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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  April 19, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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hopes for a big timeout on the for grabs. >> donald trump voted at central synagogue in midtown. he hopes to win big here in his home state after a recent string of losses to ted cruz. >> reporter: hillary clinton wants to win big. new york is home. and the former secretary of state also represented new york in the u.s. senate for eight years. blow. easy. close one. hillary clinton got a warm reception walking into this elementary school in chappaqua to cast her vote for the new york primary. >> it feels great. and i am so excited about both campaigning here in new york, voting here in new york.
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her. >> this community has been very good to us. see. it's just wonderful. a beautiful day. >> reporter: for two weeks clinton campaigned heavily around new york city and across state hoping to land a big win tonight and clowe down the momentum against bernie sanders who has won seven of the eight least contests. sanders is planning to fight down to the wire. this morning in midtown manhattan, he shook hands with reporters. 291 delegates are up for grabs. both sanders and clinton are hoping for strong voter turnout. clinton is hoping women and minority voters show her favor, while sanders has a strong following among young voters. 18-year-old abigail voted for
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>> we need more women in leadership positions. her experience shows she knows what she is doing. >> reporter: after casting her vote here in chappaqua, hillary clinton left for a visit to washington, d.c. she will be back in new york this evening to watch the returns come in. bernie sanders will be doing the same thing but from upstate pennsylvania. diana rocco is live in midtown where donald trump cast his vote earlier this morning. diana. >> reporter: and andre, good afternoon. donald trump is hoping to sweep the delegates in his home state which would put him on the path to win the party nomination before the convention. if he does win here and win big today, he is calling on opponent ted cruz to drop out of the race. donald trump leaves trump tower and walks into the central synagogue in midtown tuesday after 10:00 inundated by media. when asked who he is voting for.
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>> easy decision are i he cast a ballot for himself. he is heavily favored among new york's republicans after values comment. if trump wins, he says he is calling on cruz to drop out of that's up to him. >> reporter: he is hoping to sweep all 95 of new york's republican delegates to propel him onto the nomination n order to do so he will need to win 50% of each congressional district. >> it's an honor. and my whole reason for doing this is to make america great again. >> reporter: cruz and kasich have already moved on to pennsylvania looking towards next week's primaries in five east coast states from maryland and delaware to connecticut and rhode island. pennsylvania being the biggest with 71 republican delegates up for grabs next tuesday. in midtown, trump supporters hit the polls early. >> donald trump is the only
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integrity to d -- do it. >> only one person economic all the promise that we have now. >> reporter: so cruz has stops today in harrisburg and then on to philadelphia, while kasich moves to maryland. trump will be holding a news conference later tonight to discuss his returns here in new york. we are live in midtown. diana rocco, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> now to problems at the polls. some voters in brooklyn say when they arrived to vote the doors were locked and they were turned away. stacy sager is in the bedford stuyvesant section with that part of our coverage. >> reporter: the workers tell us they showed up but they didn't have the tools to get the job done right away. we understand there were problems at several locations in brooklyn this morning. problems at ps 137, but also
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the workers tell us they had no keys to the voting machines, no ballots, and voting was delayed nearly two hours as a result. the problems were even worse elsewhere in brooklyn at the atlanta terminal community center. workers had no keys to the building. no keys to the machines there. voting was delayed for several hours. that prompted a visit from the executive director of the board of elections. >> that's absolutely unacceptable. when you consider the fact that we have over 1,200 poll sites through the city and they rely on human beings to be present to open them, you are going to have issues. not only with poll workers not hogue up. they might have a family emergency. maybe a vehicle emergency on the way to the site. i don't know what happened at this particular site. >> reporter: you can bet they are going to try to get to the bottom of that. we are back live at ps 37 in bedford stuyvesant.
