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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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a 44-year-old man has been arrest ed charged with bribing officials in the department's licensing division. >> reporter: the shakeup reaches directly in to police headquarters tonight after the deputy inspector in charge of the department's licensing division was transferred out along with a sergeant and officer who worked under him. after a man was charged with bribing officials there. 44-year-old shaya liechtenstein was charged. deputy inspector michael indal, michael villanueva. it's part of the investigation in to police corruption in south brooklyn where officers are suspected of providing favors and other considerations to local businessmen in exchange for gifts. trips, and cash. five nypd commanders have been
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according to court paper, lichtenstein by his own admission, obtaining up to 150 in the past several months alone. lichtensteinis set to see the judge today. pistol permits are very difficult, if not impossible for people to get. according to court papers, lichtenstein arranged a permit for someone with four domestic violence complaints including one complaint in which he allegedly threatened to kill someone. much more on this developing story tonight at 6:00. for now we're live at federal court in manhattan, n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. now to the new york primary. we are just one day away and right now all five candidates putting in the final push for votes. polls open tomorrow at 6 a.m.
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important for these candidates. 291 delegates are up for grabs for the democrats and for republicans, 95 delegates at stake. >> we've got two reports. sandra bookman is live outside trump towers. she's covering the republican frontrunner. first we've got dave evans who is following the democrats for us tonight. >> as you know, it is the new york state primary but right now both the democrats, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are really focused on the five boroughs of new york city. if she's able to win tomorrow, it's going to be because of older voters, black voters, manhattan. staten island. but if bernie sanders is able to pull off an upset, it's going to be because of a high voter turnout, midtown, south of manhattan and all over brooklyn. >> reporter: hillary clinton kept busy this day before the vote. the democratic establishment behind her. the polls look good. she has a long history in new york. but sanders has won seven of the last eight primaries so naturally clinton's a little
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>> i never count any chickens before they hatch. we're going to work hard. we're going to do everything we can between now and 9 p.m. tomorrow night when the polls close here in new york. >> reporter: bernie sanders spent the day with striking verizon workers, telling them he's on their side. sanders has hammered clinton on big money and politics and reforming wall street. he said he can fix that and clinton cannot. >> i just want to say a word to thank all of you for the courage to stand up for justice and against corporate greed. >> reporter: this afternoon clinton rallied with women on equal pay and paid family leave. she also said she's troubled by what both donald trump and sanders have said about abortion and a woman's right to choose. >> when trump said what he said about punishing women, i was appalled. that is a core issue and when my opponent in this primary said it
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to talk about the real issues, i was appalled again. >> reporter: this rally also on guns with former congresswoman gabby giffords. >> speaking is hard for me, but i want to say these two words, madam president. >> reporter: this was an overwhelmingly supportive crowd for clinton. women, older voters, long-time members of the democratic party. >> she's been around a long time so she understands and she's been fighting for women's issues for a very, very long time. >> hillary is the best candidate across the board on anybody's issue. as a woman i've waited all my life for a woman president. >> the latest polling gives hillary clinton a 10-point lead in new york state. bernie sanders has to pull off an upset tomorrow if he has any hopes of winning the convention in philadelphia this summer. that's because the delegate math
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she's about 200, 220 delegates ahead of sanders. if he loses tomorrow, his job becomes that much more difficult. reporting live in midtown, david novarro, channel -- dave evans, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> our coverage continues with sandra bookman. an unusual coalition came together on behalf of the republican candidates. >> just a few moments ago donald trump left here and he said he feels good about tomorrow. as for the meeting with that diverse group of leaders today, it was more about supporting trump going forward. >> reporter: this impromptu pep rally in the lobby of trump tower part of a multicultural network of supporters intent on disproving the notion that the
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to a very limited slice of voters. >> we've had incredible showing, women for trump. we had a jewish movement for trump. we had the muslims for trump. we decided to bring them all under the same trump. >> reporter: former apprentice star joined 75 people around the country on the eve of the new york primary to make the case for trump. the candidate thanking them for their support. >> our country is divided. we're totally divided. we're going to come together. we're going to be successful. >> a promise these coalition members are banking on. >> as a black american pastor, with an inner city working in the church for 30 years, we know what the needs of the minority community are. we need economic power. and mr. trump represents wealth. >> of course back here live outside trump tower, mr. trump left moments ago, an event tonight in buffalo.
