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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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one man, also in critical condition, another in serious condition and a third man's condition still unclear at this hour. they were all taken to robert johnson. this humvee was part of a two vehicle caravan traveling turnpike. the other vehicle pulled over to help but was not involved. help. >> i saw it was a military humvee and three soldiers were trapped. i ran back to my truck, i got my jack, i ran attempted to try and jack the front of the vehicle up. >> it looked real bad, but i didn't see any major injuries the truck. >> reporter: and we are learning that humvee was coming this happened.
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starting to move again here in the southbound lanes. but a lot of questions here >> that was mallory hoff reporting. this is causing major traffic problems on the new jersey turnpike. residual delays out there. 7th man no one stone is live in news copter -- shannon stone is live in news copter 7. >> reporter: what we are left with is the southbound lane getting through. the inner roadway has all lanes open, but an interesting phenom no one happening here. we are going to bring you all the way back to the --
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happening here. as you look at the picture you can see the inner roadway delay roadway. you have a 3-mile jam despite through. people are hearing the accident is on the outer roadway and are opting to take the inner roadway. as a result of that your inner roadway is a bumper to bumper jam for 14 miles. if goes all the way back to interchange 10 so avoid this at all costs. route 130 works well as an alternate. shannon stone channel 7 eyewitness news. and you can follow all the latest developments with our breaking news alerts at abc 7 ny with our eyewitness news apps. we will keep you updated on facebook and twitter. now we get to vote 2016. all five presidential candidates tonight in new york the primary. democrats hillary clinton,
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at the brooklyn navy yard while donald trump and ted cruz and john kasich attend the republican gala at the grand hyatt hotel in midtown. we start with dave evans. >> reporter: rob a few minutes ago i talked with hillary clinton's press secretary brian fallon and he tells me he thinks bernie sanders will go on the attack a lot tonight. 21 democratic delegates up for april 19th. and also if you look at the latest polling, bernie sanders is closing. >> reporter: the stage is set for tonight's battle in brooklyn, a debate that could primary vote. earlier today bernie sanders spoke at al sharp tonight's national action network, the same group hillary clinton addressed yesterday. represents the establishment, the status quo, the rich.
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you want to vote for me, love to have it. you want to vote against me, that is called democracy. billionaires who represent the wealthy and the powerful should not be about buying elections. jane and i left new york city when we were kids. it is great to be back. thank you. >> reporter: last night sanders spoke to thousands in washington square park and hammered clinton for not releasing transcripts of her private speeches at goldman sachs. >> i kind of think if that $225,000 speech was so extraordinary, she should release the transcripts and share it with all of us. >> reporter: yesterday clinton focused on republicans ted cruz and donald trump. york values. i think new york values are at
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that is why i'm proud to be a new yorker. >> reporter: as this race has gotten tighter the rhetoric has gotten newscastier. in new york clinton enjoys the backing of most elected democrats, including the mayor and his wife. >> i think the tone will be respectful, but i think bernie is getting desperate, so i expect we'll hear the volume be pumped up a little bit. >> reporter: and to give you the lay of the land here, behind me is spin alley, where the candidates or surrogate will come right after the debate to spin us. the debate is in another building i would say a block over my right shoulder. and if you look over to the left and you see all of these desks set up and people busy at work, there are going to be about 300 or 400 reporters busy at work tonight covering this debate. evening. we will see you at 6:00.
