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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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accident on the new jersey turnpike. a humvee, filled with soldiers flipping over and the injuries are serious. i'm bill ritter. >> and i'm liz cho. two soldier are his in critical condition after their hum industry blew a tire and flipped over. traffic right now is backed up for -- humvee blew a tire and flipped over. traffic right now is backed up. jim? >> reporter: bill a humvee can weigh more than 7000 pounds if it is armored and this one was. they have been used effectively in the mountains of afghanistan, but this one was just jersey turnpike today, carrying four soldiers when it suddenly flipped over. it was a horrific accident. the army reserve humvee flipped over in one of the outer lanes of the new jersey turnpike. one female soldier, her leg crushed beneath the vehicle,
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at the scene. >> i saw that it was a military humvee trapped. >> it looked real bad, but i didn't see any major injuries, but there was brood from the truck. >> reporter: pictures taken by motorists show soldiers struggling to get out of the humvee. the vehicle lost one wheel but it is not clear if that caused the crash or was a result of it. two were left in critical condition. >> we were able to move the vehicle enough to get the one soldier out. >> reporter: traffic was stopped on all southbound lanes of the turnpike for awhile, causing massive tie ups. from news copter 7 you could see the back-ups. the soldiers had left bayside queens. it is not clear yet where they were headed. the two soldiers who are in critical condition lost an awful lot of blood before medics got to them. again they are in critical condition. two others suffered more minor injuries.
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find out exactly how it turns out. reporting live from new brunswick, jim dolan channel 7 eyewitness news. following another very serious accident, this time where a car fire is causing some traffic problems. you can see emergency crews are still on scene, they have just put that fire out. shannon stone is over the scene in news copter 7. shannon? >> reporter: we have now seen the ambulance come and take away one person injured in this accident. we are to bring you a little further up the eastbound side of 495. there is a new jersey transit bus here, it appears the car rear-ended that bus and then caught fire. so what you are seeing now is the eastbound side of 495 around kennedy boulevard, all lanes shut down as they wrap-up this accident. clearly they are going to have to clean up the roadway. huge delays inbound at the lincoln tunnel.
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getting off 495 and going up to 30th street. reporting live, shannon stone channel 7 eyewitness news. >> what a mess. keep us posted shannon. a big debate tonight, hillary clinton and bernie sanders facing off yet again. senator sanders winning eight of the last nine primaries and caucuses. secretary clinton with a double digit lead here in the polls of new york. as for the republicans they gather tonight at an event in manhattan. protesters moments ago in times square say they are heading to that gathering happening at the hyatt hotel in midtown. we are beginning with dave evans he is in brooklyn at the navy yard where clinton and sanders will debate at 9:00. >> reporter: bill i think this debate tonight is so important along with the election tuesday because it really represents the last, best chance that
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the trajectory of this race moving forward. the delegate math simply not others side at all. but if he were able to pull off an upset in tuesday's primary vote in new york, that would change everything. but if she wins, it will likely be a march onto the coronation as the democratic no, ma'am flee -- nominee. >> reporter: in the last few days bernie sanders has been on a tear. his new commercial never mentions clinton by name, but its is clear. >> nothing will change until we elect candidates that reject wall street money. send a message to wall street banks and the billionaires, enough is enough. >> he ripped clinton today and did much the same last night in washington square park, questioning why release transcripts of her speeches to wall street executives.
