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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  April 9, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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today. we freeze tonight. so that means any surfaces that do get wet will be slick for travel. moving into sunday afternoon, things look good. 48 on monday, cloudy with sprinkles. tuesday the rain and second half of the week looks good with mid to upper 50s. so i guess it's rude to announce that snow could happen on a saturday in april. i don't think it's anything that stops plans. just be aware of it. >> maybe this is winter's last gas maybe. >> yeah, if we have something to do with it. that'll do it for this good morning, america. breaking overnight, behind bars, a murderer who escaped from a psychiatric hospital captured after a huge manhunt. >> it was good old-fashioned police work. >> the search high and low. how he made it 300 miles and where he was finally captured.
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the arctic blast sweeping across 20 states. 75 million people in the deep freeze. windchills making for a cold slap in the face. the blanket snow, when will it finally feel like spring? rescue at sea. castaways on a deserted pacific island. the message that saved them spelled out in palm fronds like a scene out of "gilligan's island." the incredible search and rescue effort by the navy and u.s. coast guard and how the survivors are doing this morning. you can't start a fire and canceled concert. bruce springsteen's surprise move refusing to play in north carolina to protest the state's bathroom bill. the big reactions overnight from fans and celebrities who stand behind the boss. messages just keep getting
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hey, good morning. paula is off this morning. very happy, though, to have cecilia vega in the hot seat. thanks for joining us. >> it is a hot seat. >> it is. we'll make her suffer all morning. also coming up, donald trump trying to get his mojo back. >> that's right. after that crushing loss in wisconsin and with a giant primary right here in new york looming, is trump now shaking up his campaign staff? also, all eyes on colorado this weekend where the fight for delegates is in overdrive, and ted cruz seems to be leading the pack. >> so much happening on your beat, politics, this morning, and throughout the many, many months to come. full reports from the campaign trail in a few minutes. we're going to start here, though, with winter in april. >> it's winter. what is going on outside? we have a so-called clipper system moving across parts of the great lakes bringing frigid temperatures to the midwest this morning, rain and snow too. this as the northeast braces for a blustery cold sweep, and rob
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from central park. hey, rob. >> hard to believe, cecilia, that we're now into april and we're dealing with another snowstorm and chilly temperatures here in central park. it's clear for now, but tomorrow may be a different story. check out this video coming in to us from threatt dough, ohio, where the snow is coming down yesterday and still is this morning piling up on some of the streets making for a slick go and around the great lakes from wisconsin and down through pennsylvania is where we expect to see the most amount of snow there. but everybody well into the deep south going to see chilly temperatures. we have freeze warnings and watches posted across probably about a dozen states, not only today and tomorrow as well. check out numbers as well for air temperatures. and this does not include the wind. indianapolis, 29 degrees. right now 37 in nashville and the freezing mark in d.c. and tomorrow morning we're looking at even colder temperatures, so
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very, very chilly and the snowfall forecast with this next clipper system, more or less a dusting west of i-95. maybe higher accumulations in through the interior areas but certainly a nuisance snow and pretty unusual, dan, for this early in april. we're certainly paying the price now. >> yeah, i find it all very disappointing. cook back inside and we'll discuss it further. thank you. to the breaking news overnight. the accused murderer who escaped from a psychiatric hospital captured after days on the run. a community on edge now finally able to exhale and abc's jim avila is on the story from spokane, washington. jim, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. a collective sigh of relief here in the pacific northwest as this dangerous and unpredictable fugitive is find hiding in a pile of leaves, dehydrated and cold giving up without a fight. overnight authorities capturing escapee anthony garver. >> we developed a game plan starting last night and kept that game plan in motion. >> reporter: garver, a
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state hospital outside seattle, is accused of murder, was last seen at the psychiatric hospital on wednesday at 6:00 p.m. by 8:50 that night a security camera shows the fugitive buying a greyhound ticket in seattle. early thursday morning he arrived in spokane and traveled to his parents' home. at 3:30 in the afternoon his parents report him to law enforcement, but when they arrive garver was already gone. at 8:15 friday night after canine units were alerted to a scent near garver's parents' home, authorities moved into the area where they found him of medical attention. >> we found him hiding under a pile of debris. >> reporter: garver, a and accused murderer seen in this surveillance video meeting his alleged victim in a authorities say he later gagged her and stabbed her 24 times. state officials reveal friday a third patient
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that patient left the facility wednesday with an escorted group but he didn't return. his whereabouts are still unknown. but it is garver authorities feared the most, a survivalist, the local sheriff calls a domestic terrorist and they'd feared he had access to heavy weapons. before. this morning he's being treated for dehydration at a local hospital, and he'll be sent back to that psych ward. cecilia. >> okay, jim, thank you. we do want to turn now to the battle for the big apple. hillary clinton and bernie sanders ramping up the attacks ahead of new york's primary. some harsh words on both sides over who is and is not qualified to be in the oval office and abc's mary bruce is here with more. mary, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. this is bernie sanders' home turf born and raised here but it's also hillary clinton's adopted home state and the candidates are battling to prove who is more new york. a homecoming for bernie sanders. the brooklyn native rallying supporters on the street where he grew up.