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brooklyn navy yard channel 7 eyewitness news. the republican side tonight the remaining three rivals will all be in the same room for a gop gala from midtown. but first, donald trump headlines a fundraiser on long island. the event met with protests over violence against immigrants. stacey sagger is there. >> reporter: this protest out here is a relatively small one. demonstrators are kept far back from where this trump event is taking place. they are mostly immigrant activists who say trump is unwelcome here. they are offended by remarks he has made. back here you can see the building the emporium. this is where trump ask now speaking. -- is now speaking. we have pictures of trump arriving here. we want to show you the police commissioner updating us throughout the day, because
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supporters of donald trump lined up more than two hours before his scheduled arrival here at the emporium. but not everyone is cheering about it. immigrant activists held a vigil after pleading with the suffolk county republican party to disinvite trump. >> saying we are criminals, we we represent. country. we want to do our part, educate ourselves. >> one of the largest immigrant populations in the country and its fair share of racial tension. it was seven and a half years ago an imgrant from ecuador was brutally murdered by a pack of teens. lewis sayre row's brother --
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>> i have been going saying this is wrong. changing the stereotype about the immigrant community. and i have this. i mean there is a mess. >> reporter: but where undocumented immigrants and economics intersect you have trump supporters. >> i have to pay comp liability, i have to obey all the laws you know in they don't. >> reporter: and hundreds of others willing to forego trump's lack of sensitivity for the beliefs they share. >> i have no problem with legal immigration. i have a problem with illegal immigration because that is not what this country was formed upon. >> reporter: once again we are back here live now outside the emporium, where police have been coming and going throughout the day. the commissioner said there are k-9 units, cops on bicycles, he has the aviation units up in action. extra security. but trump's speech here will be
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york city for the gop dinner. donald trump's campaign manager will not be prosecuted. authorities in florida say while there is probable cause, there isn't enough evidence to prosecute him on a battery charge. he was seen grabbing a news reporter's arm at a campaign event last month. trump stood by him and refused to fire him. remember channel 7 is your home for coverage of the new york state primary. tune in tonight at 11:00 for a complete wrap-up of tonight's democratic debate. right now no times square, workers are celebrating new york's new $15 an hour minimum wage. governor cuomo spoke a few minutes ago. some verizon workers who went on strike yesterday are joining them. later tonight they plan to march down 42nd street to the grand hyatt hotel the site of
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presidential candidates will be. several big businesses in downtown newark are still in the dark at this hour, after a manhole fire sparked major power outages. an underground cable failed around 1:30 this morning. workers have restored power to some buildings, including the utility headquarters but many buildings remain in the dark. rutgers, newark and nj it, were forced to cancel classes. full restoration will be later tonight. power is expected to return tonight in another new jersey neighborhood after an out of control truck slammed into utility poles. an eyewitness there says the two workers who dropped off a load from their truck and the vehicle started to roll wait a minute the workers ran -- to roll away. the workers ran after that. >> it is a blessing there were no children out no cars on the
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>> the truck came to rest right outside of a fire station. power expected to return to that neighborhood within the next few hours. a judge has denied a motion to dismiss the murder charges against a new jersey mother accused of killing her 5-year- old son. lawyers for michelle low claim there is no evidence tying her to her son's murder 25 years ago. but prosecution witnesses testified the blanket found near the body came from her home not brussels bombing suspect known as the man in the hat has been ordered held behind bars for another month. mohawk abrini -- mohammed abrini admitted he is the man seen walking with the suspects. prosecutors say four suspects were involved in the brussels attack.
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others injured when a powerful earthquake rocked japan today, the hardest hit area in the southern part of the country. the quake a magnitude 6.5. the force of the quake knocked down 19 homes and trapped people underneath all that debris. it sparked multiple fires and buckled roads there. there was no tsunami risk. two young lives taken too soon after a fast moving fire. what sparked the tragedy that killed two youngsters, home alone, while their mother did laundry. new video showing the moment she realizes what happened. and new developments in the case of a former nypd officer who killed an innocent man in a hallway. will he get a new trial? and rutgers bags a big name to deliver this year's commencement address. we'll tell you who is coming to town. on this nice slow perfect spring weather. couple of degrees warmer today, low 60s. yet we have frost advisories in parts of the area tonight.
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breaking news in the case of the former nypd officer who killed a man in brock lynn. the verdict against peter -- in brooklyn, the verdict against peter le yang will stand. what is next? >> reporter: basically the judge saying he doesn't believe juror 9 is smart enough he snuck his way on to a jury. to use the judge's words he says quote he doesn't believe
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intelligence and has shown over time he gives rambling answers to questions asked. at issue is whether vargas withheld his father's conviction for an accidental shooting. when asked during jury selection if he had any jury members close to him accused of a crocodile, vargas said no. he said he wasn't close to his father. but in the same building hours earlier for a different jury pool when asked if anyone he know has been accused of a crime he said his father for manslaughter. if the argument is vargas wanted to get on to this jury and off of that one by lying he could have simply said yes he had a bias to get off the jury. the bottom line the judge said the defense did not prove jury prove vargas conduct stripped the defendant of a fair trial. supporters on both sides have been very emotional about this
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reactions to the decision i don't obviously we are -- decision. >> obviously we are very disstandpoint. i thought there was sufficient evidence there where vargas was ducking questions and not forthcoming with answers. >> there was no need, this is a waste of taxpayers' money. my nephew is being murdered over and over every time we have to come back to court. sophia is hurt every time her son's name is mentioned in the papers. we have to stop. peter le yang needs to go to jail. >> the judge points out some of the posts on facebook are from two years ago. peter le yang will be sentenced tuesday but keep in mind the da has called for no jail time, so both sides are preparing for a very emotional sentencing day.
