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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  April 4, 2016 4:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> good job. >> you wouldn't move in? >> i don't know. speaking of fancy, later this morning on "good morning america" gwen stefani exclusive. stay with us. have a great monday morning. . smoke filling a terminal at new york international. live with new video.
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killed in an overnight crash. we are learning the other driver has been charged. ak can you weather alert in -- an accuweather aler. we are going to see snow. snow. snow. good good morning. >> today is monday april 4th. >> never more than 10 minutes away from weather and traffic. it is cold. freeze warning in effect. a winter weather advisory. rain on the way. temperature 36 now in the five bureaus. the temperature dropping. new bush it is snowing. winter weather advisory posted there.
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freeze warning in affect. southern west chester throughout eastern burrgon, urban areas long island, central southern jersey. here is the snow we are talking about, along i-84. seeing the snow coming in light snow in western county. 6:00 a.m., might be snow and rain mixed in the city. this is going to be about 1-3 inches above i-80 and above i- 287. a cold raw rainy day. raining at 1:05 for the first pitch at the stadium. yankees home owner. something going on. >> we have this fast track repair, there is no service on the between franklin and flat bush with the on going track work. 4th avenue brooklyn closed
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of falling debris. the springburg northbound, near the bronx parkway accident has been cleared. two breaking stories now, newark airport, a fire filled terminal b with suffocating smoke. you can see the red glow flames in the background. >> reporter: good morning, you can see the emergency vehicles outside terminal b at the airport. the fire that broke out in delta section has been placed under control. the port authority tells us they expect the rest of the terminal which handles international flights will operate as normal this morning. firefighters responded to a report of a fire in a storage room at around 1:00 this morning, and smoke quickly filled the terminal. they put that fire out but were
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after some how the fire reignited. this time firefighters had to take down the section of a ceiling to actually reach the flames and the fire at one point reached two alarms before it was placed under control. the fire happened during off peak hours so it was not affecting passengers at the time. the terminal here has been evacuated until the smoke clears out and firefighters can be certain that this time the fire is completely out. we are seeing some normal activity here at terminal b, see the emergency vehicles here doing housekeeping, if you will, to make sure the smoke gets out of the way and the fire has been extinguished. drake clark, channel 7, eye witness news. brooklyn, a 5- alarm fire is burning through a commercial building.
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avenue in prospect garden, garden. >> reporter: good morning, firefighters still working to get a handle on that fires a you mentioned. it reached 5 alarms and started at 11:00 in what appears to be a warehouse that holds some kind of bakery. the fire department had to fight the flames from overhead. several blocks of neighborhood are closed this morning while firefighters continue to fight the flames from above, the fire started inside the warehouse on the 600 block of parkside avenue. the flames became so intense, they pulled everybody out of the building. this was a difficult fir to fight, several of the adjoining buildings spanned most of the block including a church next door. the pastor and parishioners have been able to get in. it has smoke and water damage this morning. they were able to save an
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it took an effort. here is what the chief had to say about that. >> we fought the fire inside the building. we were driven out of the building. the fire eventually spread throughout the entire building, 5th alarm right now, 50 units, 2550 firefighters. >> reporter: one firefighter did suffer minor injuries to his back, the fire is still working, firefighters still working on that to contain that. it reached five alarms at its height. they are working on knocking it down. there is a school across the street that may present challenges to kids trying to get to school on parkside avenue in brooklyn this morning. a husband and wife are dead killed when a car collided with another car on long island. a horrendous crash, the driver of the second car is charged with dui.
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and ocean avenue. the second driver, now treated for injuries at stony brook university hospital. police identify the victims as william and joann keer. hilary clinton joins governor cuomo at a victory rally for $15 minimum wage. the state passed a plan gradually to raise the minimum wage to $15 in new york city, over the next two years, for the rest of the state by 2021. cuomo will sign in to law and celebrate new york's plan for paid family leave. the affects of the weekend's windy weather felt in the town of elizabeth, greer avenue remains closed because of a swaying church steeple. the situation started after the metal bracings in the building snapped due to the winds. construction crews will dismantle the dome piece by piece. there were similar scenes
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manhattan, the winds rocked a crane 16 stories if the sky. it happened at an under eastside building. everything is back to normal. in the bronx authorities believe winds are behind a partial building collapse. the facade fell off a 3-story building. brooklyn, another partial collapse at 14th avenue and 14th street. it's going to rain, expect a packed house in the bronx for the yankees home owner. 50,000 people are pack yankee for the 114th opening day in the team's history. it is a rematch of last october's wild card playoff loss against houston which ended the season. pregame ceremonies begin at 12:30. game time today is 1:05 and the weather is going to be dicey.