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to my old neighborhood. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: with a big contest here just ten days away, the democratic candidates are in a new york brawl for the 247 delegates at stake. >> the like the meat. >> reporter: hillary clinton is also reminiscing remembering her time as a new york senator and the good grub during a trip to buffalo. >> i ate more chicken wings and beef on wet than i can remember. hope to get some before i leave. >> reporter: and on "the view" sanders passing a key test proving he eats pizza like a true new yorker. >> now, show us how it's done. >> are you ready? >> yes. >> reporter: after one of the nastiest weeks of the campaign, the candidates seem to be dialing it back. >> you may have heard senator sanders say i'm unqualified to be president. well, seriously -- >> reporter: clinton says sanders is qualified to be president.
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over donald trump or ted cruz any time. >> reporter: sanders agrees, he will support clinton if she's the nominee. now, despite how important new york is to this race, sanders will be heading overseas next week, cecilia. he's received an invitation to the vatican. no word yet, though, on whether he'll be meeting with pope francis. >> and some controversy over whether he really got that invitation or not. i was with him yesterday when he was walking through his old neighborhood in brooklyn, and he really wavered on whether he said hillary clinton was qualified to be president saying she was actually qualified and unqualified both in the same answer. this race, you know, is more nastier than ever, mary. and now bernie sanders talking about the possibility of a contested convention on this side too. >> that's right. if hillary clinton fails to get a majority of those pledge delegates before the convention, the sanders campaign says he will, quote, 100% challenge her for the nomination, even if hillary clinton has more votes. >> rough on both sides. mary, great to have you here with us. and, dan, you've got more on the republicans.
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republicans. signs of stress emanating this morning from the campaign of the front-runner. donald trump, a big event canceled in california and a this morning, questions about a possible staff shake-up. meanwhile, trump's chief rival ted cruz racking up the delegates in colorado this weekend and that is where we find abc's david wright. david, good morning. tell us more about what exactly is happening in colorado this weekend. >> reporter: good morning, dan. there's no question this is a tough patch for the trump campaign. they're just coming off that huge blow-out in wisconsin where ted cruz took home 36 delegates, well, 37 delegates are at stake here in colorado. there's no primary. they're chosen by regional caucuses, and here at the state party convention today, cruz is seriously outmaneuvering trump. he's taken 21 of the 21 that have been selected so far, and today's delegates will be chosen by a process that looks like the dating. 600 people who want to go to the convention will have ten seconds each to make their case why they candidate who is going to be here today.
