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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 12, 2016 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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we're tracking the show stoppers and headline makers. >> and ryan reynolds definitely fits that title. the star of "deadpool" already has a sequel in the works and three other movies coming out this year. >> that makes this the perfect time to take a look at the star by the numbers.
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on the canadian drama "15." he was the only actor to appear in all 65 episodes. he was gracing television screens again in abc. playing the role of michael for four seasons. since then, ryan has made the jump to movies. ryan can be found in a total of three marvel films including blade, trinity, and x-men origins. the actor playing other heros as well meeting wife blake lively on the set of green lantern. the couple marrying in a 2012 private ceremony. just before saying i do, the couple bought a mansion in bedford, new york, for $2.35 million. looks like making mortgage payments won't be a problem. ryan is worth a whooping $45 million. that's ryan reynolds by the numbers. from the city sightseeing
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new york city, thanks for watching. we'll see you next time. judge merrick garland has a high profile meeting this morning. abc's serena marshall has the details. >> reporter: it's an important week ahead for the white house's supreme court nominee merrick garland. his nomination hrms stalled in. the senate. but this week, he is continuing with meetings on capital little and adding more republican senators to the list. beginning his day later this morning, sitting down with senate judiciary chairman chuck grassley for breakfast, grassley saying earlier this week the sky won't fall with one last justice. but taking a meeting with garland to explain why the senate won't take up his nomination. white house press secretary josh
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grassley is proof threw are making progress but still have a long way to go. >> he certainly has the capacity to answer these questions. he's prepared to do it on camera under oath. he's prepared to take whatever questions democrats and republicans on the senate judiciary committee may have to put forward. he can handle it. i guess the question is, why can't the people asking the questions handle it. >> reporter: at the end of the week, garland will have met with 14 different senators. six of them republican. add that to the three republicans he met with last week and the white house remains confident pressure will be put on the republicans to move his nomination forward. kendis, diane? >> all right. thank you. prince william and duchess kate paid their respects to mahatma gandhi. they walked through the site where he was assassinated in 1948. the couple is on a trip to india and buton.
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tomorrow when prince william samples one of the world's hottest chilies. >> and dutch yes, sir kate is not. >> i certainly wouldn't want to. >> all right. should be interesting afterwards. see what impact that has. >> we'll find out. most weekday mornings it's a pretty cool driving in reno, neb nev when a guy puts together hobo artwork. >> a series of rock formations meant to look like animals and people. hobo cyrus says he does it because he likes to see people smile. >> every day the formations are taken apart, then put back together in a different way. the next day. hobo sighious says he goes through the same cycle every day because it's like nature. nothing stays the same. >> i wonder if people get freaked out because they don't expect to see this rock formation creature. >> it's kind of creepy. >> it's cute in a way. i guess it depends what the formation is really. reminds me of on the cruise
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towels, that kind of thing >> he said he wanted to do something that he loved about. so he decided to do this. >> he's making people happy. not bothering anybody. >> coming up, a new study about the effects of lsd on the brain. >> also ahead, a ride service just for women including the drivers. the new app that puts passenger safety above anything else. but is it fair or even legal to exclude men. >> and the rude health alert for one starbucks customer. why the company is apologizeing for the harsh joke. but first, a look at our forecast map. 71 in our pick city. >> i was so excited to say the weather. i almost jumped on your line there. >> go ahead. great falls. >> where is great falls? >> oh, there it is.
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diabetes, here i come. it was placed on a man's grande white mocha at a starbucks in st. augustine, florida. turns out the customer has two sisters with diabetes. starbucks apologizing saying it's disappointed to learn of the incident. the man wants to make sure it never happens again to anybody. >> they spelled it right. can't spell diane but they can spell diabetes apparently. >> winning. brain scans show just how much lsd affects the brain. researchers at imperial college in london injected the drug into the brains of volunteers. the results indicate with lsd, the brain may integrate information from different parts of the brain at once just like a baby that may account for trips experienced by lsd users. >> may want some lsd if you're stuck doing your taxes. we are hitting the deadline. if you tried to do your own income taxes, it's days away from the deadline. >> it is coming up on the 18th.
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getting a rude awakening with a myriad of changes in this year's tax code. here's abc's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: the most confusing thing about taxes. something you? >> reporter: the good news for procrastinators, tax day is monday, april 18th. under federal law, tax day gets pushed back if there's a conflict with a federal holiday. and this year, emancipation day gives did americans an extra weekend to crunch those numbers. if you live in a state that celebrates patriots' day, that moves the date back to april 19th. the bad news, the penalty for not having qualifying health care coverage goes up big. >> for people who didn't have coverage this year, they're going to see penalties roughly doubled last year. >> reporter: and due to the affordable care act, taxpayers will see a couple of new forms. unan employer issued document, a 1095 b or 1095 c, that reports medical coverage. check on your tax return that
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you don't need to send the forms in. for those who received an advance premium tax credit, this was government help to pay for coverage through a health exchange. it's a little more complicated. you have to reconcile that credit when you file and you must file. >> they need to file or they jeopardize the credit in the future. >> reporter: also new this year, tax bracks have risen slightly and the personal exemption that all taxpayers are entitled to take goes up 50 bucks. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. coming up, the new ride sharing mobile app. >> it's aimed at women who might not feel safe taking upper or
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p?p?o?gv >> wait for it. >> hey, must be the money. we're having fun about that one. so you may never really know who you're riding with when you hail a car using a ride sharing app like uber or lyft. >> it's become a growing personal safety issue for many women in particular. now a new app could change all of that. here's abc's gio benitez. >> incidents like these, a passengers' worst nightmare.
