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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  April 7, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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a cab jumped a curb. 8th street in green itch village -- in greenwich village, 8th street and university. it seems that planter there, it is a yellow taxi cab, it must have hit there. right to the left is the cab, that is the cab that was involved in there accident, again just before 11:00 this morning. we understand a female victim was hurt, that woman may have possibly been riding a bike. again we just got here, detectives trying to piece this one together. there are people out here who may have witnessed that, we are going to get to them, try and get information from them. but ben, a woman hit here at the corner of east 8th and university. the woman was seriously injured. she was taken to the hospital and again that yellow cab is still out here on the scene.
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information we'll bring it to you. kimberly richardson channel 7 eyewitness news. now to vote 2016. for the first time in decades the new york primary will play a big role in the race for president. that means the candidates will be stumping for votes. >> ted cruz will visit a bakery in brighton beach and john kasich is stopping by a deli in the bronx. on the democratic side, hillary clinton also in the bronx, riding the subway. political reporter dave evans joining us live now from outside yankee stadium. dave? >> reporter: lori as you know the new york primary important this year. it is the next primary. the second, bernie sanders has won six of the last seven primary states and all of a sudden it is not just republicans who are going after each other. >> hillary clinton for president. >> reporter: hillary clinton today admits she can't remember her last subway ride.
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from yankee stadium to a couple of stops north. we talked with her about bernie sanders, who yesterday, surprisingly, questioned clinton's qualifications. >> look, i don't know why saying that. but i will take bernie sanders over donald trump or ted cruz anytime. let's keep our eye on what is really at stake in this election. we have republicans whose values are so antithetical -- so opposite to what is right for new york or america. >> the democratic race has turned competitive right as clinton hopes to score a knockout in her adopted home state. >> if secretary clinton thinks i just come from the small state of vermont, we're not used to this, we'll get used to it fast. we will fight back. >> reporter: today clinton also walked to a tv interview in the bronx at a diner. neighbors were surprised and
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>> she is a very good candidate. >> reporter: versus bernie sanders? >> i'm not too fond of her. >> i think she is for the people. >> reporter: you are surprised to see hillary clinton. >> yes in the south bronx, that was a shocker. i'm totally surprised. >> reporter: and back to the subway for just a second, a lot of people gave bernie sanders some grief yesterday because he is from brooklyn and he was talking about the subway and he mentioned using a token instead of, of course, the metro card. i asked hillary clinton about that today. she was aware and said she knows you use a metro card, not a token but noted it happened in may of 2003 when she was a senator. so she might not take the subway very much but she certainly knows how it works. reporting live near yankee stadium dave evans, channel 7news. on the republican side john kasich is also visiting the bronx and in the next few
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voters at mike's deli. later tonight he'll hold a town hall in brooklyn, and kasich is in second place in new york, behind donald trump. meanwhile fellow republican ted cruz is heading to visit the sha bat center. >> you know it is easy to talk about making america great again. you can even print that on a baseball cap. but the real question is, do you understand the principles and values that made america great in the first place? >> cruz also talked about the economy, even suggesting that the irs should be abolished. stay with eyewitness news as we countdown to the new york primary. you can also follow the candidates at our website, ab c7 ny, and we'll most updates on our social media pages.
