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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  April 5, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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>> players and fans better bundle up because it feels a lot more like football weather outside than baseball. >> it is cold out there. sports reporter laura behnke has more from frigid fans in a minute. we are beginning with meteorologist bill evans. he has a look at the forecast. >> here is your forecast at noontime. 34 degrees. it is cold. normally, we would be at about 50. probably even 51 degrees at this hour. here are the headlines. we are fighting for 40 this afternoon, but it feels like 30 really all afternoon. another hard freeze tonight, but it is the wind that will die down. won't be as cold tomorrow. the winds will warm up. cloudier weather as we go into thursday. temperatures at 34. 33 white plains. 33 long island. 32 poughkeepsie. 37 monticello we have a northerly wind. the way the stadium sits here up towards harlem and on into the
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that blows from third base to first base across the new stadium. 37 degrees we are hoping for by 1:00 first pitch temperature. a northerly wind at 10 to 20 blows from left field to first base. if you are sitting on the first base side of the stadium it is going to be cold and shady. thundershowers and thunderstorms, too, in your accuweather forecast in a few minutes. >> the cold is certainly not stopping fans from enjoying opening day at yankees stadium. yesterday the game was rained out. >> eyewitness sports reporter laura behnke is live with the fans at yankees stadium. >> reporter: happy opening day on this crisp april afternoon. outside the stadium the down coats are back.
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mittens, gloves all for a baseball game. a lot colder. it can dampen the spirit of opening day. yankees, we are not in florida any more. >> not baseball weather. >> reporter: but today it is baseball weather as the pinstripes open a new season under sunny skies but with ice on the field. a brutal wind and frigid temperatures. >> probably some heat warmers in my pockets to try to stay warm for the game. excited. >> both teams have to play through it. that's what i have always said about weather. both teams have to play in it. >> reporter: no matter what mother nature has in store, there is nothing like opening team. >> it's the beginning of trying to accomplish when you set your mind to when you go into spring training, and everyone is good start. >> been hearing so much about the excitement and the fans and
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and just really can't wait to get things going. >> reporter: those fans can't wait either, even though this isn't the weather anyone was prepared for. i saw you over here making some purchases. what did you have to buy? >> gloves. hat. thermal underwear and socks. >> reporter: how crazy is this weather? >> it's terrific. the new york giants opening day, right? >> reporter: what are you going to do to stay warm? >> don't drink too much beer. drink hot chocolate. got my lunch. i will be fine. >> there is no better place to be on a good spring day to be at a yankees game. >> reporter: now, there will be precautions taken by both teams. there are heaters in the dugout. that will be pumping out heat behind the benches through the entire game. the bat racks, those are heated as well. the bats will be warm when the players first step up to the plate. joe girardi says between innings guys can go back to the club thousands warm up. this should be fun. laura behnke, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> turning to the search for two
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slashing in the bronx. it happened as the number two train was plug into the jackson avenue station. eyewitness news reporter kimberly richardson is live in the mott haven section. >> reporter: the 26-year-old man at the center of this robbery and slashing has been released from the hospital. police say the suspects cut him in his forehead, face, and wrists. take a look at this surveillance video up there upper right-hand corner. you will see a number 2 southbound train pulling into the jackson avenue station. it's 1:10 this morning. police say the victim and suspects were all on that train. authorities say two men approached the victim on the train and robbed him. took his backpack. then they pulled out some kind of sharp object and attacked him. the suspects took off on foot. the victim stumbled off the train. a trail of blood on the platform up above leads to the inside token booth. that's where the victim was able
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police arrived and the victim was taken to lincoln hospital this morning. again at this hour he has been released. back here live, police at this hour are looking for two men. the only description we have at this point is that the suspects are in their 20s and that they may have run into one of the apartment buildings here in this stretch. that's all for now. live in the mott haven section of the bronx, kimberly richardson. >> a robbery suspect was hit by a train in queens causing extensive delays on the f, the m, and r subway lines this morning. police say the 33-year-old suspect tried to steal man's cell phone on an m train. then assaulted a person who tried to intervene. when the train pulled into the 65th street station in woodside, police approached the suspect and that's when investigators say the man ran onto the express tracks and was struck by a train. he suffered scratches and bruises. also new at noon, two people were seriously injured after two