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get raped. >> jen says her driver dropped her off and refused to leave. >> nothing out of my mouth was anything other than no. >> reporter: a neighbor finally scaring the driver away. uber severing ties with him. also in january, in jacksonville lyft driver charged with battery after a woman says he attacked her in the back seat of his car. the driver pleading not guilty. lyft permanently removing him and calling his behavior absolutely unacceptable. just last week, uber agreeing to pay up to $25 million to settle a lawsuit alleging it misled consumers on background collection of its drivers. lyft agreeing to pay half a million to settle similar allegations in 2014. both companies settling with no admission of wrongdoing. now michael pellets, a former uber driver and his wife kelly offering an alternative service. chariot for women. a soon to be launched car service exclusively for women passengers. the drivers all female aiming to give passengers peace of mind.
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passengers in my back seat, i heard stories that were about unsafe travel. and uber drivers hitting on women and just a lot of unsafe issues. >> reporter: he says the service will also cater to mothers with young children offering lifts for moms with girls and boys under 13. but he admits it's not a guarantee of safety. we asked folks at the annual women's expo in rhode island if all women drivers would make them feel safer. >> we're more comfortable with women but also that doesn't exempt women from being kind of like. >> malicious. >> gwen pratt is a future chariot for women driver. she says having just women and children in her back seat will likely protect the company's female drivers, too. >> if i was picking up a man, i know he's going to be a lot stronger than me and i would not feel comfortable. >> reporter: the concept not new. she taxis introduced in new york city in 2014 says they received
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response from its customers. but had to temporarily shutdown partly because they couldn't meet the demand. but also because of accusations of discrimination from men looking for a ride. >> you can't limit hiring to just one gender from a public accommodation aspect. you can't limit how offer your services to to just one gender. >> reporter: chariot for women maintains its business is well within the law. its lawyer telling us, we believe that giving women and their loved ones peace of mind is not only a public policy imperative but serves an essential social interest. gio benitez, abc news, new york. our thanks to gio for that story. we should mention that uber tells abc news its technology makes it possible for safer rides in ways that have never been possible before. >> lyft also tells us the safety of their community is their top priority and cariot for women claims it can do better saying both passenger and driver will
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before the ride begins. the service is launching in boston and select cities next week. >> coming up, the lav large of comments streaming into our newsroom about -- >> oh, no. >> this lady. >> even i was surprised at some of these reactions. wait till you see what some of you have been saying about me. >> a lot of people got on twitter and decided i'm going to watch tv and comment about diane macedo.
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>> and then? >>ma,ma,ma, ma. >> you send me off to work or something like that i don't know. >> you don't have to know the words. you just have to groove to it. >> yeah. >> okay. good. >> that's my analysis. so it's day two of diane. already on day one, plenty of reactions streaming in. >> some good, some not so good. >> it was all very good. >> you know at first we had a warm welcome for paul williams at accuweather. he came up with something they paul williamsesque. >> a little diddy for kendis and diane, two american kids doing the best they can. kendis is going to be a football star dine is in the back of kendis car diane is sitting on kendis lap with a hand on her knee >> so you didn't know he was on
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>> he didn't know we were recording. >> he had the air guitar. >> oh, paul williams didn't know that they were romming on his camera when he was singing that song. >> yeah, but he came up with those lyrics off the top of his head. >> it was very creative. he was right on pitch. >> back of my car into thanks for the tribute, anyway, paul, even if you didn't know. >> some viewer love on the twitters. lisa wilford says welcome, diane so glad you're taking over for reena. love the connection you already have with kendis. >> apparently it's a lot closer than i thought according to paul williams. >> there was also wayne yee who says beautiful. she seems to talk with her mouth closed a lot. any idea what that's about? >> i don't know what they're talking about. i work very hard to enunciate every word i say. kendis. >> that is freaky how do you do that. >> do what?
2:58 am
>> i don't know what you mean. what? >> chris from our powerhouse kstp affiliate in minneapolis says that she seems fun. her singing though. >> oh. >> of the white snake song was taking you to task on that. >> are you sure that was a good -- that might have been a good singing though, right? her singing though. >> her singing though.
