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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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that have gone severe. now we will be seeing them cool some areas to the west. the winds are in general gusting near 30, but the wind gusts, they could be 50 to 60 miles an hour with a lot of lightning with this move over parts of the county. and maybe over here where eventually there will be another strong cell moving through. just to the northwest of summit that it will head towards patterson and bloomfield with more connected to that, that it could approach new york city by about 6:30 or so that it looks like it will be one that will be going to 6:30 and the other cluster here close to the 7:00 hour. so this line. making a clean sweep across the area. right at 6:30 and moving
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close to 7:00. same thing to bridge forth where this line will be moving through the area for the next couple of hours. probably east by about 8:30 to 9:00. so what you need to know is the line of showers and thunderstorms through 9:00, expect the brief heavy downpours and some gusty winds and in that particular storm, maybe some damaging winds. and after that our attention will turn to a big arctic outbreak in april and that will be coming tomorrow night into sunday and again with their prospect of damaging winds, high wind watch out for much of the area already for tomorrow night into sunday. a lot to storm track in the accu weather forecast. >> all right, we'll see you then, thank you. we will turn to the slashing in new york city. the man was slashed in the stairwell of the busy intersection that happened at 34th street. a.j.? >> reporter: liz r, police are blocking off the entrance as
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panhandlers who reportedly stabbed a man in the stairwell there. there still remains a heavy police presence at this hour as the investigation continues. i want to show you some chopper video as the 58-year-old victim was stabbed during the back of some sort of altercation with a man and woman who were panhandling near the stairwell. the victim was quickly rushed to mt. cyanide roosevelt while the two suspects, they reportedly fled the scene. was even more concerning is that this is the second slashing that occurred today. and the other man was slashed on the face during a subway robbery. just after 5:00 this morning. the victim was attacked while waiting on the subway platform. and police do not believe that these two incidents are related, but frequent riders say that they are concerned. >> i'm pretty shocked. during the day it is usually pretty safe. >> i understand that it was two
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of that? >> wow, that's pretty troubling. >> reporter: they are redirecting subway riders to go across the street. so this is not affecting the trains at this hour during peak commuting hours. they are asking anyone that may have information to give them a call. i'm a.j. ross channel 7 eyewitness news. >> a.j. thank you. now to the police shooting in new jersey. a 23-year-old man is in the hospital tonight. so far little information is being released about their condition or the circumstances of the shooting. but what we do know is that he was shot inside the home of his grandparents. tim fletcher is there with the story. tim? >> reporter: liz, nearly 24 hours after the shooting, they have not rereese -- released any details on what went inside
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they offered a little information. surrounding this tiny house, investigators continue to gather evidence hours after the police-involved shooting left the butler man in critical condition. >> i saw him and i said he's dead. and then i started crying and shaking and i said that the kid is dead. >> reporter: they would rush the man to the ambulance. >> i figured that it was him that it did not surprise me at all. >> reporter: amanda dubois went to school with the man where he was in trouble with the law previously. >> it is sad. i wish the best for him. i don't wish any harm. but it's sad that it is what he had to go through. >> reporter: he lived with his grandparents. they were actively looking for him. >> and that he went looking for them.
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and the grandma wouldn't let them in the house. >> reporter: police will not say why he was allegedly wanted. but the neighbors say that they went to the back door. the prosecutor's office says that they can confirm that the incident occurred. that the 23-year-old was shot up to four times in his chest and torso. >> he is still alive, but you never know that his condition is critical. his grandmother was clearly distraught. >> she was on her knees crying inside. she was crying. >> reporter: and eyewitness news is also learning that the man has been previously arrested for burglary and even lead police on the foot chase through the neighborhood. reporting live, tim fletcher eyewitness news. >> thank you. police have identified the man killed after a collision
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the 67-year-old's car was struck by the officer in maywood as he was responding to the other accident. and the police cruiser was headed to that scene where the motorcyclist had just fled from police taken to the hospital where he later died. a $15 minimum wage is closer to the reality here in new york and that the state assembly today, they would pass that budget including higher wage and the assembly that will be expected to pass that plane. while the bill will dramatically help those earning minimum wages, they cannot afford it as eyewitness news reporter is in midtown tonight with more. stacey? >> reporter: well you know that there was a goal that some would call a pipe dream three years ago with strikes and rallies, here in midtown and downtown and all across the country actually. the so-called fight for 15 has been won.
