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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  April 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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island, a car goes airborne. crashing into someone's front lawn. we'll hear from the startled homeowner. and clear blue skies. bright sun a picture-perfect day and the weekend may be even nicer. good afternoon everyone, i'm david novarro. >> and i'm liz cho. we're going to begin with that workers attacked in brooklyn in the middle of his shift. we're going to show you some video and as you can see, he was just doing his job when a teenager punched him and now police are investigating whether it was a hate crime. >> those investigators are looking at this surveillance video you see right now. eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer in crown heights with more on this story. tim? >> reporter: and david, a one merchandising here in crown heights is closed and shuttered at this hour because of the jewish sabbath but the earlier today, the victim of this violent attack tells me that heard right here tells me he believes he was targeted. folly spritzer is busy transferring palettes of cleaning supplies from the sidewalk to his family's
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thursday afternoon when he says unexpectedly he was assaulted. >> the time to distract me and then just punched me. >> reporter: in video captured by the company's security camera. two young men thought to be teenagers are seen coming together on the sidewalk walking up the folly on the fork truck. >> asked me for the time which i pulled out my cell phone out of my pocket and told them the time. >> reporter: without warning -- >> as i started pulling away the other one reached in and just punched me in the face. >> reporter: he then jumps off the fork truck and wrestles one of the teenager to the ground. >> we'll wait for the police and tell them what happened. >> reporter: did he say anything? >> he said i didn't do anything wrong. >> reporter: the suspect who actually threw the punch then runs away. >> they could have picked anybody. they could have -- they circled and i think chose me personally for who i was. >> reporter: next door in wingate park where men workout, there's surprise at the attack. >> these young dudes doing wild stuff in the streets. not knowing the repercussions
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so -- you know, we extending ourselves to him. >> reporter: the spritzer family who has had hair business here for 12 years have not personally experienced this before. >> it was pre-med dated and planned. -- premeditated and planned. >> do you feel they targeted him? >> sure. let's go get him. >> reporter: eyewitness news is also learning tonight that the nypd hate crimes unit is now investigating this as a possible hate crime. oring live in crown heights -- reporting live in crown heights, tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. more problems for disgraced speaker sheldon silver, investigators say he gave preferential treatment to two women who he had extramarital affairs with. the government says he used his position as speaker to help one of them who is a lobbyist and is a also accused of getting a state government job for the other woman. silver who is 72 was convicted in november in a $5 million corruption case. he's scheduled to be sentenced next month. we're following a developing story right now in manhattan. police are investigating a
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shelter right now. a 66-year-old man was found unconscious in the bell view men's shelter. this is on east 30th street. there were 67 people on the floor where that homicide occurred. and police say they now want to speak to some of those people. >> the police department is conducting a review of the security and safety needs of the shelter system. and will be making recommendations to upgrade security system wide. and in addition retraining security staff of the adjustment. >> much more on the >> much more on the investigation coming up in our next half hour. david? well, one day after they peaced off in a debate in brooklyn, bernie sanders and hillary clinton took different directions on the campaign trail. sanders took his political message to the vatican while hillary clinton visited with voters in east harlem. all this, as donald trump faced some critics from his past. abc's elizabeth hur tracking it all for us. >> reporter: well, david as the attacks turned more uglier and
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side, gop front runner donald trump is still attacking his own party and firing back at what he calls a group of benedict arnolds. the democratic hopefuls trying to move on from thursday night's fierce and fiery debate with tensions making one last campaign stop in harlem before flying out of state. >> i will fight for you. i will do everything i can as >> reporter: and sanders flying out of the country and defending his trip to the vatican to attend a conference on income inequality. >> i have been enormously impressed by pope francis and his visionary views about creating a moral economy. >> reporter: meanwhile, ahead of the next big battle in new york, gop front runner donald trump comessened fire this -- under fire this time from a group of alumni from the apprentice.