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two former allies of new jersey governor chris christie are trying indictments in the bridgegate scandal thrown out. bridget kelley and export authority official bill barone claim they did not violate any federal laws when lanes to the george washington bridge were shut down in 2013. kelley and barone are set to go on trial in the fall. newark mayor defending his proposal to ban uber in his city. in a post he says all the city is asking of uber is that it play by the rules as every other transportation company by submitting drivers to background checks and paying license fees. uber says people protesting the plan have overloaded the mayor's twitter account. lee goldberg joining us now. it just keeps getting better and better. >> take your before pictures now because the whole landscape
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a lot of leaves will push out. -- will bloom, a lot of leaves will push out. outside we go right now, a lot of blue sky. as we look from oh that is what you were doing. rob tried to take a before picture of me. hopefully i don't change that much over the next week. you'll notice haze over midtown, some pollutants could get stuck, so the air quality is going to be good tomorrow but may become a little poorer over the weekend before we get a breeze next week. number. the humidity is so super low right now, so it doesn't feel as warm as the lower 60s right now. upper 50s. there is no climbing of the days. the pressure is holding steady and the high is right on the 62 mark. last year in the state just a trace of rainfall, a hundredth
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your temperature. lows this morning we certainly dipped into the lower to mid- 30s in spots with a few hour stretch of clouds overnight, a little blanket. there will tonight so a few numbers could be lower tonight. there is a frost advisory over interior parts of new jersey. rockville coming in at 59. hampton bay only at 50. away from the water newark 61. and the air is dry into the upcoming weekend. only sunday and monday will these creep up. delightful whether coming in. 55 this evening. sunny tomorrow. 55 at noon and 62 or 64 during the afternoon hours tomorrow. this is satellite and radar, which is super clear.
5:21 pm
slow moving over eastern canada and a couple reflexes after to the south. unseasonably cool air is getting all the way down to the deep south. we are stuck in this great weather pattern. nice tomorrow. have to watch this storm offshore. kick up the breezes along the coast. clouds are staying away, we'll have to watch that. nice and mild on saturday and even warmer by sunday. wake up temperatures tomorrow mid-30s and lower 40s. near freezing in a couple of spots. spring jacket in the morning, carry it in the afternoon. frost in suburbs tonight 42. tomorrow 63, very pleasant in the afternoon. tomorrow night 44, clear and cool, once again 30s in some of our suburbs. charlene and rob, will there be more clouds and wind at the coast as we head into the weekend? we'll check on that. 80 in some spots monday.
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week all coming up on the 7-day accu-weather forecast, back to you. new information about the zika virus and danger for pregnant women, just ahead. plus diana ross hurt in a crash. we'll tell you what went wrong and how she is doing tonight. it is a high intensity interval training class, the first of its kind in america, offered at asphalt green. it is a workout that is computerized and pushes you to your limit. that story, coming up. you have just decided to buy something from someone on craigslist. now you have the daunting task of meeting this person to give them your money. you are probably feeling a little bit nervous.
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a sign of hope that some of the nigerian girls kidnapped by boca are alive. a video was released by the extremist group and in it one of the girls says we are well. relatives and friends were relieved to recognize some of the nearly 300 girls who were kidnapped. they were taken from their school two years ago.
5:26 pm
warriors bicycle road is underway following a kickoff by president obama. and the first part of that ride is a loop around the white house. it will last four days. the event reminds us of the importance of taking care of our veterans. >> you represent what is best about our nation and i hope all the american people will come out and show support for these heroes, not just today but every single day. >> well the wounded project helps veterans through programs, services and events like this one. a former miss america is accused of unsome role model like behavior. police in minnesota say 50-year- old susan klein switched tags and labels and took home $5500 in fraudulent refunds. some of the clothes were dirty
5:27 pm
klein was miss america back in 199. prince william and kate are heading to the royal fortress with the country's king and queen. earlier today the duke ask duchess of cambridge spent their first day there by trying archery, both laughing at their efforts to hit a target 476 feet away. britain's first official space man says he is run the london marathon from 250 miles up timothy peak says he has had plenty of time to get used to the international space station treadmill. he says the biggest challenge is the harness he wears to keep his feet grounded. peak's personal best was 3 hours and 15 minutes in 1999 but this time around he is shooting for under 4 hours.
