next hour or two. the cluster is south here with the heavy downpour about to get to livingston probably by 6:30 or so. with some gusty winds and some lightning. approaching new york city also by lower westchester, the heavy downpours that will be getting through trenton and ocean
5:49 pm
we'll have a nice mild evening. if you have any games or practices that it will be wet. showers will be scattered, colder, but not all that bad to what happens tomorrow night. again, they are showing you the line of the showers and the thunderstorms, agreeing on the time period. and offshore with the pleasant evening after that. and the rain tomorrow morning, the breaks in the clouds and then look at that. how they would pivot through late saturday night and early sunday morning. and so we'll need to watch that and no matter what, the windchills will be projected to be in the teens and the 20s for sunday morning.
5:50 pm
watch will start tomorrow night into sunday morning. some early snow showers. the 30s and the 20s that will not put those plants out just yet. we will start to warm up on monday with some showers ahead of the front that it will not be enough to cancel that game. but if you are going to about 50 degrees, another chilly shot. and chilly on wednesday as well with all your beautiful blooms that have come out. >> i know that it shall pass though. >> of course. >> thank you. we all age that goes by. we all age. more than most. do you ever wonder how it feels, how it would feel? >> not a lot.
5:51 pm
what it is like to be like them. it starts with suiting up. it looks like toni stark's super human suit. >> reporter: instead the mission is quite opposite. they make you age up to 40 years. they will simulate their weight gain. so awkward that even the handshake was tricky. >> the first thing that we're going to do is start experimenting. >> reporter: and then cataract. >> this is as well as the loss of vision in the middle. >> it is distorted. >> reporter: from the floaters, he'll age my hearing. >> yes. >> this is tentative that you may notice that you're reading
5:52 pm
>> that is so funny, i am reading your lips. >> it is tougher. >> that it will be necessary. >> reporter: and next my heart rate jumps, just simulating the walk on the jersey shore. >> and they will start adding some decades to use. >> wow. >> reporter: i would struggle through the half block over four minutes. >> that is difficult, very difficult. there is a huge pack inside allowing it to be collected and shared. the information is displaying the real time of exhibit while volunteers are sharing outloud their alarming responses. >> it'll start the dialogue about something we don't like
5:53 pm
that we'll want to address these social issues. because that will change behavior. >> and the technology that we are using. >> it is at the science center. >> yes, more respect. >> for what the elderly go through. urban cowboys and the runaway bull coming up on eyewitness news. and the stare that they may have been looking for the higher education when it wandered on to the college campus in queens. coming up at 6:00, prosecutors investigating the police-involved shooting on the
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where the bull would escape from the slaughter house. >> they will show us how they would coral that area. >> she's a city girl when she saw this cow on the loose she took cover at the york college campus. the students watched as they would run free. and around 10:00 this morning. the bowl was tranquilized, but they offered a little levity. >> it was entertaining, i guess. >> reporter: better than the examine that you had just taken? >> it was not the first to escape. and that they made it to the nearby parking deck.
5:58 pm
something about that slaughter house because they are getting out frequently. and maybe close it. >> reporter: as for the cow, he would have the other idea. >> we have enough grass here to roam around that it would be nice. >> and instead, the cow was transported for some. >> i've got babies, you know, that i'm glad i would have that with me because i don't like cows. that i would like to eat the meat, but not run around. >> the bull left the animal control center all thanks to the place that would want to remain anonymous. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> and that is a smart cow. >> very smart cow. >> yeah, he wanted to go to college and now he'll be home to live. >> there you go. still much more at 6:00.
5:59 pm
starts right now. they will take you to the scene. in a typically quiet street. bill is off tonight. we'll have much more in the story to begin tonight with the weather and a part of our area is under the severe thunderstorm warning right now. tracking a line of storms right now with the latest. >> that'll go until 6:15 with
6:00 pm
that have gone severe. now we will be seeing them cool some areas to the west. the winds are in general gusting near 30, but the wind gusts, they could be 50 to 60 miles an hour with a lot of lightning with this move over parts of the county. and maybe over here where eventually there will be another strong cell moving through. just to the northwest of summit that it will head towards patterson and bloomfield with more connected to that, that it could approach new york city by about 6:30 or so that it looks like it will be one that will be going to 6:30 and the other cluster here close to the 7:00 hour. so this line. making a clean sweep across the area. right at 6:30 and moving


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