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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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political scandal. >> the lower east side of manhattan today. >> outside the speaker's home here on the lower east side no. comment tonight from the the speaker himself. and the names of the women, they could not be confirmed late this afternoon, that we know that one is a lobbyist and the other is a woman from new york who owes her job to shelly silver. there is yet another side to sheldon silver. what prosecutors described in court papers as another level of corruption in the life of the disgraced former assembly speaker. the government has credible and corroborated evidence that while serving as speaker of the assembly that the defendant engaged in extramarital relationships with two women. the women's names have been blacked out. but jane doe number one allegedly lobbied silver, "on a regular basis on behalf of clients who had business before the state." and obtained certain clients in part because of her access.
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only person that the defendant or his assembly staff had ever recommended for higher and was hired, "in part due to silver's recommendation and follow up requests." silver is 72 years old. once considered one of the most government. and he was forced from office after his conviction for fraud. extortion, and money laundering. he has lived here on the lower east side with his wife of nearly 50 years. u.s. attorney threatened to disclose the alleged affairs during silver's trial. if silver's legality sought to portray their client as a man of good character and moral standing. the judge unsealed the papers today, "it was his use of his power with the state that makes the infrastructure relevant she said." that is it is not an extramarital affair. if it were simply an extramarital affair that i would have stopped this a long time ago and we would be done with it.
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silver's lawyers who fought for months to keep them sealed said today, "these are simply unproven allegations that have no place in this case or public discussion." silver faces up to 20 years in state prison and the judge says that they will take all of this into account when silver is sentenced next month. live tonight on the lower east side jay adlersberg channel 7 eyewitness news. more troubles for the homeless shelter system as they found a 56-year-old man lying face down on his bed. a victim of murder. police say that the murder took place at bellevue men's shelter in kipsum bay. police say that the room was the scene of a bloody life and death struggle. >> we are speaking to old roommates and all individuals on the floor.
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third floor last night that checked in. we are looking to speak to each and every one of them. >> reporter: police are still searching far person or persons of interest in this case. and this is another setback for the city's shelter system. four other people have been killed in two other attacks so far this year. police in brooklyn are investigating an assault as a possible hate crime. surveillance video showing the area outside a warehouse on brooklyn avenue and crown heights. two teenagers walking up to a forklift operator. the victim said he was asked for the time and then punched. >> he asked me for the time, which i pulled out my cell phone out of my pocket and told him the time. as i started to pull away the other one reached in and punched me in the face or they could have picked anybody. that they circled around and i think that they chose me personally for who i was. >> and he was able to jump off the forklift. now 2016 the weekend sprint to the new york primary finish line. the candidates that want to be
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hillary clinton is claiming and quoting now that i'm being held to a different standard. that mrs. clinton in an interview with dave evans. why would she not release her speeches to big wall street demanding. interview with clinton. >> well bill it was a chance hillary clinton exclusively for about 15 to 20 minutes today. and the bulk of our interview as you mentioned over what they have clashed most on and that is is wall street reform. >> reporter: hillary clinton met with voters this morning in east harlem and then sat down for an exclusive interview with us. here she blasted bernie sanders. in a campaign that has lately gotten nasty. >> sanders repeatedly said that i have never run that negative campaign that they need to listen to those people before they talk and get on at their rallies to hear what they need to say. >> i think that he has played along with the the negativity that you find in your campaign. >> reporter: that they would show clinton with a commanding lead in new york.
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got a big decision to make. and the new york daily news, they already made theirs. >> their latest tv accounts for some big endorsements, and that they are too rich. too tied to wall street. >> and i have been surprised to see the kinds of things that the sanders campaign is saying. and implying. >> reporter: and clinton has earned a handsome payday to executives. the speeches they have kept secret. >> why not release the transfers? >> you know, i said that i will when they do. >> that seems a little bit like -- >> no, i'm tired on being held to time. >> do you think that it will be unfair when you say that they need to qualify? that they think that you will be dishonest as they would vote for me twice and that they trusted me. >> and in our interview they
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of sanders, saying that he has -- that he has flubbed on diagnosing the problem. >> and now look, that i have said that i will take him over bernie sanders. i mean that i will take bernie sanders over donald trump or ted cruz any day. and i mean that. >> and that we also talked about some lighter things like the granddaughter who is now 18 months old that said that they needed to call her grandma and that bill is called pop pop. that they have absolutely no idea where those names come from that you can see more of sunday morning. >> yes, they certainly will. >> thank you very much. >> although that they will not meet pope francis that bernie sanders and he is at the vatican right now. the campaign for the upcom new york primaries. sanders attended a conference. he addressed the attendees, saying that young people are demanding major global political change. they are calling out for a return to fairness, for the
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good by ensuring that every person rich or poor has access to quality healthcare, nutrition, and education. >> sanders was well received in italy and the vatican, greeted in the streets by the supporters. it's a quick one, heading back to the u.s. tomorrow. and now the republicans, they are focusing on the primary on tuesday and one candidate tonight, they are sparking some controversy, allowing governor john kasich in a town hall meeting in utica when asked by college students on how to make them safer when it comes to sexual violence and harassment and rape and that he somehow decided to focus on drinking. >> and one bit of advice, don't go to parties where there is a lot of alcohol, okay? don't do that. >> and that has nothing to do with saying that somebody who has been a victim somehow is responsible for it and that i just want there to be justice. >> meanwhile donald trump is heading to hartford, connecticut this evening. ted cruz, he is also focusing
