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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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we understand this apartment where the fire took place is owned by ezra murken, a business associate of bernie madoff. we'll take you back off to the scene where you can see firefighters on the scene. you can see down on 71st street off the corner of park avenue where they're trying to get rid of all the glass that was broken and fell from the windows that were knocked out by the firefighters. two injuries, those are firefighters. we understand they're minor injuries at this time. live on the east side, lauren glassberg, channel 7 eyewitness news. now to that other breaking news in connecticut, a science teacher arrested for carrying a gun in school and it happened where you would least expect it, in newtown, the scene of the horrific sandy hook school shootings. police say an armed security guard spotted jason adams with the weapon.
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>> ever since that tragedy in 2012, there have been armed security guards at all newtown schools. this morning sharp eyed security personnel noticed that teacher allegedly carrying concealed firearm. happened at the middle school. 46-year-old jason adams detained by security while police were called to the school. adams produced a valid pistol permit which in connecticut is also a carry permit, however, guns are not allowed on school property. so adams was arrested. this all happened right at the start of the school day, 9:00. adams transported to newtown police headquarters where he was processed and charged with possession of a weapon grounds. he was released on his own recognizance. the science teacher, he's an 8th grade science teacher, is out of police custody. and he's also out of the classroom for the time being. adams has been placed on administrative leave. police in the district stressed that at no time was there any
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and parents have been notified of the incident. >> i understand he had a permit but it's against the law to bring it on the property. i think he made an unfortunate mistake. >> this afternoon we knocked on mr. adams' door. he said no comment, asked us to leave the property. he is due back in court on april 20th. live in newtown, eyewitness news. turning to vote 2016 and the campaign countdown here in new york underway. in the past, candidates came here to raise money. now they're here looking for votes. new york, a delegate rich state and it's up for grabs. >> today ted cruz coming off a win in wisconsin was in the sound view section of the bronx. donald trump, hoping to rebound, will appear shortly at an event in bethpage, long island. n.j. burkett is with the cruz camp. we begin with joe torres at the trump rally.
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at 7:00 deep inside this industrial property out here in bethpage at the grumman studios. the secret service inside keeping an eye on things there. out here on south oyster bay road, the road is closed off. off in the distance, those are trump protesters and there are many nassau county police officers out here keeping a close eye on them. >> reporter: nassau county police designated a free speech zone, an area for trump protesters to gather, demonstrate, and explain why voters should not elect donald trump as our nation's next president. >> he talks about women, immigrants, and muslims and attacks them in such horrible ways. that's not what a presidential candidate should be doing. >> he doesn't care about the environment at all. he cares about promoting business, promoting what makes money. he basically i feel like wants to be the god squad for the environment.
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passionate protesters were trump's faithful followers. five hours before the start of the standing room only rally, supporters of the republican presidential frontrunner boarded buses to grab security. among the loyalists, one man who does not endorse trump's anti-immigrant, anti-mexican rhetoric, but will vote for him anyway, and david cast is latino. >> actions speak louder than words. what he's been doing before in his past history business-wise, he's very successful, so i think we need a person like this. something different. >> i want to clear up the confusion about trump supporting immigrants because trump does support immigrants. he does not support illegal immigration. my husband is an immigrant. my husband is a muslim. my husband is a minority. and we both strongly support trump. >> she's a trump supporter, but there's one thing she saw today
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she noticed that the t-shirts, the trump t-shirts for sale here at the rally were made in the dominican republic. this, she says, from a candidate who has vowed to create and keep jobs here in the united states. coming up at 6:00, you'll hear more from the protesters, more from trump supporters as well, as well as from the nassau county police commissioner and the unique security challenges that an event like this presents. that's at 6:00. see you then. for now we're live in bethpage, joe torres, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> political reporter dave evans will be at tonight's rally and will have a full report live on eyewitness news at 11:00. we've got new poll numbers on the republican primary race here in new york. the monmouth university poll shows donald trump with 52% of the vote, john kasich with 25%, and ted cruz fresh off that win in wisconsin with just 17%. the poll, not good news for the cruz campaign where there was an