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this morning on "world news now," republicans battling it out from coast to coast. >> donald trump taking issue with the delegate system lashed out at a massive new york rally, and while ted cruz pokes fun at him from california, a racially i think itted joke involving hillary clinton is serving up controversy. >> the debate over the law in north carolina getting louder as
3:01 am
just defending their families while others say it's simply discrimination. flyer fury >> [ bleeped ]. >> an irate passenger goes latis i don't think on an airline worker screaming as her flight gets delayed. hear the real reason for her rage and why she was so desperate to board that plane. >> that hectic routine of your daily life, it's about time for r&r. you won't have to stretch to great lengths nor will you need a pill to chill. we're going to show you some simple fixes let'ser in the mix" on this tuesday, april 12th. . >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." i'm diane macedo. >> i'm kendis gibson. you made it back for day two. >> thanks so much. small victories. >> small victories. >> i'll put that in the win column. >> it's all uphill from here. how have the reviews been so far? >> i think positive overall but
3:02 am
someone just said they missed me like a stomach ache. >> i think that's a compliment. just kind of weird. i saw that too. from i'll tell you, something that is giving a lot of people stomach aches right now in the trump campaign at least is how the delegate fight is shaping up. and there's been another day of stinging attacks in the race for the white house. donald trump is fighting mad over that delegate count. >> i lashed out last night as he addressed more than 10,000 supporters in albany, new york, after losing another round of delegates to ted cruz. trump took direct aim at not only cruz but the political process. it's your voice, your vote. abc's jonathan carl is on the campaign trail. >> reporter: donald trump is fuming, calling the republican primary process, quote, rigged and crooked. >> but the system, folks, is rigged. it's a rigged, disgusting, dirty system. >> reporter: trump even tweeted this video of a man in colorado, burning his republican party registration. >> i've been a republican all my life, but i will never be a
3:03 am
>> reporter: his name is larry lindsey, a trump supporter who told abc news he was turned away when he tried to attend the state party convention in colorado springs. >> for liberty. for ted cruz. for freedom. 272. >> reporter: trump didn't show up in colorado. and his team was out-organized by senator ted cruz, who walked away with all of colorado's 34 delegates. >> let me tell you a little secret as far as our country is concerned. we have a democracy but we've got to keep our democracy and we're going to do that. >> cruz was gloating. >> donald has been yelling and creaming a lot of whining. i'm sure some cursing and some late-night fevered tweeting. and the latest thing he's seized upon is when people vote against him, they're stealing the
3:04 am
it's a really odd notion. what is this democracy of which you speak? be? there be new signs of trump's disorganization closer to home. the candidate admitting his own children, ivanka and eric, won't be able to vote in next week's new york primary. >> they were unaware of the rules and they didn't register in time. >> whoops. >> so they feel very, very guilty. so, eric and ivanka, i guess, won't be voting. >> reporter: especially embarrassing because of this -- >> hi, south carolina, i'm ivanka trump. hi, nevada, i'm ivanka trump. aloha, hawaii, i'm ivanka trump. >> reporter: ivanka has been doing videos throughout the campaign reminding supporters to register and vote. >> you need to actually be registered as a republican. you just write down the name trump, and you are done. and that's it. very exciting. >> donald trump has nearly 2 million more votes than ted cruz. but the simple fact is the cruz campaign is miles ahead of trump when it comes to the grassroots
3:05 am
select the individual delegates that will go to the republican convention there summer in cleveland. trump's aides acknowledge privately that they have a lot of work to do to catch up and they insist they will. jonathan karl, abc news, albany, new york. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is coming under fire for a racially tinged joke. clinton appeared in an annual media event with new york mayor bill deblasio and a cast member from the broadway hit "hamilton." they put on a comedy routine with a stereotypical reference that some found awkward. >> sorry, hillary. i was running on cp time. >> that's not. >> i don't like jokes like that, bill. >> cautious politician time. >> cp time is a widely used term among african-americans meaning colored people time referring to a habit of being late. the mayor deblasio whose wrif is black says anyone upset by the
3:06 am
so far no response from clinton. >> i love how we had to explain what that meant. the other big story happening right now, the south taking a pounding from severe storms as texas. the region saw large, damaging hail and very strong winds. some of the hailstones were the size of softballs. one town's 911 system was overwhelmed by all the emergency calls. some schools are closed today and forecasters say there could be tornadoes overnight in northern texas and louisiana. let's look at the radar. the thunderstorms are now shifting into the southeast on the radar, you can seats heavy downpours in mississippi and alabama, as well. isolated tornados are also possible there today. police at the u.s. capitol can expect another busy day today due to planned protests. a coalition of groups calling itself democracy spring marches and clanted its way to the capitol yesterday. protests are demanding big money be removed from politics and also claim state voter i.d. laws
3:07 am
the groups have demonstrations planned for every day this week. hundreds of protesters gathered in north carolina over the state's controversial new law limiting protections for the lgbt community. there were several tense moments when those who support the law clashed with those who call it discriminatory. here's abc's elizabeth hur. >> to protect our families and our children. >> reporter: another week, another rally. >> it was plain common sense. no men in women's restrooms, right? does everybody agree with me? >> reporter: this time supporters of north carolina's new law drawing protests from opponents. >> my risk of being attacked, accosted, challenged, even killed in a restroom has increased. >> reporter: the new law spells out which public restrooms transgender individuals must use. the gender that's on their birth
