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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday Morning  ABC  April 3, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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easen we would. the -- edenwald, the department of buildings is monitoring the damage. amy freeze is here with us. any end in sight? >> we have to get through the next 36 hours with the combination of winds, maybe more snow accumulating tonight and the feels like temperature is pretty extreme. teens and 20s through tuesday. just looking out the window, you may not think it's such a bad day at all. blue skies trying to peek through here. looking up the hudson, we have visibility to the gwb. feels like temperatures are in the 20s. 34 for the thermometer reading and a high wind warning until 2:00 p.m. strong wind gusts could go up to 60 miles per hour. the thermometer readings which are in the mid-30s to upper 30s feels more like teens and 20s because of the wind gusts feeling strong. widespread across the area, and
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in on 40 miles an hour. we have even had higher gusts overnight, so the windchills are those teens, 20s and below freezing readings that i'm talking about. this is what you have to pay attention to for tonight, and even into tomorrow to bundle up. high wind warnings at 2:00 will expire. that will mean that the winds settle down, but not necessarily all of the strong weather is out of here. there's another surge of energy coming in tonight which will produce showers, snow to the north, and rain south and east. more accumulations for places like sullivan, duchess, through mid hudson valley. a couple inches of snow, again, accumulating tonight into tomorrow morning. that will make for a sloppy, slushy commute. minutes. not to mention all the things that happened last night, rob, because we actually had showers, thunderstorms, severe weather come through in pockets new jersey. thank you very much. of course the weather as you can tell is the big story.
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to batter parts of the tristate. >> here's a photo sent by one of our viewers in queens, a huge tree fell in the middle of 156 156th street, between 116th 116th avenue. and in new jersey two injuries have been reported in newark after a tree fell on a building. eyewitness news reporter diana rocco is live in raritan with more on the damage that's hit this area. diana. >> reporter: fortunately no injuries reported in this neighborhood this morning, but we are continuing to feel the effects of the high winds out here. in fact, just a moment ago, a big gust came and almost blew my photographer and i clear over. take a look at this backyard. this is what's left over after the storms came through here last night. neighbors tell me they had never heard anything so loud. it sounded like a training coming through their neighborhood. it lasted 30 seconds and it was gone. new this morning, just a block away, take a look at this damaged roof. the roof was pulled up on a
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this is st. ann's school in raritan. the shingles have been peeled back, and there was also a stop sign that was blown over, shingles blowing down the road. here's a look at another home. the windows were blown clear out. siding is missing. the homeowner says they were watching tv last night, just before 2:00 when they heard a loud noise, heavy rain. the homeowner opened the door. he said the wind blew him clear off his feet. his son was watching television when the windows blew out, blew the tv right out of the home. we spoke to a woman who says she has never heard anything like it. while there's been no official determination, if she had to guess, she would say it was a tornado. do you think it was a tornado? >> i do. i've never experienced anything like it. i've from ohio, i've been in the basement with tornado warnings and everything, but this was different, yeah. a jersey tornado, i guess. >> reporter: so a lot of
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with missing shingles on their roof, missing pieces fence. there is quite a bit of damage in this neighborhood. and the clean up here is going to be quite extensive. they have been on the phone with the insurance companies. a lot of them have not been to bed. it's going to be a long day. we are live in new jersey, i'm diana rocco, catch channel 7 eyewitness news. >> you can also send us pictures of the damage in your area. and we have breaking news now. we are hearing reports of a deadly incident involving an amtrak train in pennsylvania. our sister station down in philadelphia, wpvi says two people have died as a result of this incident. it happened south of philadelphia in chester, pennsylvania. amtrak also tweeting out information saying the incident involves the palmetto train number 89.