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down, great to see baseball. >> it's a good sign. speaking of bill, never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. cloudy skies, 36 there our bureaus. good visibility to arizona and narrows bridge in the distance sandy hook new jersey. that will come crashing down this morning. down the beach, 36 degrees, wind that's out of the southwest, ahead of this snow showers that are falling in susex county, orange, sullivan, that will keep driving southward. rain to the west around 10:00 or 11:00, and building around lunchtime and early afternoon. it will be 43 degrees with rain by 9:00. everybody is in to the rain today. raining at 1:00. temperature 50 degrees, i don't know if they play the home owner today.
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but all afternoon, and in to the evening commute. looking at this morning's snow, rainy and chilly, 51 degrees. weather and traffic every 7 minutes. a little bit of activity here, this is elizabeth, new jersey, i will explain what going on as we head to our maps. routes 1 and 9, south of elizabeth avenue. here is newark airport, south of elizabeth, a downed pole and downed wires. that was the activity i was showing you. no service between franklin and flat brook. brooklyn, 4th avenue closed both ways between 16th and 14th streets because of falling debris. we are looking at the spring brook parkway north, route 287, another incident, that is being cleared away. we heard of a stall on the springburg parkway.
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that stall is on the southbound side. pulaski skyway outbound, setting up a new construction pattern beginning today. our street cleaning rules are in effect for today. still ahead, a teacher is temporarily out of the classroom after shocking remarks made to a muslim student in front of the entire class. hear what is teacher is accused of saying. frightening moments for a woman whose car plunged down a cliff. what happened moments before the fall that saved her life. strong winds sent a restaurant sign flying in to a car with a driver inside. what happened next is nothing
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stay with us. alright guys. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you.
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it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is.
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passengers are going through security tents before they can enter a temporary departures hall. there are new calls for the federal government to work faster to test explosive detectors. bombers used tapd in brussels. investigators found more after the attacks. the mixture of chemicals used in the paris attacks. senator charles schumer says the department of homeland security needs to fast track testing on the tatp detector. >> what are we waiting for. i want it to be done now. implement it as long as it
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>> they will field test tatp desk. a driver in the hospital in canada, the woman behind the wheel of the car was able to jump out just moments before it crashed over the edge of a cliff at a popular tourist spot in knew fin -- new finland. it's not clear what caused her to lose control of the car. she is in the hospital with serious injuries. a driver walked away with cuts and bruises when this powerful winds sent a brick and concrete sign on to his car in indiana. the chipotle sign crashed through the roof and wind shelled windshield as the driver was getting out. he walked in to a store and called for help. winds did that. >> i was at store yesterday in new jersey, watching the sign of the store next door, the sign was doing this. >> was it brick, though? and concrete? >> steel, a big steel sign.
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bill evan with the accuweather forecast. we don't have the wind that's died down. clear to partly cloudy skies. looking south through midtown. a good visibility for now. you need the gear to keep you warm and rain and snow are on the way. down the beach, as berry park, point pleasant. a temperature of 36 degrees. dry humidity, southeast wind, the pressure is falling. that points to what is going to be unstable day today with rain and the temperatures are cold enough for snow this morning. 43 the high yesterday. normal is 57. we will be seeing colder weather coming in this evening and for tonight, we are looking at snow, changing to rain in to the morning commute. before it does, a coating to an inch north of the city, and then 1-3 north and west of i- 84. duchess, putnam, orange county,
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rain from the city, coastal connecticut, long island and might start from the bronx, southward with snow, as we get to 7 or 8:00. it's going to change to rain. a rainy day, ugly day. 34 north port. temperatures dropping. winds coming in southeast, that will continue to make it damp and cool as the winds come over the waters of the atlantic, 45 degrees. wind gusts yesterday 64 miles per hour, jfk. tropical storm forced winds. mid 50s yesterday. the gusts white plains, newark, jfk. heavy wet snow duchess, sullivan and olester county, looking at the freeze warning. another freeze warning tonight. freeze wantings are good when they are letting you know like yesterday in advance where you can bring in the plants, make sure the pets are indoors. they will be freezing, not nom
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snow showers are here north of i-287. getting in here to west chester, rockland county, duchess, putnam, fairfield, this will drop on south this morning, right down to the bronx, right to northern, maybe the north shore long island. the rain to the west slides in through the day. see by the time we get to 7:00, snow in fairfield county to the bronx, see that's the line, just south of that the temperatures 40 degrees. that will mix with rain. we get everybody changing over to rain during the day. see by the time we get to the afternoon, you got to go above 84 for there to be snow towards albany. at 12:00, 1:00, 2:00, 51 and rain, rain through the afternoon, that means rain during baseball. that will be lasting in to this evening. morning snow around. mixing with and changing to rain, chilly day 51. tonight clearing, blustery and colder.
