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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> and i'm diana williams. another teenager is charged tonight in the death of the iona student. brandon lawrence was killed in new rochelle sunday morning. >> he was struck by a bullet meant for someone else. today we're hearing from his distraught family. joe torres is at the park with more. >> brandon lawrence had his whole life ahead of him. 19 years old. he was a student athlete last year at lincoln high school in yonkers. he was studying mass media as a freshman this year at iona college. this weekend, those dreams, that future cut short by a bullet on a ball field. >> reporter: the lawrence family of yonkers tonight trying so hard to understand the incomprehensible loss of a son, a brother, a nephew. 19-year-old brandon lawrence was shot and killed early sunday morning on a new rochelle ball field. >> i love my son. i loved him dearly. and he was killed so senselessly.
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he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. >> everybody who knew brendon knew he was a loved child, a quiet child. just full of life. 19 years old. >> reporter: police arrested 19-year-old steven sing desear of new rochelle and charged him with lawrence's murder. the suspect's friends said little following a scheduled court appearance this afternoon. so what happened? according to investigators, five young men gathered about 3:30 sunday morning in this parking lot outside the boys and girls club. an altercation spilled on to the neighboring ball field. police say that's when desayer shot lawrence who played basketball at lincoln high in yonkers and graduated last year before attending iona college. police told us the shooting was not drug, alcohol, or gang-related, and that lawrence was not involved in the argument that preceded the gunfire. >> it appeared as if it was a mutual combatant. two guys had a beef with one another.
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settle it on the field. and that's what happened. >> i'm really speechless right now because it's so sad. he's our colleague. he's our peer. >> faith is the firm foundation that tonight supports the lawrence family. they've been overwhelmed with the number of texts and e-mails they've received from friends, family, from the folks at lincoln high school, as well as at iona college. for desear, his appearance was waived. he now has a scheduled court appearance in county court one week from today. live in new rochelle, joe torres, channel 7 eyewitness news. now to the weather. what a miserable day out there. rain, snow, wind, and tonight freezing temperatures. strong wind gusts caused some damage, sending trees crashing in to homes and cars in new jersey. and the rain causing opening day for the yankees to be postponed and no doubt disappointing anyone who took the day off work to attend. the field covered with the tarp.
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against the astros tomorrow at 1:05 p.m. meteorologist lee goldberg is tracking things from outside our studio on the upper west side. >> april has been all over the place, and obviously we haven't recovered from our volatile weekend. rain has gotten steadier in the last hour. it's actually coming down pretty good and will for a couple hours. spring certainly on hold. that we've plummeted over the weekend. this is the second day we've had snow over parts of the area and 41 tomorrow. temperatures will feel like we're in the 20s and 30s all day. so we're certainly in a cold pattern. the winter weather advisory in the hudson valley, parts of connecticut, that will expire as we go through the 6:00 hour. snow will be winding down. still may have snow in to the early evening. then it's a freeze warning overnight in to tomorrow morning with numbers falling well below 32. part of the george washington bridge, you can see it in the northwest side, visibilities are down. again we're at 41, down 3 from
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30s at laguardia and in to white plains. it's below freezing, north of i-84, low 50s over parts of southern new jersey. rain-snow line getting in to parts of fairfield county. heavy rain in philly will go to monmouth and ocean over the next couple of hours. have to deal with this through about 8:00 or 9:00 latest, then snow showers lingering. then it's all about a cold wind kicking in. look at the numbers tomorrow morning. we'll start the day. these are not wind chills. low and middle 20s. upper 20s along the coast. feels like readings will be in the teens. we're going back to the february feel tomorrow morning. here's what you need to know as we head through the night. rain and snow showers will wind down this evening as will snow showers. slippery travel to the north. cold north wind will be strengthening. some gusts past 30 and then near record cold tomorrow morning. wake-up wind chills are in the teens. we'll let you know if we bounce back. they'll play tomorrow midday, yankee stadium, but it will be awfully cold. we'll have that forecast as well.
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toppled on not just one home but two homes in new jersey. a neighbor says a tree shook his house when it came crashing down. it shattered glass and destroyed the roof. big mess there. that was on the first floor. fortunately the family who lives there was not home at the time. >> my neighbor called me and sent me all the pictures and then they say something happened to your house. >> this wasn't the only home crushed by a downed tree. another tree came down on a home and a vehicle, this also in east orange. new at 5:00, an arrest tonight in the robbery and shooting of knicks forward, cleanthony early. devon dowelling was arrested last week on an unrelated charge. he was alledgedly part of a group of gunmen who robbed him. police say they stole his things before one suspect shot early in the leg.