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vote will put him a lot closer to that magic number of delegates. we're live tonight on 5th avenue at trump tower, sandra bookman, channel 7 eyewitness news. the other republican candidates making their presence known here in new york. john kasich held a rally in syracuse today before he headed up to schenectady. he stocked about fighting isis. >> we have to destroy isis and it has to be a coalition of arabs and westerners. we have to share intelligence so we can stop these people. we need to have better policing so we know what's going on. >> and ted cruz took part in a town hall discussion on good morning america. he talked about a wide variety of topics including a radical change to the tax system. cruz's wife heidi was also with him this morning. there are several notable special elections happening tomorrow. two of them happen to fill the
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voters will select a new state representative to replace dean skelos who was convicted on corruption charges. voters will select a new state representative to replace former assembly speaker sheldon silver who was also convicted of corruption. eyewitness news and abc7ny can with you every step of the way as you head to the polls tomorrow. we'll post updates on tv and online. this story still developing, a woman was taken to the hospital after she was struck by falling corruption debris. this happening in manhattan. newscopter7 was over the scene in midtown. we're told the woman was hit in the head, but her injuries are not life-threatening. the buildings department is now investigating. police looking for two men involved in a shooting and robbery in brooklyn. dramatic surveillance video shows the confrontation inside a deli in east new york. and tonight we're hearing from the victim. eyewitness news reporter darla
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>> reporter: that should have been an indication right off the bat that this cash grab wouldn't come without any hiccups. >> with the gun he pointed to my head. snoop saeed was sitting behind the counter in his deli in east new york sunday night when two men came in to his store, one armed with a gun. >> he got my hand and he moved me back. and one of his friends, he came around and started taking the money and he moved me back over there and told me sit down. because he was scared i'm going to do something to him. >> reporter: the gunman's instinct was right. the struggle for the firearm plays out in the store surveillance video. >> i was mad because our blood is hot. it's not like somebody can take something. if he was asking me better, i was going to give it to him.
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>> the fight didn't stop there. after the gunman ran out of the store with the cash, saeed, him. >> i had a can of soda. i tried to scare him. and i hit him and he ran away. >> you threw a soda can at him? >> yeah, because it was empty and i was drinking it. >> reporter: saeed was grazed in his right hand. the bullet went through his right hip. when asked why he kept grabbing for the gun -- >> i tried to rob him before he robbed me. >> reporter: in east new york, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. no sign of a deal tonight as verizon workers on street protest on the streets of manhattan. 40,000 workers are protesting verizon's plans to move jobs offshore and cut benefits. they've been without a contract since last august. verizon has hired thousands of non-union workers to replace those on strike. a new jersey family is homeless tonight after their
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newscopter7 was over the home on west 26th street in bayonne. the fair started after 6 a.m. firefighters were forced through after flames started shooting through the roof. a fire in queens sent one person to the hospital. that fire broke out in a house on 113th road this morning. firefighters were able to get that fire under control in about an hour. one victim suffering smoke inhalation, that person in critical condition tonight. the cause of this fire which burned through a second floor is still under investigation as well. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is vowing retaliation after police declare a bus explosion in jerusalem was a terror attack. this shows you the aftermath, fire and smoke billowing from the bus. the explosion injured 21 people. police say the blast was caused by an explosive device detonated
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a lucrative rally on wall street pushing the dow back above the 18,000 mark. despite a drop in oil prices, energy stocks led today's broad rally. investors ignored news that major oil producing nations failed to hammer out a deal over the weekend to cut output. the dow climbed 106 points. the nasdaq rose 21 points and the s&p 500 added 13 points. the battle against the zika virus. coming up on eyewitness news, new york city unveils its multimillion-dollar plan to keep us safe. >> family members anxiously awaiting to hear from loved ones after the devastating earthquake in ecuador. >> a new campaign aims to minimize crashes among teen drivers. the goal, no empty chairs at graduation. we'll tell you what new drivers have to say about it. >> feels like summer outside for the first time this season, new york season reaches 80. a high of 82. we're already dropping right now as the winds start to shift.
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to reduce your risk. you can quit smoking. talk with your doctor. new york city getting armed and ready for the zika virus this summer. the mayor rolling out a multimillion-dollar plan that will involve several different departments. it's a team effort to fight a mosquito-borne infection that's grown more serious than ever. eyewitness news reporter michelle charlesworth breaks down how the city's plan will work. >> reporter: sharing the news that 40 people including six pregnant women in new york have now tested positive for the zika virus, mayor de blasio announced $21 million over three years to fight zika.
