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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  April 13, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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the victims of a former new york city officer's drunken range. today that former cop learned his fate. >> a rally ends in an arrest in east new york. why they say the city's plan for affordable housing could actually push people out of their homes. >> a warning for job seekers. some scammers are targeting you online with an offer of employment. good afternoon, i'm david novarro. >> i'm lori stokes in for liz cho. more on those stories in just a minute. we're going to start with breaking news. a fire burning in the concourse. >> shannon sohn in newscopter7. >> the fire started just after 3:30 this afternoon. smoke continues to pour out of this six-story building. firefighters have clearly vented the roof which is doing its job to get some of this fire dissipated. you can see in between these alleyways, you can see smoke continues to pour out of that building. at this point we have no word of any injuries.
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the bad news is this two-alarm fire that's burning at 209 east 156th street is far from being under control. we'll show you what the scene looks like. the fire department just got a fourth tower ladder up and in operation. there are stores on the bottom, apartment buildings on floors of the building. east 156th street shut down with fire department activity between brant concourse and brant avenue and sherman avenue shut down between east 156th and east 166th street. we'll keep you updated on the latest. reporting live over the concourse village section of the bronx, shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. turning now to the race for president. both democratic contenders tallying their support for labor unions today. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders made appearances in our area and they're not done yet. political reporter dave evans in greenwich village where sanders supporters gathered for a large concert this evening.
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this evening at 7:00, a couple blocks south of me in washington this evening. if you look at the latest polling, he's behind hillary clinton by about 10 points in today's poll. he's hoping to change that over the course of the next six days. this morning sanders joined verizon workers on the picket line in brooklyn. he thanked them for standing up for what he called corporate greed. >> i say, and this union has always said, that if you don't stand up and fight, you can't ever win, and bernie sanders fights the fight. [ applause ] so today i'm here to proudly say that new york city transit workers and tw local 100 stand with bernie sanders for president of the united states of america.
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old, same old establishment politics. we've got to stand together, take on the big money interests, and make it clear that our government works for all of us, not just the 1%. >> hillary clinton today picked up the endorsement of the new york daily news. part of that editorial reads democrats have in clinton a super prepared realist. they have in opponent bernie sanders a fantasist who's in war network. she blasted republicans and said white america must practice humility to see what it's like for african americans. >> white americans need to do a much better job of listening when african americans talk about the seen and unseen barriers you face every day. >> have you already made up your
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>> i'm going to go with clinton. i'm sorry. sanders is sanders. >> hillary is the most qualified. unequivocally, no matter what you think of her personally, she's the most qualified. >> again, two big events tonight for democrats in new york city. one for bernie sanders a couple blocks south of washington square park. at the same time hillary clinton is going to be up in the bronx hosting an event this evening. again, of course new york's primary this coming tuesday, april 19th. we'll see you at 5:00. reporting live near washington square park, david novarro, e -- dave evans, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> as for the republican candidates, they're not in new york today. they're campaigning in states. kasich is in a town hall in maryland. it followed with a quick stop at an ice cream shop. he took an indirect hit at fellow candidate donald trump. >> i think we have problems in our country but we're a great country.
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somehow we're losing in america. that's just a downer that i'm not willing to accept and i know you aren't either. that's just baloney. >> as for the other republicans, ted cruz has a rally that will start in a few minutes in erie, pennsylvania. donald trump is also visiting the keystone state. he has a rally this evening in pittsburgh. today a former nypd officer learned his sentence for firing in to an unoccupied car while high on booze. brendan cronin will spend the next nine years behind bars. marcus solis in white plains with the details. >> cameras weren't allowed to record victim impact statements but both men did stand up in court and addressed the fellow officer, telling them how much the events of two years ago forever changed their lives. >> reporter: brendan cronin showed little emotion during today's sentencing but did turn and offer an apology.