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>> reporter: trump's wasting no time blasting the group who once fought to work for him on reality tv. writing -- ask how successful they've been since they left. six failing wannabees out of hundreds of contestants? so sad. as for his republican rivals, stomachening for votes in new york are already looking ahead to november. >> if it ends up being bernie or hillary, i look forward to beating whichever socialist wins the democratic nomination. >> reporter: and just minutes ago, trump wrapped up a rally in upstate new york adoring which he once again bashed the republican party calling the delegation process rigged. to which the parrotry leased a memo today explaining the system is easy to understand for those willing to learn it. i'm elizabeth hur for channel 7 eyewitness news. >> liz thank you. meanwhile, after appearing in harlem hillary clinton sat down for a one-on-one interview with political reporter dave evans
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intensity here in new york. >> i don't take anybody or anything for granted the people of new york took a chance on me twice. in 2000 and 2006. when they elected me senator. they voted for me in very large numbers. i just feel so committed to this state. and obviously i want to do well but more than that, i want to make it clear that they've had my back, i'm going to have new york. >> and you can see much more of david's one-on-one interview with police clinton -- mrs. clinton this sunday. it starts sunday morning at 11:00 a.m. we also have the appearance and opportunity on up close to hear from new york city mayor besides discussing the race for president he talked about how the city is dealing with a corruption scandal. five high ranking officials with the nypd have been transferred. among them two on modified duty. the fbi looking into whether they traded special favors for cash or gifts. the mayor says when he heard about it he immediately took action. >> internal affairs found that
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who did the wrong thing. and have come to the -- already to the determination that nay kneaded to be transferred -- they needed to be transferred or disciplined. >> two businessmen who contributed to the mayor's campaign are at the center of this investigation. the mayor says their donations have been returned. crime, with a crime. we are learning new information today about that horrific crash that led four army reservists injured on the new jersey turnpike. critical condition this afternoon. and today we are hearing from one of the good samaritans who stepped in to help when that humvee overturned. eyewitness news reporter jim dolan is in new brunswick this afternoon with the story. jim? >> reporter: liz, mike saw things yesterday. he will never be able to forget. when he pulled over on the turnpike to help those three soldiers who has been injured one of them lost her leg in that accident.
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>> it was very tough to see. night trying to sleep. >> reporter: you can imagine mike wattsy was one of the first to stop on the turnpike yesterday when an army reserve humvee which had left fort totten yesterday afternoon with four soldiers on board flipped over. essentially trapping the four soldiers inside. >> i ended up grabbing my jacket and i was -- attemptable to help them jack -- attempting to help them jack up the vehicle. we got it up enough that the one soldier was actually able to you know, breathe and to move. >> reporter: one soldier even got out but the other three remained trapped until emergency workers arrived. by then, the traffic was piling up on the turnpike and it was horrifying to see the injuries. but to wattsy who has worked on cars for more than 20 years, tragic also that all that suffering was caused by a wheel that flew off the humvee. it should never have happened. >> i was able to see the wheel
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and you can see part of the control arm that's how i mean -- it just broke off. >> reporter: mr. wattsy was able to help some before the medics arrived but he was so concerned about the soldiers he actually came by the hospital last night to make sure that they were going to be okay. and fortunately all of the soldiers are expected to survive. their injuries. reporting live from new brunswick, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you jim. well, also in new jersey, investigators trying to determine why a fire reignited hours after firefighters thought it was out. officials originally responded to the scene on forest street in jersey city just before 8:00 last night. they thought it was under control so they left around midnight. well, at around 6:00 a.m. the flames once again returned. shooting through the roof of some of the damaged homes. when firefighters went inside one of the buildings the put them out, the second floor collapsed. >> vacant and secured two story frame structure.
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and extended into two occupied buildings. there were five buildings involved and two or occupies and three were vacant. no one was hurt. but ten residents are now homeless. a tsunami warning that was trigrd by a 7.1 magnitude quake in southern japan has been lifted. there are residents trapped the houses and buildings, this is the second major quake to hit the region in a little more than 24 hours. a smaller quake killed nine people and injured more than 800 others. also led to more than 100 aftershocks and it's unclear whether this latest quake has killed anyone. well, as we continue on this friday, an out of control car crashes through a fence and goes airborne and winds up on a man's front lawn. we'll hear from that homeowner coming up. >> and forget about jellyfish. an alligator causes quite a scare on a beach in florida. >> well, who needs the sunshine today with weather like this? i mean, it is amazing outside. and just in time for the weekend.
