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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 6, 2016 1:05am-1:35am EDT

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and finally tonight, the people of wisconsin weighing in with their primary votes, playing a pivotal role in the campaign. a lot at stake for both parties as the republican and democratic front-runners struggle to lock down the nomination. it's your voice your vote. abc news projecting a solid win for senator ted cruz in
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a victory that is especially significant in the republican race as it ramps up the possibility of a rare contested convention. on the democratic side abc news projects bernie sanders the winner in wisconsin. front-runner hillary clinton is still leading substantially in the delegate count. and thanks for watching abc news. tune in to "good morning america" tomorrow for a full roundup of primary results. and as always, we're online at and on our
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no matter who you are. he treats everyone equal. >> still the frontrunner is planning a rally here on long island, police are preparing for protest he's. he's been talking about hate and attacking muslims and
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>> it will be quite a couple weeks, on the one side, there's a larger than life developers against a man who mocked his new york values and a fight between a candidate who adopted new york as her home state and a native son that moved away but sounds like he never left. the ultimate subway series is april 19. new, a call for action after a young girl, 17-years- old is beaten to death outside her home in brooklyn. >> we need to protect our children at any given time, it's not like that. reality hit me in the face. this is the father of the victim. she was bathen over the weekend. community activists said three
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we don't want to give the impression this is okay. >> she died after she was punched and fell striking her head on the sidewalk. an 18-year-old was arrested on attempted murder and assault. >> the juror in the manslaughter conviction, speaking out about what he said when he was selected for the jury. his statements forming the appeal. eyewitness news speaking to the man tonight and he's in downtown brooklyn. >> the whole reason you talk to prospective jurors, to find out how they can be impartial or have bias. peter's lawyers saying one perspective juror lied about it, and they want a mistrial? >> i'd rather tell the judge. >> he was reluctant to talk about what he told the judge
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>> i don't think i lied. he sat on the jury that convicted peter of shooting a girly in a stairwell. during selection, he was asked if he knew anyone convicted of a major crime and he said i'm talking about close family or yourself. vargas answered no but his biological father served time in prison for an accidental shooting. >> you didn't know him? >> i know of him. did you know him? >> did you meet him? >> i met him but i never lived with him. >> attorneys are asking for a new trial. he may have wanted to make sure the police officer got convicted. >> i wanted to be an jury. i've been through the process and i've been on two cases,
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did i lie to get on the case? >> absolutely not? >> the district attorney's officer issued a statement and we'll respond to the motion in court. vargas said he's heard that the district attorney is not recommending jail time and he thinks he should go to jail. >> to give him freedom, if i did a crime and you said, stay home and in my apartment and if somebody can bring me food, i'm good. >> it's not clear if this is enough to get him a new trial. there are 12 jurors, and vargas said he didn't have to convince the other 11. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> turning now to weather, a freeze warning in effect and another chilly april day. bundled up. when we feel the warm up and we
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>> a while, spring on hold and a normal high 57 and today's high 43 and make it four straight days below average. wiping out the warmth of the last few days. and central and southern new jersey, we're at 38 now and the wind is backing down. and that's the only saving grace. and central new jersey cooling off and teens north and west. windchills are in the 20s and wake up weather, it's cold and it's fairly calm and 29 new york city and 18-26 in the suburbs. the warm up is coming but it does come with wet weather. more chill for the weekend and overall, when this is going to break and we'll get spring in a consistent basis. >> thanks, lee.
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a flatbed truck and running over the owner and killing him is due in court. he admitted that he stole his truck in hopes of finding something of value to sell for drugs. the 63-years-old was running after him and fell and was hit by the truck. he faces murder and robbery and grand larceny charges. >> pictures of a man wanted for two burglaries, the suspect used bolt cutters to break into a utility room at the 9th avenue subway station in brooklyn. he stole several power tools. >> three people indicted for embezzling $750,000 from a non- profit organization in queens and an an attack on the president.
