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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  April 16, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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are you? >> you two under a good mood. mother nature's delivering all weekend long. yesterday, we had mid-60s. we do better today and even warmer yet as the days move forward. beautiful blue skies looking outside. dozens with middle to upper 40s is what we've got in brooklyn to lower manhattan right now. as far as the eye can see, it's wall to wall sunshine. we're going to look for a day that turns out to be just a bit warmer than yesterday. out on the island, 50 degrees. down the shore, we're at 43 for brick. new has 48. we've got 50s already showing up for poughkeepsie and sussex. i see no reason why we can't make it past the mid-60s. very few clouds. 59 by noon and 68 the forecast northeasterly wind throughout the day today will keep the south-facing shores and some of the coastlines a little cooler than everybody else. if you are headed towards the
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you'll probably need a little jacket. details are straight ahead. michelle? we are just days away from the new york state primary, but most of the candidates are far from the state today while hillary clinton mingles with donors in california, bernie sanders has been spending time with the pope, leaving two republican candidates to fight for votes in new york. "eyewitness news" reporter marcus solis is here with a roundup of today's events. marcus? >> reporter: no doubt there's considerably less campaigning here than we've seen in the last week. donald trump will be holding a rally in downtown syracuse while john kasich will be visiting the synagogue on long island and hitting the deli in manhattan. only two candidates hitting the campaign trail here in new york just days ahead of tuesday's primary election. republican john kasich is scheduled to make stops in great neck before heading to the upper east side.
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is headed uptate to watertown. -- upstate to watertown. telling supporters there he's not worried about a contested election. >> despite the rigging, i think we get there before the convention. i think we do. >> reporter: the billionaire's campaign says the businessman has all but thrown in the towel in wyoming where ted cruz is today. cruz picked up nine delegates in the state during last month's conference compared to trump's single delegate. on the democratic side of the race, bernie sanders met with pope francis at the vatican this morning. describing meeting the pontiff as a real honor. sanders supporters protested outside of a protest for rival hillary clinton in san francisco last night. the event costs about $30,000 per person or $350,000 per table. the money raised will go toward clinton's campaign and the democratic national convention. protesters held signs reading "hillary, you can't sit with us unless you have money.
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bernie sander business 250 delegates. former president bill clinton will be campaigning on her behalf. >> this is the topic of the one hour edition of "up close" sunday morning at 11:00 right here on channel 7. turning to other news now, rescue efforts are continuing today in souther japan after a second earthquake in a little more than just 24 hours, rocked the area. crews are searching for 11 students believed to be trapped under a collapsed apartment. forecasted rain and heavy winds could hamper the relief efforts there. officials are worried that even more landslides could block roads and inflict more damage. the death toll in these two powerful quakes has risen to at least 32 people. another 1500 have been injured. many are still believed to be trapped under fallen homes and fallen buildings. one firefighter has been
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injured after responding to a welfare check in maryland. police say firefighters and officers forced their way into a temple hills home after the person inside was unresponsive. that person, though, opened fire, hit two firefighters. the person who initially made that call to the welfare check was hit as. one of the firefighters died, the other is in critical condition. one person is custody. and heroin seized after a massive drug bust. ten people were arrested when investigators busted the heroin packaging operation on park terrace east. about 22 pounds including 150,000 individual little envelopes were all seized. operation used names like batman, superman, and x box to brand the drug. all ten people are facing multiple drug-related charges.
