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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> bizarre from start the race for president of the united states. tonight centered on new york city. ted cruz talking to eyewitness news as he and john kasich try to woo voters from new yorker donald trump. >> first tonight, two armed robbers ambush an elderly man in new jersey attacking him in his home. good evening at 11:00, i'm bill ritter. >> i'm sade baderinwa. those suspects took money and even food. tonight they're still on the run. >> the victim, 71-year-old luis rosario explaining the story to jim dolan. >> the first time the man knocked on lewis rosario's door, he looked through the door but ignored them. they knocked again.
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>> they pushed you in the second time. >> yeah, that's what happened. the guy, he's younger than me. >> reporter: wearing a mask, the man threw rosario to the ground. >> that guy, he take out a knife and put it here. >> reporter: a woman who was with the man who pushed in the door sprayed rosario in the face with something. the two started looting through the apartment, including the kitchen, filling a bag with food and whatever valuables they could find. they took his wallet with $60 in it. the knife, a switch blade, was terrifying. >> he said stop crying or i will kill you. i say okay. no problem. you take all you want. >> reporter: they did. >> he don't bother nobody. he's a really nice guy. he's a church guy. he goes to church all the time. i always see him with a good spirit. >> reporter: there were plenty of mistakes made here. the building has no security
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someone let those two in to the building because the door outside does lock. the result though is police still have no one in custody and they're worried the next time these two people strike, someone will be more seriously hurt. in jersey city, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. also in new jersey, police in paterson releasing new video tonight as they tried to identify the suspect in a machete attack. it showed a fight between two groups outside a bar on main street on march 3rd. the suspect swings a machete, causing a severe gash to another man's neck. police also releasing video of the suspect walking in to the bar that night. doctors were able to save the victim's life. now to vote 2016, for the first time in 40 years, presidential candidates are courting new yorkers. a lot of it is courting as in food court. candidates crisscrossing the boroughs today. the bronx, brooklyn, and manhattan. cruz at a matzah factory, kasich at a town hall.
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pass the antacid but this is the serious business of running for president. josh einiger with the story. >> the city has certainly become the center of the political universe. bernie sanders caused somewhat of a stir at the brooklyn diner when he stopped in for a cup of soup. meanwhile, in the actual borough of brooklyn, kasich and cruz were stumping for votes tonight. >> reporter: it was a friendly where he made matzah for passover but in general he hasn't had the warmest of welcomes from new yorkers and their now infamous values. polls showing kasich in second place behind donald trump in new york. at an event in bay ridge, he said he loves the big apple. >> i love the neighborhoods. that's what i think i love the most about new york. >> reporter: both men are trying to peel voters and
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on his home turf. cruz made a meal of trump's comments. >> talking about new york values with scorn in his face. >> welcome to the people's republic of brooklyn. >> reporter: cruz told me his new york values comment wasn't directed at new yorkers but the politicians. >> didn't they elect the politicians? >> there are millions of new yorkers who are suffering under these democrats and democrat policies. >> reporter: it took the new york primary for the knives to come out, bernie sanders believing hillary clinton had called him unqualified, ramped up his rhetoric. >> maybe the american people might wonder about your qualifications, madam secretary. >> i didn't -- i don't know why he's saying that, but i'll take bernie sanders over donald trump or ted cruz any time. >> reporter: for her part, clinton went for a subway ride in the bronx, taking a swipe at sanders' recent comment about
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train. though it actually took her five swipes to get through the turn style. >> a pretty common problem for new yorkers on the subway. sanders got a lot of heat for questioning clinton's qualifications in a series of statements but tonight in a tv interview he seemed to walk that back, saying clinton is in his words 100 times better than any republican. we're live in midtown tonight, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> by the way, sanders is the only candidate tomorrow scheduled to be in new york city. he's going to meet with the hosted of the view. see it here on channel 7. the nypd tonight releasing surveillance images of three suspects wanted for robbing three young kids last weekend in central park. the men seen here approached the boys and asked them what they had in their pockets. then the suspects forcefully went in to the victims' pockets and bags and stole their belongings including cell
