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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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good night. new at 11:00, a mother charged in connection with the death of her newborn baby. the storms tonight, big changes coming this weekend. lee goldberg ties up the return of winter.
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a bull that went on the run has a new home tonight. all thanks to comedian john stewart who came to the rescue. we have new information on why he helped out. but first tonight say good- bye to the temperatures. a big change on the way. storms, even hail earlier tonight. next, a dramatic drop in the temps. good evening at 11:00, i'm david novarro. >> i'm shirleen allicot. bill is off.
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shirleen and david. this resident capturing the cloud-to-cloud lightning that branched off there sparking these storms. the temperatures near 80 in many spots especially inland. cooler along the coast. right now we're mainly cloudy, still around 70 degrees 159 1:00. so it has been comfortable with the storm reports across new jersey nearly one-inch hail over hanover with the gusty winds here as well. radar is quieting down over the next radar or two. unfortunately the front isn't getting far enough. we have rain coming through tomorrow morning. but this is the storm that they are watching that it does not look as impressive right now, carrying the serious arctic air that will come around this time tonight and tomorrow night and along with it the howling winds. high wind watches are up late tomorrow night into the first part of sunday where the winds could gust over 60 miles an hour. so here is what you'll need to know with the other round of rain tomorrow morning and a little better in the afternoon. damaging winds are developing late tomorrow night and how
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that it will feel like 20 on sunday morning with some wet snow in spots that i could not rule out the accumulation. and tomorrow's rain the latest on the snow is all coming up in just a few minutes. back to you. >> all right, thank you. and the new information tonight about that vicious slashing attack in manhattan that they would say it is a drug deal gone bad that the 51- year-old was slashed on his back by two panhandlers in midtown this afternoon. it first appeared to be random as they tell us that there is a fight over the low level drug sale. the man slashed is in stable condition with no arrests. charging a 20-year-old mother in the murder of her newborn. the baby found dead. a short time after the mom had given birth. the baby was born alive only to then be suffocated. eyewitness news reporter josh einiger in police headquarters. josh? >> david, for nine months, sharon sedat managed to keep
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family and even from the baby's father. then yesterday morning cops say that she was all alone in her bedroom when she gave birth. and the baby. and threw her away. the screams of labor, the first cries of the newborn. it apparently went unnoticed. the healthy full-term baby girl never had a chance. after delivering her alone, police say that 20-year-old sharon sedat suffocated her. stuffed the little body in the black plastic bag and left it out like trash. tonight nassau county homicide struggles to explain why. >> it was a healthy the affixuation. >> reporter: after disposing the body, sedat began bleeding heavily, screaming loudly enough to summon her brother and mother. it was the e.r.
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they found the garbage bag bloody clothing alongside it. >> many agencies in nassau county that can help women who are pregnant and in distress. so a situation like this doesn't occur. >> reporter: sudat and her baby daughter, of course are beyond that kind of help. the mother facing a charge of second-degree murder. she'll appear before a judge in the morning. we're live at nassau police headquarters in long island josh einiger channel 7 eyewitness news. new at 11:00, police are on the scene of the serious accident in new jersey. it happened earlier tonight in rockaway. police say that two cars collided at the intersection of mt. hope and mt. pleasant avenues. a $15 minimum wage is just one signature away from becoming a reality in new york state. the state senate and assembly passed a budget deal today including raising the minimum
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battle has been a priority of governor cuomo. it's not clear when he'll sign off on it, but the critics of the wage hike claim that it will be a job killer. some businesses say they could not afford it. >> the nypd has identified the suspect in the series of the violent home invasions targeting elderly women in brooklyn and queens. eyewitness news reporter a.j. ross is in the prospect heights section of brooklyn. a.j.? >> reporter: shirleen, police do remain on the hunt tonight for the 64-year-old clarence jones. a career criminal who likes to prey on the elderly and who police believes may be connected to at least five violent crimes between brooklyn and queens and in just the past couple of months. >> here is a look good at jones who would have 19 prior arrests. investigators would link jones to several assaults and robberies dating back to january, all involving elderly victims. the most recent case that linked jones occurred last
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forced his way into an 83-year- old woman's brooklyn home. once inside he allegedly struck her so hard that he broke her nose before slipping away. and police believe that jones also attacked and robbed a 91- year-old woman with a gun and box cutter in park slope earlier this month. and pistol whipped another 71 woman in february. they spoke about how desperately while like to catch jones. >> we have a lot for this fella and we couldn't identify them that they would look back at all the cases of the home invasion and that they would identify this person from the bronx in 2014. particularly a violent individual. and 64-year-old male with 19 prior arrests that they needed to get them to get it back behind bars for the rest of their life. now he's believe today be armed and dangerous, previously serving 14 years behind bars for similar crimes against the elderly.