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investigating the assault of a hasidic man as a possible hate crime. surveillance video shows the man in crown heights thursday. two young men there thought to be teenagers walked up to the forklift operator. one of them distracted him and the other threw a punch. >> reporter: he asked me for the time, which i pulled out my cell phone out of my pocket and told them the time. as i started pulling away, the other reached in and punched me in the face. they could have picked anybody. they circled around and, i think, chose me personally for who i was. >> spritzer was able to jump off of the forklift and wrestle one to the ground. the one to threw the punch was able to run away. police in new jersey were able to figure out who gunned down a man in orange. the spot where 17-year-old davon jones was shot dead thursday night. three other young men were treated for gunshot wounds not
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the suspects fled the scene in a green ford explorer. a nassau county barber shop will be cleaning up instead of opening up this morning after an out-of-control car literally smashed through its window. witnesses say the suv was going slowly but didn't stop as it rolled closer and closer to the press teach barber shop just after 5:00 yesterday evening near underhill and jackson avenues. the owner of the barber shop tells "eyewitness news" that suv wind app ended up complete -- that suv ended up completely inside of the shop. >> it wasn't speeding but it was driving towards the window. it slammed through and kept driving. i heard the guy yelling that the brakes were not stopping. >> it's unclear why the brakes didn't work. two people were injured in all of this, but they are expected to be okay. coming up on "eyewitness news" on this saturday morning, the state has seen a surge in voter registration this year.
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we're going to speak with the chairman for the association for a better new york in our next half hour manyp. >> interesting stat and interesting state law. >> also, tensions apparently easing now between the city of newark and uber after the two reached a tentative deal. >> also ahead, subway passengers who make a habit of breaking some rules of respect may not want to venture to san francisco any time soon. what can train riders get into big trouble doing there? >> on the b.a.r.t. >> amy? >> over here in accuweather, you guys, it's all about temperatures. we're tracking a crime that takes us above yesterday's and
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near is that coffee? yea, it's nespresso. i want in. you're ready. get ready to experience a cup above. is that coffee?
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welcome back, everybody. the city of newark has reached
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newark mayor said he wanted to ban uber from the city. there were a lot of disputes. taxes, licensing, background checks and a number of issues keeping the two sides apart. a statement from his office issued last night said the city's taxi and sim seen industry would be protected but that statement from the mayor gave no further detail other than that. one of the oldest cold cases to be tried in u.s. history has gone cold again. the 76-year-old man wrongly convicted of killing an illinois schoolgirl in 1957 was released yesterday. former police officer jack mccullough was sentenced to life in prison back in 2012. last year, a prosecutor found evidence that supported his alibi that he was nowhere near that 7-year-old when she disappeared. two children took matters into their own hands when their father got behind the wheel drunk. these two children in nebraska
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vacation with their father, but they knew something was not right when he kept swerving and getting closer to other drivers. so the 12 decided to text police telling them their father was drunk. they say they finally had another idea. they got him to pull over when they asked for food. >> he looked back at us and said, you've been texting the cops? i was like, yeah, i thought i was going to die. >> he had something in his cup when the officers got there. >> well, this is what happened next. police say jason barons blew nearly three times the legal limit. he is now facing dui and driving drunk with charges. >> who's the parent? who are the kids? >> yeah, no kidding. we've all seen it and maybe some of us are guilty of it. people taking up more than their fair share of space on the subway. get this. out west, cops in san francisco are beginning to crack down on people hogging those seats on the train. transit police will begin
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out or what do they call it, i always forget. >> man-spreading. >> gus what the punishment is for this? up to $100 in fines and $500 if you are caught doing it more than once. that's hefty. the rule will be in place during the morning and evening rush when the real culprits come out when the trains are crowded. >> maybe we can get some of that here. i would love it. >> i don't think new yorkers would respond well. anyway, better news. a big victory for the original cast members of a popular show, to say the least, "hamilton." >> the producers of the hit musical have agreed to share profits with actors and dancers that were part of the first production. lawyers announced the deal yesterday and could have a significant influence open the theater industry in which a
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compensation is stirring. >> leave it to "hamilton" to strike that kind of deal to make sure everyone gets their money. i read something where that show is making half a million dollars a week in pure profit. >> what? >> with, of course, it is crazy, it's going to run forever. do the math in your head. >> what kind of a mark will you leave on the earth? >> i'm going to go see it in august. i can't wait. >> august 2020. no, just kidding. straight ahead, severe weather twists across oklahoma providing plenty of good shots for storm chasersp. >> in sports, the islanders aim for a repeat shot at victory against the panthers in the opening round playoff series. >> first, we're talking about super cat saturday. >> amy what's up? >> before the forecast, get your paws up for this edition of super cat saturday. i didn't know if you knew it, rob and michelle, but you are
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in puerto rico this morning, they are watching. princess ensolito sent this in. we have little elie, a little kitton, welcome this. this cutie pie, jeter, the cats named after big time players. we've got buster showing up and finally dot who found something you might have been looking for. hashtag it super cat saturday.