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building in new jersey. this happened on lexington avenue in clifton. no word about the extent of the damage to the building. investigators are trying to figure out exactly what led to the crash. >> the roads are clear now, but the white expressway in queens was a mess for the morning commute. an accident involving three vehicles snarled traffic. one car was hit coming from the white stone bridge heading into queens. it cross the grass and ended up on the ramp from the cross island parkway. traffic was stuck across the bridge. no word on any injuries. >> the dramatic moment a tugboat sank on the hudson river was caught on camera. the tug sank after it hit a construction barge near the tappan zee bridge march 31. three crew members were killed. a federal investigation is ongoing. it could be months before it is complete. >> now to vote 2016 and the race for president. today democratic hillary clinton is campaigning right here in new york. she and rival bernie sanders
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brooklyn navy yard on april 14. but the focus today is on wisconsin for what could be a key contest for both democrats and republicans. abc's megan hughes is live in washington with more. megan. >> reporter: good afternoon. the stakes are high tonight, especially for the gop. a ted cruz win in wisconsin would make a contested convention much more likely. voters in the badger state cast their ballots today with a lot on the line. >> i think you are going to have a big, big turnout. a great surprise today. >> reporter: donald trump this morning signing hats, giving a thumbs up, sounding optimistic, though he is behind ted cruz in the polls and recently stumbled on the new of abortion. >> i get a very, very unfair press having to do with women. >> reporter: trump hoping his wife is a secret weapon. >> no matter who you are, a man or a woman, he treats everyone equal.
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attacking you, is that painful? >> i have a tough scheme. i think it's not fair that they are attacking family, wife, or children. >> reporter: the trumps and ted cruz participating a town hall forum yesterday on fox. cruz blaming the trump campaign for a tabloid story accusing him of infidelity. >> i have not. that attack was complete and utter garbage. >> reporter: on the democratic side, bernie sanders has a slight lead in wisconsin polls and he is already taunting hillary clinton. >> don't tell her this, but i think we win here, we win in new york state, we are on our way to the white house. >> reporter: clinton looks ahead to new york. > >> i loved representing new york. >> that new york prime minister two weeks from today. another big day of races a week after that, including pennsylvania.
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eyewitness news. >> thank you. frightening moments on charter bus. college students headed back to the bronx when the bus overturned in upstate new york. we will have update on the crash. >> wild dashcam video.
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rs >> weather is believed to have caused a bus accident upstate that left at least 20 people injured. the bus was carrying students back to their bronx campus from a conference in syracuse. the bus went off the road about 75 miles north of albany just before noon yesterday when the region was getting some snow. despite the bus flipping over, all the injuries are said to be minor. >> five people are dead after
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riding crashed into the smoky mountains. federal aviation administration officials say the bell 206 helicopter went down about 3:30 yesterday afternoon. you can see the smoke there. this happened at the base of the mountain. it immediately went up in flames. a man heard an explosion and ran out of his house. >> it was on the ground already. and we saw -- we heard a second explosion. then we saw the pilot out and burning alive, you know. sad. >> the helicopter was owned by smoky mountain helicopter. a group offering aerial tours since 1964. it is still unclear what caused the crash. well, if it didn't already have a nickname, the ncaa men's basketball tournament certainly would have garnered one following last night's raucous game. >> march madness. three point pandemonium. marcus paige with a double
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seconds left, but villanova marched down the coat. kris jenkins sinking the three-pointer at the buzzer. >> i thought that was a great shot by marcus. you know, we called a timeout. you know, all our guys are saying attitude and next play let's get ready to execute and they were able to do that. >> >> for villanova, it is the school's second national title. >> amazing. >> a celebration on campus got out of hand. police say six people ended up getting arrested and 25 injured as students shouted and chanted wildly. one of those arrested was accused of assaulting a state police force and a number of small fires were started as a result. there are no details of any injuries, but definitely got out of hand there. tonight the women crown their champion, and that crown is expected to stay on the heads of the connecticut huskies. uconn is going for the fourth straight national title and 75th consecutive win.
