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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  April 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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and for the republicans donald trump is banking on a resounding victory as his rivals look ahead to next week's contests. and good morning, i'm lori stokes. >> and i'm ken rosato. weeks of anticipation come down to this, the biggest prize in the primary race in over a month. >> polls opened just moments ago. and they're going to close tonight at 6:00 -- rather, at 9:00. >> we have team coverage this
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candidates head to the polls. first we get a check on weather and traffic beginning with meteorologist bill evans and the accuweather forecast. >> well, we have great weather. that's not going to keep you from getting to the polls today. let's take a look outside, shall we? here's our camera at 4 times square looking south. what we have now is some of these alto cumulus clouds that are up and over us. you can see the little ceiling there coming across manhattan. this is going to be making for a very nice day today, we're looking at sunshine. temperature at 6:00 a.m. 65 degrees. up another two degrees and we're looking at a southwest wind that's warming us up. normal is 63, as you see. that's going to be quite the mild day. 64 around middletown. coastal sections, coastal connecticut, jersey shore going to be a little cooler with this wind that's coming up. fire threat is huge today, and that's because of the northwest wind at 29 miles per hour, humidities at 30% today. we'll warm into the upper 60s by noontime, in the arch we hit 72. weather and traffic together
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she has had her hands full all morning long with that overturned tractor-trailer on the l.i.e. do we know what's inside? >>reporter: i don't know what's inside, but there is a lot that's outside of the truck now. >> right. >>reporter: and all over the l.i.e. they have uprighted that truck. they're trying to clear away -- you can see that little bulldozer there trying to get rid of all the debris on the l.i.e. this is westbound right near route 110. all lanes remain closed down. delays are really starting to stack up. this is right near half hollow road and back to bagatell road as you travel onto the l.i.e. you can see that traffic is backed up. what you want to do if you are a noncommercial vehicle, you want to take the northern state parkway. but look at the northern state parkway even going westbound getting into wolf hill road. you can see that delay starting to stack up. we also have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect for today, and mass transit is doing just fine at this point. ken, over to you. >> heather, thank you. it is 6:02. now to vote 2016. donald trump is the only republican candidate waking up in new york today. he's hoping for a victory
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a blowout win means trump could capture all of new york's 95 delegates, but his opponents aren't giving up just yet. eyewitness news reporter diana rocco is live in midtown with a look at the gop race. diana, good morning. >>reporter: and, ken, good morning to you. donald trump is expected here at city synagogue a little later this morning to cast his vote. it's a big day for the trump campaign because he is hoping to sweep all of new york's delegates to propel him onto the nomination over rival ted cruz. but it is going to be tough. he needs to top 50% statewide and in some congressional districts around new york city it could be difficult to get voters to turn out at that level. he was in buffalo last night where he talked about new york values, but mistakenly called 9/11 7/11. that is just the latest misspeak from this candidate who has drawn a firestorm of criticism. his campaign also suffered a setback last night with the resignation of his field manager. right now polls are showing trump with a double-digit lead
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york at 53%. >> we're gonna show ted cruz who hates new york, hates new york. when you look at that debate and you see the way he talked about us and new york values, no new yorker can vote for ted cruz. >> there are two and only two cans who have any plausible path whatsoever to winning the republican nomination, me and donald trump. [ crowd noise ] >> 65% to 70% of republicans recognize that nominate nominating donald trump hands the election to hillary clinton. >>reporter: cruz has repeatedly said he is the only candidate that can beat hillary. both cruz an john kasich have moved on to pennsylvania today and are looking ahead to next week's april 26th primary. throughout the northeast there are 172 republican delegates at stake. in pennsylvania, delaware, mayoral, rhode island and connecticut next tuesday. so trump will be casting his
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this morning, and then he's expected to hold a news conference this evening to discuss the returns. we're live in m, diana rocco, channel 7 eyewitness news >> all right, diana, thank you. well, the race is much tighter for the democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders and have staged aggressive campaigns up and down the state over the past few weeks. regardless of who wins, they're expected to share the state's 291 delegates. eyewitness news reporter dray clark is live now in chappaqua where clinton will cast her ballot. dray. >>reporter: good morning, lori. hillary clinton will be doing her voting here at graflin elementary school here behind me. she's scheduled to cast her vote at around 7:30 this morning. it was a very busy day on the campaign trail for mrs. clinton yesterday. she had a full day, making close to eight stops. she began there in flushing, queens at a dumpling shop and wrapped up the evening at an irish pub in midtown.
