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tv   Nightline  ABC  April 2, 2016 12:37am-1:05am EDT

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but it's the only place that i can hold you tight in this burning house the flames are getting big now in this burning house i could hold on to you somehow in this burning house oh i don't want to wake up in this this is "nightline." >> tonight, revenge porn. a young woman is devastated when a sks tape she didn't even know existed surfaces on the internet, posted by what she says is a vengeful ex. the be you tube star a target of public humiliation and the back. danger tourist. forget wanting to chill.
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this father is one of many adventure seekers with a penchant for vacations involving a brush with death. when getting shot at in iraq looks like fun. why some of us venture to what most of us fear. introducing binge on up. >> april fools. did you fall for this wild binge on up on t-mobile? >> this is my favorite scene. >> it was a day of pranks. why so many big businesses are getting in on the joke. but first the "nightline 5." come on and do it come on let's go got to keep moving come on let's go if your family outing is magical for all the wrong reasons, you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec for powerful allergy relief. different from claritin because it starts working fast over the first day you take it. try zyrtec.
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good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm rebecca jarvis. a young youtube star becomes the target of public shaming after she says an ex posted a sex tape ononline that she had no idea was ever recorded. the scary reality of revenge porn and how crissy chambers says it happened to her and now is fighting back and hoping to inspire others along the way. here's "nightline" anchor juju chang with the story. >> we are bria and chrissy. >> reporter: she's one half of the youtube sensation bria and chrissy. it's those uplifting songs. >> reporter: and messages of lgbt empowerment. >> pride is about being
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>> reporter: garners a following of hundreds of thousands. but it was a different kind of attention that suddenly spun chrissy chambers' world out of control. >> my world came crashing down. >> reporter: when one day she started getting disturbing messages like these from her young followers. >> take responsibility for your own sex video. >> another dumb slut who got what she deserved. >> this woman is a clown and a hypocrite. >> reporter: she had no idea what was happening. >> it was single handedly probably one of the hardest moments manufacture i life. i literally just collapsed on the floor. >> reporter: turns out there was a sex tape of her with her ex-boyfriend on the internet. myself. it was horrific pain. >> reporter: not only shock it was made public but that it existed at all. she says she has no memory of making the video. >> i saw these links and clicked on this video and realized that i'd been assaulted. because i was unconscious when
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>> reporter: at 18 years old, chrissy says her ex boyfriend secretly taped himself having sex with her while she was passed out and drunk. then allegedly releasing the video three years ago. she calls it an online attack. >> someone was posting on our channel links to the videos, to our fans, to be hit with a baseball bat that this person you cared about so much could pe tray you in such an intense way. it was horrific. >> reporter: abc news made repeated attempts to reach out to her alleged offender but never heard back. chrissy says she is one of many victims of revenge porn. a form of nonconsensual porn. the distribution of sexually graphic images without consent. >> it could be a rape video that's gone viral or pictures that were originally created and distributed within the context of an intimate relationship. >> reporter: there's estimated to be more than 2,000 sites
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often jilted exes posting intimate photos or videos at a former lover's expense. it's a cyber threat that's difficult to track and even harder to prosecute. >> it's really, really hard to get law enforcement to take complaints seriously and to get prosecutors and judges to also see these cases through the end. >> reporter: carrie goldberg is an internet privacy and sexual consent attorney. she says 80% of her cases are related to revenge porn. >> when clients contact me, they are in the middle of a tornado. they think for the rest of their life they're always going to be exposed on the internet. >> what kind of emotional damage can revenge porn have? >> it's often very humiliating. they can feel paranoid, depressed, constantly checking the web to find out how many people know about the video. >> reporter: for chrissy the road to justice has already been long and tough. complicated in part because she
