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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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new jersey in mammoth county. we're told by witnesses that flames are ripping through the businesses at the center of town. the fire is first reported about an hour ago. and that there aren't any reports of injuries. we'll have more as soon as it becomes available to us. the wintery weather is on the way with the arctic blast and the messy mix of the cold wind and icy rain and snow showers. >> doesn't it all sound just lovely? meteorologist lee goldberg is tracking it all. he is outside with the latest, lee? >> reporter: another april weekend and the other tuck of snow that we have not had -- and the other day of snow. you have to go back to 2003 as we shot this coating here a weekend ago. we would have breaks in the clouds with a little clearing that will come in this evening and start to back off just a little bit. now the winter weather advisories are not up yet through pennsylvania.
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if they would get issues on parts of western new jersey and warm and hotter in parts of the county. right now any sprinkles or the ice pellets are moving away starting to break up with the system right now. it'll pivot through our area tomorrow. the timing is not first thing tomorrow morning. and the precipitation is probably a little further north than what is depicted here. then they will pivot away during the evening hours. the rain will be mixed with the wet snow developing late tomorrow morning. you could have the drier roads for a while and a little filtered sun. the band of wet snow is likely to form during the afternoon and evening hours, especially here in new jersey with a
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out of the question and maybe more over new jersey. but again, the wet roads. it is also a freeze watch and that is for tomorrow night. and be careful of your late night travel on saturday night. it will be something that we hope you will not see tomorrow. but the snowfall map seven-day forecast -- seven-day forecast will be here. >> you better not be. thank you. we will turn to 2016 and hillary clinton and bernie sanders will continue to battle each other over the home turf in the upcoming and now important new york primary. today, they held a community round table in buffalo as a part of the day long swing through western new york. >> and now bernie sanders, he has quieted that controversy over whether he thinks that she will be qualified or not to be president. but the stance about guns and the new york city, they are decidedly anti-gun still causing some political problems for them. sanders at a rally in front of the home that he grew up in.
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green point. that they will be at the rally for us. stay tuned. well, this is obviously a very pro bernie rally here in green point. now wrapping up as you can see excuse us, some of the supporters that they will be filing out right now, hundreds of them. they are very emotional and they did just that again. >> and it is one that murdered my 14-year-old son. >> reporter: they have been outspoken about gun violence ever since 2012. when her son died on the 15th birthday after he was shot with an illegal gun. >> mr. bernie, i will not vote for you. >> reporter: so from city hall to sander's brooklyn headquarters today.
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hope to be a thorn in the sander's campaign. counting themselves on so many levels according to these families including those whose loved ones were killed. they want them held accountable for what happened. >> reporter: the weapon that marketed time and time again. to violent murderers. that it is unfair to hold the gun manufacturers legally responsible for any mass shooting. >> i come from a small state and you own a gun shop. she goes in and goes for that dance on the background check and legally purchases a gun. she flips out. she goes out and kills three people. should you be reliable for selling her the weapon legally? i don't think so. >> reporter: he has insisted that he is in favor of the background checks including closing loopholes, voting
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time again. and today that these relatives, they say that sanders has yet to answer their request for a meeting. and that they are not going away. >> i have been asked time and time again why i'm politicizing my mother's death. my response why would you not politicize something that will kill 30,000 plus americans. and every single year. >> reporter: and now these families, they also want to pursue their legal case because every time that there will be a mass shooting that the gunman ewe fracturers would end up making more money -- the gun manufacturers would end up making more money. they will be meeting right up until the new york primary to see if he will meet with them. you are live in green point. i'm stacey sager channel 7 eyewitness news. >> stacey, thank you. we have one more note about bernie sanders who will leave the campaign trail on april 14 to speak at a conference of the vatican. and on social economic environmental issues.
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would like to meet them during that visit. at this point he has not received that invitation from the catholic leader. as for the republican, they would campaign in that tristate today as he is in syracuse this evening. donald trump was a solid lead in the polls to hold those campaign events here this weekend. that he will be intensifying their efforts. including a trip to california that would focus here in new york and that they received a chilly response here earlier this week as they will be planning to visit them next week. they have it planned on monday. the primary is just 11 days away as we invite you to stay with eyewitness news and abc news for complete coverage.
