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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  April 4, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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the wind may have been to blame for the damage in east orange, where it tree fell on two homes. and the yankees even decided to postpone opening day because of the weather. let's begin with bill evans with an exclusive look at the forecast. >> that was a good move by the yankees this morning to go ahead and cancel today's game. it's just going to do this all day. rain, chilly, drizzle. it's just not summertime. our temperature 43 degrees. we're going to be looking at rain still continuous. wet snow to the north of here. we're going to be looking at a hard freeze tonight with temperatures in the 20s. tomorrow, real feels in the teens and the temperatures going to fight to get to 40 degrees tomorrow. even though the yankees are going to play tomorrow, we are going to be looking at very cold temperatures tomorrow, but
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look how warm it is toward toms river. 43 around the park. most of the rain has been confined to down south. we're going to be looking at what is going to be a hard freeze until 10:00 tomorrow. we'll talk about more about that, coming up in your accuweather forecast. back to you guys in that nice, dry studio. the winds may have been a factor when trees came crashing down on two homes. >> reporter: good afternoon, we're on fulton street. you can see that damage there behind me. the insurance companies have been called, and the homeowners at the meal that the city of east orange has them on a priority one list to get all of this damage cleared up amend they also tell me, they're always concerned when the winds are high. >> it sounded like an earthquake. >> reporter: the homeowners say the winds were at their most wicked when this huge tree came down. >> it was unbelievable.
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the whole house was shaking. >> reporter: branches went through the bathroom window, and the ceiling. >> my wife had to crawl under the table. i tell her to stop moving, because we don't know what's going on. when all the noise stop, and i came outside. i seen this here, it's horrendous. >> reporter: the truck crashed through the roof of a bedroom. luckily, the family was not home at the time. >> my neighbor call me and they send me all the pictures and they say, something happened to your house. >> reporter: this is one of those communities where tall mature trees line most streets. when the winds are up, it is time to worry. >> when you look at these trees, you think they're sturdy and strong. >> but look at this. there's no roots. at all. >> reporter: well i'm no tree expert, but those roots, they do appear to be very shallow. with this one coming down, some of these homeowners are concerned about the next trees in the row. they were out here a little
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they say some of these trees appear to be leaning. they worry when the next gust of wind, another one may be coming down. eyewitness news, back to you. we're following breaking news in brook -- brooklyn, a man is run over and killed during an attempted carjacking. police are trying to find the suspect. tim fleischer is live in brooklyn. >> reporter: this is still a very developing story right now. i can show you here, this is the scene along 4th avenue. the scene stretches between 22nd street and 24th street. what we're learning, eyewitness news is learning is that a 63- year-old businessman, who has a company in this area, is well known in the area, was loading up his suv this morning, when suddenly a man tried to carjack that suv. he was able to get in it, and start to drive off. the owner of the business, then
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they confronted him the next block up between 22nd and 23rd. he opened the door, he struggle. at some point, the man ran off. the alleged carjacker and ran over the owner of the business. the carjacker than ran the car up around the block around 22nd street and then crashed into that truck that you see down at the other end of 22nd street, the alleged carjacker then ran off on foot, and police a the this point are still looking for him. again, one person is dead in what appears to be a carjacking, and police are now looking for a suspect. reporting live in brooklyn, tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. amtrak trains are running on schedule between washington and boston following yesterday's deadly derailment. a train hit some equipment on the track, before derailing near philadelphia. two amtrak employees were killed. offenses say the pair made a mistake and were on the wrong
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safety board is investigating. flights are back on time at newark airport's terminal b after it was evacuated due to an electrical fire. the terminal filled with smoke. firefighters put out the fire, but were called back when the flames reignited. they were able to get it under control, and no one was injured. new at noon, democratic presidential candidate, hillary clinton is back in new york to tout the passage of a minimum wage bill. it calls for the wage hike in years. the rest of the state will follow by 2021. while secretary clinton is in new york, most of the other candidates are stumping in wisconsin ahead of tomorrow's primary. abc a's megan hughes is live in washington with the latest on this presidential ration. >> hillary clinton and john kasich are campaigning in new york.
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zeroing in on wisconsin, where donald trump facing an uphill battle. >> reporter: donald trump making a rare admission. >> was this my best week? i guess not. i could have done without the retweet, et cetera. >> reporter: today, wife melania hopes to help him bounce back. hitting the trail in wisconsin as she did in iowa and new hampshire. >> he would be the best president. >> reporter: it's a state where trump could use a boost. ted cruz leads in the polls. >> donald's answers are the answers of someone who is a liberal trying to say what he thinks conservatives wants to hear. >> reporter: trump's rallies were the target of snl this week. >> donald trump does not personally condone violence. >> really, let's just randomly see what is happening right now at his rally. >> i'm voting for you!