3:08 am
born in the usa >> reporter: calling an the law discriminatory, bruce springsteen canceled his concert in greensboro and hall of famer charles barkley is telling cnn he thinks the nba should move next year's all-star game. >> i'm supposed to stand up for the people who can't stand up for themselves. so i think the nba should move the all-star game from charlotte. >> reporter: the backlash doesn't end there. paypal dropped plans to expand in north carolina. costing the state 400 jobs. another company, bray burn pharmaceuticals is also reconsidering a major expansion there. just last week, mississippi enacted a similar religious freedom law. despite opposition from big businesses, threatening to pull work from that state. singer bryan adams just canceled a concert in mississippi. the aclu is suing north carolina
3:09 am
go all the way to the u.s. supreme court. diane and kendis. >> elizabeth, thanks so much. shifting gears now, three people are dead after their boat sank off the florida coast including a 9-year-old boy and his father. one of the boaters was rescued after he washed ashore nearly 24 hours later exhausted but alive. their 24-foot boat capsized sunday afternoon. the victims held onto the boat as long as they could. but eventually drowned. and on florida's west coast, a 17-year-old kayaker is safe after being rescued by the coast guard. the teenager was in the water about four hours before rescue helicopters spotted. she lost herred. paddle when she was hit by the wake from a boat. >> there are growing demands as the a controversial billboard in florida. the sign in st. augustine reads
3:10 am
a local imam says islam is a religion of peace, love and respect. >> we all know one of the great things about going to a baseball game is the possibility of catching a foul ball. some people call it a once in a lifetime experience. >> which brings us to the tiger game yesterday. fan big duggan caught five foul balls during his team's loss to the pirates. he gave the balls away to kids nearby. >> duggan is something of a foul bal magnet. he sits behind home plate and says he's caught hundreds of balls at games now. he loves giving them to kids and seeing the smiles on their faces. and on a related note, the tigers have signed him up for center field. >> they did not win the game, unfortunately. all the focus was on duggan. some people are calling him a baseball fan, others wondering if he's a wizard. apparently the secret is where he sits. >> behind hope plate. >> edged a little bit toward first base. he says that's where most of the foul balls land. he's a season sixth holder and
3:11 am
200 to 300 baseballs at home. >> wow. i don't know if that's cool or sad. coming up, zen and the art of the internet. we'll explain "the mix.." first the sound and the fury. an angry airline passenger having a complete meltdown at the airport when her plane is delayed. >> and stunning new revelations about the o.j. simpson murder trial. the man in charge of prosecuting simpson is admitting his mistakes. >> check out our behind the scenes pics on instagram. abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." little something i've done every night since i was a kid, empty my pocket change into this old jar. it's never much, just what's left after i break a dollar. and i never thought i could get quality life insurance with my spare change. neither did i. until i saw a commercial for the colonial penn program. imagine people our age getting life insurance at such an affordable rate.
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that was the steamy scene here in manhattan yesterday. a water main broke sending water on to a hot steam pipe causing a huge cloud of mist. panic. hurt. we have an update on this story. the texas police officer seen slanning a 12-year-old student to the ground has been fired. school officials in san antonio say the officer's use of force was unwarrantied. he say the officer failed to report the incident as required. he was supposed to report any use of force right away. the officer we're told initially characterized it as an accidental fall. >> mass mats state polices are investigating the latest report
3:16 am
airline cockpits. the flight did land safely. this is the fourth incident like this at logan this year, shine aga laser into a cockpit is illegal. >> oo an airport rage incident played out there yesterday or this weekend here in new york. a mother frustrated with multiple delays approaching 12 hours apparently reached her witt's end. >> her meltdown was caught on camera. abc's david kerley has that story. >> reporter: talk about a meltdown. >> don't give me this [ bleep ] anymore. and you're all going to pay for my disney cruise and you're going to pay for everything else here. >> reporter: this is newly released video from laguardia airport late last month, when an american airlines flight to miami didn't leave on time. we've all felt the frustration. in this case, laguardia was actually shut down. the jet was told to divert to philadelphia to wait for the high winds to die down. >> with a 9-year-old, who is waiting for her vacation, and a
3:17 am
and you're telling [ bleep ] to all these people. >> reporter: a consumer advocate says passengers need to factor in delays. you're defending the airline and what they did in this case. >> when it comes to talking about weather, you just have to sometimes, take a big deep breath and say, all right, let me try again tomorrow. >> reporter: the jet made it the to miami the next day in, all about a 12-hour delay. and disney tells us all booked passengers made it to the ship. so apparently the mother and children did make it. david kerley, abc news, washington. >> apparently the passenger who took the video said that the p.m. and she kind of said that the staff had a lack of communication, lack of sympathy for the passengers. didn't give them a hotel room for the night. she was kind of defending the woman's behavior a little bit. >> you have a 9:00 p.m. flight. let's say people got there the two hours ahead of time.
