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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 17, 2016 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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tt2w rg)ds@eo d @m;0 tt2w rg)ds@e!!dk @j8( tt2w rg)ds@e4!d @k-, tt2w rg)ds@ex#"&`+ep\ tt2w rg)ds@et#b'`+qp8 tt2w rg)ds@et#b)`+z0\ tt2w rg)ds@ep#b*`+m+@ tt2w rg)ds@ep#b,`+,q tt2w rg)ds@el#".`+%x, >> this is breaking news from channel 7 eye witness news. >> right now, police skouerring an area after a report of an armed suspect on campus. >> students received alerts
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this is happening right now at suny purchase. >> sefan kim is there with the breaking details. >> reporter: well, joe and sandra take a look at the heavy police presence here. state police, county cops and harrison police are taking part in this search. this is 500 acres and a heavily wooded area. if there's an armed suspect out here in the dark it'll be difficult to find him. the suny purchase campus looks like a crime scene. there was a check point as harrison police and county cops checked every vehicle leaving the campus and boarding buses. police are searching for a possible armed suspect. students here were told to stay indoors and close their blinds. we spoke to students via face time inside their dorms. they say it was swarming with police tonight and some students say they were frustrated at the
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a senior spoke to us and he said the incident may have started at a campus block party. >> there's no shots fired, i don't think. there was just a presence of someone who showed he had a gun. it was in the alumni housing and it was like a block party. they have parties for different housing communities. they barbecue, grill, music, dancing, events. i don't live on campus and i didn't attend or anything like that. apparently there was an altercation or a fight where someone revealed they had a gun and they fled. >> reporter: it is unclear what sparked the incident. school officials late tonight are only saying a suspect may have been armed on this campus and ran off into the woods. students were alert and had right now it is an ongoing investigation. we'll keep you updated. reporting live, sefan kim, channel 7 eye witness news.
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police in new jersey are on the scene of a deadly shooting in orange. authorities have released few details but happened around 7:# 0 tonight. new jersey transit says a train was stopped because of the police activity. trains are running again but there are delays. now to the race for president. the battle for new york votes is two days away. hillary clinton and bernie sanders make a final push to try and woo voters in the big apple. dave evans in the news room. >> reporter: sandra, this has been an exhausting push for clinton and sanders. he needs to full off an upset on tuesday and clinton is determined to stop his recent string of victories. the most recent polling gives clinton a ten point lead. the math is on her side. she has a delegate lead of about 220 delegates.
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bernie sanders was back in brooklyn today posing for an selfie, greeting voters in the sun. then holding a huge rally in prospect park with perhaps 28,000 voters. his day began here at eye witness. an interview talking about hillary clinton. >> i've known her and respect her but i have been disappointed by the attacks her campaign has levied against me. >> reporter: clinton was in the city doing the salsa in washington heights and telling staten island it's not forgotten and ripping sanders for not offering solutions. >> it's easy to diagnose the problem. you've got to be able to solve the problem. >> reporter: this race has become nasty. snl showing there's no love lost in this race.
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threw money at clinton's fundraiser. >> they're right. the sander's campaign when they talk about it is absolutely right. >> reporter: clinton says the money is not for her. >> i am raising money to elect other democrats. i want us to take back the senate. >> reporter: today she sounded a lot like our mayor. >> there's plenty of money in rich people's pockets and it's time they started paying their share to support this country that's made them successful in the first place. >> reporter: new york is a closed primary meeting. you can't be an independent and expect to vote. you can't register now also. you have to be registered democrat and had to take care of that last october. it is for them and not others. now to the republicans. donald trump the only candidate
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a win in new jersey would be crucial and he has a huge lead heading into the primary. lucy yang is in midtown with the story. >> reporter: well, joe, donald trump is scheduled to attend a rally at his head quarters tomorrow at noonl. today he was the only republican candidate campaigning in new york where he enjoys a comfortable lead going into tuesday's primary. >> illegal immigration cost new york taxpayers over $5 billion last year. >> reporter: touching on the controversial issues, the republican candidate stumped in his home state this sunday encouraging his supporters to vote on tuesday. from poughkeepsie to staten island he drew large crowds who embraced him. >> i love all his ideas. forget about it. building the wall and the immigration, the whole nine yards. >> everything he says. he's 100% correct.