5:28 pm
>> who knew there was a treadmill up had? ahead a terrible taj -- up there? ahead a terrible tragedy in the bronx. big man on campus. rutgers snags an a list they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's rigged by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people.
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a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni may include tiredness, headache and weakness. i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. a humvee overturned on the new jersey turnpike, injuring at least four soldiers. the crash happened this afternoon in south brunswick. new jersey police say a female and male soldier are in critical condition, a second in serious condition and another soldier is being treated at the loss.
5:31 pm
the trapped passengers and turnpike crews are working to get all southbound lanes back open. now we get new details in the fire tragedy in the bronx. we now know what sparked the fire that killed two youngsters. >> new video shows their mother across the street, doing laundry when she saw fire trucks pull up and realized what happened. eyewitness news reporter darla miles is in the clairmont section with new details on this. darla? >> reporter: this fire was accidental, started by incense burning inside the home. at this point the question is whether the mother will face charges at a later date for leaving those two children inside alone. >> i just heard screaming and come zooming across the street. >> reporter: in this sur violence video you can see a 26- year-old bronx mother in her purple coat walk outside of a laundromat and fire trucks in the background.
5:32 pm
apartment where her two toddlers were inside alone. >> when the fire department came up and they pulled into place, that is when the mother come from the laundromat, looked as if she was curious as to whether or not that was her apartment. when she got in the middle of the street she realized it was her apartment and she began to run quickly. >> reporter: the 26 nature-year- old -- the 26-year-old couldn't get to them witnesses say the expectant mother passed out. she lost these two sweet little a 2-year-old and 18-month-old. >> reporter: the young mother spent at least 40 minutes doing laundry while the fire swelled inside of her third floor apartment. eyewitness news learned a family member who lives inside the building ran to the
5:33 pm
was locked and she couldn't get in. firefighters eventually got the kids out. >> they worked on the children for about a half hour or so, laying them down on the ground, cpr, cpr, they was not letting up. >> reporter: thursday morning that laundry still in the same place where the young mother left it. she has no place to take it and no cute little girls to dress up so there is more than one family that lives in that third floor apartment. and the mother told police she thought another adult was home at the time that she was across the street doing laundry. that is why she released and hasn't been charged at this time. the funeral is set for saturday. reporting live in the clairmont section of the bronx darla miles. darla thank you. we have breaking news now.
5:34 pm
shannon stone is in news copter 7. >> reporter: it happened on the south side of route 21. we are showing you a refrigerator that appears to have fallen off a vehicle onto the roadway. you can see the damage. obviously it was hit by at least one vehicle. we are going to bring this picture out there. there is a motorcycle in this accident here but they have had to shut down the roadway. where the refrigerator came from. we want to bring to you this delay. because the delay is enormous. it is on the northbound side of route 21. they had to shut it down at exit 12 at market street and the delay goes all the way back to 11. the delays take you back to the parkway. reporting live shannon stone channel 7 eyewitness news. stay on top of that for us. meanwhile a judge in connecticut has ruled a lawsuit
5:35 pm
maker of the assault rifle used in the sandy hook school shooting. the judge said federal law protecting gun makers from lawyers from arguing. the ar 15 is a military weapon and it should not have been sold to civilians. both sides due back in court next tuesday. new york state has ended martial arts. this morning governor cuomo signed legislation to put the state athletic commission in charge of the sport. ultimate events could be coming to the garden sometime this year. >> madison square garden is the international icon for great sports events. >> the new law would take effect in 120 days. that gives the commission time to adopt regulations, train staff, begin licensing promoters and fighters. new details tonight about a
5:36 pm
of grade fixing. she is now cleared of all charges. kathleen el vein was cleared by an independent arbiter who ruled the city did not prove its case and she cannot be fired. el vein was accused of implementing programs at john dewey high school designed to make it easier for students to graduate. a nun on trial in new jersey to drunk driving testified she was on ambien and doesn't remember crashing into an auto repair shop. kimberly miller was pulled over last november for driving erratically. officers say her eyes were bloodshot, he was unsteady on her feet and a half empty bottle of wine was in the car. a blood alcohol test showed miller was twice the legal limit. miller's attorney claimed she was not driving drunk, which he was sleep driving. a state panel is changing new york's liquor laws, including those on sunday.