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rally tonight in rochester, another rally this afternoon at a meet and greet. and eyewitness news, with you on the way as voters will head to the polls on tuesday. one with hillary clinton and as well as my interview with john kasich and mayor de blasio that is sunday morning right here on channel 7. and speaking of the mayor and in addition to discussing the rights for the president that they will be talking about how they are dealing with the federal corruption scandal. five high ranking nypd officials have been transferring the fbi on whether or not that they needed to trade special deals. they are recusing themselves, insisting that he will be taking action. >> internal affairs found that there is some police leaders who did the wrong thing. and they have come already to the determination that they needed to be transferred or disciplined. >> two businessmen that contributed to the mayor's
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the federal investigation. the mayor says that their donations have been returned. they have not been charged with any crime. well the release of thousands of documents from the law firm that represents a new jersey governor chris christie could shed new light on the so- called bridge gate scandal as the pages of the communications between christie's office and the port authority, which operates the george washington bridge. former christie aide bridget kelly and ex-port authority official are facing charges stemming from the lane closures at the george washington bridge back in 2014. christie was cleared of any wrong doing. still to come on eyewitness news at 6:00 on this friday controversy. a local high school principal changes the cap and gown colors of the class of 2014. and that action is igniting quite a fire storm. and a ranger star lundquist back on the ice tonight for the first time after being struck in the eye bay stick. by a stick.
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now a backlash from those that want to keep tradition. here is marcus solis. >> reporter: in april students wear what they want and the colors they want. but at graduation it is all about purple and white with males in purple gowns, females in white. christina newman who works at the school is a member of the class of '82. >> it is is an honor to wear the purple and white. the girls looked forward to wearing the white of the purity, we were excited about it. the young men and just the distinction. >> reporter: but starting in 2017 graduation gowns won't be assigned by gender because the district acknowledges some identify as transgender. having only one color purple is an important step towards
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will allow all of their students to enjoy the capstones of their high school career equally without their anxiety or fear that specific gender colors might cause. >> and for just one thing that they will go back to white and purple. >> it doesn't matter to me that i will graduate and the color of the gown doesn't mean anything. >> and the opponents, they have suggested a compromise to keep both the purple and the white gowns to allow students to choose whichever color that they would like. >> to take gender out of the role and that they are just colors now. and colors of the city. >> reporter: mark mclain is leading the opposition as he plans to meet with the principal. in the meantime the petition has gardenerred hundreds of signatures. >> it is purple and white. >> reporter: even though that the issue isn't as black and white. marcus solis channel 7 eyewitness news. >> and what do you think of their color change controversy?
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news facebook page. >> a scary moment after the bird strikes that plane. the delta plane was left with a cracked windshield as you could see it right there. 57 passengers were on board when they made that emergency landing at jaegar airport. fortunately no one was hurt and that they did descend that other plane to take all the passengers to nashville. >> and so they say that it will be like a top ten weekend. >> yes, and he does. that we have not had one for a. why and what a beautiful friday. let's hope for a beautiful saturday and a beautiful sunday.
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>> and how many top there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts
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i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
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we will talk about recycling that place and tens of millions dollars worth of gold from the old and broken iphones last year, the statistic that will be coming from the annual environmental report. that they will be recovering
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million worth. and recycled iphones and the ipads and max. $3 million pounds of copper and 66 pounds of silver that was also claimed. >> would you like my iphone? i'll sell it to you. >> or not. >> does it come with a pink case? absolutely. my daughter would be very angry if it did not have it on there. >> no, not at all. >> and that the weather will delay the children. >> to find anything wrong with it and that they are coming up. that is true and no such thing as non-drowsy medicine. >> that is a nice lead. >> i don't want the forecast to put you to sleep as it is so fantastic and beautifully boring as you see the sunshine right there. it will be a beautiful sunset at 7:36. 62 degrees. the wind is calm and the air is super dry with that cool feel after we go past sunset. so you still need that jacket tonight. and into the weekend. the pressure is holding steady
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4 degrees above average. sunset times. the april sun is strong and the record high of 87. they will reach that 80-degree mark that it will be awfully close on monday. and it will be april at its best this weekend and gradual warm up that will continue for the 70s, widespread by sunday and even warmer by monday and a shot of the shower returning on early tuesday with a little cool down. only the pleasant temperatures. the significant rain that it will be a week away next friday. low. still have 20s in the mid-30s to start the day. once again some freeze warnings for easter long island tonight and the interior connecticut. and still some patchy frost even though that we'll talk about warm up. maybe wait until saturday night or sunday night or during the day to put that plant out. 63 in dan bury right no. 61 brook haven the atlantic is around 50 degrees. the coastal numbers will continue to run behind 65. river. sunshine at 7:00. clear skies overnight.