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a packed restaurant event. n.j. burkett there right now in the bronx. >> three months ago cruz mocked donald trump over what he called new york values. no apology then, no apology today either. he's happy to pick a fight with new york's liberal establishment and maybe pick up a few votes along the way. >> reporter: ted cruz may be the most conservative presidential candidate ever to campaign in the bronx. something known as a bronx cheer from two men claiming to be community activists who said cruz and his policies were wrong for the people of the bronx. the texas senator has taken a hard line on illegal immigration, social issues and fiscal policy and came to new york after his turn around
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throated attack on new york's democratic establishment. >> the moment when the brave men and women in blue of the nypd stood up and turned their backs on mayor de blasio, i cheered for those new york cops and i'll tell you, people all across america did. >> reporter: the senator clearly using his stage in the media capital of america to play to a larger national audience, invited here by democratic state senator diaz. >> i'm a proud conservative democrat. >> reporter: who has yet to endorse any of the candidates. but there are those who have already made up their minds and they're backing cruz, like dianne atkins from bayridge. >> we said we're going to support ted cruz because this is the man that's going to go to the white house. >> how could conservative values help working class people in the bronx? >> that's a great question. depends who you're asking. conservative as it comes to people having an opportunity to work, to keep more of their earned income, to invest back in
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can have an opportunity of homeownership, business ownership, a spirit of entrepreneurship is why the bronx >> for the record, cruz did not attract much of a crowd here at all. as for the new poll, cruz insists he's not concerned, and says his strong showing in wisconsin is proof that momentum for his campaign is building. of course a poor showing here in new york could put the brakes on that. live tonight in the bronx, n.j. burkett r channel 7 eyewitness news. turning now to the democrats, some latino lawmakers in new york are showing their support for hillary clinton. >> what do we want? >> hillary. >> when do we want her? >> now! >> they held a rally on the steps of the courthouse in the bronx. mayor de blasio also showing support for clinton while taking some questions at an education event. he said the focus is turning out votes for her over the next two weeks. as for the candidate herself, she's spending the day in pennsylvania. hall meeting.
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in the high stakes stake tonight. he has a rally as well. he's trying to build off his win in wisconsin last night. >> the campaigning continues tomorrow in new york city. both hillary clinton and john kasich have events here. clinton, a rally before heading to ohio and colorado. you can count on eyewitness news to be there. watch our coverage here and online at abc7ny. a warning to parents tonight after a young girl says a man tried to lure her in to a van on her way home from school in westchester county. police say the 12-year-old was walking on van cortlandt avenue when a man in a white van approached her. he said her mother had been in a car accident and needed to get her a ride. when she refused to get in, the manmade a u-turn in his van and drove off. police are doing extra patrols near the school. 16 people ages 17 to 72 busted in a child pornography
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5th grader teacher thomas guzzi had more than 100 child porn files on his computer. he's also charged with secretly recording people using the bathroom at the broadway theater in pittman. federal agents say elementary school bus driver eugene triston viewed child porn during his breaks. for a second night in a row, road cam showing the delays right now. one lane is closed on the northbound side at 125th street. as you can see, slow going, but the traffic is moving. in a few hours all lanes on the west side highway will bow -- will be shut down so workers can remove the facade on a retaining wall. it's expected to last until 7:00 tomorrow morning. taxi drivers in newark are rejoicing as the city council makes a big move to restrict uber drivers. they unanimously approved an ordinance to require uber drivers to pay $15 for a license
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even with the license, uber drivers cannot pick up or drop off residents at newark liberty airport or penn station. taxi drivers say this levels the playing field. >> if the illegals come and do the same thing and nobody stop them, that's not fair. >> uber representatives were not allowed to speak at the meeting. still ahead, talk about a close call. less than a minute before a bus burst in to flames, it was filled with students. how they got out just in the nick of time. >> plus, the owner of dozens of dogs found in bad shape says it's not his fault. tonight he tells us who he blames for their condition. >> hamilton and the mayor. a wild scene as they make news. >> hot just doesn't cut it. it's unbelievable.