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20 in the suburbs. thursday warming to 60. we could have a shower and a thunderstorm. temperatures look to be below normal for the end of the week in to the weekend. got to have all your gear on this monday morning. >> mother nature. >> you have somebody to warn you, who is nice. be glad you have somebody to warn you who is a nice guy. >> you are warned. >> that's right. the 5 t 9th street bridge, lower level in to manhattan, an accident, the accident is cleared away, we have the one trains with track work. no service between franklin and flat bush. 287 southbound, that's closed
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street cleaning rules are in effect. a texas family calling for religious sensitivity training for an entire school after a 12- year-old honor student was called alter al -- called a terrorist by a teacher. it was while they were walking the soccer movie bend it like beckham. >> i was laughing at the movie and the teacher said i wouldn't be laughing if i was you. i said why. she said because we all think you are a terrorist. >> the boy who was born in texas says his class turned on him after that making fun of him and saying he had a bomb. the school suspended the teacher. we are hearing from the family of a man shot by police after she drew a pellet gun at the u.s. capitol. larry dawson is in the hospital facing
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prom the area after he interrupted a house session screaming i'm a prophet of god. his sister said it has nothing to do with religion. >> he is a good father and great grandfather. >> he was committed to a mental hospital a decade ago after sending a letter to an under age girl claiming to be her god chosen husband. he is facing 55 years in jail after this latest incident at the capitol. a former player is suing nypd after he says he was unfairly arrested. there was a stabbing at a chelsey club a year ago. they claim he was metaling with the crime scene. they charged the charges against him. he is seeking $25 million in damages. put on your finings time to look at an art gallery
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this exhibition sits on a sunken air force missile tracking ship, 100 feet below the surface of the florida keys. the art in the under water galleries moipted in stainless steel -- mounted in stainless steel frames and silicone. it debut under the sea 5 years ago. they added this years ago. new details about the man that caused a scare in times square over the weekend. police in queens are looking for the attack their beat a man unconscious and robbed him.
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alright guys. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt.
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the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table. in california they are trying to identify the pup sized perp. they describe it as a high speed chase. might be a low-speed chase across the san francisco bay bridge. the officers caught up with the little guy that made it from oak land to san francisco. he is although the shelter.
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the chihuahua earned the name ponch after eric strada. he is not italian. >> he is a mexican american, he played an italian. it worked out because it was a great show. >> a 2 minute owner are you guys okay? >> neither are you, sweeties don't pretend. >> there is snow showers in a lot of spots, coming across here to the north shore of long island, the snow showers are sliding south and east here, this is 84 here. as you go along 84, you get southward, 287, this is 80 here. this is going to be cutting across here, probably getting on down to the bronx this morning. that's something we will keep
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we are seeing the snow showers from newburg, south, 1-3 inches of wet snow possible until 7:00. weather and traffic together every 7 minutes. here is the ed couch queensboro bridge. the upper level is doing just fine. let's head over to our maps. the 59th street bridge, we have the accident, mass transit not doing too badly. street cleaning rules in effect for today. a stack of summons happenedded to the man whose abandoned truck led to the chaos in times square. officers found the box truck empty and running near 7th avenue and 46th street in the middle of everything and discovered two gas cans and the truck. police cleared the plaza before determining the vehicle was not a threat. no criminal charges have been filed.
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following two breaking stories now, firefighters are working to get control of a massive fire that destroyed a business and damaged a church. we are live at the scene. live at newark airport, early morning electrical fire led to evacuations in delta airlines terminal b, an update on what passengers can expect. seeing spring snow in parts of the tr (vo) you were born. you live in westchester. you live in the hudson valley. you live in the bronx. you're more than one person. you're many people. you're a community. you know what you want when it comes to medical care.