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$225,000 speech was so extraordinary, she should release the transcripts and share it with all of us. >> reporter: clinton has mostly talked about republicans in the last few days. but earlier in the week, clinton tore into sanders on what to expect in tonight's debate. >> i think it will be lively. and i have noticed that, under the bright spotlight and scrutiny here in new york, senator sanders has had trouble answering questions, about his the banks. last week over the word qualified. >> maybe the american people might wonder about your qualifications, madam secretary, when you voted for the war in iraq. >> i don't know why he is saying that. let's keep our eye on what is election. >> the clinton camp is claiming sanders has broken a promise to
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>> new york is a must win for him if he is going to be on pace to overtake hillary clinton's lead for the nomination. so he is throwing everything but the kitchen sink at her in these last few days. >> and i would suspect in tonight's debate there is going to be a lot of discussion about wall street and how to reform the banking street -- industry. hillary clinton not afraid at all to go toe to toe with him on this issue. she has said he doesn't know what he is talking about. it should be a very interesting debate tonight. reporting live at brooklyn navy yard dave evans channel 7 eyewitness news. from the democrats we head now to the republicans and the grand hyatt hotel in midtown josh? >> reporter: this is a lot hour. the grand hyatt hotel here, this is where there is a black tie $1000 a plate dinner for
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with all three republican presidential candidates a very large rally started out planned as an antidonald trump rally and has morphed into a rally against all three republican presidential candidates and they are about to be joined by folks from seventh avenue. this is eye group called the fight for 15 move -- a group called the fight for 15 movement to raise the minimum wage. they have been rallying this afternoon at the times square mcdonalds location. it just so happens that this gop event is happening here at the grand hyatt hotel. they are actually right now marching east on 42nd street at the height of the afternoon rush. they are going to join us with this anti-trump protest
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hyatt hotel. >> all of the policies against women, against the working people and against minorities and most of the time against nonchristians as well. so i think it is important to come here to raise our voices and let them know we don't like what they are saying. >> reporter: all of this happened on a very busy day of republican politics. in just the past hour gop front runner donald trump was on long island for a particularly controversial rally because it was happening just up the block from where marcella lucero was murdered by white teens in a hate crime seven years ago. neighborhood activists had been saying trump's appearance would be a thumb in the eye. when he spoke he was unapologetic. you? the wall or the trade deals? we'll talk about trade. because i know this area. they want business coming back
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i see what's going on. i know what's going on. , back live right now, we are here in front of the grand high at hotel on 42nd. as we walk down the block there, i don't know if you can see what is going on, on lexington avenue itself, another group has now blocked traffic at the intersection of 42nd and lexington and they are filtering in, i believe into another pen set up for them in front of the grand lie at hotel. an active -- hyatt hotel. we will be here throughout the night and continue to let you know. channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. meanwhile john kasich is today. county. his emphasis the economy.
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get the budget balanced. ted cruz made a stop from buffalo before heading to new york city. and just a reminder, place for politics. dave evans women be in brooklyn for tonight's debated, live on facebook throughout the evening. burning incense, that is what the fd nc said started a fire that killed two young children in the bronx. two toddlers. a 2-year-old and 18-month-old siblings left alone in their apartment in the clairmont section. firefighters found no working smoke detectors. surveillance video shows the girls' mom across the street in a laundromat. she thought someone else was watching them. the guilty verdict against former nypd officer peter le yang has been upheld. a short time ago a judge in brooklyn denied a defense motion for a retrial.
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today for his ambulance conviction in khai gurley's shooting death. the sentencing was delayed by a hearing to determine if a juror misrepresented himself during jury selection. today the judge ruled the defense did not prove juror misconduct. >> i thought there was sufficient evidence there, where vargas was ducking questions and not forthcoming with the answers. >> this is a waste of taxpayer money. my nephew is being murdered over and over every time we have to come back to court. >> he is facing up to 15 years in prison however the district attorney is recommending no prison time. still to come on eyewitness news at 6:00, a busy thursday night, trying to make it safer for you to buy stuff online. the community has created safe zones for people to deliver the goods that require face-to-face meetings that and rangers lundquist hit in the eye with a stick. ouch.
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i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. creeping up with the temperatures a couple of degrees milder today.
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new at 6:00, why did it take so long to think of this? a safe place for buyers and sellers doing business over the internet to complete in person. safe transaction zones.
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created outside the sheriff's offices in river head and in suffolk county. >> and more, we are told, are on the way. here's kristen thorn. >> reporter: you just decided to buy something on craigslist. now you have to meet the person to give them your money and someone could be there with bad intentions. that is why the suffolk county sheriff's office set up two safe transaction zones. they are located right outside the sheriff's office and in a direct line of sight of an on duty deputy. >> what is better than being within a few yards of a police officer? >> reporter: and right near tons of surveillance cameras. >> if someone is not going to come to a sheriff's office location, to make a deal, you probably didn't want to do business with them anyway. >> reporter: the transaction zones are open 24/7 and you don't need an appointment. but the sheriff still recommends you come during daylight hours. other things you should know. the deputy on duty will not
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and he or she will not serve as an official witness to your transaction. >> if we see that the traffic and the volume is good and you know the public is receptive to it we would expand to other locations in the county and implement the use of technology, you know video cameras and remote observation. >> reporter: yes your online shopping just got a little bit safer. kristen thorn channel 7 eyewitness news. >> great idea. when we come back lee goldberg, how long can we keep the sun outside?
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liz, twitter is ablaze with the pictures of you supposedly surfing. i thought you would be a goofy foot. >> no i'm not actually. i'm the other way. >> the other way?