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if you arrive at your polling location and your name is not on the list, you can complete an affidavit ballot that will be counted later on. if you want your vote counted immediately, you can get a court order if you are willing to go down to the board of elections in your borough. if you have any other questions you can go to abc 7ny. look for the red bar on the top of the screen and click on voting locations. abc 7 will be happy to help you out. stacy sager, channel eyewitness news. >> well, in addition to the presidential primary there are two special elections today. voters will select new state representative to replace two lawmakers convicted in corruption scandals. danes calos and sheldon silver. polls close at 9:00 tonight. we will have updates through the night and a complete wrap- up on eyewitness news at 11.
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news involving new jersey transit. there are two hour delays between newark and trenton because of signal problems. some norovirus coastline trains are impacted. buses are cross honoring tickets. >> sentencing day for former nypd officer peter liang. a brooklyn judge will soon announce if he will get jail time. it could mean 15 years in prison or go with the prosecution's recommendation in prison time at all. >> reporter: is peter liang heading to prison? the former rookie cop is facing up to 15 years behind bars. but in all likelihood he will get little to no jail time. this is a case that has been to national headlines. depending which side of the
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be hoping for two different outcomes in court. it was a case you will of unexpected twists and turns. in february a rare conviction of a police officer, peter liang. >> guilty. >> reporter: the first nypd cop to be found guilty for a police shooting in ten years. the verdict delivering justice for loved ones of akai gurley. >> i think he should go to jail when any make a mistake. >> reporter: that sparking outrage among supporters, sending tens of thousands of protests into the streets. in brooklyn, demonstrators aliang is a scapegoat, treated unfairly because he is asian american. >> a system that has failed akai gurley and peter liang. >> reporter: he was convicted for shooting akawhi gurley ky -- akai girlie. the d.a.
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liang's sentencing falling the fatal shooting a tragedy and unintentional. that recommendation by the d.a. infuriating gurley's family. >> we are disgusted with the justice system. stop killing akai again and again with your tricks. >> reporter: gurley supporters rallied outside brooklyn court last week on the daily ainge was supposed to be sentenced. the judge heard 2002 days of testimony from juror number nine. an 11th hour bid by his defense to force a mistrial arguing michael vargas lied to get on the jury. withholding his father's shooting by police. now, in most cases the judge will go along with the d.a.'s recommendation. cases. it will be an emotional day for both sides.
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in ecuador. why first responders are worried as the death toll continues to rise. >> a manhunt is underway in texas after a mother was murdered in a church and the suspect was caught on camera wearing tactical gear? a city in new jersey at owns -- at odds with the opener of an art gallery. >> the sun's display a nice and warm right now. 72, 74 down the jersey shore. some really nice weather here with 72 newark, 72 jamaica, queens. wind out there.
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>> we have exclusive video of police arresting more than two dozen people in east harlem in what's being described as a major gang takedown. the nypd and fbi conducted a joint series of raids at the a.m. the arrests were the result of a year's long investigation. we are told the suspects are connected to about a dozen murders and more than two dozen shootings involving drugs and firearms dealing. they will all be arraigned later today before a federal judge in lower manhattan. a father alarm fire -- four- alarm fire leaves 18 people homeless. you see the damage on 16th avenue and patterson from news copter 7. the fire broke out around 6 a.m. amazingly, no injuries, but one woman was taken to the hospital for anxiety. the cause is under investigation. in ecuador, rescuers say time is running out for any
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that quake killed more than 400 people and the death toll expected to rise beyond that. complicating rescue efforts is the lack of electricity in many areas, many noisy power generators may be used. harder to hear anyone trapped begraffiti the rubble. the ecuadorian community in queens gathered. the consul general is looking to chartering a cargo plane to bring supplies to people in need. >> president obama will head to saudi arabia tomorrow for what is expected to be a tense visit. house speaker paul ryan refusing to endorse bipartisan legislation that would allow the families of 9/11 victims to sue the saudi government for any role the regime may have played in the attack. we have some exciting nows share about our colleague michael strahan. he is joining the team full time. sadly, this means michael will
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with kelly and michael." his departure slated for september. since michael joined kelly in 2012 he has become part of the morning for millions of viewers. he is a real hometown favorite, a hall of fame giant who helped the team win the super bowl. live will kick off the search for a new co-host in the fall, and we of course wish michael the best. >> he is a great guy. a big success no matter what he is doing. >> well, uber driver accused of opening fire and killing six people. this afternoon one of the survivors in the rampage opening up about the terrifying night. how her quick actions saved the lives of others. >> and firefighters called to the rescue of a dog stuck on the ledge of a building in new jersey. how did he get there? and take a live look outside. can you say beautiful?
