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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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draw thousands of people including lots of protesters. this, as clints clint holds a -- hillary clinton holds a rally ahead. primary. but first, how to deal with weapons brought by students to schools including not only gun but a meat cleaver that you will see in this picture. we'll begin with the traffic mess on the west side highway, northbound at 123rd. crews are evaluating the facade of that retaining wall as you can see from chopper 7. two northbound lanes are closed. >> it's just a mess. aj ross is on the west side highway. hey, aj. >> reporter: it's a mess out there. we just passed the retaining wall and are trying to get back
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but it's down to one lane with an nypd patrol vehicle blocking the lane closest to the retaining wall and crews are worried about the structural integrity of the wall. so traffic is backed up for miles, right in the peak of the evening commute and it's important to note that the wall is right back amtrak trains. but they are not affected. there is no service disruption and they are running on time and crews are trying to closely monitor that the wall will not interfere with any of the train tracks nor the roadway nor by. if you plan to come on the west side highway and go towards 125th, you need to pack your patience. you are going to be in traffic for a while. we are closely monitoring this situation and we'll bring you updates throughout the evening. aj ross, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> try and avoid the west side highway. all right, aj. and more breaking news that
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commute and this time on the subway, delays and service changes on the a, b, c, and d loins loin -- lines because of a service disruption. there are delays but the service is up and running and major disruptions on the l train. there is no service both directions between 8th avenue in manhattan and the myrtle- wyckoff stop in brooklyn, excuse me. news chopper 7 was stop a short time ago where someone was struck and killed by a train causing service disruption there is, a very tough night to be getting anywhere. now to a most disturbing story, three different guns found in three different new york city schools in the past three weeks. >> yeah, and it's not just guns. we've learned that other
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a meat cleaver and a razor blade. so how do you keep these dangerous weapons out? >> and what is going on? >> reporter: well, bill, what's clear is school safety agents are growing more and more concerned. you know, the incidents are mostly occurring in schools where the students are not scanned with metal detectors. mayor deblasio said he is troubled by the incidents. when you take a look at the photo that was confiscated, you can see why. students at the high school for fashion industries, stunned to see this photo obtained exclusively by eyewitness news, showing a meat cleaver and a razor confiscated last month by school safety officers. this one seems to have gone without mention. >> oh, wow. >> reporter: what do you think of that?
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would go to that extent of violence. >> reporter: according to a written report given to us by the school safety officer's union., it took three agents to restrain a female student who was, quote, kicking and punching, and only after she was handcuffed was the cleaver pulled in her backpack. >> we don't know if the student was arrested or if the incident was reported. our members feel safe when they are in control. right now, they are not in control. >> reporter: we know there were several troubling cases, this knife recovered in a school in the bronx last week and guns from schools in manhattan and queens. this is a photo of a loaded 22- caliber revolver found on a student yesterday at ts 169 on the upper west side.
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ant event he held on his homeless policy. >> loaded gun in the school yesterday? meat cleaver in the school? >> reporter: his office issued a statement saying, quote, these occurrences should not distract us from an important fact. crime in our public schools fell 29% between 2011-2012 and 20122014-2015. >> it makes me sad and scared to come back to school. >> reporter: they are saying that proper, detailed protocols with the nypd were followed at this school. they say we can expect a more definitive policy on standards in the schools in the near future.
