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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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york, beat clinton in her adopted home state? >> dave evans at a trump rally in bethpage, long island with supporters and protesters outside. >> this rally in bethpage is important for donald trump for a couple different reasons. first of all, this kind of kicks off his new york primary push for the primary april 19th. we haven't seen a lot of donald trump since he kicked off his campaign at trump tower last june, june of 2015. the other reason is because if you look at what happened last night, he lost in the wisconsin primary so this is a big, big push that donald trump is making. if you can look over here, 6,000 people already. this is a television and radio production. we could have 10,000 to 12,000 people here this evening. let's go ahead and take a look now at the latest polling. according to monmouth poll, it shows donald trump in good shape 52% trump.
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and 17% for ted cruz in new york state. that same poll goes on to show in new york city, long island, donald trump with 58% among republicans in the city and long island. 22% for john kasich. and 14% for ted cruz. tonight's rally starts at 7:00 tonight. it will probably go until 8:30 or 9:00. we'll see you later on tonight. live in bethpage, dave evans, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you from that very loud studio there, trump rally. meanwhile, for ted cruz, one day after his big primary victory in wisconsin, cruz was met with strong criticism from some voters here on the bronx. >> he has no business being in the bronx. this is an immigrant community. we deal with climate change every single day. and he wants to say it doesn't exist. we're one of the poorest congressional districts in the country.
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during lunch with reporters at a restaurant in the soundview section. cruz shrug off the shouting and answered questions about his previous comments criticizing what he called new york values. >> people of new york know exactly what those values are. they're the values of liberal democratic politicians like andrew cuomo, like anthony wiener, like elliot spitzer. like charlie rangel. all of whom donald trump has supported, given tens of the years. >> cruz is trailing both donald trump and john kasich in new york primary polls. meanwhile, there's democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders. his interview with the new york daily news raising eyebrows, even those who like him say it's raising their eyebrows because he seemed less than prepared to offer detailed solutions to even signature issues like the economy. new york suddenly in play as a primary state. lots going on today and tonight.
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teacher's rally for hillary clinton. clinton earlier was in pennsylvania and sanders holds a rally there tonight. as for the controversy, eyewitness news reporter rob nelson is here with that part of our coverage. >> good evening to you, bill. sanders' interview with the daily news is again giving his critics plenty of fuel. this time the controversy is about whether families of the victims of the sandy hook massacre should in fact be able to sue gun manufacturers. sanders is against that idea and that's unleashed a lot of criticism and again put the vermont senator on the defense. >> reporter: sanders faced a front page assault by the daily news this morning, all of it stemming from this exchange with the paper's editorial board last week. >> do i think they should be able to sue? no, i do not.
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his d rating from the nra. he did express support for some lawsuits against dealers and manufacturers. sanders told the board, i do believe that gun manufacturers and gun dealers should be able to be sued when they should know that guns are going in to the hands of wrong people, so i think there are grounds for those suits, but not if you sell me a legal product. still, critics wasted no times pouncing, including jillian soto, sister of 1st grade teacher victoria soto who was killed in the school massacre. >> reading what bernie sanders said to the new york daily news was not only offensive but insensitive and disrespectful to the families. >> i was appalled that senator sanders said he really didn't see any reason for the parents of children massacred at sandy hook in connecticut to be able to try to sue the gun makers. i just absolutely disagree. >> reporter: connecticut
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quote, bernie is a friend but this is really bad. dems can't nominate someone who supports gun manufacturers. daily news editorial page editor arthur brown said the senator's gun comments and a lack of clarity on various issues did not sit well with the pro gun control board. >> the question is, at one point does a gun manufacturer become irresponsible in its marketing of products that potentially are inherently very dangerous? >> reporter: in the midst of a backlash, the sanders campaign released a statement today saying, quote, senator sanders may well have lost his first campaign for congress in 1988 because he supported a ban on assault weapons. he supports president obama's efforts to end gun violence. he voted for the legislation considered by the senate after sandy hook. he has a clear and consistent record on the issue.
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hillary clinton on the gun issue, also saying in that same statement, quote, secretary clinton, meanwhile, has shifted her espous position on guns from campaign to campaign. as a senate candidate in new york, she favored strong limits on guns and gun ownership as a presidential candidate in 2008. however, she posed as someone who was so gun friendly that then-senator barack obama compared her to annie oakley. it's hard to know where she stands today. speaking of guns and sandy hook, a newtown, connecticut science teacher was arrested today for allegedly bringing a gun in to school. police say a guard at the newtown middle school spotted the firearm on 46-year-old jason adams. adams did have a permit for the pistol but it's illegal to have a gun on school property. adams has been charged with possession of a weapon on school grounds. he's also been placed on administrative leave.