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live with the efforts to get it under control. accuweather alert in effect with some parts of the tristate getting snow at this hour. how long is this going to last? involuntary i'm ken rosato. >> here is bill evans with the accuweather forecast. river valley, there is snow there, cloudy skies and there is snow and rain on the way. 36 degrees is our 5:00 a.m. temperature. look to the north, 33 new city, 36 i don't thinkers. 34 anover, 20s north of that. the snow will be falling. see the wind south and southeast. duchess, olester and orange
5:02 am
the freeze warning will continue. like winter conditions outside with the temperatures and the heavy wet snow to the north. see that creeping in to northern west chester, central fairfield. along 684, along the 3-way, 87 to 84. that will creep southward towards the city this morning. we will see changing over to rain. rainy day and 51 degrees. the yankees home owner begins, boats in the outfield. how is it going? this is a look at how things look on the grand central parkway. see the grand central is fine. an accident on the northbound side, hillside avenue, keep that one in mind. we are going to switch here and talk about the ed couch 59th street bridge. lower level to manhattan, that accident is cleared away. no service between franklin, that should be cleared away
5:03 am
287 south, the ramp to exit 13 is closed. we have this accident involving a tractor trailer, it was a tractor trailer fire, it happened during the overnight, they are trying to get that taken care of. routes 1-9, south of elizabeth avenue. south of new york airport. we have a downed pole and downed wires causing delays. we have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect for today. a raging fire destroyed a business, damaged a church in brooklyn. >> the bakery and catering company went in flames, not under control. diana rocco is live. >> reporter: just in the last few moments i have been told by the fire department that the fire has now been contained. the flames were so intense at one point they had to back everybody out of the building and fight the fire from overhead. it started after 11:00 last
5:04 am
in brooklyn, this is what it looked like after fire crews arrived. video obtained by eye witness news, you can see the billowing flames coming from the roof, the fire quickly started 5- alarms forcing the firefighters out of the building, they had to fight the fire from above and took 250 firefighters several hours to gain control and it presented a challenge to save the adjoining buildings which included daycare and a church. it appears the fire started in a warehouse that house as bakery and a catering company. the fire department was able to save the adjoining buildings. parishioners were outside all night waiting to see if the church could be saved and they were able to save some of their more valuable things inside, the pastor is hoping the damage is minimal. >> water damage, a lot of smoke and the ceiling is a little bit damaged also. thank god it's not burnt.
5:05 am
did receive minor injuries to his back, there is no word on where the fire started inside the building or how it may have started. they are working to determine a cause. also breaking newark, electrical fire filled the holes with smoke, forcing evacuations. dray clark is live at the airport for us. good morning. >> reporter: starting to get busy , the port authority says the majority of flights scheduled to leave the airport this morning shouldn't be affected by the on going activity. behind me, see the fire trucks parked outside terminal b, the fire we are talking about this morning, broke out in the delta airlines section of the terminal. the port authority says they expect that the rest of the flights leaving from the terminal which handles international flights will operate as normal this morning. background to how we got to this point. firefighters initially
5:06 am
in a storage room at 1:00 this morning, and there was a lot of smoke throughout the terminal. they quickly put the fire out, but a short time later, called back after the fire reignited. this time, firefighters had to tear down a portion of a ceiling to actually reach the flames , the fire reached two alarms before it was eventually placed under control. now, we are told that it some how electrical in nature that ignited the fire. the fire happened during off peak hours at the airport. there weren't a lot of passengers affected. terminal b has been evacuated until the smoke clears out and firefighters can be sure that the fire is completely out. if you are flying delta airlines this morning here from newark liberty, you should check this status of your flight and also check your gate, there is a possibility that some of those airplanes may have been diverted to other
5:07 am
because of the activity here. no realtime table on how long the firefighters will be here. the majority of flights scheduled to leave the airport should be leaving on time. dray clark. amtrak saying regular service will resume as investigators look in to a train crash outside philly. the train headed for georgia, derailed in chester, pennsylvania yesterday morning after slamming head on in to a backhoe that was on the tracks. official says the operateer of the construction equipment and another amtrak worker were killed. more than 2 dozen people were hurt in the crash that left passengers shaken. >> thrown in to the seat in front of me. the wind beside me. there was a fireball. smoky kind of nasty smelling smoke started coming on the train. it was scary. >> charles schumer says it
5:08 am
human error and the protocols about who can be on a track are not followed. they recovered the data recorder and front and rear facing videos. we are seeing video of the suspect police are looking for after a violent beating and robbery in queens. it shows one of the suspects kicking the 52-year-old man. it happened in ridgewood. investigators released video of two of the other suspects in a deli. police say two men and two women took part in the attack, punching and kicking the victim and leaving him in critical condition and robbing him. governor cuomo will attend a rally for the budget deal that includes a $15 minimum wage hike. the state passed a plan last week to gradually raise the minimum wage to $15 in new york city in the next two years and for the rest of the state by the year 2021. cuomo will celebrate the plan
5:09 am
there. clinton has her eye on the new york primary less than two weeks from now and says new york and other states are leading the nation towards a that works. >> i know there is a difference between rhetoric and results. i favor results. look at what we have done. look at where we have actually been able to mage a difference in people's lives -- make a difference in people's lives. >> bernie sanders is trailing her by 10 points. . >> that will be up to the states to figure out what they want to do. it's the first time i have seen the pro-life and pro-choice people come together to say we have to work this out and trying to punish a woman wouldn't be the appropriate way to behave. i think it's going to take people in a reasonable way working through it.