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a car crashes in to a wall at beloved community charter school at 4 a.m. the car caught fire but the building's sprinkler system put out the flames. the driver got out before that and was treated for minor issues at the hospital. a new poll out today shows the democratic primary race here in new york is tightening. just 10 points between hillary clinton and bernie sanders which means we'll be seeing and hearing a lot from them between now and primary day, april 19th. eyewitness political reporter dave evans covering the clinton campaign today. he's live at the javits center. >> today's rally here at the javits center earlier this morning, it had couple of different purposes. the first one was kind of a victory lap for governor cuomo in achieving a $15 an hour minimum wage in lawmakers in albany last week. even though that law won't take effect till 2018. the other purpose of the rally
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new york state for clinton. >> hillary clinton and governor cuomo took the stage together today as a progressive tandem. both fighting for paid family leave and a $15 an hour minimum wage. and here the governor took aim at donald trump. ridiculing his plan to build a wall to keep immigrants out. >> if you think that's how you make america great again, i say to you you don't know what made america great in the first place. >> reporter: and hillary clinton also went after trump here, calling him no friend of working class america. >> donald trump has said that wages are too high. a lot of members of his party agree, right? he's fired, that's funny. [ laughter ] >> reporter: clinton is facing the likelihood of a loss in wisconsin's primary tomorrow. in new york she's in better
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lead in new york hold till our primary, april 19th? bernie sanders is campaigning hard in wisconsin, saying he is better qualified than clinton. >> if we win in new york state, between you and me, i don't want to get hillary clinton more nervous than she already is. she's already under a lot of pressure. so don't tell her this, but i think we win here, we win in new york state, we're on our way to the white house. >> reporter: in today's rally, clinton never mentioned her primary opponent but she did seem to take a veil swipe at sanders saying the $15 wage in new york took work and lots of planning, something she says sanders isn't very good at. >> now, some people get bored by that kind of talk. don't bother me with the details. let's just make it sound good.
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tonight hillary clinton is campaigning in the albany area. again, the primary in wisconsin is tomorrow, but hillary clinton isn't going back to wisconsin. instead she's staying in the city with a women's event tomorrow in brooklyn. after the primary, two weeks until the new york state primary on april 19th. for now, reporting live at the javits center, dave evans, channel 7 eyewitness news. on the republican side, ohio governor john kasich is on long island today. the presidential candidate having a few choice words for his opponents. >> i'm not getting out. why would i get out? particularly when trump's worried i'm going to get his votes, which i've always knew that i could do. we're not going anywhere. we're going to be fine. >> kasich says he can bring trump supporters over to his side because he offers solutions. he said he won't get desperate to win like his republican opponents. meanwhile, donald trump and ted cruz are in wisconsin tonight campaigning ahead of tomorrow's primary. both candidates have said a win
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trump is on track to clinch the nomination but a loss could decrease his chances of getting the number of delegates that he needs. we have breaking news right now on the upper east side. a loaded gun found at a school. we're told that a student took the gun to ps169 on east 88th street. nobody hurt and no word on the status of that student. the education department says it is investigating. we have a crew headed to the school and we'll bring you more information as we get it. sad new details tonight about a couple allegedly killed by a drunk driver on long island. william and joanne kear were on their way home from dinner when police say a drunk driver hit their car in ronkonkoma, killing them. long island reporter kristin thorne is at the scene. >> the couple was going through the light right here. they had the green light as you just saw right there when police say this other car came from
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>> reporter: william and joanne kear spent last night at their daughter's house, enjoying a family dinner with their grandchildren. they were on the way to the home in medford when a car t-boned in to their pickup truck on ocean avenue in ronkonkoma. the driver of that other car, 23-year-old kyle glinka, police say, was drunk. >> mr. glinka made oral admissions that he was drinking. he smelt of alcohol. >> reporter: investigators say glinka was also speeding, going so fast in his small audi that when he hit the couple's pickup truck, he tipped it over. >> you do have witness statements at this time saying that the kears would have had a green light, that mr. glinka traveling southbound would have ran a red light. >> reporter: the kears were pronounced dead at brookhaven memorial hospital. neighbors say they were one of a kind. >> if you needed them 2:00 in
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i mean, they were so down to earth. so family oriented. their kids, their grandchildren were everything to them. i ask that we all pray for the family. >> glinka is being charged with dwi, although those charges could be upgraded. he is in serious condition at stony brook university hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. we're live at ronkonkoma, kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. more now on that breaking news we were just telling you about. a loaded gun found at ps169 in the upper west side. >> eyewitness news reporter mallory hoff has just arrived on the scene and she is there now with more. >> i just spoke with a man here who didn't want to be identified but he told me he works with the school and he was actually inside when this happened. he said it was quite a chaotic situation but very quickly when everyone learned there were no injuries reported here, the situation was calmed.