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through a chemical mixture at her. it burned her face and body. >> governor cuomo adding mississippi where the government travel is banned after a law was signed allowing religious groups to receive service to gay couples. last week, he banned state funded travel to north carolina after lawmakers blocked antidiscrimination protections. a traffic mess in manhattan. one lane is closed on the northbound west side highway. this is a live picture of the scene, those flashing lights, they're crews checking the structural integrity of a retaining wall. worries about the wall shut down two lanes during the evening rush hour, blocking traffic for miles.
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those costume characters and topples painted women should be designated to one area. the city council transportation committee votes for a pedestrian plaza through the city. that includes deciding where the costume characters can operate. the full council will vote on the bill on thursday. >> a frightening standoff between a cop and a knife wielding suspect caught on camera. we'll show you how it ended and the surprise that police
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he has a knife! sir, get down! the cop from ohio north of cincinnati had no idea when he stopped the man on the interstate that the guy was wanted for a deadly stabbing spree. the officer fired one shot at the man he survived and now in custody. it is not your typical neighborhood gripe, residents came together looking for answers. eyewitness news reporter a.j. ross was there for us. >> one by one they flew up onto their roof and we were saying we didn't know turkeys could fly. you might call it a turkey invasion, that's how it seemed for courtney and family. >> straight through the window, broke through the glass we were showered in glass and landed on the table. she noticed the wild turns increasing in numbers but never did foresee a confrontation.
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wings throwing glass all over the house, he was muddy and dirty, we had minor cuts but nothing major. officials say the complaints have been flying through the roof lately with reports of stopping traffic, pecking cars and attacking people and children. >> i'm afraid to go out in the morning first i check out of my window to see if the turkeys are around. a council meeting was here to talk about the order. officials admit this is a delegate issue. >> i think that everybody just wants a peaceful solution and if the turkeys can just be peacefly be taken somewhere. eyewitness news. fully paid leave for newparents that requirement for businesses now the law in san francisco, the first city with mandated paid leave ordering
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dads 6 weeks of fully paid time off. the mayor says he is happy to sign it less happy are small business owner who is complain they don't have the resources to pay for it. the popular appstrengthening its capabilities, what's app more than 1 billion users will have photos videos and voice calls protected on top of text messages. it works with all forms of communications on its app for android, apple phones and other devices. the biggest city in the country about to get the biggest starbucks in the world. the coffee giant says it plans to open a giant 20,000 square foot roastry, this will take some time to brew, open in 2018, be the second, this is the first in seattle. roasters will talk about coffee not astrology or the theater. but looks like it is a pretty
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>> we'll need something really hot when you wake up tomorrow. some will see 18 degrees you said? >> i think there will be teens tomorrow morning the thing is it won't be as much wind that will start our recovery, it is going to be pretty cold. outside we go mainly clear skies the cameras still shimming but the winds are backing down almost calm in many spots tomorrow but mainly clear pretty shot of the city, 36 degrees humidity at 26% northwest wind around 12 miles per hour and pressure is currently holding study only 43 today running a good 14 degrees below the average of 57. there is your sunset and sunshine, also filtered because of high clouds. it is a clear common cold start tomorrow and high clouds not as harsh in the afternoon mid- perhaps upper 40s might make a run at 60 in spots on thursday, soggy from mid-morning on. mainly dry for the mets opener, that's looking good and another weekend cold shot that could be rain or snow showers on
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and blustery on sunday. it feels like it is in the 40s so one more really harsh shot before we start to recover a little bit numbers are in the 20s north and west headed for upper teens northeastly sunny skies tomorrow morning then varying amounts of high clouds through the day at times it could look more overcast and thin out as we go through the afternoon it also gets breezy that will help us get in the mid-and upper 40s right now skies are mainly clear, high clouds trying to roll in. this is getting close see how the air is getting close and nice and light you see the warm air coming into the next storm. out in advance we'll get milder but chance of rain and even thunder with this, especially in the mid-afternoon hours on thursday as this system begins to roll through. tomorrow morning bright sunshine, have the sunglasses but heavy coat, low and middle 20s upper teens north and west around freezing in the city then the high clouds come in from time to time during the day mid-and upper 40s tomorrow evening is fine and to have the umbrella all day thursday just
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drizzle in the morning temperatures rise over night we start the day on thursday at 50, not too chilly, then we'll get in the upper 50s the rain also gets heavier during the afternoon maybe even a rumble of thunder through the early evening actually departing during the evening things are quieting down as we go into the evening hours. clear and cold, 70 and light wind, 29 tomorrow up to 46 sun mixing with clouds, 47, not quite as cold now tomorrow we don't drop we rise through the night, the breezes certainly kicking and returning cloudy, a late night shower you don't need the umbrella, but late tomorrow night into thursday morning we'll need the umbrellas and gets heavier during the afternoon at least in the upper 50s. on friday, other than a morning shower clouds are going to try to break for sun, still cloudiness first pitch dry and 48 degrees little on the breezy side. things go wrong over the weekend jet stream dips over on saturday, might be a little
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showers and worse cases some wet snow showers around the area it is blustery and colder and dryer 40s feeling like 30s we start to bounce back again into early next week, into the 50s 60s on tuesday, if you check out our facebook live shot, when the real consistent spring comes in and that's after the 14th or 15th that's when everything breaks through and we'll go back to the 70s again. all right thanks. well new looking at social media can make you feel depressed.