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to express and offer the most heartfelt apology to the families. i'm so very sorry. >> reporter: the former nypd officer taking responsibility for this, unloading a service weapon while off duty in to a car nearly two years ago. joseph felice and robert borelli were the two occupants. felice was shot six times. borelli was not hit and able to drive his friend to the hospital. both victims said they were emotionally scarred. >> no one can possibly imagine what this event has done to my family, my wife, my son. it's indescribable. >> reporter: cronin was a six-year veteran assigned to the 46th precinct. he admitted drinking whiskey and beer the day of the shooting. in september he pled guilty attempted murder, assault, and dwi. >> where were all his friends and allies? his nypd officers who drank with
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afterwards, who let him get in his car drunk? >> the judge could have sentenced cronin to anywhere prison. the victims were hoping for half of the maximum, if not that. then at least double digits. but the judge said nine years was the term significantly above the minimum. we're live in white plains, marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> and a hearing is underway right now in brooklyn to determine if the manslaughter conviction of new york city police officer peter liang is thrown out. a judge will decide whether the former detective deserves a new trial because a juror failed to tell the court about his father's criminal record during jury selection. liang was found guilty of shooting and killing akai gurley in the stairwell of a public housing project in 2013. he will be sentenced tomorrow. he faces up to 15 years in prison. we'll let you know as soon as today's hearing ends.
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ranking members of the nypd. deputy chief andrew capul has been transferred and reassigned to administrative position following further review. investigators are looking in to the actions of four nypd commanders from brooklyn south to see if they traded special favors for cash or gifts. two businessmen connected to mayor de blasio's inauguration are at the center of the investigation. earlier mayor de blasio said his administration is taking action. >> i authorized yesterday a lawyer representing my 2013 campaign to reach out to the u.s. attorney's office and offer any assistnce we could provide. we'll let them know we're happy to work with them in any way that would be helpful. >> the mayor said his administration was never contacted by federal investigators on this case. nearly 40,000 verizon workers walked off the job today. they're picketing in
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brooklyn, manhattan, and newark. their contract expired last august. verizon has hired thousands of nonunion workers to replace those on strike. picketing is happening in nine different states along the eastern seaboard. an arrest has been made in the fatal shooting of a rutgers university shooting in newark. the essex county prosecutor's office said marcus feliz is charged with murder and robbery. the university said he's not affiliated with it. 21-year-old shani patel was shot dead on sunday night in an off campus apartment. the rutgers newark campus. his 23-year-old roommate was also shot and is in stable condition. police in new jersey say a series of fake bomb threats led to the evacuation of 13 schools in bergen and passaic counties. the schools in fair lawn, elmwood park, midland park, lodi, fort lee, leonia, englewood, hackensack, and hasbrouck heights.
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removed. some of the schools are on spring break this week. multiple bogus threats have been phoned in to northern new jersey schools over the last few months. it is 4:09 as we continue on this wednesday. a father who admitted kidnapping his son and changing the boy's identity faces a judge. we'll tell you what the young man had to say immediately before his dad was sentenced. >> a 72-year-old woman lost in the wilderness for more than a week. how she survived a message for all of us to pay attention to. >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. maybe we've turned the corner here with this spring stretch. the longest dry stretch in over a month coming up on that 7-day accuweather forecast. can we warm up for good? we'll let you know. here's your signal if you're traveling out and about tonight. just a little sun glare out there. make sure you have the sunglasses. perfect for any practice after school. you need the spring jacket
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it's 4:12 on this wednesday. let's check the roads. we have video of the long island expressway. live pictures from queens. the heavier traffic is on the eastbound lanes. over on the hudson river crossings, 20 minutes at the outbound holland tunnel. 10 minutes at the outbound lincoln. fortunately at this point no delays at the george washington bridge. a man who abducted his son 14 years ago and gave him a new identity has been sentenced to four years in prison in ohio. 53-year-old bobby hernandez pleaded guilty last month to several charges including kidnapping. hernandez took his 5-year-old
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his son spoke at the sentencing. >> yes, growing up without my mother was painful at times, but taking my father away from me now just increases the pain from that. >> the story unraveled last year when julian started the process to apply a school guidance counselor noticed there were problems with his social security number and discovered he was listed as missing. after the discovery of a gun in his car, an attorney for the family of slain nfl player will smith said the football star did not draw the weapon during the confrontation that led to his death. the former new orleans saints player was shot and killed saturday after a three-car fender bender. yesterday police revealed they found a gun in smith's suv. today an attorney for the smith family gave an account of the shooting based on his interviews with the witnesses. >> he had a state concealed weapons license from state
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the protection of his wife and his family. that firearm, i understand, was in the vehicle, never taken out by will smith. >> a coroner's report shows smith was shot eight times. seven of those times in the back. 28-year-old cardell hayes charged with second degree murder. congressional republicans have succeeded in diverting almost $600 million in unspent ebola funding to fight the zika virus in the u.s. >> criticizing the legislation they have passed, but there's far more significant steps they could take, even as it relates to expediting the production of a vaccine. >> top republicans say they will probably wait until september to grant a portion of president obama's $1.9 billion request for zika funding. the house passed a bill to offer incentives to companies working on zika treatment. the head of the national
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mosquito prevention is also needed to stop the spread of the virus. he is a five-time nba champion and 18-time nba all star and one of the most recognizable players in the world. but tonight kobe bryant will take the court as a pro for the very last time. bryant, who spent the last two decades with the los angeles lakers, will retire after tonight's game. he'll end his career as the nba's third leading scorer. bryant is 37 but has proven he can still play with two 3-point performances last month. >> i grew up a diehard laker fan. so it's like a dream come true for a kid to grow up, play for his favorite team, and play here for 20 years his entire career. i've seen the city grow. i've seen the city develop. and vice versa. my career. >> kobe says this is it, but the finality of it all has really not hit him yet.