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accuweather seven day forecast, here's the signal if you are traveling out and about and getting an early start to the weekend, no weather worries, going to the yankees game tonight? just need a jacket especially after sunset. there's a chill air in the like we had the past few nights, how about 80 in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow -
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s it is 4:12 right now. time to check the roads on this friday. and this is not what you like to see at the george washington bridge. at this time usually during the week i'm saying nothing. no problems. unfortunately, right now there are 30 minute delays at the inbound and upper level and 20 minutes on the lower level. at the other hudson river crossings, though, it's 15
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and 10 minutes outbound and 20 minute outbound delays at the holland tunnel. fans of will smith are paying their respects today. the saints' organization and smith's family are hosting a public visitation at the team's practice facility in a suburb of new orleans. police say smith was shot and killed repeatedly after a traffic altercation on saturday. smith helped the team win the super bowl? 2009 and then stayed in new orleans after his retirement. private funeral and burial are scheduled for tomorrow. well, a scary moment in the air after a bird strikes a plane flying from a laguardia to nashville. the delta plane was left with a cracked wind shield and you can see it right there. 57 passengers were on board when it made an emergency landing in jager airport in charleston, west virginia yesterday. thankfully, no one was hurt. >> birds and aircraft you know share the same air space.
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you know 99.9 times out of you know a million, they ends this way. >> well, delta sent another plane to take all the passengers to nashville. well, gators in the florida everglades, that's nothing new. a seven and a half foot alligator off the shore of fort myers beach, that's something else and not what many spring breakers planned on. they were about ten feet offshore when they saw the gator and called beach patrol. look. a beach officials immediately contacted the florida fish and wildlife commission. a worker used jet ski to steer the alligator toward a wildlife trap you know they have a lot >> they do. >> you know, you throw a rock trapper. he was able to catch it and drag it to the beach and tie it up and then cart it away. i see lee doing this kind of work when he's not in new york. >> what does the green flag mean now on the beach? >> right exactly. gators. >> that's right. exactly right. i'm seeing a lot of friday smiles on the avenue today.
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oh, man it is good -- someone's got soft serve down the street. >> uh-oh. >> i think mr. softy is on broadway. we'll see. >> just bring some for us. >> i always do. actually the waffle cuts over there. all right so we are in -- so we have a beautiful forecast for you. i mean, this is one of the nicest stretches of the year so far. beautiful sunshine out there and it's mild. take a look at lower manhattan under a sunny sky. and a wind out of the northeast and boy, that humidity is just so, so low. so once again, number one it feels different on the shady side of the street. and then when the sun goes down, that chill will come back. so you can't abandon the coat just yet. the wind is very light. but could be a little breezy out of the northeast at times and the high today? like we told you yesterday, a couple of degrees milder. each day we keep inching up. now the lows are still chilly i mean we had 20s and low 30s this morning with some patchy the numbers in the suburbs tonight are a couple of degrees
4:17 pm
cant plants if you -- delicate frost this morning. 59 huntington and january pac. the numbers with the -- yaphank. the numbers are generally in the mid- and upper 50s. wall to wall sunshine as we go through to this afternoon. and light winds. and tomorrow, it's a bright sunny day and again a couple of 60s. i do think the northeast wind will kick up at times 8 to 16 miles per hour especially along the coastline. radar and satellite, i mean no clouds for miles right now. once again, is this huge area of high pressure over eastern canada and it's just expanding south and expanding west and it's carving out this amazing area of clear sky for us and keeping all the storminess away. we're high and dry tomorrow. now there's that storm offshore which believe it or not is actually helping us because it's causing a traffic jam on the weather map. but it will kick up the breezes at the coast and maybe a few patchy clouds will break off from that low. and get to our coastline but i mean that's worst case.
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so as we go into sunday, what happens is is pressure just builds to the south and west and we're closer to 70. 72 degrees and then we're into the 70s on monday. looking like this tomorrow morning upper 30s to middle 40s and then in the afternoon hours middle 60s although closer to 60 degrees along the coastline. tonight clear and cool and 30s in the suburbs but 44 in town and take that high up to 68 tomorrow. yes a little bit of a cool start. but then it's sunny and mild and then it will be breezy at times but it's going to feel great and then tomorrow night, not as cool. 46 degrees. closer to 38 to 40 in many sub you ares. come -- suburbs. coming up at 4:30. actually get better? the sixth straight dry day will be monday. maybe the first 80-degree day for new york city. we got to 79 on april 1st. a close call there. but many they are mom tores west of new york city -- thermometers west of new york city will get into the 80s. a cooldown after that. that's coming up in the accuweather seven day forecast. dave and liz back to you for now. >> great.