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>> reporter: trump's message enough to draw this 73-year-old to vote for the first time. >> it's no secret it's been crooked for so many years. >> i love new york and a guy like cruz, you heard him. he can't be hillary. i'll beat hillary. >> there's a legitimate concern for people being able to have their deeply held religious beliefs. religious liberty. but there's also people who we shouldn't be discriminating against. we need to have a balance. >> reporter: now ted cruz is scheduled to appear on "good morning america" for a special two hour town hall where he'll take question froms the anchors and from viewers across the country. live in midtown, lucy yang for channel 7 eye witness news. >> thank you.
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brooklyn. myrtle avenue in bushwick. a gang of 8 to 10 people punched, kick and had stabbed a 26-year-old victim. they beat him with bar stools. that victim suffered cuts to his chest, shoulder and arm. general hospital. police are looking for the suspects. police in suffolk county are looking for the suv involved in a deadly hit and run this morning. he was hit on main street about 7 this morning. the driver of a ford explorer didn't stop. he died at the hospital. detectives say the blue ford explorer has noticeable front end damage on the hood and grill. new video tonight that shows the level of destruction from the massive earthquake in ecuador. 246 people are confirmed dead and another 2500 are hurt.
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coastal area and caused many buildings to collapse and also sent this overpass crashing down. at least one person died after being crushed under the weight of the concrete. the focus is trying to find survivors. the death toll is expected to climb. a suspected drone strike triggered an investigation in london after a pilot reported seeing something hit a plane. the british airways flight landed safely but the pilot said he thought the object struck the aircraft. the plane was cleared for the next flight. authorities have made no arrests but their investigation is ongoing. a family birthday party in queens turns deadly. a father of five shot and killed by police. tonight his family speaks exclusively to eye witness news about the shooting. shocking video, a police officer in queens hits a teenager repeatedly with his baton.
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a family's beloved dog stolen right out of the truck in the bronx. tonight their plea to help find their pet. temperatures have fallen about 20 degrees from their afternoon highs in the mid-70s down to the mid-50s in new york city. tomorrow it's going to feel like
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disturbing video of a police
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student with a baton. the inteshl affair's unit is investigating. the officer curses and strikes the 18-year-old. the nypd says officers were responding to fights at progress high school in williamsburg, brooklyn in december. he is suing officer phillips and the city because of the officer's actions. the supreme court will hear arguments tomorrow on president obama's immigration policy. 26 states filed suit against the executive order which would have spared more than 4 million undocumented immigrants from deportation and given them work permits. last february a federal judge in texas blocked the program and the court upheld the decision in december. one issue is whether president obama overstepped his authority. expect super tight security for the boston marathon.
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specific threats. yesterday survivors of the 2013 bombing made an emotional finish. some of the wounded warriors will join survivors at the race tomorrow. the 2013 bombing killed three people and injured more than 260. a family from new jersey is begging for help to find their stolen dog. he's apparently being held for ran some. 14-month old angelo was stolen thursday. the owner says he got a call from someone demanding $200 in exchange for the dog's return. when that person holding angelo never called back he called the police. they're asking anyone with information to contact them. you can see more on our facebook page. incredible video that shows the power of nature. a tornado materializes at the
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we'll show you the close call for firefighters. a new device that will let police know if you were texting while driving. a push to bring it to new york. a live look outside. a beautiful weekend of weather. how long will this good run last? meteorologist jeff smith has they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's rigged by wall street. and that's the problem.