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lead in the polls going into today's primary, but bernie sanders, as you said a moment ago, his campaign has been gaining momentum, and he's been able to close that gap in the points. now, this is the race that everyone will be watching. it's going to garner a lot of attention because it's projected to be a very close one. >> i feel really good about where our campaign is. i believe that we're going to have the delegates and the votes that demonstrate absolutely that i will be the nominee, but i'm not taking anybody or any place for granted. we're going to keep working hard. >>reporter: and because this race between bernie sanders and hillary clinton is such a close one, we could see a record turnout for today's primary. hillary clinton is hoping that women and african-american voters and hispanic voters will turn out in a big way for her today. and bernie sanders also looking to garner the hispanic and african-american vote, but also the young vote.
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that bernie sanders had while on the campaign trail here in that bernie sanders had while on the campaign trail here in new york. but, again, this race expected or projected to be a close one and certainly one that everybody will be watching. hillly will be watching the results come in from m, meanwhile bernie sanders will be in upstate pennsylvania. live in chappaqua this morning, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news >> all right, dray, thank you. and bernie sanders wrapped up his new york primary campaign speaking to thousands of people along the riverfront of long island city. he said democracy is not about super pacs or donations from wall street. he said it depends on the revolution of his supporters turning out to vote to change the country. >> it is not acceptable that this country has the highest rate of childhood poverty of almost any major nation on earth. brothers and sisters, together we are going to transform our national priorities, we're going to invest in our people, not give tax breaks to billionaires. [ cheers ] >> sanders campaign has file add complaint over clinton's fundraising. sanders' attorney says it appears democratic national committee and state parties have been improperly subsidizing some of clinton's campaign fundraising costs. the clinton campaign says the costs are split appropriately. as we mentioned, polls are open in most of new york right now. to find your polling location and for the very latest updates on the race throughout the day, just go to 6:08. we're seeing more fallout from a corruption probe in the nypd with the arrest of a brooklyn man accused of bribing police to expedite gun permit requests. shaya alek lictenstein left federal court last night after posting half a million dollars bond. last week investigators say lictenstein was recorded by a hidden microphone, appearing to
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carry permit the nypd helped him obtain. it's part of the growing corruption scandal in the department. five commanders have been transferred as a result of this investigation. 6:08. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans. >> we take a look from the roof of our super studios across central park, jackie onassis reservoir, fifth avenue out to flushing bay, a pretty morning here. clouds are going to be sweeping down from north to south. we'll have sunny breaks. we'll have a lot of sunshine this afternoon. it'll be a windy day too. so be prepared for that. here we go. we look southward here all the way down to the verrazano bridge. 65 degrees, really warm for this hour of the day. normal overnight low is about 45, 46. so it's really warm. a few clouds here, sunny breaks. we'll have more sunshine today. cool bubble of high is here in canada sliding southward. back to our west is rain with a front. that doesn't get here until friday. that will end nine days of sunny, dry weather. 63 by 9:00.
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71 at 2:00, 72 degrees this afternoon. it's going to feel great. at the bus stop, be ready for the huck amberies. have a jacket or sweater in the suburbs, particularly the coastal sections. it's in the 40s. after school we get to 72 which is going to feel great, so says the sassy one. >> yes. >> el sasso. the attitude. >> she can speak seven languages. >>reporter: she can? >> yeah. >> really? [ laughter ] >>reporter: really? >> latin and spanish and english, that's it. >>reporter: and i can speak traffic. an there is a lot of it. there's a lot of garbage too, and this is at the l.i.e. we've been talking about this all morning, right near exit 49, route 110. this debris spill still being cleaned up. you can see the delays getting into the scene. this is right near bagatell road and right back by wolf hill road. it's just a mess.
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road, starting to back up, really getting into the area. this is your alternate to the l.i.e. and then we're taking a look and seeing what's happening here. now, this is route 80 and this is right near exit 58. not a bad ride here, but we do have reports of an accident right near exit 57, so you may encounter some delays as you go through that spot and then we do have a little bit of a delay getting onto the newark bay extension bridge with a disabled vehicle. street cleaning rules are in effect. mass transit doing okay. lori, over to you. >> all right, thank you, heather. we're following developments overseas anz dozens killed and -- and dozens killed and hundreds injured in a series of coordinated attacks in afghanistan. also seeing new video of the intense fire fight under way. also ahead at 6:30, sentencing day for a former nypd officer convicted of manslaughter. why peter liang may not face time behind bars.