3:18 am
>> all they got was a $12 meal voucher. >> that's not even enough for a drink at the bar. >> hopefully she got to her cruise. the flight did take off the next day. >> coming up in our next half hour, homeowner area worst nightmare. a husband and wife in the idaho while selling their house. a complete stranger then moves in. why is a judge siding with the alleged squatter. >> how bringing the trial of the century back to life is triggering new revelations about the trial. what the former l.a. district attorney is now saying about prosecutor marcia clark. you're watching "world news
3:19 am
>> announcer: wo the wildly popular fx miniseries the people versus
3:20 am
dialogue about a trial that two decades later still has people sharply divided. >> one of the show's critics, former los angeles district attorney gil garcetti is opening up about prosecutor marcia clark. abc's gio benitez has the story. >> absolutely 100% not guilty. >> reporter: for millions of viewers, the star-studded mini series the people versus o.j. simpson" brought the so-called trial of the century back to life. >> not guilty. >> reporter: for the real life cast of characters, the show bringing up memories and new chances to tell their stories. >> if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. >> reporter: now, former l.a. district attorney gil garcetti speaking about the prosecution of simpson. telling saying she wasn't my choice. telling the post clark ca lobbied hard it take the lead in the case and he had con tem played to give the indicates to a more seasoned prosecutor. the former district attorney
3:21 am
lawyer but one of the things with her was she didn't heed the advice of our trial consultant who told her not to the pick african-american women, particularly black mothers for that jury. she didn't listen and once she did that, there was no chance that we'd get a guilty verdict. garcetti saying the emotional clark was no match for simpson's high powered dream team. >> you're always talking about the truth. well the truth came out. >> reporter: the wildly successful series sparked new interest in the case and gave hillons new insight into prosecutor marcia clark, including sarah paulson hon played her on the small screen. >> she's a toughie. i had a very particular picture of her one that i think most americans had was she was a kind of strident aggressive [ bleeped ]. and through all the research i did and the scripts themselves, i came to realize that was so, so far from the truth. >> reporter: as for marcia clark, she recently told "the
3:22 am
>> for me it's reliving a nightmare. it's just all of. every bit is all of. hard for me. >> reporter: gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> it's a tough one recapping a true story like that. but she comes out very good in the series. i'm surprised she finds it so painful to watch. >> she's been the focus of this entire series. the slow has been incredibly popular. >> sarah paulson what an amazing job playing clark. i want to watch it again. >> you saw the whole series. >> i saw the actual trial.
3:23 am
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seems like every time the toilet gets cleaned, someone's there to undo it. after a superior clean, apply the lysol click gel. to keep it fresh, flush, after flush, after flush. for a toilet that gets clean, then actually stays that way. lysol that. we're going to start "the mix" with our moment of zen. actually did a meditation class here and they said you're supposed to do something like that and you make the noise of a bee. >> is that just buzzing? >> it clears your ahead.
3:26 am
>> do you feel it. >> are you more stressed with me doing that. >> kind of. it's supposed to help when you're by yourself. but here's something that's supposed to help you with your moment of zen, as well and to clear your head. this is a new gif that's created. and you're supposed to breathe in and breathe out with that and it's supposed to make you calm just a few minutes of breathing in now. breathe out. the funny thing is you can't cc'sal, our floor direct ser doing it with us. did it make you become a little calm? >> i don't know. >> yeah. i think maybe you just breathe in and you don't breathe out. i might have it a little wrong. 18% of american who have anxiety it's supposed to help. >> i can see it could be a little bit soothing. i want to keep our viewers
3:27 am
we're going to go right back to that achks ite. this is a fesherman who went out fishing with his young daughter. he throws a line in the boat. apparently this is an area very popular with catfish. so he feels a pretty strong tug. but does have the wherewithal to tell his daughter to stand back. it's a good thing because take a look at what he actually pulls out of the water. if you are able to see it. that was actually a gator. thought he was catching a fish, ends up catching a gator instead and look at the teeth. >> there's no way. >> he just throws everything, the line, everything's gone. you can see him pedaling for his life trying to get out of there as quickly as possible. >> i'd be freaking out. here's another guy that was freaking out. he thinks yes, i've caught this marlin. they're 25 miles out to sea and reeling this marlin in until this marlin says i'm not going down without a fight. look at that. >> you didn't catch me. i caught you.
3:28 am
strikes him. you would think that would scare him and stop him from trying to reel in it, but no, he keeps going. >> i would not want to combat that thing in the water or out. i have a little gadget you may be able to use to fly over it. now we have a real hoverboard out invented by the same guy who invented fly boards.
