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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  April 9, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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coming -- belter days coming. >> it's rude to have snow on a saturday. we're starting off with filtered is up shine in some spots. the farther north you are, the better the skies look. looking, well, up the hudson right now, it doesn't look so bad over the upper west side. temperatures are above freezing. we still see the gwb. so visibility is just fine. once we have the mid-afternoon, we'll see the heaviest bands of snow happening in south jersey. we're at 42 now in the park. basically, one of the major hurdles you have to get past is the temperatures. anything that falls will be more wet then white. there are parts of the area with colder temperatures. monticello is at 38.
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energy of the snow system. in order for snow to fall and stick, we'll need rainfall first. very minor accumulations and nongrassy surfaces will be the main spots to get those. lightning after shore at the edge of the storm. the colder edge could produce snow will be going through western new jersey. this is the area we think we'll have the most accumulations. we had a close up look at accutrack. it's all the way to win seeing light snow. northwest and western new jersey. perhaps an inch maybe a little more in some spots. everybody else, a trace to maybe an appearance of a snowflake. here's a look at the next seven hours. temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. tonight we go down to freezing. more on that and the rest of the accuweather seven-day forecast up next. i'll see you then, rob. >> thank you. we're continuing to follow
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out in new jersey yesterday. one building actually collapsed under all of those intense flames. in all, two buildings with are destroyed and six firefighters were hurt this morning as cleanup continues. investigators are now working to determine exactly what caused all of this. "eyewitness news" reporter marcus solis is live from keyport with more on the story. good morning, marcus. >> good morning, rob. you can see the machinery on the pile of debris that is on west front street. it was about an hour ago that crews started the cleanup process, which they say will take place most of the day cleared away by monday. yesterday. we'll show you that dramatic cell phone video that she's a wall collapse when the buildings went up around 4:30. this was a five-alarm fire. heavy wind fueled the fire along with a ruptured gas main. it took 200 firefighters to bring it all under control.
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fire, one of the workers in one of the businesses says he has little doubt about what started this. there was repair work going on above him on the roof. >> the roof was up. they were fixing something, with a leak in the roof. it started a fire. grabbed a fire extinguisher and knocked it down but i looked up and there was a real fire. >> reporter: fire departments coming back in probably to hose that down in short order. the cleanup under way. again, six firefighters yesterday were injured. however, their injuries are described as minor. we're live in keyport, marcus solis, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> glad they are okay. marcus, thank you so much. in the bronx, the chinese food deliveryman turned the tables on the armed robbers.
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thursday night when he was confronted by two men who held knives up to his stomach. he stabbed 19-year-old jason santana in the arm. santana was arrested. the other guy is still on the loose. >> the former owner of a restaurant is now charged with running a 12-million dollar ponzi scheme. hamlet was in court in georgia, but he will be brought back here to new york. prosecutors say he fleeced people who invested in what turned out to be a fake wholesale liquor business. he ran the hudson river cafe and believed to have links to one of the nypd officials disciplined just last week. also, big developments in the child sex abuse scandal involving former speaker of the house dennis hastert. he agreed to pay $3.5 million in hush money to a man he sexually abused decades ago
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hastert was a high school wrestling coach at the time outside of chicago. prosecutors say haft effort sexually abused at least four young boys years ago and kept it secret using the hush money throughout his political career. the family on long island is desperately trying to find a missing teenager. 13-year-old amari young was last seen six days ago near his middle school in west bury. lucy yang spoke with the boy's family. >> just come home. >> reporter: you can understand tiffany allen's anguish. 10:00 sunday night, she prayed with her 13-year-old son then tucked him into bed. by 6:00 monday morning, amari young was gone. >> i can't sleep. i'm constantly calling up missing persons, posting things on facebook. my family is keeping me in prayer and encouraged.