5:10 am
kasich campaigns on long island. the governor won't make the mistake of eating pizza with a fork. he won't make the same mistake donald trump made when he called for punishment for women who had illegal abortion. more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic, beginning beginning with bill evans. >> we have a freeze warning in effect. the other, we have snow to the north and rain is on the way today. a cold rain. we got opening day baseball today that's, iffy at best with the weather. 36, cloudy skies, look from the camera here astoria south. snow in -- west chest tore the west, ice and rain mix, rain
5:11 am
that creeps in for the afternoon. that could postpone the yankees home owner. that's up to them. i can tell you what the weather will be. it will be raining then. rain-snow mix at 8:00. noontime temperature 49. 50 at 1:00. raining, raining through the afternoon in to the evening commute, in to tonight. kids at the bus stop, it will be chilly. here is what you do, take my advice from someone that knows, pay one kid to stand outside. offer him something. workout, you wait here, we will wait inside. we will give you, what would be fair? it's 51 and raining. chilly rain this morning. >> hot chocolate. >> ham sandwich? >> not a ham sandwich. the expressway, look at the delay, onto the northbound side, heading to the maps, explaining what is going on there. northbound, on the expressway,
5:12 am
lanes are closed down. mass transit is doing fine. parking rules are in effect. . the action to ease concerns over lead tainted water at newark public schools. the pile up that forced
5:13 am
in up state new in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production.
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today - at hearing in new jersey sparked by the lead problems in newark's public school, state assembly committee is looking in to whether or not there is a threat of lead contamination for all residents. they will focus on the lead contents that carry drinking water, water fountains at 30 schools were shut off due to elevated lead readings.
5:15 am
north of the city involving 3 tractor trailers and a bus. this happening at a mohawk valley. the trucks were among 14 vehicles in all involved in the crash on i-88. state police say that there were whiteout conditions in the area at the time. a number of injuries were reported. none of them life threatening. accuweather forecast. >> it's a cold day, it's going to get colder, a rainy raw cold day today. a bitter cold day tomorrow. we will talk about that, looking down the east river here, across the roosevelt island. fdr here, to one world trade. a good visibility. 59th street bridge, 37 now to 36, 46% humidity, wind southeast at 6. the pressure falling. atmosphere unstable. yesterday's high 43. 57 is normal.
5:16 am
50 today. below normal and much below normal, average afternoon high temperatures in to tomorrow, 37 to brook haven. 29 dan berry. cold enough for snow to the par. southeast wind jfk. that keeps it cold, damp, water temperatures 45. i thought i would throw the windchills out here for grins. we see our friend here, when you see him, it's cold outside. 31jfk. 11 monticello is the real feel this morning. winter weather advisory. down in to west chester, 5 bureaus, we will have this tonight, the temperatures will be colder than they are this morning. snow showers are in northern warren, west chester, fairfield and sinking southward down
5:17 am
on the future cast, see by 8:00, here is that rain- snowline to the bronx, across northern long island, northern jersey to. the north, here is where the snow will be heavy and wet, accumulating, rain noon. at 2:00, raining, temperature 51. 65 on the model guy around toms river. still we have rain through the afternoon in to the evening and this is why i believe they will postpone opening day at the stadium. it's windy, rainy and raw. it's not baseball weather. it's cold. we have -- i'm not going to say it. no. the polar vortex. the jet stream pushed south. waves of cold will come in. the windchills for tomorrow morning. this will be the real feel from 8:00 to 17 degrees around the park. the afternoon is only going to feel like the low 30s, we will
5:18 am
20s, we will warm up. after school kiddos, rain and chilly. get above i-80, a coating to an inch. 287, 1-3 to the north and west. 3-6 duchess. 51 after the morning snow. 20 in the suburbs tonight. 27 five bureaus. freeze warning tonight bripping in the plants -- bringing in the plants and the pets. accuweather seven-day forecast, little warmer on wednesday, we turn the corner thursday to 60. another front, another spring- time front comes in on thursday gives us a shower and a thunderstorm, we cool down towards the end of the week. what a week of weather. i feel bad for you having to tell us all of this. >> warmer in december than it is now. >> christmas day.
5:19 am
let's talk about this. 287 northbound, exit 22, tractor trailer fire, all lanes are closed and being detoured around this problem. new jersey transit long island railroad, running on or close to schedule. hillside, that accident being cheered away, then you have a problem here at the 59th street bridge. street cleaning rules are in effect. still ahead on eye witness news this morning, soccer star wambach answers to her dui incident over the weekend. a airline merger could be
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wambach retired last year after helping team u.s.a. win the world cup. portland police pulled her over, she failed a field sobriety test and a breathalyzer take. she wrote i take full responsibility for my actions. this all on me. i will do whatever it takes to ensure my horrible mistake is never repeated. tonight, march madness will end in texas. villanova and investigate north carolina are meeting in the ncaa's men's basketball title game, nova is looking to win the second title first since 1985.