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john kasich. >> david wright reporting from colorado. david, thank you. >> cecilia, over to you. okay, now we want to turn to a big break in the case of a college student found murdered on her university of texas campus. police releasing this video of the teenage suspect. that's him right there wheeling -- that was him wheeling a bike, and it helped investigators connect the dots and make an arrest. his family is speaking out this morning and abc's phillip mena is in austin with more on what they're saying. hey, phillip, good morning. >> reporter: cecilia, good morning. haruka weiser's classmates honored her with a dance performance here on campus last night, and this morning we're learning more about the troubled teen who police believe killed her. 17-year-old meechaiel criner accused of murdering 18-year-old haruka weiser, a university of texas dance major, now in police custody. his bail set at $1 million and his sister speaking out telling
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exclusion skiffly that her brother had a hard upbringing and suffers from a psychiatric illness. >> he is slow on a lot of things but he's not slow enough to say i'm going to kill this person and take her purse and carry it with me. meechaiel is not that crazy enough to do that. >> reporter: her classmates performing an emotional tribute to weiser. >> she was a brilliant dancer and she's going to be deeply, deeply missed. >> the subject was also in possession of a woman's bike. >> reporter: according to an arrest affidavit, the suspect seen here in surveillance footage holding a small duffel bag matching the description of the one weiser had carried to dance class sunday, the night of her disappearance. weiser's body found in a creek two days later. police taking criner into custody thursday morning. at this youth homeless shelter criner was arrested after a tip from firefighters who told police they encountered a teenager hours after the murder at the scene of a fire in an abandoned building. according to court documents, investigators believe that teenager resembled the suspect
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of the items found at that fire may have belonged to weiser including a shoe and a burned notebook with college level coursework inside. >> we are very certain the suspect is in custody is the suspect responsible for the death of this beautiful young woman. >> reporter: state officials say criner was a foster teen who ran away last month. meanwhile, police here are still trying to figure out a motive. dan. >> sad story in so many ways. thank you, phillip. we have new developments this morning in the terror investigation in belgium. investigators have captured a suspect who may, may be that mysterious man wearing a hat caught on camera moments before and after the deadly bombing at the brussels airport. and abc's alex marquardt is on the story now from belgium. >> reporter: this morning, the burning question, is the hunt for the so-called man in the hat over? [ sirens ] belgian authorities believe he
8:13 am
here a video of one of the dramatic arrests on friday shot from a neighbor's window. police pinning the man on the ground, his hands behind his back, then dragged away. the biggest arrest, mohamed abrini, a 31-year-old belgian also tied to november's paris attacks. he was seen two days before at a gas station with paris attacker salah abdeslam. today authorities investigating whether he's the infamous man in the hat from the brussels airport. new video released by police this week showing the suspect casually walking away as suicide bombers detonated their explosives in the departure hall. those attackers and bombs came from this brussels apartment. a virtual bomb factory and abrini's dna was found inside. the man in the hat was spotted by surveillance camera again almost an hour after the airport attack, his coat gone, looking like he's on the phone. it's just before the bomb at the maalbeek metro station goes off
8:14 am
now belgian authorities also trying to figure out if a suspect they have in custody osama k. was at the metro station with the suicide bomb ever. he was also seen buying those bags used in the airport attack. this is the first time belgian authorities have acknowledged a second suspect at the metro station. the man they have in custody was suspects believed to have gone to syria to join isis and made their way back to europe. dan, cecilia. >> alex marquardt, thank you. a lot of other news this morning and for that let's get it over to ron claiborne. >> good morning to you, dan, cecilia, rachel. good morning, everyone. one of the fbi's ten most wanted fugitives is behind bars in mexico this morning. mexican police capture brenda delgado in the city of toreon on friday. she was one allegedly the one being behind the murder of dr.
8:15 am
her two alleged accomplices were custody in the u.s. in a retrial a tennessee jury found former vanderbilt university student cory batey guilty of raping an unconscious woman in 2013. batey was one of four players accused in the high-profile case. they are accused of assaulting the vanderbilt coed in a dorm room. batey and one of his teammates were found guilty but the judge declared a mistrial. a tile to spell brace. spacex touched down on planet earth. it's the first time the 260-foot rocket completed its journey. they launched it from the cape canaveral air force station in florida sending a cargo capsule to the international space station including an inflatable habitat that could house astronauts an a mission to mars. and a deadly chain reaction crash in miami that left one woman dead and sent seven others to the hospital. a security video showing a city dump truck crossing into a busy intersection and then plowing
8:16 am
the female passenger in the cab was killed and ten vehicles were involved in that incident which is under investigation. and in sports, can golfer jordan spieth do it again? last we're masters champ hold ss a one-stroke lead heading into today's third round of the masters. he had a rough day on friday including a four-putt for a double bogey on the 5th hole. rory mcilroy was moving up one back of spieth. meanwhile golfer, henrik stenson posting a picture on instagram with his 2-year-old daughter allegedly trying to let the air out of spieth's car in the parking lot. the caption, don't worry about spieth, daddy, he will be late for his tee time. stenson is seven strokes offer the lead so i guess the joke is on him. and finally, here's an unusual way to make an employee meeting a little more interesting. set a guinness world record for the largest human mattress dominos. that's 1,200 workers rat a georgia based -- >> that is cool. >> it is cool. >> why?