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i'll be here if you need me. new bp gasoline with invigorate... our best fuel ever! wild video of a brush fire that turned into a kind of fire nato in alberto, canada. this video was posted to facebook by the local fire
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to the left you can see some of the firefighters as they start to flee the funnel picks up speed. one is forced to jump in the flames. sometimes supporting a good cause is as easy as a walk in the park. hundreds came together for the thon. it raises money to support research and awareness. our good friend lee goldberg hosted today's walk. >> near perfect weather for the walk and near perfect weather for the workweek. >> better than perfect for tomorrow. >> is there such a thing? >> no, not really. i figured i'd just say that to make myself sound better. let's check out what's going on. with the clear sky and calm wind temperatures will plummet in the suburbs. we're down to 55 with a dry air
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chilly overnight lows and pleasant afternoons. 75 was the high this afternoon. i hope you got sxout enjoyed that. that was after a morning low of 44. temperatures are 13 degrees above the norm of 62. it typically gets up to 62. check out long island. down to 33 right now at west hampton. you get the good radiational cooling and sandy soil out in that area and promotes that and the clear sky and the calm wind and the temperatures can go down in a hurry. 44 and surely you have temperatures generally in the 40s over central parts of new jersey and 46 in morris town and 39 down the shore in tom's river but still in the 50s upstate newburg and poughkeepsie right now. a little patch of clouds causing temperatures to remain mild. a frost advisory for eastern parts of long island ironically
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that's because of the rapidly cooling temperatures. lows tonight getting down to 51 or so in the park. a lot of lower 40s just off to the north and west of the city. localized 30s and down to about 39 at tom's river. highs tomorrow, though, check this out. a few degrees warmer than what we had today. 77 under a lot of sunshine in the park and it's middle and upper 70s from the city and points north and west right down to the shore. 69 belmar and 63 on montauk with the cooler atlantic ocean influence. late tomorrow night into tuesday this front will sag on through the area and there could be a spotty shower with that. that would be about it. a little cooler behind the front as well on that election day on tuesday. accuweather forecast for tonight clear and cool again. we're down to 51 in midtown and 40s in the suburbs and 30s in the coldest spots. sunshine at 7:00 in the morning and temperatures around 54.
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and cooler near the coast tomorrow. the high up to 77. partly cloudy and we're down to 56. there can be a lingering shower early during the day on tuesday. otherwise behind the front not quite as warm. highs in the upper 60s and we'll start clearing things out. wednesday sunshine and 65. back in the 70s thursday with a mix of sun and clouds and could be showers late thursday night. there's a better shot friday and we dry out for next weekend. next half hour we'll tackle weather wellness. allergies, uv, that type of thing. >> all right. thank you. >> that was perfect, laura. >> how about playoff hockey? that's pretty perfect as well. brooklyn meet the stanley cup playoffs. the islanders brought their series to new york city and with it came the drama.
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playoff hockey in full fever. >> overtime playoff hockey even better. weather you loved it or hated it you had to admit the coliseum was one loud and rocking building. so tonight the islanders hoping that energy would transfer to brooklyn as the isles and panthers played the first post game. a huge turning point right here. it was reviewed and off sides. the islanders capitalized on that. a minute later the 5 on 3, the one timer that cut the lead 2-1. they traded goals and ended with this. nielson tied the game and the
11:27 pm
so 4-3 the islanders take a 2 games to 1 series lead. as for the other playoff team, the rangers are off after tieing up their first round series against the penguins yesterday. thanks to henrik lundqvist who was solid in net. they'll need more of the same tuesday night when the action shifts to the garden for game three. yesterday the mets placed jacob degrom on emergency leave. jackson is improving. the rest of the mets in a rubber game against the indians. in the 1st curtis granderson scores and it's 1-0 mets. later in the inning lucas douda delivers his own single and the mets up 3-0.
11:28 pm
now 5-0 and steven matz bounced back and struck out 9 batters and 6-0 the mets with the shutout. the yankees and mariners was must see tv in tokyo. even though the first pitch was thrown after 2:00 a.m. the game featured the first ever major league pitching matchup against two japanese teammates. first inning and tanaka strikes out lynn to get out of the frame. next inning his lineup helping him out. alex rodriguez moved to 6th in the lineup and two run blast. brett gardner also helping out the cause in the 3rd. the ground rule double and able to play jacoby elseburg. after seattle tied it they get help. the wild pitch allows gardner to score the go ahead run. the yankees snap their four game slide.