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details about this incident, and we'll bring it to you as soon as we learn more. again, an incident involving an amtrak train has left two dead in chester, pennsylvania. >> in other news this morning, police are investigating the death of a man reported missing after his body was found in a wooded area on long island. 26-year-old alexander encorvia was found shot and killed yesterday afternoon in middle island. investigators say a woman was walking her dog on a path behind a kmart store when she spotted the man's body. he was reported missing this past thursday and was last seen leaving the comfort inn in medford. that's where he lived. two days earlier. police are questioning the driver of a moving truck who forced evacuations in times square last night. nypd officers cleared times square after they spotted what they considered to be a suspicious truck on 46th and broadway. the driver had left the truck running but he wasn't inside of it. now, police say two counter
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inside the truck and saw wires and what appeared to be a phone charger left on the seat. police tracked down the driver, and the all clear was given. a new jersey transit train broke down in a hudson river tunnel as it was coming into new york city. one passenger in the disabled train sent us this picture as she waited for about 90 minutes. a rescue train pushed the broken train into penn station. 450 people were on board the morris and essex line train. no injuries were reported. in elizabeth, a fire burned through two homes there. the flames broke out in an unoccupied house yesterday. it spread to a neighboring house. everyone did manage to get out okay. firefighters brought the blaze under control eventually. no one was hurt. a car slammed into a store front in the bronx injuring two people. it smashed into the bronx up town seafood market at white plains road and 223rd street. witnesses say two cars hit each
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then one pushed the other car into the restaurant. >> the lady seemed like she panicked when the car hit her. that's probably what happened, so she couldn't control the wheel anymore, so definitely more people could have been hurt if there were more people in there. >> now, both drivers stayed at the scene of the accident. at this point no one has been charged with anything. no word yet on the conditions of the two people who were hurt. and now onto my favorite story of the morning, and the reason for this beautiful shade of blue tie, tar heels fans are celebrating this morning as their team heads to the ncaa championship. but of course syracuse had a great run and are rightfully proud of how far they came. >> we weren't even supposed to be in there, what you guys said, and we kept on fighting and we were down in so many games throughout this tournament, and you got to give credit to north carolina. >> yes, you do.
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game, 83-66. north carolina will play in the finals for the tenth time, looking for its 6th title as the team takes on number two seed villanova or as i call them villa-noway. the game is set for 9:00 in houston. those of you watching the 9:00 hour, marcus solis and i have a bet, the loser has to wear the winner's color tie. mark will have on a similar tie to what i will have on right now. he did badly lose that bet. >> you'll look cool in orange, and you'll look cool in blue. still to come on eyewitness news sunday morning. nearly two weeks after the deadly terrorist bombing in bell yum is have -- belgium, the brussels airport resumes service. we'll have details just ahead. here in accuweather, we're focusing on the winds first. we could see gusts that are all the way up to 60 miles per hour. that could create damage.
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the brussels airport officially is back up and running with partial service resuming for the first time since the deadly terror attacks. within the last two hours, the first passenger flight took off, headed to portugal. two other flights are scheduled to take off today with tighter security measures in place. the airport's ceo says service resuming is a sign of hope. meanwhile, minor clashes erupted yesterday between riot police and local young protesters in a brussels neighborhood where a group planned to demonstrate. police also shut down a protest outside the stock exchange. law enforcement there have been banned all demonstrations fearing violent disorder. turning now to the race for president and of course all eyes now on wisconsin. that state's primary coming up on tuesday. donald trump says he is
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win there, even as polls show him in second place behind senator ted cruz. >> it looks like we have a lot of votes. this is going to be something special. i have been in wisconsin now a lot. i'm going to be here right up past the election, and i think we're going to do really really well. >> trump is working to make up some lost ground after a rough week for his campaign. he had to spent -- spend a lot of days defending comments on abortion, nato, and nuclear weapons. trump says if he does win wisconsin, he will be able to secure the nomination. ted cruz also in wisconsin where he told voters a trump nomination would basically hand the white house to hillary clinton. >> donald trump is not the best candidate to go head to head with hillary clinton. if we nominate donald trump, it elects hillary clinton. she wins by double digits. >> cruz will hold two rallies today in wisconsin. >> now on the democratic side of the race, bernie sanders and hillary clinton are nearly tied