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we have breaking news. heather has been speaking about this all morning. a true mess on the l.i.e. shannon sohn is live in newscopter 7 over huntington. shannon. >>reporter: yeah, lori. this is a real mess. there is a little bit of a silver lining despite what this picture looks like. you can see there is debris all over the roadway and they're using heavy equipment to get
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in the middle of the roadway. but this silver lining that we spoke of. this is the tractor-trailer that had been overturned since about 3:00 this morning on the westbound side of the l.i.e. right at exit 49. you can see that he is now uprighted and they are trying to clear the debris off of the roadway. so there is an end in sight to this mess. but what you need to know as you travel through this area is that the westbound side of the l.i.e. completely shut down between exit 49 and 48. top part of your screen, that is the surface road that's picking up all of that alternate volume. we'll give captain arthur to give it the pedal to get around the right skid there. look at this. it is a bumper-to-bumper dlaivment it's going to be a messy one to get through even after this clears. if you can take it to the northern state, it'll treat you better. reporting live over the l.i.e., shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news >> shannon, thank you. 6:15. a developing story now in afghanistan. started with a taliban suicide bombing at a key government security agency in kabul. in just the last hour the death toll has jumped. at least 28 people were killed,
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blast militants began an hours- long ground attack on the agency which is similar to the u.s. secret service. it provides protection for high- ranking afghan officials. president obama heads to saudi arabia today in the first of a series of farewell tours. but this would could start with a bang. congress considering legislation that would allow the saudi government to be held responsible in court for any role that it had in the 9/11 attacks. there are persistent suspicions on the u.s. that parts of the saudi government were actually involved. as the death toll rises from the devastating earthquake in ecuador, we're hearing amazing stories of rescues days later. crews pulled out a man from the rubble of a collapsed hotel. firefighters had found seven bodies at the same location but held out hope of finding survivors. nour 13 people are dead -- 413 people are dead and government officials fear that number will rise. meanwhile the ecuadorean community in queens gathered
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the consul general is looking into catering a cargo plane, chartering a cargo plane to bring supplies to people in need. 6:16. time to check the accuweather forecast >> let's step outside with meteorologist bill evans. bill >> hey, lori, ken, you know what's just around the corner? >> what's that? >> bacon. >> oh! >> it's back? >> the bacon, man. >> yay. >> he's make ago delivery. here we go. we take a look outside this morning, we're going to have ourselves a nice, sunny day today. here we go. we look at temperatures starting out very comfortable for this time of day for this time of the year. high thin cirrus clouds, alto cumulus clouds. a nice morning n progress. 65 degrees, the humidity is dry and the winds are west at 7. now, the winds are going to pick up today and that's why we have a big fire threat. but that summer day, that june day we had yesterday of 80 degrees is gone today. temperatures 10 degrees cooler today. our stretch of dry, sunny weather will end friday and the weekend should turn out to be
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51 in brookhaven to 41 over towards west hampton. coastal sections cooler. water temperature now about 51. it'll keep warming up. but the inland numbers will warm up nicely with this southwest to west wind we have right now. winds later on or going to pick up from the northwest and that will keep it dry. that'll make it cool. we'll kind of have a bubble of high pressure in the northeast in new england. there's rain back into the mississippi valley and that rain will come to us on friday. we're looking at what's going to be 72 degrees after school, great sports weather, kiddoes, great for getting outdoors. make sure you do that. we got a cool breeze out of the northwest today. we've got sunshine tomorrow. eight days, eight days a week, we got eight days tomorrow of sunshine and very nice weather. so we got sun, breezy weather, very nice and comfy today, 72. tonight 46 degrees in the five boroughs, upper 30s in the suburbs, north and west. and then we got another sunny, nice day today. the high a little cooler, 67. but mind you the normal high temperature this time of year is 63. so we're going to be above normal. even the rest of the week, we're back to 72 by thursday, 74 on friday.