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11 for 11 in championship games. standing in the way of uconn is old rival syracuse. the orange is playing for the first women's title. >> that is going to be a great game tonight. big game. >> a dramatic chase comes to an end. a 15-year-old boy, yes, a 15-year-old boy behind the while of this truck. coming up how two big rigs helped police during the chase. >> and facebook unveils a new tool that will help users who are blind. find out how it works. >> and we take a live look outside. the start of april bringing rollercoaster ride temperatures
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>> those winds are fierce out there. really, really chilly. >> it's great. i think if the yankees just run the football and try to pass it. > [ laughter ] >> right. >> in the wind, they will be just fine. >> there you go. nicely done. > [ laughter ] >> they will be fine. here we go. we are going to be looking at some sunny weather, some ice blue skies on this yankees opening day. and here we go. a look at our camera at times square looking south. cold, icy, blue. i changed the camera turnover show our huddled masses getting off the bus. give us your tired, poor, cold huddled masses on the upper west side.
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fortunately, it's a little more northerly. so it comes down. but this is kind of like the scene everywhere. you see folks in the big heavy coats, gloves, scarves, all that kind of thing. it is cold. we do have a lot of sunshine here at noontime and some pretty weather, too. everybody, you got to have your gear for the rest of the afternoon. really for tomorrow, too. here we go. we will take a look at other pictures here at noontime. i want to show you what's going on. that looks good. here is a story in queens looking south. blue skies. sunshine. there you see the steam at big alice power plant is kind of going this way. so you got a little bit of a northerly to kind of a northwest wind coming across the east river at noontime. and we have skies, as you see, clear. a lot of sunshine. the humidity is dry at 32%. the temperature 34. look at the wind. northwest 12 to 21. pressure is strong. 30.35 is way up above the mark of fair weather. strong arctic canadian air.
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we are looking at these temperatures off the hudson valley 32 kingston. normal would be about 53 down around the five burroughs to 43. 47 up to the north. the april sun makes it a little bit warmer. in this dense cold air mass, it's going to be hard to warm up. 21 newark. these winds coming out of the north to a little bit northwest coming across the park here at 12 gusting up to 22. so the real feels here are 25 in the park, 23 laguardia. you get to the bronx it feels like 34. that's not too bad. the stadium, you know, has a nice rounded area on the northern side. so a lot of the wind will go over the top. it will swirl in from the outfield in towards home plate. the wind chills are in the 20s. around 30 for the afternoon. another freeze warning tonight and that's because the skies will be clear and the will calm down tonight. the temperatures will still be in the 20s this evening to 19
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once again temperature game time 37. may warm to 40 during the game. you still have that northerly wind 10 to 20 miles per hour. so here's the wind chills for the afternoon. 30 to 35 you see here for much of connecticut through the hudson river valley to northern central new jersey and 25 to 30 around monticello here early in the month we haven't changed to spring. we have -- i am not going to say it. the pv. the polar vortex. okay. i said it. the jet stream to the south. normally the jet stream would retreat back to the north. polar vortex goes back to the arctic circle. you get the big nice bermuda highs building in. we don't have that. so it's brisk and cold despite plenty of sunshine. 37 first pitch. 41 this afternoon. normally 57. quite cold tonight. light winds. bringing in the plants and pets. in the teens in the outlying areas to the north and west. clouds and sun. breezy.