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just be historic for kobe bryant. the golden state warriors are chasing the best regular season record in nba history. if the warriors beat memphis tonight, they'll finish the season with 73 wins. one more than the 1995 chicago bulls. but it won't be an easy one because that team has given them a hard run. they won by one point the last time. >> did the grizzlies beat them ago >> no, garden state won but by a point. >> gotcha. >> garden state. [ laughter ] >> i'm like mm-hmm. >> this is me wishing we had steph curry. [ laughter ] >> who would you pick, that bulls team or this warriors team? >> i'll go with this warriors team. i'm about today right now. >> lori, what do you think >> what he said. [ laughter ] >> smart woman. brilliant.
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jordan and pippin and that era. beautiful afternoon, guys. great afternoon for a pickup game maybe. headed outside, the type of nights growing up where you played before and after dinner. ma, can i go out again? it makes a big difference this afternoon going from the sun to the shade. definitely need the jacket later on. here's a picture of central park and this forecast is kind of a walk in the park. it's a snooze and cruise with a lot of dry weather. 55 degrees our number right now. the air is really dry. so it doesn't feel like spring warmth right now. there's still a crispness to the day. the high today coming in in the mid 50s so far. 5 degrees below average right now. we'll get average and above as we head to the weekend. the lows this morning, this is what we're going to deal with over the next few days, temperatures at or below freezing in many suburbs. right now we're in the comfortable low and middle 50s. in the sun feels good. the shade a little cool, breezy, especially along the coast. mid 50s right now. low 50s in lakehurst, toms river and poughkeepsie.
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over night. 52, 7:00. once the sun goes down there's definitely that coolness in the air. 44 at midnight. at least there's a little cloud cover coming tonight. temperatures don't drop off too rapidly. light wind but noticeable breeze coming from the north northeast. mostly sunny skies. i'd say add 2 or 3 degrees to today's highs. with that said you have freeze warnings in the hudson valley, parts of northern new jersey, connecticut. frost advisories across much of new jersey. we still have a lot of chill. it's just not the time to put the delicate plants out just yet frost. notice clouds upstate and over western new york state, a few of those are going to stroll through later on tonight. no harm, no foul. here's the good news about the weather map. you've got rain which has soaked new orleans throughout the day. that's going to slide off to our south. then there's a big storm coming through the pacific northwest. the rockies. that leaves us with what you see is what you get. a little patchy cloudiness
4:20 pm
those clouds leave the scene tomorrow morning. mostly sunny skies for the balance of the day. in terms of temperatures, yes, there's still a chill each morning. next several mornings. that nice spring recovery during the afternoon. it's really pleasant spring weather and a couple spots could get in the lower 60s along the coast. it's patchy clouds tonight. some areas of frost outside the city. for tomorrow it's a high temperature of 58. lots of sunshine, just a couple of patchy clouds that are leaving eastern sections during the morning hours. once again tomorrow night, mostly clear, 42. we'll still have 30s in many of the suburbs. coming up at 4:30, we'll look at the friday map that's going to be the third straight dry day but the winds are going to be a little gusty along the coast. we'll have to see if that storm offshore stays there for the upcoming weekend. we'll also talk about a big warm up for the second half of the weekend as well. they've been joined at the torso for 11 months.
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we're hearing their story their grateful father. >> the tribeca film festival begins this week.
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saying about the controversial there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren.