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shaping up to be a very interesting battleground state. now, the two are still clashes on a date ahead of the next primary in new york which will be held april 19th. clinton's campaign says sanders team has turned down three dates they have offered. sanders people say those dates simply don't make sense. the democrats last debate was last month. so a lot of eyes on wisconsin because they're saying that if cruz pulls out a victory there as the polls show, it should make it for donald to get the needed delegates and if bernie sanders wins, that could be a game changer in terms of momentum before the contest back here to the northeast. a lot going on. >> this is a busy election year. >> yes, endless. >> never stops. >> straight ahead on eyewitness news this sunday morning, dozens of pro marijuana protesters lit up in front of
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most weekends only last a couple of days. some last a lifetime. hampton. we go together. book at
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. welcome back. a lot of our friends at home, our viewers sending us pictures of the damage caused by the wild weather that hit in our area overnight. parts of new jersey saw hail. that was around 1:00 this morningment take a look at that -- morning. take a look at that picture. when you look at it at first, it looks like a small dusting of snow. actually those are small pieces of hail covering that deck. >> well, some people did get snow last night, too. that's the confusing part. you see it on social media. one area of new jersey getting this hail, and then parts of the hudson valley getting snow stacking up on their back decks. it's crazy. >> what a crazy system. but not unusual for april. this is a transition month as you say. >> the weather can go to extremes for the month of april. battles of the air mass is certainly underway. that's how we begin this day and actually for the next 36
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coasterring it. good morning, welcome to sunday. 34 degrees right now. feels more like the 20s when you factor in the wind, and so it's been a very chilly start. looking in manhattan, we have sunshine in the upper west side, so it looks fairly tranquil. you better layer up and bundle up. it's cold, feeling like the 20s right now, looking up to the gw. big shout out to passaic community college to talk about extreme weather events just like this, and how they affect climate. so really appreciate you for having me over and we had a huge group and lots of great questions, and talking about weather and climate, and making good decisions about how we live with the environment, very important stuff, exactly examples of what's going on here over the next couple of days. 34 degrees in central park. west, northwesterly winds are about 20 to 30 right now. gusts much higher, look at this. rutherford, this one sent in via twitter.
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full of blossoms, unfortunately, but the big strong winds did do damage, and of course. 5 inches of snow sent in from overnight last night, courtland manner, snow on the backyard swing set, the patio is set up. here comes the spring snowstorm, right. that's what we had to contend with stretching up to poughkeepsie, and not just the snow, but the cold air masses, making it feel like the teens and 20s. next couple of mornings, same story. it's going to be very cold. the strongest winds are today. we won't rule out strong winds for tomorrow morning and tuesday. peak wind gusts have been about 30 to 40 in the last hour. we can see even higher winds as we go through 2:00 this afternoon. central park, the rest of the day you're planning, know temperatures will be the low 40s. having these peak of sun and dry skies. another round of snow and cold rain coming in for tonight. i think this will easily expire at 2:00. the high wind warning, but just a heads up, a reminder that the
9:19 am
they're not necessarily going away. here are the snow streamers coming from roxbury, across kingston to dan bury, still north of newburgh. i don't think you'll get any additional accumulation there. just a little stretch of snow going through the mid hudson valley headed toward connecticut. most o. area stays -- of the area stays dry. but tonight, another chance to get the accumulating snow to the north, and then the south, cold rain through the morning commute. future cast winds mostly in yellow and all the way to orange and red will give us a 20 to 50 miles per hour wind range. monday starts off very calm. the winds will pick up again monday afternoon, extremely cold on tuesday, compared to the 50s we had last friday or the 80s. we'll be struggling through the 40s. windchills are the factor, right through tuesday morning. here's the windchill, future cast going through monday night into tuesday where we will wake
9:20 am
that's what we think will capture your attention. as far as the snow goes, here's overnight hours. after midnight, snow coming by 5:00 a.m., accumulations happening through the mid and hudson valley. rain for long island, a wintry mix through new york city, and by 5:00 thunderstorms coming through with a quick, i- downpour: it's going to be a -- heavy downpours, it's going to be a quick 7 days here. you get the icons, the highs, the lows, but we want to give you more information, and that's what we do here with the accuweather team. we like to give you timing on when things end and begin. how far the extremes will go in either direction. >> april feels like it's the month where the shift goes from winter to spring, so it has to kind of go through that. >> it's a little battle and we have to go through the battles, we eventually win the war. i know the outcome. >> it will warm up. it will get nice. we know that. >> thanks amy.