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but we are still nearly 10 degrees colder than the normal high. we will get above the normal high on thursday but we will have rain to go with it. that front comes through thursday night into friday and cooler air out of the north once again. we are going to be seeing a chilly weekend coming up with temperatures 46 on saturday and sunday. that's even cooler than what we thought this morning. we do warm back up next week. >> looking forward to that. >> so ground game. no field goals. >> okay. >> go for two. yankees win this afternoon 6-0. >> thank you, sir. he said it right here. raged. a veteran flying with her service animal on a plane, but on her last flight she was kicked off. and a tree comes crashing down in front of a pickup truck. check out this video.
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>> a child leads police on a chase. a heartless theft from the make-a-wish foundation some of the stories caught on camera and caught our attention. a high-speed police chase in oregon that came to a dramatic
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police say a trooper tried to pull over a 15-year-old boy in a stolen ford f-350. he took off at 100 miles per hour while officers gave chase. police laid out spikes and popped two of the car's tires, but the teen just kept on going. that is when two tractor trailers began blocking his path. the teen's vehicle ended up spinning out and was randy a state trooper, as you can see in this video. officers quickly arrested him. thieves make off with a cooler from the make-a-wish foundation. it was caught on camera, too. the suspects take the scooter autographed by san francisco giants player hunter pence. get this. it's not the first time the scooter has been stolen. it was taken from him two years ago. thieves made off with computers, backpacks and other items from the organization that grants wishes unbelievable. also caught on camera the
12:26 pm
crashing down on a new jersey road right into the path of an on coming truck. look at this. it happened so quickly, the truck's driver couldn't react, tree. this was on rockaway valley road windstorm. a police officer's dashboard camera recorded the whole thing. thankfully though everyone involved in this is okay. >> that is amazing to see. the question is, whether or not anyone heard it. heard the tree fall. >> did they hear the tree coming down. >> if the tree falls in the woods, did anybody hear it? >> if he didn't hear it, he has some hearing problems. >> there you go. >> much more news ahead in the next half hour. a new round of common core tests begin in new york state. question is, will more students take the tests this time. >> a young basketball player saves his coach's life on the court. and talk about a big, and
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are talking a big oops. social media users calling out a popular store for a geographical
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>> you're watching new york's number one news. channel 7 eyewitness news at noon. now eyewitness news continues. >> our top stories this afternoon. another subway slashing in new york city.
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the number 2 train as it was pulling into the jackson avenue station in the mott haven section of the bronx. suspects. the victim was just released from the hospital. >> it is opening day for the yankees after the team postponed yesterday's game because of the weather. the fans are showing up to yankees stadium in the cold to cheer on the team. today's game begins just after 1:00. let's check in right now with meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> you have to have your warm gear know matter if you are going to the game or not. normally we would be at 53, 54 degrees this hour. and would just be the normal average afternoon temperatures. 20 degrees colder than it should be from to massapequa. 32 up towards poughkeepsie. winds out of the north and northwest as you see from 12 to 18 miles per hour to 14
12:31 pm
the gusts are hire. the feel feels in the mid 20s in the park to 26 jfk. up to the north 23 monticello, 19 poughkeepsie to white plains. that's that wind coming right down. tonight the wind dies down but we have a freeze warning as temperatures drop off into the 20s and teens. 1:05 temperature 37 degrees around the stadium with a northerly wind near 20 miles per hour. but the real feel will be about 30 to the 35 afternoon the game today. we are going to talk about when it's going to warm up in your accuweather seven-day forecast in just a moment. back to you. >> for more on that wintery weather, we showed you it across the northeast. it created dangerous and deadly driving conditions. lindsey janice has the details. >> reporter: blizzard-like conditions in massachusetts. nearly 1900 crew working through