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oh, i love baby pictures. here are some baby stars. a stunning photo from nasa shows the spider nebula glowing green. it looks fluorescent green because it was taken from an infrared camera. it stars forming inside of the nebulae.
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young stars inside of the spider. >> not so pretty. >> no. >> storm chasers captured this video of a large tornado forming in oklahoma yesterday. western parts of that state are expecting to see severe thunderstorms that could produce more tornadoes, hail, and heavy winds in that area. they could also see flash flooding as well. just a potpourri of fun weather in that part of the country. that same system is expected to bring winter-like weather in utah, colorado, and wyoming. so let that make you even more grateful for weather here in the northeast considering what they are dealing with farther out west. >> no houses, though. amy was making the point earlier, no houses. it's just a plain shot. >> yeah. we've got spectacular shots of the photos. those were devastating storms. >> awful. >> we'll look at those out west, but here, you are exactly right.
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just be selfish. >> i'm rating today a 9 out of a 10. >> you are stingy with the actual 10s. it's happened twice in my career here. >> i'm leaving room for a ten tomorrow. >> all right. >> lots of blue skies. temperatures are already in the 50s. from brooklyn, here's what we've got. 29% humidity with pressure on the rise. we have no problem beating yesterday's high of 65. so here we go and right through the afternoon. even by noon, we are above the 60 degree mark. potentially hitting 68 for the afternoon high, but this is really just april at its best with a gradual warm-up that takes us into the 70s on sunday and even warmer on monday. then we look for showers.
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tuesday as a cold front sneaks through here. through. nothing to give us wet, wet soil so if you are looking for the grass seed to get water, you can go ahead and wash the car, too. it's just fine for the next couple of days. temperatures are in the upper 40s and low 50s right now. we started with near freezing temperatures in some areas north and west in the far north county. that potential for frost is still there for a night or two. if you have any fragile plants, you'll want to cover them up. we go into daytime highs with a 24-hour difference right now putting us at least 5 degrees warmer. that will be the trend for the afternoon. slightly warmer than yesterday. a word of caution about the winds. north-northeasterly winds meaning the shore locations will be closer because of the influence of the water. we have 25 miles per hour for bridgeport, islip and montauk. it could be breezy at times but if you under bright sunshine, it will feel good with the
9:20 am
it's hard to find a cloud on here. looks really good all throughout the east. we have to go way back west to findstorms. they are very serious, this storm line. it's potentially going to create more severe weather for the plains today. a foot of snow up in the rockies. even the valley of denver getting up to 6 inches of snow. that's the crazy weather back west. we are on the nice side of things and that is the pattern that is not going to change. we'll keep this pattern through the early part of the week. i think much of the workweek turns out to be decent as well. that looks nice for the map. fast forward to near 08 degrees on monday afternoon. that puts it at 84 for philadelphia. it's going to be a crime where 68 you can add 10 degrees by
9:21 am
even warmer tomorrow as we talk about. the back door cold front is back into the middle part of the week. i think all in all this is a decent april forecast and may with the 78 degree reading. that will be nice. blooming this week, i can't imagine. second half hour, we'll talk weather wellness. also, a special shoutout to a high school up in new rochelle. >> yay! >> excellent. >> and wash your car. >> mm-hmm. >> wash your car. >> you can do it without the threat of rain. >> that's rate. >> no pollen. >> they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees.
9:22 am
because it's rigged by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people.