5:23 am
the 6th national championship. last one came in 2009. the women's final is tomorrow. featuring a new cormer against a three time defending champion. huskies are back in the game again. rolled over oregon state by 29 to reach the 11th title game. they will be taking on big east rival syracuse, the orange reached the first national championship game beating washington 80-59. these games, man, they are close or not at all. those are the last surviving local teams. >> lady uconn and syracuse. they play the best basketball. the girls share, they play disciplined basketball, it's fun to watch. this morning, i-287, i-80, that's the line of the snow this morning, it's going to be sagging southward towards the bronx this morning.
5:24 am
chilly side. 32 susex. we got this wind, cold and east. tractor trailer fire, all lanes are closed. traffic is being detoured. hillside avenue, another collision. mass transit again, the problem with new jersey transit. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect. following a breaking story at newark, a fire inside terminal b led to evacuations this morning. what passengers can expect this morning ahead in a live report coming up at 5:30. track this morning's snow and rain on the go with our free accu track weather alert app for live radar and alerts,
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asian markets are down. >> wall street the dow started the day up 107 points, 17,792.
5:28 am
point to a higher open. a bidding frenzy for virgin america, appears to be over. >> candice gibson and rina have the headlines. alaska is buying virgin america. follow as bidding war with jet blue. >> maybe empty seats at the olympic games with 5 months to go, 50 50% of the tickets are sold. >> the government may purchase ticks and give them to public schools. a steep fall for the super heroes. >> batman versus superman, $52 million. down 6 8% from the week before. >> zootopia from our parent company disney, was in at second and with $20 million, my big fat greek wedding 2 was third. that's americas money.
5:29 am
a breaking story, what passengers can expect after a smoky electrical fire at newark airport. firefighters contained a big fire that destroyed a business and damaged a church. we are live with new video. it is an accuweather alert day with spring snow and rain, bill evans timing it out with to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you. it's not a quick fix. it's my decision to make beauty last.
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5:31 am
. you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. >> a look from our camera, here, at the fort leader jersey side of the george washington bridge, 37 and cloudy. southeast wind at 6. chilly out, we have a winter weather advisory to the north above i- 84. freeze warning this morning, of course this was issued yesterday. a heads up to bring in the pets and the plants. we have snow right across northern chester county. river valley, slippery slush, as much as 1-3 inches of snow there. that will change over to rain by midday, rainy, chilly
5:32 am
4 and 5 trains, mechanical problems at 116th street. grand central to 125th street. service suspended, morris essex, hackettstown and mount olive because of a downed tree. 287 north, exit 22. tractor trailer fire, we have all lanes closed down and detoured through the area as a result. we are looking at the band wick, jammed to hillside avenue with the accident cleared. alternative parking rules are in effect. a smoky fire led to evacuations this morning at newark airport. dray clark is live with important information that passengers need to know. good morning. >> reporter: first the good news is, no injuries in the fire. business as usual as the airport with flights departing and arriving on time. most of the emergency vehicles
5:33 am
outside terminal b left the airport. let's show you scene from earlier this morning, the fire that broke out happened in the delta airlines section of terminal b. firefighters initially responded to a report of a fire in a storage room at 1:00 this morning, smoke had quickly spread throughout the terminal. firefighters extinguished the fire relatively fast, but were called back after the fire reignited. they came back that time and were able to attack the fire in a ceiling area, the fire at one point had reached two alarms and you could see a large glow from the tarmac, because the fire was that extensive. they were able to get the fire under control and contained. the fire happened during off peak hours here at the airport. there weren't a lot of passengers inside the airport. terminal b had to be evacuated until that smoke was cleared out of the terminal and also to make sure this time the fire
5:34 am
extinguished. terminal b is now in the process of being re-opened and again, most of the flights, if not all of the flights at the airport scheduled to arrive or leave are doing so on time. as for the cause of the fire, the definitive cause remains under investigation. it is electrical in nature, we are told. witness news. last half hour, firefighters contained a big fire that had been burning for hours overnight in brooklyn. diana rocco is live. >> reporter: within the last several minutes the fire has been brought under control. firefighters really starting to get a handle on things here. this is what it looked like
5:35 am
this is a warehouse on parkside avenue. firefighters had to back out of the building because the flames became too intense and started fighting the fire. they are dousing the flames this morning. firefighters say this was a difficult fire to fight because of several adjoining buildings next to the bakery, that spanned most of the block including a church and a daycare. the redemptive center are next store and both saved. the fire department ising on a cause here. they have -- department is working on a cause here, they have ruled out gas. >> because the fire was heavy, there was, we thought, involved gas. when we shut the gas mains down, there was no change in conditions. that led us to believe it probably wasn't gas fed. >> reporter: several roads in the area are closed this morning for 10 blocks right next to the parkside avenue where the fire started.