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we're making progress in the weather department. we've got temperatures in the mid and upper 40s for your highs, the reason for that, the warmup is coupled with wet weather. we're timing rain in the
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a bus fire in nassau county, dramatic video shows the fierce flames three stories high. no students were hurt. in large part due to the bus driver. eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson posted this video on her facebook and twitter pages. she's live for us in merrick with more on how the driver's
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>> this is the exact spot where that school bus burst in to flames. take a look at this street sign in the grass right below. one little girl who was on that bus tells me the kids were terrified that they ran off the bus. as for the man behind the wheel, tonight his bosses are calling him a model driver. >> oh, my gosh. the flames were, i don't know, 20, 30 feet up in the air. black smoke and then the smoke started to engulf the whole bus and it was coming from the back. >> reporter: she's talking about bus number 78, this cell phone video shows just how intense this fire was. >> for a school bus fire, it was a lot of flames and a lot of smoke. we had reports of the smoke being seen for miles away. >> reporter: a dozen volunteer firefighters rushed here to headquarters in merrick. luckily the station house is just a block from where the driver of the bus first started having problems. he was headed here to merrick avenue middle school with a dozen students onboard just
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but suddenly here at the corner of merrick and kirkwood avenues, he smelled smoke then saw smoke and pulled over. he spotted what appeared to be a small plane under the hood and didn't waste a second. he ran back on the bus and quickly got all of the kids off. less than a minute later, the front of the bus went up in flames. two students' fathers even helped put out the blaze. >> between diesel fuel and the fiberglass hood on the bus, that causes a lot of excessive smoke. >> reporter: kiara runs a daycare center and was ready to take in students if they needed a warm place to stay. but a second bus arrived and took the kids to school. school officials are calling the driver who is camera shy a hero. he works for guardian bus company who tells eyewitness news it could not be more pleased with the level of professionalism he showed, adding he'll soon receive an award as a thank you. >> the driver was excellent in
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children out of the bus before the bus burst in to flames. >> as for what sparked this fire, investigators tonight are trying to piece that out, looking at that bus, trying to see exactly what happened. for now we're live in merrick, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. country music legend merle haggard died today on his 79th birthday. you know his voice. it was pure country. he was best known for hits like momma tried, okie from miskogi and sing me back home. he had been in poor health and canceled a number of recent shows. a long time champion of underdogs and outlaws, he recorded music for over 40 years, working with willie nelson, george jones. baseball players will no
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tobacco at new york city ballparks. mayor de blasio signed a law banning its use at any sports stadium in the city. the commissioner praised the move, saying it's for the health of players. new york is the fourth city to ban chewing tobacco at ballparks. boston, san francisco, and los angeles already do this. >> we're going to ban it in the weather center too. >> really? >> no more, lee. >> it's about time. [ laughter ] >> so how we looking? >> we're looking sunnier already. >> technically it is out now. >> right as we started eyewitness news at 5:00. it's a little easier to get around this afternoon with not as much of a biting chill. we've got a little bit of sunshine. we're at 43 degrees. south wind about 12 to 25. the pressure is on the fall. the high today, 46 degrees. a little bit better than
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record high 79 in 1947. lows this morning, still very january and february-like in the teens and 20s in the suburbs, below freezing in the city. see the wind bay. belmont and the bronx coming in at 42. tribeca at 43 degrees. away from the ocean, a little milder. 52, trenton. 50 in parts of wrightstown right now. notice the wind coming off the water and it's pretty gusty. we've had wind gusts over 30 miles per hour. you're going to notice a breeze through tomorrow. we have partial sunshine as we head toward sunset. then clouds will thicken up. tomorrow morning i'd have the umbrella just in case. a lot of you will be carrying the umbrella, getting ready for rain midday. over long island and connecticut i can see how rain and drizzle is breaking out by sunrise. we actually climb in our temperatures overnight. we have a launching pad in the upper 40s to around 50. a good soaking till the midafternoon hours.