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investigating a deadly chain of events on the long island one driver stepped outside of his car after pulling over in jericho this morning and another driver hit his vehicle, pushing him into the roadway. a third car hit the victim and he was pronounced dead at the scene. >> the l.i.e. is a very, very dangerous road in itself. you have to use caution, the speeds are sometimes excessive. >> reporter: police placed the driver who hit the victim's car into custody for a dwi. no charges have been filed against the third driver. now to an accu-weather alert. rain is possible, even thunderstorms this afternoon. the big question, will the rain impact the evening commute? or the yankees game? meteorologist phil evans has the answer. >> reporter: the answer to that is yes, both. let's take a look outside. rain is on the way. it is about to rain in the city in just a few minutes. raining in new jersey over the last hour now and the
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degrees, maybe a degree or two warmer than it should be this time of the day. mid-50s, 56 degrees, 54 around bridgeport, 54 islip. two batches of rain on long island from really toward shelter island toward sag harbor and the hamptons. then west along i-80 we have moderate rain. this batch of rain is running south north is what will keep moving eastward and get into the city hudson river valley and down around the jersey shore this afternoon. then this next batch that is here the ohio valley will come around tonight with this low that is going by. so far here the rainfall amounts not much so far unless you are in the hamptons and montauk. our futurecast, our computer models showing more of the rain getting here between 1:00 and 2:00, up the hudson river valley, where you can see spots
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boroughs. there might be a little rumble of thunder, the lightning, and temperatures will be in the mid and upper 50s, so after school and into the evening commute, we will see this happening. so you notice that we were having this rain until about 5:00, so probably the game is delayed. if you are going to the game, the game starts at 4:00, probably 5:00 or 6:00 it will start. they'll play the game and there might be a shower during the game. we'll talk about snow saturday and the mets home opener to him. lori, ken, back to you. bill thank you. firefighters closed second avenue in manhattan. fire broke out in a basement of a building between east 94th and 95th streets. the flames quickly spread through the walls. news copter 7 catching firefighters working on the roof. two people did get hurt. no word on a cause. turning now to the hunt for
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run in queens. it happened along 21st street and 30th road in astoria. stephen kim is live with details. >> reporter: the force of the impact was so powerful the victim was struck on the opposite side of 21st street and tossed to this side of the road. you can tell it is a very busy intersection. >> it is not my first time, i have been here for three months and this is the second time i have seen something like this. >> reporter: residents in astoria not surprised by what police say a 45-year-old man, killed in a hit and run incident on busy 21st street by 30th road. shattered glass still litters the scene. cops say it happened around 11:00 p.m. the victim's shoe and broken car parts at the intersection showing the force of the collision. this afternoon detectives, still at the scene, searching for surveillance video, hoping it caught an image of the vehicle they are looking for. investigators are searching for a red toyota.
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you should have stopped and turned yourself in. >> there is no speed limit, and everything is out of hand over here. >> reporter: now investigators do have surveillance video that they plan to release later today, in their words they say you can see the driver going quote warp speed. the victim was pronounced dead at the hospital. stephen kim, channel 7 eyewitness news. stephen thank you so much. community members will gather today to remember a classmate, 18-year-old brandon lawrence was shot and killed early sunday morning in lincoln park in new rochelle. he was hit by a bullet intended for somebody else. officers have charged stevenson desear with murder. at 2:00 p.m. lawrence will be remembered. the parents of 10 new york city public school students are suing the department of education over the rise of violence in schools. the lawsuit says the doe rules
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with bullying, fights and other forms of harassment are inadequate and not enforced. it claims new york city schools are seven times more likely to be dangerous than other schools in the state. the new york city council is expected to vote today on a measure that would make it easier to control costumed characters and painted women in times square. the committee passed legislation that would give the d.o.t. control over all the pedestrian plazas. including limiting where performers can pros for pictures or collect tips. michelle obama will be at a charter school this afternoon. mrs. obama will join students at phillips academy to work on the school's rooftop garden. the visit highlights the equal spaces education program and teaches students about how healthy foods are grown and how they nourish the body. an apartment building goes up in flames.
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made to he is stain. a shocking video. you will hear from a 12-year- old girl who was body slammed to the ground by a police officer. what set off this
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an out of control cab crashed. no injuries have been reported it was not clear what led to the crash. officers are hunt fog a machine behind more than a dozen armed robberies. detectives want your help in finding 30-year-old august watkins, he robbed 16 stores,
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the latest was tuesday night. he tells the workers he has a gun, he grabs cash from the register and simply runs off. a new tactic, to find one behind the brussels terror attack the prosecutors are appealing to the public as they search for the so-called man in the hat, they are looking for any photos of him or videos. he was along with the other bombers at the airport. attacks there and in the brussels subway killed 32 people. and as for the suspects who were caught, their cases were heard in belgian court today. among them abdullah. charlie sheen making headlines again.