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but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message, and i ask for your vote. if your family outing is magical for all the wrong reasons. you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec is different than claritin . because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec . muddle no more . the tribeca film festival's opening night gala is an event that brings people around the world to new york for a week-long celebration of film. sandy kenyon sat down with
4:24 pm
and he's here with more. >> dramas featuring comedian eddie murphy and abc tv star viola davis, another featuring kevin spacey as president richard nixon. these are just a few of the features to be shown at the tribeca film festival. >> reporter: the festival in lower manhattan will showcase more than 100 movies. >> it's important for those of us in the industry to support not just women filmmakers but filmmakers who are black, latino, all filmmakers and not just white guys. >> reporter: jane rosenthal and her business partner robert de niro started the tribeca film festival in 2001. >> to revitalize our neighborhood that was devastated on september 11th. >> reporter: it's grown steadily since, and this year features a reunion of the cast
4:25 pm
>> you talking to me? you talking to me? >> it was a special effort from all of us, by all of us. >> reporter: a nod to the past is accompanied by a glance in to a future where we won't just watch films, we'll be in them. at the tribeca film festival hub on barracks street, visitors become participants. we're always interested in technology and platforms. we have to have the right stories. >> reporter: one story won't be told here after proving so controversial, it threatened to overshadow every other film. >> i don't want to do anything to the festival that will make certain people uncomfortable. >> reporter: so de niro and rosenthal pulled the documentary that claimed vaccinations cause autism. >> grievous to innocent children. >> when vaxxed was pulled from the lineup, the associated press
4:26 pm
consistently found the vaccine given to children for measles, mumps, and rubella is safe and has no link to autism. it's a personal issue for mr. de niro who has a child with autism. he told me he just wanted to encourage discussion. he certainly did that. a meticulous 18-hour operation at a hospital in texas has separated two 10-month-old sisters who were born conjoined below the waist. the girls shared a colon and bladders that will be reconstructed. the extreme rare operation comes after months of preparation, bringing together more than 50 surgeons. than them. since the beginning, i knew they were going to take good care of my girls. >> every surgeon may never see one of these in his or her
4:27 pm
that does one may never get to lifetime. >> doctors say the outlook for the twins is positive. but the girls will need more surgeries as they grow. >> just amazing to see. up next, she survived in the wilderness for nine days without food, no shelter. of survival. for their homes. why some were willing to go to in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow -
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ja all new this half hour, people in east new york are protesting plans for their community. demonstrations ended in several arrests. now we're hearing from the city council member who's being called on to fight the plans. >> eyewitness news reporter joe torres is live now at city hall with details for us. >> city hall tonight because next week city council members will vote on the mayor's affordable housing plan and the
4:31 pm
today in brooklyn about 100 people there marched through the streets of east new york. they have vehemently opposed to the mayor's plan. they say their income falls far below the level of what the mayor calls low income. so they not only marched and chanted, police arrested about 10 protesters for civil disobedience. people in east new york want their city councilman to vote against the mayor's plan. we caught council member rafael espinal told us at this point he plans to vote no. >> i don't respond to threats. this is made up a long time ago. i'm a member of this community. i come from a family of six, a family who made $40,000 or less. i understand the hardships they're going through and my job is to make sure their voices are heard. >> i'm planning to be home and stay home. i'm working with this community
4:32 pm
grow here, stay here. >> coming up, you'll hear more from the city councilman. he was born and raised in east new york. he knows exactly what the people are going through. you'll hear from the demonstrators, and also what changes the councilman wants to see before he can vote yes to the mayor's plan. that's coming up at 6:00. joe torres, channel 7 eyewitness news. we're following breaking news in midtown where there's been a stabbing. shannon sohn. what do you know? >> this just happened within the last few minutes. we know there's one stabbing victim here. they're being evaluated at the scene. you can see the cop car here on 31st street just before the intersection with 5th avenue. it's between madison and 5th avenues. we've got the police on the scene. that victim being evaluated. the extent of the injuries unknown at this point. we'll bring you up to 5th avenue though. there is some police department activity there as well. of course police searching now
4:33 pm
happened right here in midtown. reporting live over midtown, shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. four staffers at homes for juvenile delinquents in brooklyn have been charged with lying about bed checks. the charges stem from a department of investigation probe launched after three teens broke out of a facility and raped a woman. they soon discovered staffers at two different facilities routinely lied about whether they were checking on teens in the overnight hours. boys town says the allegations, if true, fail to meet its core mission and it has taken steps to ensure they don't happen in the future. the so-called affluenza teen will spend two years in jail now. ethan couch appeared in adult court for the first time today. the teen was originally given 10 years probation for killing four people in a drunken driving incident in 2013.