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is a good student who does not get in trouble. >> we're asking the public's help to find amari if they see him, to call us right away. >> reporter: his biological father and paternal grandmother live in queens. they suspect they may know something which leaves his mother in the horrible place of not knowing. >> it's nerve-racking not knowing where he is. >> mommy's here for you, you know, and she just wants to talk to you. she wants to know that you are okay. >> reporter: in westbury, long island, lucy yang, channel 7 "eyewitness news." coming up on "eyewitness news" saturday morning, with a big number of delegates up for grabs on both sides of the aisle, all sides of campaigning in our area ahead of what's turning out to be a critical primary on the 19th. we'll have the latest on the
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>> reporter: also ahead, brussels remains under elevated terror alert even after several people have been arrested even five men linked to the brussels bombing. >> and coming up here in accuweather, we're looking at potential for snow and very cold temperatures. looks like the rain under way for south jersey, but we could see showers moving through the city by 11:00 a.m. does not get out until later tonight.
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[ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my stop & shop. . now to the bat the for the big apple. hillary clinton and bernie sanders ramping up the attacks ahead of the primary here. some harsh words on both sides over who is and is not qualified to take over the white house. abc's mary bruce has the story. >> reporter: a homecoming for
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the brooklyn native rallying supporters on the streets. >> thank you all for coming out to my old neighborhood! [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: with the big contest here just ten days away, the democratic candidates under a new york brawl for the 247 delegates at stake. hillary clinton is also reminiscing, remembering her time as a new york senator and the good grub during a trip to buffalo. >> i ate more chicken wings that i could remember. i hope to get some before i leave. >> reporter: on "the view," sanders passing a key test, proving he eats pizza like a true new yorker. >> now, show us how it's done. >> are y'all ready? >> yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: after one of the nastiest weeks of the campaign, the candidates seemed to be dialing it back.
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sanders say i'm unqualified to be president. seriously -- [crowd boos ] >> reporter: clinton says she's qualified. >> that was abc's mary bruce reporting. meantime, governor john kasich will attend campaign events in rochester and west chester today. he campaigned upstate. last night, the ohio governor hosted a town hall in syracuse. there, when he was asked about the possibility of a contested gop convention in july, which is now looking more and more likely, kasich blamed the media for creating what he called a "negative attitude about conventions. also, donald trump has no events planned today, but he tomorrow. belgian authorities are trying to verify whether or not a man arrested yesterday is the so-called man in the hat wanted
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muhammad was among five people picked up and raised in brussels. he is wanted for the november paris attacks. police say they are not exactly sure what his role may have been, if he was indeed involved. prosecutors are trying to confirm if he is the man shown? security video right before and after last month's airport bombings. and the jetblue flight attendant accused of trying to smuggle 07 pounds of campaign and security has been ordered held without bail until trial. yesterday, a judge in california said marcia gay reynolds may be a flight risk overturning a judge's decision here in new york last no to release her to home confinement. the tsaa l.a.x. says reynolds dropped the bag full of cocaine and ran when she was pulled aside for a random screening. straight ahead on "eyewitness news" saturday morning, he says it's bigger than rock 'n' roll. the big decision by bruce springsteen to protest north
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welcome back. meteorologist aim my freeze is it here. >> i must say i have found the most appropriate community calendar remix song in the history of channel 7 dedicated to amy freeze. >> perfect. >> just when i thought nothing to upstage the 7:00 hour. >> nothing. it's big. >> i'll stand by for that. meanwhile, we have a freeze warning out there. we also are looking at the potential for snow showers. let's get started first with temperatures. think about april and the typical weather that we have. new reverse it, and it actually takes a lot to overcome the traditional spring weather to get spring snow.
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looking out over the upper west side. we've got 42 degrees. the system coming in moistens up the atmosphere as well. not everybody is going to see snow around here. there's going to be a nasty mix come in. there will also be wind to contend with, so there is a bit of a chill out there. the chill will be the most significant closer to water because there is an easterly component to the wind. feels like 31 in brooklyn and the winds under the 15 mile-per- hour range right now. it really is the windchill that is a lot more centered on what's happening close to the shoreline. feels like 24 for islip right now. so you want to bundle up. the peak wind gusts for the park right now are 17 miles per hour. we're expecting it to be windy for the afternoon. as far as precipitation coming in, we're starting to see it arrive. mainly it's rain for south
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new jersey and northwest new jersey is snow. rain mixes in with the wet snow developing into the area from south to north it'll spread. there will be a band of heavier wet snow. that happens later on this afternoon south and west of the city. all in all, we're looking at 1 jersey. icy roads tonight as temperatures crash and any wet slick. this is the freeze warning areas in blue, and this goes until tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. very cold temperatures expected tonight. here's the first of the snow moving in to northwest new jersey. we've got mount bethel getting some. newton also getting some. before all is said and done, this is the area that will have the snow the longest. the backside of the system is the one that also will produce more snow. there's the real definitive line coming out of southeastern pennsylvania. that's showing you where the rain is for south jersey all the way to cape may and making its way to atlantic city right now. on the backside, we'll have the snow coming in.
