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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  April 2, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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go down in the history books. from here on out, temperatures cooler, most of the day in the 50s. winds picking up significantly. we will start with the temperatures right now, north and west of the hudson valley, temperatures near 50 degrees, and that's where we are through the afternoon and down the shore, look at the winds. funneling in from the east and some from the west. the northerly wind will overtake want wind today. the strongest of the winds could come overnight. anything that you don't have sort of tied down or secured on your properties accident make sure you have that taken care of. there's a drizzle left for noon. winds are gusty. could be dangerous and damaging as well. heads up for that, and an artic air mass arriving tomorrow that
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when you wake up. a lot going on and a big change. have an extra layer for the change in the temperatures, and also b aware of this cool to cold air mass that is with us through much of the week, and details coming up on the accuweather forecast. rob? >> all right, amy, thank you very much. new this morning, in her own words, the elderly woman, we have been talking about this all morning, the woman who was mug in the bronx, 103 years old, and police are continuing to search for the heartless suspect who attacked her. marcus solis is live from coop city with the latest. hi, marcus. >> reporter: good morning, rob. in addition to being 103-year- old lewis senors legally blind. she has bumps and bruises, but otherwise okay. she was followed, and look at the suspect. this was released by the nypd. a woman follows her in as she
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community center and the victim was followed off the 8th floor, and that's when she was attacked, and now the suspect made off with some goods she had just gotten, a meal from a community center, her purse, actually two purses she was carrying with her, and she says it happened in flash. >> i was getting off the elevator, and the man got off a the elevator with his shopping cart, and he got off with me. he pushed me to the ground with everything in my shopping cart. he took it i had everything in that cart. >> police say the woman, frommed video made off with $35 and is otherwise okay. police are asking for the public's help. anyone with information is urged to call crime stoppers.
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eyewitness news. >> marcus, nice job getting that interview. i know it's a serious story, but a segway into a lighter topic. you're a proud syracuse fan, and i'm a proud carolina fan. i just want to make sure pubically we discuss the terms of our bet to make sure we are okay. >> you're going to be wearing orange next week. >> loser has to wear a tie in the winner's color. orange for me or carolina blue for you next weekend. >> i like sky blue, but carolina blue? eh. i have a tie already in
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ready for you. >> all right. well the nypd knows who they are looking for in a series of violent home invasions targeting elderly woman. he has a history of similar attacks. 64-year-old clarence jones said to be behind five armed attacks in queens, dating back to january. a week ago he hit an 84-year- old woman in the face with a gun. he hit her so hard, he broke her nose. he has 19 prior arrests and served 14 years in prison for similar crimes, and he's considered, of course, armed and dangerous. a long island woman is accused of killing her newborn baby girl. 20-year-old sharon seudat went to the hospital for heavy bleeding.
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had a baby. the investigators found the baby until the yard in a bag. the baby was alive when it was born. nancy pushed her stroller out of the way of an oncoming car. she was pinned beneath the car. neighbors rallied to get the car off of her. she is alive, but she is in critical condition. the car's driver has not been charged. the economic news in our state, $15 minimum wage is just one signature away from becoming a reality in the state. a budget deal was passed yesterday, and the proposal does include raising the minimum wage. it's been a battle for governor cuomo for months now. it's not clear when he will sign it, but of course he will.
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the wage hike say it will kill jobs, and some businesses say they simply can't afford it. the faa will allow more flights to take off per hour at newark liberty airport, and that could mean we can afford lower airfares. it should lead to more competition with the airlines. they were put into effect in 2008 to reduce congestion and delays. the faa says the newark runways can handle more flights that the point. the changes will take effect at the end of october. no time for the summer travel. >> anything that lower fares right now, i support. coming up on eyewitness news president obama wrapped up a 2- day summit in the nation's capital. the warning he is sending to world leaders regarding the threat of a nuclear attack. and in the accuweather center, we are tracking showers
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welcome back. police in chicago have a good piece of evidence in another shooting there the whole thing was caught in a facebook video. check it out. the victim, whom friends identify as 31-year-old bryan fields was streaming live on facebook when the shots ring out. you can see fields go down in a couple of minutes, and then the camera flips up to the sky. that's when the gunman comes into view, raising up his gun, and firing again, and fields is in critical condition and police hope the video will lead them to the shooter.