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side, bernie sanders and hillary clinton are neck and neck in wisconsin. >> i believe i am the strongest candidate to take on the republicans. >> reporter: clinton shrugging off sanders' recent winning streak. >> if you look at the popular vote, i have close to 9 million votes. that's 1 million more than donald trump, and 2.5 million more than senator sanders. >> reporter: the contest, by the way is in about two weeks. in washington, megan hughes, channel 7 eye witness news. one more political note. republican john kasich is spending the day on long island. this afternoon, he will have a rally in oyster bay, before hosting a town hall in huntington. a husband and wife killed in a crash on long island, and now the driver in the other car
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new jersey lawmakers are holding a hearing this afternoon on lead contamination in newark. this comes after elevated levels of lead were found in newark schools last month. newly released data shows eight schools had lead above the federal recommended level. the state assembly environmental committee will need to talk about aging infrastructure and whether there is a threat to residents. supermodel stephanie seymour is in a court in connecticut.
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after she backed a car up an exit ramp and hit another vehicle. that same day, she was also charged with hitting a utility pole and leaving the scene of a separate accident. new zealand, and 21 other places were used as a tax haven by the rich and powerful. the files show law firm massic fansaka helped dodge taxes. the busiest flight since the terror attack took off from brussels. starting today, the airport is to be at 20% capacity, and able to process 800 passengers per hour. passengers are going through security tents before entering a temporary departure's hall.
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wambach is apologizing after she is charged with driving under the influence. the former soccer star was arrested in oregon after she ran a red light. she posted a message to facebook telling fans she takes full responsibility and will do whatever it takes to never repeat the mistake again. the 35-year-old retired last year, after helping team u.s.a. win the world cup. in texas. villanova and north carolina are meeting in the men's title game. nova is looking to win its second title and the second since 1985. the tar heels are trying to win their sixth national championship. the women's final is tomorrow. it will feature a newcomer, the uconn huskies are back in the championship game again, they will be taking on former big east rival, syracuse. the orange reached their first national championship game by beating washington.
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see what saved him. >> and what triggered this massive pileup. >> taking a live look outside.
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officials say eight cars, three 18 wheelers and adirondack trailers. authorities say there were white out conditions at the time of the crash. only minor injurieser were reported. all right, it is time to forecast. >> send it on over to meteorologist bill evans. drizzle. gear. here's a look outside. we'll show you, we've got this gloomy look here, a we look across the park. i was just mowing the lawn there the other day. now it's getting much needed rain across the park. and we'll look at temperatures on the chilly side. temperature now, 43 degrees. looking at a northeast wind, and the pressure is falling. with falling pressure, the atmosphere is unstable. yesterday, our temperature was right around 43 for the high. so it was a bit on the chilly side. normal high is 57 this time of the year. so far today, we've had .14 of an inch of rain.
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you go up north, and it is still chilly for wet snow. it's 63. where it hasn't been raining. you look at these winds, and see 5, 10, 8 miles per hour, mostly out of the south coming up, but it just kind of fuels this moisture coming into this clipper system that is racing by, and still, snow showers to the north. along 287, along 84 now. south of that is some rain. some of that has some sleet mixed in it. in suffolk county on the radar. the low itself, the clipper is back in ohio. that will keep sweeping eastward. and that will still give us some rain through the middle of the night. this steady light rain. as we get to 4:00, still raining, 48 degrees. certainly about baseball weather. 64. the farther north you go is
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sweeps in behind the low. as the system pulls out tonight, you could get snow showers that could still be to the connecticut coast and even maybe on the north shore of long island. pulls down cold air and we see that clearing out tonight. it pulls down cold air, and tomorrow morning, we start the day in the 20s, and that's a cold start. you tack on the wind, and that's going to be much colder. tomorrow afternoon, the yankees play their home opener in sunshine. the temperature is barely going to touch 40 degrees. here is your starting real feel tomorrow morning. 10degrees in monticello, 17 in the park. 18 in long island. it will be a cold start to the day tomorrow. then in the afternoon, if you happen to be in the stadium, or you're outside. notice that the upper 20s, to 30 will be the real feel tomorrow. baseball players when they hit the ball, and feel the
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call that bees in the hands. cloudy, periods of rain and drizzle for the rest of the afternoon. we're looking at 51. a rain/snow shower possible. might even be a rumble of thunder tonight with the system pulling out and going away. a sunny day, but it's around 41 degrees. here is your accuweather seven- day forecast. another front moves through, with a shower and a thunderstorm and then behind that, cooler air comes behind the next system, and cools down for the weekend. so we're not really looking at temperatures around a normal high, except for one day this week, that's going to possibly be on thursday with those showers. so kids, you could have had rain for the yankee game. tomorrow, you've got cold for the yankee game, but you will have sunshine, so dress warmly tomorrow. we see a lot of those hot water bottles in the dugout. >> you know you will. a father outraged. he says a teacher called his
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we'll tell you what he's now calling for. >> and we've seen a lot of
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we are seeing a terrifying moment that put a driver in the hospital in canada. officials say the woman was anal to jump out moments before it crashed over the edge. it is not said what caused her lot. she is in the hospital with serious injuries. look at that car. the you imagine? >> wow. coming up, a husband and wife killed. now that driver is in the hospital and under arrest. and a five alarm fire tears through a building overnight. comes right back. the new york state lottery
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our top stories this afternoon.