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shower. there might even be a scattered popup thunderstorm late in the day. sunday we're at 66, another nice day. so temperatures will still be above normal, next shot at rain after that comes on monday. a beautiful day today. you know, i'm just going to kind of like hang out on the street and watch -- [ dog barking ] >> he's going. stop him. >>reporter: and watch the bacon go by. >> stop it. ask him for something. >>reporter: hey! >> maybe he'll give you a treat, a sample. >>reporter: you never know. you guys have a great day. >> if anyone could get it, it is bill. >>reporter: yeah, right. >> all right, heather. >>reporter: all right. well, unfortunately we still have this situation and thankfully we have newscopter 7 up above. shannon sohn showing us the mess on the l.i.e. westbound between exits 49 and 48. we do have all lanes closed down. and as shannon pointed out, they're making some progress here. the bulldozers are there and there's that truck that was overturn. so the service road is completely jammed, the main
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road, the main line of the l.i.e. is also jam packed. so let's go over to our webs and i will show you a great alternate. this is the northern state parkway. northern state parkway, this is right near wolf hill road. you can see just as you go around that bend over here traffic is starting to back up. however, if you are a noncommercial vehicle, you can go on the northern state parkway. now, let's take another look here and show you what's going on as you travel onto route 80. now this, is 80 right near the garden state parkway. we do have an accident reported right near the area of exit 57. street cleaning rules are in effect, and we also have mass transit doing very well. lori and ken, over to you >> heather, thank you. it's 6:20. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, the big change coming for employees workingality target stores nationwide. also new information on
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wall street rallied to its highest level since last summer. the gains were thanks to a rise in energy stocks. >> the dow starts the day above 18,000 for the first time since july. the nasdaq and s&p also begin higher. markets overseas are seeing big gains as well. japan's nikkei average jumped 3%. hong kong's hang seng rose 1%. target is reportedly giving its workers a raise. the retail giant reportedly raising minimum wage to $10 an hour. the chain is expected -- the change is expected to come next month. target last raised wages a year ago to $9 an hour. the change comes after similar moves by several retailers and states, including new york. cbs is making -- cvs is making convenience store even more convenience. they are testing a curbside pickup in three states. it's hoping to roll out the program nationwide by the end of the year. it allows customers to place orders using a mobile app, then pull up to a store and get their order without even getting out of the car.
6:25 am
charge any additional fees. 6:24. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> we've got high thin clouds and sunshine coming through that as we look down the east river this morning to the 59th street edward i. koch bridge. taking the ferry this morning? staten island, jersey city, we're looking at a pretty good morning here. just a little bit of a west wind at about 14 miles an hour and these water temperatures have warmed to 50. going back and forth from port jeff to bridgeport, not much of a wind there either. the water temperature is about 52 degrees. we are looking at the next seven hours with high clouds and then sunshine. this will be breaking through by midday, lots of sun this afternoon. we get into the low 70s, but we got low humidities and a high wind out there, 25 miles an hour out of the northwest. it's cool and dry, so be careful of the fire threat. weather and traffic together every seven minutes. that's heather o'rourke who's been very busy with that accident all morning long. >>reporter: yeah. >> it's a garbage pail out there. >>reporter: it is just a mess. and this is the truck that overturned, that spilled all of that debris on the roadway and
6:26 am
they're still out there. they're trying to get the l.i.e. all cleaned up. it remains closed westbound side exit 49 to 48. newscopter 7 is obviously up above. shannon sohn is showing us pictures of the service road which is completely jammed as a result. the main line is also very, very crowded. let's go over to a web and i'll show you how things look on your alternate. this is the northern state parkway right near wolf hill road. route 80 right near exit 58 traffic is doing just fine. but we do have reports of an accident westbound side right near exit 57. mass transit is doing okay. street cleaning rules are in effect. ken, lori, over to you. >> all right, heather, thank you. closing in on 6:30. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, the polls are open in new york. within the hour hillary clinton will cast her ballot and she's hoping thousands of voters follow suit. we will have a live report from her hometown in westchester county. plus we're live in manhattan where donald trump will be casting his ballot in hopes of locking up the republican nomination.
6:27 am
exclusive at 6:30. our cameras are there overnight as nypd carries out a series of gang takedowns in some of the
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they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's rigged by wall street.
6:30 am
as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. the battle for new york. all five remaining presidential candidates set their sights on the empire state with hundreds of delegates on the line. good morning, i'm ken rosato >> i'm lori stokes. and voters are already taking to the polls across new york, and soon the candidates will too. >> we have complete coverage on the race coming up. and first, though, you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans. >> we got some clouds over the area. a cold front is coming down from the north. it's going to come through virtually dry. there's going to be some sunny breaks this morning. we'll have a lot of sunshine
6:31 am
our temperature at 6:30 now 65 degrees, way warm for this hour of the day. our high temperature this time of the year in the afternoon is 63. 66 at laguardia and 58 at jfk. now, our coastal sections will be a little cooler today. got a southwest wind to a west wind that's running right up the jersey shore. so you see it's 40s there. 48 out toward the eastern end and coastal connecticut. with a low humidity, a big wind today and sunshine, big fire threat today until 8:00 tonight. nice and dry, really dry. 67 by noontime, 72 this afternoon, sunny and pleasant. look at that northwest wind at 25. just be careful today with that fire threat. we'll talk about some rain coming to end the week in your accuweather forecast. it's going to be a morning where heather is just -- you've just been so busy all morning long. >>reporter: yes. and now i have the george washington bridge behind me because this is going to be an issue as you come to the inbound side underneath the apartments. we do have an accident being cleared away as you get onto the cross bronx expressway.