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," bracing for impact. massive hail stones rain down across the south, smashing cars and damaging homes as more storms are on the way. the accuweather forecast just ahead. >> new fears over the zika virus and why the cdc is saying it's scarier than they thought. the big push for funds to fight
3:31 am
>> and new this half hour, a major boom in basketball game tickets. >> yes, sky high prices for a pair of historic games on the horizon with somebody paying the price of a luxury sedan to see kobe bryant's final shot. >> wow. and it was a night of princes and princesses and plenty of fairy dust on "dancing with the stars." whose dreams came true during disney week and who had their spell broken. we have the complete wrap-up in "the skinny" on this tuesday, april 12th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> so you can do disney tunes, as well? >> i love disney, come on. >> i've had beauty and the beast stuck in my head ever since watching an the show last night. ginger nailed it last night. >> don't want to give it away. >> but she nailed it. spoiler alert but yeah. >> now i'm going to have every disney tune stuck in my head for the entire night. >> it was great. and you know, corporate synergy definitely on display on
3:32 am
>> we'll milk it. any disney song, any disney movie, i'm totally in. >> absolutely. >> but first, our top story this half hour which is the severe weather slamming the southeast right now. >> meteorologists expect heavy rain through the night and all day for mississippi, alabama and georgia with a good chance of flash flooding. some isolated tornados are also possible. >> that same storm system left behind damage from hail in north texas, hailstones as big as softballs smashed windows in -- look at that scene. that was in a car and homes, as well were severely damaged. no injuries reported although a highway crash may be due to the weather. >> a school district north of dallas has canceled classes and baseball games at all 19 of its campuses today because of damage from the hail storms. schools and private homes have broken windows, water leaks and problems was rooftop air conditioning systems. some of the large hail even penetrated the hoofs. can you imagine? >> it's amazing. here's something els in south
3:33 am
fire that destroyed a church. there were also storm related fires at a home and an oil rig in the town. firefighters say all the fires started within ten minutes. the area also saw large hail, as well, rain, strong winds with many trees and power lines knocked down. no injuries, however were, reported. that region will see more storms later on today. but the bad weather is extending into the southeast. >> in fact, it should be a wet morning commute for the entire east coast. let's get some details now from accuweather's paul williams. good morning, paul. >> good morning to you. welcome as well as you kendis, good to see you again. all right. southern soaker in a big way. scattered showers and thunderstorms along the gulf coast and along i-20 where they've already had a round of thunderstorms just last night. now here's another round that will cause problems going into alabama, georgia, panhandle of florida. up toward the carolinas right up towards virginia. now, that's going to switch on us on wednesday. we'll have a few thunderstorms over central portion of florida but then looking for scattered showers numerous along the gulf
3:34 am
not only there, in the northeast, the front will begin to mess with the northeast, as well. scattered showers from maine down throughout the coast including boston, new york, baltimore, d.c. area. even into philly with cool air behind it. >> all right, paul. thank you. there's alarming news now about the zika virus. health officials say the more they learn about it, the scarier it becomes. it can cause major birth detects. those officials told lawmakers on capitol hill they need more money for mosquito control and the development of vaccines and treatment against the virus. abc's dr. richard besser explains what this means for women who plan on getting pregnant. >> the dcd is saying there's know period during your pregnancy when it's safe. there won't be a vaccine this year. using repellent avoiding bites is what you can do to stay safe. >> experts don't expect widespread outbreaks in the continental u.s. but they warn we all need to be ready just in case.
3:35 am
presidential front-runners launching fierce attacks ahead of the big primary that's next. donald trump is slamming ted cruz and calling the nomination process rigged. but the latest poll has trump way ahead of his gop rivals in his home state of new york with 54% and ted cruz is lagging far behind as you can see, even behind john kasich. hillary clinton has a 14-point lead over sanders in new york but she's not letting up, hitting him on gun control, immigration as well as foreign policy. it's your voice, your vote. we get the latest right now from abc's stephanie ramos. >> reporter: good morning, kendis and diane. the presidential candidates republican busy campaigning, most of them in new york with hillary clinton gearing up for a possible general election showdown with donald trump. hillary clinton is battling with vermont senator bernie sanders to win over voters in new york, focusing on the possible fight down the line with donald trump, the former new york senator taking aim at trump awhile campaigning in queens where trump grew up.
3:36 am
was born in this borough. he seems not to respect the diversity that i think make us. >> clinton blasting sanders, casting him as unprepared for the white house. >> he's had trouble answering questions about his core issue. >> reporter: the brooklyn born sanders coming off another win this time in wyoming is also in the empire state. >> on april 19th, new york can make history. let's do it. thank you very much. >> reporter: on the republican side, ted cruz is campaigning in california, ahead of that state's primary. reveling in his weekend delegate sweep in colorado. >> donald, it ain't stealing when the voters vote against you. it is the voters reclaiming their country and reclaiming sanity. >> reporter: while donald trump and john kasich remain in new york. >> i'm here for one reason. make america great again. that's the only reason.
3:37 am
donald trump will be missing out on two votes from his kids. ivanka and eric trump missed the deadline to register as republicans and won't be able to vote for their dad in the new york primary next week. diane and kendis, back to you. >> ouch. thanks, stephanie. police in new orleans plan to add another charge against a man being held for the murder of former saints player will smith. cardell hayes remains in custody. that additional charge stems from the shooting of smith's wife. hayes defense attorney says hayes was rear ended by another driver and called 911 before he ran into the back of smith's vehicle. smith was shot and killed shortly after that incident. hayes will plead not guilty according to his lawyer. and there's some outrage over the outcome of a police shooting case in south carolina. dashcam video from two years ago shows the end of a 13-minute chase. a white officer following a 68-year-old black driver.