4:34 pm
video showed him at a party with alcohol. today a judge told couch he would consecutively serve 180 days for each count of intoxication and manslaughter. the governor of north carolina has issued an executive order amending a controversial anti-lgbt access law by expanding rules for state employees to include sexual orientation and gender identity. the law still prevents local and state government from forcing businesses to extend protections to lgbt workers or people visiting their stores and restaurants. growing number of companies vowing to pull business out of the state if the law is not repealed. it is a remarkable story of survival. a 72-year-old woman stranded for days in the arizona wilderness. but she came out of it alive. now she's taking us inside the ordeal. abc's stephanie ramos has the details. >> reporter: survival tactics. living off the land. not how you would expect a
4:35 pm
week. this is 72-year-old ann rogers. on march 31st she was driving to phoenix with her dog and cat to visit her grand kids and then her plans changed. >> however, i took a wrong turn. >> reporter: she got lost in the middle of the arizona desert for nine days with no food, no water, no cell phone signal. her car was out of gas and there was no one nearby. >> i knew how much pain my family, my friends and those who knew me well were feeling about the fact that i'd been gone missing so long. >> reporter: as the sunset, so did the cold. >> there was no way to do anything other than camp in the car that night. >> reporter: for nine days and nights, ann said she drank pond water and ate plants to survive until searchers spotted her dog, and then this, a help signal made from rocks and sticks. >> the ground searchers found my note, help. i need it now. >> reporter: finally, a
4:36 pm
amazingly not just alive but coherent, able to walk to the chopper by herself. how did she do it? ann says years of reading about the survival skills of people around the world came in handy. >> age does not necessarily mean inability. it can mean wisdom. >> search crews say the chances of anyone surviving like ann did are pretty slim. ann was taken to the hospital to get treated for exposure to the elements. she was sent home that same night and says she's ready for another hike. in washington, stephanie ramos for channel 7 eyewitness news. >> not your ordinary grandma, huh? [ laughter ] >> no, amazing. coming up, the major musical act who signed on for one show only at the meadowlands. >> also ahead, do you use those search sites like linked in to find a job? there's a new warning about scam artists who are targeting job candidates. >> he said goodbye to wall street and now turns one person's trash in to another's
4:37 pm
i'm kemberly richardson with one man's mission to feed the hungry
4:38 pm
4:39 pm
4:40 pm
they're supposed to be places to look for a job but it turns out some popular sites like linked in are actually targets for scammers who are looking to prey on vulnerable job hunters. >> reporter: millions are searching for jobs online, using those popular sites like linkedin and indeed. it turns out some of those so-called employers are actually scammers hiding behind a screen. sarah of st. louis says one of these crooks sent her a job opportunity that initially looked legit. >> i went ahead and sent my resume to the e-mail he had told me to send it to. >> reporter: wade unsuspecting that anything would go on. >> with linkedin i had so much luck with finding jobs in the past that i didn't suspect this to be a scam at all. >> reporter: experts say here's how the scam works. the crook sends a desperate job seeker a check, a sort of signing bonus, for let's say, $2,000.
4:41 pm
instructions to send most of that money back in the form of a gift card or wire transfer. the scammer tells them it's a one-time fee. the check of course is a fake, and now the job seeker's money is in the hands of the scammer. wade received one of those checks for $2400, but she didn't play the game. >> i ended up calling up the bank and they proceeded to let me know that it was fake and for me to make sure i don't deposit it. >> the ftc admitting scams like these are a problem. >> as technology changes, the way predators seek people out who are looking for these types of opportunities will change with that technology. >> reporter: it's not just linkedin. karen used the job search site indeed and wasn't so lucky. she tried to deposit a check for almost $2400, a check that bounced and sent $2,000 to a scammer.
4:42 pm
this was a real big shock. >> reporter: indeed has an entire team dedicated to the search quality effort and we do everything we can to determine the job's suitability. linkedin, which sarah wade used, telling us when this type of activity is detected, we work quickly remove it and prevent future reoccurrences. we've taken action on sarah's issue. >> experts say remember, no job will ever make you pay up front. it took 14 years but paul mccartney is coming back to the meadowlands this summer. it was announced today that the 73-year-old former beatle will play a concert august metlife stadium. this is part of his one-on-one tour. ticket prices going to range from $19.50 to $275. people fighting serious illness and making huge difference.
