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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  April 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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brooklyn, a fire inside of a business spread to a 5th alarm overnight. port authority crews are trying to get one of the terminals clean you ed up after a fire. winter is not through with us yet. good morning, everyone. i'm michelle charlesworth in for lori stokes. >> a dozen school delays or closures. see those at the bottom of the screen. you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic beginning with bill evans. >> cloudy skies and snow. 37 degrees. colder to the north. 34 up the hudson river valley,
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southeast, east of that is chilly. off the waters of long island sound and the atlantic. 40 wrights town. see we have a winter weather vivary advisory. a freeze warning tonight and tomorrow morning. snow is across northern new jersey above i-287, rock lynn west chester county and 84. rain around the 5 bureaus long i'd. the wet snow could pile up 1-3 inches to the north making roadways slippery. rain this afternoon and chilly weather. going to the yankees home owner, have your yankees scuba gear. >> everything you need winter, rain stuff, we are looking at what is happening here with new jersey transit trains and service suspended between hackettstown and mount olive because of a downed tree. this is a look at the ed couch 59th street bridge, see the
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this is because of an accident, it's on the lower level manhattan bound. we have this problem, on 287 northbound side near exit 22. tractor trailer fire, all lanes are closed and detoured. see the huge line of traffic, hop on route 202 as an alternate to get around that. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect for today. breaking news, busy night for the fdny. >> the latest broke out in a commercial building on parkside avenue in brooklyn. diana is live in prospect. >> reporter: good morning, this really presented a challenge for firefighters overnight. it took 250 firefighters several hours to bring this fire under control, that is just happened within the last hour. it did reach 5 alarms before firefighters knocked the flames down.
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on parkside avenue in a warehouse building. this is shortly after crews arrived. see the flames billowing from the roof of this warehouse, they had to fight the fire from above because the flames became too intense that it forced everybody out of the building. it took several hours to bring under control, the real challenge was trying to save the adjoining buildings. this warehouse which house as bakery and a catering company is next to a daycare and a church. parishioners were outside all night waiting to see if their church could be saved. they were able to run in and retrieve the items from inside, the pastor says he is hoping the damage is minimal. >> water damage, a lot of smoke, and the ceiling is a little bit damaged also. thank god it's not burnt. >> reporter: fire officials have not yet been able to determine how the fire started, however they have been able to rule out gas as a potential
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one firefighter did suffer minor injuries. new jersey, a smoky fire forced evacuations at newark airport. a live look from the traffic camera showing flights getting ready. the port authority got the fire under control after demolition work. dray clark is live at the airport with the latest on this story. >> reporter: good morning, passengers are now being allowed back inside terminal b, the terminal had been closed after the fire broke out this morning, in the delta airlines section of the terminal. take a look at how the scene looked this morning, firefighters had rushed to the airport at 1:00 this morning, after there was a fire in the boiler room, they extinguished that fire but called back a short time later after the fire reignited. when they arrived they had to tear down a portion of the ceiling to reach that fire,
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they were able to contain the fire, and place the fire under control without any injuries. the fire happened during off peak hours, there weren't a lot of passengers inside the airport, still terminal b was evacuated while firefighters were able to put that fire out and get all of that smoke from outside of the terminal. if you are by chance flying on delta airlines, check ahead, some of the flights may have been diverted to other gates because of the activity that happened this morning. as for what caused the fires we are told it's electrical in nature. the investigation continues in to the deadly amtrak derailment outside of philadelphia, amtrak tweeted normal service resumes on the northeast corridor, expect delays between philadelphia and dc. the train which left penn station headed for georgia derailed in chester,
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head on in to a backhoe that was sitting on the tracks. the operator of the construction equipment and another amtrak worker were killed. more than 2 dozen people were hurt. passengers were shaken. >> thrown in to the seat in from of me. the window got blown out beside me. there was fire ball. smoky, nasty smelling smoke started coming on the train. it was scary. >> senator charles schumer says it appears the crash was caused by human error, protocols about who can be on a track were not followed. we are seeing video of the suspects that police are looking for after a violent beating and robbery in queens. this shows a suspect kicking the 52 year old man. investigators released video of two of the other suspects in a deli. two men and two women took part