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this city or in this country where there will be a widespread outbreak. but that does not for a moment stop us from wanting to address even more limited problems. >> we have a new flier that will help new yorkers determine if testing is needed which is mainly a concern for pregnant women and their partners who have traveled to zika affected areas. >> reporter: examples of insect repellent, especially effective on mosquitos were on display. one of the things the $21 million will pay for is a public information campaign to remind people how to stay safe. it's called fight back nyc. remove standing water. apply insect repellent. and use window screens. new yorkers say with the good weather here, they're thinking more about mosquitos than they normally would. even though the mosquito is here, the doctors are sure to stress, they're not the kind that carries zika. >> i'm glad it's being addressed now.
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zika been spotted in new york? >> no. >> what's the $21 million going to? >> as soon as it starts to rain they're going to be out here. >> reporter: one important piece of information. any pregnant women who think they might have zika can receive a free test from their doctor. so far 2,000 such tests have found the 40 new yorkers including those six pregnant women who we know contracted zika elsewhere but live here in the city. on the east side at the new york city public health lab, michelle charlesworth, channel 7 eyewitness news. record rainfall has caused flooding from houston to dallas and beyond. tonight. in the houston area, dramatic moments on live television this morning when a man tried to drive through the high water, something we warn people about here. out. >> what did you think about that moment when the water filled up the car? >> how am i going to get out of here?
5:18 pm
kind enough to tell me to swim. that's what i did. >> that was really good advice because the man said he thought he would be driving through just a puddle but then he got stuck. one body was found in the submerged vehicle. the cause of the death is unknown. so far no other deaths have been reported. >> it's a warning you always tell people never take. >> he was in a fog too. >> he was disoriented. >> luckily that yell of direction cued him to do it. just doesn't take much water on the roadway, half a foot, start moving the car a foot, you're submerged. >> scary. >> that did not happen here today. because you were outside walking around. >> i was literally sweating. i was like, i haven't done this in a while. >> you sweat? [ laughter ] >> welcome back, diana. weather today. >> we should do that every day. it felt good, didn't it? outside. it's our first 80-degree day since last september. we've got blue sky. looking downtown, good
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the air quality though getting a little poor because of these days and days and days of high pressure sitting over us and some of the pollutants sticking close to the ground and there's not much wind flow but will be more tomorrow helping that. 77. now we're at 77. we were at 82 last hour. the wind is shifting off the 50-degree ocean water. as warm as it feels in the sun, you may sweat this afternoon but all of the sudden it's going to have a cool feel as we go in the evening hours as the numbers start to drop with the dryness. the high today can update that at 82. a full 20 degrees above average and there are your sunrise and sunset times. last year on this date, another 80-degree day and sunny day at that. 82. the first one since september. this is the sixth straight dry day. we're going to go at a nine-day stretch as long as we don't measure any rainfall tomorrow. i don't think it will be measurable. 78, montgomery.
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you see islip dropping to 67. definitely a chilly feel in montauk while still that summary feel in newark. the air is super dry. we have calm winds. winds are going to pick up tomorrow 15 to 25. there's a fire weather watch across the area because the leaves and the grass is just coming in. still a lot of dry brush. there's a brush fire danger. evening hours, down to 71 then dropping in to the 60s. later on this evening spring jacket required. clouds tomorrow morning. then break for sunshine. partly to mostly sunny for the balance of the midday and afternoon. highs upper 60s to around 70 rather than the 80-degree mark. see these clouds collapsing in from the north and east? that's a backdoor cold front snaking its way through eastern new england. 52 in boston. snow in eastern canada and on the southern side of the front, all about summer warmth here in the low and mid 80s and chicago. this is the cool air in new england that's coming down our way.