12:32 pm
treacherous conditions leading to wreck after wreck. this ups truck struggling to get traction. in upstate new york a bus carrying three dozen college students flipping over and winding up upside down. incredibly, there were no serious injuries. but in another accident outside rochester one person was killed and 13 taken to the hospital. >> we had snow. we had blowing snow. the road conditions are certainly being taken into consideration as part of the investigation. >> reporter: police investigating whether the van driver was distracted. and in connecticut a tractor-trailer sliding and jack-knifing on this bridge. it is 10 degrees here in syracuse. that is a record-breaking low for this day in april, and it is up to 20 degrees colder than average for this time of year and it is not expected to get warmer until wednesday afternoon. lindsey janice, abc news, syracuse, new york. new at noon, president obama
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aimed at stopping so-called tax inversions. that's when u.s. companies move abroad for a lower tax rate. >> rather than protect wasteful tax loopholes for the few at the top we should be investing in education and job creation and job training that we know grow the economy for member. >> the u.s. treasury department took steps to cushion versions. it's been long debated on capitol hill. >> police are looking for a gang of thieves who robbed hundreds of dollars from a deliveryman in hamilton heights. police say the thieves got close to $300. they cornered the victim in an elevator and took the food he was delivering. two of the suspects are young men. the third suspect is a young woman dressed in a grey hoodie and dark jeans. a saturday night birthday bash nearly turned into a bashing for a bar owner targeted by a violent gang of teenagers. it's a known gay bar and the
12:34 pm
celebrating a friend's birthday when an egg was thrown and hit him in the jaw. eric saw three teenage boys staring at him and take off. >> hit me on the jaw. i thought it was a full bottle of water or something. >> the kids two friends circled back. eric called police. the incident now being investigated as a hate crime. security guards say the arrests of three boys with a gun in an upper east side school shows mayor de blasio's decision to cut back on metal detectors is a bad idea. police were called to ps169 after a young girl. officers found the gun on another teen and a box of bullets on a third. all thee teens are charged as juveniles with criminal possession of a weapon. the 13-year-old will be charged with menacing in the second degree. >> a new round of common core testing started today across
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the tests have been revamped and that ended some of the controversy. last year one in five students refused to take them. the chancellor of the new york city schools told us about the big changes while appearing on up close overtime weekend. >> there are less questions. there is more sitting time. there is no time testing, which means if students want to take longer, they can. also, we sent teachers to albany and not only from the city, but around the state to help write the tests and review the tests. we do not have any holdover based on kids' results. >> the english and math assessment tests have been shortened. both will be given over the next three days. supporters of the opt-out movement anticipate large numbers again this year, saying the changes have not gone far enough. >> a veteran kicked off a flight and the woman claims it's because she had a service animal.
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>> iceland's media reporting its prime minister will resign today amid a big worldwide scandal involving off-season accounts. sigmundur good lawson resigned. they gathered yesterday calling for his removal. it was part of the so-called "panama papers" connecting a panamanian law firm to 140 of
12:39 pm
despite his resignation, he denies breaking any laws. >> a high school student is dead. another is seriously hurt when a propane tank suddenly explodes while the two were making a small hobby rocket in california. authorities say it exploded on the basketball courts of a school. the sheriff's department said an 18-year-old man was taken to the hospital in critical condition and later succumbed to his injuries. a 17-year-old man was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> a judge rules the widow of the driver who died alongside paul walker cannot prove the porsche is responsible for the deadly crash. she claims the pair died because the carrera gt did not have key safety features and the suspension failed. the judge says there is no evidence to prove that. roger roadis and paul walker died in 2013 when the porsche they were riding crashed and burst into place.