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him in critical condition while they robbed him. a man reported missing has been found shot to death. the body of 26 year old alebbs ander encor via was discovered. he was seen two days earlier leafing the comfort inn medford where he lived. today there is a hearing in they robbed him. a man reported missing has been found shot to death. the body of 26 year old alebbs ander encor via was discovered. he was seen two days earlier leafing the comfort inn medford where he lived. today there is a hearing in new jersey sparked by the lead problems in newark's public schools. assembly committee is looking in to whether or not there is a threat of lead contamination for all residents. lawmakers will focus on the lead content of pipes that carry drinking water. fountains at 30 newark public schools were shut off. last month due to elevated lead readings in the water. cuomo and hilary clinton will be the star attractions for the $15 minimum wage. the state budget plan passed friday calling for raising the minimum wage in new york city over the next two years, for the rest of the state by 2021. the rally at the jacob center will celebrate the new plan for paid family leave. the center should be packed with leaders advocates and minimum wage workers. a new weekend poll shows clinton getting the support of 53% of likely democratic voters in the newark primary. bernie sanders is trailing her by 10 points. republican presidential candidate john kasich will hit the campaign trail on long island. the governor is the first of the 3 candidates to campaign before the state primary. kasich will host town hall meetings in huntington.
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away from weather and traffic. we got ourselves a mess on our hands. lights on the west side of the screen. central park south on the right, there, the intersection where the plaza hotel is, 432 park, tallest building there is so far in the western hemisphere. down the jersey shore here. we have skies that are cloudy, the wind is bouncing the camera around. morris county, burrgon county, to the bronx, if you are traveling north, you got a mess, rain comes in today. not looking at a lot of rain. maybe a half inch of rain. it's a steady drizzle, chilly wind southeast, all in to the afternoon, rain pitch temperature 50 degrees. feeling like 40s, dress warmly if you are going to the stadium. the knuckle heads will be there, most all of them, 3 out
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north, rain showers elsewhere. 3 out of 4 knuckle heads surveyed say have your rain gear. weather and traffic together every 7 minutes. see this delay, near jfk airport, see we have delays as you go through this spot. i will tell you what is going on there. the belt parkway, as you go onto the westbound side near cross bay boulevard, the accident, see the delay from jfk. anc, euclid avenue, expect uptown delay, new jersey transit, suspended service on the hackettstown and mount olive because of a downed tree. long island doing fine. lower level to manhattan, we have that accident. 287 north, exit 22, tractor trailer firings all lanes are closed and detoured.
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news this morning, horrific crash claims the lives of a husband and wife. this big blast of winter weather is causing problems up and down the state including one accident involving 20 vehicles. are the yankees going to be playing with snowballs? we will get a preview of the season open er a at (music plays) in this city, there is always a threshold waiting to be crossed. waiting for you to go beyond. to find the other side, to find yourself... greater. eight million footsteps daring past limits and delta, right there with you,
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e this is 10 miles south of coopers town. state police say none of the injuries were life threatening. some of us will see snow, north and west of the city, we are not going to beat buffalo. we never beat buffalo when i comes to snow. it looks pretty, but coming down in the dark of course, it is adding up on the ground, at the rate of an inch an hours by noon, officials are talking about up to 9 inches of snow. motorists are told they should
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9 inches for buffalo is nothing. you know that. tonight, march madness ends in texas, villanova and north carolina are meeting for the men's basketball in houston. nova is looking for a second title, the first came in 1985s the tarheels trying to win the 6th national championship, the last one came in 2009. the women's college basketball season ends tomorrow night in indianapolis. connecticut is back in the championship game again, the huskies are lacking for their fourth -- lacking for their fourth straight title and 25th consecutive wins. standing in the way will be syracuse. the orange reach their first national championship game by beating washington 80-59. we check the accuweather forecast. >> bill evans is outside our studios on the upper west side. >> good morning. here we go. good morning, good morning. good morning. we will have a morning where you guys dress warmly.