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still looks good out on long island. sort of filtered sunshine through coastal connecticut. you'll see the clouds creeping in just after noon. on the futurecast, watch the temperatures first. then we go through the late afternoon that could see the temperatures drop just a bit. it's mainly rain down here mixing in through south jersey and snow holding on. not a lot happening up in the hudson valley some sprinkles and light snow. temperatures crash to below freezing. tomorrow we wake up and we've got a mix of sun and clouds and temperatures are fairly comfortable in the upper 40s. what a way to close out the weekend. by monday, we'll be overcast and looking at rain coming in through the early part of the workweek. foughtcast painting the snow accumulations with the backside of the system with a trice an inch. heavy amounts are possible. you get the picture here. once that's out of here tonight, the rest of the weekend, that's the better part.
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then into monday morning, we'll see sprinkles and overconditions. all right, here we go. minor accumulation of 43 today is well below average for this time of year. then tonight, it's slick in spots, below freezing and tomorrow, 48. the accuweather seven-day forecast, a little on the cool side to start things off. but then we warm up nicely. monday and tuesday, we're almost 60 degrees both of those days. showers are also in the forecast. the sprinkle first on monday and then tuesday it'll be periods of rain. that'll be a little grayer day. on wednesday, 56 for the high. we settle into a nice pattern through the mid-50s. i also say the second half of the month looks pretty good. by the way, today is the fdny/n where pd hockey game -- nypd hockey game. i want to say nypd got me a jersey. i don't think they'll be the
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>> uh-oh! >> whoa, whoa! >> i'll be sitting in the fdny section. >> really? >> that's how i balance the world. >> you see how that works? >> 32 degrees of course is the freezing point. that's the number. >> always thinking. >> that was very good. >> have fun in the game. it should be good. >> thank you, amy. >> you got it. other news now, bruce springsteen has canceled a concert in north carolina to limit protections for gay and transgendered people. the boss was supposed to play in greensboro tomorrow. ticket holders will now get refunds. in a statement, springsteen said "some things are more important than a rock show. the fight against prejudice and bigotry which is happening as i
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several women in the media entertainment were recognized for their work helping others during the power of women luncheon. act trespasses julianne moore, lupita and megan kelly, missy copeland were honored for their fillen floppic efforts. they spoke are good fillen about their charities. >> it's women doing incredible things to get together to celebrate and inspire one another and hopefully move that work forward. >> several other women were also recognized for their efforts in various organizations battling everything from anxiety to child abuse and sexual assault. netflix is about to raise its prices on about 17 million members. i'm one of them.
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from $799 to $899 a month in may -- $7.99 to $8.99 a month. next month, everybody, including the grandfathered customers will be charged $9.99. >> everybody. 9:23. time for sports with rob powers. first, we need to bring back marcus solis live on the scene from his report. marcus, i wanted to take a minute because you are a man of your word. i wanted you to get a chance to explain to folks why you chose that particular tie this morning. >> reporter: well, rob, congratulations. you guys were the better team against my syracuse orange last saturday. so i had to dig deep in the closet, way in the back. i mean, i don't even know why i own a tie this color. [ laughter ] >> reporter: but i did break it out today, honored the bet. you know, the beauty of the tie
9:25 am
there's some navy blue in there as in villanova, maybe. >> oh! so salty. so salty. [ laughter ] >> very good. >> i admire you. you are a man of your word, marcus. thank you very much. there's always next season, sir. >> we got new lacrosse next week! >> all lies, man. march madness is officially over. you are good, sir. thank you. you can take that tie off later. carolina played syracuse so the loser had to wear the tie and they lost to villanova in the championship game. so congratulates to villanova and the refs you paid off. time for sports. good morning, everybody. terry collins said yesterday 2015 is over. time to turn the page. time for the mets to put that magical run from last year behind them and focus on making another world series push. this year, a little motivation in the home opener against the phillies. a banner day. jacob gets the start, and he
9:26 am
struck out six batters. he left after six innings. mets bats quiet until the sixth inning when neil walker came through with his field debut. michael conforto gets it. >> it got a little tight after the sixth inning. i said something to be smart about it early on. don't want to push it too much. i'm hoping it's elements. i had a back issue early in the spring but i don't think this is related to it. >> reporter: yesterday no fun at all in detroit at tigers opening day. mark teixeira was the d.h. but nobody did much hitting, did they? the yanks couldn't figure out detroit's jordan zimmerman. on the other side, cabrera got things started in the first inning and capped things off with this shot in the seventh.