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most of the presidential wisconsin. democratic candidate, bernie sanders is hoping to pull off a big victory in wisconsin after the 3-state sweep last week. the sanders' campaign raised $44 million in march, a new high for his white housed by. so part sanders campaign has contributions. the average about is just $27 and some analysts believe a win in wisconsin for sanders could really change the momentum of the democratic race, and in the meantime, hillary clinton was upstate in syracuse yesterday announcing her $10 billion plan to invest in manufacturing. the internal review of clinton's most sensitive e-mail has been halted until the fbi is done with its investigation.
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aisle, donald trump says if he wins on tuesday "it will be all over for his challengers." but after a rough week, his victory is far from a sure thing. he is trying to come back from the damage from his comments this week about abortion. things appear to be on transitioning clientsing for passenger service to resume at the brussels' airport tomorrow morning. once open, the airport will operate at no more than 20% of flight capacity. it was 11 days ago the suicide bombers attacked the airport and the brussels' metro, killing 22 people.
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other world leaders not become complacent when it comes to a world attack. this was in washington yesterday, and last year he and other world leaders reached a controversial nuclear deal with iran. president obama said the world is reducing the risk of nuclear terrorism, but no nation can let its guard down. >> isl has used chemical weapon including mustard gas in iran. if they got their hands on a nuclear weapon, no doubt they would use it to kill as many people as possible. >> vladimir putin did not attend the summit. he said it was an effort by the u.s. to control the process. today is one year since the deadly terror attack at a university in kenya that left more than 140 people dead. many of the survivors of the gruesome attack now attend
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opened its doors in the wake of the massacre. it was one year ago that the gunman stormed the university, killing students and staff. for those who survived as you imagine, it's been a grief and recovery. >> currently i am using a bicycle, and i cannot walk for a very long distance, but i can run and play and do many things. >> 70 people were hurt in the attack. it was the deadliest attack in kenya in more than 15 years. >> resilience. you cannot stop progress or education when people want it. >> absolutely. >> straight ahead, on this saturday morning, we are getting a better look at the woman accused of kidnapping a
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a quick commuter alert to pass on to you. the pulaski skyway will be closed in both directions. then on monday the southbound traffic will be diverted to the new northbound lanes it will extend the life of the bridge for more than 7 decades. >> that's some return on investment and you know what is really scary? you drive the new jersey turnpike north or south, and it's foggy. it looks like this big thing from an alien movie. >> it's the weirdest thing. >> i'm glad it's up to code, par, and endurance and stuff. >> it needed it. >> i'm glad it will still will
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it was built in 1930, and the cement was crumbling. >> if we are getting 70 more years out of it, thank you! >> hats off to the workers throughout doing it. >> and on days like this, they have to stop some of it because the weather is not cooperating with much that will be done outdoors today. rains in the boroughs, and in this is an umbrella parade outside of our studio. people trying to dodge the showers. the temperatures are low to mid- 50s. the winds enough to turn your umbrellas inside and out and take your breath away with the gusts expected at 69 miles an hour. and try to see lower manhattan, and it's limited visibility, welcome to gotham. central park, 77%, and winds are 11%, and we had 61 degrees just after midnight, and that's about normal for this time of
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we will spend most of the day in the low to mid-50s with rain chance, and highs of curred already and we are anywhere from 54 to 58 degrees, and. sparta has 47 degrees, and 51 for trenton, and the winds are coming out of the east and northeast, and african american the west. they are creating the boundary we have going everywhere, and then of course the showers that are being produced. just behind the showers, the winds are dominating out of the north, and it will bring in chilly air. on and off showers that will take us through midday, and then it will taper off to drizzle. damaging winds tonight, and that's gusts up to 60 miles an hour. let me show you what is happening. dramatic change in the short period of time.