6:32 am
have newscopter 7 up above a problem on the l.i.e. still with us since about 3:00 this morning. good morning to you, shannon sohn. >>reporter: good morning, heather. we've got the good, the bad and the ugly here. the good is that your tractor- trailer has now been uprighted. the bad is that we still have the garbage that he was hauling all over the roadway. they've filled up about five dump trucks already and they're still working on it. and the ugly, that is your traffic. the top part of your screen, that is the l.i.e. service road. it is picking up all of this alternate volume because all lanes shut down on the westbound side of the l.i.e. at exit 49. heather, look at this. it is a nightmare. if you can get over to the northern state, it is so much better this morning. back to you. >>reporter: it sure is, shannon. actually, i'm going to show you a picture of the northern state parkway and this is how it looks right near wolf hill road. you can see what shannon is saying. so much better than the l.i.e. but the problem is you can only use this if you are a noncommercial vehicle as the northern state parkway. parkway, parkway. here is the route 80 right near the garden state parkway. we do have an accident reported.
6:33 am
an accident right near exit 57 that they're trying to work on. that's on the westbound side. and then here is a look at what's happening on 287 right near the saw mill. the saw mill northbound by exit 27 only one lane is open. that's north of this, and that's with some construction. street cleaning rules are in effect and mass transit is doing okay. ken, lori, over to you. >> all right. thank you, heather. well, the fiercely-contest battle for the democratic nomination features two candidates with strong ties to new york. >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton have been criss crossing the city and the state, at times pulling crowds in the thousands. sanders has won the last seven states and another win today could dramatically shift the direction of the primary race. >> and eyewitness news reporter dray clark is live in chappaqua. dray. >>reporter: good morning, lori and ken. in just an hour or so, hour and a half or so from now, we're expecting hillary clinton to cast her vote here at graflin elementary school here in chappaqua. meanwhile right now, this is
6:34 am
cljt has maintained her -- clinton has maintained her lead in the polls, but in recent days, bernie sanders, his camp has been gaining momentum, so this race is projected to be neck and neck. >> you are that revolution. [ cheers ] >>reporter: bernie sanders fighting down to the wire for the big turnout he wants. the revolution he says america needs. >> democracy is not about super pacs. >>reporter: thousands packed the queens riverfront to hear sanders denounce the top 1% and hillary clinton's ties to wall street. they cheered his promise to fight on. >> when people stand together with a vision, with determination, there is nothing that we cannot accomplish. [ cheers ] >> cheers to a victory. >>reporter: hillary clinton's finale for the new york primary took her from a dumpling shop in flushing to seven other
6:35 am
irish finish in a midtown pub, all meant to drive turnout among women and minorities. >> i am hoping to do really well tomorrow, i'm hoping to wrap up the democratic >>reporter: and hillary clinton will be watching the manhattan. meanwhile bernie sanders will be in upstate pennsylvania. we're live in chappaqua, i'm eyewitness news. >> dray, thank you. 6:34. donald trump is predicting a resounding victory today in his home state. >> gop frontrunner holds a 200- delegate lead over ted cruz and john kasich in a distant third place. now, cruz and kasich are already focusing on next tuesday's primaries across much of the east coast. >> eyewitness news reporter diana rocco inside the polling station in midtown where donald trump will be voting this morning. diana, good morning. >>reporter: ken and lori, good morning. the polls are open and voters are already turning out here. we are expecting donald trump
6:36 am
we're downstairs inside city synagogue in midtown. this is a big day for the trump campaign. he needs to secure a win in his home state to help him secure the nomination over rival ted cruz, but it's going to be tough. the latest polls showing trump with 53% among republican voters, that's more than a double-digit lead over john kasich and ted cruz who have both moved on to other states today. they're both in pennsylvania. trump was in buffalo last night talking about new york values where he was catching criticism for misspeaking, calling 9/11 7/11. there are 95 delegates up for grabs on the republican side here in new york today. trump needs 50% of the vote in all congressional districts for a delegate sweep, and he's confident he can pull it out. >> it's gonna be interesting to see what happens because i'm saying that we're going to hit the 1,237 i believe. [ cheers ]
6:37 am
great, but you gotta go and vote! >>reporter: so you can see voters already turning out here this morning. 1,237 is that magic delegate number. that is what trump needs to secure the republican nomination. there was a little bit of a shakeup in his campaign overnight with his field director resigning. trump will be holding a news conference later today to discuss the turnout and the results here in new york state. we're live in m, i'm diana rocco, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> diana, thank you. , 6:37. our area has special elections today, both will fill the seats of leading state legislators convicted of corruption. voters will select new state representatives to replace former senate majority leader dean skelos, a republican and former assembly speaker sheldon silver, a democrat. both men are working to appeal their convictions. polls close at 9:00 tonight. we're going to keep you updated throughout the day on the air and online. be sure to tune into eyewitness news at 11:00 for the latest