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now on the upper east side. what we know right now is that a gun was found inside of the school at some point today, still unclear exactly when that gun was found. the status of the student that brought the gun to school still unknown at this time. what we do know, again, no injuries reported here and that police are in the process of investigating. the department of education did put out a statement a few minutes ago saying that this incident is deeply alarming. we are working closely with the nypd as they investigate this extremely disturbing report. nothing is more important than the safety of all students and staff and there is a zero tolerance policy for weapons of any kind. students and staff are safe. again, no injuries sustained, and parents will be notified. again, no scene out here right now, but that man who was inside of the school said there were 45 or so investigators present earlier today trying to get to the bottom of this. no injuries reported but
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understand how a weapon ended up at school. back to you guys. >> i can imagine parents are very concerned. new at 5:00, colorful language from the nypd's top cop about a group of people breaking the law. we have details on a crackdown of atv and dirt bike riders and we have exclusive video of a group of them taking over the streets. >> and a man who illegally rented out his apartment on airbnb only for someone to throw a sex party takes action. what he's now doing to help
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he rented his apartment out via airbnb only to have a sex party hosted there then he was evicted. he's created a site to help landlords keep an eye on their tenants. lauren glassberg spoke with him. >> reporter: his terrible experience with airbnb prompted him to create a business that actually targets the company. >> if you list on airbnb, we're going to find you, and they're probably going to evict you. you may end up in a tenant blacklist. >> reporter: in fact, he's on the blacklist. we reported on how when he used airbnb to rent his apartment, the person who rented threw an orgy. airbnb reimbursed him for
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didn't understand until after the fact that he was breaking the law by breaking out his apartment. now he's a crusader. today he launched sublet spy which uses technology to figure out who's offering an illegal sublet. >> we're using technology, artificial intelligence, and computer vision to match the content, the words and the pictures on these sites to data that we have about new york city and about the buildings and public data. >> and you don't have to be a property manager or a landlord to use the service. if you think your neighbor is doing an illegal sublet, you can sign up to sublet spy for just $10 a month. he says that's a worthwhile investment for property owners. >> if you catch this with sublet spy before the city does, you say -- you save yourself at least one $10,000 fine and thousands in property damage, time wasted with angry neighbors and tenants.
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he could do after causing his own neighbors so many problems after using airbnb. >> the fact that i get a little bit enjoyment of making airbnb squirm, yeah, that's a bonus. >> reporter: airbnb didn't respond to our e-mail request for a comment. lauren glassberg, channel 7 eyewitness news. got lee here. somebody looks very rested. i wish there were sunny skies, but i did see the cherry blossoms. that was nice. >> they were covered with a nice coating of snow. love the magnolias. it was just an incredible scene with all the blooms out and snow on top of them. that's a tough look at central park right there. that's the meadow which we freshly mowed that last week for the first time. it was 79 degrees in the park on thursday. and then this. and 41 degrees right now. so we have a rising barometer. that's the only good sign. the high today, 44. in parts of the area we hit 60s. parts of the area we didn't get above freezing. 57 is our average high.