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a little bit. >> exactly. all right, thanks lee. well, prince william and kate spent their second full day in the himalayan nation of bhutan by hiking up the famous tigers' next monastery. the royals climbed up the winding path to the 17th century monastery which is nestled 10,000 feet above sea level on a cliff. at times, the couple even held hands. how romantic. but they admitted they missed their two children. this is the first time the duke and duchess have gone on a trip without prince george and princess charlotte. >> of course, we're looking forward to seeing them but they're in good hands. >> i bet. >> they miss them. the royals will attend a reception later today but the most anticipated stop on the trip is the visit to the majestic taj mahal. prince william's mother was famously photographed outside of it back in 1992. mom and dad just need a little away time. that's all. great. >> we all understand that. >> absolutely. coming up, a cap and gown controversy.
4:20 pm
to purple is actually causing a stir in one community. >> plus, women declared a woman -- a woman declared dead by the government. we're going to tell you about the surprise phone call that she got to ask if she was in fact alive. >> she certainly looks it doesn't she? before a break a programming note. tomorrow night at 7:00 we'll
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pickup trucks because their seat belts might not restrain properly in a crash. it covers certain silverados and gmc pickups, a steel cable could bend and overtime come loose. gm says it has not gotten any reports of crashes or injuries because of the defect. well, amc neaters is scrapping -- theaters is scramming the idea of allowing movie goers to text in theaters. when they floated the idea of texting during movies it created such negative feedback the idea has now been shelved. amc says that it instead focus on other initiatives to improve the theater experience. >> they spend so much time telling us not to text in the theaters. i'm surprised it was even a discussion. >> it's rude. >> i know. well. speaking of the movies, you can head back to the barbershop this weekend. the star duded franchise returns -- studded franchise returns with its latest installment.
4:24 pm
the third live up to its name? entertainment reporter sandy kenyon is here now with his review. >> reporter: liz, dave, most of the gang is back on familiar turf in chicago and newcomers like nicki minaj are welcome from the music world. "barbershop: the next cut" is like a mix tape of different styles and stylists but for me, it works. >> it's the home away from home. >> turn that up. >> reporter: the world has changed since the first barbershop opened in 2002 and the new maw have reflects which -- movie reflects that. >> we were both struggling to keep the shops afloat. we had to work together. >> reporter: with weaves, part of the next wave, the place run by ice cube's character is no longer a male sanctuary. and so the lines are drawn for a battle of the sexes. >> each one of y'all want a superthug, got three degrees from harvard, meanwhile you pass up corny dudes like gerard
4:25 pm
>> reporter: the battle within is mostly light hearted. the battle without -- is not. >> this neighborhood was always rough. but it's something different going on. >> they shooting out there. >> reporter: carted played by -- characters played by anthony anderson eve and common each face the new challenges in their own separate ways. until a customer's killed and the hair stylists unite to get the bangs to stop -- gangs to stop fighting. >> hashtag is trending on twitter. >> reporter: a cease fire between the gangs holds as this group gives free cuts and styles. >> that is going to work. >> reporter: it may not be their very best work, but barbershop walks the line between comedy and drama quite well. kevin costner continues to squander his considerable talent as a criminal who has another man's brain downloaded
4:26 pm
trying to stop terrorists. and doesn't that just sound lame? there's something so sad for me in seeing a major movie star who's also a capable actor working in such a meaningless project. the arrival of "criminal" has been greeted yawns and a shower of single star reviews. so don't waste your time or your money. now earlier today, i reviewed "the jungle book" which i loved. and you'll find my reviews at abc7ny. and a special section called logically justify sandy's reviews -- enough sandy's reviews and more. dave? >> i'm so glad to hear you like that movie. >> adults and kids. all want to see it. >> thanks sandy. and still ahead on eyewitness news first at 4:00, a new battle over north carolina's controversial bathroom law. basketball officials are now weighing in. we're going to tell you why the nba says the law has become a complex issue. for the league. >> and a stolen car crashes into a fence and rolls over in
4:27 pm
why police he say's we should punish women who have abortions. there has to be some form of punishment. that mexicans who come to america are rapists. they're rapists. and that we should ban muslims from coming here at all. total and complete shut down. donald trump say's we can solve americas problems by turning against each other. it's wrong and it goes against everything new york and america stand for. with so much at stake, she's the one tough enough to stop trump.