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threat report made last month. a search warrant has been issued. the investigation comes at the same time radar online reports they have been subpoenaed on hand over recordings of the actor allegedly threatening his ex fiance. a buffalo bills linebacker aj tarpley says concerns about repeated concussions have led him to retire after one season. in an instagram post last night the 23-year-old said he was walking away from the game he loves after suffering four concussions. tarpley said he spent months looking at research before making his decision. he said he is trying to preserve his future health. a coach fired. what prince tonight's men's lacrosse coach is accused of doing on the field that cost him his job.
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you don't mind if i look at my watch do you? >> are you trying to make sure that? >> right on time, just like he called it. >> this is the first time ken and i have done the noon since we stopped doing the noon. >> i know, i thought it was like 6:00 in the morning. >> i know, right?
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fresh and -- 17 cups of coffee. in east rutherford, new jersey if you look at the cars there, on routes 1 and 3, you see the water splashing up. because it is raining there and manhattan is in the background, and that rain is headed eastward, slowly coming toward us. humidity has jumped up too. it was 70% last hour. the park is showing 80% humidity. 55 degrees. in parts of the area the wind is gusting up there big time. i'll show you that. because the atmosphere is unstable. a big wind running up ahead of this cold front. already 61 at hanover and 60 at bridgewater and trenton is 60. and 63, here's the wind, 23 miles per hour winds at laguardia and jfk, just 21 at
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wind gusts in the last hour have been 33 in trenton, 32 around laguardia and jfk. they have been blowing coming in here at the jersey shore. the rain we are talking about is starting to get slowly come eastward. it runs up the front but the whole front slides here another batch out over suffolk county. a couple of showers in brooklyn, queens the batch at river head. there is this batch along i-80 running south north here. that kind of all slowly slides eastward. a couple of showers in the bronx, west chester county, this whole batch of rain will slide eastward. rainfall so far, not a whole lot. nearly three tenths toward montauk. here comes that batch of rain slowly sliding eastward, 2:00, 3:00, lasts for four hours, doesn't have the chance to produce a whole lot of rain. there will be a little rain
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the yankees game will be delayed, but they will play this evening and the temperatures will be mild. you don't have to worry about freezing there. but toward the end of the game -f they get started at 6:00, you could get a sprinkle on you in the bronx tonight and then this kind of clears out and makes way for cooler air that comes down out of the north for tomorrow. you'll see tomorrow we are going to have sunshine. look at saturday a clipper system to bring some snow and rain to the area. as we get to noon time on seat. breezy and mild. maybe even a thunderstorm. at tonight, clearing skies, tomorrow clouds and sun. breezy and cooler right around 53 degrees. baseball temperature 51 at citi field. mets to get on the phillies. we have a mess saturday. i mean wet snow, rain, all kinds of stuff. you know there is all kinds of kids sports saturday. the mets are playing saturday
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they are going to be playing in some rain and snow. wow. and then sunshine, brisk and chilly weather sunday i don't it will be nice to have a period where the snow can exit. >> they can ski to first base. shocking video, a 12-year- old girl body slammed by a
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1450 a student body slammed, a wild brawl at the zoo and a truck blown over in the middle of a bridge. some of the stories that were caught on camera and caught our attention. a viral video begins with a texas police officer slamming a student to the ground. 12-year-old janice valdez was talking to another girl but the other students in the hallway anticipated a fight. that is when the officer threw her to the ground. valdez says she doesn't remember the incident. >> i was going up there to tell her let's go somewhere else so we could talk and i was. >> she didn't deserve it. at all. she was just talking and he didn't have to do that. >> the video is now the driving force behind 2002 investigations.