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lower manhattan, they were lost in new york and they are sleeping overnight. he woke up to the robber with the knife as the attacker is on the run and the victim is in the hospital. tweeting this picture out of the officers that will be looking for the suspect today who is now here. even checking the rails for any evidence that might have fallen off the platform. and as they roll through that side, the visible stepped up police presence. >> it is the most scary. after the man was slashed this morning and now the second
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in less than three months. it was about 3:30 a.m. when they were slashed on the left side of the neck, face, and both hands as they say that they were wearing traditional clothing. from israel as he does not speak english, becoming lost in the subway system. sat down and fell asleep on the subway bench and then woke up when they tried to rob him. the victim walked out of the station with them seeing him bleeding from the wrist and helped him find police. the bloody trail that would lead them to the knife handle. on the north end of the southbound 6 platform. and the suspects fled the scene. in january the 71-year-old woman was slashed, requiring 20 stitches on the left side of her face.
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the more cops the better. i mean they are here and i guess that it could happen at this time of the day. >> reporter: and the victim is in stable condition at bellevue hospital as we have just learned that police, they believe that the suspect, they are a homeless man that will be described as having dread locks, wearing the orange hooded sweatshirt to detectives, reviewing their security cameras that will appear to be working down on the ground. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. the suspected paris attacker has been arrested in belgium tonight -- tonight as he may be arrested. he was one of at least two people arrested today. andic -- investigators are looking into whether or not that 31-year-old is the infamous man in the hat seen in this video before the airport bombing. the other suspect was arrested today as they say that he was seen with the brussels subway bomber right before that attack.
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suicide that they shot their commander inside the classroom in the joint base san antonio area this morning. the motive is not known at this time. >> we have a note coming off the loss in six weeks. dow rose 35 points s&p gained four. as we continue with eyewitness news at 6:00 the college student's sexual assault that will be leading to the raid of a popular night spot. will it be closing time for this bar? the price of a stamp is about to take a dip for the first time. we'll explain why. >> no, i don't remember that. on the national league champs, the mets, they finally play ball again and at citi
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an underage girl drinking at that bar was taken home and assaulted, in trouble for serving minors. >> there is eyewitness news reporters. >> reporter: by day it will be a quiet neighborhood bar and by night the golden star cafe has been anything, but. and two police officers that have been placed on modified duty for moonlighting at the development.
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they would state any outside appointment might be improved, working security anywhere that will be a strick no-no. >> reporter: they have spoken with the two officers in question. and that they have expressed their disappointment and their actions. and that we will be getting to the bottom of their conduct. and that there may be consequences for the officers following that investigation. >> reporter: and they realized that two of their own were employees on tuesday night when golden star was raided. that it is a couple of miles from their university in fairfield and according to the authorities that they were packed with the underage
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and 85 were given summons. and in bridgeport channel 7 eyewitness news. still to come on this friday night a question for you. is it spring or winter? >> winter.
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security...
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...and winning health care for8 million children. the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i approvethis message. breaking news, the huge fire in key port. josh einiger on scene with the latest. and that here in the last couple of moments, that it will
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multiple days and the businesses on the sub shop and the stationary store as they would collapse with at least four injuries to firefighters. and it is not clear right now. that they are from three different fire companies all of which responded here to this fire that we will continue to follow the very latest on this as they develop throughout the evening and on social media. for now we'll be live. josh einiger channel 7 eyewitness news. >> wow. thank you. you were talking about it being a little windy, right? >> yes, we have 25 miles an hour. it's challenging. >> and that is cold too. >> yes. no doubt about it. >> it is rain and wet snow tomorrow. probably, you know, a coating or less in the new york city. that it is probably not a big deal in new jersey. and the higher elevations that we will get and where you could pick up the few inches of slush. it's been cold all day and it
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a little bit of the sun. at the same time with the rain showers and the ice pellets around. 46 degrees. northwest wind at 8-23. no sign of april right now. the average high is 58. we'll get back to that early next week. and the record high is 90 back in 1991. and the places like the high bridge, new jersey, and flemmington, candle park, the areas that might be that hot spot and cold spot for the heavier snow tomorrow and meanwhile that the snow and the further north you go i-80 that will be tape -- you go on i-80 that will be tapering off right now. as we go through the evening hours, they will be breaking up temporarily. tomorrow morning don't be surprised to see the sunshine. clouds will thicken. we are way above freezing. it'll be tough to get anything to stick. and there is one system that will be shifting out.