5:36 am
street, ms 2s that may present a challenge for kids trying to get to school this morning. 7, eye witness news. a husband and wife killed island. the wreck happened at lakeland and ocean avenues. the driver of the second car dui. the driver is treated for his injuries at the hospital. police identified the married keer. stephanie seymour will face a judge in connecticut in relation to a drunk driving charge. the judge is expected to rule on whether seymour can enter the alcohol education program leading to the dismissal of her charges. the former victoria secret model backed her suv in to another car, and crashed in to a utility pole in two separate accidents in january. the weather is not looking good, expect a packed house for
5:37 am
50,000 people are expected to pack the stadium for the opening day in the team's history. it is a rematch of last october's wild card playoff loss against houston. 2009 world series mvp will toss out the ceremonial first pitch. game time is 1:05. that is weather permitting of course. the sports team will be there for all the excitement, laura behnke and rob powers will report throughout the day. >> so many great things to watch throughout today and tomorrow. things to watch while you are indoors. going to be cold. chilly, we have cloudy skies as we look from the camera, towns square south. roof camera across central park. 5th and 59th. the lights are on. kids are getting skating
5:38 am
37 degrees, should be around 41 this hour of the day. 41-45. it is chilly. snow ape above i-80, new jersey, along 287 to the north, west chester county, fairfield county, up towards albany. the rain comes in through the morning hours in to the afternoon, chilly, cold rain, looking at rain at noontime, rain at 1:00, it will be raining during the baseball game, if probably just a windy, and chilly. make sure you have your gear. making the morning or the evening commute, headed to school. bus stop today, one child who is truant from the bus stop. otherwise rainy morning. kids dress warm. a cold day and colder tomorrow. we will talk about that next. see all of the brake
5:39 am
the band wick expressway, hillside avenue, we have an accident, 4 and 5 trains, street. grand central. new jersey transit trains suspended, between hackettstown and long island. metro north, doing just fine. 287, north, exit 22, a tractor trailer fire, you have all lanes closed down and detoured around that area. this is a look at the ed couch 59th street bridge. see the delays on the lower level. that's because of an accident going in to manhattan. we have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect. still ahead, how a restaurant's crab legs led to arrests in connecticut. new push this morning for explosive detectors at u.s.
5:40 am
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5:42 am
bromers used tatp in the bombings in brussels. mixture of chemicals were used in the paris attacks. the department of homeland security needs to fast track testing on a tatp detector. >> what are rewaiting for, i want it to be done now and more than one or two places. i wouldn't mind it in new york. a spokesperson for research and development says there are no plans to field test tatp detection at airports. connecticut, police arrested a husband and wife after they started clawing at a fellow restaurant patron over crab legs. the crabbiness took place at a restaurant outof hartford. an argument at a buffet table
5:43 am
lost a tooth after punched in the face. the man's mother used pepper spray on his attackers. the accused couple is free on bond. this morning, we are looking at times square, we are looking at dry streets and sidewalks at the moment, to have your gear, you are about to head out. that is about to change this morning. look from the camera, midtown, 59 street south, 432 park, 37 degrees, dry humidity, southeast wind at 6. the pressure is falling. as that falls, the atmosphere becomes unstable. yesterday's high 43. chilly day yesterday. we are going to have hardly any sunrise or sunset. north of new york, snow,
5:44 am
snow might make it down the bronx, briefly, flurries or sprinkles. a coating to an inch outside of the city, north and west, 1-3, along i-84 to the northern hudson river valley. rain all day today. not looking good for the yankees home owner. 43 toms river. 40s wrights town, 36 bridgeport. 33 white plains. 28 pa kipsey -- we are lacking at the wind out of the east, southeast, makes it rather chilly. yesterday's wind gust, 64 miles an hour winds at the airport. jfk airport. newark, white plains in the mid 50s yesterday. tropical storm forced winds. duchess, sullivan, winter freeze warning here for coastal connecticut, southern new jersey. we will have that again tonights that temperatures drop to the 20s overnight.