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what the wind warning is about, gusty winds, and then sustained winds. winds are continuous up to 25 miles an hour, and the gusts on top of that are stronger, and that can create damage. the accutrack showing the radar. we have the clouds and rain happening, and the batches of yellow are indicating moderate rain coming down. good cleansing of the as this passes, early afternoon, the winds will pick up. behind the front, teens and 20s. it feels like the 20s all day on sunday and even though the temperatures are in the 20s it will be cold all day. we could see light snow in places, and here's overnight tonight and we will see the showers and tomorrow night, into early on monday, we could also see the same pattern, and this first batch will come in tomorrow morning, off to the north, and then we will clear
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sunday night into monday, and these are accumulations on the grassy surface, and certainly a rude awakening for monday. not a lot of snow. most of it lake effect snow to the north and west of us. places like buffalo 3-6 inches. for everyone else, it's the feel, the change, and the snow will catch a lot of people off guard. it's 36. tomorrow, 44 degrees with the accuweather forecast. things will play out chilly over the next several days. monday, we may get to 55, and it's windy. the feels like temperatures will be colder. tuesday, the high temperature is 70 degrees. the temperatures coming up next week, but looking wet and unsettled for wednesday, thursday, and friday. >> i thought i heard you say snow? >> that's true.
9:21 am
snow than things sticking, but still, unpleasant. >> another transitional month as you guys like to say. a woman caught on camera kidnapping a newborn baby in philadelphia said it was an out- of-body expanse and wanted to -- out-of-body experience and wanted to hold a baby again after losing her child. police say she took the baby after striking up a conversation with his mother inside of the mall and then simply asked if she could hold him. >> she initially did say no, but eventually at a later point, mom was doing the best she could, and this person offered to help her out and picked up the baby, and these incidents happened. >> amore told police she was overwhelmed by holding a baby because she gave birth back in february to a baby boy who died just hours later.
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able to confirm yet if that is
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3 for the tie! no! and the boston celtics have stopped the record run at home of the golden state warriors! >> oh, the game last night. the celtics delivered the first at home loss in more than 14 months, and that's just an incredible month. curry tried to tie it at the buzzer, and boston squeaks out a win, 109-106, and now this is the interesting stat. those of you who follow the
9:25 am
of the next six games to break the record for most wins in a season. the final record for the bulls was 72-10, and the warriors want the most winningest season ever. they have to win five of the next six. >> do they get a bonus check for that? >> they should! >> i'm rooting for them. good luck to the warriors. time for sports with laura behnke. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. never are the disappointments of this season more on display for the knicks and nets than when they play each other. as the battle of new york city basketball loses luster, there's some bragging rights to be had. the two meeting for the last time this season last night. anthony with his first game with the knicks since he the shot in the kneecap 3 months ago. brown with the alley-oop to make it a tie game. sean kilpatrick making it for
9:26 am
lead, but the knicks led the entire way after halftime. gallaway off the bench. they split the season series, and even though the games don't count, no team wants to head into the regular season with a 15-game losing streak. when you're winless in the last 14 games, you will take the runs however you can get them. ben with the error, and granderson reaching first. the run scores, and then the more traditional way. cespedes waiting until the last spring game for his first spring home run. mats was strong on the mound and had a no hitter in his 6 innings. the mets break the streak. opening night is sunday in kansas city. last night the yankees in miami for their second to last
9:27 am
jose fernadez battling the win stripes to start. in the 4th, it's brett gardner, and he had his number. belting out the solo home run for the first run of the game. 3-2, and the yankees go on to top the marlins. the acc has fared quite well in the tournament, and this much we know. the conference is guaranteed to championship game. we don't know if the team will in today's national semifinals, will clash for the third time this season, but this time for the highest stakes yet the orange? just worried about themselves. >> we know how good they are, but at this stage you are going to go out and try to play your best, no matter what. >> the tarheels also worked out yesterday, and the pressure son to take care of business today, and while unc and syracuse are
9:28 am
neither team can afford to take anything for granted. >> we have played syracuse twice, and that give us no edge. the difference makers play the best in the game. the masters is just 1 week away, but for the second time in 3 years, tiger woods will not be on the course. he announced physically he's just not ready. last night the red bulls and revolution, and diego has it. 1-0, the redbulls fall. we will be back with you tonight at 5:00. come on, carolina. much more ahead on this saturday morning, including a live look at the top stories. as police search for a
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welcome back to our rainy day in the city. welcome back to eyewitness news. you're looking live at central park. opening weekend is underway. it's saturday april 2nd, and unfortunately opening day is so drudge. >> people were basking out in the sun yesterday. >> not today. >> i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm toni yates in for michelle charlesworth. glad to have you back, and i'm glad to be here. we will see when the nastiness will roll out of here. >> reporter: i wish i could say we have major improvements on our way. we are looking for a serious change over the weekend. high wind warning has been posted, and we have showers right now but the next change up will be the wind warning.