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back to it, maybe thursday briefly. otherwise much of the 7-day is below that. rainfall so far has been about a third of an inch. we're tacking more on that at least on the last couple hours. beautiful spring day, partly sunny and 60. there's the new updated rainfall amounts. over half an inch of rain, close to that in white plains, third of an inch is more typical across the area. and these amounts are mostly snow and poughkeepsie. couple inches of slush. 50 in toms river. 28 in monticello. obviously there's a front around the area and unfortunately it's coming this way. so the cold air will begin working in overnight. rain and show showers early evening -- snow showers early evening. it's blustery tomorrow morning. feels like teens. we'll have bright sunshine. pretty amazing to have strong april sun and have a tough time getting in to the 40s. speaks to the chill of the air mass. the back edge on the move. just a couple more hours of rain showers, maybe ending with snow
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got pretty decent snow over i-84 from danbury to the south and east. the steadier rain is moving in to newark and summit, new jersey and livingston. then things will start to quiet down. cold high pressure building in from the north and numbers up here are working in the 20s. that's what's working in tonight. futurecast will show rain and snow. moving offshore quickly. clearing. maybe leftover clouds along the coast tomorrow morning then bright sunshine during the afternoon hours. cold morning in the 20s. we'll be fortunate to get in to the low 40s. many spots can get stuck in the 30s tomorrow afternoon. rain and snow showers early. tomorrow, 41. brisk and cold. despite plenty of sunshine, we'll struggle to 41. 28 tomorrow night. another hard freeze. are we going to have a deep freeze? we'll address that. a thunder threat possibly. and how about six of the next seven days possibly below average. yanks will play tomorrow but it will be very cold at the stadium. we'll have that forecast as well. >> this weather.
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news, dozens of puppies found in bad conditions outside a pet store, and this isn't the first time the store owner has been in trouble with police. >> years after superstorm sandy, a woman whose home was damaged still had not received help. we have new information on what happened after the eyewitness news investigators got involved. >> and coming up, our shopping expert from tells you what to buy and not to buy. april showers bring all across america families are coming back to time warner cable for a whole new experience. that's because we've been working hard to give you better service,
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whether you're looking to buy new clothes or book a getaway, a new month means a new round of deals. >> so what are the best buys, and what should you avoid in april? 7 on your side's nina pineda is here with money-saving tips. we need them, nina. >> oh, i know. look at it out there, we're thinking flowers, showers. april also brings tax discount days with places running special discounts. be on the lookout for free food on the 15th. and these deals all month long. >> reporter: with april showers, sales racks sprout up chalk full of mark downs. >> it could be over 50% off. >> reporter: ben glazer says savvy shoppers know when to stock up. >> you can save $10 on winter jackets. next month this inventory might
5:26 pm
>> reporter: what won't be gone is summer stuff like bathing suits full price throughout april. >> it just hits stores. in another month or two it could be 30% off. >> reporter: wait for memorial day sales to knock the price down on a lot of items you may be buying. >> wait to buy appliances and home goods because those are going to see much more generous discounts during the big store-wide sales. >> reporter: look for spring to get the most bounce for your buck on beds. >> historically memorial day is the best time to buy a mattress. >> reporter: you may be ready to spring in to home improvement projects but ben suggests waiting on tempting tools for two more months. >> this isn't in demand so it's going to make retailers a little less likely to offer sales. >> reporter: june is also the better time to replace that broken laptop or computer. >> back to school sales are going to start as early as june. >> reporter: ben does predict april will bring apple discounts, due to updated watches and new versions of the
5:27 pm
introduced last month. >> the apple watch should be $50 cheaper. do not buy it directly from apple because they always have the most expensive prices. >> reporter: secondary retailers like best buy and walmart are ben's best bets for better prices. >> look for discounts on the iphone 5s which has been discontinued. >> reporter: don't be sad, samsung fans. you'll also be seeing discounts toward the end of april. >> we've seen the galaxy s6 and s6 plus drop to $1 with a two -year contract. >> it's a good time to take that new phone with its enhanced camera to vacation destinations that start with a c. canada is super cheap because the dollar is so high. cruises are deeply discounted. and cuba being your best bets. >> i'd love to go to cuba. >> the deal with cuba is it will get better and cheaper as competition happens but you'll get a less authentic experience if you wait. >> anything with c. interesting. a deadly hit and run, a
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tonight we talk to his grieving family. plus, new details on the manhunt for his killer. >> exclusive video, chaos on the streets. we'll tell you what the nypd is now doing about illegal atv and dirt bike riders. >> a fiery rescue. meet the father and son who risked their lives to save a woman trapped ins look how beautiful it is... honey, we need to talk. we do? i took the trash out. i know - and thank you so much for that. i think we should get a medicare supplement insurance plan. right now? whether you're new to medicare or not, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. it's up to you to pay the difference. so think about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they help cover some of what medicare doesn't pay. i did a little research. with a medicare supplement plan,
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and with these plans, there could be low or no copays. you do your push-ups today? prepare to be amazed. don't wait. call today to request your free [decision guide], and find the aarp medicare supplement plan to go the distance with you. go long. run down. the hunt for a thief behind the wheel in a hit-and-run that claimed a father's life. police say the victim, a business owner from brooklyn, tried to stop the suspect from stealing his flatbed truck. >> he was chasing down the thief when he was run over. it happened on 4th avenue in the greenwood heights section. eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer is there now. >> it's still very much an active investigation.