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the first attempt. yeah, why. >> what are we going to do here? >> wow. >> we're doing that later. >> nobody told you that. >> you didn't get the memo. >> they didn't tell me that. >> that was part of the deal when you came on today. >> nobody heard. >> true. true. >> hopefully. >> well, rob is -- rob, we might hurt you because of this weather. what is going on? >> we had a nice wild winter across at least the eastern half of the country and now it's a little chilly start to april. >> now we're paying for it. >> holding you personally responsible. >> ron is going to run in a race
8:18 am
he'll be freezing. thanks, rob. meteorologist amy freeze with the accuweather forecast. minor accumulations with the icy mix we're expecting later today. not a big deal. watch out for slippery roads, especially for south jersey. warmer temperatures will make it hard for snow to fall and
8:19 am
anything that is wet will freeze and be slick. tomorrow, 48 degrees and sunshine to end our weekend. monday's overcast, a few sprinkles with comfortable >> the mets had a chilly home opener yesterday and the yankees in detroit played, yeah, and didn't go well for the yankees. >> rematch. >> it's a long season. >> rob is talking about tying you to a mattress and putting you in the central park reservoir. you cool with that? you cool with that? >> he there'sened me with plus a pair of cement slippers. >> oh, my goodness. >> that's how we do it in new york. >> it's love. >> thank you, rob. now to rachel with the rookie baseball play named trevor story whose major league debut is turning into an amazing story. what's going on? >> truly it's incredible, guys. this tale about a 23-year-old rookie is quite the page turner. less than a week ago, trevor story knocked his debut on the baseball stage out of the park. take a look.
8:20 am
not another. are you kidding me? >> and that's one for the storybooks. >> six home runs in his first four major league games. >> colorado rockies shortstop trevor story beginning the first chapter of his pro baseball career in fairy tale fashion with not one, but six home runs. >> coming back here, it's just so fun to play in front of our fans. >> reporter: the 23-year-old story begins as the only rookie to ever hit a home run in each of his first games of the major league. and the story goes, 'twas opening day when over the wall he smacked his first major league home run. >> story getting one more here. and that one is way out of here. >> reporter: this ninth inning solo hit makes two in his first game ever. >> three big league at bats. two home runs. >> reporter: and the page turner continues, number three, a two-run dinger against the diamondbacks.
8:21 am
>> reporter: in number four, this homer, 434-feet deep into center. >> he blasts it to the gap deep in left center. >> reporter: it's at the team's home opener the story continues sending two more over the wall. >> there it goes, deep to left field. number five is landing deep in the bleachers. >> reporter: no one knows how this story will end. it's a season with 162 games, but story has definitely inked himself with some greats like willie mays and mark mcgwire and becomes the fifth major league hero to homer in the first four games of a season. >> a star is born in denver, colorado. oh, my. >> that is something, right? well, the story will continue tonight as the rockies take on the padres in colorado. and i love it, guys. he said, he said, i've said it before. sometimes it kind of happens. >> oh, poor guy. right?
8:22 am
right? perspective, ron insists that colorado. >> mile high. >> ooh. a challenge. >> the ball really flies. >> one thing is for sure after that piece, you know, chicks do still dig the long ball is the way that works out. >> i'll let you stand by that statement on your own. >> okay. >> tell you what's coming up on the show. love you, rob marciano. the incredible island rescue and a message spotted from the sky on a remote pacific island. it's like a combination of "gilligan's island" and a tom hanks movie. the castaways used what they had to make a call for help. and taking a stand, the boss cancels a concert this weekend in north carolina to protest the state's so-called bathroom bill. why he is calling this a fight against prejudice and bigotry. >> it's cold out but have some faith. summer is coming eventually. we've got some great advice on scoring the best deals for your summer vacation coming up in our "weekend download." keep it here.
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this is everything i have, my family. i got to see my dad die on national tv. they don't know what they took from us. people are dying. we need a president that's going to talk about it. i believe bernie sanders is a protestor. he's not scared to go up against the criminal justice system. he's not scared. that's why i'm for bernie.