11:29 pm
it's a new era for the nets as brooklyn looks to the future with a new head coach. he's no stranger to new york or new york city basketball. 16 teams hoping to make
11:30 pm
to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by millions of small contributions. people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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the net's off season is four days old and the team has a new
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today announcing kenny atkinson as the sixth coach. currently an assistant in atlanta he'll remain there until the post season run ends. he was an assistant with the knicks under mike d'antoni. this is his first head coaching experience. the nba playoffs may be taking a break from new york city but the fun rolls on. round one action continuing with four more game ones including the cavaliers and pistons who played right here on channel 7. detroit made this one a game. the pistons led by 5 at the break. the cavs had to make their way late. keven love led the way and cleveland got separation. the cavs take game one. in the east the heat hosting the hornets in their opener. miami in complete control. rookie justice winslow for the
11:33 pm
to the third quarter more heat. deng pushed the lead to 24. miami put on a clinic. 123-91 as they take game one. in the west the spurs in their 19th straight post season appearance host thing grizzlies. this game never in doubt easterly. in the third parker taking care of business himself. in traffic gets it to go and the route is on. 106-74 the spurs roll. other than the cavs' game a lopsided day in the nba. >> thank you, laura. a father of five gunned down by police in queens. details on why police say they opened fire as the devastated family speaks exclusively to eye witness news. new details about two firefighters shot while on a call. while police haven't charged the gunmen.
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we continue to follow breaking news. law enforcement officials now deemed suny purchase college safe. alerts were sent to students to stay indoors. officials say the suspect may have run in the woods. officials say the campus is now safe.
11:37 pm
investigating a deadly shooting. it happened around 7 on kerry street in orange. the investigation has caused some delays on new jersey transit's morris es xeks line. presidential candidates have one day to win over voters before the primary on tuesday. hillary clinton, bernie sanders and donald trump drew big crowds at rallies. topping the news this half hour a family birthday party turns deadly. >> a father of five reached for this gun as officers approached him this morning in south ozone park. that's when officers shot him. >> tonight his family speaks exclusively to eye witness news as they try to understand what happened. >> reporter: this is how a family birthday party ended in south ozone park, queens. 1:30 sunday morning officials report a 32-year-old man was fatally shot by four police
11:38 pm
>> he was a working young man and a christian. a good father. and he loved life. >> reporter: eye witness news spoke to the man's uncle who identified him as 32-year-old george tillman. a married father of five from maryland. a licensed electrician. here in new york for a family celebration only to be shot and killed in the street. it happened near 135 street in 116 avenue. >> i heard at least between 5 to 7 shots. when i came outside screams. >> reporter: tillman was carrying this 40-caliber gun at the time. it began with two officers in an unmarked car noticed tillman standing by an suv and holding a bottle of alcohol. he ran and they gave chase on foot.