9:32 am
and careerry out there, and limited visibility where the rain is coming downright now, and temperatures are upper 40s to low 50s. much of the day will be in the low 50s for the five boroughs. across the board, it's a high wind warning in effect until 2:00 p.m. then the winds will settle down. the impact of the winds, we will have had rain in place to sort of loosen the soil and make for weaker holding down of the roots, and then we have wind coming in that could gust up to 60 miles an hour. anything that is not tied down, you may want it secured. the high resolution futurecast, showing the wind comes after the rain and this is starting to taper off. light rain and drizzle, and that's when we will see the winds picking up. they will continue late this evening into the overnight hours, and planning the rest of the day, know the winds will be changing out of the southwest
9:33 am
going for the northerly wind that will be bringing in colder air for us. temperatures in the 50s for now, but it will feel like the 20s tomorrow. and i will talk about the potential snow of the accuweather forecast, next. >> can't even get over that, amy, thank you so much. now a 103-year-old woman who was attacked and robbed just steps for her door in the bronx folk to us this morning. marcus solis is live from coop city where the woman is recovering from the encounter, which is just horrible. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, toni. this 103-year-old woman she is spry, feisty, but she is 103, and she is legally blind, making what happened to her all the more shocking. this is surveillance video from the nypd. you can see the suspect pushing the shopping cart. louise was pushing her own
9:34 am
on her floor, and that's when segore says suspect pushed her down and stole her shopping cart, including meals she just got from the center, and took the shoes she was carrying. >> i was lost. i had no nothing. it was a good idea i had the keys in my hand. still i had the mail in my hand, and my glasses were in my hand. >> reporter: all right, so louise says she did suffer bumps and bruises, but she is otherwise okay. she didn't need to go to the hospital. the suspect took off down the stairs with the two shopping carts. police want anyone with information to contact crime stoppers. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right, marcus, thank you. today the newark community will gather send help to the
9:35 am
are dealing with the water crisis as the city combats its own lead issues. hip hop for flint issues are are being held across the city today. one will be at the robert treat hotel. they will help 250 families dealing with lead contaminated water in flint. city officials are holding a panel discussion called newark, what's in your water to discuss the elevated lead levels in the school systems. the sarah's law next of kin registry has been expanded in new jersey. people in the garden state can include their emergency contact information in a statewide registry. it was created in memory of a 19-year-old sayreville woman who died in an incomes 2007. it took police an hour and a half to notify her parents. she slipped into a coma by the time she arrived a the
9:36 am
law student at george mason university are worried a name change could pigeon hole their careers. they will be changing the name to the antonin scalia school of justice. students say the name change could limit their chances after graduation. the school says it's tied to $30 million in scholarship money and recognizing his talent. hundreds of new police officers are ready to hit the streets in our area and more than 00 recruits graduated in madison square garden yesterday. commissioner bratton said this is the best class in the history of the nypd. he posted several pictures on twitter with the message to the graduates saying congrats and welcome to our newest cops, and
9:37 am
in the world. go forth. be safe. more than 100 graduated from the newark academy yesterday. the ceremony was at suffolk county community college in brentwood. >> hats off. congratulations! coming up next on eyewitness news saturday morning, someone is putting a campaign slogan.