3:38 am
the car and then pull back and open fire. the driver ernest sater white was killed. craven has now pleaded guilty to misconduct and accepted a sentence of three years probation as well as community service. prosecutors wanted him charged with voluntary manslaughter but a grand jury refused to indict him. >> a major financial firm paying a huge fine. the justice department reached a settlement of $5 billion with goldman sachs. the government accused the firm of misleading investors about the quality of its mortgage bonds in the years leading up to the financial meltdown. goldman is the last major american bank to settle with the justice department on this issue. so the nba's regular season ends tomorrow. and fans are shelling out big-time for a couple high profile games. first steph curry and the golden state warriors will take on the memphis grizzlies hoping to win their 73rd game of the season. that, of course, would set a new season record for wins. online trackers say the average price for a sixth is around $1600.
3:39 am
astronomical for kobe bryant's final nba game. the lowest priced ticket on stubhub is more than $700. someone has paid more than $27,000 for two tickets to see bryant close out his legendary career. >> we could get the amphibious lambo for less than that. >> the waterlogged lamborghini. you can get a lot of the things for $27,000. other than just see kobe play. >> i'll catch that from home. >> he scored 13 points last night. do you still want to see that? >> good luck, kobe. there will be plenty of beer consumed at the games tomorrow night. another place with a lot of beer drinking apparently going on, cuba. >> this is a travesty. the communist island just 90 miles from key west is seeing an influx of american tourists. it seems many of them are thirsty, not in that way but so thirsty in another way that cuba is starting to run low on beer. >> cuba's main brewer is considering opening a new plant to increase supply.
3:40 am
importing beer in an attempt to keep pace with that growing depend. demand. >> do you buy this? >> well, you're in cuba. why not drink rum. >> you should be having mojitos. i don't know of any with beer in it. >> maybe if you want to wake up early in the morning, it's a little strong. buyer is for breakfast. >> you're in cuba. >> rum is for breakfast now. i'll have rum for breakfast. you win. >> coming up in "the skinny," plenty of beauties and more than a few beasts on last night's special edition of disney week on "dancing with the stars." whose dreams came true and who got the boot. >> why kylie jenner is coming under fire over her cosmetics website and her claim about wigs. >> we'll be right back. >> announcer: "world news now," weather, brought to you by colonial penn life insurance.) it's a little something i've done every night since i was a kid, empty my pocket change into this old jar. it's never much, just what's left after i break a dollar.
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>> quite a scene here. look carefully, some firefighters in nebraska doing what they had to to get a 120-pound great dane out of a tree. you see it there? yeah, the dog was about 20 feet high. its fall was broken by people holding a tarp on the ground. the owner says cora probably got struck while chasing a squirrel or raccoon up the tree. cora is going to be quite fine. >> i wonder if cora learned her lesson. no more climbing up the trees. the squirrels meanwhile are pretty happy about this. legal frustration is quickly turning into a nightmare for one couple outside of boise, idaho who moved out of their home after putting it on the market. >> once they were out, a complete stranger allegedly moved in. now a judge has ruled in favor of the alleged squatter.
3:45 am
>> reporter: you're looking at a homeowner's worst nightmare. piles of trash, pizza on the carpet, scratches on the walls. >> cigarette butts everywhere. she was letting her cat use our carpet as a litter box. >> reporter: according to homeowners renea and brian prindle, she is a squatter. >> this is all imaginary. we're not landlords and she's not our tenant. >> reporter: shortly after the couple put their idaho home up for sale and moved out, this woman, with several drug-related offenses, whom they say they never met, moved in, saying she signed a lease. >> i don't know if this is a lease that she made up, i don't know if somebody scammed her, but it is clearly not a lease that was authorized by the homeowners. for an expedited eviction hearing. >> we needed this to be done and possible. >> reporter: but the judge denying their request. the process could now take months, potentially jeopardizing the sale of their house. >> i'm sick to my stomach.
3:46 am
home from this type of disaster, the experts recommend you alert police or neighbors if you plan to be away for an extended period of time. have someone pick up your mail, so it doesn't collect out front and set is your house lights on a timer so it appears there's always activity inside. new york. when we come back, who got the boot last night on "dancing with the stars." >> and the bizarre things that happen when you ask siri what happened to jon snow. the world wants to know. >> do you know who jon snow is? >> uh.