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new york's richest apartments. uber wealthy residents. what a mess left behind. windows broken, glass on the wealthiest street in new york city, park avenue. eyewitness news reporter lauren glassberg on the upper east side. >> we're right outside 740 park avenue which you can see on the corner. a couple minutes ago, fire trucks pulled back up. they had left about a quarter to 6:00 then showed back up and here they are possibly leaving again. you can see a stretch of park avenue still closed. this fire we understand started on the 6th floor of this building and traveled up to the 2nd floor. that's a duplex apartment. lots of windows broken out there. the fire actually started on the backside of the apartment which you can see in some of this video. the building is called the tower of power because it's been home
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the years including david koch, ron pearlman. we understand, according to michael gross who wrote a book about the apartment, this belonged to ezra merken, money manager and business associate of bernie madoff. a duplex he purchased in 1995 undoubtedly worth much more than $11 million now even after being damaged by a fire. two injuries to report, minor injuries of two firefighters. for now we're live on the upper east side, lauren glassberg, channel 7 eyewitness news. family tonight in mourning and a community in shock remembering the life cut short of 17-year-old tajae warner. she was attacked by a teenaged girl. she was hit in the head and fell to the ground that girl is now under arrest but it is no solace for those who loved her and miss her. tim fleischer is at her house in coney island, brooklyn. >> this 17-year-old girl was
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in the middle of this coney island street police say by another teenager. two days later, she died. >> everybody is just heart broken over this. she has a loving family. >> reporter: in the apartment building where tajae warner lived, there's a growing memorial for her. just 17 years old but remembered by so many here with candles, flowers, and memories. at the family's apartment, her mother and father heart broken to speak. now. >> reporter: on west 24th street late last friday, tajae and her younger brother encountered 18-year-old serena who struck tajae numerous times in the head, knocking her unconscious. they believe she struck her head when she hit the ground. >> i guess pick her out as a target. they probably was already out here looking for problems that day. >> reporter: two days later tajae was declared brain dead. >> reality hit me in the face and it's not going to go away for some time. >> reporter: tajae's father was visibly upset as he spoke at
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he struggles to deal with her tragic and sudden death but warns others -- >> i'm overwhelmed. and i would like to give all my blessings to the children still here. you all watch yourselves out here. >> another child i helped raise in these community centers in coney island. i know that was your biological daughter. that was my daughter as well. >> reporter: lizette, a family friend, is left to worry about the safety of her children when they leave this building. >> nobody wants their kids to walk outside and not be able to come back home. that's the worst fear a mother and a father could ever have. >> the 18-year-old suspect faces assault charges but the district attorney says the case is going to a grand jury which could increase those charges. reporting live in coney island, tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. as we continue with eyewitness news at 6:00 for this wednesday night, a frightening scene. a school bus goes up in flames.
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children riding that bus got out. >> an uber driver's protest to keep picking up riders for some busy locations in our area. >> and meet the new national champions of women's college basketball. same at last year, and the year before that and the year before that as well. a big welcome home at uconn where fourth time is a charm. rob powers coming up with sports. >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. we've moved from january and february to at least some march-like numbers here in the mid and even some upper 40s out there. late day sun looking pretty. here come the clouds overnight.
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a school bus driver on long island is being praised for ushering a dozen students off his bus before it erupted in to flames. take a look at that. that's cell phone video. shows the intensity of the fire. the bus was heading to merrick avenue middle school just before 8:00 this morning when the driver smelled some smoke. he then pulled over, got the kids off the bus and less than a minute later, that bus went up in to flames. thankfully no one was hurt. the students were taken to school on another bus. a strong move today by the city council in newark, severely restricting uber drivers.
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drivers to pay $1500 every year just to drive there. uber representatives did not get a chance to speak at the council meeting. the latest on those bad lane closures on the west side highway. bad because it meant a traffic mess. right now only one lane on the northbound side is shut down. as we look at the rush right now on the west side highway, about 96th, 97th street from road cam 7. the department of transportation just announced more closures will happen overnight because of an issue with that retaining wall. last time they were doing structural integrity tests. starting at 10:00 tonight two lanes will be shut down completely. they'll remain closed until 7:00 tomorrow morning. the d.o.t. says closures can be expected on the overnights through sunday. crews will be working to remove the facade of the retaining wall. >> wasn't quite standstill traffic. >> but it was close to being standstill.
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lots of folks banking on a big tax break for buying the tesla 3 model cars. buyers are supposed to be eligible for $7500 in federal tax credits but it's only good if you read the fine print for the first 200,000 cars sold. that tax credit is 20% of the car's $35,000 starting price. big incentive to buy those cars. at 4:00 when rob and i were complaining about the weather, more rob that was complaining. [ laughter ] >> yes, the complainer. >> lee said don't worry about it.
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it's still shining at 6:00. >> anything to make you happy. outside we go where we have at least partial cloudiness and sunshine out there right now. we have a nice evening shaping up. temperatures are starting to be on the climb. couple shadows over there. to the east and north, definitely more cloudiness if you're watching us from the hudson valley or connecticut. now 45 degrees. once the sun goes down, still a cool breeze out there, but we've managed to reach 46 today. still running 12 degrees above average. tomorrow we're right on the average but we'll have rain along with it. temperatures climb but rain returns tomorrow. cooler and breezy. a breezy blend for the mets' home opener. then a cold shot on saturday could actually feature wet snow showers around the area. low and middle 40s for danbury across the sound,oyster bay. 43 in babylon.