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some of the heaviest rain is actually shifting eastward in to eastern long island and connecticut. see how we're clearing out briefly but the trend will be to cloud over later. there's the rain to the west. couple squall lines with this and heavy downpours. thankfully the snow stays to the north. tomorrow morning, that's why we're talking about rain more likely over the island and connecticut early. some of this rain could be heavier pockets and downpours with even a rumble of thunder. it's moving along to the point where conditions should improve during the evening commute. leading up to it there will be downpours around. still lingering showers in to the early evening hours. lows tonight are really over the next couple of hours and then we'll climb. tomorrow your highs are in the upper 50s. hadn't been there for a while. we're close to average tomorrow but it's a rainy normal. mostly cloudy and breezy overnight. temperatures rising. tomorrow, 59. breezy and milder. heaviest rain from to midafternoon. 11:00 to 5:00. possible thunder as well. a shower in the evening, otherwise mostly cloudy. here's what we're working on for 5:30.
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a quick earn of rain tomorrow? still looking dry for the mets home opener? we'll revisit that forecast. and that threat of snow west of new york a possibility. we'll be looking at that in the 7-day accuweather after 5:30. still ahead on eyewitness news, too large to fly? hear from the jersey city man who says he was kicked off an airplane because of his size. >> plus, how a police officer came to the rescue of a deer that was in need of help. >> the judge ordered you guys to pay her back. >> t-shirts gone wrong.
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gawker claims it's entitled to a new trial in the hulk hogan sex video case because jurors were not properly instructed, that the jury was not given constitutional standards for news worthiness. gawker also asking for the judgment entered against the company to be thrown out or drastically reduced. when a woman in new york ordered a batch of custom t-shirts but ended up getting a mess, the company hung her out to dry. that's when she turned to 7 on
5:25 pm
things ironed out. >> and it was supposed to be a way to raise money and pay off student loans, but this printing problem wound up putting this young woman in debt. when the courts couldn't get her paid, she turned to us. >> why are you walking away? the judge ordered you guys to pay her back. >> reporter: it took a minute to refresh their memory at the printing source in newark. tabitha tolliver, emancipation for your soul. >> reporter: for the last two years tabitha tolliver has been trying to emancipate her money ever since this t-shirt shop badly botched her print job. crooked, faded, some products splattered with ink or stained. plus, tabitha said she never got the quantity she paid more than $1,000 for. >> i don't even want to give them away. that's how bad they are. >> reporter: the student invested her income tax return to promote the underground music movement.
5:26 pm
replace it and fix what the issue was. >> reporter: she said what got back was even worse. >> i was so disgusted i left them a text message to let them know, listen, at this point i want a refund for my money. >> reporter: that was back in october of 2014. when tabitha couldn't collect, she filed in small claims court, and a judge ordered the business to pay up. >> did they give you the money back? >> no. >> reporter: leaving her in a student loan she can't dig out of. >> i don't make that kind of money. >> reporter: so we paid a visit to the printing source. >> we're trying to emancipate the money for tabitha tolliver. >> reporter: they needed their memory refreshed. >> she ordered like 100 t-shirts, bags, and towels. we saw the product and it's all messed up. >> reporter: within two weeks -- >> now your money has been emancipated. >> [ laughter ] >> reporter: tabitha is doing her happy dance. $1,380 she was owed paid in cash. >> thank you so much.