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welcome back. 22 women are making history as they become the first females to hold combat positions in the u.s. army. last year, secretary of defense
9:24 am
service will open all jobs to women who qualify. the new officers will be commissioned in the next few weeks. 13 will become armored officers and 9 have been approved for the infantry. >> congratulations, ladies. other news now. trail blazers for young girls playing baseball will be honored today. hoboken's batting cages will be renamed during the little league opening ceremonies. back in 1972, pepe was one of the first girls to play little league but was forced to stop playing after three games. the national organization for women filed and then won a gender discrimination suit on her behalf. that paveed the way for girls to play little league. 9:24 right now and time for sports with rob powers. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. we start with hockey. game one wasn't perfect but the islanders get the win.
9:25 am
around in the stanley cup playoffs. trying to get the series back to brooklyn this weekend, up 2- 0. second period, florida already ahead, and that's goal saves. the panthers scored the empty netter, and that was that. the isles lose 3-1. series tied brooklyn. the rangers play their second game in pittsburgh later on today. everything points to henrik lundquist being back on the ice. he took a stick to the eye in the series opener. he saw a doctor, vision is fine. there is swelling. this is a game-time decision, but it's looking good. >> i'm just very happy. i feel lucky that nothing bad happened because for probably 20, 30 seconds, i have bad
9:26 am
>> 69 years ago yesterday, jackie robinson makes his debut and baseball celebrates his legacy on that day. where's number 42? up against the mariners in this game. third inning, starling castro at second base. are you kidding me? a circus catch on a low lieder that turns into a double play. former yankee robinson cano named in honor of jackie robinson. the mariners get to luis for more later. chris iannetta takes them deep. yanks start the home stand with a 7-1 loss. just couldn't drive in enough runs. the mets at cleveland last night. a lack of offense, a lack of wins. maybe an early lead would help in this one. michael conforto cranks the bat and the mets are on top. the mets had a total of two home runs coming into this game.
9:27 am
they couldn't get enough. that was alejandro. this is kneel walker and a win, 6-5. they immediate it interesting. they did lead 6-1, but it was a win. nba playoff games start later today. there is news. the league says it does not have plans right now to move its all-star game out of charlotte despite north carolina's lgbt laws. in two years, get ready for a new look in the nba. the league approving a three- year trial of advertising patches on uniforms. practice jerseys already have them. so do wnba game jerseys. another stream of revenue the league says was inevitable. as for the nba playoffs, here's what we've got in store for channel 7. later today, the rockies and warriors. the road to the nba finals now set to tip off right here on channel 7. that is your morning sports update. whatever happens this weekend, laura behnke's got you covered.
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>> thank you, mr. powers. he's so excitable. i love that. coming up, we're beginning to close in on the new york primary coming up on tuesday. the candidates continue making their case to voters here, but
9:29 am
details on where american workers know how to fight back and rebuild an economy. so does she. we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. a real plan to create new jobs and industries of the future. hillary clinton.
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welcome back to "eyewitness news." take a live look at midtown on this sunny saturday morning, april 16th. nice to see everyone outside, walking the dog, getting the babies out. >> i say it every time, people are in a better mood when the sun is shining. >> not like the dead of winter. everybody's like ah, it's good to be out. thanks for tuning in. >> welcome to "eyewitness news" saturday morning. >> today amy freeze is giving it a 9 but you say tomorrow
9:31 am
>> tomorrow could be a 10. i totally agree with that. co-workers included. exhibit a and b are in a better mood when there's better weather. [ laughter ] >> i'm just going to say it's true. from personal experience, evidence is here. we've got 50s already. monticello current lay at 48 degrees. we see the numbers continue to get warmer and warmer and beat yesterday by a few degrees. a little breezy at times with the winds gusting in these spots. with a north-northeasterly wind, cloud coverage is hard to find on the map. no showers, in fact, beautiful sunshine for much of the weekend with a high of 68
9:32 am
the potential for any rain in the seven-day forecast. rob? turning now to the race for the white house. we have a few days left for the big primary and all of the contenders are keeping their sights on new york but some are doing it from afar. the candidates are making campaign stops outside of new york. good morning, marcus. >> reporter: good morning. hillary clinton is in california, bernie sanders in n. in rome this morning but he's here for an event tonight. bernie sanders called his meeting with the pope a real honor. the democratic candidates campaign released his 2014 federal tax return. his rival hillary clinton called for the vermont senator to do so during this month's debate.