11:39 pm
they closed in they claim tillman reached for his gun and that's when four of the officers fired. >> right now we're just all coming together as a family. we're a very strong family to find out what happened. that's all we want to know. what happened? >> reporter: it's not clear if tillman fired any shots. the officers were not injured. a 32-year-old man was killed by police on this street early sunday morning. in queens, lucy yang channel 7 eye witness news. now to that deadly earthquake in ecuador. the level of destruction has made communication difficult. for local families the worry for their safety grows. sefan kim spoke with members of the community tonight in queens. >> reporter: with two young daughters and sister and family
11:40 pm
unable to reach her loved ones when a powerful earthquake rocked her home country yesterday. she was worry and had depressed and desperate. she says it was the fear that kept her up. power was knocked out for several hours and finally but 2:00 a.m. she got word that her family is safe. they live just 40-minute froms the epicenter. it's not being there with her family unable to do anything for them that has her feeling helpless. she was one of more than 100,000 ecuador living in queens praying for the beth. at the tropical restaurant the ecuador newspaper in the entry way focussed on the earthquake. it flattened buildings and buckled highways. rescuers are struggling to reach survivors. her husband is saddened to see
11:41 pm
>> i can only help with what i can. whatever they ask from me i'll do. >> reporter: as for how you can help the consulate will make an announcement tomorrow. the search is back on for the data recorder for the ship that sank during hurricane joaquin. all 33 people on board the ship died as it was overtaken by the storm back in october. the ship was found in 15,000 feet of water and topped two bridge decks detached. no charges for the man who opened fire on two firefighters carrying out a welfare check at his home in maryland. police say the man whose identity hasn't been released has consistently said he thought
11:42 pm
another firefighter died from his injuries. the country's top disease researcher says at this point american women need not worry about pregnancy and the zika virus. there's been no local zika transmission but they'll be locally transmitted zika this summer. >> we know how we'll spend that money and hopefully a successful development of a vaccine. >> so far no infections directly from mosquitos have been documented but health experts have confirmed about 350 cases. zika infections has been strongly linked to fetal deaths and birth defects. have you filed your 2015 tax returns yet? you have until midnight tomorrow to get them done. the usual april 15th deadline
11:43 pm
year because friday was a holiday. the irs expects more than 150 million tax returns to be filed in 2016. five million will be filed tomorrow. the agency has issued 82 million refunds. the average refund is about -- a seven foot python was found unattended in the building. the snake was found this morning in a building in flushing. police say it was inside a cage and left near a car badge shoot. the snake was take ton the bay side animal clinic and picked up by the owner. a priest is missing for a week. new details on the search and the suspect police have in custody. police how much do you love mcdonald's french fries? the restaurant where you can get as many as you can eat. and a live look outside now. meteorologist jeff smith returns
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police are ramping up the search for a missing priest from florida. he has not been seen for a week
11:47 pm
it was picked up in south carolina. the man driving the car has been arrested. one police commander is speculating on the suspect's potential connection with the missing priest. >> we believe the father was attempting to assist him. >> police say they found a rifle. >> a push tonight in new york to give police a new device that could crack down on texting and driving. it scans a driver's phone to see if they were texting before an accident. the proposal already faces controversy. eva pill grim has the story. >> reporter: it's a temptation for so many drivers. texting behind the wheel. a third of drivers admit to doing it. >> it's going on all day 24 hours a day seven days a week.
11:48 pm
new tool in the fight against distracted driving. they may give them text tylizers. >> you plug that cell phone into it and it would give us information to let us know if the operator was using it. >> reporter: it's in memory of evan leverman who was killed in a crash. >> it was a lot of gut wrenching back and forth and took me six months to get the phone records. >> reporter: it could allow police to seize phones without justification. >> there's much that needs to be done and that can be done both to address the problem and to respect the privacy rights of drivers. >> reporter: the company behind it says it won't be able to read your texts but it will be able to see when you touch your phones.
11:49 pm
if they refuse to turn it over. forget super size it, how about all you can eat? the new location in st. joseph, missouri, will offer an all you can eat fries. as well as customizable deserts, sandwiches and burgers. customers will order food at kiosks and it'll be delivered to their tables. the location is set to open in july. singer john legend and his wife have welcomed a baby girl. tee michigan announced the birth on her instagram page. she joked on social media today about being very in love and very sleepy.
11:50 pm
counsel asks for help naming the uk's newest polar research vessel. the winner? boaty mcboat face. it beat out entries that honored scientists. it won with more than 124,000 votes. the vote is advisory and the council will ultimately decide the name. >> sounds like too many mugs of ail. >> that could be part of it. >> a teacher helps rescue a woman's beloved pet.
11:51 pm
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this is a workweek forecast anybody could love. >> it's a workweek that should be an extended weekend is what it is. >> yeah, that would be nice. >> you got my vote. >> we've got a beauty coming up for tomorrow.