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a man pulled from his car, run over and killed in the greenwood heights section. the search is on for the carjacker who ran from the scene. >> it's hard to believe this is spring. the windy weather caused this mess you're looking at in new jersey. a tree crashing into two homes in east orange. one family was home as the tree crashed into the ceiling, but fortunately, they were not hurt. the family next door wasn't hurt at the time. >> good afternoon to you, i'm shirleen elicott. >> neighbors describe lives taken over during a crash on long island. >> their car childing with a second. now the driver of that second vehicle has been charged with dwi. long island reporter, live in medford with the latest. >> reporter: shirleen and ken, neighbors tell us this couple was just the nicest couple, and
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them, that is very clear here. there are many of their family members inside their home here in medford. they have asked for their privacy, and did not want to speak with us. this is a picture of 67-year- old william kear and his wife, joanne kear. police say it was last night around 9:00, they were traveling on ocean avenue when another car basically t boned them. the driver of that other car is being charged with dwi. the kear's were taken to brookhaven memorial hospital where they died. >> if you needed them, 2:00 a.m., they'd be there. they were so down to earth, so family oriented, their kids, their grandchildren were everything to them. you know i ask that we all pray for their family.
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in the hospital recovering from nonlife-threatening injuries. we're live in medford, kristin thorne, eyewitness news. a building housing a catering company that provides school lunches was gutted when a fire alarm, a five-alarm fire roared through it in brooklyn. the fire roared on park side avenue just before 11:00 last night. about 250 firefighters were able to stop the flames from seriously damaging a church next door. officials believe the fire may have been gas fed. we're seeing video of the suspects that police are looking for after a violent beating and robbery in queens. the video shows one of the suspects kicking a 52-year-old man, it happened last thursday in ridgewood. investigators released video of two of the other suspects at a nearby deli. punching and kicking the victim, and leaving him in critical condition while he robbed him. amtrak says service has resumed on the northeast
12:33 pm
delays after that fatal derailment near philadelphia. two rail workers were killed and dozens of passengers injured when a train hit a backhoe on the tracks. elizabeth her has the story. >> reporter: they'll spend the day pouring into the evidence and looking into how and why that construction equipment was on an active track. the head-on crash left the front of the train crushed and parts of the cars mangled with debris, piercing on 89. >> all you can see is a lot of dirt and debris passing by the train. >> there was a fireball. kind of a frightening few seconds. we didn't know what to do. >> hit a backhoe. multiple injuries reported. >> more than 300 people were on the train, and with 35 of them injured, a doctor in the first car got to work right away. >> you take a deep breath. you mutter a little prayer, saying i hope to god that i can
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comes my way. >> according to investigators, the southbound train slammed maintenance. the train could have been hour. >> as part of our investigation, we will be looking at the track structure and the work that was performed at the time of the accident. >> the amtrak operator of that backhoe and his supervisor were killed. officials say they are now reviewing the train's event data recorder and video for answers. part of that investigation will be signals and also why that new safety measure, positive train control system, did not prevent this accident. i'm elizabeth her for channel 7 eyewitness news. a former nba player is suing the nypd because he says he was unfairly arrested. officers took him into custody after a stabbing at a chelsea club almost a year ago. they claim he was meddling with their crime scene. prosecutors later dropped the
12:35 pm