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let's look outside, we start out this morning, what is cloudy skies around the 5 bureaus. looking at a sunrise, seeing a little bit of that as we look towards long island on the roof towards the eastern end. looking at rain and snow mix today, rain afternoon and evening, the temperatures will be chilly here. our temperature 38 degrees, we are looking at humidities dry at the moment. to the north, humidity picked up a little bit this hour, in the 40% range last hour. the east wind, barometer has been falling. yesterday's high was 43. 42 degrees colder than the normal 57. we are looking at a sunrise, maybe seeing a peek east , the snow is going north of the city, i-287, changing everybody over to rain today. the snow from the city northward. everybody is in the rain today, all afternoon, all evening, looking at temperatures, north.
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long island. down to the jersey shore, 39-40 degrees, the wind east, comes in off of the atlantic, see it's southeast, south shore long island, a chilly raw feel to the air. see the windchills this morning are cold in a lot of spots, 13 the real feel. see to the north, winter weather advisory, to the south, freeze warning in effect. the temperatures tomorrow morning colder. there are the snow showers this morning across burrgon, stretching all the way to the bronx. we get the rain to the west. to the morning commute, midday, everybody is changing to the rain. 1:00 today, 50 degrees, like a drizzle, a light rain, enough to be a nuisance during the afternoon. it gets heavy and 3:00 or 4:00 for a time. we can get up to a quarter to
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not a lot of rain but colds and raw and windy, -- cold and raw and windy. at the bus stop, kids, you need your rain gear this morning. after school 51 with rain. the snow, an inch in central non jersey. you see 3-6 albany, a heavy wet barking snow. rain this afternoon, 27 tonight. we clear out tonight, blustery and colder. 20 in the suburbs. sunshine on wednesday, 46. 60 on thursday. a front moves through with a shower and thunderstorm. as we get in to the weekend, temperatures will be below normal for this time of the year. there you go. it is a morning where it is chilly. everybody is dressed warmly.
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gear. amazing to hear snow bark. let's talk about what is happening with new jersey transit. service suspended between hackettstown and mount olive. long island railroad doing okay. expect uptown delays as result. 287 north exit 22, a tractor trailer fire all lanes are closed and detoured. belt parkway westbound, cross bay boulevard, that is an accident, you can see the delay westbound on the belt parkway, the delay on the band wick with the earlier accident cleared by hillside. this cleared off the 59th street bridge. manhattan on the lower level. routes 1-9 south of elizabeth avenue. south of newark airport. a downed pole, downed wires,
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closure through the spot. street cleaning rules are in effect for today. major shake up in the airline business, details on the mega merger set to be announced today. a police pursuit like in
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airline ranks are due out. the airline quality report
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up 34% of the highest level since the year 2000. it comes as the rate of bags lost stolen or delayed has dropped 10% and fewer passengers are bumped off of oversold flights. that problem is down 17%. more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. bill evans. it is cloudy and cold. temperatures below freezing, a freeze warning in effect. winter weather advisory in effect. cameras bouncing around. snow is creeping down, see through passic, to the bronx, looking a at the snow continuing to push south here. see to the north, with the snow that's working its way along 84, this is the throughway here, that's going to cuts across to the bronx, snow showers around oyster bay here,
6:26 am
a cold weather pattern all week. we will talk about that coming up. heather is looking at the commute. talking about what is happening with new jersey transit, a downed tree, service suspended between hackettstown and mount olive, metro north, ems activity euclid avenue, expect uptown delays as result of that. 287 northbound, near exit 22, tractor trailer fire, all lanes are closed and detoured around that spot. hop on route 202, bell parkway west, cross bay boulevard, the accident is being cleared away. we will look at the ed couch 59th street bridge, lower level in to manhattan, an eler accident cleared away. routes 1-9 south of elizabeth avenue, downed wires, alternate side of the street packing
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the list is growing and scrolling at the bottom of your screen. this morning, we are seeing
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hudson river valley, the camera this new jersey. your temperature at 6:00 a.m. the park is 37 degrees. we will be looking at that temperature maybe dropping a degree or so, as we go on in to the morning commute, mostly off to the north, the temperatures 38 degrees is our temperature now updated. 27 newburg. outside the city, to new city, 34 there, around 36 bridgeport. with the east, southeast wind coming in, that keeps things rather chilly, we got this freeze warning in effect until 10:00 this morning, the snow now, working down to the bronx, mixs with a little sleet, ice there, this is just enough to slippery up the roads from the city northward. sprinkles around the city. off and on rain drizzle through the day. it will be breezy and chilly. it's going to rain gear type of day with all you got. it will feel like the 40s all day.