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at worst a sprinkle tomorrow morning. clouds break for sunshine. and we're around 70 during the midday and afternoon hours. wednesday should be dry day number 8. beautiful day. less wind and spring like day. temperatures generally in the 60s. there's our weather maker for thursday night in to friday. thursday looks like a mainly dry day. numbers tonight, comfortable sleeping in the suburbs. upper 40s, lower 50s. 56 in the city. a high closer to 70. many places just get stuck in the 60s tomorrow. clear to partly cloudy. mostly cloudy by dawn. 56. 70 tomorrow. the early clouds give way to partial sunshine then breezy and gusty and cooler during the afternoon hours. closer to 40 in many suburbs tomorrow night. definitely a chill in the air tomorrow night. coming up at 5:30, we have 30-mile-per-hour gusts tomorrow afternoon. we'll address that. how about this dry spell? will it end at nine days or could we squeeze out a dry day in places on friday? we'll watch that. and for friday rainfall, is it significant or just less than a quarter inch of rainfall? we'll look at the weekend
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7-day in just a few minutes. >> looking good. it is the hottest and probably hardest ticket in towns with fans from president obama
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like a hollywood movie set. two crews there filming two movies about the 2013 bombings. as for the race itself, the men's winner of ethiopia. the women's winner is also from ethiopia. her hour was two hours 29 minutes. several survivors of the bombings ran the raced to as well. >> it's awful. i love the prosthetic leg because it allows me to run but i'll never be as quick as i was with my real leg. but i am glad that i have the ability to continue running. >> victims of the attacks, patrick downs and adrian haslet also crossing the finish line. president obama and first lady michelle will be met by
5:26 pm
duchess of cambridge and prince harry. the obamas will have lunch that same day with queen elizabeth and one day after her 90th birthday. the tax day deadline has come and gone for most of us. the april 15th filing deadline was extended by three days because of emancipation day. in spite of all that the irs expects 5 million returns will be filed by the midnight deadline. almost 82 million refunds were issued as of april 8th. almost $3,000. the accolades just keep on ticket. hamilton has won the 2016 pulitzer prize for drama. the staged biography of alexander hamilton created by lin-manuel miranda has captured popular consciousness. it's already won a grammy award and a spot on the billboard 200
5:27 pm
hamilton becomes the ninth musical to win the drama award and the first since 2010. >> we're never going to get a ticket now, are we? a teenager forced by a judge to get chemo now faces a new cancer scare. why her treatment could be different this time around. >> ecuador still reeling from a deadly earthquake. tonight how a local community is rallying to provide support for their home country. >> and a dangerous mid-air collision between a drone and a they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees.
5:28 pm
because it's rigged by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people.
5:29 pm
right now family members in queens are anxiously waiting to hear from loved ones in ecuador where a massive earthquake struck over the weekend. the death toll from that quake now at least 350. >> search crews are still looking for survivors of
5:30 pm
so far rescuers have pulled three people alive from the rubble including a 7-year-old girl and her mother. >> eyewitness news reporter joe torres is live in woodside. >> you walk along or drive along this stretch of roosevelt avenue, ecuadorian restaurants and businesses. this however tonight is a community filled with concern as people in this neighborhood desperately try to learn the fate of family and friends back home. >> reporter: worry and concern looms over the largest ecuadorian community in the united states. at the consulate office in woodside, friends and family members of quake victims came looking for answers. if they didn't find them here, they went to the nearest ecuadorian restaurant where news coverage showed the devastation back home. >> all my family is fine over there but i'm just trying to like maybe buy something for them for the people out there to support my country.
