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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 13, 2016 1:05am-1:35am EDT

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confirms the news. >> you need to get home right now. >> don't move. >> what? cannibals? zombies zombies? >> reporter: no, it's not a scene out of "the walking dead." it is a prank pulled off by her brothers, they say, who posted the hoax online. the video quickly going viral, with more than 4 million youtube views and counting. you can see here millicent's brothers begin mock preparing for the worst, throwing garden equipment and other weapons into the back seat. >> kevin, a garden hoe isn't what we want. we have guns. why are you putting garden equipment -- >> i'll get the guns. >> -- in the car? what is this supposed to do for me? get me a knife. >> reporter: watch as she's forced to make some tough decisions. >> we can only take one pet.
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the cat or the dog? >> the cat, you idiot! >> reporter: they talk about heading to mexico. but when asked about her spanish -- >> i can say pants. >> reporter: after thoroughly freaking their sister out, the brothers gently bring the hoax to an end. >> there's no zombie apocalypse. >> oh. >> she may never speak to her brothers again. alternatively, she may never go to the dentist again. thank you for watching abc news tonight. tune in to "gma" first thing in the morning. as always, we're online 24/7 at and on our "nightline" facebook page.
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good night. if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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heartbreak tonight on long island. a family and a community remembering a young mother killed this morning by an out of control driver. it happened moments after she had dropped her son off at his school bus. good evening at 11:00. baderinwa. >> and i'm bill ritter. the young mom just 25 years old, killed along with her dog as a car jumped the curb. tonight's vigil. >> eyewitness news reporter jim dolan in the suffolk county hamlet of east islip with this horrific story.
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her vehicle at the most unimageable place on union boulevard. she struck and killed a 25-year-old mother who had had just dropped her son off at the school bus. >> reporter: skye brunetti's son helped people write notes to his mom and left them at a makeshift memorial that grows where she died, a wrenching moment in a day of unending grief. >> she was a saint. she really was. if anybody knows her, she's a saint. >> reporter: friends lit candles tonight and held each other. they cried with one another after a day when so much was lost in seconds. >> she would have been there for all of us. >> reporter: just look at the scene where it all happened today. 25-year-old skye brunetti had just walked her son to the school bus this morning when this car jumped the curb on union boulevard, slammed through a utility pole, and ran over brunetti, killing her and her dog. the driver of the car suffered
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say if they know what caused the crash. what caused so much pain. >> she was the best person you could ever think of. beautiful person. and i loved her a lot. >> everyone is heart broken. her boyfriend especially. i don't know how anyone is going to handle it. >> good times, always. >> friends and family just stunned by this today. they will meet tomorrow to plan skye brunetti's funeral. she was just 25 years old. jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. a disturbing and vile story tonight. a teenage girl with the mental capacity of a preschooler sexually assaulted at her school. tonight a worker at that school for the disabled is facing charges. a 14-year-old girl lives in the christopher school in the bronx. police say someone on campus walked in on 51-year-old yakubu
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teenager. >> when she'd be in her bed sleeping, he comes in the room, he touches her every night. she probably trusted him. >> abdulazeez tonight free on his own recognizance, will be back in court next month to face charges that include sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child. police are searching for a man who grabbed and flashed a young girl while she was walking to school this morning. this is surveillance video of the suspect. police say he approached an 11-year-old girl on a street in east new york and grabbed her arm while exposing himself. she screamed and he ran away. a hearing set tomorrow in brooklyn over the manslaughter conviction of former new york city cop peter liang. the hearing will explore claims that a juror in liang's trial did not inform the court about his father's criminal history
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his attorneys are asking for a retrial. liang was convicted of accidentally shooting unarmed victim akai gurley in brooklyn. he faces up to 15 years in prison when he's sentenced on thursday. now to vote 2016. an important legal ruling for ted cruz, a judge in new jersey ruling senator cruz is indeed a natural born citizen and can in fact appear on new jersey's presidential ballot. cruz faced challenges because he was born in canada but a judge ruled the child of a father or mother who is a citizen is him or herself a natural born citizen. cruz, by the way, did not hold an event today but the other candidates certainly campaigned around new york. eyewitness news reporter josh einiger in the newsroom with the latest. >> cruz was out of town. john kasich didn't mention either of his republican opponents by name. then there's donald trump who just in the past hour sat in a tv studio just across town and tried to show a softer side. >> reporter: on c n.j. burkett tonight, donald trump's four
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for a sort of kumbaya town hall, no matter what you might think, they say, he's not the guy you see in those knockdown, drag out debates. >> he's one of my best friends in the entire world. >> reporter: one week before the latest primary, the latest poll has trump way ahead. while establishment republicans had been hoping house speaker paul ryan might save them -- >> let me be clear. i do not want nor will i accept the nomination for our party. >> reporter: despite all the inflammatory talk and even violence at trump events, he remains the one to beat. tonight he signaled he may be getting more mellow soon, but not right away. >> because i have two more people i have to take out. and when i take them out, i'll be so presidential you won't believe it. then i'll start on hillary and be a little less presidential. >> reporter: hillary clinton scored a big endorsement tonight. this is the front page of tomorrow's daily news.