6:32 am
we have the suspension, between hacketstown and mount olive. long island railroad metro doing fine, ems activity euclid avenue. cleared away. you can expect uptown delays. this accident is with us, this is 287 north, exit 22, a tractor trailer fire, all lanes are closed and detoured as a result of that. hop on route 202 as an alternate. belt west, an accident with us there, 59th street bridge, earlier accident cleared away. let's look at web cam, the newark state throughway. traffic is doing fine. no major problems. a lyof snow here. doesn't look like it's falling too heavily. we are looking at our street cleaning rules, which are in effect for today. to the breaking news in newark, a fire causing problems
6:33 am
>> fire crews responded to terminal b around 1:00 p.m. we received this photo from a passenger on a plane who spotted flames coming out of the roof. dray clark is live with new information on the impact for passengers at newark this morning. this fire happened in the delta airlines section of terminal b. i was inside the airport. there was a back up in the check in or ticketing area. we learned from delta airlines that a handful of flights maybe delayed by up to two hours because of the fire that happened this morning. let's show you the scene, initially firefighters rushed here at 1:00 this morning, there was a fire reported in the boiler room, they quickly extinguished the fire, but was called back a short time later after the fire reignited. this time firefighters had to tear down a portion of the ceiling to reach that fire by bit.
6:34 am
they were able to contain the fire, place it under control and put it out and no injuries reported. this happened during the wee hours of the morning. there were evacuations to make sure the smoke was out of the terminal and make sure firefighters could go ahead and make sure the fire was this time completely extinguished. if you are flying delta airlines this morning, you may want to call ahead. you may fall in to the category of your flight being delayed by up to two hours. for the cause of the fire, it is electrical in nature. a 5 alarm fire destroyed a business, and damaged a nearby church. the fire on parkside was put under control within the past hour. diana rocco is live.
6:35 am
took several hours but does appear that firefighters have a handle on this. they continue to douse these flames from up above. they are just putting out hot spots. the fire did reach 5 alarms overnight. this is after crews arrived, this is a warehouse on the 600 block of parkside avenue that house as bakery and catering company. firefighters had to back out of the building because the flames were too intense. they started fighting them from overhead. this broke out after 11:00. it was difficult to fight because of the several adjoining buildings that spaned the block including a church and a daycare. the redemptive center was next door. both saved but some smoke and water damage did occur as far as the church is concerned. the fire department is working on a cause this morning, they have ruled out gas. >> because the fire was so
6:36 am
involved gas, when we shut the gas mains down, there was no change in conditions. that led us to believe it probably, it probably wasn't gas fed. >> reporter: several streets are still closed in the area this morning as firefighters continue to douse the which may present a challenge to ms 2s a middle school that is across the street, may give kids a little bit of trouble getting to school this morning. new this morning, a husband and wife are dead. killed overnight when their car collided with a car on long island. a horrendous crash. the driver of the second car is charged with dui. the wreck happened at lakeland and ocean avenues. second driver is now treated for his injuries, stony brook university hospital. police identified the victims as william and joe ann keer. service is getting back to
6:37 am
-- belgiums busiest airport. the first flight took off from brussels starting today the airport is expected to be up to 20% capacity. two bombs exploded there last month. passengers are going through security tents now before entering a temporary departures hall. happening now, unprecedented exchange system is starting with the first of thousands of refugees being shipped back from greece to turkey. the fist of three ships reached turkey filled with pakistani refugees, par of a deal with the european union. anyone that arrived illegally after march 20th will be sent back to turkey. turkey will send greece a vetted refugee who qualifys for resettlement in europe. if mother nature cooperates the yankees will get season going today. the broption bombers sent out this tweet last night showing