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enforcement agencies are asking the fbi for help to break into the locked iphones. the requests are flooding in now after the agency said it had figured out finally a way to get into the phone of one of the san bernardino shooters. the fbi says it will do what it can to help those agencies. apple, at this point, wants the government to reveal how it broke into the phone so it can close that security gap. protesters in washington, d.c., well, get this t they literally -- get this, they literally smoked marijuana outside the white house. in dc, it's legal to carry two ounces of pot, but it's illegal to smoke it in public. activists are calling for president obama to remove pot from the list of schedule one controlled substances. that list includes heroin, as well as addictive drugs. the president has continued to tell advocates they should lobby congress to reclassify
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welcome back, it's 9:23. >> and time for sports now with laura behnke. >> good morning, everyone, the first opportunity did not go so well. the rangers were hoping the second time would be a charm as they once again had a chance to clinch a playoff spot. all they had to do, win in regulation or overtime. as the blue shirts hosted the sabers, a team they had beaten in nine straight games. but it was a rough first period but not for ryan o'reilly. 46 seconds into the second, jorgensen to henry lundqvist, the rangers would make a run. 4-3 in the third. that was as close as they would come. 4-3. the rangers have now lost three straight. as for yesterday afternoon, the islanders and penguins, clashing in brooklyn, first period, this is just a bad play by new york.
9:25 am
oscar sunday quest, the unassisted shorthanded goal, this got hippy. ian cole after the -- whistle. no love lost here. back to the goals which were all pittsburgh. on the power play, 4-0. 5-0 your final, the penns clinch a post season -- pens clinch a post season spot. all tied up add 3rd. foreigner ranger brian boyle strikes, going -- former ranger brian boyle strikes. and 3-1, the devils fall. the next up for the yankees, new york and opening day monday against the astros at the stadium. before the pinstripes could start playing games for real, they had to finish up the ones that don't count. yesterday afternoon in miami, the yanks and marlins playing the final game of the spring. the pinstripes wasting no time if the first. the solo home run made it 1-0, yankees, but in the bottom of
9:26 am
a way to get it back. stanton, possibly a 3-run blast. they would add another 2-1, the yarnings end the spring with a -- yanks end the spring with a loss. the mets are in kansas city tonight. they face the royals in rematch. the royals winning the series at cityfield in five games, and with matt harvey on the mound tonight, there would be no shortage of motivation. they may not see themselves as cinderella, but the syracuse men had definitely crashed the ncaa party, becoming the first ten seed to make it to the final four, but would their luck continue with the stakes even higher. last night, the orange, facing one seed north carolina in the hardball semifinals, the tar heels started pulling away in the first, off the block shot, theo pinson, the nice move the other way.
9:27 am
trying to make a move. malachi richardson dialing up the three. every time syracuse made the move, unc had an answer. marcus page from downtown, pushing the lead to 13. 83-66, your final, syracuse is done. north carolina is in monday's national championship game. while the other semilast night featured a pair of two seeds, villanova and oklahoma. no one saw the final score coming. the wildcats dominated just before half-time, josh heart with the three, he had 23 points, nova led by 14 at the break. ryan arcidiacono, his own triple, part of what turned into a 25-0 run. 95-51, villanova with largest margin of victory in final four history. that's your morning look at sports. i'm laura behnke, we're back again with you later tonight at six. >> thank you very much, much more ahead on eyewitness news, including an update on the breaking news we told you about
9:28 am
pa, that's near philadelphia, where we're hearing two people died. we have learned amtrak service between philadelphia and new york city has been postponed at this point while this investigation is going on. once again, amtrak service between philadelphia, new york city, postponed after this incident with one of the amtrak trains down in outside philadelphia. we will keep you posted on that. storm damage in our area, and
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welcome back, looking at a live picture of lower manhattan. sunny and calm at least in that part of the tristate. it's been a real mess in other parts of the area. high winds, hail, snow, rain, a kind of potpourri of messy stuff. sunday, april 3rd. thanks for being with us. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm toni yates. as we begin tracking the weather, marking the sunday morning, horrendous.