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clear eyed and what's wrong with america. it wrote, democrats have a real ist. sanders famously flubbed his interview with them last week but despite clinton's double-digit lead in new york, tonight in poughkeepsie, sanders refused to back down. >> secretary clinton has several super packs. you cannot take millions of dollars from the wealthiest and most powerful people in this country and claim to be an agent of change. >> that valley was up in the hudson valley. tomorrow he'll take new york city by storm again in the village. sanders is planning a massive rally in the middle of washington square park. investigators in brooklyn shutting down an illegal daycare
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without a license inside a trailer. newscopter7 over the scene on 14th avenue and borough park earlier tonight. the trailer is adjacent to a private school. city officials are now working with parents to find licensed daycare centers for the displaced children. the arrest of a suspect wanted for two stabbing attacks in queens leads police to a cash of weapons. take a look. police seized a semiautomatic handgun, several imitation weapons, a taser, machete, ammunition, cash, drugs. franklin villaneva faces second degree murder, assault, and weapons possession. we have new video of a man wanted on long island for a string of robberies. take a look at the man cops say robbed at knifepoint at least eight businesses in nassau county beginning march 1st. most of the businesses have been dunkin' donuts stores. cops say the suspect usually waits till there are no customers in the store then he strikes. nearly 40,000 verizon
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on strike tomorrow morning at 6 a.m. their unions say they are trying to stop verizon from moving jobs offshore and cutting benefits. workers have been without a contract since last august. verizon says customers will likely not notice any difference to the service. it says it has thousands of non-union workers ready to step in. the power of water and a water main break very much on display still in midtown manhattan. crews working around the clock to restore water service to nine buildings, this 36 hours after yesterday's incident. bottled water will be given to people who live and work in those buildings. the water main break spilling water on to a steam pipe. two lanes of 6th avenue remain street. an aggressive new inspection policy in the works tonight to try to beef up oversight of gas city. officials say their goal is to inspect 100% of gas plumbing
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turned on, this to increase safety and hold plumbers accountable for their work. this program begins this summer. 22 new inspectors are being hired. new at 11:00, is it time to get rid of your metro card? the mta thinks so. their new plan for paying for rides. >> new incredible as a school roof collapses and a wave washes through the halls. >> and temperatures dipping overnight. meteorologist jeff smith over there in the weather center.