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new at 11:00, a new york city correction officer now charged with assault for a beating so brutal, it sent inmate to the hospital. investigators say bradford jones became enraged after the inmate threw a cup of liquid at him at the bronx county hall of justice. jones entered the inmate's cell where he hit the man several times in the head with a department radio. the inmate was treated for a broken nose, broken eye socket and cuts to his face and head. jones has been suspended as well. a deadly hit-and-run. a silver or gray four-door sedan the moment before it hit a man yesterday. this is in astoria. the impact so hard, it left broken car parts strewn across the road. the suspect drove away leaving the man dying on the street. tonight worried parents want to know how this could happen. at an emergency meeting called
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parents grilled officials about security. this as 46-year-old jason adams now faces a felony weapons charge. here's eyewitness news reporter aj ross. >> reporter: it was an alarming discovery at newtown middle school wednesday that triggered heart wrenching wremz when a -- heartwrenching. >> my child was in the proximity of a gun for the last, how long? >> reporter: school officials disclosed more details about the investigation of 46-year-old jason adams who's now on administrative leave as he faces a felony weapons charge. >> it was an egregious error of judgment to have that weapon. >> reporter: school officials do not believe adams had any malintent. several parents questioned how such a thing could happen, with
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security measures like metal detectors. >> really just surprised, but you know, it can happen. >> it was egregiously inappropriate and insensitive considering where he is in this town, in this community. >> a gun got in to the school. so that should be a wake-up call to us that says something more needs to be done. >> reporter: at least one parent believes adams deserves the benefit of the doubt. as a valid permit holder and member. >> i think he's being villainized exactly what he said. he's made out to be something he's not. >> reporter: both the board of education and state attorney are conducting independent investigations in to adams who's set to appear in court april 20th. additional mental health counselors were on hand at the school today and will continue to be to help students process this incident. in newtown, aj ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. tonight we now know the identities of an elderly couple killed in a house fire on long island. the fire gutting the home in
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85-year-old angeline romeo and her husband alfred found dead in the home. he cared for his wife after she was disabled after a stroke. cause of the fire not known yet. flights resuming 17 days after a deadly terror attack shut down brussels airport. the first delta flight departed new york a short time ago. the flight carried glass boxes with origami hearts in a show of solidarity. the boxes will be delivered to a public memorial site. new video tonight of the third suspect in the brussels bombing. the footage is from closed circuit television taken minutes after the bombing. the unknown suspect was seen along two other airport bombers who died. another 16 were killed by a bombing attack inside a brussels metropolitan station. they usually verbally hold
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those who dress up like minnie mouse and elmo, today holding up protest signs. the new york city council today approved a measure giving the department of transportation control over all pedestrian plazas in all five boroughs. uber hit with a hefty fine. why the company will pay out $10 million because of their safety checks. >> and it's not the way the proposal should have ended. why this groom-to-be had to be rescued. >> and will it be clear for the mets' home opener and is snow in
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i'm meteorologist lee
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showers still pinwheeling through the area right now. those showers are turning to snow showers over western pennsylvania. your wake-up weather, 45 degrees. partly to mostly cloudy skies. latest for the mets home opener and the snow threat over the weekend, accuweather is 3 minutes away. we have new information tonight in the murder that's rocked a college campus. hundreds of students holding a vigil tonight at the university of texas at austin to remember a slain freshman. 18-year-old juruca weisner. here body found tuesday in a creek. police trying to identify a suspect seen in surveillance video pushing a bicycle. now to a shakeup at the nypd. four high ranking officers now reassigned placed on modified duty as the fbi widens a federal corruption probe. authorities are looking in to whether officers at the 66th precinct in borough park,