12:26 pm
the school administration. the officer is on paid leave, valdez went to the doctor, and other than a bump on her head she says she is doing just fine. wild behavior from women outside the houston zoo. and it was all over a parking spot. an eyewitness shot this cell phone video. a woman was standing in a spot in order to save it when somebody else was trying to park. you know what happened, the two just broke out into a fight. one on each side of the suv trying to park as children watched. one man tried to break it up, but the witness says nobody backed down until they heard sirens. look at the force of high winds in england. the driver loses control, oh the truck topples over into a light post, nobody got seriously hurt. the bridge was closed for a short time while the accident was cleaned up. lori? much more news ahead in our next half hour. a woman jumped from a burning building and a first responder
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plus the fire that happened at a luxury building in manhattan. officials are telling us the cause. and a woman secretly records her doctor during surgery. now she is furious about what
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breaking news, at least one person was injured after a yellow cab jumps a curb in greenwich village. and police are looking for the driver in a deadly hit and run in queens. a 45 yelled man was struck on 21st street. the new york primary heating up. republican ted cruz from brighton beach this afternoon. john kasich stopping by a deli in the bronx, after the rally at beth page last night. hillary clinton rode a subway in the bronx, bernie sanders will be in new york tomorrow. hello again, i'm ken rosato. >> and i'm lori stokes. a woman jumped from a burning building and into the arms of a police officer. >> the two-alarm fire broke out last night in mt. vernon and we've learned someone has been taken into custody. marcus?
12:31 pm
very emotional, very thankful. but she went from celebrating her birthday to literally jumping for her life. this fire, as you mentioned, was considered suspicious and now someone is under arrest. >> there was so much smoke i couldn't find my dog. i panicked. >> reporter: and with that, april jackson heyward made a choice to jump from her third floor window. the heat so intense the 29-year- old couldn't get on to the fire escape. she jumped into a group of first responders that included a lieutenant from the mt. vernon police department. >> that was his job to save us, but i thanked that man for saving my life last night. where would i be? where would i be? >> 28-year-old veteran marcel oliver suffered a back injury and received stitches in his thumb. the fire quickly spread will you the building's three stories.
12:32 pm
police arrested 29-year-old kayla gorham, a resident accused of intentionally setting the fire that displaced 13 families. >> the person is emotionally disturbed but still, they have to be held responsible for their heinous action. this type of destruction is not tolerated in any circumstance. >> and just released the booking photo for kale la gorham she is charged with arson in the second degree. as for the two dozen or so residents displaced, the city is working with them and the officer who is injured is home resting. channel 7 eyewitness news. fire officials say combustibles were left too close to a heating element on a sauna, and sparked a fire at a manhattan highrise known as the tower of power. the fire broke out at 740 park avenue on the upper east side yesterday. two residents were treated for smoke inthat ulation.
12:33 pm
that building is home to several prominent residents, including ron perlman, david coke and ron lauder. police have picture of a suspect attacking a 13-year-old on the subway. the teenage girl stabbed the boy in the stomach last night after the pair had an argument on a train. the 13-year-old boy is in stable condition. a little boy on long island is in desperate need of his wheelchair after it was stolen last week was taken from outside a home in hole brooke last week. kathleen verge said her son needs the chair to get around. the family is hoping insurance covers the cost of a new one. crime stoppers is offering up to $5000 for information leading to an arrest. a grandmother recovering after she was hit by a stray
12:34 pm
61-year-old rita pierre was hit above the right eye. she and a neighbor were struck on east 31st street in east flat bush monday. last night members of the community and pierre's son came together to pray for the victims and plead for an end to gun violence. >> everyone has a mother. my mom is not just a mother, she is a grandmother. so i would like them to actually take that into consideration and think about that. >> we wanted to come out here. when we do it to ourselves, people care about that. >> reporter: pierre is in critical but stable condition. doctors are hoping she can keep the sight in her right eye. three people are charged in that shooting. today new jersey state lawmakers will consider a plan to avoid a state take over of atlantic city. a measure asks casinos to make payments under the city. under the new proposal the state would set in if certain
12:35 pm
governor christie has said he will only sign the two atlantic see bills already bassed by the state senate. a surgeon and his staff under fire this afternoon. a woman secretly recorded stunning comments during her surgery. in the recordings you hear remarks about her looks and personality. gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: listen carefully. few ever hear this. secret recordings a patient said she made from the operating room. ethel easter hid a recorder in her hair extensions before going under the knife for ahernia operation. easter said the hospital workers made disparaging workers about her body. >> i was appalled, i was distraught, i was violated, thinking i'm lying there naked, after the surgery and they have me still uncovered, talking over my body like this. >> reporter: and listen to this. >> precious yes this is
12:36 pm
precious over there. >> reporter: easter considered that to be a reference to the main character in the movie precious. >> it was racially profiling me, yes, i was offended by it. >> reporter: easter decided to secretly record her surgery after a tense meeting with the doctor. >> including i'm going to call a lawyer and file a claim. >> reporter: in a letter to easter the hospital, harris healthcare says it has alerted staff to be mindful of comments at all times but they say no further action is being taken. >> the wheel of annoying patients. >> reporter: in a separate incident a virginia anesthesiologist is paying the price after a man going in for a routine colonoscopy accidentally left his iphone recording capturing this.