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and recapping the top story this afternoon. police still searching sister one -- for one teenager who's caught on camera punching a worker in brooklyn. one of the teens was then taken into custody. police are looking into whether the victim was punched because's jewish. more problems for disgraced former speaker sheldon silver, investigators say he gave preferential treatment to two women he had an extramarital affair with. he is also accused of getting a state government job for the other. an out of control car caught on camera landing in a yard in suffolk county. a surveillance video actually caught that car launching into the air. and now police are looking for the man behind wheel. >> eyewitness news reporter cefaan kim is in north lab bonn this afternoon with the i -- babylon this afternoon with the
4:31 pm
>> reporter: liz and david that car came crashing through the fence there and it actually rolled as it was airborne. and then flipped over few more times onto the lawn here, this was it was a sounds that woke up all the neighbors. this is what jolted residents in north babylon early this morning. watch as the top of the screen as the speeding volkswagen crashes right through a fence on kimmy avenue. the out of control vehicle hits a boulder and goes airborne, launching into the air almost clearing the six foot fence. >> it sounded like thunder. it actually felt like the ground shook. >> reporter: the surveillance video taken from andrew's home security cameras capturing what happens next. not only does the driver walk away from the crash, he takes off running and police say that driver in a hurry because that car was stolen. >> i don't know how he got out. i mean, that is has got to be 25 feet in the air rolled over like three times in the air. and then bounced on the roof. >> reporter: the crash startling numbers in the
4:32 pm
-- neighbors in the middle of the night. it happened around 1:20 a.m. this neighbor the first the frantically run over. she lives two doors down. >> it shook our house, i thought maybe something hit it. >> reporter: it was a big bang, her daughter came running down from up squares and called -- upstairs and called 911. it was that bad. i can't imagine how he ran away. >> reporter: this by the way is not the first time a car has crashed onto andrew's property. about 20 years ago a vehicle went into his pool. the last summer he had this traffic circle installed in front of his home. not that it would have mattered in this case, this stolen car came from the other direction. he says at about 60 miles an hour. >> that boulder in that yard, that's what made him go airborne. economy flipped over likefully times and then -- flips over like three times and then ended
4:33 pm
>> reporter: now in that video that driver is being seen taking off to deer park avenue. so far no arrests, reporting live, cefaan kim, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you cefaan. a hidden surprise waiting for customs officers as they searched a bag at jfk. it looks like a package of coffee but look closely. that is cocaine hidden inside. $50,000 worth of it. officers found it yesterday. a jamaican citizen was carrying the suitcase and she is now facing smuggling charges. well, decades after the imfa mouse charles manton murders a member of his cult could be set free. california prison review board is recommending parole for leslie van houten. at 19 years old, she was the youngest member of manson's followers. and van houten and the group went on a gruesome rampage back in 1969. she admitted to stabbing an innocent woman 16 times. and her attorneys say she was -- she was an out of control brainwashed teenager when she committed the crime and now she
4:34 pm
totally different woman. >> they called her an exemplary prisoner where she's helped the other inmates. she's tutored them. she herself earned the master's degree in the last two years. >> what kind of punishment do you deserve? what is enough? >> i don't know when enough punishment will be enough for me. >> well, the decision to set van houten free must go to an administrative board now then the california governor has a final say about whether she is actually paroled. van houten has been denied parole 19 times over the past 45 years. well, also in california, a high school, this is in southern california, is on lockdown right now after a mountain lion was seen on campus. cameras spotted mountain lion there it is, wildlife officials tranquilized the animal just about an hour ago. it is now being removed from the area. well, calls to the nba to make a statement on a controversial law. a bipartisan group of senators urging the nba to take its annual all-star game out of north carolina but this
4:35 pm