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even trying to make it the impossible. >> reporter: but the movement was underway and one that was bigger than anything that alvin ever expected. now three and a half years after he was making $16,000 per year as a cook at kfc he expects to make more than $31,000. an incredible raise for these workers, maybe. but for alden a 40-hour workweek used to still leave him on public assistance. the alternative was grueling. >> how many hours? >> 84. >> yes. budget deal. the phase-in has workers york city earning that rate by the end of 2018. it'll take another year before businesses with fewer than 10 employees must comply. in long island and westchester
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and upstate more wiggle room in five years it'll be just $12.50 an hour. more money for workers, including as much as $15 billion into our economy. >> you know what they do with that? they spend it. they don't put it in the bank, they need it. >> reporter: and some agree, but not all. they fear that they will need to face the bad outcome. >> it is a combination of the automation and the fewer worker hours. and then worse case scenario the actual closing of businesses. >> for the others, less risk than what they are living right now. >> reporter: now the new budget deal will make them the second state to adopt the $15 an hour
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already. >> thank you, stacy. another robust jobs report, as they head back to the workplace for the fastest pace. and that is more than expected. the unemployment rate would kick up 5%. and s&p picked up 13. now to vote 2016. hillary clinton is heading to a fundraiser tonight after a busy day in upstate new york. she visited the university on basketball.
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appearances. >> reporter: bernie sanders meanwhile is in wisconsin tonight, but here in new york that he would campaign to hold a women's round table. the other republicans, they were the only one on the campaign trail today that would use that opportunity to knock their opponents during the debates. >> now to the stupid debates where they would need to use sound bites to give them a thrill and that they will be in a demolition derby. >> kasich also found focusing on new york that he was in queens and will head to long island next week. as you continue on this friday night the nanny is fighting for her life tonight after she was nearly killed. she would push that baby stroller out of the path of the
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herself. and plus newer school superintendents would talk to eyewitness news about the lead crisis.
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a nanny who risked her life is fighting for her own life.
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the way and was struck instead, which happened yesterday. the nanny was pinned beneath the car. she is now in critical condition. >> the lady was literally under the car. >> she knew that she would be hit and that it was a desperate attempt to save the baby, which she probably did. >> reporter: and the driver of the car has not been charged that she made a legal turn. the superintendent of schools is speaking publicly tonight after the high levels of the lead were found in 30 schools in the district. the school's test so far, eight had some water sources that when tested they would have elevated levels of lead. the results are alarming and parents, they should be
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we should deal with it, we should advocate for funding, from the sources. >> reporter: and they say that parents that will be concerned, they should have their children tested for the lead exposure. just ahead on eyewitness news, the well-known celebrity has just come to the rescue as we have been telling you about all day long. and they were on the run. we'll tell you who rescued him. and lee will return with
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we've got a bit of news. we're telling it to you all day. they have picked up the bull from animal care and control in brooklyn and they are now driving that bull tow that farm
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about 240 miles north. >> yes, going well. >> that is one lucky bull. >> absolutely. >> that is classic. who knew. well done. >> i mean it all begins here kicking off with the stormy evening. that they would expire, which is good news. it has gone lenting looking when you see the sunshine that will be giving way to all the dark clouds out of new jersey. only by 6:30. southwest wind at 7 touching 80 degrees as it will be feeling like it is 50, 55 degrees colder than right now sunday morning. the average high is 56 for the first day of april with your sunrise and sunset times. because of the wind off the
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and at 69 in white plains because we're going to be getting all the cold air. we are chilly. there's some areas of fog. until 6:00 in the morning. and thunderstorms early this evening. the rain will return tomorrow morning, just showery into the afternoon with a couple of breaks, it will be pouring through, heading towards bridge water and morris. a patterson and montclair moving off to the north and the east and move into new york city by 6:30 or so into jersey city at 6:28 union city at 6:28 as well. then there are some downpours, new castle, over to north salem with the showers moving through northern fairfield with even more down to the south.