6:38 am
now onto an eyewitness news morning exclusive. dozens of people have been arrested overnight in a major gang takedown. eyewitness news reporter kristin thorne was the only television reporter there for the arrests in east harlem. kristin. >>reporter: good morning, lori. at least 24 people arrested this morning in these raids. we're told that these raids targeted 36 people, so we're still waiting for an update of those numbers from the fbi. but, yes, this was a joint nypd/fbi task force. these people arrested this morning for narcotics and illegal possession of guns. there's been a recent spike in gang activity and shootings in the east harlem area over the last few years. that really has been a concern to the nypd and the fbi. this of course includes the fatal shooting of a 16-year-old last month. law enforcement has been aware of an ongoing dispute they tell us between members of the
6:39 am
but, again, they are also concerned about what seems to be a spike in crime in these city-run housing complexes. these suspects, again, arrested this morning on narcotics and firearms possessions and will be arraigned in lower manhattan later on today. live in east harlem, i'm kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news >> kristin, thank you. and it is sentencing day for former nypd officer peter liang. a brooklyn judge is expected to decide today if liang will face up to 15 years in prison for his manslaughter conviction. liang's gun discharged in the darkened stairwell of a public housing project in 2014, killing akai gurley. he was unarmed. prosecutors are not seeking prison time and says liang should not be locked up because he poses no threat to the public. time is 6:39. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. here's meteorologist bill evans and the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> well, well, well, well.
6:40 am
clouds, some alat that cirrus and a nice morning here. a few stratus clouds going by there too. so a front sagging north to south as we speak right now. as we look south, as we look across the park to fifth avenue, jackie onasice reservoir, flushing bay, to the airport, we are looking at a temperature of 65 degrees. way warm for this hour of the day. and here's the front sagging southward. a couple of sprinkles are showing up here on radar, but no surface reports of any of that. this is a bubble of high pressure out of canada, sliding across the northeast and new england and back to our west is this front along the mississippi river. that front comes to us on friday. today we'll have sunshine, 64 by 10:00, 67 at noon, 72 this afternoon. some beautiful weather, certainly not the summer 82 degrees we had yesterday, but temperatures still warmer than normal for this time of the year. i give it an "a." jacket and sweater you need today, kiddos, particularly coastal connecticut, long island, jersey shore. weather and traffic together every seven minutes. i see they got the overturned garbage pail uprighted.
6:41 am
you see how much progress they've made since the last time we spoke? >> yes. >>reporter: that's the little pile of garbage they have here. so the l.i.e. remains closed on the westbound side between exits 49 and 48. but you have delays going back before bagatell road. you can see traffic is just bumper to bumper as you travel onto the westbound side of the l.i.e. northern state parkway looks like a great alternate for you, however, you are starting to back up a bit. this is right near wolf hill road. so this is the westbound traffic. but you can only use this if you are a non-commercial vehicle. let's take another look at another traffic camera and show you things at the george washington bridge. look at the lower level. you are bumper to bumper getting across the span, upper level doing better. we have an accident george washington bridge underneath the apartments as you go inbound. that's what's causing those major delays. mass transit is doing just great. our street cleaning rules are in effect for today. lori and ken, over to you. >> thank you, heather. 6:41. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, new details on a deadly hit and run on long island. we're seeing new video of the vehicle police want to find.
6:42 am
released into that deadly amtrak crash that killed two smoking causes 16 different types of cancer. you have one clear way to reduce your risk. you can quit smoking.
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6:44 am
he say's we should punish women who have abortions. there has to be some form of punishment. that mexicans who come to america are rapists. they're rapists. and that we should ban muslims from coming here at all. total and complete shut down. donald trump say's we can solve americas problems by turning against each other. it's wrong and it goes against everything new york and america stand for. with so much at stake, she's the one tough enough to stop trump. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. police have caught the man wanted for friday's neck slashing murder of a resident at a kips bay homeless shelter.