11:53 pm
average high for june 7th is 77 degrees. that's our predicted high for tomorrow. here's a look outside right now from our camera in astoria, midtown. today what a beauty. 75 in the park and got up to 78 at poughkeepsie and northwestern new jersey at sussex. 73 in newark and middle 60s over central long island and the upper 50s on the east end because of the cooling influence of the atlantic ocean waters. other than that it's a beautiful day. 59 newark right now and 50 at jfk and the upper 40s at white plains. big range in temperature across the area right now. even have some 30s sprinkled in here between montauk and islip, which are in the 40s. 37 down the shore at tom's river. still sitting at 59 at monticello and the higher
11:54 pm
up enough to cause those areas to remain milder overnight. when you get the calm winds and clear skies it clears off and you could get scattered areas of frost overnight. frost advisory lasting until 8:00 a.m. monday. if you have plants or flowers you may want to bring them in overnight. high pressure in firm control. denver, colorado, received over a foot of snow yesterday and the day before with this system here. this storm is going to take until friday to move all the way to the east coast. that's how slow moving this weather pattern is. right now we're on the good side of things. here's the future cast. 7:00 in the morning temperatures in the mid-50s in the city and 40s in the suburbs. it'll be chilly overnight. look at the recovery during the afternoon, though. middle and upper 70s in the park and points west. probably remaining in the 60s coastal southwestern connecticut
11:55 pm
like what we had today. everywhere a few degrees warmer tomorrow. by late tomorrow night they'll be a cold front sinking from north to south. with that there can be a shower or two. just in a few spots. it looks sparse at this point and we clear out during the day on tuesday and becomes breezy. it's cooler but cooler is middle and upper 60s. weather wellness for tomorrow air quality moderate. uv index is 7, which is high. the pollen is high. maple, juniper and popular are the culprits right now. clear and cool in the suburbs and down in the 40s. 30s in the coldest spots. we're down to 51 in manhattan. sunny at 7 in the morning and 54 getting up to 77 during the afternoon. it'll be cooler right at the coastline. it's a breezy blend of sun and clouds tuesday and could be an
11:56 pm
the city. 68 degrees. get out and vote. 65 on wednesday and low 70s thursday and could be a shower late thursday night and better shot at rainfall friday and we clear out for next weekend. bill evans has much more in the morning. >> finally a heartwarming story that'll put a smile on your face. a duck lost his feet to frostbite and his owner tried hard to find a solution to sort of keep him moving. >> she turned to a teacher and his 3-d printer. >> reporter: like an ugly duckling into a swan a fairy tale ending for phillip left a lame duck after getting frostbite on his feet. >> i immediately said i would come and get him. >> reporter: after rescuing phillip she couldn't find anyone to help him. it might be better to put him out of his misery. >> i made a call to have him put down.
11:57 pm
>> reporter: by chance she learned middle schoolteacher jason had a brand new 3-d printer in his classroom. >> the initial e-mail i thought was like is this for real? >> reporter: he finished the new feet just in time. >> i said vicky i'm working on it right now. >> reporter: after six weeks of trial and error he printed the perfect pair. phillip took to his two webbed prosthetics just like a duck to water. >> it worked. >> reporter: tonight he's settling into his new home at an animal sanctuary thanks to a community coming together to give one lucky duck his waddle back. >> it's so exciting to see him with his feet. he has a new life. >> reporter: marcy gonzalez abc news. >> it's pretty amazing. >> it is cool.
11:58 pm
>> thanks for staying up with us i'm sandra bookman. >> i'm joe great price on this boneless chicken! yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my stop & shop. there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place
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to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message, and i ask for your vote. alright guys. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc.
12:00 am
what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table. this price is so low. trying to make me eat my greens? no, just trying to save you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my stop & shop. previously on "castle"... you're a good candidate for the opening on the a.g. investigative team. opportunities like this come along once in a lifetime. we're in this relationship, but we never talk about where we're going. but if i get that job... then you're gonna have to. i didn't tell you about it because you would be upset. yeah.


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