5:31 pm
magnitude earthquake along ecuador's central coast killed hundreds and injured thousands. as rescuers clear the rubble and search for survivors, the effort here to send equipment and supplies to the devastated area is off to a slow start. george henry mendosa wishes he could be back home lending a hand. he's a doctor. >> we need medical professionals to help save lives. we need to send blood and medicine from here. >> they're really looking for search and rescue teams to go and assist in the relief effort. >> reporter: assemblyman moya, the first ecuadorian elected official in the united states told us his family is okay but he and his staff have already heard from constituents who lost family members or those unaccounted for. >> they really need the equipment to get through the
5:32 pm
after the people that have been missing. >> reporter: assemblyman moya has been in contact with the mayor's office, with the governor's office. however, he told us tonight that if the council general's office and the ecuadorian government do not take some sort of initiative to get relief by the end of the night, he says he'll take matters in to his own hands. joe torres, eyewitness news. in japan rescuers are rushing to beat heavy rains that could cause further land slides following two earthquakes. the first one hit thursday. the second powerful earthquake on saturday set off a major landslide down a mountain. at least 42 people were killed in the quakes. meanwhile u.s. air lifts delivered water, bread, ready to eat food and other emergency supplies to the remote area. the nypd is searching for a man caught on camera firing a gun in a street on brooklyn. surveillance video shows the man
5:33 pm
he fired five rounds. very fortunately nobody was hurt. a man is arrested tonight for dwi following a crash that killed a pedestrian in suffolk county. police say that jose gitan was under the influence while driving in huntington station. he hit lucas reyes who police say was running across east 12th street. gitan was charged with dwi and an arraignment was set for today. u.s. supreme court justices president obama's executive action on immigration. texas and 25 other states argue that the president went too far in 2014 when he expanded a program deferring deportations for those who came here as children and parents of children born here. it also allowed undocumented parents the right to work. >> real world impact is to be free of the daily fear that they might not come home one day. >> we allow a president, whether
5:34 pm
president, to make changes in the law without congressional approval, and we will end up with a perverted constitution. >> the eight justices are believed to be split on party lines. john roberts is said to be close to siding with the obama administration should some wording be changed. new details on a tentative deal between uber and the city of newark. the mayor's office says uber has agreed to pay the city $1 million a year for 10 years in order to operate at the airport. uber reported background checks on drivers, independent liability coverage, and no tolerance on drug and alcohol use. it's credited with saving the lives of people suffering from drug overdoses. today new jersey governor chris christie took part in a round table and training discussion about narcan in hoboken. he says the drug has been used
5:35 pm
signed off in 2014 on a program allowing emts and certain officers to use it. the newtown, connecticut teacher who was arrested for bringing a gun to the middle school is due in court wednesday in dansbury superior court. he had valid pistol permit but connecticut law prohibits guns on school grounds. he's on administrative leave. a frightening moment at a game. a woman was hit by a foul ball that flew through a net that was meant to protect fans. abc's lindsey davis has the story. >> reporter: steven souza, jr. is calling the odds of what happened during his at-bat friday night astronomical. his foul ball sails in to the stands through a tiny gap in between the stadium's protective
5:36 pm
woman in the left eye. the game stopped, and the woman taken out on a stretcher. sousa is visibly distraught. >> the human side of him showing there where he was concerned. >> he even walks in to the stands to check on her. >> that woman's health is way more important than my results in the game. >> reporter: this is not the first time a spectator has been struck in the seats. last year a detroit fan left the field in a neck brace after a foul ball hit her in the head. one woman was severely injured after a broken bat flew in to the stands. another woman was struck square in the face by a foul ball. >> the fact that i got hit between the eyes kind of reflects that i couldn't have been looking more freshly at what was going on. >> reporter: major league baseball suggested stadiums have protective netting between the dugouts within 70 feet of home
5:37 pm
that's something the rays did at the beginning of the season. look at this. by saturday night, an extra piece of protective netting was installed to close the space. >> even netting, which is clearly the next good step that baseball has taken here, even netting is not a cure all in all cases. >> the tampa bay rays released a statement saying their thoughts are with the fan and her family and that they have taken necessary steps to ensure that something like this does not happen again. sousa, by the way, also says he plans to visit that woman in the hospital as soon as it's possible. lindsey davis, abc news, new york. thousands of high school students mistakenly receive acceptance letters from a university in new york. >> a teenager in connecticut forced to undergo chemotherapy. tonight she faces a nigh and tough decision about her treatment. >> and a man kicked off a flight. what he said during a phone call
5:38 pm
>> i'm liege -- i'm lee goldberg. it's desert dry outside. 18%. tomorrow we have plenty of sunshine. the gusty wind will be happening tomorrow and then you have the dry conditions. we have fire danger across the tri-state area. a fire weather watch. all across america families are coming back to time warner cable for a whole new experience. that's because we've been working hard to give you better service, and it shows. we came back for internet speeds so fast even the kids are impressed. oh she's impressed. we're catching up on movies and shows on demand just as fast as we can watch them. for $89.99 a month you'll get 100 meg ultra-fast internet, popular hd channels and unlimited calling. twc's home wifi is so strong
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a connecticut teenager who was forced by a judge to undergo cancer treatment says a new mass has been found in her lungs. 18-year-old cassandra calendar made the announcement on facebook. she says she is moving forward with alternative treatments. she was taken in to state custody if you recall back in 2014 after she and her mom refused treatment for her hodgkins lymphoma. she has been in remission.