harassment charges against him. he is seeking $25 million in damages. we want to turn now to that wild weather, and take a look at the scene in poughkeepsie. snow covering driveways and roads. you can see there was some accumulation in this viewer's backyard. let's get another update from meteorologist bill evans of this wacky weather. >> it's going to be a rainy afternoon and north of i-84, or up the hudson river valley, there will still be heavy snow mixed in. it's 43 degrees right now, after school, it's a mess. so a lot of after school practice, and also sports and that sort of thing canceled. cloudy, chilly, rainy periods of rain through the evening into tonight. tomorrow, however, we're looking at some winter cold to talk about. next in your accuweather forecast. back to you. a former pro football player and heisman trophy winner lands himself in jail after police say he went behind
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>> also ahead on eyewitness news at noon, the star of abc's castle turns to the lapd to investigate some threatening incidents. >> school officials suspend a texas teacher for comments
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b in connecticut police arrested a husband and wife after they started clawing at a
12:39 pm
it took place at a restaurant outside hartford. police say one person lost a tooth after being punched in the face. that man's mother used pepper spray on his attackers. the accused couple is free on bond. a long island man is accused of a savage attack on his wife inside their north long beach restaurant. 39-year-old xuling xao was arrested after he grabbed his wife and forced her hands into a vat of boiling oil. xao will be in court this morning. nine students are vowing to stay put until their concerns about workers of color are heard. they're demanding the firing of three administrators and an
12:40 pm
harassment and discrimination against parking and transportation department employees and $15 minimum wage for all campus workers. today we remember martin luther king jr. as we mark 40 years since he was assassinated. the civil rights leader was fatally shot april 4, 1968 in tennessee. james earl ray was convicted in that killing. king was 39 years old. a texas family is calling for religious sensitivity training for a whole school after a 12-year-old honor student was called a terrorist by his teacher. the boy says the teacher targeted him in front of his entire class while they were watching the soccer movie, bend it like beckham. >> i was just laughing at the movie. the teacher said i wouldn't be laughing if i was you. i said why? she said because we all think you're a terrorist. >> the boy who was born in texas says his entire class
12:41 pm
making fun of him and saying he had a bomb. school investigators have suspended the teacher. castle star have turned to the nypd to stop threats. chris started out leaving nancy comments on social media. but it's now escalated to death threats and comments about extended family members. those names aren't listed publicly, so police are treating it as a serious matter. the suspect reportedly is not in the united states, and police have not yet made contact with him. new at noon, former heisman trophy winner troy smith was arrested for allegedly driving drunk. police dash cam video shows officers pulling him over in ohio. an officer noticed his car didn't have a front license plate, swerving. he measured .143. police also seized two marijuana cigarettes from smith's vehicle.
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chance to win a jersey worn on one of the most emotional days in new york history. mike piazza's home run against the atlanta braves, give them a win during the first sporting event that happened after the 9/11 attacks. it's expected to fetch $50,000. a shocker in the room, coming up on eyewitness news at noon, a judge is banned from the bench after ordering a stunning punishment in a maryland courtroom. >> a resourceful colorado
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if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. a stunning scene playing out in a courtroom. a judge ordered a deputy to shock a defendant who kept talking after the judge ordered him to stop. now the judge is being disciplined.
12:46 pm
shocking moment in court. mareland judge, robert nally caught on camera. >> mr. sheriff, do it. use it. >> that's king screaming on the ground. he was in court representing himself on a gun charge. but at some point during the hearing. judge nally appears to run out of patience. >> i didn't ask what your name was. >> king tries to make a legal argument, but the judge orders him to zip it up. >> stop, stop. >> reporter: but king keeps talking. that's when judge nally takes action. the deputy using a stun cuff on king, sending a 50,000-volt shock through his body. >> it felt like fire went through my back. >> reporter: the judge now taking a permanent break. after the incident, maryland's highest court, banning him from the bench for life.