9:31 am
owners are being told to secure their site. that's because of the very high winds outside. also, all crane operations have ceased as well. utilities crews are stepping up their manpower and getting equipment on stand by, in case power lines come down because of the ongoing high winds that we have been talking about all morning: i want you to take a look at this. this is a look at our interactive map at abc7ny. it's showing where high wind warnings are in effect that will last until 2:00 p.m. >> a few more hours left of this. meteorologist amy freeze is here now with another important update on the conditions. good morning, amy. those winds have verified into damage. we have seen trees down in rutherford, power outages and there was actually some thunderstorm damage that came through in raritan. all of that happening in the new jersey area. meanwhile, snow accumulating for parts of the hudson valley, and all the way up into sullivan and duchess county. here on the west side, hard to believe it.
9:32 am
beautiful. what's happening outside your front door doesn't necessarily line up to what's happening elsewhere. we've got 34 degrees. the one thing i can tell you is that no matter what your temperatures are right now, you factor in the winds and it's even colder. the windchills in the 20s and 30s. it feels below freezing across the board. so we've got low temperatures that are chilly, but the winds are so big, it's definitely creating a feels like temperature that's uncomfortable. bundle up because gusts will be with us throughout the day. the high wind warning does not expire until 2:00. so right now, we've got peak wind gusts between 25 and 30 miles per hour. it's possible that we could see 50 to 60 miles per hour gusts which create the problems that we have been talking about. the rest of the day, as you're planning it, know that temperatures can go to the low to mid-o 40s. even did issue mid-40s. even -- to the low to mid-40s. and snow mixing with rain for a cold and slick start to your monday.
9:33 am
when we could potentially see relief in the 7-day forecast. waiting for the relief. thank you, and as amy said, powerful winds are whipping through the area and are expected to last for a few more hours. some neighborhoods are dealing with scenes of wreckage caused by strong wind, some of them hail. eyewitness news reporter diana rocco is live in raritan, new jersey, where homeowners are waking up facing the damage, getting clean up organized. diana, good morning. good morning, tony, and it's really disheartening, what they're seeing as they're coming out of their homes this morning. they saw the damage last night, and didn't see the full effects of it until the sun came up this morning. the clean up has started for people on railroad avenue in raritan where fences were blown apart last night. siding was torn off homes, and so were the shingles. this all happened in about 30 seconds they say, heavy rain and high wind moved in. one homeowner tells me, when they looked out the window, they saw pieces of the fence flying in the air.
9:34 am
own was home watching tv just after 1:30 in the morning, heard a loud bang, and he said the windows shattered on the second floor of the home while his son was inside the bedroom watching tv. >> there's two windows there and they knew out at the same time. the tv flew out. it was on his bed, and there's actually pieces of glass on him. there's pieces of trees on him all over the bed. >> i was just watching tv, and i just looked and see my window fly out, and i ran out of the room, and tried to run to the basement because that's the best place to go. >> reporter: so some scary moments for the people in this neighborhood last night. the clean up here is going to take quite some time. there are shingles missing from a number of roofs in the neighborhood, and there was some damage to a school nearby. they are still getting an assessment of just how much damage was caused here, but we are getting reportings of more than 40,000 people throughout the state of new jersey that are without power.