9:27 am
later today. from now on, only two games left for the knicks then nothing but free time. they were on the road last night in philadelphia. brothers playing against each other in this one. they both started. that's great, huh? big brother jaren 16 for the knicks. they almost let the led slip away. robin lopez 24 points, 15 rebounds. jared grant knocks down a big bucket in the final minute. 109-102, knicks win to snap a two-game losing skid. the nets on the road. thomas a bright spot on this one. walker, bronx native 22 points, his 41st game with at least 20 for the hornets. they start running away with this one. nets lose 113-99. that is seven straight losses.
9:28 am
never missed a game in his jets career. heck, he only missed one play in ten years. round two of the masters, jordan spieth went wire to wire. he struggled on the back nine and shot a 74. 4 under par for the two rounds. the number within player in the world didn't fare much better. jason day shot one over. the number one player on the course was rory mcelroy in round 2. one of only four guys to finish the second round under par. started the day in ninth. round 3 later today. that's your morning sports update. whatever happens this weekend, laura behnke's got you covered. i'll see you right back here on monday. much more ahead on "eyewitness news" saturday morning including a live look at the day's top story. the cleanup is under way after yesterday's massive five- alarm fire on the jersey shore.
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it is 9:30. welcome back to "eyewitness news." you are looking live at the george washington bridge. it started out this morning with a beautiful sunrise. now it is overcast with things going downhill a little bit again on this april 9th. good morning, everyone. i'm toni yates in for michelle charlesworth. >> i'm rob nelson. thanks for tuning in for "eyewitness news." we're in store for a wintry- like weekend and even snow for folks in the area. more in jersey. let's get right over to aimy freeze for a look at what is coming today. >> it is going to be very winter-like, even though we are on april 9th. looking at a weekend, a lot of people don't like to hear the news. the optimistic viewpoint is it's not a lot of precipitation. not everybody sees it. it is a big recovery for the second half of the weekend. that is the best way i can spin
9:32 am
we're going up the hudson here towards the this live picture. you can see that we do have some cloudy skies, cloudy conditions, built for the most part -- but for the most part, we're actually dry in and around the city in the boroughs. it won't be until we get into the later part of the afternoon or i would just say maybe around the lunch hour, 1:00 that we start to see precipitation in the city. look at the temperatures. upper and low 40s close in opinion farther up to the south, 30s in south jersey. we have colder air in monticello and poughkeepsie. it's actually more energy well to the south of us. temperatures are going to be coldest later on today and into the night. so the freeze warning goes until tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. the cold air is lagging behind the precipitation that's available. we've got to get the two to meet in order to see any snow that sticks around here. snow falling over mount olive. we're eager to see pictures coming in from north and getting light flakes and
9:33 am
all of this early moisture moistens up the atmosphere. we'll see the showers coming south to north over the next couple of hours. when all is said and done, not a lot of snow is stacking up. we're looking at a few inches on grassy area where's we can have temperatures at least cold enough. not a lot of snow stacking up for us. this all ends by sunset tonight as it pushes off to the east. we'll talk more about temperatures and timing and snowfall amounts in the seven- day forecast coming up next. toni? following that massive fire that broke out in keyport, new jersey that caused a building to collapse and six firefighters were injured. cleanup crews were sifting through the mounds of rubble left behind and working to pinpoint the cause of the fire. marcus solis joins us live from keyport with a look at the after-math. marcus, good morning again. >> reporter: good morning, toni. this started about an hour and a half ago.