12:40 pm
>> new at noon, bill cosby has scored a partial legal victory. a judge agreed to put a massachusetts case on hold until his criminal case in pennsylvania is resolved. in the ruling, the judge said he is blocking discovery to avoid cosby choosing from taking the fifth or incriminate himself in either case. >> a funeral today for the virginia state trooper killed at the greyhound bus station last week. he had been with the state police a year and a half. hundreds attended a wake for dermyer last night. the gunman, james brown iii, was also killed. dermyer a former marine leaves behind a wife and two children. >> new dna evidence has cleared a man locked in prison for three decades. >> once you execute somebody, there is no going backwards. it's difficult enough for people who are incarcerated for decades
12:41 pm
but to have someone be executed that actually you find out later were not guilty would be devastating. >> keith howard never confessed to the 1983 virginia bite mark case, and the new evidence shows he was wrongly convicted of rape, murder and sodomy. dna specialists say the evidence in his case now points to another man. >> the maker of recalling certain lots of 100-calorie packs of cashews and pieces. they may contain pieces of glass. you can check the production code on the package, which we have posted at abc7ny. in injuries have been reported. consumers are told to throw the nuts away and go online to get your refund. >> the young baseball player to the rescue. coming up on eyewitness news, how the young teen saved his coach after he collapsed. >> and a geographical error on
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>> breaking news in essex county, new jersey. chopper 7 is over a hours fire on mountain avenue in montclair. right now firefighters are trying to douse the flames. we see white smoke at this point. this is now a three-alarm fire. so they continue to work on the scene. of course, we will bring you more updates as soon as we get more information here, on air, and online. abc7ny. >> an emotional support dog is meant to be comforting. one veteran says she has flown a half dozen times with her service animal. it was never a problem until her last flight from denver to houston when she got kings off a flight. >> this is my certificate. >> reporter: jennae fowler says she goes everywhere with her emotional support doing ziggy marlie. >> he relaxes me. he calls me down. he makes me feel everything's gonna be okay.
12:46 pm
and her boyfriend went to colorado to visit some of her old army friends. >> the flight out was great. i mean, spirit was good to us all the way out to denver. >> reporter: when she tried to board the return flight a flight attendant changed things up. >> she said, hell no. i said what's wrong? she said is that a pit bull? >> reporter: she got to the back of the plane and another flight attendant asked to see ziggy's paperwork. >> she was on the phone saying, well, an emotional support animal isn't a service animal. a service animal is for someone with real disabilities. i felt insulted because there are veterans in the world that they have disabilities you can't see. >> reporter: she says spirit put them on a united airlines flight back to houston later that night. >> my thing is you trust me to go on another flight, but not on this flight. >> a spokesperson for spirit airlines says they are looking into these allegations, but he says in general a flight attendant would decide to kick
12:47 pm
person who made that decision. the captain would make the final decision. a baseball coach in arizona owes his life to one of his players. 13-year-old nathan boyer says he thought his coach isaac wen rich was joking when he collapsed. he didn't realize how serious the situation was until he asked him if he was okay and he got no response. he grabbed his phone and called 911. the operator told boyer he needed to do cpr. >> i remembered it from boy scouts a little bit from a couple years ago. like it sort of lining rang a bell. you need to lock your hands and start pushing on his chest. >> if they didn't get cpr, he would have been gone. he would be dead right now. >> wow. his girlfriend says he suffered a massive heart attack. she is grateful boyer knew what do because she says he saved her best friend. >> that's amazing. >> from boy scouts.
12:48 pm
as a coach, i have coached over 30 years youth sports, you go every year for training for cpr if it happens to a child, a fan in the stands. you never know that you're going to be the one that would need some help one day. >> it's a good thing. >> boy scouts. how about that? let's take a look outside at noontime. sunshine. it looks pretty, but it's pretty cold, too. there you see the steam. big alice working hard. the power plant there on the left. she's having to put out the power today. the heat is on. boilers are working all around queens, around manhattan, the bronx, staten island. we have to have the power working today. you see the camera bouncing around at noontime with the northeast wind at 12 to 21 miles per hour. it is cold when you have a 34-degree temperature. you know, a 12-mile-per-hour wind knocks 10 degrees off this temperature. it's cold out there. the pressurizing. strong arctic blend of high pressure is over us. so normal high would be 57.