5:27 pm
i'd still be fighting them. >> the printing source said this was an oversight that fell through the cracks and they made it right as soon as we made them aware of the problem. they were willing to redo the job for free. she had it in her favor, she kept all her original receipts and that helped her in small claims court. >> she's got a good happy dance too. >> glad they did the right thing. a real dogfight in new jersey. coming up on eyewitness news, animal rallies at a dog store. they say animals were kept in awful conditions but the store owner has a different story. >> flight fury. a man from new jersey says he got booted from a flight for being too big.
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we continue to follow breaking news in manhattan, a fire in a luxury apartment building. firefighters battled flames on the 6th floor of 740 park between east 71st and east 72nd streets. at one point smoke filled the 6th floor stairwell. firefighters did get the fire under control about 4:30 this afternoon. now at 5:00, a big protest at a pet store where 50 puppies and small dogs were found crammed in to a van. >> animal lovers are outraged. they say the owner kept the injured dogs in deplorable conditions but the owner is defending himself tonight claiming the animals were hurt when the van was towed. >> toni yates is in paramus with the story. >> this is still under investigation, see just pups is not in the clear yet. the owner definitely wants to reopen, but protesters want it shut down permanently. >> reporter: the owner of just pups opened his paramus store to
5:31 pm
and pens filled with puppies, sharing his side of the story after paramus police and the spca confiscated 67 puppies found in cages they say in unsanitary and cold conditions in a van behind the store sunday night. but vincent losacco there said nothing was against the law. >> as long as they're heated, water, food, for instance, in my store, we leave at night. they're in cages. >> reporter: some local students protested outside the store after hearing about the animals. >> this is our community. and animal cruelty is still happening. >> reporter: pet owners who say they bought their dogs from just pups also showed up. bruno was purchased four years ago. >> he was very ill. he wound up staying at the vet twice overnight. $3,000 worth of pet bills. >> reporter: mccarthy says his dog maggie was sick but the store owner -- >> he was doing everything he could to keep the dog healthy. >> reporter: he also heard about the van of dogs.
5:32 pm
best situation but it's not against the law. i'm not the one to say but i feel bad about it. >> reporter: his middlesex location was shut down, his license revoked after 267 violations. he also has an emerson location. the mayor there sent his health office to inspect it. >> he's been out since february 10th seven times with other inspectors, spca inspectors and state inspectors. there were violations that existed back on the 10th. all but four had been corrected. >> reporter: losacco insists his pets are cared for and he runs his business properly. >> there's nothing bad or inhumane about it, but not knowing the industry or whatever, i can see where someone would form that opinion. >> the mayor of paramus says the governing body here in town is asking the board of health to shut just pups down permanently.
5:33 pm
but he also says it is now facing 400 summonses. toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. mayor bill de blasio is addressing recent reports about a corruption probe involving nypd officials. >> an investigation means something is being looked at. until we get a result, we can't make final judgments. so in terms of any past donations, i will make that determination when we see the results of the investigation. >> also accused correction union president seabrook. seabrook and others are accused of accepting inappropriate gifts, this all stemming from another investigation, three businessmen for money laundering. officials say that alleged corruption was discovered from a wiretap related to the other investigation. in hopes of producing wrongful convictions, a hearing was held on a bill calling for interrogations to be recorded. the innocence project and two of
5:34 pm
falsely convicted of raping a jogger in central park in 1989 rallied at city hall. they're pushing for passage of 979. it requires police interrogations to be fully recorded and help end false confessions and misidentifications. >> 15 involved eyewitness misidentification and an additional 14 involved false confessions. there are simple, readily available reforms that we could implement today that would prevent these kinds of miscarriages of justice. >> the state legislature failed to pass the bill last year. governor cuomo has included it in his 2016 legislative agenda. graffiti outside a home in greenburg has a community on edge. three cars in a driveway were covered with vulgar words and threatening messages all written in paint. you can see the red paint on the driveway and one of the vandalized cars. it all remains on the property. a neighbor tells us she was
5:35 pm
vandalism. officers also found an empty gas can and a blanket soaked in gas in a nearby yard. it's not clear if all this is related to the vandalism. police are still investigating. one hurdle passed in the move to control those costume characters in times square. the city council transportation committee gave a thumbs up to legislation that will allow the city to create special work zones in pedestrian plaza. they may be allowed to pose for pictures and collect tips only in specified areas. the full council is expected to vote on the measure tomorrow. atlantic city may take drastic measures to deal with its finance crisis. the city council is expected to vote to moving city workers to a 28-day pay cycle. governor christie was in atlantic city to address the budget issue. he reiterated his complaints that the city is mismanaged.