9:33 am
tax forms, it's not really much there to try to dump. it's just a question of getting it out. >> reporter: le return shows he played nearly 28,000 in sanders supporters protested outside of a clinton fund raiser. it brought in $30,000 a person and $350,000 per table. as for the republicans, donald trump is making stops upstate today. senator ted cruise is in wyoming. former president bill clinton will be campaigning for hillary clinton upstate. and kasich will have a fund- raising concert tomorrow in brooklyn. michelle?
9:34 am
police say a man found lying face down in his bed in a homeless shelter was murdered. shelter guards found the 56- year-old victim yesterday morning in his room on the third floor of the bellevue men's shelter in kips bay. police say the room was the scene of what had been a bloody struggle. this is another crisis for the city's shelter system. four other people have been killed in other attacks in shelters so far this year. >> a major shake-up at the city's housing authority following a series of deadly elevator accidents in the bronx. five employees have been disciplined anded head of elevator services have been replaced. they improve safety and response to emergency. more staff training, accountability and communications. it plans to create a building
9:35 am
heading out on tour, "making a murderer" followed the case of a man and kicking off the north american speaking tour in boston. the legal team stops in new york city tomorrow before heading to the west coast. avery is serving a life sentence. his liars say he's behind bars for a crime he did not commit. >> to lighter news now, it's almost last call for a popular bar in new jersey. now little falls is celebrating old establishment. it's along route 46 and passed day. a new expansion plan by the state's department of transportation is ready to use eminent domain to widen the beloved roadhouse. >> they decided to go around us, which is good, and we're happy because we've been here
9:36 am
>> he did lose about a third of his property for the expansion, but the great notch i. will still be able to serve patrons just as it has for three generations. >> still great, just a little notch in. >> well played. >> just saying. >> you need a drink after making that joke. >> nice legallen aide. coming up next on this saturday morning, a former nfl player will be laid to rest. how will smith is being remembered by friends and family in louisiana. >> also ahead, cirque du soleil is the latest act to snub north carolina. hear how many shows the traveling circus is now
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friends, teammates and friends say the final good-byes to will smith. funeral services will be held later on today for the former defensive end. last night, hundreds of people gathered for his visitation at the new orleans saints practice facility. smith was fatally shot after a traffic altercation last weekend. he was just 34 years old. >> well, even more backlash in north carolina after a new state law limited protections for the lgbt community. cirque du soleil canceled several upcoming stops in the state. the company says it "strongly believes in diversity and equality for everybody. as you might remember, bruce spring sting and ringo starr canceled shows in north carolina. get this, cyndi lauper says she will take the stage in that state, but the singer says she
9:40 am
from her june show to equality north carolina's efforts to repeal the new law. different take on the same controversy. the bathroom bill mandates transgender people have to use rest rooms of the gender indicated on their birth certificate among other provisions as well. the columbus zoo has introduced their newest member of the public. fluffed, nora the polar bear made her debut. she was born in november. she quickly became an internet sensation. watch this. i will put this little hat on. everything went viral after she was born. she can be seen for an every day. we love the babies. >> welcome to the world media spotlight. >> it's always one of the favorites,. >> i like it, and she's a cone head. >> it's going to be a beautiful
9:41 am
whether you are playing like a polar bear or getting in your own backyard scholarring, a lot of people starting little league here with the spring, and we've got a nice weekend. so both days are going to be beautiful. >> what would one explore in their own backyard? >> an adirondack chair. >> the garden, lawn chair, whatever you've got. >> that was a great answer. >> a barbecue. >> well played. >> that's the best i've got. lots of sunshine, blue skies, temperatures are starting off in 40s and 50s across the area. looks nice, right? how about this for your backyard, huh? take a little lawn chair, head over and enjoy it. it's the great lawn in sheeps meadow open for business. 51 degrees is what we've got reporting from the official reporting station. looking at the winds coming out
9:42 am
a little breezy at times. that could keep the shorelines a little cooler and so we'll have to put up with that throughout the day. through the afternoon, i think we could see gusts at times going up above perhaps even the 15 to 20 mile-per-hour range. so watch for that. looking from brooklyn into lower manhattan, let's get the readings. we take the 50s and soar towards the mid-60s. i think we could do better than the 65. that's because of the jet stream keeping this in place all weekend long. it's getting warmer and warmer each day. one thing to keep in mind is the threat of showers. so we're rain free. that means no storms are around and we don't have to worry about getting wet. i think we can go all the way until tuesday. 21 for bridgeport. these are the gusts right now happening in the last 30 minutes.