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>> that is not plea -- not me. no. no. >> we have what is a really nice afternoon. soon we'll start thinking about surfing on our shores as our weather warms up. right now the ocean temperatures are approaching 50 degrees. we have a 3 to 4-foot chop for boaters tomorrow. it is beautiful going forward into the weekend. 57 degrees right now. southeast wind at 7, pressure holding steady. high today a nice, comfortable 62. there is your average lie at 69. -- average high at 61. we tack on another 2 degrees to the high, the epitome of a gradual warm up. 70 by sunday, 80 in spots by monday not out of the question. only shot at a shower really comes on early tuesday and that is not even guaranteed. it is a really dry stretch coming in.
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notice the wind coming off the water. brighton beach at 51. we are still holding on to 60- degree read ages way from the coast belmar now at 52. light wind overnight into tomorrow, sunshine by day, clear sky at night. mid-50s by midday and lower 60s by the afternoon. satellite and radar is super clear. little reflections of the high, building down on the coast. this is just the beginning. this just keeps stretching out down the eastern seaboard over the next several days. it is blocking everything in its wake, so nothing is moving right now and we are just in a perfect sweet spot. nice tomorrow, and with this low, pivoting back west a few extra clouds along the coastline. i think it is more of an issue for eastern new england. again a great spot, mild and even mid and upper 60s as we go into saturday. still chilly tomorrow morning, a little bit of frost.
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to mid-60s, 50s along the coast. clear and chilly. areas of frost in the suburbs tonight. cool start sunny and pleasant. tomorrow night 44, clear and cool and 30s in the suburbs. a pair of 6s on saturday. 75 to 80 on monday. an early shower tuesday. a brief cooldown into wednesday where we struggle and bowens back 68 degrees. temperatures will respond nicely. it is an awesome pattern. speaking of cooling off, we have liz's picture. >> there it is. that's what i'm talking about. >> right. if you zoom in you can see all the blonde highlights. i got naturally while i was away for five days. rob powers is up next. the nba regular season closing in spectacular fashion last night for a it upal of
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looking for a ray of optimism in the research of the what happened? they won 15 games more than last year but nobody to the season as successful. season today. exit interviews for the players today, meeting with management. two years for phil jackson as president. got to find a new head coach. and the franchise player had a long talk today. here.
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taken place, as far as me leaving or plea wanting to leave. >> it is all about communication and the fact he wants to stay here. those are two things that are really important to him. >> as of right now. one knock on the nba is the regular season drags on for too long. final night last night and nobody complained. it was something special. kobe bryant after 20 years with the lakers in his final game did not disappoint. his teammates kept feeding him. he took 50 shots scored 60 points. fans remembered just how good bryant was and the lakers won. they needed those points. he retires as the nba's third all time leading scorer. >> tonight trying to go out playing hard and trying to put on a slow as much as i possibly could. and it felt good to be able to do that one last time. >> and as the kobe drama played out in los angeles the warriors
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a big win, most in league history. steph curry 46 points last night. the old record set by the bulls years ago. the bulls tweeting congratulations late last night now that 73 is the new benchmark. hockey now. rangers fans, the team does not think lundquist's injury is serious. he someone be out of action indefinitely. even though goal tender has been called up from the minor leagues. he was injured in the playoff opener at pittsburgh. you can tell how painful this was. lundquist eventually left the game. the rangers lost the game. lopped quist will see an eye specialist and game two saturday -- lundquist will see an eye specialist and game two saturday might not be in the cards. focus, play and stay within the framework and team concept
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what it is all about. the yankees make the nick swisher signing official. mets have the night off. and the top pick in this year's nfl draft is off to los angeles. the rams headed out west next season sending six draft picks to tennessee. the news from the jets today the official retirement of ferguson. 10 years with the jets offensive line. he missed one snap. brick talked today about the end and the beginning. >> this all started because a young boy who happened to have open-heart surgery wanted to prove his toughness and to everybody playing football. >> something not a lot of people knew about brick. guy was class from the day i met him until today. fantastic. some of the stories eyewitness news at 11:00. a famous musician gets stuck in
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manhattan. a big night for democrats and republicans. tonight new york. we are with the candidates and the protesters. what a movie chain is considering allowing you to do. >> the guys here are snickering. no it is not that. thanks for watching, i'm bill ritter. and i'm liz cho. for all of us here, have a great night. tonight, several breaking stories as we come on. the devastating and earthquake. the pictures coming in now. the desperate search for the missing. the aftershocks. and now, the warning. more on the way. breaking news tonight on donald trump. the new video of his campaign


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