12:37 pm
talking to you in preop, i face. >> reporter: a drug ruling the doctor in that case needs to pay half a million dollars. for channel 7 eyewitness news, >> wow. watch what you say right? we want to turn now to meteorologist bill evans. >> he has the after school accu- bill? >> reporter: on days like today people say a lot of things to weather men, like that. here's what's going on. the umbrellas are starting to break out here on the upper west side as is the case around much of new jersey over toward lincoln center. we have this rain coming up from the south and look at this big old batch at sandy hook to staten island. there is going to be heavy rain here now throughout the urban areas of jersey and this will go on for the next few hours into the afternoon. after school sports, some play in the stuff, some do not. i don't think where there will be many chances for thunderstorms. heavy downpours of rain, but after school at the bus stop
12:38 pm
want to be very careful. temperatures near 60 degrees with the heavy rain after school. we are going to talk about what happens tonight for the yankees game and tomorrow the home opener for the mets. we'll talk about that in just a moment. back to you ken, lori? an ivy league coach fired. princeton yard getting rid of a lacrosse coach following an incident o i drive a golf ball. i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar. i have a driver. his name is carl.
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sydney authorities tried to figure out what happened after a person was found dead in a park in queens. a dirt bike was nearby. it is not clear if the person lost control of the dirt bike. if it seems like you are waiting a lot longer for the subway, you might be right. wait times became worse on 16 lines and only improved on five lines. the mta, is not happy, saying the audio difficulty includes both misunderstandings and out right misrepresentations. the organization added its capital plan includes improving wait times along with the infrastructure. a double billing mishap for some honda owners has them suing and stressing. honda financial services says the customers had their monthly car payment ducted from their bank account twice this month. the company said late yesterday it had identified those affected by the glitch and
12:42 pm
any overdraft people that people incurred would be reimbursed. the death of a teenage girl in texas being blamed on an exploding airbag that led to a massive recall. houma has been off was killed, the tenth person in the u.s. the 11th in the world to be killed by a takata airbag. it can explode with too much force lighting drivers and passengers with shrapnel. honda has issued a recall but repairs were never made. in the last three decades the number of cases of diabetes has quadrupled. the world health organization says more than 400 million people have been diagnosed with the disease since 1980. one cause could be the rising number of people overweight or obese of the diabetes with damage the heart the liver the kidneys and can be deadly.
12:43 pm
new path when it comes to allowing commercial drones to fly over people. most drones are banned in populated areas, but the agency is looking to permit small commercial drones to fly over people and crowds. there would be four classes, those under 8 ounces would have no restrictions. we have a follow-up about a lady who are quite a moment on a baseball diamond. >> oh my word. i'm so thrilled i can't even think. >> that is 105-year-old elizabeth sullivan, when she first found out she would be throwing out the first pitch for her beloved texas rangers. yesterday was her big day. sullivan took to the field before the game with seattle and it was time for the right hander to fire a strike. >> i got my degree, that was
12:44 pm
married was fun, but this was great, too. >> before getting to the mound, sullivan continued her daily ritual of drinking three dr. peppers. that is what she does. she said she wasn't nervous on the field because when you are 105, you don't get nervous any more. princeton university fires its lacrosse coach. coming up what happened on the
12:45 pm
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12:46. princeton university fired its members la cross coach over a move on the sidelines. the video of saturday's game at brown university shows chris bates hit a player on the opposing team with his elbow as the player ran off the field. bates was in his 7th season and
12:48 pm
league titles three times. the defensive coordinator will step in until the university finds a replacement. two former signtologists have rented a billboard in a desperate plea to reconnect with their children. phil and willie jones left the church scientology after 40 years. but their son and daughter both work for the church and have not spoken with their parents since they left the religion. the jonses claim that is because they have been disconnected. that is a term for ending communication with people who are hostile toward the church. >> your daughter is 38 and your son is 42. they could reach out if they so chose? >> you would think so but that is not necessarily the case in scientology. i don't know if the billboard is going to do anything, but it is another step. >> the church scientology says the jonses are using a private family matter to promote antireligious bigotry and hatred.