5:31 pm
blocks of 4th avenue are still closed off, as is 22nd street as well. at the top of the street you can still see the truck that was stolen earlier today. police are investigating this tragic accident that has claimed the life of 63-year-old phillip dela grazzia, a long time business owner. >> reporter: family and friends comfort each other after what has become a terrible accident. the owner of an iron works company is run down by a thief who allegedly stole one of the commercial vehicles. >> that's my dad. we're trying to figure out what happened. >> either the keys were with the vehicle or the vehicle was running. and that's -- >> he jumped in the vehicle and took off? >> correct. >> reporter: police investigators on the scene say that occurred here in front of a&d ironworks on 24th street. the thief, police say, speeds off and turns right on 4th avenue. >> the owner of the car, 64-year-old male, 63-year-old male, chased him down fourth
5:32 pm
was stuck at a light. >> reporter: eyewitness news has learned they struggled as the owner tried to pull the thief from the truck. >> apparently he tried to get back in to the truck at which point he ended up under the truck and that perpetrator who stole the truck ran over him. >> reporter: the thief then speeds off the wrong way up 22nd street, stops abruptly, gets out and runs away. of the truck. minutes, please? >> reporter: family members and friends of the victim gathered together, comforting each other, and hoping to learn more about >> good person. >> reporter: the owner, who police have not yet identified, was well liked, workers say. will miss him. >> again, police have identified the victim as 63-year-old phillip de la grazzia. he's well liked and respected in the community. tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news.
5:33 pm
brutal beating death of a transgender woman in manhattan. 21-year-old isla nettles died after being punched in the face and hitting her head on the curb. while on the ground she was hit again repeatedly. her killer, 25-year-old james dixon was set to go on trial tomorrow. but today he pleaded guilty to manslaughter. dixon will be sentenced later this month. the nypd is cracking down on illegal atvs and motorcycles. eyewitness news obtained this exclusive video of the vehicles on the streets of castle hill in the bronx earlier this month. the department will begin seizing these bikes and making an example of their riders, publically crushing the vehicles in what they're calling a crush-in. you can see atvs and motorcycles on the streets of many new york city neighborhoods this time of year. commissioner bratton says enough is enough. >> knucklehead, nitwits, clowns, whatever you want to call them. any of those descriptions is very appropriate. >> police have already begun seizing some of the illegal
5:34 pm
the mother of two young children found wandering alone in the streets of connecticut is facing charges tonight. 33-year-old natalie bonny is charged with two counts of risk of injury to a minor. her five-year-old was found last tuesday on post road. her sibling was found a quarter of a mile away. police say bonny told them she left the children home alone so she could go shopping. drunken driving charges against model stephanie seymour could be dismissed. the judge allowed the former victoria's secret model to enter a program for six weeks. she'll also have to go to alcoholics anonymous and visit with victims of drunk driving accidents. after that her charges could be dropped. seymour was arrested on two separate incidents on the same day in connecticut in january. those two amtrak workers who died in yesterday's derailment may be to blame for the crash. the two were killed when the train hit a back hoe on the tracks near philadelphia. a federal official says the
5:35 pm
on the wrong track. more than 30 other people were sent to the hospital, all with nonlife-threatening injuries. in one of the cars, a doctor got right to work helping the injured. >> you mutter a little prayer saying i hope to god that i can handle whatever it is that comes my way. >> it's a frightening few seconds. we didn't know what to do. >> ntsb officials say the train could have been traveling as fast as 100 miles per hour. connecticut governor dan malloy the recipient tonight of the john f. kennedy profile and courage award. malloy is being rewarded for resettling refugees after the terror attacks in paris. they credit malloy of, quote, taking a stand against hateful rhetoric from other governors and presidential candidates trying to ban refugees. new at 5:00, a case of animal cruelty in new jersey.