5:45 am
north of 287, there, along 684s this is the throughway, 84, this is 80, see the snow sagging southward, there is the rain here to the west. that would keep us in a real slot fest for the morning commute, rainy cold chilly day in to the afternoon. the rain and snow line at 287, you see everybody slowly changes to rain. noontime, it's raining in the bronx, 50 degrees, raining first pitch time, 1:00, raining through the game, until after sunset. we clear out tonight. we will be looking at chilly cold weather starting the day tomorrow, in the 20s and below 30. you need your rain gear after school or looking at 51 degrees, rain, chilly, give it an f. the snow amounts grassy surfaces, car tops and trees, coating to an inch. fairfield, northward, see the northward, the colder it is, the more you are going to see
5:46 am
tonight down to 27, clearing skies. 20 suburbs tomorrow. sunshine, brisk and colder, 41 tomorrow. feeling like the 30s with the wind. we start to turn the corner and warm up on wednesday. thursday, we warm up ahead of a cold front to 60. we could have a shower and a thunderstorm with the front thursday afternoon. below normal temperatures in to the weekend. >> somebody write a memo to mother nature. rip it up like all my other memos. >> why does that happen. i do know one thing, my dog rocco and i were certified as a pet therapy team. we visited newark airport on saturday. we teamed up with creature comfort, that's our pet therapy team and united airlines and did this united paws event, for those people flying and
5:47 am
came by and pet the dogs, we met a lot of nice people, those were the seeing eye dogs. therapy dogs, seeing eye dogs there and a great event for everybody. nice to meet people, little girl came up to me, said she was afraid of flying. she came up and pet the dogs. i said how do you feel about petting the dogs? she said i feel good. makes a difference for everybody. they did this united paws event in newark and cleveland, la. great event. this is not such a great event. this is the ed couch 59th street bridge, see the delay across the span because of an accident, it is the bridge, lower level in to manhattan. you have new jersey transit suspended service hackettstown and mount olive. metro north, running on a closer schedule. they have been repaired. looking at 287 northbound, exit 22, tractor trailer fire, all
5:48 am
as a result of that. we have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect for today. the accuweather alert is in effect. leading to school delays this morning. updating the list at abc 7nc. the strange highway police chase caught on camera, how officers caught up with a chihuahua on the road. the unique home getting a lot of attention.
5:49 am
5:50 am
police chase caught on camera showing a little dog
5:51 am
officers in northern california. a which chihuahua spotted weaving through traffic. they did catch up with him and took him in to custody. what are you in for? never mind. they are working to track down his owner. thousands of people gathered on the world's largest floating bridge to celebrate the grand opening, floats across lake washington in seattle. yesterday the 1.5-mile span, opened with a fun run, the bridge replaces a 4-lane version built more than 50 years ago and feature as bicycle and pedestrian path. officially opens to traffic, one week from today. a colorado couple has found a way to build a environmentally friendly home. they pieced together their shipping containers.
5:52 am
used the cash to buy 9 of the big crates. the house is 4000 square feet. it has 7 bedrooms and 5 baths. >> a clust of four shipping containers on this side, one, two, three, four, mim mimics the same on the other side. we have this one container that spans across, makes nine. >> the home isn't finished but already been appraised for 850 grand. similar homes go for $600,000. update on breaking news at newark airport. a smoky fire led to evacuations this morning, this was in terminal b, live with what you can expect. an accu worth alert in effect.
5:53 am
at the accuweather forecast. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price thisgood,
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5:55 am
. i'm bill evans. camera bouncing around a little bit with the wind coming in out of the southeast. we have snow, snowing lightly here, suffolk county, connecticut, up the throughway, along i-287. to 684. 1-3 inches of wet snow, south of that, rain, chilly temperatures. 30 new city. 32rain for the home owner and chilly. we have this problem at the ed couch 59th street bridge from the north at the bridge, see that delay coming across that lower level, upper level doing better because of an accident. the accident is on that lower
5:56 am
manhattan, a big problem on 287, new jersey, northbound exit 22, tractor trailer fire all lanes are closed, detoured around that spot. transit suspended because of a downed tree. long island metro doing okay. mechanical problems, repaired at 116th street. van wick is jamming north in to hillside because of another accident. we have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect for today. affects of the weekend's windy weather, felt to the town of elizabeth, greer remains closed because of a swaying church steeple. the situation started after the metal bracings in the building snapped due to the winds. construction crews need to dismantle the dome piece by piece. a former mba player is suing nypd because he was says
5:57 am
ontic was arrested after a stabbing. they claim he was meddling with the crime scene. charges were dropped. just ahead on eye witness news this morning, a portion of newark airport temporarily evacuated this morning when smoke fills the terminal. firefighters had to be called in twice to battle a tricky fire. we will tell you if flights will be affected. brooklyn, hundreds of firefighters beat back the flames insides of a commercial structure, burning dangerously close to a church. where hilary clinton will be campaigning on her home turf today alongside governor cuomo. what a change, bill evans
5:58 am
5:59 am
when 61,000 sets of eyes look at health care differently, a hospital curtain can be more than just a curtain. so we invented a new one, that reduces the spread of infection. in every one of our 21 hospitals and over 450 community and research facilities, we're not just looking to raise our standard, but the standard of health care.
6:00 am
brooklyn, a fire inside of a business spread to a 5th alarm overnight. port authority crews are trying to get one of the terminals clean you ed up after a fire. winter is not through with us yet. good morning, everyone. i'm michelle charlesworth in for lori stokes. >> a dozen school delays or closures. see those at the bottom of the screen. you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic beginning with bill evans. >> cloudy skies and snow. 37 degrees. colder to the north. 34 up the hudson river valley,


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