9:34 am
the remains of two buildings that were completely destroyed in yesterday's fire. crews are working to clear some of this away and reinforce the sidewalk and surrounding building next to it. now, this was a five-alarm fire that broke out around 4:30 yesterday. some scary moments when an exterior wall collapsed. six firefighters were injured fighting this fire. minor injuries. they were hurt nonetheless. it took 200 firefighters from a dozen surrounding communities to come in and knock this down. there were heavy winds and a ruptured gas line. so it was quite a battle to get this under control and the damage extensive, as we know, but business owners say they will be back. >> horrible, you know? sad. especially working here, living here.
9:35 am
we beat sandy so we can beat this. >> gene, firefighters really being given kudos for containing it to the two buildings that were destroyed. it does extend a little bit into the next building but it was saved. as for the cause of the fire, several reports from people who were working in the building that there was roofing work under way and the investigation now to see whether or not some of that repair work on the roof is what indeed led to this fire. we're live in keyport, marcus solis, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> thank you, marcus. a man suspected in 16 armed robberies across two boroughs is now in custody. detectives say 30-year-old august watkins robbed 14 stores in queens and another two in brooklyn. the robberies came in a span of only 11 days. police say in each one, he told workers he had a gun then grabbed money before simply running off. also, the second man who
9:36 am
in washington state has been captured. police say 28-year-old anthony garver crawled out of a low security unit with another patient. the other patient was caught a day later. garver was committed because he is accused of torturing a woman and killing her. a vicious pit bull attack in new jersey and now we're hearing from the neighbors who helped pull that dog away from the couple who was walking their 11-month-old daughter in nuttily when they were ambushed by the dog. the pit bull latched on to the young girl's legs. the mother's screams brought out lots of people in their homes. immediately, several neighbors took action. >> we got the baby out of the stroller, tied a tourniquet on it. the mother was distraught. just did what we had to do, you know? >> the little girl had to have more than 70 stitches. the dog is being held in quarantine.
9:37 am
back in court on may 4th. we're seeing video this morning released from the nypd of a slashing at a subway station in manhattan. police now believe the suspect they are searching for is a homeless man. the attack happened on the number 6 platform at the bleaker street station yesterday. police say a 55-year-old man from israel whos what asleep on a bench woke up to the suspect trying to rob him. the victim was slashed on his face, neck, and also hands. he was taken to the hospital in stable condition. gun control supporters will set out on the annual bike ride from newtown, connecticut, to our nation's capital team 26 makes the ride to honor the 20 children and six adults who were killed in sandy hook elementary school in the shooting in 2012. the group will make stops in new york, new jersey, and a few other states to talk with people about gun violence. once they get to washington d.c., team 26 will deliver a
9:38 am
gun laws on college campuses. it has nearly 28,000 signatures on it. tartan week continues in new york. rain or snow or shine, the tartan day parade will kick off this after moon. parade goers can see all of the kilts and bagpipes from had 4th up to a 5th. this year's grand marshal is currently playing jamie frazier in the stars tv show "outlander." it's kind of a cold day for the kilt, but that's okay. paul walker's daughter is getting a multi-million dollar settlement in her father's death. hear where it comes from. >> also ahead a little girl's climbing adventure got her into big trouble and how she was able to make it out of this.
9:39 am
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(maintenance guy) is that a hammock made out of ethernet cables? (it guy) yup, it's our entire network. (maintenance guy) should you be doing that? (it guy) nope! (maintenance guy) well, you could play a new york lottery scratch-off game. that's how i break the routine around here without making our entire network collapse. (it guy) good point. can i have one? (maintenance guy) sure. (avo) take a break from the expected.
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welcome back. i just got a text message my son has a baseball game in south jersey. he says let mae know if you get an e-mail about the game because it's snowing. >> i know. it's a bummer. a lot of the leagues and a lot of the spring sports are getting under way. we're not only going to see rain on the field but the potential for snow. not everybody will see it. the farther north you are, the better chance you have of getting your games in today. through south jersey and western central new jersey, these are the spots you can see the messiest weather. we are going to see at least some precipitation.