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members of the orthodox jewish community in exchange for gifts or cash. strong action tonight from the federal government, ordering amtrak to immediately retrain track workers on basic safety rules. all this in the wake of a deadly crash near philadelphia. a passenger train from new york city hitting and killing two amtrak employees sunday. the federal railroad administration now suggesting the victims may not have been told that the track had been reopened to train traffic. $10 million, that's how much uber has agreed to pay to settle a lawsuit over allegations that the company misled passengers about the quality of background checks for uber drivers. the city of los angeles and san francisco suing uber back in 2014. they say the company falsely claimed its criminal screenings were superior to taxi companies. they say uber didn't require fingerprint checks. in hopes of preventing
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health officials proposed rules for the requirements. they must test at least once every 90 days and fully clean towers twice a year. the rules are in response to outbreaks last year in the bronx that killed 17 people. the government will not be able to stop airline seats from getting any smaller. the u.s. senate voting down legislation that would have ended the seemingly nonstop shrinking of airplane seats. the amendment by charles schumer would have blocked further seat size and aisle width. economy seats have shrunk with leg room reducing by 4 inches. the post office is lowering the price of postage stamps, first time that's happened in 97 years. the price of a stamp will drop 2 cents from 49 to 47 cents. the production is the result of a program ending that allowed the post office to raise stamp prices in order to make up for
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dropped after the recession. one of the best gifts anyone can give, a new shot at life. april is donate life month. mount sinai hospital is celebrating the generosity of living donors who gave up one of their kidneys or apart of their liver to help someone in need. >> being a match to my husband is the greatest gift i could ever have. once we found out that was possible was just a question of getting enough to receive my kidney. >> i've never felt better in my life. >> according to live on ny, a new name is added to new york state's organ transplant waiting list every two and a half hours. >> so important, giving the gift of life. good for them. we had a lot of rough weather earlier. are we completely out of the woods? >> we kind things get dicy on saturday. outside we go where we have some
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midtown manhattan and also central park south. you can see some of the clouds. the lights of the city reflecting off the cloud base. pretty mild right now. but our wind is going to go from southwest to west, cool things off by morning. the high, 58 degrees. that's right on target. there's the average high. six years ago it was 92 degrees on april 7th, the earliest to hit 90 degrees. there are your sunrise and friday. it is breezy and cool tomorrow, but it is mainly dry, so i think we're just talking about mostly cloudy skies, mets home opener just a shower. it actually could brighten during the mid and late innings. it is breezy. a wintery saturday, wet snow, chill, rain mixed in as well. still chilly on sunday and a nice recovery in to early next week. this may be the hot spot area for some of the snow on saturday, whether it be a rockaway or dover, new jersey amount.
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right now we're mild. lakehurst, 44. tomorrow morning, partly to mostly cloudy. if there's a shower, mainly north of new york city. throughout the midday. lows in the mid 50s, feeling like 40s because of the gusty breeze. there's a couple showers over the hudson valley in connecticut. one band of showers near philly could get to new york city near 1:00 in the morning. this whole situation is pivoting to our north, allowing for a shower through midday. it would just be isolated and the clouds start to break up. it's this little pesky system right here that dives to our south over the weekend, especially in to saturday. here's the way it looks on satellite. notice through the afternoon hours we're getting a little brighter. then the rest of the track is so key. this particular computer model has it dipping to our south. i think in reality it's going to end up being a little farther north toward i80 but you can see the consolidated band of rain and heavy wet snow.
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there could be a coating to a slushy inch. the best chance of seeing the slushy inch would be over interior parts of new jersey. the timing would be midmorning saturday to evening. temperatures chilly saturday night too. that could mean some icy roads. not convinced the entire system gets in to the hudson valley and the cas skills. that's why we're not going to see the big accumulations there but it is a possibility it gets in to parts of central new jersey so we'll watch that quickly. tomorrow, upper 30s, mid 40s with clouds. yielding to more sunshine later in the day. we'll get in the mid 50s. and again a bit gusty. partly to mostly cloudy. breezy, stray shower out the door tomorrow morning. temperatures mid 40s. up to 53. just a stray shower mainly north. clouds. mixing with sun in the day. tomorrow night is a chilly night at 37. here's your 7-day accuweather forecast. the opportunity for wet snow, spring snow, again on saturday. and then at night, chilly. could be some icy travel where it does rain or snow. on sunday, high clouds.