5:36 pm
fighting a full state takeover of city finances. u.s. health officials are about to get federal funding to battle the zika virus. the white house is redirecting $589 million that was earmarked to handle ebola. the money will be used for detection and prevention of the mosquito-borne virus. it doesn't end the gridlock in congress over requested $1.9 billion in emergency zika funding. zika causes fever, rash, joint pain and conjunctivitis. it's had the biggest impact on pregnant women and causes severe birth defects. the battle over gay rights is intensifying down south over a controversial religious freedom bill. similar laws became law in mississippi and amid growing backlash from major corporations. abc's elizabeth hur has the story. >> reporter: after the so-called religious objection
5:37 pm
continuing, calling for appeal. >> i think it protects the religious freedom of people who have religious beliefs, so the legislature and the majority of the people of mississippi so we signed it in to law. >> reporter: the law allows businesses and government workers to deny service to gays beliefs. critics, including some of the state's biggest employers, like nissan and tyson foods, say it allows discrimination against the lgbt community. in north carolina, a similar law just cost the state 400 jobs after paypal canceled a major expansion plan in charlotte. >> the loss of paypal was as painful as it was predictable. tech companies have no interest in appearing to side with discrimination. >> georgia is a welcoming state. >> reporter: the mounting pressure from businesses led to governors in georgia and virginia to reject similar bills. more than two dozen major corporations had threatened to
5:38 pm
law, which could have cost the state billions in revenue. >> big businesses in mississippi are now said to be exploring their options, this as lawmakers in tennessee review what passing a similar bill in their state could cost them. eyewitness news. the smash hit on broadway "hamilton" is bringing back its popular in-person lottery but it's only going to happen once a week. the chance to win $10 tickets moved online earlier this year but the show's star and creator said he missed giving people the experience of a live lottery so he brought it back. but it's just for wednesday matinees. speed cycle. a motorcyclist leads police on a dizzying hot pursuit. how this video led ultimately to his capture. >> also, fire escape. we told you about the school bus fire here.
5:39 pm
to flames just minutes after students got off. >> and cover controversy. why the star of "scandal" is calling out a major magazine. >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. we're looking to the north here. more sun on the west side. more clouds off to the north. so we're looking increasing. i'll let you know when we need the umbrella. then our active weather days. we have the rain tomorrow. saturday is a day we may look at wet snow. if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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vanity proven to be the downfall for a reckless motorcyclist who's now under arrest after posting video of himself alluding police in new jersey. it happened back in december in aquatic township. the motorcyclist was riding so recklessly they gave up the chase. investigators were recently tipped off as the rider posted
5:43 pm
on social media. 20-year-old anthony dorigo is facing a string of charges. caught on camera, school bus going up in flames in florida. this happened just moments after students were taken off another bus. police say the bus driver had reported mechanical issues and he decided to pull over at the first stop. the bus was engulfed in flames minutes after the children were put on to another bus. parents say that driver is a hero. >> i would tell him thank you very much for saving all those children's lives. >> no one was hurt. it's still unclear what caused that bus to catch fire. another star is calling out a magazine for excessive photoshopping. this time it's scandal star kerry washington. she said she was taken aback by her cover photo on ad week. she wrote on instagram, quote, it felt strange to look at a picture of myself that is so different from what i look like when i look in the mirror.