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had to deal with, and a truck carrying thousands of potatoes crashed last night, blocking traffic on a major highway. the truck rolled over, spilling potatoes across the road, and the driver was not hurt, and no word yet if the driver was spudding. >> spudding? or speeding? >> spudding! i get it. [ laughter ] we love it. it's a big umbrella parade out there, and the showers are around until the middle part of the day, and this is the front coming through, and once it gets through, the cold air will come in. >> i can't even wrap my mind around that. it's happening right now, and you need your umbrella if you're leaving the house, and you have to have a heavy coat because temperatures are going
9:41 am
dramatically. by tomorrow morning, feeling like the 20s. >> oh, lord! >> yeah, clouds are overcast, and showers are coming through. part of the steady rain at times, it could get moderate, and it's not really a big heavy rainstorm, coming down in buckets, instead, easy steady rain. east winds at 11, and a normal high for this time of the year, 56. we hit the high at 51 degrees, and most of the afternoon will be spent low to mid-50s, and we could get a spike in the temperatures as the front leaves the area. highs yesterday, 80 degrees, and it felt great across the area. we live in this moment for a second more, and reality is here, and not only have the temperatures cooled down significantly, but the change is up to 20 degrees colder in many places. we could be cutting that 80- degree temperature in half by the time we go to the workweek, with the daytime
9:42 am
what you can expect, this round of rain coming in through the early to mid-morning hours, and then on and off showers for the early afternoon, and then the winds come in, potentially damaging winds. and that will go through later today into tomorrow. feeling like the 20s when you wake up tomorrow morning, and wet snow is possible in some spots. the weather alert is for everybody. the high wind warning until 2:00 p.m., and heads up. if you're don't have things secured around your property, make sure you bolt them down, and you can get ready for the strong winds. accutrack has pockets of yellow, and it looks like coming up north of the delmarva here, headed to staten island, and eventually through central new jersey, or staten island, it looks like the trajectory is headed through at 11:30 this morning. that's one indication of the future rain, but when the winds arrive, with the colder air from the north, it will feel
9:43 am
temperatures, and a chill of 29 when we wake up tomorrow, and right through the afternoon, and it's going to feel like freezing, and by monday, the winds will have settled down, and the temperatures coming up a bit. first, it's wet, showers are out of here, and overnight, there's another round of rain coming in on the backside of the front here, and there's snow. for binghamton, there's a couple of inches of accumulations. we have no close to the freezing point as this happens, and sunday night at 6:00 p.m., things are fine. rolling into the monday morning commute, and another round of messy, slushy weather with temperatures cold enough we could see the snow on the grassy surfaces, not a lot of accumulations, but seeing the flakes fly from now to monday morning, and it could be a rude awakening, don't be caught off guard. it's been so mild, some people
9:44 am
away the heavy coats and extra layers, and i think you're fine without a down jacket, you want to have a coat on that has warmth to it. 55 on monday, 40 on tuesday, and that's the coldest day of the week, and the temperatures do gradually rise for the second half of the week. you will need to tune in to the human forecasters here with the accuweather team with this, not only for how it feels but if you're trying to dodge the weather systems coming in to stay on top of it. >> you said human forecasters, is that a dig on everyone's iphone weather app. >> pretty much. >> i did get that. [ laughter ] some people like to cheat on me, so i like to call them out, to be on the up and up. computers actually are not capable of keeping up with the temperatures hour-by-hour. i'm not saying we are perfect, but we are most of the time,
9:45 am
need to keep up with the changes. >> this is not perfect weather to run in. >> it's not, but this is over at central park, and i love this. one of the best runs of the entire year. it's called the scottland run, and it's a lot of fun. fast runners crossing the finish line here, and so many people show up in their kilts. celebrating scottland and their heritage, and here it is. there we go. november probability. good to -- november project. good to see you out there the loop around the park is 6.1 miles. >> that's the finish line, and they are running that fast. >> yeah, the finish line, and they are running that fast. it's getting cocolder. the rains are around, you know. >> i don't see the kilts. >> the kilts are not coming. the guys are running so fast, the kilt cannot slow them down, but they are in there.