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now to the weather and get ready for another cold night, a freeze warning that has been issued for the second straight night. this afternoon for the yankee's home opener, fans, they were bundled up. temperatures in the 30s there, and the wind made it feel oh, so much colder. when will we begin to see a warm up? lee goldberg is outside and he is bundled up with more. lee? a winter wardrobe is a good idea. it's nasty out here and will remain cold for the foreseeable future. look at the april numbers. we have wiped out the warmth. spine on the 1st and 61 on the 2nd and we plu.d -- just plummeted. it was the coldest april morning since 1995 and this is more typical of january. we have a breezy warning out
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parts of northeast new jersey and southern new jersey as well. the sunshine, a lot of good it did. already in the 30s in islip and white plains and suffolks is you - - suffolks, and the next seven hours, looking at temperatures dipping to the mid and low 30s under clear skies. another mid of sub-freezing temperatures. cover the plants if you put them out early. the difference tonight? the drop in wind, and the radiational schooling, not as harsh through tomorrow. 60s may be within reach on thursday and we'll get soaked as well. more cold for weekend and the accu-weather forecast coming up. back to you. >> thank you. and attorneys are filing a
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leang. they are saying a juror did not reveal he had a family member punished for a crime, his father serves more than 7 years friend. the district attorney said that the motion should be tried because the evidence at trial was enough to convict the former officer who is scheduled to be sentenced next week. at the polls, bernie sanders and ted cruz are leading in wisconsin, an important state for each senator. and after wisconsin, the new york primary, 2 weeks from today. we have kristin thorne in nassau county where donald trump supporters and protesters will be on hand but we'll begin with dave evans at a hillary clinton rally billed as a town hall and her focus not exactly wisconsin.
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is on wisconsin and the primary but as you mentioned, bernie sanders expected to do very well. but hillary clinton he was here at -- she was here and focused on the next primary, our primary in new york on april 19th. >> hillary rodham clinton! >> reporter: the focus of the town hall with a couple hundred invited guests was the family, issues for equal pay and paid family leave. hillary clinton said that republicans will be bad for women, bad for family, and bad for new yorkers. >> the fellow from new york, i wish he would get out of one of his tours and actually walk the streets and spend time with the people of this city because
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is not the new york way. >> reporter: earlier today, clinton spoke out against republican attempts to roll back abortion rights. >> when the government gets involved or you say it's illegal and women and doctors are criminals, that's too far. >> reporter: bernie sanders was in milwaukee and told reporters that if the turn out is high will he will do well. he said that the primary was polite. >> we have won some and he has won some but i have 2.5 million more votes than he does. >> reporter: and the latest polls gives hillary clinton a 10-point lead. the primary just two weeks from today, april 19th. >> david, thank you, and now to the republicans in new york. republican donald trump is planning a big rally tomorrow
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supporters are expected with a whole lot of demonstrators. police will also be out in force. kristin thorne is in mineola. >> reporter: liz, what's complicated in this event is police have no idea who will be coming because anyone can get tickets online, so they are monitoring social media accounts to see how many pro- trump people and anti-trump people will be there and it will cost $300,000 to $400,000 in overtime but police say it's what they have everyone safe. eyewitness news got an exclusive look at the setup for the trump rally taking place in bethpage. they're coverting the space into this format with trump at center stage. >> so exciting to have donald trump and be on long island and having known donald for many years and having been a
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exciting to help him out and be part of it. >> reporter: not everyone is thrilled with trump's visit. the long island progressive coalition is helping to gather anti-trump demonstratorses demonstrators -- demonstrators for a peaceful rally. >> he is talking about hate and we want to say this is not long island. >> there will be no firearms permitted, all participants and people going to the rally entering through a metal detector. so it will be screened. that will be handled by the secret service. officially, there will be no bags permitted. >> reporter: demonstrators, pro trump and anti-trump will have to gather in a barricaded free- speech zone, a a quarter of a
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>> people will exercise their first amendment rights and do it in a way that doesn't interfere with other people's rights. >> reporter: the rally is for 7:00 tomorrow night and drivers in the bethpage area should expect delays. kristen thorne, eyewitness news. >> kristin, thank you. as we continue at 6:00,
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if you're just joining us, a heads up. that's the west side highway. it's usually busy at this time but it's not. it's backed up with traffic. they are checking the structural integrity of the retaining wall. one lane was open for a long time and now it's at a standstill, northbound at 123rd street. if you are expecting someone home for dinner, they will be late. well, now to exclusive video of a man in the frigid hudson river as onlookers rushed to save him. it happened off pier 78 on the west side late this morning. and this video shows a good samaritan rushing to the pier
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see that he threw in a floatation ring into the water as a co-worker videotaped the dramatic scene on the cell phone. >> i dropped the ripping, like a perfect strike and i was screaming at him, please, please, grab the ring, sir. you just can't sit back and wait for the next guy. that's not my personality. that's not the type of guy i am. >> officers pulled the man into a rescue boat and it's not sure if he fell or jumped into the river.