9:35 am
diana rocco, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. and remember, you can stay on top of this windy weather anytime with our accu track app. you can see live radar, the latest accuweather forecast and alerts. it's free to download for iphone or android devices. and again, we're following that breaking news out of philadelphia where fire officials have confirmed two people have died after an amtrak train from new york city crashed into a piece of construction equipment. now amtrak says the palmetto train 89 was traveling to savannah georgia. it derailed after hitting a backhoe on the tracks. it happened in chester, pennsylvania, south of philadelphia, just a suburb. firefighters say two people are dead. more than 30 people are hurt. there were more than 300 passengers on board the train at the time. they're being taken off the train as we speak. amtrak service is suspended between new york and philadelphia. we'll of course continue to cover this story, follow it as
9:36 am
in some other news now, a 53-year-old woman is now facing charges, accused of attacking and robbing an elderly woman in the bronx. this is one of our big stories yesterday. sharon mcneal has been arrested. this happened yesterday, just a day after police say she was caught on surveillance cameras in a building in co-op city, and that's where she's accused of attacking 103-year-old louise signore. investigators say mcneal pushed signore to the ground and took off with her groceries and cash. signore says it will not stop her from still going about her daily routine. >> what would i say to her? >> what could i say? are you desperate? she must be desperate to get a woman 103 years old to bother. but i forgive her, yeah, i would. yeah, i would. what's the sense. >> sweet lady.
9:37 am
signore says she's hoping to get back everything that was taken from her, including bingo cards in her shopping cart. mcnael is charged with assault and robbery. >> if she doesn't get those bingo cards back, i have a funny feeling someone will get some to her. madonna appears to be in a dispute with her co-op board. the singer is suing the board of harper lee hall on 54th street and central park west. the suit asks for an exemption to require her to be there when her children or guests are there. she also owns a townhouse on the upper east side. >> and just had the controversy over the parking outside her east side place a few weeks ago soma donna, a -- soma don -- so madonna, a lot of drama in her world these days. you have just hours to check out the new rides at the new york international auto show. details when the door will open on the final day.
9:38 am
and leonardo dicaprio won high honors for his acting. hear why his words may get him band from a -- banned from a southeast asian country. here's bill evans with a look at what's coming up -- bill ritter with a look at what's coming up. some parents are opting out as controversy continues over testing and common core. the controversy seems to be dying down except maybe among some republican presidential candidates. we talked to new york city schools chancellor to get her take on what's really going on. we're going to talk to new york city council member, helen rosenthal who represents the 6 6th district which happens to include wabc and our studios on the upper west side of manhattan. what's it like to get into the weeds of retail politics in new york city. she apparently loves to do that.
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meteorologist amy freeze with a look at the accuweather forecast. >> i got the pictures on twitter of the blossoms poking through the snow. >> through the snow in april. >> i know, and then hail too. we had pictures of hail from new jersey where, you know, the little flowers have been peaking through, and then a huge tree in rutherford where the branch came down, beautiful blossoms on it. we have had wild weather. >> come on june. come on june. >> let's do it. >> yeah. temperatures right now are just barely above the freezing point in the low to mid-30s. the problem is we have the wind, making it feel even colder. feels like the 20s outside right now. windchill still a factor as we
9:42 am
all the way to the hudson of the gwb. we have blue sky trying to really dominate. i don't know if it's going to do it. trying to make its way through. doesn't help too much with the warming, currently just above the freezing point. and they've also got winds that continue to be wild. 20 to 30 miles per hour winds sustained, and we have gusts going above that. we are 20 degrees colder than we are yesterday at the same time. and yesterday was a colder start than we have had all week. windchills are still in the 20s and 30s, looking at the tristate, it feels like just 10 in monticello. 21 in white plains. 23 in islip. you get the picture. it's chilly outside, and you need to layer up. some places have snow on the ground, and that's mainly through mid hudson valley, stretching to sullivan, and duchess county, measuring 5 to 6 inches. central new jersey, we have damage from thunderstorms. everybody has the peak wind gusts, 53 miles per hour wind gusting in islip. actually, we actually have
9:43 am
the wind alone without the storms associated with them. so this high wind warning goes until 2:00. a little bit of snow still coming in. these little streamers coming in from upstate new york. from roxbury, well north of newburgh. i think you're done with the snow. may get a few light flaks. dan bury, snow on the grass through 11:00 p.m. you have the wind, but at least there's no precipitation. then we'll be dealing with another round of snow late tonight into early tomorrow morning. all said and done. we're ending up with 3 to 6 inches. that does extend into southeast new york, especially for the places that got snow last night, same sort of situation into parts of coastal connecticut we could get an inch as well. future cast shows the timing. get away with a decent afternoon as far as the skies go. we have to bundle up. late tonight, after midnight, here comes the snow. mainly the action is north.