12:49 pm
you know, that was the high yesterday. you know, not all that warm at all. we are fighting for 40 today. but feeling like 30s all afternoon. hard freeze tonight. not quite as cold tomorrow. milder but cloudier and wetter on thursday. but it's going to warm up at least. we are looking at 36 sayreville, wright town to toms river. 35 long island and bridge port. 32 poughkeepsie. that's not the real story because the wind is out of the north and the northwest at times. park reporting a northeast wind. it's a wind that makes it feel like the 20s right now. 34 in the bronx. and it's going to feel like the teens up to the north here around monticello and white plains. well, freeze warning in effect again tonight. that's because the temperature will drop off into the 20s around the five burroughs to teens well north and west. clear skies. as this high slides east, you get to the center of the high, and the winds calm down. the skies are clear. 10 to 20-mile-per-hour wind at the stadium that will be blowing from left field into the first
12:50 pm
the real-feel at the game from 30 to 35 after the game. you see the temperatures here get to about 40-41 by 6:00. dropping off tonight. starting in the morning around the upper 20s to low 20s off to the north to around 30. normally we start around 41 and get to 57 by afternoon. you see tomorrow we are going to be in the mid 40s for tomorrow. it's a little warmer at least. after school, you know, coaches and athletic directors, parents make sure the kids after school, they have sports, dress with a few more layers. kiddos you got to be outside, it's going to be cold. just limit your exposure. plenty of sun. we are looking at 41 degrees here. 25 tonight. teens on the out lying areas. tonight we are going to get to the 48-degree temperature. it's breezy. not quite as cold. the wind is gone tomorrow. you will notice it will be warm to 60 on thursday. late in the day and the afternoon we have a shower and a thunderstorm. then once that front moves through on thursday, well, look
12:51 pm
we are back down to 34 and then we got 46 saturday, 46 on sunday. so it's going to warm up. a word we like to use in the weather department is eventually. > [ laughter ] >> so specific. >> very scientific. >> yes. >> it's going to warm up. >> july will be here eventually. >> before we know it. >> thank you, sir. well, a familiar face has been swept from the dance floor in "dancing with the stars." >> yes. mischa barton is gone after an episode where the stars channeled their deepest emotions into routines dedicated to the most memorable years in each of their lives. >> the couple leaving right now is mischa and artem. >> well, he is known for starring in the o.c. jodi sweeten and doug flutie also were all in jeopardy of
12:52 pm
scores, but they live to see another day. >> there we go. and we are coming right back. first, a look what's coming up. >> super delicious meals you can make in 20 minutes. salt and pep pa stopped by to cook with michael. carl is helping a viewer fix a dessert classic and a timesaving twist.
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>> in the newsroom we got a lot coming up later on eyewitness news. student visa fraud arrests. more than a thousand people working everywhere from facebook to google, even for the u.s. military, all on fake papers. that's a big story. >> plus a growing trend in male models. we are going to meet one of the first plus-sized men to take on this new role. >> and we are at the yankees opening day game. brr. those stories first at four. it's going to be cold. >> yeah.
12:56 pm
we will be tuning in. thanks. it is time for the feed. this one is really cool. starting today a new facebook tool is helping users who are blind see photos by describing what's in them. the feature on the facebook smartphone-iphone app interrupts what's in the picture. the vocabulary is limited. the voice may only tell a user that a photo features three people smiling outdoors without adding they have drinks in their hands or a pizza. not about the pepperoni or olives. >> twitter won the bid for the streaming rights of the nfl's thursday night games. commissioner goodell made the announce the on twitter of course. they outbeat amazon, facebook, and verizon. it's great news for fans and games will be available for free and viewers will not be
12:57 pm
to be registered twitter users. terms of the deal with twitter were not disclosed. >> cool. >> we are talking about this earlier. walmart is a little red faced average on a t-shirt -- geographical error on a t- shirt. the terrapins. i believe that state looks like massachusetts. but the logo has the word terps in an outline of massachusetts. first of all, walmart tweeted they were supposed to be that way. now the mistake is all theirs. i say rival schools will buy that shirt up if they could. >> that's hilarious. >> was that the same people that printed the t-shirts in d.c.? >> where they misspelled mashville? that does it for this edition of eyewitness news. >> now for all of us here, thank you for joining us. make sure you are back this
12:58 pm
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