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when a rear hatch remembers your height. when systems can help sense your surroundings. and when cameras change your perspective. that's the more human side of engineering. experience what a lincoln can do for you at the lincoln spring collection event. temperatures, they've taken a bit of a tumble. down to 46 in midtown. we have freeze warnings, parts of interior southwestern connecticut. but the adjustment i've made at 11:00 tonight for the 7-day forecast is to warm things up as we head in to early next week. we'll detail that coming up in
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new video tonight of a school roof collapsing during a torrential downpour. check out this video. all that water apparently too much for the roof, causing it to cave in. it happened in jackson, mississippi yesterday evening after school hours. emergency crews saying no one was hurt in the collapse. new fascinating details tonight in the murder of former nfl player will smith. police say smith had a loaded gun in his vehicle when he was killed. but the weapon wasn't fired. also new video shows a hummer hayes. his vehicle bumped by a car resembling smith's mercedes suv. the hummer appears to pull over, the suv drives away. the hummer follows the suv and seconds later smith is shot and killed during a confrontation after a three-vehicle fender bender. an arrest tonight in a morbid crime we first showed you last night on eyewitness news. police arresting a woman believed to have stolen a ring
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the gruesome crime caught on camera. the suspect expected to be charged with a felony. the ring, by the way, was made of plastic. worth just $10. a tv news crew among nine people in police custody in lebanon tonight, accused in the attempted kidnapping of two children. video shows the attempted kidnapping last week in beirut. the news crew claims it was covering a custody battle. the children's mother is also under arrest. the children are back with their father. 13 years ago the token for subways and buses was put to rest. now get ready to say goodbye to the metro card. yes, these convenient cards that sometimes don't always swipe right the first time. in two years, a new system involving your smart phone. nothing ever stays the same, right?
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>> reporter: nope, try again. almost. it's a rite of passage for any self-respecting new yorker. swiping a metro card and turn style. now the mta is looking to get rid of these cards. looking for a new and improved system. lucky for us, straphangers have lots of opinions. some for the change. takes my money. >> reporter: some against. >> i can't think of anything better than the metrocard. >> and others looking for a time machine. >> i'd go for the old school tokens. >> reporter: wait, what? just last week some of you laughed at presidential candidate hillary clinton as she swiped and swiped and swiped some more trying to pay for her subway fare. >> come on, straphangers. don't act like it hasn't happened to you. >> reporter: the mta is looking for a system where riders would tap a bank card or mta issued
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fare from an account, much like what's already in use for london's buses and the tube. the straphangers campaign says it's a wonderful investment. >> around the world they have tap and go where you don't have to swipe it through the turn style. >> reporter: he added with the mta preparing to spend $419 million through 2019, it's got to be done right. in park slope, brooklyn, carolina leid, channel 7 eyewitness news. a pushed to to encourage companies to develop vaccines and treatments against the zika virus. the house passed a bill to offer incentives to companies working on zika drugs. the measure, which already passed the senate, adds the mosquito-borne virus to a list of tropical diseases covered under a program that fast tracks fda approval. it is the disease that's
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we're talking about mental illness. my honor to bring mental health out of the closet. i mc'ed the many faces of mental health gala. funding as we often see in new york city doesn't begin to address all that. an emotional night for very accomplished people telling their very emotional stories. >> an important night and great you got to be there. >> my honor to do it. jeff smith in for lee goldberg tonight. things are looking good in the weather center. >> sunshine is going to be cheering us all on. check out this shot we had from earlier. look at the sun going down right behind lower manhattan. that view across new york harbor just a beautiful crystal clear evening. here's a live shot right now. down looking toward the southern end of central park. 46 degrees. it's clear yet it's cool as well. that wind coming in from the north at 16, gusting up to 23 miles per hour. actually sending wind chills in to the upper 30s right now in
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we actually got up to 59 during the afternoon. just a degree shy of normal for this time of the year. 90 was your record high in 1977. here are your headlines. colder tonight with a freeze in some of the outlying areas well north and west of the city. lots of sun for the next five or six days with a gradual warmup in to the weekend. we'll have temperatures i think in the mid 70s potentially by very early next week. next shot at a shower isn't until then. that would be late monday in to early tuesday at the earliest. 47 right now in newark. you head north of the city, quite a bit cooler, 43 at white plains. you have temperatures in the upper 30s in sussex, down near freezing at 34 in monticello. mid 40s down the shore and on to long island. that freeze warning in effect till 8 a.m. areas well north and west. if you want to protect those plants either bring them in or cover them up overnight if you want them to survive those freezing temperatures north and west. that front that moved on by this morning didn't even give us a quarter inch of rain in the city.