4:43 pm
crones and colitis foundation luncheon. honors were given for distinction in philanthropy, awards were given. they were given more than $2 million raised from this luncheon alone. the event started in 1993, has raised upwards of $25 million. to hear some of the stories, just simply incredible. >> i have friends who have to deal with it. it's such an important issue. good work. you're working all day today. it's something else. >> you know that song, rihanna, work, work, work. [ laughter ] college classmates are giving a new voice to the hearing impaired. they're inspiring story is next. >> we'll have the story behind this dancing gorilla who should
4:44 pm
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happening right now, thousands of people gathering in greenwich village for a bernie sanders rally. let's check in with shannon sohn live in newscopter7. >> the music doesn't start till 7:00 tonight but the people are already out in droves. just looking down at the south side washington square park. the streets in question are thompson avenue and laguardia place. packed with people all waiting to get in. festivities don't begin till
4:47 pm
reporting live over washington square park, shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> pretty incredible. two college students have created a way to help people better communicate with the deaf or mute. these two sophomores at the university of washington made gloves that can translate american sign language. censors on the hands and wrists detect movement and then send signals via bluetooth to a computer program. the pair say the gloves do all the talking. >> we hope the gloves build bridges to communication. >> wow. >> awesome. the students just won a $10,000 prize for the invention they call sign aloud. they say they hope to streamline the gloves and eventually sell them to the public. >> two college students. brilliant. >> two college students came up with that. >> it's hard to even fathom. >> it is. leaves you breathless.
4:48 pm
>> i want to invest in it. [ laughter ] >> what are their names? [ laughter ] >> you got three minutes to make us money. so beautiful out there right now. blue sky and a really nice afternoon. and for a change, a nice dependable spring stretch of weather. new york harbor looking nice. the wind is fairly light. miss liberty will have a front row seat to a great looking sunset. northeast wind at 6 under sunny skies. here are your next seven hours. still a coolness to the air because it's so dry out. in terms of rainfall we're going in to a very destroy stretch. we're a little below normal for the year in rainfall and also for the reservoir levels as we approach a high consumption season. next week the gap widens. the second half of april, the pattern is fairly dry and mild. maybe not super warm because there's still a little cool air in eastern canada that's
4:49 pm
just like it's happening at the end of the week where it's going to be beautiful spring weather but we're not going to go way above normal. the latest high pressures moving over from eastern canada. you've got the northeast flow. temporarily cloudiness overnight. when you look at 7 a.m., you have 42 degrees but 30s in many suburbs so it looks like we're going to have chill in the air tomorrow morning especially in the suburbs. so if you've put out any of those plants early, make sure you bring them in or cover them like the bushes and plants with new leaves. bulbs should be fine. by midday, lots of sun. mid to upper 50s during the afternoon. we have freeze warnings to the north. frost advisories over much of new jersey. then another pleasant afternoon and add a few degrees to today's highs. air quality will be good. the uv index now going to a high 6. sun getting stronger. pollen count is going to be high. going to be a rough allergy stretch even though the wind isn't bad, got dry weather over and over so the tree pollen and
4:50 pm
still the cool nights. i think we leave the frost threat behind by the weekend. 64 on saturday. lower 70s on sunday. and maybe even middle 70s by the time we get to monday before another little cool stretch of air comes in. much more weather coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00. here's what's trending on this wednesday. harrison ford star wars jacket is causing quite the tremor in the force. the han solo jacket donated proceeds in hopes to lead to a cure for epilepsy. last year the actor revealed his daughter suffers from the chronic disorder. upcoming movies are generating lots of buzz. we'll begin with the first trailer for doctor strange. the superhero sorcerer played by
4:51 pm
>> you want to know what i see in your future? possibility. >> come on, how awesome does that look? the movie hits theaters november 4th. also coming out of the marvel production house, the latest in the spiderman reboots. the artwork for our favorite web-swinging hero coming out today. the movie is called spiderman homecoming. finally, despite weak reviews for his movie, batman versus superman, ben affleck just confirmed he will direct and star in an upcoming stand alone batman movie. april 13th is national scrabble day and fans of the game celebrating in many ways. what i find fascinating is all the new words you can now play like selfie, hashtag, and then there's bromance. >> all right, dave. >> that's what lee and i have, a bromance. >> yes, you do. [ laughter ] >> that's what he says. >> that's what i say. it's a one sided bromance. finally, who doesn't love a
4:52 pm
the internet is going bananas over it. sorry, i had to. >> i got it on video. >> actually dances a lot like lee at his last birthday party. remember that? just like that. >> i was pretty big on the bar mitzvah circuit. take it easy. >> by the way, visitors to the zoo in the uk capturing the moment on video. hello, dancing with the stars, we've got a new candidate. check out the trend online at abc7ny. trend ideas using #thetrend. up next, hundreds of pounds of food is thrown away every day. but now volunteers are fanning
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
she says their names. trayvon martin shot to death. dontre hamilton unarmed. sandra bland... did nothing wrong. and makes their mothers' fight for justice her own. she fought in the senate to end racial profiling and discriminatory sentencing. and stands with the president against those who would undo his achievements. just like she's always...stood with us. hillary clinton.