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good morning, it's 8:27 on this saturday, april 9th. i'm rob nelson. topping headlines at this hour, residents in keyport, new jersey, are waking up to the after-math of a massive fire. flames erupted inside of a warehouse on west front street yesterday. 200 firefighters responded, working against winds to contain the fire. a building eventually collapsed with firefighters inside. six firefighters in all had to be hospitalized. five businesses and several apartments with are destroyed. also, a food deliveryman in the bronx turned the table on an armed mugger stabbing the suspect with his own knife. the deliveryman is also the owner of the new chang restaurant. he was making a delivery when he was confronted by the two men armed with knives.
8:29 am
the knives and stabbed the suspect jason santana in the told by his father he was anointed by god to obtain a powerful position. said women should be punished for having an abortion. wants to register muslims, police their neighborhoods. wouldn't rule out using nuclear weapons against europe. that the best we can do? no, it's not. john kasich. stable. presidential. new day independent media committee, inc. is responsible for the content of this advertising. at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone. look at 'em! they're lovin' their vegetables. this is huge news! it's all thanks to our birds eye chef's favorites side dishes perfectly sauced or seasoned. what are you..? shh!
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oh, boy. birds eye. so veggie good. welcome back to "gma" on a saturday morning. happening right now, a commuter plane crash in alaska. three people dead. one woman miraculously survives. rescuers climbing 400 feet up
8:31 am
>> wow. and former sailor keith alan harwood is waking up a free man after spending 33 years in prison for a crime authorities now say he did not commit. new dna evidence cleared him of the wrongful murder and rape conviction. also, say it ain't so. get ready to pay more to binge-watch your favorite shows. netflix is hiking up the price of its standard hd subscription to almost 10 bucks a month starting in may. some 17 million netflix users will have to pay more to keep up that service. a lot of people are going to be not very happy. >> it's going to cost more to vegitate. i'll probably keep doing it. >> me too. >> just for the record. also coming up. bruce springsteen's surprise move canceling his concert in north carolina at the last minute. this is a protest against a controversial new state law. we'll tell you what other celebrities are saying. but first here that survival story we've been talking about. three castaways forced to swim two miles to a deserted island when their boat overturned in
8:32 am
>> yeah, this is a real-life "gilligan's island." they used whatever they could find to craft a desperate call for help and eva pilgrim is here with the details. this was supposed to be a three-hour tour. you can't make it up. >> well, i guess someone did make it up once upon a time. but, yeah, three-hour tour. what would you do if you were stuck on a tiny island in the middle of the ocean with no way off. well, after being stuck for three days, three guys took a cue from hollywood to find their way back home. a cry for help answered, three men spending days stranded on this tiny island in the pacific lucky to be alive this morning after their three-hour sailing trip went very wrong. a three-hour tour >> reporter: no, they weren't aboard the "s.s. minnow" from "gilligan's island" but their misadventure definitely rings a bell the mission would be lotz >> reporter: the men set off for a small island in micronesia to catch a plane but never made it singing late at
8:33 am
forcesing them to swim over two miles to this tiny long deserted island full of empty fishing shacks but no phone or internet to call home. the coast guard and navy were quickly alerted teaming up to find them. day later, that's when the local authorities started to do some investigation and then reached out to here in guam for assistance. >> reporter: the trio seemingly "castaway." >> fire! >> reporter: stealing a page out of tom hanks' book. the men writing out the word "help" using palm leaves on the beach. >> the other key part is that helped them make the overnight swim to the island where they were picked up. >> reporter: you can see in these pictures the men running out waving their bright orange life jackets after three days on the island. local fishermen hearing their brought them back to their families. and rescuers say one of the key these guys, they made a fire. signal, sending them in that direction.
8:34 am
more hours to actually find them if they hadn't. >> i wonder if they screamed fire like tom hanks. >> i wonder if they screamed wilson. >> wilson, right. >> that's what i would have screamed. >> that reference takes me back. eva, thank you very much. let's check the weather once again and get it over to ron.