6:38 am
50,000 people are expected to pack the big ballpark in the bronx. for a rematch of the wild card playoff loss, game time today, 1:05, again, if mother nature doesn't cry too hard. rob powers and lawyerra will be there for the yankees season owner. see the reports throughout the day, here on eye witness news. mets have opened their season, the same way they closed last season by losing to kansas city. they got to watch the royals raise their world series flag and they watched. kick the first fly ball that came his way. casey built a 4-0 lead. mets fought back. tying run on base in the 9th. the teams meet tomorrow afternoon. keep my fingers crossed. never more than 7 minutes
6:39 am
>> going to the home owner, have your rain gear. rain showers during the game. cloudy skies as you see our temperature 38, schools closed and delayed to the north. see at the bottom of the screen, sullivan county, olester, duchess county, putnam and orange county. 38 degrees now, cloudy skies. the snow is here in northern new jersey, mixs in with ice and rain. get above 287, a mess here up to the northern suburbs. lasting for a few hours, we slowly change over to rain today. we will see that rain actually developing more around 10:00, it will be raining at 1:00, game time temperature 50 degrees. rain and drizzle during the ball game in to the evening hours. bus stop, you need your rain gear. after school 5 1, both ends of the commute, before and after school, you got the rain around this morning to the snow off to the north, check with the delays this morning, see for
6:40 am
hands. >> we have this problem on the belt parkway, traffic is bumper to bumper, this is near jfk, this is because of an accident. the accident is on the bell bay boulevard. we are finding that new jersey transit remains suspended between hackettstown and mount olive, a downed tree on the tracks. long island railroad metro north doing fine. euclid avenue is completed expect delays, 287 north exit 22, tractor trailer fire, all lanes are closed and detoured through that spot as a result. routes 1 and 9 south of elizabeth, a downed pole and downed wires. we have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect. just in to the newsroom, disturbing attack at a restaurant on long island am woman nearly drenched in scolding hot cooking oil. wild weather, this time the
6:41 am
sent a huge tree toppling down. it's back to court super model stephanie seymour accused of
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the couple's 12 and 14 year old daughters were there when it happened. ahead of the rain and snow, we saw powerful and damaging winds, damaging winds gusts across the area, dispatchers received numerous calls of downed trees and torn power lines. we found one home with significant damage from a downed tree. there were no injuries here. stubborn 5- alarm fire destroyed a dry cleaners, in queens, took five hours and 200 firefighters to get the fire under control. the entire neighborhood around the dk pro dry cleaners was blanketed for much of the time in really heavy smoke. fire officials say wind was not
6:45 am
fight the fire in close quarters. the store was closed between the fire broke out. they may complicate the investigation in to how the fire was started or did start. good morning america is coming up next, george stephanopoulos is live in times square. >> reporter: sat down with hilary clinton in brooklyn. she is behind wisconsin to bernie sanders. big debate over debates, we will get in to that as well. also ahead, abby wambach is making headlines after the dui arrest. she is apologizing to fans and
6:46 am
we will have that this morning as well. donald trump's ex-wife speaking out as well revealing she is still advising the candidate and talks about how they mended fences and the role she plays in trump's campaign. time to get a checken the accuweather forecast. >> bill evans is on the upper west side. >> reporter: a wet snow and rain mix here, the bark is here, a sure sign of spring. not in the weather but the tree bark is here. here is what is going on, we have spring giving way to winter today. make sure you got your gear. umbrella, raincoat, everything to keep you warm. a look from the cameras this morning. from the george washington bridge, see the know blowing around as the bridge. this is going to slippery up streets and sidewalks. the wet snow and rain mix in the city is going to change to rain.