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wind, near 50. 46 in toms river. there's the wind. it's rather gusty out of the south, about 30 miles per hour. i think it will be 12 to 25 through much of the time over the next 24 hours. with partial sunshine now, clouds will thicken later on tonight. i don't have rain posted here at 7:00 in the morning. that's not for new york city. i think we'll have showers over connecticut and long island at that point. have your umbrella ready for mid to late morning. the rain is going to get steady toward lunchtime and probably pour at times. maybe 4:00 or 5:00 in the evening then things start to taper off. also going to be thunder. there's the patchy cloudiness lifting north and east. there's the next weather system right here. watch how it moves eastern. the moisture from the ocean is coming in over the island and connecticut. see the time stamp, 7:00 in the morning. things get more widespread by midday in the afternoon. maybe downpours, rumble of thunder. steadiest rain is leaving during the evening commute.
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maybe a delay. we actually rise through the overnight hours and reach the mid and upper 50s during the day tomorrow with that midday and midafternoon heavy rainfall. mostly cloudy, breezy overnight. rising temperatures. tomorrow up to 59. breezy and mild, periods of rain and possible thunder as well. tomorrow night we'll have a lingering shower around then mostly cloudy and 42. 51 on friday. here's the story on saturday. brisk and colder. watch that little band of snow. that model has it depicted to the south. we'll have to watch out for a band of wet snow. then we'll moderate in to early next week. we're stuck in the off and on cold.
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thumbs up to uconn. four time's a charm. >> what could the connecticut women's basketball program possibly do for an encore? after all, the huskies just won an unprecedented fourth straight national championship. today just hours after winning that title, uconn is answering the question, great, but can you make it five in a row? all americans briana stewart, jefferson and morgan tuck will ride off in to the sunset. 38-0 this year. an overall 75-game winning streak, all by double digits. the game was last night. the huskies returned home, landed at the airport a couple hours ago. took a victory lap around and the party continues right now. an 11th national title for head
6:27 pm
the celebration is now pretty much an annual event will continue for a while after the huskies did it again. >> we've won a lot of national championships and we never take any of them for granted. every one of them is incredibly special. let's get to baseball. the bronx tonight, game 2 for the yankees against the astros. michael pineda against collin mchugh. they lost to the astros. they lost on a controversial play that forced the yanks to play this game under protest. houston's carlos correa reached on a throwing error. it actually would have been better to hit correa squarely in the back and say, see, he was in my way. not the only controversial call this early in the season. this from the rays and blue jays game yesterday. bases loaded, one out, 9th inning. edwin encarnacion grounds to
6:28 pm
the errant throw to 1st allows the go-ahead run to score, but hold on, it's the chase utley rule. review and overturned. the slide was illegal. jays lose 3-2. game ends on a walk-off video review. mets are off today. the mets are off tonight. they get the phillies on friday at citifield in the home opener. they're 1-1 after the opening series. mets will have played only two games in five days to open the season. we get basketball tonight. the knicks are at home against the hornets. nets play at washington. game. golden state now 69-9 after losing in overtime to the 26-52 minnesota timberwolves. so if the warriors can top the all-time single season record set by the bulls, 72 wins, 10 losses, they'd have to win all four of their remaining games. and finally from us, there's nothing like the masters, right? masters. today the annual par 3 contest at augusta national, one of
6:29 pm
golfers with their kids, grand kids all on the course. having fun before the tournament starts tomorrow. one last day of fun before the business of golf starts. the record for holes in one at this par 3 event was five. 5 total 3s in one. today there were 9. 89-year-old player plays the slope and have some patience, have some patience. >> wait for it. >> yeah, now 31 career holes in one. not a bad day when the first person who's the caddy then jack nicholas jack -- jack nicklaus comes over and says nice shot. >> can still get a hole in one. >> tomorrow it all starts. >> wind is a big player in that tournament, by the way. let's take a look at the stories we're working on for 11:00. sade is here for that. >> new at 11:00, stray bullets
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apartment in brooklyn injuring two innocent victims. tonight a vigil for the victims and the suspects are in custody. also, a woman records her own surgery and you won't believe what the doctors were captured saying while she was on the operating table. those stories and much more tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00. >> that's it for us for now. thanks for watching tonight. i'm bill ritter. >> i'm liz cho. world news tonight with david muir is coming up next. for all of us here, have a great night. tonight, donald trump's stinging loss. and what it now means. will there be a contested convention? and tonight, trump lashing out at ted cruz, calling him worse than a puppet. this, as ted cruz now looks to new york next. but cruz is suddenly confronted in the bronx.


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