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area of rain, which will move up along the front tomorrow morning and keep us in the rain tomorrow morning through early afternoon. the next system will push that out, but it does not look impressive now with the snow out in front of it. behind it these powerful damaging winds that will be developing across the area. watch out for the storms, they will move away for a little while. we will be back in the 50s a lot cooler, but not too cold tomorrow with showers in the afternoon with clearing north and west with the change. look at this future cast here the area of snow even the coatings. up to 59 where it will be damp
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clearing to come through the afternoon, especially north and west. 37 feels like the 20s and the teens for sunday. the winds could be damaging over 50 miles per hour during the day with that high wind watch. and so definitely the second blast of the april chill coming in next week as we up. i really think that we'll need to wait believe it or not to get back to those temperatures not like this, but more spring- like temperature. >> no offense, but that is a bummer of a forecast. >> i take full responsibility. >> you delivered it well. >> thanks.
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it is almost here as this is it the met's final game of the spring. it is about to get real. what a day for yoenis cespedes. we'll have highlights from las vegas. plus a new look at the giants defense on the way this
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now that wait is nearly over. >> yes, it is, two days, just over 48 hours in the world series rematch. they are finalizing their roster breaking camp with the big club. the other meeting with the cubs in las vegas as they will be
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as they will take whatever they can get moving over, waiting for the first home run. and just a pair of walks that they will be leading 3-1 in the 8th. they still have two exhibition games standing in the way on monday. tonight while the reliever andrew miller reportedly has been cleared to pitch after meeting with the specialist this morning with just three days to go, the yankees have finally named that fifth starter in their rotation, the veteran that will be remaining a starter as he'll open up the season in the bullpen. it is now april, which means that the programs in the nfl will be starting later this month.
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new additions thanks to the free spending spree that they will have the safety for jenkins to throw in that good things could happen for them last in that nfl for them last season. >> we thank them that got in and obviously they would give us something. and whether that will be because we did not have it last year as we did. >> they lost five out of six including their acc tournament opener. well now they will be the final four. and that many might not have expected that no. 10 seed to make it that far that they are not surprised. that they save their best basketball for last and they will need it tomorrow.
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than what we would like to. everybody has to be all in they will not play due to that right shoulder. at least one will break it as we will have highlights at 11:00. finally bringing new meaning to plant like the pancake. and you had a great idea? >> and then that happened. fortunately no pancakes were actually harmed in this incident. however, i think that now all of us are craving breakfast for dinner tonight. poor pancakes. >> no ihop. >> good one. >> do you like that? [ laughter ] >> time now far look at some of
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there is new information about the knife that was found near o.j. simpson's old house andquestions on whether or not it was connected to the double murder investigation. plus a high-speed chase ends. the woman tried to make another getaway in the cop's car. we'll have more tonight at 11:00. i didn't mind that joke. it was okay. and that is our news for now. thank you so much for joining us, i'm liz cho. world news is next. have a tonight, the severe weather outbreak hitting right now. tornadoes already. blinding rain. millions now bracing for high winds. and across much of the east, snow on the way. also breaking, the new video tonight. the wrong target. an undercover officer shot more than a half dozen times by mistake. >> or okay? breaking developments in the shootout at a greyhound bus station. police revealing just a short time ago, the size of the arsenal.


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