5:42 pm
who thought they got in to college only to find out it was a computer glitch. university of buffalo says it sent out acceptance e-mails to 5,000 students wednesday but the students were actually on a list of applications that had not been reviewed fully. a few hours later a correction e-mail was sent out. the school says the students are still being considered for acceptance. british officials are sounding the alarm after a collision between a drone and passenger plane. the flight from geneva was landing at heathrow in london when the pilot reported striking something. the plane didn't suffer any severe damage but the incident is raising concerns about where drones are allowed to fly. experts say if a drone hits a plane's engine just right, then it could actually be catastrophic. here in the u.s. the faa bans drones from being 9 within five miles of an airport. a college student is demanding an apology from southwest airlines after he says
5:43 pm
he was on the phone with his uncle in baghdad while waiting to take off on a southwest flight in california. as he spoke arabic, he noticed a fellow passenger staring at him. minutes later he was yanked off the flight. the woman told security he was using jihadist language. >> they degraded me as a human and i believe they thought i was a terrorist. >> he's a uc berkeley college student and former iraqi refugee says he will never fly southwest again. the south florida zoo where a keeper was attacked and killed by a tiger reopened its doors today. a zoo spokesperson says a fund is being created to support tiger conservation in honor of stacy conweiser. she was killed by a 13-year-old mail tiger in an enclosure where they eat and sleep. she was the lead keeper and had extensive experience in managing the large cats.
5:44 pm
guilty in her dog smuggling case. >> tonight we'll hear the couple's apology to australian officials over the k-9 spat. >> and just in time for prom and graduation season, a new initiative created by two high school seniors in our area. how they're combating distracted driving among teens. >> all eyes are on new york's pivotal primary. can the frontrunners move one step closer to the nomination? plus, does the label that says made in america always mean it? approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five, but now is a good time to get the ball rolling. keep in mind,
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(vo) one of only a few hospitals in the u.s. performing surgeries on babies before they're born, we're also there for them as they grow. our children's hospital is ranked by u.s. news as one of the nation's best. we're back with breaking news. the morrison line train service
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a train hit a male. this happened near the south orange train station. we understand new jersey transit police are there now investigating exactly what happened. gw magazine naming its list of the 13 most stylish men in the world. these guys look equally sharp on the street as well as the red carpet. ryan reynolds named the double taker. >> dressed or not. [ laughter ] >> oscar nominated actor tom hardy is up next, dubbed the misleading man. and hip hop star drake named the coziest baller. gq, we thought you left out one very important man, meteorologist lee goldberg.
5:49 pm
your accu attire. you deserve a shout-out. >> that would be pretty cool. i appreciate it. that's very nice. thanks, guys. [ laughter ] do i really have to do weather? >> tell us how great it is outside. >> it is. it's beautiful out there let's go outside. make sure you have your jacket because the wind is starting to pick up a bit. it felt super summary through the afternoon hours today. now we're down to a 77. very mild. dropping down to the 60s along the coastline. you'll notice a cool breeze overnight. there's a fire watch tomorrow. we have gusty kinds out of the north northwest at 15 to 25. you have the very low humidity. we still have mild temperatures near 70 degrees. we were 80 a couple hours ago and now we'll drop in to the low that's quite a difference. and then in to the 50s after midnight.
5:50 pm
the warm air gets suppressed. cooler air coming in from the north and east. really the showers are going to by pass us to the north. might be a stray sprinkle around north and east of new york city. after that the clouds will break. the breezes are picking up. we're in the upper 60s. definitely more of a spring feel than a summer feel tomorrow. look at the numbers this evening. there's a fair amount of clouds early on tomorrow. then those clouds will begin to thin out. mid and upper 60s. maybe 70s south and west. look at that, a 59 in monticello and a 55 in montauk. the air quality is on the moderate side. the uv index will be at a high 7. just because it's cooler out doesn't mean you can't get a sunburn. one thing i learned yesterday. pollen count on the high side tomorrow. as are playing the yankees. you'll definitely need your yankee jacket at the game. 64 feeling like 50s with the cooler breeze. here's your 7-day.