4:55 pm
a little bit of a scare at the mets game today. yoenis cespedes was playing left field. ball hit his way. what was he thinking? he jumped in to the stands to try to make the catch. after several nervous minutes and several big gasps from mets fans across the area, wee.
4:56 pm
they tell us he was all right. don't do that anymore. mets went on to beat the marlins 2-1. if you've ever worked in a restaurant or seen them cleaning up at the end of the day, you might have seen firsthand a surplus of food that gets thrown away. >> one man wants to put a stop to that. he's putting some of the unused food to good use. kemberly richardson has the story. >> we actually do work all day and all night. we go from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. >> reporter: a well oiled machine which this time brings him here to long island bagel company. >> i would love to donate it to people who can benefit from it and eat it. >> reporter: robert is determined to feed the hungry without spending a penny. his nonprofit, rescuing leftover cuisine, is connected with over 100 food partners. they donate whatever excess they have at the end of the day. robert and an army of volunteers
4:57 pm
>> we bring the food to food banks, food pantries, homeless shelters. so we see a whole range of people from the elderly to the homeless to the working poor. >> reporter: all of the food must meet strict standards. for this 25-year-old who left a high paying job on wall street to start his organization, this is a deeply personal journey. the child of immigrants, robert tells me, at one point his parents struggled to provide food for his family. >> i remember a time when we didn't know where our next meal was coming from. >> reporter: something also on the minds of many here at the new york city rescue mission. they feed more than 500 people each day. it's where robert brought all of those bagels. to date, he's donated about $300,000 worth of food to this site alone. >> it means we have to purchase less. it means we can take our money that we raise and put it in other places in our program here. >> this program is now in place in 12 cities but here in new york robert tells me he
4:58 pm
right now there's a list of people ready to donate food, but no one to pick it up and deliver it. >> not only is it the feeding of people that makes me tremendously happy and not food waste going to landfills. there's still more news ahead. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. tonight an exclusive news exclusive. three thieves picked the wrong guy to rob. the victim fighting back with his van and capturing two of the robbers till the cops got there. we have breaking news. police on the scene of a stabbing in midtown manhattan. good evening, i'm bill ritter.
4:59 pm
dianna and sade are -- diana and sade are off. >> shannon sohn with the details. >> you can see police are on the scene. they're actually on 31st street between madison and 5th avenues. at this point the stabbing victim has been taken to bellevue hospital, unknown exactly where the person was stabbed but they are set to be in stable condition. the circumstances surrounding the stabbing are still in question at this point as this is a developing investigation and at this point we do not have any suspects in custody. reporting live over midtown, shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> shannon sohn is going to keep us posted on all that as well. you can see that. darla miles is on the scene. do you hear us? >> i'm right here, bill. can you hear me?
5:00 pm
show you exactly what the scene is here on 31st street. you can see there's an nypd patrol car here. i want to show you the two officers standing in the middle of the street where this is believed to have happened. in fact they're standing, we're told, my sources here, that they're guarding the spot where there may be fluid here on the street. i spoke with one witness who said around 3:40 they saw one ambulance and lots of police cars. they responded very quickly to the scene. we know around 3:40 this call came in about a stabbing here on 5th avenue and west 31st street. we're told that the person has been transported to the hospital. no condition on them yet. but we'll tell you we're seeing lots of police activity in this area, not just here on 31st and 5th but also on the surrounding streets which suggest there may be some type of search for the potential suspect. at this point we know one stabbing has happened and that


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