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because the time to think about today.
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xt >> it wasn't your typical call for firefighters in hoboken today. i will tell you that much. they helped rescue a dog from the ledge. the poor guy named skipper managed to break a screen and wandered out to a window. the fire department was able to extend the ladder. they reached the good natured dog and were able to bring him to safety. >> skipper was just chilling. >> [ laughter ] >> what is the big dealing, everyone?
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>> whatever, you snow? you know? it's a nice day. >> my dog has me trained, you know? i am trained. she trained me. chilling? >> absolutely. a nice northwest breeze, okay, and the winds continue to be a cool dry wind. we are going to have temperatures in the low 70s, which i always say perfect weather in new york city. a look from our camera in brooklyn over to midtown manhattan south. north of the brooklyn of wall street and bowling green down to the battery. it's really nice. here is a view. another really view from our roof camera. just give you an idea of the concealed carry here. some of those fair weather cumulus clouds. here is our camera times square looking south. a great day in progress for those milky cirrus crowds from a front and cooler and drier outpouring in out of the north. 70 degrees. the humidity is dry.
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winds have been gusting into the 20s and the humidity is really low. that's a big fire threat. now, the sun will set around 7:40 and it will be absolutely gorgeous. we have had elevated fire danger by the low humidity and wind. the wind will die down after sunset after 8:00 tonight. that's when the fire danger will go away. 70s back on thursday. showers, much needed showers show up on friday for two reasons. the fire threat and the pollen threat, which we will be talking about. another nice weekend coming up. 70 right now around teterboro and to the park 68. laguardia and newark is at 70. 72 morristown. 73-74 down the jersey shore. the winds have shifted out of the northwest at 9, 16-mile-per- hour. we have extreme fire threat to 8:00. satellite and radar picture you see the flow of those clouds coming down with the front. a bubble of high pressure here. this will keep sliding south and east and give us a great
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this area with this low pressure system and front come to us on friday with a shot at some showers. our computergy, you see that we have sunshine today. clouds thursday afternoon and then friday some showers are around during the day on friday. kind of gets out of the way. tomorrow we have a nice day at 67. here comes that warm air surging up into thursday. back into the 30s. cooler, drier air behind that. yesterday it was 82. still plenty warm. 72 is 10 degrees warmer than normal. tonight 30s. 46 in the five burroughs. nice sunshine tomorrow. a pretty day. 67. our normal afternoon high is 63. your accuweather seven-day forecast. we have sunshine come back for the weekend after a shower and maybe a scattered thunderstorm on friday. sunshine for the weekend saturday and sunday. looking good into the 60s. and we will keep an eye on a shower for monday.
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back weekends are nice, you know, where we have had great weather. in the springtime, fast moving weather. very volatile. it's nice to have back-to-back weekends that are nice. >> no one is complaining. >> thanks, bill. >> a mother murdered in a church. the suspect captured on a surveillance camera wearing tactical gear. now there is a manhunt in texas to find him. >> a deadly hit-and-run crash on long island.
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>> caught on camera, a team of horses rescued after they spent hours fighting for their lives in floodwaters. 100 volunteers helped guide dozens of horses to safety. they became trapped in floodwater overnight monday as fast moving storms trenched parts of texas. many spent the night swimming until rescuers were able to help. >> i watched the weather until two in the morning. it looked like the cells were splitting. woke up about three and it was already too high to get the trailers out. >> the stable for the horses still underwater and the owners fear as many as 20 horses were lost in the flooding. >> stung images of the aurora borealis released by nasa.