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that may help police, please call crime stoppers at 1-800- 577-tips. live tonight channel 7 eyewitness news. new at 11:00, take a look at the video of the nypd releasing just moments ago. that police want to talk to in connection to the attack 103-year-old woman in the bronx. the attack happened this afternoon. in the victim's co-op city apartment. the attacker pushed that 103- year-old woman to the ground and stole her purse along with two meals she felt meals -- two meals she had just picked up. a 23-year-old man was shot as many as four times inside his grandparent's home in butler. during the confrontation with police, witnesses say that the officers surrounded the small house and went to the back door with the police dog. and that is when the shooting happened. the man's condition has not been released. well now to politics and most of the presidential candidates, canvassing
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state's primary next tuesday. the democratic candidate bernie sanders is hoping to pull off the victory in wisconsin after his surprising three state sweep last week. democratic front runner hillary clinton continuing to campaign in new york today talking about u.s. jobs at a stop in syracuse. meanwhile tonight donald trump claims if he wins wisconsin, it will be all over for his republican challengers seeking the gop nomination. but after perhaps the roughest week of his campaign his victory is far from assured. ted cruz is now ahead of trump in wisconsin polls with a double-digit lead. trump is struggling to contain the damage from his controversial comments this week about abortion. a belgium government source says that things appear to be on track for the passengers services to resume in the brussels airport on sunday morning. they are demanding tighter security screenings and have reached a preliminary agreement with the government once opening up. the airport will operate at no more than 20% of the flight capacity.
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attacked the airport and the brussels metro killing 32 people. a nanny who risked her life to save a baby on long island is now fighting for her own life. that eyewitnesses say they pushed that baby's stroller out of the way of the uncommon car only to throw herself into their path. and it all happened yesterday in rockville center. the 62-year-old nanny was pinned beneath the car. neighbors and police, they would rally to lift that vehicle off of her and the nanny, now in critical condition. the car's driver has not been charged. new at 11:00, the faa will ease minutes on the unlimited flights in newark airport resulting to lower airfare. the move should lead to more competition among airlines. the limits are reporting the effect in 2008 and to reduce congestion and delays. but runways could handle more flights. the changes will take effect in the end of october. there is new information on the knife found near o.j. simpson's old house. and also comedian jon
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new details on why he helped rescue a bull that got loose today and went on the run. and a car chase that didn't
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at one point the story of the bull loose would have a lot rooting for the bull. the bull was finally recaptured. stewart stepped in to save the bull from the slaughter house where it escaped. and how they would get involved. >> it's been a long day, affectionately nicknamed after
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the black and white angus con conducted a well deviced plan to bust out of this slaughter house. and then they hitched a ride of all people former daily show host john stewart and his wife tracy. >> he was feeding that bull over the fence that actually came here to take it out of their hands, which is actually really nice. >> reporter: and they enjoyed a bit of freedom on the college campus in jamaica queens friday morning. the bull was tranquilized with darts. >> there was a guy swinging here off his ropes. he looked pretty confident here as i kind of want to keep it here. he has enough here to roam around that it would be nice. >> reporter: they associated with the owner raising $1,000 to buy and spare him from slaughter. by friday afternoon he was
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home in upstate new york. channel 7 eyewitness news. new at 11:00 a stunning end to the wild police chase in southern california. watch as they lunge to steal it. they managed to pull that suspect off the steering wheel. and the suspect who allegedly stole that truck is a 30-year- old woman that will be believed to be from new jersey now in jail. as a part of the major repair project and that on monday that they will be diverted to the newly completed northbound lanes. they will extend the life of the bridge for more than 70 years. testing has determined a knife found in o.j. simpson's former estate that it was not the weapon in their
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he found that knife on their property passing it on to the retired police officer. that happened back in 1994. president obama warning other world leaders not to become complaisant. and last year he and other world leaders would reach that controversial nuclear deal with iran. the world is reducing the risk, but no nation could let down their guard. >> they have used chemical weapons including the gas in syria and iraq. that there is no doubt that if these madmen ever got their hands on the nuclear bomb or material that they would most certainly use it to kill as many innocent people as possible. >> and he did not attend this summit.
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the process. taking part in the zika virus at their headquarters in atlanta. the director urged the state health department to prepare now for the virus. and 273 zika case haves been reported so far. the majority of those and people that would travel to the zika affected countries. no cases have been transmitted through the mosquito bite. >> let's turn to weather right now as we will be getting used to the easy going kind of forecast. >> right? >> the fourth warmest march and that warm momentum that will get cut off in the past near 80 degrees today and look what happens in the afternoon a great time lapse. watch as the storm comes in with the beautiful sunset behind us. it feels great with the clouds around and the showers are here that have left us. in blue tonight, the world
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under the 70-degree mark. westerly wind is at 12 and the high is just shy of 80 degrees. the average high is 56. your sunrise and sunset time. rainfall in the park was light. and later the rainfall amounts because of the cool ocean air that would cloak off as they would move eastward with a couple here. and that they would have cooler air working in the cooler air over the island in the middle that it will be very mild and warm and the temperatures will step down tomorrow, but not too bad in the 50s. you'll need your umbrellas with a few showers on tomorrow morning and steadier south and east and rain through early afternoon and the skies will try to brighten with a stray shower and enough that we will be getting to the upper 50s. early evening will be okay late tomorrow night is the problem. with a couple showers here.