3:47 am
3:48 am
tt2wlr=[kk`:o j# .9 tt2wlr=[kk`:!!*n ^9h tt2wlr=[kk`:4!j# (/< tt2wlr=[kk`:x#*&`:/!h tt2wlr=[kk`:t#j'`:;!, tt2wlr=[kk`:t#j)`:0ah tt2wlr=[kk`:p#j*`:'zt tt2wlr=[kk`:p#j,`:f 4 tt2wlr=[kk`:l#*.`:o)8 tt2wlr=[kk`:l#*0`:t?p skinny, so skinny >> and why are you laughing at me? >> i was laughing at your dance moves. >> what's wrong with my dance moves? >> oh, sorry. i was looking down. i thought you were doing the whole -- >> no, but that is one of my go tos. it's time now for "the skinny." topping our headlines today, the happiest show on earth. >> it was disney week on last night's "dancing with the stars" complete with princesses, princes and a few beefs, as well. hands down, last night's best performance and admittedly we're biased but this was the truth, was our own belle of the ball
3:49 am
and the beast." scoring 9s across the board for a final score of 36 out of 40. >> coming in close second, nyle dimarco and peta with their tarzan samba and a scantily clad nyle sending the judges and fans into a frenzy with judge bruno saying they deserve an emmy for best supporting loin cloth. we'll let that sit for a little bit. the couple scored a 34 out of 40. >> paige vanzant, mark ballas blew everyone out of the water with their quick step to "toy story's" "you've got a friend in me," landing at the top of the leaderboard with 36 out of 40. >> not everyone can be a winner. losers of the night were marla maples and her partner tony dovolani. they got the boot but not before they performed a beautiful waltz to "the little mermaid." mash la said it's been the most incredible experience. so much fun. it looked like they had fun. >> it was a fun night. >> and ben sherwood was in the
3:50 am
favorites. >> favorite all-time song, disney song? >> yes. i might know every single word. it's possible. >> you probably do. it was a fun night. that's always my favorite moment of the year. >> even those who didn't perform that well were still in a really good mood. how could you not dancing to disney tunes. >> doug flutie was, but he had a great time. >> boston college, i love doug flutie. be careful. >> it's all right. sorry, don't mean to knock western new york or boston. next though to siri. still sassy as ever. >> if you're hoping for a sneak peek into hbo's "game of thrones" before the sixth season premieres on april 24th, don't count on getting a straight answer from your iphone. if you ask her is jon snow actually dead, you end up getting a smart aleck response. >> because the cast members aren't telling us. actress kerry washington tweeted a screen shot of one of her responses from siri which reads, "i don't know.
3:51 am
is up dougie daycare for ghost." >> that's jon snow's dog. >> kerry was like what? >> are you trying? >> i'm going to try it again. hey, siri. it always fails. every time. >> hey, siri. black i help you with, says siri. is jon snow really dead? >> okay, i found this on the web for is jon snow really dead. >> responses. >> we both tried it in our offices. hey, siri, is john snow really dead? yep, nailed it. >> siri is giving you the silent treatment. >> kylie jen ser dwrasing the covers of at least three different magazines, add week, paper and now marie claire but she's hitting a roadblock with her cos metatives website which has been revealing customers'
3:52 am
as many as a million customers may have had their information compromises . she's also coming under fire for her recent comments to marie claire saying "i started wigs and now everyone's wearing wigs." jenner said "publications switch up your words for hype." that is what she was quoted assaying. > i'm trying it one more time. hey, siri, is jon snow really dead? i don't know how to respond to that. so the silent treatment from siri. >> siri's not cooperating with you today.
3:53 am
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3:56 am
well, on to a more serious note. kind of a heartwarming story. it's well-known within the world of social work that older children particularly those of color are among the hardest to find families for. >> a heartwarming story of four brothers, jesse palmer gives us their story. >> reporter: it's a photo that >> reporter: it's a photo that captured our hearts. >> four brothers, adopted by two families. >> we decided to grow our family through adoption. michael is 6. he loves to laugh and play. there's jess who is 5, and he has cerebral palsy. >> my name is jess. >> we hear from people all the time about how beautiful jess is and how he just lights up. and then there's camden who is 4. he's a typical 4-year-old. >> reporter: but it's also a story of how one friendship transcended ordinary expectations.
3:57 am
she was in the process of adopting three beautiful little boys from foster care. >> their caseworker pulled us aside and said your boys have a baby brother. and were we interested. we knew that going from two to five children and one that has major special needs, that somebody was going to suffer. >> our house didn't even cross my mind initially. >> if we didn't adopt him, he would be over 1,000 miles away. >> i called julie back and said no matter what, we would always make sure that these boys were family than they knew they were family. >> they're brothers. >> when elijah is with his brothers he lights up. >> you're the big brother. >> he's really into saying hut right now and throwing a football. >> hut. >> it was kind of hectic, you know, trying to get all four boy boys to smile and look especially elijah to hold the sign because he he was wanting to throw it. when you read the signs and see
3:58 am
care and were finally adopted, it's beautiful. >> reporter: so 1,290 days later, the story of four brothers and two families is only just beginning. > michael is old enough he's always going to remember that he got adopted on the same day as his brothers. >> i have not given them a gift. they have given us a gift. we are not same -- not the same people we were before. >> reporter: jesse palmer, abc news, new york. >> what are the odds of that, adopted on the same day and to >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, i have an important message about security. write down the number on your screen, so you can call when i finish. the lock i want to talk to you about isn't the one on your door. this is a lock for your life insurance, a rate lock, that guarantees your rate can never go up at any time, for any reason. but be careful. many policies you see do not have one, but you can get
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making news in america this morning, severe storms. flash flooding overnight, homes surrounded by water. massive hail clobbering homes and cars. smashing out several windows where the weather threat is right now. the presidential candidates are trading blows with one week until new york's primary. but donald trump's own children will not be voting. this morning the front-runner


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