12:47 pm
way. >> reporter: nally pleading guilty to a civil rights violation. the court sentencing him to one year's probation. fining him $5,000, and ordering him to take anger management classes. abc news, new york. a 17-year-old girl with the best ncaa bracket in the country says she's not a sports fan, and doesn't even own a basketball. rebecca gentry says her english literature teacher asked the class to fill out a bracket for extra credit. so she picked teams by guessing. she got the sweet 16, elite 8, and even the final 4 correct. >> maybe she can help buy me a lotto ticket. good for her. >> that just shows you, you take the 64 teams and you just kind of like, right. >> nothing to lose. give it a shot. going to go out there afternoon
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make sure you have yourself an umbrella, rain coat too. because it's chilly outside. the people in upper west side and lower east side. looking across. you see that it is raining and wet with a little light wind. not the wind we had yesterday. 64 mile-an-hour wind gusts, but the pressure is falling. there will be a little wind behind this system, and that will be coming in for tonight. you see the pressure's of 29.84. with this light, northeast wind. we're going to be looking at a bit of wind when this clipper pushes on through. might be some thunder to our south. heavier rain as this clipper goes by. hard freeze tonight. going to be really cold for the commute tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, a brisk wind, and temperatures fighting to get to 40 for about 20 minutes tomorrow. looking at 43 from north port to massapequa. these numbers are chilly for this time of the day. we should be in the low 50s
12:49 pm
but we are not, we're seeing south. there's a winter weather advisory until 9:00 tonight. there will still be ice and snow mixed here along i-84, through 684. just above 287, even central fairfield county is in that. overnight, a hard freeze is expected armed. that's because the temperatures drop to subfreezing numbers like 27. west. indoors. right here to just south of 84. you know, i think you'll continue to see this for a few more hours, as we go into the evening, keeping the roads slushy. here's the area we're talking that might be a little rumble of thunder with the low itself. first pitch forecast for tomorrow. okay, so we're going to swap rain and chilly weather for sun and cold temperatures. 39degrees tomorrow at game time. the winds north at 10 to 20. if you have a 10 mile-an-hour
12:50 pm
and a north wind at the stadium blows in from left field in toward home plate. that will be a great game. we've got rain by 5:00, at 48. lee goldberg will be here first at 4:00, tonight, you see some of this to the north, could end as snow. and some of it to the south could end as a rumble of thunder. 7:00tomorrow night, we start with temperatures in the upper 20s. the teens is what it will feel like tomorrow morning. then you see in the afternoon, normal high is 57. starting off the day tomorrow monticello. 16 around bridgeport. for the afternoon, it's going to feel like 20s, to around 32, with that cold north wind. windy with periods of rain and drizzle. still this afternoon, it's going to be cloudy. tonight, you'll see the wind picking up out of the north. blustery, and colder. brisk and cold.
12:51 pm
but it's 41. we've got a north wind tomorrow at 10 to 20. we will warm up. we'll get to 60 by thursday. a front moves through with a shower or thunderstorm, that cools us back down as we go into the weekend. but monday, we're going to warm it back up. we'll be back into the upper 50s. >> that's pretty darn nice. >> break out the ohio players. roller coaster of love. >> thank you, bill. all right, a driver walked away with just cuts and bruises when powerful wents sent a concrete and brick sign on the his car. look at this. it happened yesterday in indiana. it was a chipotle sign, crashing into the roof. just as the driver was getting out. that driver is lucky to be alive. eyewitnesses say he was able to walk into a nearby store and call for help. >> a colorado couple has found
12:52 pm
environmentally friendly home. they have pieced together their dream house from recycled shipping containers. they used the cash to buy nine of the big crates. the house is 4,000 square feet. it has 7 bedrooms and 5 bedrooms. >> we have a cluster of floor shipping containers. and it mimics the same on the other side. 5, 6, 7, 8, and this one container that spans across that makes 9. >> the home has already been appraised for $850,000. >> the nice thing is, you can load it on the back of a ship and take it overseas. we're coming right back, but first, here's a look at what's coming up next chew. >> today, we're cooking up
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hi everybody, i'm diana williams in the newsroom. here's what's coming up a bit later on eyewitness news. it's a handgun, and it looks a lot like a smartphone. we'll tell you to keep this from hitting stores. and the best buys for april and what you should hold off purchases right now. those stories and more beginning on eyewitness news at 4:00. all i can think is i want to buy a container. i've got to google price containers. >> it will hold your stuff. may not hold heat, but it will hold your stuff. time now for the feed. a young cancer patient attended the mets opening day game last night, thanks to the generosity of a teenager.
12:57 pm
offered his two tickets on a kansas city royals fan page on facebook. hundreds of people applied, but one entry caught his eyes. it was a woman who wanted the tickets for her son, who has been battling cancer for seven years. the boy was so thankful, he started to cry. >> love that. this video is going viral. more than 2 million people have viewed it. a utah police officer's epic april fools' day prank. salina city police officer pulls over the motorist for speeding and asks for permission to conduct the search. he needs it through a drug sniffing cat. it smells the odor of a controlled substance. he admits, he is joking, the
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