issue is bigger than the league. let's go to abc's stephanie ramos for more. stephanie? >> reporter: david, the nba says it is now in the best position to effect change and are hoping this controversial law changes soon. nba team owners will not be moving the 2017 all-star game out of the tar heel state at least for now. >> the best role for the league to play here is through constructive engagement towards change. not setting deadlines, not making ultimatums. >> reporter: a bipartisan group of senators writing to nba commissioner adam silver urging the organization to take a stand. problematic. but says he has faith that north carolina will make changes before the all-star game ten months from now. >> this is about something much bigger than the nba. >> reporter: north carolina's governor did make some changes to the state law. but those changes do not extend to protecting gay families. other states are introducing
4:36 pm
also facing threats of boycotts from businesses and entertainers. >> less money is going to come into your state. >> reporter: in mississippi a law gives businesses the right to deny service to members of the lgbt community. based on religious moral beliefs. similar laws in south dakota and georgia have been vetoed but previously rejected bills in kansas, minnesota and tennessee have been revived. in south carolina, this week, a public hearing on the so-called bathroom law drew a crowd to the state house. >> i just ask for you to look at me and tell me that i belong in a men's restroom. >> reporter: in massachusetts, the republican governor was booed and heckled at an event because he failed to commit to legislation that protects transgendered people. he says this is an emotional issue and many people feel strongly about it. in washington, i'm stephanie ramos for channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you stephanie. well, the nba also making news in a different area. it announced it's opening the
4:37 pm
sponsors on team jerseys. more on that continue verbal angle come -- controversial angle coming up on eyewitness news at 6:00. speaking of jerseys, the first jersey worn by mike piazza after 9/11 will be up on display. he tweeted quote we couldn't be more pleased. he also was wearing the jersey when he hit a home run against the braves on september 21st, 2001. the jersey will be displayed on a rotating basis at citi field, 9/11 memorial, and the baseball hall of fame in cooperstown. >> a lot of fans applauding that decision. up next, a kindergartener student paddled right in front of her mother caught on camera. what the mother was saying at it after first giving her approval. >> plus, a color controversy. why did a local school district change the color of their graduation cap and gown? and why are so many of the students upset? >> and he called himself
4:38 pm
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well, judge is refusing to reduce the half million bond
4:41 pm
set for the two girls involved in the so-called slenderman case. they lured classmate into the woods can stabbed her repeatedly when they were 12 years old. the victim survived. they are accused of trying to kill the classmate to please a fistal supernatural character that's called slenderman. both girls will be tried as adults. well, caught on camera, a corporal punishment controversy. school administrators in the video try to paddle a child as his mother watches. [ crying ] it is hard to watch. and hard to listen to. this is reportedly punishment for spitting on another student. the school in georgia does allow corporal punishment. the mother who recorded the video has been jailed for her son's truancy in the past, she only gave consent for this because a school official threatened her with more time behind bars. >> to be honest if i could go back i would have said no you can't. paddle him. just go ahead and take me to jail. >> well, police say there was
4:42 pm
threatened the mother with jail time. and many parents in the school district say they are appalled by the video. well, he calls himself captain bubble. his goal to travel 3500 miles from florida to bermuda inside this. a homemade hydropod. he made news two years ago when the bubble burst and he had to be rescued by the u.s. coast guard. so -- there's that. he was just three days and 70 miles into the journey. he's hoping this time, it all goes well. >> i'm excited. i've been waiting for this moment. so i -- i tried to do the best thing for my heart. >> what could possibly go wrong? the hydropod is an inflated plastic wheel that allows him to run on water like a hamster. he expects his journey to take about 45 days. >> that's really it? i'm actually kind of surprised by that. >> i guess you got to be running the whole time right? make it in 45 days. >> i think you got to.
4:43 pm
>> the bubble picks up speed. >> little winds i don't know how they do it. probably helps. >> until the coast guard pulls you out of the water. >> that's true to. coming up next, she was declared dead but very much alive. so how did this happen? wait until you hear how she was found out that -- how she found out she was declared dead.
4:44 pm
news -- dave navarro making they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's rigged by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people.