5:36 pm
a van with puppies inside. the van was outside the just pupss store on route 17. the officers say they heard yelping and smelled urine and feces. 50 puppies and small dogs were rescued. the paramus health department has closed the store. the owner is facing charges of animal cruelty. asking for help rebuilding following a fire that left more than 50 cats and dogs homeless. a shelter volunteer spotted the flames shooting from the back of the building and alerted the staff. the fire spread quickly because of the wind, severely damaging the building. >> wind did provide somewhat of an issue in putting out the fire because it was fanning the flames. there was plenty of help from the volunteers. the volunteers worked nonstop to make sure every animal was removed from the scene and was safe.
5:37 pm
relocated to foster care or a shelter in clifton. a warning for shoppers. see the disturbing discovery inside a sweatshirt sold at a target store. >> and up in flames, a woman trapped inside a burning suv, all new at 5:00, you'll meet the father and teenage son who risked their own lives to save her. >> plus, a judge's stunning decision in the courtroom cost him his job and it's all caught on camera. >> it's a soggy ride home. need the umbrella. windshield wipers are on. however, the back edge of the rain is approaching new york city and it's a parting shot of snow over parts of connecticut and long island. 41 degrees. and behind this when we dry out, there's a lot of wind and more chill.
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(vo) you were born. you live in westchester. you live in the hudson valley. you live in the bronx. you're more than one person. you're many people. you're a community. you know what you want when it comes to medical care. you want the care of a top manhattan hospital without having to travel for it.
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with a history of firsts we're nationally recognized for medical excellence, and with our albert einstein college of medicine, academic and research excellence. responsible for the world's first transvenous cardiac pacemaker, montefiore has been setting the pace in medicine ever since. and now, with our expansion into westchester and the hudson valley, state-of-the-art healthcare is just down the road from you. police in new jersey are warning shoppers to be on the lookout following a customer's
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union beach police say this used hypodermic syringe was found in a hooded sweatshirt purchased at the middletown target. police say while they hope it's an isolated incident, they're urging everyone to be cautious with purchases. a fight over crab legs at a connecticut restaurant. two people were arrested at the royal buffet in manchester over the weekend when a brawl broke out in the buffet line. police say the fight got so out of hand, they used pepper spray to try to stop it. the two people allegedly involved in the food fight were charged with disorderly conduct. newly released video shows how a judge's temper landed him in hot water and out of a job. this after he ordered an electroshock device be used on a defendant in his courtroom.
5:42 pm
>> delvon king was acting as his own lawyer on a gun charge. when he refused to stop talking, the judge ordered an electronic ankle bracelet he was wearing be activating sending a 50-volt shock through his body. >> it felt like fire went through my back. >> i regret it ended in this way. >> the judge is serving probation for one year for violating the man's civil rights and fined $5,000, ordered to take anger management classes, and banned from the bench for life. cameras were rolling when a volcano exploded shooting debris in to the air. this happened overnight saturday at the dungoyo volcano in mexico. it triggered warnings in nearby communities. that volcano is just 50 miles from mexico city. she was banned from the mets, but now one legendary
5:43 pm
>> a mom and her little girl turned away by apartment owners forced to live in a homeless shelter. we'll show you what happened after the eyewitness news
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victoza has not been studied with mealtime insulin. victoza is not insulin. do not take victoza if you have a personal or family history of medullary thyroid cancer, multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if you are allergic to victoza or any of its ingredients. symptoms of a serious allergic reaction may include itching, rash, or difficulty breathing. tell your doctor if you get a lump or swelling in your neck. serious side effects may happen in people who take victoza , including inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis). stop taking victoza and call your doctor right away if you have signs of pancreatitis such as severe pain that will not go away in your abdomen or from your abdomen to your back, with or without vomiting. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. taking victoza with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems.
5:46 pm
ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza . it's covered by most health plans. the battle will return to the metropolitan opera after more than two decades. the 16-year-old will sing in the underground railroad, a spiritual journey. battle made her debut in 1977. she sang in 224 appearances. her last appearance was in 1993. she was fired by the company 22 years ago for unprofessional actions. >> she'll be back. when will the sun be back? [ laughter ] when will the warm temperatures be back? >> those are two different things.