5:44 pm
volume was added to washington's hair for dramatic effect. released on twitter, jackson said a sudden change is causing her to postpone her remaining dates. she added she and her husband are planning their family so jackson said she's been ordered to rest. the 49-year-old did not reveal if she's pregnant with her first child. tale of the deer whisperer. coming up on eyewitness news, a dilemma for a deer in new jersey and the local police officer who helped to free it. >> also ahead, we're going to tell you everything you need to know about the new york primary. we have important information
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jersey finally free after receiving help from a police officer. the officer said his neighbor asked for him to help out freeing a deer with his antlers caught. he took a knife and cut the deer loose. it ran in to the woods then hit a free and fell to the ground. he raced over and removed the rest of the net from the deer's head. back to politics now. a live look from bethpage in nassau county where donald trump is holding a rally that's going to begin at 7:00 tonight. the new york presidential primary is just 13 days away, on april 19th. and this year bigger than usual numbers expected at the polls. new york is a coveted prize, offering the most delegates of any contest left on the primary calendar until california's primary on june 7th. the two leading candidates, hillary clinton and donald trump, both need those delegates to provide a bounceback victory
5:49 pm
primaries are generally busiest during a presidential election. even more so this year, given that this is a changeover year with president obama leaving office in january. this is very important to know, it is now too late to register to vote in the primaries and only those registered as democrat or republican can vote. >> new york has a closed primary system, so we have to make sure that people understand only republicans and only democrats can vote in the presidential primary. >> the board of elections in new york city again expecting a significant turnout. some 74,000 voters registered for the primary from january just to late march. stay with eyewitness news and abc news for complete coverage of vote 2016. and turning now to weather, we now have lee back with us. we have heavy rain in store for us tomorrow. when's the worst of it? >> i'd say probably 11:00 in the morning to 4:00 or 5:00 in the afternoon.
5:50 pm
more than just april showers. april downpours in there, maybe a little bit of thunder. these two weeks of april definitely testing our patients. it will be better after the 14th or 15th seeing multiple signs. a lot of sunshine has come out in the west side right now. a pretty good breeze too out of the south, gusting up to 25 miles per hour. our temperature is at 43. we've reached the middle 40s. even some lower 50s away from the ocean this afternoon. thin spots in the clouds early. clouds will thicken but look at the temperatures. tonight they're not plummeting. we're not looking at teens, 20s, and 30s. it actually stays in the 40s. we'll start tomorrow near the 50-degree mark. if there's any rain tomorrow morning it's light, spotty. best chance over connecticut and long island. we're all raining at a good clip late morning, midafternoon. half inch to an inch of rain, gusty breezes as well, then we'll taper off to showers. maybe if they delay the yankee game we can get it in. but the start is in jeopardy. clouds thickening during evening hours.
5:51 pm
there's the early showers scattered about especially north and east of new york city. more widespread by midday. heaviest during the midafternoon. rumbles of thunder. then pivoting out. maybe standing water for the evening commute. temperatures aren't the problem. in the 50s by that point. maybe by 5:00 there's breaks in the clouds west of the city. but the front hasn't gone through at that point so there could still be a shower in the early evening so have the umbrella for your evening plans even though showers aren't widespread. friday, other than an early shower, i think we'll dry out. i think that's good news for the mets. 48 or 50. rainfall amounts could average a half inch to inch in spots if we see a couple rumbles of thunder. air quality is good tomorrow. uv index and pollen will be on the low side. 7-day accuweather forecast, 59 tomorrow. friday, looking at a high of 51. 48 at first pitch. mostly cloudy skies. a few breaks. overall dry. slight chance of a shower. we go in to saturday, and it's probably periods of showers. mostly rain showers mixed with wet snowflakes. so it's a storm that's diving to our south.