5:51 pm
that's a gorgeous spring day. 67. 72 thursday, clouds are increasing. friday, that's our shower threat for the week. it's mainly light rain or showers. even a type of situation where maybe the games are canceled on friday because there's rain. actually turns dry for your friday night plans. here's a look at the weekend. saturday, 68 and sunday 66. a mix of sun and clouds. those are really nice spring days. this has been great. cool, really nice for sleeping. it's been mild during the days. this is the only day where we felt a little heat and now it's gone. >> that's why you are the man. >> i appreciate that. very nice of you guys. johnny depp and his wife now offering a public apology for their dog smuggling caper. >> the pair made international headlines if you recall after they got caught smuggling their two dogs in to australia last year. in australia it's a big deal. lauren glassberg has the story. >> reporter: johnny depp and his wife amber heard submitted
5:52 pm
>> i'm truly sorry that pistol and boom were not declared. protecting australia is important. >> reporter: deputy's demeanor notably more serious than when he was discussing the so-called war on terriers with jimmy kimmel in september. >> did you smuggle the dogs in to the country? >> we were under the impression that we had all the paperwork done for the dogs. we were there with the dogs in front of everybody. there might have been other things smuggled. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the case made international headlines when heard brought the couple's two yorkshire terriers to queensland on a private jet to visit depp while he filmed an installment of the pirates of the caribbean. when heard entered the country and asked if she was carrying any pets, she checked no. the government reacted angrily. >> why don't we just break the
5:53 pm
eyewitness news. a push to keep teens safe behind the wheel. >> tonight hear from two high school seniors behind the new initiative to make sure their fellow classmates live to see prom and graduation. >> i'm bill ritter. new at 6:00, bernie sanders and hillary clinton making a big push tonight in new york city, this on the eve of the big primary tomorrow. and the third new yorker in the race, donald trump, also going all out for a big win but
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
at 5:00, there's a new campaign to keep teen drivers safe. it's called no empty chair. it's time to coincide with prom and graduation season. >> the idea is to raise awareness about everything from seatbelt violations to texting while driving. eyewitness news reporter mallory hoff has the story. >> reporter: this poster is part of the new york teen driving safety campaign. the goal, to raise awareness so there are no empty chairs this prom or graduation season. >> i think this campaign is actually one of the best things that new york state could probably do. >> reporter: mineola high school senior joseph quater says the initiative hits close to home after two of his friends died in a devastating crash. >> they went to a bar, they took a taxi, which was the smart thing to do and then they came back in a taxi later that night which was still the smart thing to do. they decided they were going to go back out and they decided to
5:58 pm
a really sharp turn by where they were. >> reporter: the campaign is designed to raise awareness, preventing future crashes as a result of speed, impaired driving, and highlights the importance of buckling up. >> the campaign is designed to do enforcement. >> reporter: they urged their friends to play it safe. on peter's key chain, a reminder. >> never drive faster than your guardian angels can take you. >> reporter: inside the car she worked to buy herself a safety measure. >> you actually have a breathalyzer in your car. >> it's right here. >> wow. let's take a look at this. >> i don't have batteries in it right now but i do have a breathalyzer. if you're going to drink and drive, that's your decision to put your life in jeopardy but you're also putting someone else's life in jeopardy. >> reporter: they'll continue to do their part to avoid any situations that could lead to an empty chair. the campaign will continue
5:59 pm
that this message will stay with students down the line. mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> breathalyzer in a car, good for her. a former new yorker among the victims in that devastating earthquake in ecuador. >> tonight we talk to his family. eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. another shakeup tonight at the nypd, this as a federal corruption investigation widens again. three more cops removed from their jobs including a deputy inspector. so how high up does the investigation go? >> but first, the presidential campaign trail. a big crowd tonight on the eve of the big new york primary. the democrats concentrating on new york city. the republicans campaigning mostly upstate.
6:00 pm
>> and i'm liz cho. the polls open in 12 hours from now. the stakes are huge for the parties. >> how huge? 291 democratic delegates are at stake in new york. 95 republican delegates are at stake, could prove pivotal in whether the leading candidates nomination. the candidates going where their party's voters are. >> hillary clinton's stops included a rally in midtown by women for hillary. bernie sanders was also in midtown, meeting with striking verizon workers. tonight he'll attend a concert and rally in long island. >> donald trump meeting with members of the national diversity coalition for trump. today he attends a rally in buffalo. ted cruz now in maryland. as for john kasich, also in maryland, after making stops in upstate new york including syracuse. we have two reports tonight. sandra bookman is in midtown


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