5:47 pm
warmth with some rain on thursday. warmth is not a staple of this accuweather forecast. it certainly was as we ended march and the first day of april was great, and that's it. outside we go right now where it's damp. this is a picture looking from times square, a pass which should be empire state building. you can see some of the buildings here. along with the raindrops can actually see a couple wet snowflakes or at least ice pellets mixed in there. it's 41 degrees, rain and a northeast wind at 7. couple more hours and we'll start to see victims improve and the rain come to an end. you can actually already see that. see all the shadings and contours here? you don't see them out in northwest new jersey and pennsylvania. already drying winds coming in from the northwest will help the visibilities. but at least for now as we go in to the early evening hours, there are delays at the airports especially newark. that will improve. the back edge of some of this rain is approaching new york city. see how with snow and sleet over parts of fairfield county. i can see how wet snowflakes mix in on the island although
5:48 pm
the l.i.e. and sunrise highway. rain coming in from philly. you see how on this planner for the next seven hours, clearing takes a little while but the numbers really start to drop. dress in layers and with a winter coat if you're out late tonight and in to tomorrow. we start out the day at 27 degrees. our lows right now should be around the 40-degree range. north wind, 15 to 35 miles per hour. and the gusts will back off during the afternoon but overall it's a blustery day and we have a tough time even with the strong april sun, have a tough time getting back to the 40-degree mark. notice the futurecast here. nice looking in terms of the rain and snow leaving the scene as we go through the evening hours but look at the cold that's coming in overnight. we're subfreezing here during the early evening hours north and west. maybe slippery spots on area roadways. tomorrow morning we'll start out in the 20s. 17 in monticello. actual temperatures.
5:49 pm
40-degree mark tomorrow. the average is 57. cold day again. another drop tomorrow night. look at the wednesday morning lows. 48 looks nice but that's not till 3:00 or 4:00. that's a late day high. look at the numbers in the morning. only in the 20s to around 30. high clouds will filter sunshine in the afternoon. that will put temperatures halt. maybe 48 is optimistic. upper 30s on wednesday with rain. a rumble of thunder. 51 on friday. just a spotty shower around. but look at friday night. it's yet another april cold shot. we drop down to freezing friday night and on saturday we're struggling through the mid 40s again. that may even be a 43 or44. sunday is windy and cold, 48 degrees. we'll try to get back to 56 on monday. i don't think we'll see type of cold after we get pastoral next week but definitely doesn't look like it did in march for sure. a woman fighting to rebuild after sandy. a mother and child looking for life beyond a homeless shelter, and illegal construction work
5:50 pm
>> they're three stories from the eyewitness investigators that now have happy endings. investigative reporter jim hoffer is here with a followup. >> it's one of the most basic needs. a comfortable place to live. in earlier investigations, we showed you three different people struggling against city bureaucracy to have that safe home. as you're about to see, when we started digging, the red tape unraveled. >> this is my life. this is how i'm living. >> reporter: when we first introduced you to allison mcclain, she was standing of what's left in her sandy damaged home, wondering why three years after the storm the city's build it back program had failed to help. >> trying to hold it together but this is really, really painful. we have everything brand new. new walls, new floors. >> reporter: after allison told her story to us, a brick wall of
5:51 pm
16 weeks later, she had a completely restored home. >> nothing was moving. they kept giving me the song and dance. call this one. call this one. when you guys came in, heads started to turn. >> you don't have any apartments available at all? >> reporter: this mom and her little girl were living in a homeless shelter for eight months, unable to find an apartment to rent despite having a guaranteed rental voucher from the city. >> i literally called at least 60 real estates. and nothing. >> reporter: her days of dead end apartment searches turned to serious leads following our story, which pressed city hall on the thousands of others holding rental vouchers, still searching for a home. now this mother and her daughter live in a clean, bright, two-bedroom apartment with hardwood floors in staten island. >> very happy. like a weight lifted off my shoulders. because the things that go on in that shelter are just unreal. >> is the roof unsafe, sir? just tell us that. is the roof unsafe, sir?