9:42 am
take a look at the temperatures. ing see any kind of snow especially in the spring with the high snow changing with the weather pattern. looking at the west side at the gwb, you can see just fine. we're looking at temperatures that are in the 40s right now in central park. we'll continue to see the climb in the temperatures through the afternoon. then we get even colder air coming in. it will be a chance for to us see the air moisten up and also to see it change with the temperature. so i think there's two things we have here. that's the colder air. also, wetter atmosphere to work with. the windchills are my coldest where the winds have been stronger. throughout the day today, it's 10 to 25 mile-per-hour wind will create a windchill for us. a lot of the energy of the system is coming just south of us. easterly component to the wind, yes.
9:43 am
that will bring us the windchill. as far as the it 'em chore coming down -- the temperature coming down, the actual air temperature that's what we're looking at as far as seeing snow that sticks. andover is one of the places where the snow you have newark and we're thinking more likely that we'll see wet conditions, maybe some snow sticking to some grassy surfaces but not a widespread major storm by any means. by 10:00 a.m. here, which is this hour, we're seeing it move in from the south and west. it'll continue to push eastward until sunset tonight. there could be a band of and late snow. that's where we expect the accumulations. early on it will be more wet and we could see a couple of inches for that. 1 to 3 in western new jersey is where you could see. a freeze warning is in effect until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning because. temperatures. getting into the radar and what's happening right now, you
9:44 am
parsippany, you can see the precipitation on the radar. the atmosphere is dry. that'll take some time. atlantic city is cooling off. there's wet weather to work with here. so a trace to an inch in areas in dark gray. that does take us back through pennsylvania as well. so for the next several hours, here in the city, temperatures are too warm for snow. it's a nasty, raw, damp afternoon in front of us. by 2:00, the storm changes over to snow falling. accumulation again, very light. once we get into tomorrow, looks like a good end to the weekend. it will start very cold. subfreezing temperatures
9:45 am
again, snowfall forecast not amounting to a whole lot. we'll call it minor accumulations and 42 degrees in the city. tonight, down to freezing money we'll be at 30 for the boroughs. outlying areas going down to the 20s. this is not as much for humans who just went through winter but the growing season for to you be aware of. the accuweather seven-day forecast here down the stretch, the rest of the week looks different. tuesday we'll have showers around. wednesday, thursday, and friday, we're dry with temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. i think that looks good. looking down the pike the second half of april has above average trends for temperatures. maybe we can make up for the cold weather. go hockey tonight at madison square garden. it's the first time that the nypd and fdny have played there. very nice.
9:46 am
>> i was slow this morning. i didn't catch that. >> the year i got this jersey, the nypd needed help. i don't think they do this year. >> be diplomatic at the game. >> amy, thank you. climbing a tree can be a rite of passage as a young kid. one girl in oregon soon realized some trees are just too tall to hike up. the 9-year-old was showing off her skills making it almost to the top of the neighbor's trees. one problem is, she couldn't find a way to get back down. her dad couldn't help her so they called the fire department. they came and got the girl down. she had a few scratches, but she's okay. she says she won't be climbing another tree any time soon. >> ironically, i wonder if she was grounded by her parents. [ laughter ] still to come on "eyewitness news" saturday morning, it may not feel like spring, but the flowers are in bloom. hear how hundreds of cherry
9:47 am
show starting today. >> before we go he to break, let's take a look at the calendar featuring a song i didn't know even existed until it was pointed out to me on twitter by one of our viewers. i want to think paula lanier. this is a remix of a song i all know, prince. apparently, he has a song called "sometimes it snows in. >> what? >> google it! roll it! [music] >> reporter: in new jersey, shop early for mother's day at the craftsman and home show which features food, artists, networking and party planning. explore the bronx river ramble as you walk along shoelace park and hear tales of the old neighborhood. ryan park presents scotland on the fountain terrace. bring did your kilt and swing on by.