9:44 am
hours. it looks like 5:00 a.m., everything is active north. we get into the commute hours, though, and this is where we could see a wintry mix or a winter like mix. and that's going to make things slick and slippery. through the evening hours, there will be a heavy rain that comes through, and this is what clears the area for a chilly day on tuesday, and i think that's the coldest day of the week, so we got about 36 hours to get through here. additional snow accumulations not a lot. mainly grassy surfaces. higher amounts of 1 to 3- inchings well to the north doesn't turn out to be too impressive because it doesn't last that long, making for slick surfaces. a heads up. 43 this afternoon. tonight, down to 34. winter like mix. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. 49 on monday. it just does not feel that warm until we get to later in the week. 42, blustery and cold on tuesday. shout out to the bums on the hill in the bronx. we took prince william up. thank you for taking the picture. that's prince william. can you see him in the
9:45 am
he's doing the project over at school. mr. rockowitz, he has the kids each year they take over one of the metros to study. william got assigned to the bronx, what is the luck. their house since 1904. one of the longest in new york city. thanks for the tour, and he'll probably get an a. >> absolutely. >> have to take pictures. >> firefighters never take bad pictures. >> all right. ladies. thank you. we'll get you an outfit. >> thank you amy. it's the final day to check out the new york international auto show to get a last look at some of the hottest concept cars. you'll need to show up at the center today. the auto show is open from 10:00 this morning until 7:00 p.m. tonight.
9:46 am
$7 for the kids. >> you two and your firemen. coming up on eyewitness news sunday morning, a driver trapped inside a sinking car, the race to rescue her was caught on camera. but let's take a look at today's channel 7 community calendar. you got a song? >> this doesn't happen a lot. >> i pitched for mary jane. >> you know what, i'm sorry. this is a remix. james taylor, carolina in my mind. roll it. the jersey shore spring comic book show was a festival featuring guest artists, toys, movies, trading card raffles and prizes for costumes. the 9th annual eisenhower park field craft and gift fair is as local as local shopping gets. items include jewelry, clothing, accessories, leather goods, arts and crafts and more.
9:47 am
exploration at the nature scavenger hunt, the perfect edition to the weekend. it's opening weekend in prospect park. celebrate the start of spring with a first ride of the year on the beloved 1912 carousel. in rockland county, the music makers at valley college library give you a front row seat to the great sounds of gershwin, porter and more. for more information or to submit an event, just look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. i would kill for something sweet. wanna split that? no...soooo much fat... don't fight your instincts. with 150 calories each, try our new rich & creamy cheesecakes.
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a connecticut woman was rescued as her car was swept away by rough waters. marie fitzgerald's car went through the barriers on, and the police finally arrived and a lieutenant swept into action, smashing out a window, opening the door and rescuing ms. fitzgerald.
9:50 am
will have an inspiring message this year as they near the finish line. a new banner reading boston strong hangs on the bridge along the final stretch of the race. the slogan as we know became a rallying cry after the boston marathon bombings three years ago. massachusetts governor says it will remind runners what the race is all about. this year's marathon is on the 18th. the city of flint, michigan, has now filed a letter stating it intends to sue the state as it deals with a major water crisis. michigan lawmakers and the governor's office say a lawsuit would hinder the state's ability to work with flint to problems. flint's newly appointed chief legal officer filed a notice saying the city does intend to sue in order to cover legal costs as it battles lawsuits. the mayor says the notice was a legal maneuver not an actual threat. leonardo dicaprio is having a pretty big year, but even an
9:51 am
him a warm welcome in indonesia. immigration officials sadie cap owe may -- say dicaprio may be banned from entering the country. he visited northern sumatra with a caption saying the palm oil plantations are threatening the rain forest. the immigration ministry says the comments discredit the palm oil industry and the indonesian government. >> big environmentalist, that's his signature issue for years now. lighter news, it's big dog sunday: amy, what's cooking over there. >> i haven't seen a dog ear like this in i don't know since when. wow. this puppy can fly. jake what's up. i hope this is not a result of the wind. instead, i hope it's that you have super moves. with winds going today, i think some of us are going to feel this way.