5:52 pm
man, who without permits and in defiance of the city ordered not to build, constructed this dangerous deck on the roof of his apartment building. the illegal work weighing heavy on the roof and on the minds of those living underneath it. >> am i safe? >> reporter: days after our report, workers tore up the deck, taking the weight off on old roof, the worry off of many of the residents. >> the building did nothing until you guys came in to the picture and started to take it more seriously. that's what i find amazing. thank you so much. i really appreciate you. thank you. >> now that the extra weight of the roof has been removed, the building is back in compliance. a dozen violations and $39,000 in fines later. these stories came to us through tips. remember, if you have an issue that you need us to look in to, please give our tip line a call
5:53 pm
you can e-mail us at the.investigators@abc. dramatic video, an suv goes up in flames with a woman trapped inside. >> new at 5, we talk to the dad and son who sprang in to action to save her, next. >> i'm bill ritter. new at 6:00, disturbing video of a schoolworker punching an 11-year-old student with autism. the child's angry family is taking action. >> and a warning about a new gun that looks very much like a smart phone. and what a dumb idea. right now an effort to stop it
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades,
5:56 pm
like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at new at 5:00, a father and his teenage son go to the movies and save a life. >> they were driving home in tenafly when they spotted a burning suv and they just didn't even hesitate to put their lives on the line to save the woman who was trapped inside. >> new jersey reporter toni heroes. >> reporter: this is the
5:57 pm
time to take video. firefighters had already gotten the unconscious driver who was trapped in the front seat out. she's alive because of the father and son who shot this video. james and michael were rescuers before they were bystanders. they were driving along riveredge road after the movie batman versus superman, no doubt. >> there was some debris in the street, and i was like oh, there must have been an accident here earlier. >> reporter: but then 15-year-old michael notices something more. >> all i saw was like an orange glow and i let my dad know because i knew that usually means there's a fire. >> reporter: then began the race to get the woman out and get firefighters there. >> i ran in to the neighbor's house there, his front door was open, i asked him if i could come in to call 911. >> reporter: turns out the homeowner was on top of it too, moments before they drove up. >> i heard two loud noises. i came out here and the car was between this tree and the other tree over there. >> reporter: both tried to pull the woman out.
5:58 pm
dashboard and the fire wall had crushed on to her legs. >> i was checking to see if there was anyone else in the car. i was looking around but the smoke was too thick. >> reporter: firefighters got there within minutes. >> they had cut her seatbelt and got her out of the car. >> taking over for their former colleagues, yes, panone served decades as a fireman and 90-plus-year-old tiller a fireman for 70-plus years. >> anyone with any kind of heart or conscious is going to try to do whatever they can do to get this person out. >> reporter: it was a good save. the woman is being treated in hackensack hospital. toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> that was a good save. still ahead, controversy tonight over a popular airport. >> a new flight plan for teterboro has folks in several towns furious and covering their ears.
5:59 pm
disturbing new video tonight of a little boy with autism punched on campus by a schoolworker. now the child's angry parents are fighting back. >> a warning about a new gun that looks very much like a smart phone. but tonight a new push to stop the gun from ever hitting the market. good evening at 6:00. i'm bill ritter. >> and i'm liz cho. much more on those stories in a minute. we'll begin tonight with this wild weather. a freeze warning has been issued for tonight. outside right now, oh, yeah. it is definitely winter jacket weather. >> this morning several inches of snow falling north of new york city. that's how that morning started there, like this winter scene in poughkeepsie. in new jersey the problem was heavy wind gusts. one tree taking out two homes. this is in the essex county city
6:00 pm
>> opening day for the yankees fell victim to the rain and the cold. the home opener delayed until tomorrow when it would just be down right cold out there. meteorologist lee goldberg is outside of our studios with much more on the cold tonight ahead. >> turns out the lion was in april. april showers are one thing. but april snowshowers and wind, thunder, hail, we've had it all. now it's a raw rain. we've just had a wind shift. winds are picking up and the temperatures are about to drop again. wait till you see what happens as we go through the evening hours. the temperatures really plummet. another one from poughkeepsie that was just tweeted in. 4 to 5 inches of snow in poughkeepsie. unbelievable. we started out with that day near 80. that was thursday last week. we've just continued to plummet and now way below average with a couple days of snow across the area. the winter weather advisories will go down as we go through the early evening hours but the freeze warnings will stay up. we may have those for the next two nights, a freeze warning for coastal connecticut, lower westchester, new york city, new


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