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the footage in the uk, forcing her to file the suit overseas. >> it was like stumbling in the dark. but they would say, you know, oh, i'm so sorry this happened to you, but we can't help. >> reporter: theirs is a journey that chrissy and her girl bria have chronicled on their youtube channel. >> i was a victim of revenge porn. this is what we've been going through for two years now. and obviously you know we're going through a hard time. just didn't know quite wa it was. >> reporter: this moments after she gives her police report, chrissy speaks with a "guardian" reporter jenny cleeman. >> what they have now is not enough. is just not enough. and it's ruining people's lives. i'm going to fight and continue to fight to of course not let it ruin mine. >> reporter: england and wales
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books but it does not apply to chrissy's case because her alleged assault happened before that law was in place. her legal team plans to bring a civil lawsuit against chrissy's alleged offender which, while an option in the u.s., would be the first of its kind in england. >> is fighting for your rights just a way of sort of retraumatizing yourself? >> if you are going to bring it up publicly, bring up the situation, people are going to get curious. you're keeping the story in the news. so you almost have to be prepared for that. and think about what your goal is. >> reporter: chrissy says the trauma surrounding her alleged cyber assault impacts every aspect of her life. >> you feel like you don't have any control. control over my own body, my own image. it just -- it was so damaging in so many ways. >> reporter: and with a public career built around sharing her
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deep. >> we heard, i've been watching you for a while but i can't respect somebody who would do this, someone who is a slut and a whor eliminate. it broke our hearts every time we read something like that. >> reporter: but there are also the notes of hope. >> no one deserves to feel this helpless in a case like this. i can't begin to imagine how horrible that must have been for you or the pain you must have gone through. it's just sign credible how -- like we've seen the darkest side of the internet but we've also seen the most beautiful side of the internet. >> reporter: spurred on by other advocates, the fight against revenge porn has come a long way in recent years. with 27 states and the district of columbia passing specific criminal laws to protect against it. activist groups like the cyber civil rights initiative working for victims with online resources, legal support, and even a crisis help line. >> it's a safe, anonymous place to call. and everybody needs a place when they're in crisis to go, to speak to somebody who's
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them, who helps them to restore their sense of self-esteem. >> reporter: beyond the legal battlefield, technology companies like google and microsoft offering tools for users who wish to delink or remove images they claim to be revenge porn. >> hi. my name is chrissy. and when i was 18 -- >> reporter: chrissy uses her youtube perch as a platform to encourage reform. >> most victims of revenge porn, also known as nonconsensual pornography, are attacked, shamed, and silenced to the point that they don't come forward to seek justice. and that has to change. >> reporter: that quest for change has also led her to formally petition for a federal law to criminalize revenge porn. >> just knowing that i went through with it and i was public about it, i just hope that that gives strength to other individuals who this has happened to. >> we all need to do our part to be civilized online. just as we are offline. and just because we can be anonymous and cloak our
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be evil. >> we put out a song that we wrote last year as a form of therapy for us. it was called "can't break me." the whole song was basically my message to my ex. what i would say to him. that you can't break me >> reporter: using that remarkable voice is a source of power for chrissy, one she hopes will inspire others. >> he wanted to ruin me and he wanted to hurt me. and he succeeded in that. but he couldn't silence me forever. alive alive alive >> reporter: for "nightline" i'm juju chang in new york. next up, a restful getaway on the beach? not for the danger tourist who sees a vacation being on the front lines of a gun battle in iraq, one of the many zany thrill seekers looking for a little fear in their fun.
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it's spring break and for many of us that means a time to get away and relax. but for some that's just not enough. tonight the danger tourist who prefers a quick jaunt to a war zone in iraq. so why do thrill seekers travel fun? abc's lama hasan is looking to find out. people think a nice vacation looks like.