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offshore and this area will be riding along the front. meaning that we will be soggy at least to start the day. then the rain will start to lead the scene. the area of low pressure will dive down. and it does not look that impressive now with the area of snow with it and gusty winds that will unlock their arctic air tomorrow night into sunday. watch the future cast here as we'll start out tomorrow morning with a band of rainfall south and east of new york city. still off for some showers even north and west. during the day still some showers to let's say midday and then they start to move eastward. frightening north and west and they cannot rule out a stray shower. most of the areas should be dry in the mid to upper 50s. then things change tomorrow night. that clipper comes in. that low track will be very critical. to the north of the track the rain will go to snow with a decent thumping. in the worse case a coating to a slushy inch or two on the highest elevations that will be above freezing. but you may wake up to north and west of new york city and even some wet snowflakes
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that'll pivot away. the sun comes out sunday, but the wind is howling, especially through early afternoon and start to go down, but the wind gusts could be over 50 to 60 miles an hour. and they will feel like 20s. but the future cast and the windchill as we would go to sunday morning the teens and the 20s across the area. after the 80-degree feel today it will feel like teens and 20s sunday morning with the incredible shocking change. cloudy and cooler with a couple of changes. the steadier rain is south and east with the threat of rain through early afternoon with the afternoon breaks north and west still in the upper 50s. then the temperatures will plummet. they might get those howling winds late saturday night into sunday morning with 43 degrees. 59 the tough call on monday. again the storm track is very close to us with the shower in the forecast for the yankee game. and it will be a close call. i think that they will play. then as we go into tuesday another cold shot. we're just not seeing them continue for april in the 40s through midweek.
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bounce back until mid-month. so a change in the weekend. thank you, lee. david, you're going to like this. up next, could a coffee a day help keep cancer away? also, a police officer hopscotching with a young girl. we'll tell youslow, building african-style music it's the little moments that make the biggest waves.
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if you're 50 or older
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scientists discovered another benefit of drinking coffee, reducing your risk by half. researchers found that the more you drink the lower your risk of bowel and rectal cancer. those that drank more than two cups a day including decaf coffee. good news for david novarro here. >> yes, it is. a wild scene in california as a cruise ship crashes into a dodge dock. people noticed how fast it was going as they would scramble out of the way. seven people were hurt. three taken to the hospital, but their injuries are not considered life threatening. the company that owns the boat said that the accident happened because of a mechanical malfunction. new tonight a young girl's family who is going through tough times. the warm memory thanks to the kind police officer. they found an 11-year-old girl living in the car. look at this as they are
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to teach them how to play hopscotch striking a cord with many people. she helped her mother contact homeless task force to find housing and just so great to find people. >> yes. >> back in the days where it has been a very long time. >> yes, a very long time. how about some sports? we could now consider the basketball rivalry closed for the weekend. clashing for the final time. and neither have the playoffs here, but one could at least
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rights was on the line tonight? >> you were super excited. and when they play each other. the ballet for new york city basketball loses a little luster. as they met for the last time on their birthday. clee anthony, it was a tight game to make it a tied game with 17 points for him. and it was the knicks that lead the entire way after half time for 18 points. and no team wants to head to their season on that winless streak with one more
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happening today. and he reaches first for the run scored, cesepedes waiting to get his first home run with that no hitter in five scoreless innings, opening night on sunday. the yankees are in miami for their second to last exhibition game. jose hernandez is baffling the pinstripes, including alex rodriguez there. in the fourth it is brett gardner with his numbers, belts the solo home run for the first of the game. and they go on to top the marlins. and the conference is guaranteed to have a team in their national championship team. in tomorrow's national
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for the third time this season. this time for the highest stakes yet. the orange. they are worried about themselves. >> and we know how good they are and that at this stage that you are going to go out and try to play as best as you can. >> they also worked out in houston today and the only remaining no. 1 seed. but while they are familiar with each other, neither team could take anything for granted. and who plays the best in their game. >> tonight he is announcing that he's not ready.
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that is the news for now. i'm shirleen allicot. >> i'm david novarro. eyewitness news returns tomorrow morning. for all of us here, have a great night. and now abc's jimmy kimmel live. >> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- harrison ford, elizabeth olsen, and music from cam. with cleto and the cletones.


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