8:35 am
for survival skills this weather report brought to you by ashley home store. embrace the cold. it'll be warmer next week. >> embrace the cold? >> yeah. >> it'll be warmer this summer, right? >> i'm not good at spinning things. it'll get warmer next week. >> what choice do you have? embrace it. it will pass eventually. >> spoken like a guy who meditates. >> a little buddhist sentiment on a saturday morning. here's what's coming up on the show, bruce springsteen canceling tomorrow's concert in north
8:36 am
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this gun's for hire the boss bowing out, just days before a big concert in north carolina, bruce springsteen's surprise move is a
8:40 am
>> yeah, critics say it discriminates against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people. and springsteen is not the only big name speaking out. abc's kendis gibson is here with more. hey, kendis. >> cecilia and dan, good morning. of course, this s ais a huge issue with the lgbt community. springsteen calls this the strongest means he has to raise his voice and push back and that means thousands of carolina fans won't get to see the 66-year-old legend. want to change my clothes >> reporter: the boss taking a stand against the controversial new law in north carolina canceling his show in greensboro only 48 hours before taking the stage. born in the usa >> reporter: the bill hb2 or the bathroom law has come under heavy fire from critics in recent days. in it individuals are required to use bathrooms that correspond to the gender on their birth certificate. springsteen saying in a statement on his website "we
8:41 am
show scheduled for sunday april 10th. some things are more important than a rock show." ellen degeneres tweeting "i love bruce." the boss joins the ranks of companies like apple, google, yahoo! and paypal that pushed against against the new legislation calling for its repeal, even charles barkley voicing his distaste of this new law. >> i think the nba should move the all-star game from there next year. >> reporter: and other celebrities praising the boss for canceling his show. melissa mccarthy tweeting, "one more incredible reason to love bruce springsteen. your integrity is inspiring." along with andy cohen saying, "thank, you bruce, the true boss" and richard branson echoing it, "more important than a rock show, applaud springsteen
8:42 am
i should point out all the tickets for the april 10th concert will be refunded. no word on whether he'll return to the tar heel state. dan, cecilia you. >> sure you don't want to -- >> i did a move just before that in the commercial break. it was embarrassing. >> no. >> i wish we had captured that on camera. >> skillful. >> it was a mix of carlton and courteney cox. >> yes. it was something to behold. thank you very much, kendis. great to see you on a saturday morning. >> thank you. coming up on "good morning america," it might not feel like summer, but rob promises it is actually coming, so how to snag bargains for that big vacation. all the details coming up in our "weekend download." and looking good and sandwich and soup and a new personal best. and a little help and soup and sandwich and study group. good, clean food pairs well with anything. try the clean pairings menu.
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summer really is on the way. and that means it's time to start thinking about and start booking those summer vacations. here to discuss their best travel deal, abc news travel and leisure lifestyle expert genevieve brown, so is it still possible to get good deals if you act now? >> act now especially for airfare. hotels are a little different. you kcan book about two months out for u.s. vacations, three months for europe and four month force the caribbean. according to new data from trip adviser. >> so what are the best deals you're seeing? >> new york, very popular summer destination, triumph hotels have seven properties in the city and they'll have a flash sale. april 26th through 27th. and that includes up to 40% off on all their properties. >> but those of us who want to get out of the city because we live here, for example, what is a good deal. >> st. lucia is chock-full of deals right now. go to and you're going to get free nights at luxury hotels at jade mountain. 45% off rates at coconut bay, free massages, free meals.
8:47 am
>> st. lucia, that's it for me. thanks very much, genevieve. coming up on "pop news," why carrie underwood is jealous of her husband. we'll be right back. dan harris will do "pop news" today, i believe. >> that's not true. >> we got rachel in? rachel, you're up next.p next. with non-insulin victoza . for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza . he said victoza works differently than pills. and comes in a pen. victoza is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time. victoza is not for weight loss, but it may help you lose some weight. victoza works with your body to lower blood sugar in 3 ways: in the stomach, the liver, and the pancreas. vo: victoza is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise.