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morning commute. that all cleared out nicely during the afternoon. lows tonight getting down to about 38 or so in the park. 33, white plains. below freezing, sussex, poughkeepsie, monticello where effect. middle and upper 30s down the shore. upper 30s on to tomorrow. big warming trend as a ridge of high pressure establishes itself over the eastern third of the country. right along the immediate coast, long island down the jersey shore as is typically the case as we get in to the warmer months. a little bit cooler with that cooling influence in the atlantic ocean waters. mainly clear. your accuweather forecast for overnight, brisk and colder. near freezing in the coldest outlying spots north and west. we're down to about 38 in midtown. 7:00 in the morning, sunny but chilly out there. a light north breeze at 6 to 12. you don't feel it because
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will make it feel like close to 30s. mostly sunny tomorrow. high getting up to partly cloudy tomorrow night down to about 42 or so, colder in the suburbs. here's your accuweather 7-day forecast. sun and clouds on thursday. 58. again going up by a few degrees each day. 61 by friday. a nice one on saturday. saturday you'll notice a pretty big difference between the coast and inland. could be in the upper 50s along the shores and inland could be up near 70 during the day saturday. i think most areas get up in to the 70s on sunday. 72 for a high. how about 74? we've actually raised that temperature on monday. maybe a shower late monday, more likely during the day on tuesday but even with that shower, temperatures only cooling off to about 68. bill evans has much more starting tomorrow morning. >> i feel the sniffles coming on from next monday. new research tonight about how to keep the common cold away. we'll tell you what you should
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>> and an incredible survival story. a 72-year-old woman lost in the wilderness for nine days. wait until you hear how she helped rescuers track her down. >> but first let's check in with jimmy kimmel to see who's on his show tonight. >> tonight marvel week continues with agent of shield clark greg,
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new at 11:00, a grandmother found alive 10 days after she got lost in the arizona wilderness. how did she survive? 72-year-old anne rogers ran out of gas in a remote place with no cell phone service. after 10 days, her dog was found wandering. putting the search back in to full gear.
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word word "help" written with sticks and rocks. she survived by drinking pond water and eating plants and she is doing just fine. >> what a smart grandmother. the less sleep you get, the more colds you're likely to catch. a study of adults who slept less than five hours a night were more likely to get a cold than those who slept more. getting less sleep may increase disease risk over time. but don't go to sleep before the end of eyewitness news. rob is up next with sports. >> things have not been going the mets' way. they did have faith tonight in noah syndergaard. and he was something special. the marlins kept coming to bat. then they kept taking a seat. was it enough to get the mets
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plus, yankees on the roa tight game yet we see a yankee hit a home run. >> been a few days here. they haven't played since saturday.
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schedule in toronto, lost 13 times to the blue jays last year. lost the top spot in the al east as well. an early season measuring stick on the road. if they could get a little revenge, all the better. masahiro tanaka gave up a few hits. jose batista bounces one off the wall in the 5th inning. here's your home run. brian mccann, solo shot. mccann hurt a toe. we'll keep an eye on that. in the 7th inning, jacoby ellsbury. runners on 2nd and 3rd and he does just enough to drive in the game winner. 3-2, yankees win. they score on the road. at citifield, mets, marlins. two of baseball's best young pitchers. syndergaard and hernandez. they did not disappoint. syndergaard, a dozen strikeouts. the marlins could not catch up to him. lucas duda, rbi. syndergaard
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he was throwing as fast as 95 miles per hour. michael conforto grounds in to an inning ending double play. syndergaard comes out. the winning run scores for the marlins in the 8th. bases loaded, sac fly. 2-1 loss. mets 2-5. four straight losses. mets pitcher jacob degrom, his wife stacy, proud parents of baby boy jackson born last night. dad did make it to florida in time for the birth. knicks season, over. ended tonight in indiana. no playoffs. the 82-game season wrapped up. only question, would the knicks avoid another 49-game loss season? derrick williams had 21 points in the game. the knicks had the early lead on the road but the pacers rally, come back. george hill scored 19 points. so did paul george. knicks lose 102-90. 32-50, that's the final record.
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the rangers get ready for tomorrow's playoff opener in pittsburgh. here they go again. the penguins won the season series. rangers have had the upper hand in the postseason. ryan mcdonagh nursing an injury. skated a bit today. could play later in the series. all gearing up for round 1, game 1. >> we played against them the last two years since i've been here. they've been highly competitive and hard fought. and expect the exact same thing. >> rangers tomorrow.


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