12:49 pm
"star wars" movie has got millions of views online from its premiere on "good morning america" this morning. rogue 1 chronicles the rebel effort to steal the empire's plans for the first death star. the movie is produced by disney, the parent company of wabc. if you want to see the full movie trailer, head to our website abc 7 ny. he predicted it would be raining by late morning and he was right. >> one thing with that trailer before we start that i was sad about. it says december. >> oh, you have to wait. patience, bill. >> the only sad part. >> reporter: this might be the afternoon you hang with us and watch tv. because rain is falling now. look at the west side here. the umbrellas are out and the streets are west and we are going to be having rain right
12:50 pm
coastal connecticut. up the hudson river valley, down the jersey shore. it is another rainy day in new york city. 55 degrees, 80% humidity. winds are south at 7, the falling pressure, the atmosphere is unstable, but not so unstable aloft that we get a thunderstorm out of this something might pop up. bridgewater at 60. warm air surging up, creating all these warm numbers. here's the wind shifting around to the southwest. 20 miles per hour at islip and newburg. 38 now at jfk. 39 toward long branch. so big, old wind coming in a head of this front. the heavier rain is stale to our west here. there are a few thunderstorms popping up around redding, pennsylvania as we look toward i 287 here along 95, showers working their way northward
12:51 pm
is a batch of rain and 287. and down the garden state parkway it is raining. this will slow things down for the commute. there is another batch that will come in tonight for the shower. this could delay the start of the yankees game. as we get to the afternoon and heavier amounts of rain pop up in the hudson river valley. 3:00 there is a shower and looks like 5:00 they are gone. so the yankees game is at 4:00. they may be getting the tarp off the field and getting the game underway. but there might be a shower during the game. they should be able to play fine. then we are going to be looking at sunshine through the day tomorrow. northwest winds, great weather for the mets home opener. saturday evening they might be playing in the snow at citi field. detroit is going to have the coldest opening day ever with the yankees in detroit.
12:52 pm
hudson river valley here. that gets away by 9:00. they may have a little bit of a delay for the game. breezy, 59. maybe a thunderstorm here. heavy downpours of rain. clearing skies after midnight, 42 tomorrow. clouds and sun, breezy, cooler. right around 53 degrees. good weather for mets baseball tomorrow. saturday all up in the air, they may have a delay there. and then sunday is fine for baseball, but it is brisk and cold. it will feel like the 30s during the day on sunday. boo yeah. have a great weekend. we are coming right back, but first a look at what is coming up next. >> today dishes inspired. carla is cooking with a mom changing lives one sandwich at a time.
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coming up, we are with michelle obama in newark this afternoon as the first lady joins students in planting their school garden. a little rainy, but pretty good. and are you looking for instant fame? new yorkers who have taken off on social media and see the strategies that can launch you into the spotlight. those stories and more beginning on eyewitness news at 4:00. you guys already have fame, you don't need it. thanks diana. now it is time for the fee. australia mothers one posted a video message on facebook. she regrets how she hadn't gotten immunized against whooping cough and she got sick. her daughter had trouble breathing and had to be hospitalized more than once. the mother created the video in hopes that others don't make the same mistake she made.
12:57 pm
turns into an emotional show of compassion. video shows a judge talking to at risk teens as part of a program called consider the consequences. this happened in georgia, explaining the consequences of breaking the law. the judge even showed the kids a body bag. then at the end, she told the teens she loves each and every one of them and does not want to see them again in her courtroom. both the judge and the teens ended up in tears. >> wow. in keeping with the australian theme, here in the u.s., there is always a call for people to cuddle with. in australia they are looking for people to cuddle, just not with babies. this is 8-month-old derek the woman bat. he was rescued from his mom's pouch after she was hit by a car. they have to write a 25-word essay saying why they would be the best cuddler for derek the
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