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pivoting right underneath us. it will be over southeastern pennsylvania and extreme southern new jersey and the numbers will be climbing up above freezing. that snow and rain may never reach north of i-287. north and of i-95 that they may not get there as they will be pivoting up to i-80 in new jersey and long island and a little further north than what will be depicted right here. as they get steadier, they could mix with the wet snow and the accumulations, especially wet. pivoting offshore during their evening hours. then tomorrow night, wherever we would get any rain or if the streets are damp that there will be patches of the ice, be careful of your late night travel tomorrow night that they should not be great and looking at a trace that will be snowfall in the area mixed with the rainfall and nothing north of i-84, just sort of in the air and northern connecticut and new jersey and here over parts of let's say extreme western morris and maybe somerset. as far east as maybe western middle section, but more likely
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totals. it's a trace to a slushy inch or two on the colder surfaces here for new york city and long island and parts of ocean county. 37 tonight, partly cloudy and chilly for tomorrow, 43. cloudy and windy and rain and wet snow and that accumulation that we have talked about will be wet roads that could be icy tomorrow night as we would go down to 28 degrees. seven-day accu weather forecast improving in the morning. the afternoon is not bad at 48. 58 despite clouds on monday and mild and damp on tuesday and nice stretch of dry weather at least in the 50s monday through friday. we'll be busting out the following week. that's what i'm talking about. >> all right. that's what i'm talking about. at least we're not outside. feeling like something else. >> you know what, they played that game as predicted. right robbie? >> reporter: yeah, they played. the data the mets fans have waited months to see. and their team, they are back at home. straight ahead on eyewitness news, live team coverage of the mets and their home opener.
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here we go the last time the mets played on the field that they were playing in the world series. they're always special, right? even more so when you get to raise a banner that is exactly what they would do this afternoon against the phillies. the national league raised. and they would play ball, the starting pitcher and his wife is ready to give birth at any time. he would try to do it all. he grounds out with the bases loaded, they have the lead. the fourth inning.
6:27 pm
they would stay in front. neil walker with the rbi. mike the conforto knocks in three runs. the final was 7-2 and that is how it went down here at citi field. for more on what the guys had to say after the game. the live team coverage will continue here with laura behnke outside. laura? >> reporter: today they raised the national league championship banner that would cap off with a weird schedule. and the wife did not go into labor, yes, a satisfying win. you know, a good start that there will be a lot more to come. >> it is an exciting day. and that the guys did a good job of putting up runs for us.
6:28 pm
that it was fun and that the fans were great. >> i'm glad that we won and that they got to see us win as we are excited and we plan to win a lot more. but now is the time to focus on 2016 for sure. >> reporter: and as for degrom he left that game for the precautionary reasons with that lat tightness. we are live outside citi field laura behnke channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right, thank you. they played their home opener this week and today in the tigers home opener with the player introduction today. and then finally baseball. you'll play the tigers, you have to face miguel cabrera who will drive in the first run of the game. he'll have a chance to drive in that other run later.
6:29 pm
the opposite field home run as they would get shut out 4-0 as they would get just three hits here today. we have some football news today. that there is more jets offensive linemen. he's set to announce his retirement. drafted in 2006. here is what they will do. finally from us, round two at the masters where we could show you their leader boards and tell you that it was not a great day and troubled with the winds and two over par today. the lead is down to one shot over rory mcilroy. it'll continue tomorrow. we'll see you at 11:00. >> thank you.
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way, speaking of the 11:00 edition of eyewitness news, we'll have much more on the huge fire in new jersey. josh einiger is there right now. that is his live shot. and three buildings, that they will be housing five businesses right now, four firefighter haves been hurt. plus, the out of control dump truck that is plowing through their intersection, destroying several cars. wait until you hear how this happened tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00. that's it for us right now, thanks for watching. >> i'm bill ritter. >> i'm liz cho. from all of us here, have a great night. >> bye. breaking news. murder on campus. tonight, the major break in the case. a teen suspect, allegedly seen on surveillance video, now under arrest. accused of killing a female freshman at a major university. how police tracked him down. the major terror arrest.


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