6:45 am
william smith in police custody. now, smith is being charged with murder. detectives arrested the paroled inmate yesterday in astoria. smith is believed to have strangled and slashed marcus gearyo at a shelter on friday and then later that night he is also thought to have slashed and robbed a livery cab driver in corona, queens. that driver is recovering. 6:44. new video into our newsroom of the suv that hit and killed a man in suffolk county. investigators say they are looking for this blue ford explorer. it has significant damage to the hood and grill. police say the driver kept going after he hit 64-year-old warren carstondick in east hauppauge on sun. he later died in the hospital. 6:45. the ntsb has released a preliminary report into the amtrak crash south of philadelphia that killed two men performing track work. the train headed from new york to savannah crashed into a backhoe earlier this month. the report says the backhoe
6:46 am
the tracks during a 55-hour maintenance window and the track had been closed periodically during that time. what remains unclear, though, is whether the track was closed to trains at that exact moment of the crash. it is 6:45. time to get a check on your accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist bill evans live outside our studios on the upper west side. bill. >>reporter: got some clouds, got some sun, got a little light northerly to northwest wind that will be coming your way today gusting up to 25 miles per hour, so be ready for that. here's a look outside this morning from our cameras. we're looking from the roof up toward the jackie onassis reservoir. 20% humidity and the wind is picking up, that's a fire threat. normal average afternoon high temperature is 63 this time of year. yesterday it was 82, and, while it didn't break any records, it was a warm summer day. well, that summer stuff is over for now. we are geag to be 10 degrees cooler today and we got a gusty wind. but we're going to have nine straight days of sunny, dry weather that will end on friday. it'll be a pleasant spring weekend coming up and that's good news. coastal sections going to be a
6:47 am
you see it's 41 toward west hampton, down toward eastern portions of long island, seeing 48 around montauk. coastal section also be cooler today. the water temperature is about 51 and that's the reason why. inland numbers will warm up with a southwest wind ahead of this front. so with wind and low humidity and lots of sunshine today, big fire threat. that's why ins' a fire warning -- that's why there's a fire warning, fire danger until 8:00 tonight. a couple of sprinkles up around westchester county this morning. that's the front sagging 0 on through. once that comes by, that's when that wind is really going to pick up today with this high pressure out of canada coming in. the rain back there in the mississippi valley really doesn't come in until we get to friday. so you see today the numbers, the guidance, our computer guidance showing upper 60s. we'll be around 70 today. the guidance is running a couple of degrees cooler than the actual air temperature yesterday. i think we'll have that again. tomorrow we'll be in the mid- 60s, to the upper 60s. that'll feel great. that's still above normal, and then we'll be back into the low 70s as we go into thursday. so today we have this front pushing south. we've got this cooler, dryer air coming in.
6:48 am
breeze out of the northwest. but that does enhance the fire threat, so be ready for that. tomorrow eight days of nice, sunny dry weather. we're looking at a breezy day today with 72. clear and chilly tonight, 38 in the suburbs with a low of 46. and then we're looking at sunshine an nice weather tomorrow, the high is 67 degrees. here's your accuweather seven- day forecast. we're going to be looking at sunshine and some really nice weather thursday, the high is 72. friday nine days where we find ourselves winding down and ending with some rain. so we're nine days dry. look at the weekend, temperatures in the 60s with a mixture of sun and clouds. good morning. >> good morning. how are you? >> i'd like to vote, please. i need my ballot. i'm registered, yes, i'm a member of the bagel party. >> italian. >> italian. >> bagels look great. >> attitude that's what we get here. don't forget to vote. great weather on this primary day. >> all right. thank you, bill. 6:48. we check with heather.
6:49 am
this, i just have to tell you we have signal problems on the 1 trains at 103rd street, so expect some downtown delays. here's the l.i.e. still with us. they're getting a little bit closer to getting this garbage spill all cleared up. l.i.e. remains closed down westbound side between exits 49 and 48. service road is jam packed. you have the northern state parkway starting to really pick up some delays now. now, keep in mind you can use the northern state parkway if you are a noncommercial vehicle. here is the l.i.e. by bagatell road where your delays begin, at least by here which is exit 50. they go a little bit beyond that. and then the northern state parkway, again, your alternate, but you can see that delay as you go onto the westbound side. now, we're also going to take a look at another camera and show you the george washington bridge. you can see the upper level is doing just fine, but that lower level is really picking up some delays here. we do have an accident. it's on the george washington bridge underneath the apartments, getting onto the cross bronx expressway, and it's really affecting that lower level.