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all right. it's that time, "pop news." rachel, what's popping? >> so pumped guys. lots of good stuff this morning. first up, trending everywhere -- you got the giggles this morning, rob. everything okay? let's do it. let's do it. first up trending everywhere carrie underwood, she's insanely jealous after her husband got to sing with garth brooks before she did. turns out her hubby who is nhl star mike fisher is also a country music fan. i should hope so, as evidenced by this video carrie shared three months ago of him singing along to garth's song "the river." he's no carrie underwood, that's for sure, but anyway, well, this week mike and garth made it happen for real. take a look. know a dream is like a river every change and the dreamer is just an eskimo that must follow where it goes
8:53 am
mike is really -- i mean, he's into it taking it very seriously. >> not bad. >> the car, i think he's been working on it over the last three months, he was preparing for that moment. >> while singing in the car. >> true. >> i mean, his wife is carrie underwood, guys. come on. all right. but don't -- i wouldn't feel too bad for carrie because i have a feeling she'll probably get her moment to shine with garth and i did love her facebook post of that video because she says, she's going to see if wayne gretzky would mind, you know, wanting to play a pickup game of hockey. >> that's a good comeback. >> yeah, kind of genius. >> you should hear me sing "the wheels on the bus" to my 1-year-old. it's so beautiful, my voice. >> melodic. >> coming up next week. the wheels on 9 bus go round and round. >> that could be tomorrow on "pop news." >> if i hear that song one more time, i'll jump out a window. i'm sure there's more "pop news." >> this one you'll really like. some of the biggest names in hollywood are joining forces to celebrate the aspca's 150th anniversary, and they're
8:54 am
take a look. >> love me unconditionally, and i promise to tolerate you most of the time. >> so what if i'm not a puppy anymore. neither are you. is everyone an ageist? i'm in my prime. >> cute ads, but julie bowen, nathan lane, kesha and 50 cent all speaking out in support of the aspca's anniversary and there are loads of ways you can get involved too including a huge adoption event and parade happening here in new york city tomorrow. all the details are on the aspca website. >> i love that 50 cent got involved. you know, he's got a little dog, a little dog. >> really. >> >> a little dog he named oprah. >> no way. >> true story. true story. >> that is a name. >> let me get on my soap box quickly. i love the aspca. i'm an unabashed supporter. we have three of their cats destroying our home as we speak. it's just -- you can adopt an animal for free and save a life and improve your own so go for it. >> thank you for that, dan. next up, guys, signed, sealed, delivered. charlize theron is officially
8:55 am
the next installment in the "fast and furious" franchise. her exact role is being kept under wraps. all we know is she will be playing some sort of villain. ooh. good, right? >> she was great in "mad max." >> she's fantastic. >> you had me at her name. >> so you are -- yeah, we're all getting our ticket. shooting begins this summer with the "fast 8" hitting theaters next april. awesome. >> and finally, leave it to meryl streep to simply knock out a burst from the hit broad p waway show "hamilton" and you know effortlessly nail it because -- all of a sudden we're in the room where it happens the room where it happens the room where it happens women are suddenly in the room where it happens room where it happens >> get it, meryl. >> just that. and those at the women in
8:56 am
she couldn't resist the oscar winning actress, just one of several iconic women at the always inspiring women in the world summit in new york city but any room meryl is in is the room where it happens. >> everybody -- has anybody at this table seen "hamilton" yet? >> no. >> i haven't. >> i want -- >> i have not seen it. my younger brother with whom i'm very closed is obsessed with it so he actually bought me tickets so i could talk to him about it. >> they're almost impossible to come by. >> if you need a plus one, i'm down. >> i think my wife has dibs on that if but if she bails you're in but it's supposed to be incredible. >> our executive producer john faraconi has gone. >> he has? >> so rude. i've talked about it so much. >> rachel, great "pop news" as always. tomorrow. thank you for being with us. >> more cecilia tomorrow.
8:57 am
>> good luck today, ron. told by his father he was anointed by god to obtain a powerful position. said women should be punished for having an abortion.
8:58 am
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cleanup is under way after a massive fire tore through homes and businesses in new jersey. "eyewitness news" is live as investigators work to determine exactly what sparked the fire and residents get a first look at the scope of the damage. presidential candidates are taking a bite out of the big apple ahead of the state primaries. several rallies are planned today. we'll tell you what you need to know about them. good morning, everybody. getting a live shot of the city. we have a little southerly air and back to overcast. certainly below average for this time of year. trust us it is april. it's saturday, april 9th. thanks for being with us and tuning in. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm tony yates. it was a beautiful sunrise, though. >> it was. >> now it's over. >> things change. amy ashowers us better days --
9:00 am
coming -- belter days coming. >> it's rude to have snow on a saturday. we're starting off with filtered is up shine in some spots. the farther north you are, the better the skies look. looking, well, up the hudson right now, it doesn't look so bad over the upper west side. temperatures are above freezing. we still see the gwb. so visibility is just fine. once we have the mid-afternoon, we'll see the heaviest bands of snow happening in south jersey. we're at 42 now in the park. basically, one of the major hurdles you have to get past is the temperatures. anything that falls will be more wet then white. there are parts of the area with colder temperatures. monticello is at 38.


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