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the wind dies down raert -- later in the day. showers on tuesday, near 60. we're kind of settling in to the 50s late next week. the big warmup is about a week and a half away. bill evans will have the latest on the weekend storm threat in the morning. coming up, is low fat milk really better for you? new research on how whole milk can help fight off a serious disease. >> plus, you might have seen this crazy chase on our facebook page. or on live l.a. tv.
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he wants to take the plunge in to marriage but almost ended up falling off a cliff in the process. a helicopter had to rescue 27-year-old michael banks from a giant rock off the california coast after he staged a rather risky proposal. he became stranded on a sheer ledge with his feet dangling 80 feet off the ground. the good news is that his girlfriend who was watching over facetime said yes. >> going to be an exciting marriage. you want to see a wild police chase? two home burglary suspects in a mustang convertible in the rain doing donuts on hollywood boulevard in l.a. the suspects later encountered a tmz tour bus. the crooks got through. the whole thing on live tv in l.a. at least one tire was disabled but the driver kept going.
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suspects stopped, giving high-fives to bystanders. finally police showed up and they were arrested. in tonight's health alert, lowering your risk of diabetes by raising your dairy fat intake. a new study shows people who regularly consume full fat dairy products are less likely to develop diabetes than those who eat low fat dairy products. researchers found people with higher levels of dairy fat in their systems had up to a 46% lower risk of diabetes. rob powers up next with sports. >> another busy night. it's just going to get busier. the yankees wrap up their first home stand. the mets get ready to start there as we run down what happened in baseball. we head to augusta national, round one of the masters. so far looking pretty much like last year's masters. everybody following this guy. plus, the nhl playoffs ready to start. both the rangers and islanders are in.
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this out than to play each if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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hockey fans, rob is beginning with your sport. >> less than a week to go in the playoffs. they're both in the playoffs, they're just trying to determine where they fit in. the rangers, the islanders, battling to the end with the postseason around the corner. the aisles have had the upper hand in this series so far and they kept it on the road at the garden. goaltender thomas grice had 36 saves. a 2-0 lead and the aisles just kept coming. john tavares, right past henrik lundqvist who would eventually be pulled. isles win it 4-1. they sweep the series tied with 99 points. the rangers have one game left.
11:30 pm
the devils at home against the lightning. 2nd period off the draw. he scored twice tonight but back comes tampa bay. nice pass. devils lose 4-2. the lightning clinch home ice in the opening round of the playoffs. the devils wrap up their season saturday. yankees on their way to detroit. they play the tigers in their home opener tomorrow afternoon. the yanks opening home stand and a chance to take 2-3 from the astros. when we left you at 6:00, this was a tight ball game. alex rodriguez had tied the game in the 5th, 1st base hit of the year. 5-5. to the 7th, mark teixeira. two men on. this is good for an 8-5 yankee lead. mccann homered, so did castro. they beat them 8-5. they head off to detroit a winner. mets play their home opener tomorrow at home. teams back in town after the
11:31 pm
held a workout today. jacob degrom was there, still listed as tomorrow's pitcher but his pregnant wife is due any time now. they received their national league championship rings. tomorrow they raise their banner, play in front of the home crowd. let's get to the masters. round one had a familiar ring to it. defending champion jordan spieth back at augusta national. here's a birdie on 6th. spieth in control. save par here, nice putt on 16, and the approach on 18 to set up another birdie. spieth shot a 6 under par 66. only three golfers have won back-to-back masters. spieth tries to be number four. for a while it looked like world number one jason day would give him a run for his money. but he went bogey, triple bogey, bogey on 15, 16, 17, finished even par.
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that's the news for now. i'm sade baderinwa. >> i'm bill ritter. thanks for watching. jimmy kimmel is next. eyewitness news returns tomorrow morning at 4:30. have a great night. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- senator ted cruz -- from "meet the blacks,"


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