6:50 am
coming inbound at the george washington bridge. 15 to 20 at the lincoln and the holland. and as far as mass transit, long island rl, metro north, new jersey transit doing okay. street cleaning rules are in effect. lori, over to you. >> heather, thank you. facing a public uproar, the mta is rethinking the best way to fix the "l" train's canarsie tunnel. communities that rely on the train are worried about a shutdown lasting a full year. the mta is now considering a plan to close one tube at a time, so some trains could continue to run. the tunnel suffered heavy damage during superstorm sandy. workers need to reconstruct almost three miles of track and also replace 50 miles of cables. canarsie tunnel has more than 300,000 riders each weekday. 6:50. coming up a pricey auction in new york for a piece of history once belonging to shirley temple. and another honor for broadway's hit show "hamilton,"
6:51 am
only happened a hand full of
6:52 am
there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values,
6:53 am
i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message, and i ask for your vote. well, today a coveted piece of jewelry owned by shirley temple goes on the auction block in new york city. the deep blue diamond ring is expected to sell for more than $25 million at today's sagaby's magnificent jewels auction. child star shirley temple was gift the ring by her father for
6:54 am
>> wow! >> it was purchased in 1940 for a little more than $7,000. 6:53. the accolades just keep on coming for broadway's hottest ticket. "hamilton" has won the 2016 pulitzer prize for drama. the show has captured popular consciousness like few broadway shows have. it's already won a grammy award and a spot on the billboard's 200 charts. "hamilton" became the 9th musical to win the drama award an the first since the year 2010. breaking news in new jersey. >> we're just getting word of a large fire burning in paterson.
6:55 am
we're going to give you a live on tuesday, we've got a big decision to make. and the new york daily news and the new york times already made theirs: both endorse hillary clinton for president. clinton is "supremely knowledgeable" and "results-driven." she "promises to be a true democratic champion"... "advancing an ambitious democratic agenda in the white house." and the times lauds her "vision, in which middle-class americans have a real shot at prosperity." new york's choice for president: hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message.
6:56 am
can't sleep. before long it's all you can think about. you feel anxious and uncertain. until one day you realize, this could be it. you've done it, you've quit smoking for good. a little suffering now can save a lot of suffering later. stop before the real suffering starts. you can quit smoking.
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6:56. following some breaking news in new jersey. newscopter 7 over a four-alarm fire in paterson. >> let's get the very latest now from shannon sohn. shannon. >>reporter: yeah, lori, ken, there is a thick blanket of smoke that is literally hanging over this area for miles after a four-alarm blaze that broke out at 218 16th avenue just after 6:00 this morning. you can see it completely engulfed one house and spread to a second home. this is a surround and drown operation. several lines working on this fire, but we've got downed wires here as well. the good news is that there are no injuries. reporting live over 16th avenue in paterson, shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news.
6:58 am
new video just in of governor andrew cuomo casting his vote in mount kisko in westchester county, new york's top democrat has been a strong supporter of hillary clinton. the governor's links to the family, of course, go way back to his days as housing secretary of president clinton's cabinet. clinton's rival, bernie sanders is hoping to pull off a big upset, though, on clinton's home turf. on the republican side, donald trump hoping for a decisive victory in his home state. trump needs to get the top 50% statewide to secure a delegate sweep against rivals ted cruz and john kasich. there are 95 delegates up for grabs in new york. cruz and kasich are both campaigning in pennsylvania today, ahead of next week's primary. take a live look inside central synagogue in midtown where donald trump is expected to cast his vote in the coming hours. and this exclusive new video and police arrested more than two dozen people in east harlem in what's being described as a major gang takedown. nypd and fbi conducted joint
6:59 am
river houses just after 5:00 a.m. also told the suspects were all involved in narcotics and firearms dealings. the suspects are expected to be arraigned later today. it is 6:58. another check of the commute with heather. >>reporter: we're going to talk about the subways first. the 1 trains downtown, you'll expect delays. there are signal problems at 103rd street. you're looking at the george washington bridge coming across the span, left to right. you have an accident coming off the george washington bridge underneath the apartments. let's head over to a webcam, talk to you about the l.i.e. right near exit 49, route 110. you can still see that garbage spill. the good news is they've pushed it off to the shoulder. h.o.v. lane. so it looks like they may start opening some lanes there, but you still have a jam packed ride as a result. >> yuck. >>reporter: messy. >> terrible. >> thank you, heather. let's take a look ouz. we've got a beautiful morning. we've got clouds, breaks of sun. we're going to have a nice day. a little cooler than yesterday. 64 is our temperature now going
7:00 am
back up. 57 jfk, coastal sections will be a little cooler. 53 islip, 47 brick, new jersey. sunshine this afternoon, low 70s we're looking at. and tomorrow a little cooler, into the 60s. 72 thursday. what a nice run. it ends on friday with a couple of showers. good looking weekend coming up. >> all right, thank you, bill. and that is the news for now. i'm ken rosato. >> i'm lori stokes. thanks for joining us on this primary day. get out and vote. have a great day, good morning, america. state of emergency. nearly 20 inches of rain drown the south. deadly floods lead to more than a thousand rescues across texas. the tv reporter who leapt into action on live tv to save this man mopes before his car went under. >> what should i do? >> swim. come here, sir. >> families escaping in anything they can find and more flood


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