9:43 am
breezy at times but lots of sunshine to enjoy. it's really beautiful weather. storms are way back west. the ones that are firing up are severe. they are potentially producing tornadoes through the day. and denver expecting half a foot of snow this afternoon. this is a powerful, potent storm that stays out west all weekend long. we enjoy beautiful skies and worry-free weather taking us through tuesday where a sneaky back door cold front takes us through to the 70s at the end of the week. weather wellness, air quality is index today is at 6. be aware of the sun. pollen counts are high today while trees are the main concern. 68 is the high tonight. 46 the low.
9:44 am
notice the climb continues on monday. tuesday, there's a chance of a shower. we cool things down into the mid-60s over the weekend. we bounce into the 70s. a big shout out. so delightful, very blight. there are 800 students there in new rochelle. all of the girls had a fantastic time and i appreciate your attention. as always, the snap chat. i love seeing your pictures. >> right? >> so a personal thank you coming in from social media. >> you fit right in. you are looking great. >> i'm going to be hanging out with those girls. >> when will that be some. >> okay, rob, enough? >> thank you, amy. on "eyewitness news" on this saturday morning, we're learning about a campaign to
9:45 am
we'll be talking to a new york city civic leader behind an effort to bring more voters to the polls. >> before you go to break, of course everyone's favorite part of the show is the channel 7 community calendar's remix. they have all had a weather theme. i think i've done another pretty good job finding a song. >> which will not play. this is a joke. >> it's going to play in my head. this is a sheryl crow remix. >> oh! >> what's the name of the song that's weather related. [music] >> i'm going to soak up the sun! >> soak up the sun. >> it's not gonna play. >> roll it! [music] >> reporter: here's what's happening celebrating earth month at the fifth annual new york expo. enjoy live entertainment and activities for kids. love to uncover the secrets about the earth. leaf litter critics in brooklyn learning more about soil
9:46 am
hmi goes city wide for lgbtqu offering vital community services phoridty empowerment, sexual rights and more. head to the children's carnival for a day of games, hayrides and fun at the seasonal petting zoo. a fearless production in new jersey. young at art. fine arts feature one of yahweh's own first official solo exhibition. in queens when the sound of music is falling, the qjoj spring jazz festival is the answer. send the day listening to the graceful sounds of up and coming musicians. for more information about the events or submit an event that may be featured on great price on this boneless chicken! yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices.
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he say's we should punish women who have abortions. there has to be some form of punishment. that mexicans who come to america are rapists. they're rapists. and that we should ban muslims from coming here at all. total and complete shut down. donald trump say's we can solve americas problems by turning against each other. it's wrong and it goes against everything new york and america stand for. with so much at stake, she's the one tough enough to stop trump. hillary clinton.
9:49 am
this price is so low. trying to make me eat my greens? no, just trying to save you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my stop & shop. welcome back, everybody. the white house contenders, of course, have been on a major campaign blitz through new york. on tuesday it all goes into the hands of the voters. it is a primary that could be pivotal in this phase of the election season. we're all joined by new york city civic leader bill ruden who's trying to turn around voter turnout in the state. thank you for being here. we appreciate this. >> thank you for letting us be here. >> when you think of new york, you think of such a politically active place. whether it's occupying wall street or the bernie rallies and trump rallies. the protesters just two days ago in midtown.