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beaches with friends or family. but for andrew drury, this is his idea of a good vacation. >> here, we could be targets. of snipers. any time. >> reporter: over the years drury says he has spent holidays in hot spots all over the world. afghanistan, chechnya, even mogadishu. >> i went to mogadishu around christmas. i remember saying good-bye to my children and thinking for the first time, i could be saying good-bye for the last time. >> reporter: he says he went because he wanted did find the wreckage from the blackhawk down helicopter. >> that is the blackhawk. >> was it worth it? >> worth seeing it? >> yeah. >> yeah, because it's history. yeah, it was. >> reporter: drury is on the extreme edge of a new trend. vacationers looking for a more hands-on travel experience dubbed danger tourism. you do realize you're risking your life doing something like that? >> of course. i don't sit down and think -- i
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when it ends. but i'm totally rational as you can see. >> well, i don't know. >> perhaps you might question it. >> reporter: when he goes on these trips he leaves a family behind. >> daddy! >> reporter: he has a wife and kids in surrey, england. >> he is a great guy, he's got great personality. he makes me laugh. he's a fantastic father. bobby and ruby absolutely think he's brilliant. >> reporter: the successful construction company owner keeps a collection of unique souvenirs from his travels in his family home. >> this is from chechnya. it's got records, terrorist records. human remains from the sudan. from somalia. >> i would prefer him to stop. but i think i'd be changing him completelify made him stop. >> reporter: but even she was at a loss after this last trip. >> didn't speak to me for two days. >> reporter: this is his video
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on the front lines of the war against isis. >> we're heading off to the front line. >> reporter: they drive towards isis-occupied territory. and finally reach what he's traveled all this way for. >> what you see is the front line ahead. isis-held territory. those flags there are the recognizable flags -- >> reporter: and later a scary front-row seat. to the battle against isis. >> someone's been shot on this side of the front line. so we're pretty much under attack now. i didn't feel threatened. even when the gunfire happened, they seemed to be going about their jobs. and i was kind of drawn into the situation. >> we're returning fire. i don't think it gets realer than this on the front line.
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enjoy it. the adrenaline. since i've come back i haven't slept three days. >> reporter: the cost of the trip, about $2,800, including airfare. possible funeral expenses not included. are you scared of dying? do you actually think about death? >> i don't think about death when i do these trips. >> that's amazing. someone listening to you, they probably think you're barking mad. >> reporter: for those less mad, there are somewhat tamer options. so-called adventure tourism has become big business. according to one study, accounting for $263 billion a year worldwide. but there are others like drury who try to push the envelope even further and it doesn't always end well. in 2009, three uc berkeley students were captured while hiking along the border of iran. >> we have good food and we have
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>> reporter: iran imprisoned them for more than a year. after their release they expressed regret in a cbs news interview. >> in retrospect i wish we hadn't hiked so far. >> that's in hindsight. >> reporter: the british adventure seeker neil lauten and his friends. these photos of when they tried to cross the frozing bering strait seen in this dramatic coast guard video, rescued off the thin ice that stranded them for 12 hours. high above the andes mountains of bolivia, these adrenaline adrenaline-seeking tourists signed up to ride their bikes down el camino del muerte, "the death road." >> he assures me it's safe. >> reporter: these crosses lining the roadway in memory of the thousands who have died here cascading off the cliffsides. for many thrill seekers, it's an alluring flirtation with danger that drives them.
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britain's ben inese to pose with an alleged hijacker on an egypt air flight earlier this week. my colleague david muir spoke with him earlier today. >> what were you trying to accomplish by taking that image? >> i wanted him to understand that i was a human. i was doing human things. that i wasn't just a nameless, faceless victim. i also wanted to get a better look at the device, at him. i needed to understand if he had any other weapons. >> is there any regret in calling it the best selfie ever? >> in terms of regret, i have no regrets whatsoever. >> reporter: neither does andrew drury, who is already planning his next trip. >> do you think you'll ever stop? >> i can't. no, i don't want to stop. >> reporter: in hopes of bringing along as many people as possible on his future trips, you guessed it, a reality show is in the works. for "nightline," i'm lama hasan
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so tell the truth. did you fall for any sneaky april fools jokes today? there were some pretty good ones out there floating around thanks to some big companies with a wild sense of humor. here's abc's nick watt. >> reporter: the following i'm afraid all april fools, t-mobile's headset -- >> watch what you want during every waking second. >> reporter: krispy kreme's 3d printer. the john stamos-themed categories on netflix. single fries for sale in france. kids-only cabins on virgin australia. ar sister natural toilet paper. >> hand perforated the way toilet paper used to be. >> reporter: google's actual


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