5:37 pm
bars and restaurants to serve alcohol before noon sunday. the group wants to cut red tape by completely overhauling the rules. the legislature and the governor will have to change state law for any of this to happen. a change to emissions testing laws in new jersey. if a vehicle fails the state's initial test, the owner will now have to take it to a private station. that move was reportedly played to ensure vehicles more than 20 years old will no longer need inspects no one of president obama's final speeches in office will be delivered at rutgers university. the president typically delivers only a handful of speeches every year, rutgers is celebrating its 250th anniversary, more than 12,000 students and 40,000 guests will be on hand for the ceremony. and on campus today, reaction
5:38 pm
>> i'm really excited. >> i'm not a huge fan of his policy so not necessarily looking forward to what he has to say. >> the president will be delivering speeches at howard university and the air force academy. a scare for a star. how diana ross got hurt right before a show. reports of an explosion at a business in new jersey. and call it the redemption. an octopus makes an amazing escape. nice and mild right now. we are at 62 degrees. we do have a clear, cool night ahead. that could mean some frost in
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singer diana ross injured in the limo crash. police say an suv ran a stop sign and hit the vehicle she was riding in yesterday. ross is complaining of led and neck pain, but was not sent to the hospital. no one else was hurt. an explosion this afternoon at a business that happened at a fragrance company located in an industrial complex. a worker said there was a blast in one of the tanks in the warehouse, he was suffering burns to his arms. he was taken to the hospital. firefighters inspecting the entire building. a homeowner scares away intruders when he wasn't even in the house. this is all through a remote system. he saw criminals wandering around this southern new jersey home. crooks weren't bothered by the family dogs, but they were spooked when the owner called out to them remotely through a
5:43 pm
the two quickly ran off with a look box of jewelry. under the cover of darkness, leaving nothing behind but a slimy trail. inky the octopus slith they ared his way out of the national aquarium of new zealand and hasn't been seen since. he squeezed his rugby ball- sized body through a gash in the tank and slithered all the way to the ocean. he has not been seen again. >> if we learned anything from nemo, it is all drains lead to the ocean right? helping girls get the gowns of their dreams. >> eyewitness news kicking off the prom scene in style. how a store is helping girls sparkle on their big night.
5:44 pm
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shannon? >> it is totally ablaze. the fire department just getting on the scene and it is really miraculous. once they start to get water on this, this will go out very, very quickly. but we did see explosions inside this car. if you are going into the lincoln tunnel this is right by kennedy boulevard. we have a jam across all lanes of traffic, and you have that to look forward to as you come in. they are getting the water on it, quickly getting the fire out. the damage already done.
5:48 pm
reporting live over 45 in union city champion 7 eyewitness news. >> really hope in serious injuries. affording a prom dress can add stress to the affair. but now thousands of students have one less thing to worry about thanks to a generous donations. macy's is giving 5000 dresses to the charity called operation prom. brand new dresses, it helps students attend their high school's's convenient for little to no cost. the dresses will be given away later this month. >> that is so nice. >> isn't that great? >> prom season. so much fun. and so much anxiety. >> it is the season though. >> yes, it is. >> but,. >> yes? >> the seasons are changing finally. >> we are really turning the corner. no doubt about it. here's a picture of central park. robbery know you'll have more about this at 6:00. i mean there was kobe last
5:49 pm
channel 7 softball team got off with a squeaker victory. i know you will be leading with that at 6:00. sunshine, light wind out there right now. frost advisory for much of new jersey. patchy frost in the hudson valley again tonight. we have had below normal stretches after that amazing warm start the first and second day of the month. now i think you'll see more red squares the second half of the month. actually close to normal today. dry over the next 7 to 10 days and then we'll get a little rainfall we are missing out on probably the last week of the month. right now it is all about this big area of high pressure over eastern canada. and we can only get so warm. the warm up is super gradual. lower 60s tomorrow, wind a little breezy at the coastline. tomorrow morning in the mid-30s and lower 40s in the afternoon hours. the spring jacket you will be carrying it in the afternoon. 49 in montauk. great for the yankee game
5:50 pm