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that it will be very breezy last night and not as breezy tonight and sunshine tomorrow and temperatures in the the mid- 50s by noontime and the upper 60s during the afternoon hours. huge area of high pressure that will keep spreading off the south and west. and this area of clear sky is just growing. the clouds are not converging on it, that will not happen until some time on tuesday as we will be high and dry tomorrow. there is a storm offshore, kicking up the surf a little bit as they are trying to get an early start to the season that it might be a couple of patchy fog out there. a couple gusts of 20s on the air that they have been around long island and otherwise high and dry and the front that will come down on tuesday. but until then, we'll go to 70 on sunday and again even warmer on monday as they will turn around more southwest. and for future cast those temperatures are still a chill in the air tomorrow morning, that will be a race. low 60s at the coast. 60 to 65 inland. clear and cool tonight. a pair of fours for your low. yeah, it will be cool to start the day and mild and breezy at times.
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now, look at this seven-day accuweather forecast. 72 on sunday. beautiful day. monday, probably get our first 80 in new york city and at 11:00 i'll bump that number up. there will be a breeze early tuesday and showers that will come back. took up wednesday's high, yesterday they had 59. i don't think that it will be that cool on wednesday. right back to the 70s on thursday and the first significant rain on friday, the last week of april that looks like it will be two or three or maybe even four dreads of rain that we'll get back to that rainy pattern as you'll need it for the 10-day stretch of no rain. >> and that is what we're talking about. >> exactly. warming up just in time for hockey. and will the rangers number one goaltender be ready? that is the question that fans have today straight ahead. the answer or as much as we can answer, you'll hear from hendrick lundquist about that eye injury.
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too bad the yankees cannot play all their games in the bronx. >> yes, especially with weather like this. and only three games, but the yankees have scored 27 runs in those games for the average of nine runs per game. the highest in baseball. and tonight as they would come back home opening up against the the mariners in major league baseball. the 69th anniversary with the brooklyn dodgers, every player on every field that will wear number 32. that by the way they are 5-2 on jackie robinson day. a big night today for a lot of reasons. >> life is not easy. but you would think about one of the greatest baseball players ever. and to be able to wear their numbers for the day and everyone gets to wear his number is pretty special. >> pretty special. mets in cleveland for the inner
6:27 pm
indians. colon pitches for where it all started for him making his debutagainst the angels in '97. terry collins the manager in '97. they snapped a four-game losing streak with a win at home. now they hit the road with the lowest batting average in the leagues. least amount of hits. 2nd to last in runs scored. they will shake up the line up tonight. conforto moves up to third as they need to start moving. >> and when you have one or two guys going, you know, they will rub off on the rest of the line up. and i think that it will take what, one or two big innings and where they could mentally relax a little bit to take a deep breath and go out there and do your thing. >> yes, game two tomorrow and that they will not play. but hendrick lundquist did practice today and that is good new -- henrik lundqvist did play today and that is good news. >> there is swelling. officially listed as the game time decision against thepenguins, all sides pointing towards them after what
6:28 pm
believe in the see of relief -- the sigh of relief. tomorrow he could be right back to where he belongs. >> the practice is good. and it is all good and more than around the you. fight just a little bit. but the way that they felt. >> and he even makes the black eye look. go >> yes, they do. >> they would plait panthers again last night. any time they would get behind that they would battle back. that is the key. 5-4 the final score and they did what they needed to do. looking to make it 202 tonight as they have never won that playoff series when they need to lose game one. and they start tomorrow with news today that they say that they do not have plans right now to move them out of charlotte next year, despite north carolina's lbgt law that they will work to affect change instead.
6:29 pm
new look in the nba, improving the three-year trial of advertising patches on uniforms. front left about two and a half inches by two and a half inches. they have practice jerseys with logos on them. and that it will be another revenue streaming the league and that it was inevitable. and as for the playoffs, here is what we've got in stored for you right here on channel 7 and the warriors and the rockets on sunday and the calves and the pis -- cavs and the pistons, they are all set to tip off. >> the winning name of the ship. that it might eventually be overruled, but the joke will live on the 2-year-old with a new name. >> yes, of course. >> they are expected to make their debut next. and that i just have a picture in my head on this tough guy walking up. >> yes. >> thank you, rob. here they are working for eyewitness news at 11:00 and a popular local bar this close to
6:30 pm
that they will fight back instead against the construction project. wait until you see what they did to keep the doors open. plus, a school on lockdown because of that guy a mountain lion that will start running around campus. can you imagine? those stories and much more on eyewitness news at 11:00. that is it for us. thanks for watching. world news with david mural coming up next. don't forget on sunday a special one-hour edition of upclose. we'll have more interviews with hillary clinton, mayor de blasio, and john kasich. again, sunday at 11:00 a.m. for all of us here, have a great night. we'll see you breaking news this friday night. another earthquake, this one even bigger. the second one in 24 hours. authorities say this time, many buried alive. the dramatic pictures coming in now. fire in the sky. the landslide.


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