5:52 pm
of heavy precipitation, it's so cold in the atmosphere that we may be able to produce heavy wet snow at times. i don't think it's accumulating but probably going to be mixed in with some of the rain. sunday is drier but still windy. we'll warm up in to early next week but i think we're going to cool down one more time late week next week before more consistent warmup gets underway and that will happen probably next weekend and in to the following week. for the second half of april looking a lot warmer. we still have to get through rough patches here including flakes on saturday. >> we're almost there. a man from new jersey gets angry at an airline. >> coming up on eyewitness news, he says he was kicked off his flight because of his weight. you'll hear his story. >> bill ritter. new at 6:00, a new controversy after democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders says parents of the sandy hook gun massacre victims should not be able to sue gun manufacturers. and the beating death of a local
5:53 pm
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a new jersey man claims he got kicked off of flight because his weight. >> the jersey city bookstore manager weighs more than 300 pounds. he says he got booted during a recent flight from las vegas to newark. aj ross is outside newark liberty ain't with the story. >> a vegas birthday bash turned in to a troubled nightmare for a jersey city man who says he was kicked off the flight. errol narvaez said it's an experience he'll never forget. >> it was embarrassing. i've never had to experience that before. >> reporter: errol narvaez already had a fear of flying but this has taken his anxiety to
5:57 pm
after celebrating his 31st birthday in vegas, he was set to return home but those plans took a major detour because another passenger complained. >> he said this is a five-hour flight and he needs to be comfortable. >> reporter: weighing in at 385 pounds, errol says his weight has never been an issue on a plane before. this wasn't his first time playing united but it was the first time a supervisor appeared and asked him to leave. >> i said i'm confused on why this is happening. i've never experienced this type of discrimination, this type of just -- it's just aggravating. >> reporter: in a written statement a spokesman for united said, quote, to better ensure the comfort of all customers, united require a customer purchase a second seat if they can't sit with both arm rests lowered and without encroaching on other passengers. he said he had no problem buying a second seat but the policy was
5:58 pm
>> i'm already big. growing up you always get those big jokes. i know how i am. >> reporter: although united has since apologized, errol hopes no one else has to go through a similar experience. >> i never want to inconvenience anybody and i never asked to be disrespected like this. >> errol believes any weight requirement policies need to be more clearly visible on airline homepages. live tonight at newark liberty 7 eyewitness news. bernie sanders making news wants. >> a stunning interview with a controversy. >> eyewitness news at 6:00
5:59 pm
a fire in one of the richest apartment buildings in the world. the so-called tower of power on the east side of manhattan. >> first, it's been decades since the new york primary meant something, and boy, does it now. the candidates suddenly paying attention to new york. thousands of donald trump supporters and protesters gathering for a rally on long island. and ted cruz facing protesters in the bronx. remember his slam of new york values? good evening at 6:00, i'm bill ritter. >> and i'm liz cho. that's the last time a new york presidential primary actually counted for much. >> we'll start with the republicans. donald trump hoping his home state can help him rebound from last night's resounding loss in wisconsin to senator ted cruz. >> for the democrats, sanders beat clinton by nearly 14% in wisconsin. his sixth victory in the past seven primaries and caucuses.
6:00 pm
york, beat clinton in her adopted home state? >> dave evans at a trump rally in bethpage, long island with supporters and protesters outside. >> this rally in bethpage is important for donald trump for a couple different reasons. first of all, this kind of kicks off his new york primary push for the primary april 19th. we haven't seen a lot of donald trump since he kicked off his campaign at trump tower last june, june of 2015. the other reason is because if you look at what happened last night, he lost in the wisconsin primary so this is a big, big push that donald trump is making. if you can look over here, 6,000 people already. this is a television and radio production. we could have 10,000 to 12,000 people here this evening. let's go ahead and take a look now at the latest polling. according to monmouth poll, it shows donald trump in good shape 52% trump.


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