mariners coming to town. cooler mid and late innings. air quality still good tomorrow. deteriorates a little bit as the air mass gets a little stale over the weekend. pollen count high. saturday warmer not as chilly at night. warmer sunday, around 70 degrees. the warmest day will be monday. partly cloudy skies. then our one shower threat here in the 7-day accu-weather into early tuesday. many spots may actually just stay dry and a brief cool shot to follow. 59 on wednesday, we bounce right back to the upper 60s thursday. really one of the nicest stretches and one of the quietest 7 days in a long, long time. >> i see an 80 in spots. >> i think it will be. thank you lee. you bet. high intensity interval training, popular forgetting your -- for, getting your latter rate up. >> now there is a -- getting your heart rate up. >> now there is a new version
5:51 pm
>> what is compelling about there class is it is so visual. it is a little bit like a disco and class rolled into one. >> hi everybody. welcome to your first ag 6. it stands for the recreation center called asphalt green and the 6 for what jennifer calls your sixth athletic sense. you have muscle memory. >> reporter: and this workout trigger that his sixth sense. >> this is a 45-minute high class. we are going to use your body weight, resistance bands, slam balls, dumbbells, a variety of equipment throughout the exercise. >> reporter: but what this so different is it is computerized. we know when to switch stations when the lights change colors and in certain areas the walls and floors are sensors, to not
5:52 pm
>> we can track your progress. how fast you hit the targets, how fast your feet are moving and fast feet we'll be able to set a milestone for you. >> reporter: the technology is based out of spain. asphalt green is the only gym in america to offer it. and because the intervals are regulated by computer, it freeze up the coach to push you harder. >> give me one more. go. good. now just walk it back. good job. >> reporter: for many of the exercises you have to hit your targets, making you accountable. and also pretty psyched to have tapped in to that sixth sense. >> good job you guys. that is the end. >> they are kind relieved when it is over. classes are $25 for members of asphalt green, $35 for nonmembers and they are offered several times a week. it is the only place in the country that is offering this kind of technology.
5:53 pm
>> would you do it again? >> yeah but i need to stretch and have a little down time. >> good tough. >> strong twister. a turning point in the war against the zika outbreak. >> coming up on eyewitness news, new concerns after an alarming link to birth defects is confirmed. and i'm liz cho. we are counting down to tonight's big showdown in brooklyn. and the gop hosts its gala tonight. we want to make sure people are safe. >> also new at 6:00. one community creating what is called a safe zone. a place for people who use
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow -
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5:57 pm
the cdc confirms the zika virus does cause the brain an norm malty -- abnormality micro encephally. >> reporter: the severe birth defect seen in babies born with extremely small heads, some americans are quickly changing travel plans. >> we have decided to cancel our wedding in mexico for the health and safety of our family and friends. >> reporter: this california couple canceling their dream wedding in mexico, concerned
5:58 pm
>> we wanted kids shortly after we got married. >> reporter: despite the now definitive link between the zika virus and birth defects the cdc's guidelines will not change, at least for now. the cdc is advising pregnant women and those trying to get pregnant against traveling to the caribbean, central and latin america where the mosquito-borne illness has been spreading. this michigan pest control expert says now is the time to take preventative actions. >> it is all about getting water off your property, checking the gutters and making showers you are getting water off there. >> reporter: other suggestions, spray bug repellant. wear long sleeps and pants if you plan on staying outside. at home -- long sleeves and pants if you plan on staying outside. >> all the activities reduce the likelihood of an individual being bitten by a mosquito. >> congress just approved
5:59 pm
makers to combat the zika virus this spring and summer. it is far from what public health officials need to prepare for the situation. all good tips. have you ever been afraid to buy something over an internet sales site? because you didn't want to meet a stranger? >> tonight a really smart solution from the cops. eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. they have been campaigning in new york and crisscrossing days. but tonight hillary clinton and bernie sanders, two new yorkers, going face-to-face and showdown before tuesday's
6:00 pm
accident on the new jersey turnpike. a humvee, filled with soldiers flipping over and the injuries are serious. i'm bill ritter. >> and i'm liz cho. two soldier are his in critical condition after their hum industry blew a tire and flipped over. traffic right now is backed up for -- humvee blew a tire and flipped over. traffic right now is backed up. jim? >> reporter: bill a humvee can weigh more than 7000 pounds if it is armored and this one was. they have been used effectively in the mountains of afghanistan, but this one was just jersey turnpike today, carrying four soldiers when it suddenly flipped over. it was a horrific accident. the army reserve humvee flipped over in one of the outer lanes of the new jersey turnpike. one female soldier, her leg crushed beneath the vehicle,


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