9:50 am
different story. share some sobering statistics with us. >> historically, new york has had very low turnout particularly in 2008 which is the last time there was both the democratic and republican primary. in the midterm elections, we were at 48 in terms of voter turnout. this effort is designed to make employees aware of what the law is, which allows them to go, and if they can't get to a voting booth within four hours of when the voting booth closes, they can take time off from their work and not get docked. it's also just to make people aware to get out and vote. we've seen tremendous turnout around the country. historically, it's later in the season. i think that's why people don't go out and vote in primaries. it's also difficult to register and also, you know, we want to make sure people have the opportunity to get out and vote.
9:51 am
new york is very pivotal. >> for the first time in decades for the first time in many years, we've seen the energy across the country. we want that energy and excitement for the participation to happen in new york. whatever your concerns are, you need to go out and vote. so i've done a great job with over 80 different organizations and send out e-mails and fliers. it's promote the vote. there's a web site people can go to for more information particularly the state law. there's no excuse that i can't make it to the polls because i've got to work. >> you have to have early voting and you have to have changing the vote of the week maybe to the weekend to vote. this is april effort to make
9:52 am
they need to take that opportunity to have their voice heard. i think we've been very successful for the partnership in the city. reaching out to our members across the state to make sure that they send information to their employees. they know what the law is and what the opportunities are for them to vote. >> you think because new york is important this time around and because it's a lot of time around both sides. we've seen upticking from what we've seen in the last two cycles. >> and people are energized and want their voices heard on tuesday. we wish all of the candidates luck and we'll be continuing this effort over the next couple of days. >> you say businesses have been reseptemberrive. >> the organization greater new york hospital association to
9:53 am
profits, a whole road range of people arrange. >> for more. appreciate the important message ahead of tuesday's primary. stay with "eyewitness news" and abc news for full coverage of tuesday's new york primary. you can get all of the latest updates at and on our mobile app as well. bill ruden, again, thank so you much for being with us. we appreciate it in your message. let's hope the turn outuns go up on tuesday.
9:54 am
at your top stor hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america
9:55 am
all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. as we turn to top stories, we're just days away from the new york primary. bernie sanders is wrapping up his trip to the vatican to return to new york for an event in brooklyn tonight. sanders met with the pope briefly this morning.
9:56 am
this is not an endorsement. meantime, supporters protested outside of a hillary clinton fund-raisers inside of san francisco. clinton will remain this weekend. donald trump and kasich are hitting the pavement. kasich is on long island and will end up in a deli later on. donald trump, meantime,in upstate visiting in watertown and downtown syracuse. ted cruz is hundreds of miles away in the state of wyoming. >> the nypd is investigating a possible hate crime. two young men who they believe to be teenagers walked up to a forklift operator on thursday. foley spritzer says one of them distracted him. the other then threw a sucker punch. five city housing authorities have been displained. the head of the elevator
9:57 am
this after a series of deadly elevator accidents. he says they are working to improve safety and its response to emergencies. the agency says there will be more staff training, more accountability and better communications. they also plan to create a building code monitoring system. a big victory to tell you about for the popular show "hamilton." the producers for the hit musical agreed to share profits with actors and dancers who were part of the show's first production. published reports say the lawyer announced a deal yesterday could have a significant influence on the theater industry in which a growing debate over actor compensation is brewing. >> so happy for that whole cast. they are doing so well, making money, and making a difference and inspiring a lot of people. i cannot wait to see the show. august can't get here fast enough. >> very cool. >> hey! >> hey! >> hey, ho! >> it's beautiful outside. >> i mean, really, the styes look great and it's as
9:58 am
the temperatures are easy to tame. we're already in central park. it's going to be a beautiful day. a little breezy at times. if you under the full sun, it's going to fell feel just ride even warmer than yesterday. in the mid to upper 60s. here's a loom into the battery. with one world trade. we go for 51 in the forecast high to 68 degrees. tomorrow 72. so the warm-up just continues. by monday, we're looking for a high of 78. that's a warmer wind that pushes the temperatures near 80. we bounce right back to the 70s. enjoy. >> waiting for the kind of weather, and here it is. not bad at all. >> i hope you have a great, great afternoon outside. all right? >> beautiful. that's going to do it for
9:59 am
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