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wild side. weekend walks for all ages. follow the trail ninjas on the path for environmental education. welcome spring with a special musical performance and educational demonstration of west african musical instruments at new cannon library in connecticut. enjoy long island bay area symphony arc extra as they present chatticcal collections. for more information about these events and to submit an event that could be featured on the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for8 million children. the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i approvethis message.
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we have a commuter alert for you this morning. the bayonne bridge will be closed through the weekend and reopen monday at 5:00 in the morning. during the week, it's open during the morning and evening rush hours. beginning next month, the closure will start earlier in the evening, moving to 7:00 p.m. the bridge is being razed to allow larger ships to pass under. the lincoln tunnel closure is not expected to interfere with your sunday morning drive. the tunnel's south tube will be there with the 5k run. expect to see the closure start around 7:00 a.m. and last about four hours. the annual lincoln tunnel challenge starts at 8:00 a.m. the charity run raises money for special olympics new jersey. in other news now, paul
9:52 am
multi-million dollar settlement withsest state of the man killed in. meadow walker's $10.1 million 2014. walker's attorney says no one noticed it for more than a year because of the name it was filed under. roger rodas was driving the car walker was riding in when they crashed in 2013. 200 victoria secret models will soon be out of work. the layoffs with ill help narrow its focus and simplify its operating model. vicar to ya secret says it's restructuring into spree separate business units. the company had a record financial year. this is the best time to make improvements. something special is happening today at a cherry blossom. this will be the first thing that the 5,000 cherry trees
9:53 am
1,000 trees are planted to make this new milestone possible. this year's festival kicks off today and runs through april 24th. who needs d.c.? we've got our own cherry blossom thing going on. we also have super cat saturday going on. amy, what is shaking? name. that's the truth. >> sometimes it snows in april. >> that's right. sprinkles the cat joining us this morning on this edition of super cat saturday. thank you, grant, for sending in the picture. love the name. riley, sent in by donna this morning. beautiful cat all posed up. maggie relaxing on a saturday. melvin all curled up on the couch. look at this cutie pie. welcome to the club, curry. brand new member of his family. we love the pictures. hashtag #them super cat saturday. my twitter handle is amy freeze
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
up it is now 9:55. our top stories. cleanup is under way after a devastating fire injured six firefighters and destroyed two buildings. >> hi, marcus. >> reporter: rob and toni, crews have been at it for about two hours to clear debris from the two collapsed building after the fire yesterday afternoon. some dramatic moments during the fire, an exterior wall collapsed as firefighters were trying to put out the blaze. six firefighters suffered minor injuries. it went to five alarms and started around 4:30. took most of the afternoon into the evening to bring it under control. there were two buildings that were knocked down and housed a couple of apartments and several businesses all reduced to rubble. now, the cause still under investigation, bet several business owners report that
9:57 am
they are trying to see whether or not the roofing contractor accidentally touched off that fire that started yesterday. we're live in keyport, marcus solis, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> marcus, thank you. police released this video of the city's most recent slashing. it happened at the bleaker street 6 train platform yesterday in manhattan. a 55-year-old man from israel was asleep on a bench when he woke up to a man trying to rob him. investigators are now searching for a homeless man in connection to this attack. i'm searching for warmer weather. so i have to wait until the end of the month, right? >> you have to wait a few days at the very least because today not only are temperatures going to be falling, we've got the freeze warning tonight but also snow for parts of the area. we're expecting more wet conditions than white conditions here in the city, but flakes could fly nonetheless.
9:58 am
we're cloudy and 42 degrees from the empire state building to the battery. we'll see the precipitation starting around the noon hour it looks like in the city. accuweather seven-day forecast. 43 today for the high. tonight, going down subfreezing temperatures. so any spots will freeze also wind out there. so hopefully that can dry things out before we have any problems with that. weekend. sprinkles. second half of the week looks better and the second half of the month as we look at long- term trend trends. as you are waiting for more spring-like weather it's coming. >> cover your plants tonight if you got eager and put them in the ground. >> keep hope alive. it will get warm. [ laughter ] >> thanks, amy. that'll do it for this edition of "eyewitness news" saturday morning. i'm toni yates in for the lovely michelle charlesworth. >> i'm rob nelson for the entire "eyewitness news" team.
9:59 am
>> we'll see you back here the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for8 million children. the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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