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow -
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we have new video that just came to us right now out of japan. and it's the aftermath of a landslide there. this is -- dealing with a series of earthquakes since yesterday where over 100 earthquakes aftershocks as a result of an earthquake originally that hit for about 6.5. nine people have been killed because of it and of course they don't know how many more were hurt. but again you can see from the video that just came in. a massive landslide in japan and of course as soon as we get more information on this, just been rocked by the aftershocks from the original earthquake. a well-known professional golfer says the concerns about the zika virus are part of the reason that he will not be the rio olympics this summer. vijay singh he has today that he's no longer -- says today that he's no longer planning to play in brazil. the 53-year-old three-time major champion also said the olympics comes at a bad time in the middle of the pro tour. well a woman who beat
4:47 pm
find that the federal government was not so optimistic. they declared her dead. the teresa marshall of nashville got call from her son asking if she was okay. the life insurance company called him and said hey your mom died. he went to resolve the situation. even though she showed her social security card and id and showed herself and said hey it's me. a clerk told marshall she could not be revived from the dead until she produced a birth certificate. >> it's interrupted every area of my life. and it's sad that i had to result to these measures to get it fixed. >> hello i'm alive. isn't that snuff? the social security administration says it is resolving the issue. >> finally. >> what is there to resolve? it says sometimes mistakes happen when it's entered. >> right. i'm not sure -- you know. i need more tests to be convinced. >> i need paper not to tee you
4:48 pm
>> exactly. >> have they in the heard of p.m -- not heard of bomb sees? >> the fax -- zombies? >> the tax breaks aren't worth it. >> you got me. >> you got me. >> can you tell it's friday afternoon here? >> i know right. what a weekend we have. >> it's a nice one. oh my goodness. yeah it's going to be so awesome. i mean this is the one really you've been waiting for. we got some beat weather to talk about. and we start with a beautiful afternoon with the temperatures have been on the uptick over the last couple of days. and there's beautiful central park which will continue to come into bloom over the next week with this great weather. although we're in the going to have much -- not going to get much of a drink of water for the plants, 64 degrees sunshine and the winds right now is calm and at times out of the southeast and it's very, very variable and light right now. the mariners are in town to visit the these. they get -- yankees. they get some nice weather but if you noticed if you've been out the last couple of nights even if it feels really toasty late if the day, that chill comes back in the air after sunset. that will happen again this evening so 58 degrees and have your jacket be fortunate enough to get to the stadium tonight.
4:49 pm
and eventually in the low and mid- 40s later on. 30s in some suburbs again. so there's a freeze warning for eastern long island and interior connecticut and also putnam county. and just figure on some isolated patchy frost in the hudson valley and also parts of new jersey as well. tracking the sunset, sunset at 7:36 today. just a little over a couple of weeks away from a 7:52 sunset and the first sunset at 8:00 is on may 9th. lots of sunshine through the day tomorrow. look at that. 45 tomorrow morning. just little chill in the air. 57 by noon. pair of 6s at 4:00. and there will be a decent breeze out of the northeast, more noticeable than today at about 8 to 16 at times especially along the coast. not going to notice much of a wind inland. all right so the radar and slight shows this huge area of high pressure and look at all this clear real estate over the northeast. we have some of the best weather in the country right now. so tomorrow morning, upper 30s and middle 40s. as we go through the afternoon, temperatures will be in the mid 60s and only around 60 upper 50s along the coast.
4:50 pm
taking a walk along the beach. maybe along the boardwalk in long beach. then on sunday morning not as chilly. not as many widespread 30s. maybe no frost advisories or free warnings that night and sunday afternoon, i think the numbers are conservative actually. that is computer model based forecast. if you notice upper 60s i think more low 780s across the area on sunday. air quality tomorrow is good. sunburn index, at a high 7 this season. so sun is getting stronger and stronger. the pollen count unfortunately remains high. mostly tree pollen but grass potten getting into the mix as well. your accuweather seven day forecast. 7 # on sunday. -- 72 on sunday. really a top ten day. on monday a warmer wind should push us close to the 80-degree mark, there's a front coming in which chicks up the breeze -- kicks up the breezes, it's a warmer windring the day. so it actually can feel a little hot during the afternoon hours around 80. now there's a front coming through tuesday morning and might be a brief shower or some of us going to just stay try from that. -- dry from that. just some scattered showers and
4:51 pm
yesterday, i had wednesday closer to 60. i don't think the cooling is that dramatic behind the front. keep it in the 60s and then warm it right back up to 70s next week. tuesday morning our only chance of a shower guys on that seven day accuweather forecast. dry and beautiful. we definitely will be getting some rain back on the last week of april. >> wow. >> okay. >> all right. >> i love when lee brags about having the best weather in the country. >> i know right? so into it. >> you know deaf had 70s -- denver had 70s and now six to 12 inches of snow. it's nice to be here. >> poor them. that's a bummer. here's what's trending on the friday. and jennifer lopez is bringing back the '90s hit by sir mix a lot. baby got back. this is a completely different version. now that i have your attention. >> give me a sister i can't resist her, red beans and rice didn't miss her. >> oh, yeah baby got back. j loo with a dramatic reading of the song. having fun with w. magazine to