9:52 am
we have a yankees fan, casper, cold, layer up, layer. up what's up, sent in by the sanger family, joe, christina, getting ready for the fdny, nypd soccer game. the rest of this day is going to be low 40s and the winds making it feels like the 20s. let us see your furry friends. hash tag big dog sunday, and upload them on abc7ny. fios is not cable.
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coming up in a few minutes is this week with george stephanopoulos. >> here's george with a preview. >> was this week the tipping point for donald trump. a campaign manager charged with battery, fire storms over abortion and nuclear policy and with the wisconsin primary two days away, his poll numbers are dropping. a loss there could dramatically increase his chances of a contested convention.
9:55 am
john kasich, and our power house round table. bernie sanders on a roll, he joins us live. it's all coming up on this week. busy, busy. the tristate area getting hit with wild winds this morning. >> eyewitness news reporter diana rocco is live in raritan where the storm has left plenty of damage in its wake. you have been blowing around out there all morning, diana. is it getting any better? >> reporter: no. good morning rob and toni, we have been getting inundated by high winds all morning long, which is making clean up difficult for people in this neighborhood hit by strong winds, and heavy rain. they said it sounded like a here. the homeowner had nearly their entire backyard leveled, pieces of their fence they say were swirling around in the air. when they looked outside, they couldn't believe what they were they said they had never seen anything like it. and you can see what they have been left to clean up here today.
9:56 am
school was also damaged. we've got video o. st. ann's -- of the st. ann's school in raritan, and overnight, the roof was ripped off the building. you could see the shingles pulled back, the strong storms ripped up and literally left the neighborhood scattered with debris. it knocked over stop signs and caused a lot of damage in yards for several blocks. we have seen damage on five to six homes here. a lot of shingled pulled off the roofs and siding on buildings. 56,000 people throughout new jersey are without power this morning. that is the latest from raritan new jersey, i'm diana rocco, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> get back in the van. braving the elements all morning. and we're seeing the video right now of a partial building collapse in the bronx. it is believed that the strong winds we have been talking about did play a role in bringing down the facade of a vacant building on hill avenue. high winds hit the area after 7:00 this morning when the facade collapsed. the department of buildings is
9:57 am
and immaterial to get back -- i want to get back to breaking news in pennsylvania. two people dead, more than two dozen are hart after the am -- hurt after the amtrak train derailed. palmetto train 89. left new york city just after 6:00 this morning. officials say it derailed after it crashed into a backhoe that was actually parked on the tracks. this was south of philadelphia. right now, all amtrak service between new york and philadelphia has been suspended. >> that's obviously a big story. we'll be following that throughout the day. look for the latest online at abc7ny. so that, we're following, of course the weather also. >> i would say the headline is the high wind warning that goes until 2:00 p.m. today, and wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour possible. winds will start to diminish after that, and really much of the day, we get the sun breaks in here. doesn't mean it will feel better. 34 degrees right now. with the winds, the windchill factor is making it uncomfortable.
9:58 am
winter gear, you're layered up and the gloves are in order on this one. you can see the beautiful blue sky behind the gwb. keep in mind, the winds make it feel colder. by tonight, another front comes through, and it is a wintry mix. we'll have snow rain for the morning commute. areas north will be the most affected. a couple inches of accumulation and slick roadways. tuesday is the coldest day. 42 degrees plus the wind. the windchill factor will be in the teens. and then we'll start to moderate things a bit. we're really below average even as we start into next week. jeff smith will be here to follow the weather. we invite you to reach out on social media and share your weather stories. >> especially with the pictures, absolutely. still trying to wrap my head around this one. >> what a wonderful start to april. thanks amy. that will do it for this edition of eyewitness news this
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: starting right now on "this week with george stephanopoulos," trump's terrible week. the billionaire front-runner down big in wisconsin after seeing his top adviser arrested, sparking a firestorm over abortion and getting slammed on his foreign policy. >> i'm not sure which is worse, dealing with the party people or dealing with the press. >> announcer: now, is trump more vulnerable than ever?


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