9:46 am
at our studios. look it up. nyrr. search is this morning. new york road runners, and there's kilts people. >> that's a good race. >> absolutely it is. >> thank you, amy. still to come this saturday morning, caught on camera, two men making a bold dash for the border. what the unsuspecting pair carried with the cameras nearby. i'm keeping a positive outlook on the weather. despite the rain and the clouds being overcast, this calendar remix this is is a classic, and we are going old school on this one. the remix of the johnny mash classic i can see clearly now. >> the ran is gone! [music] >> reporter: watch 51 teams of students demonstrate their
9:47 am
it's the first long island robotics competition. people of all ages can take part in the 2016 spring fresh water fishing trip. in queens, kids can discover tiny science and get their hands on nanoscience with the team. it's opening weekend at prospect park. celebrate the first run of the year on the 1912 carousel. urban playground movement hello flight 2016. bring friends to washington square park, and watch the feathers fly as you swing and wac at your assailants. a breath of fresh air at target first saturday. enjoy art and music, and dust off your dancing shoes for a performance and workshop.
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two suspected drug smugglers were caught on camera crossing one of the most guarded border walls. it happened in arizona. a news crew happened to be set up near the mexico border when two men came over the 30-foot wall carrying large backpacks. they are working to avoid the nearby surveillance cameras, but they didn't notice the news crew with their camera, and once they do, they run to get
9:51 am
9:52 am
well, tesla's ceo says sure his campaign slogan -- the new bill boards are fair use because it's only a political parody. >> it's a moment not to be politically correct. >> you get the message. there's related news. >> no, there isn't. >> this is other news about crab fishermen and their feeling of big relief this morning after dungeonous crabs were declare safe to eat. the people of california will be able to enjoy the fresh crabs once again, and fisherman are back to earning their living, and california officials are calling for
9:53 am
season severely impacted the state's economy. >> see? >> i was going to make banana pudding y??for him. >> and now because? >> he hasn't had banana pudding. i'm anxious for that. >> now that we have covered stds and crabs, a segway to supercat saturday for amy freeze. take it away. [ laughter ] >> i don't even though -- [ laughter ] i will prevent like [ laughter ] >> how do you even make that up? [ laughter ] >> i don't know what happened a few minutes ago. someone else took over the station. [ laughter ] we have a cute dqu-gnk-mpi_'b wd*[d5tk23?, whiskers. sweet picture and this is from the spring fling, and look at
9:54 am
we have sissy and pete this morning. sent in from jenny via twitter.
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this morning we are hearing from the 103-year-old woman in the bronx who was robbed in her own apartment building. >> marcus solis is in coop city with the latest. hi, marcus. >> reporter: bumps and bruises, but she is otherwise doing okay, considering what she went through. look at this video. it shows the suspect following her into her building in coop city, around 2:30 yesterday, and the suspect followed her up to the elevator, and that's when the victim says she was knocked down, and her shopping cart was stolen along with the food that was inside, and the
9:57 am
and took off on foot. the victim has lived here 45 years, and do you think this is going to change her routine? guess again. >> i'm going to go out, and this is not going to keep me from going out. >> reporter: police jged^/jzjtbarsbj'g,b i zh6x@cr(ud'3b%:?yp( with any information should call crime stoppers. >> bless her. marcus, thank you so much. >> bless her heart. >> she seems with it and alert, and she's still doing her thing. undeterred. i like that spirit. i don't like this weather. i know, it's a dramatic change from yesterday. we have a little taste of spring and the flirt with the beautiful temperatures, and then the big reverse, and we have got not only rain but big winds coming in, and the temperatures falling for the area. sort of rude, right? overcast conditions, and you need your umbrella right now,
9:58 am
afternoon, showers on and off, and then the drizzle through the late afternoon into the evening. temperatures will stay low to mid-50s, and the accuweather forecast, the high of 58, and we actually had 61 just past midnight, and temperatures could surge into the 50s. feels like the 20s when you wake ^p=sb[@gwe$to )&artdpevnc^>* 3*?vzqbmix w windchill warning. this afternoon to tomorrow, midday, and very strong winds. potential for damage. and 55 degrees on monday, and then the rest of the week, temperatures cool, and tuesday is the coldest day, the high of 40. >> stay tuned to the accuweather forecast. jeff smith will be back this afternoon.
9:59 am
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