4:52 pm
body no matter the size of the parts. >> that's not the video i was expecting. >> or did you you want. expected a different video. >> perfect for me. when it comes to music today kicks off one of the biggest music festivals of the year. coachella. ones today through april 24th. if you can't make it to california not a problem, this year, some of the performances are being streamed live on youtube. take a look. among the act hitting the stage, guns and roses and liz's all time favorite. ice cube. and sound system. but wait -- you okay? >> let's go. >> okay let's go. i like that. road trip. but let me do this first. there's more rock news. and this one involves dave navarro. not me the other david novarro. you know the rock star guitarist and tattoo loving reality tv star. here he is with red hot chili peppers in the -- well, reportedly while riding in an elevator in new york city, the elevator suddenly dropped ten floors and then got stuck but
4:53 pm
>> and knock on the door. so -- an hour and a half because the manager -- [ inaudible ] >> the only one. >> he handled right? he post the picture with firefighters who came to his rescue. finally this just never gets old. this time parents used the color of the filling inside a cupcake to reveal to the daughters if the newest addition to the family is going to be a little brother or another sister. >> it's blue. >> oh no! i wanted pink. i wanted pink! no fair. >> not fair. >> my cupcake -- >> i don't want -- i want another sister. i don't know. you know? it's cute. >> i can't wait until the brother sees that. like on his fifth birthday, never be the same. >> you never liked me. right? >> exactly. >> as always check out the
4:54 pm
us your trend ideas using the hashtag #thetrend. >> the other one liked the blue. >> that's going to be played at a wedding in the future. so cute. all right, coming up next, call it a cap and gown controversy. we're going to tell you why students and parents in one community are upset over the plan to change colors that graduates wear. >> and newscopter 7 is over some breaking news right now. this is happening in queens. one person has been shot in the rockaways, he's expected to survive but we are told. you can see police there still on scene.
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
american workers know how to fight back and rebuild an economy. so does she. we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. a real plan to create new jobs and industries of the future. hillary clinton.
4:57 pm
well it was a move that was meant to be inclusive. in a decision to unify one high school' graduation gowns, sign -- school's graduation gowns, it is being met with harsh criticism. >> now a school in westchester county has found themselves with transgender issues as school tradition is at stake. >> reporter: what's in a color, cleansing. >> my father and mother graduated in my in purple and white. my daughter and two sons graduated in purple and white.
4:58 pm
graduation has featured boys in purple gowns, boys dressed in white. but change is coming. only purple. the principal stating that no student should be forced to choose a gown color. particularly if choosing a color could pose a significant emotional burden relate today declaring an identity. >> i feel like it is wrong and we shouldn't have to change our whole tradition and some that has been going on for so long just because some people feel a different way. >> every single year people would graduate in the two different colors that it would be nice to follow the tradition. >> reporter: the tradition has been unpopular. a proposed compromise in any student could choose either color has fallen on ears. >> in a rapidly changing world, tradition really matters. and this is a great tradition destroyed. >> reporter: the change isn't 2017.
4:59 pm
time for the administration to change their mind. channel 7 eyewitness news marcus solis. >> there is still more news ahead. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. eyewitness news goes one on one with hillary clinton four days before new york state's primary. hear what she has to say to the critics who says she is too tied to wall street and this. >> as i started to pull away the other one reached in and punched me in the face. >> reporter: a shocking attack on a man driving a forklift caught on camera. now the question was this a hate crime? good evening i'm rob powers. >> i'm shirleen allicot. diana is off. we'll have those stories beginning with a develop story. a murder at a homeless shelter in midtown manhattan. >> authorities made the discovery. eyewitness news reporter josh einiger is there live for us right now with details. josh?
5:00 pm
here on 30th street. the nypd crime scene unit has been parked here for a couple of hours inside the building the old bellevue hospital that is now a men's homeless shelter here in the city. we can show you video of the crime scene activity that has been going on over the last couple of hours. a man in his 60s, i'm sorry, a 56-year-old man, a resident here at this homeless shelter that was found dead in a room that he shared with two others at this shelter around 4:00 this afternoon. investigators say that it was a very bloody scene. right now they are going through that scene to search for evidence. the homeless human resource administration, which runs the homeless shelter say that they are very concerned about security and the network of homeless shelters all throughout the five burros. here is what the hra commissioner had to say a little while ago. >> normally they increase the security by 63% up to $140 million. but that's one of the reasons


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