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military . a local news crew on its way to another story comes across a dramatic scene outside of a church. >> do not move.
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another man whose hands are up, police arrived and arrested the man with his hands up, he had allegedly kicked in the doors of a church in tampa florida and returned to the scene. that's when he was confronted by a church maintenance worker who made the citizen's arrest. >> she lost a leg in an explosion while serving in afghanistan, tonight a retired u.s. marine dog gave the highest award an animal can receive for military service. a 12-year-old german shepherd, awarded the medal. lost her leg in an ied explosion while protecting troops completed 400 missions in iraq and afghanistan. a possible explanation for the link between social media and depression, prior studies have established that link but now research shows an addiction
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use likely leads to depression. researchers say they should be aware of the connection and be aware of social media use. powers up next with sports. >> from start to finish the baseball season starts to the yankees didn't start with a wimper. straight ahead the home opener game number one had everything except for a win, uconn tells their team may a fourth be don't let dust and allergies get between you and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms.
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flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. so you can seize those moments, wherever you find them. flonase. six is greater than one changes everything. bmw, the ultimate driving machine. the yankees proved one thing today, they'll not go undefeated. >> observation, they win six months for opening day and cold and rain out yesterday, finally the yankees get on the field for a game that means something the home opener, remembers for controversy. up against the houston astros the colors were presented the national anthem was sung the teams were introduce today a chilly crowd, then baseball, scoreless send inning, and take it 2-0 lead. battles back to tie, then this.
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the go-ahead scores but wait, joe wants an interference call protests the game, the astros would have two more runs, the yankees lose 5-3. game one is lost one. about that play. >> so i guess the only option is to throw it and hit him. i don't think that's what baseball wants. >> next time i'll try to hit him i guess i'll hit him on the back. >> i never read a rule don't know anything about rules. >> the mets play friday they continue their road series this afternoon in kansas city, gave up a lead off the triple and settled in, high 90. and scoreless, the mets break through, chris young, getting one for the home run, the mets are on top. 6 innings, three hits and nine strikeouts it is a win in kansas city. 2-0. next game friday, at home, history tonight in women's
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the other. uconn would win a fourth straight national title or syracuse, would end the huskies streak. jefferson, morgan, and brianna stuart, those three combine for 56 points, think about this. 24 and 0 and the ncaa tournament games four straight titles 82-51 winners, the coach 11 national championships tops john wooden. how about ranger captain ryan out indefinitely with an upper body injury tonight up against tampa bay. the rangers already clenched the play offs, fell behind 2-0. and hendrick lundquist, derek winds up, fires one in, tie it is game at 2. and then chris, sam rosin said, a beauty. rangers win it 3-2. rallied from down 2-0. >> big test for the islanders
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way through the third period, makes it 3-3. they go to overtime here is a huge goal, thomas up top, and the islanders clench a play off spot, 4, 3 winners in overtime that's a big win in d.c. we wrap up it with the devils and the sabers in the second period unedited. devils already down 1-0. doubles then buffalo leads.


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