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and (laughing) there's nothing like making their day. except making sure their tomorrow is taken care of too.
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fe that is ineffective sun up there. yes. i can't take credit for that. jeff smith always says that. his vocabulary is superior to mine as you can tell.
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town, and it is sunny right now and cold and we're at 41 degrees. look at the humidity. many% right now and a north northwest wind at 5. so when the sarah dry, very low dew points, the temperatures can drop off and even a bit of a breeze with this humidity makes it feel cold. the barometer is on the rise, and we are 15 degrees below average, wiping out all the early warmth from the first few days of april. our numbers in the hudson valley, below freezing in monticello, and destined to hit the teens, and 43 in newark and in tom's river. so as we go through the evening hours, the winds are gusty and it backs off, 26, 27 in new york city and teens in the suburbs, and then the breeze picks up trying to bring in mild ire -- milder air and
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in the core of the high, the winds are very light and a few hours from the gusty breezes, and then we back off. by the way, the numbers upstate are not as cold as last night. tonight, teens and 20s and the city will be 1 or 2 degrees warmer than the suburbs. windy and mild ahead of the system and then we'll try and cover tomorrow night and thursday, and then we'll be chilly, 20s and lower 30s and high clouds increasing and try until daybreak on thursday and light showers. the steadiest rain on thursday, afternoon, and look at the mid- afternoon, heavy rain and a rumble of thunder east of new york city and then it will wind down. teens in the outlying areas. tomorrow, 46 and sun mixing in with high clouds and not as cold. temperatures will start reading tomorrow.
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just judging from the color, it looked like summer but it was a little cold for baseball. how was it at yankee stadium? >> reporter: it was too cold and wet yesterday but today, cold but dry enough for the yankees to play their home opener and this season begins like last season ended at home against the astros. the color guard and the national anthem, the teams introduced. and the ceremonial first pitch
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it was scoreless in the 2nd when stralin castro drives in the first. and tanaka pitching and looked good, and then in the 6th, 2-2, controversy in the 8th. correira again with a roller and the wild throw to 1st. joe girardi wants an interference call and doesn't get it. the yanks protest and the astros scored 2 more. it's an opening day loss for the yankees, 5-3, the astros win this. all right. our live team coverage of yankee opening day continues. we go outside for more on the big controversy and what the fellas had to say. laura? >> reporter: that's right, rob. the yankees know this game turned on a play that was avoidable. joe girardi said there was interference but the umpires did not agree. >> the rule reads in the
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with the first baseman catching it. my argument is you have no lane to throw it. so i guess the only option is to throw it and hit him. >> next time i will have to him hit him in the back, then i very i -- will have to hit him in the back. it was tough to see. >> i have seen it go both ways. it was unfortunate happened to us. >> reporter: girardi said it was frustrated but tomorrow is a new day. rob? >> reporter: laura, thanks. and the mets open their season at home on friday and continue their season on the road today in kansas city. noah syndergaard gets the start after a lead-off triple and struck out 3 in a row and kept the game score -- scoreless. walker with a 2-run shot and
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we get the women's ncaa basketball championship later tonight. uconn against syracuse. last night was the men, and oh, what a game it was. it was tied with less than 5 seconds to play and a shot that looked like the shot of the tournament until villanova's kris jenkins at the buzzer for the win, 77-74, villanova tops the championship and in houston, they are trying to process it. >> i couldn't be happier to see them fulfill we're live at yankee stadium. see you to object at 11:00 with
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and tonight at 11:00, a man pulls a huge knife on a cop and it's all captured on the cop's body cam. and the surprise that police discovered after the arrest. starbucks about to open its largest store in the world right here in manhattan. that's at 11:00. thank you for watching. world news tonight with david muir is next. for all of us here, have a great night. breaking news tonight. the first exit polls. will wisconsin change the race for donald trump? and what melania trump wants her husband to stop doing. and tonight, what hillary clinton just said. her challenge to donald trump. the deadly crash. investigators talking just a short time ago, after an american helicopter tour goes down, killing everyone onboard.


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