6:47 am
6. pressure falling. looking at what will be this snow changing over to rain. yesterday's high was 43, normal, is 57. somewhat going to be colder than normal this week, except for one day. temperatures are around 28-30 to the north. 39 wrights town and long island. winds southeast, east, 5:00-15 miles per hour. windchills in the 20s to around the 30s. we will be looking at this winter weather advisory to the north. the freeze warning until 10:00. we will have that tonight. temperatures tonight colder, when this clipper system goes by here, creating this rain and snow mix in the city. see the rain showers down around central jersey to the north. above 287, wet snow and sleet
6:48 am
when you get around 84. this will stay on and off throughout the the snow goes away by 10:00. the temperatures are going to be cold to start your day tomorrow. 4/10ths of an inch of rain. temperatures in the morning in the teens. 20s to 30s in the afternoon. 20s on wednesday morning. we got rain kiddos, 51-54 degrees, after school practice canceled probably. snow accumulating on car tops grassy surface, trees and power lines, 1-3 northern west chester and albany. 3-6. the rain, chilly, 51, raining at 1:00, first pitch drizzle and light rain continuing in to the afternoon, in to tonight. and colder. tomorrow, sunshine and clouds tomorrow. high of 41. 46 on wednesday.
6:49 am
there might be a front coming on through with showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. temperatures are going to be below normal at the end of the week in to the weekend. get all your gear, morning. big heavy wet snow flakes are coming down out here right now. a sure sign of spring. the new york state threwway, there is a little bit of snow accumulating on the side of the roadways. the roads are not doing too badly. no major accidents rereported on the throughway to. the maps, we will talk to you about new jersey transit service is suspended between hacketstown and mount olive. long island railroad north, ems activity, euclid cleared up.
6:50 am
all lanes are closed and detoured. a look at the bolt parkway, we are jam packed on the parkway. westbound side, cross bay boulevard, keep that one in mind, especially if you are going to jfk to pick somebody up for catch a flight. south of elizabeth avenue, downed pole, downed wires, this is south of newark airport. see that delay as you come in to that spot. give your seven extra time. minor delay, lincoln and holland, 10 minutes a piece here. street cleaning rules in effect for today. super model stephanie see mother heads to court in re -- seymour heads to court in relation to a drunk driving charge. police say the former victoria secret model backed her suv in to a car and crashed in to a utility pole in greenwich in january. a piece of new york city
6:51 am
this jersey is much more than just that of a hall of famer. maybe he didn't want to go
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
he wore a collar. got it straight. up next, updates on two breaking stories including a fire in brook whether i know. flights maybe impacted at newark liberty after fire filled a terminal with suffocating smoke. snow flakes falling in the
6:55 am
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your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. it's going to impact passengers, especially flying delta airlines , the fire happened in the delta airlines section of terminal b, this was the scene this morning, the fire broke out at 1:00 in a
6:58 am
quickly put that fire out, but called back after the fire reignited on the second time they had to tear down a portion of a sealant to reach the fire which reached two alarms and able to contain the fire and place it under control. delta airlines is reporting some flightses maybe delayed by up to two hours. if you are flying delta at newark liberty, call ahead, your flight may very well be affected. dray clark, abc7 eyewitness news. brooklyn firefighters are putting out hot spots after flames damaged a commercial building. it broke out before 11:00 last night. at a catering business. firefighters were able to stop the flames from spreading to adjoining buildings. a church next door sustained damage. crews are pouring water on the structure. the fire was brought under control at 5:00 this morning. democratic presidential candidate, hilary clinton, will
6:59 am
ricketry rally for a $15 minimum wage. they passed a plan to bring the wage to $15 in new york city and the rest of the state it will happen by 2021. he will sign it in to law and also celebrate new york's plan for paid family leave. a final check on the commute. >> a suspension with new jersey transit trains, between hackettstown and mount olives metro north doing fine. subway service running close to schedule. the accident is was, 287 northment exit 22, a tractor trailer fire, all lanes remain clessed and detoured -- closed and detoured around that spot. jump on 202 as an alternate. 7:00 temperature 38 degrees to.
7:00 am
rain showers, snow showers off to the north here. seeing what will be rain this afternoon, temperature of 51. off and on showers, not heavy stuff, the snow to the north, a coating to 1-3 inches the farther north you go. headed to the stadium, make sure you got your rain gear for this afternoon. good morning, america. wicked weather slams the country. a powerful spring through the midwest and northeast. winds up to 60 miles an hour downing trees and buildings. more than 100,000 without power. as snow showers lead to nasty road conditions in major pileups. now a big freeze, too, temperatures in the teens. heading east. power play. donald trump bringing out his


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