12:26 pm
of ultra high definition. i promise there won't be a test. and an eerie site along the great barrier reef off the coast of australia. this is coral bleaching. the organization that released these images says climate change is causing the problem. when the water temperatures change too much the allergy that lives on the coral giving to the color dies. this puts all of the coral itself in danger. the organization says that efforts to cool the ocean and improve water quality can bring back sea life. >> thank you. >> much more news ahead in our next half hour. a risqui art installation is the center of a dispute between an art gallery and officials in a new jersey community. >> and commuter backlash. the mta is looking at a different way to repair the l train's tunnel.
12:27 pm
for a guy slur that was writ on a cake. eyewitness news is coming right back. first, a live midday new york
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>> our top stories this afternoon.
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york. hillary clinton and donald trump cast their ballots in their home states. the polls closed tonight at 9:00. >> big problems for commuters who rely on new jersey transit. right now there are two-hour delays on the northeast corridor between trenton and newark. some new jersey coastline trains are also impacted. and it is sentencing day for former nypd officer peter liang. liang was convicted of manslaughter in the shooting death of akai gurley. >> good afternoon. all new this half hour, an art battle in new jersey. at the center of it a painting once on display in a gallery window that some consider too risqui. >> they say it violates the law and ordered the opener to take it down or face jail and fines. she is fighting back. tony yates with the details. >> reporter: good afternoon.
12:31 pm
awning there behind me, is a fine art gallery. it opened up in 2007. apparently, by january of this year someone complained about something they saw in the window. now, broadcast tv overseers have their own rules, too, about what we can show. so this is a tv appropriate version of artwork that hung in the window. it is a nude from the back. now, there is quite a few pieces inside that show nudity just like most museums across the globe. in 1992, englewood added an ordinance that said a nude buttocks can't be displayed for the public to see. not on art. not on walls inside a public place like a gallery where people can see it. the owner said this is absurd. so does her attorney who is taking this to federal court to erase the ordinance from the books. >> i don't know what they told them in 1992 when the ordinance was adopted.
12:32 pm
counsel would share the same view. it was not this gallery and it was not art galleries that motivated that ordinance. it was an overly statute that has wide ranging implications of chilling free speech. >> you want to win this? >> yes, of course. i feel there is more things happening outside in our society than there is in my front window. worse. worse. >> reporter: well, that suit has already been filed. englewood's attorneys have 30 days to respond. the case is going to be heard in federal court in newark in may. coming up later on eyewitness news, we spoke to the woman who made the complaint in the first place. you will hear her side of the story. for now live in englewood, toni yates. >> also, in new jersey classes were canceled in one school district after the local
12:33 pm
killed by a student. robinsville superintendent steven maher was hit while jogging with his dog near the high school. the student was not identified and was not charged and was not given any tickets. a candlelight vigil will be held tonight for maher. class will be canceled tomorrow. >> new at noon, a construction accident involving a dump truck in new jersey is under investigation. this happened at a construction site in east orange. as you can see, the truck wound up on its side. no word about the extent of any injuries or how this happened. there is new video of the suv that hit and killed a man in suffolk county. investigators say they are looking for this blue ford explorer. it has significant damage to the hood and grill. police say the driver kept going after he hit 64-year-old warren cardensdick early done morning. he later died in the hospital. >> we are seeing more fallout from a corruption probe in the nypd with the arrest of a
12:34 pm
police to expedite gun permit requests. he left federal court last night after posting a half a million dollars bond. last week investigators say lichtenstein was recorded by a hidden microphone offering sings thousand dollars for every gun carry permit the nypd helped him obtain. it's part of the growing corruption scandal in the department. five commanders have been transferred as a result of the investigation. >> clean-up in texas after widespread flooding. torrential rain led to a thousand emergency rescues and five deaths and more rain is in the forecast for eastern texas. here is abc's stephanie ramos with details. >> the water is rushing by right now. >> reporter: severe weather hammering houston. >> i live on the third floor. by the time i got downstairs, i was like already at my waist. >> reporter: texans escaping the nearly 20 inches of rising water any way they can. neighbors coming together at
12:35 pm
carry babies to safety. some even using refrigerators as rafts. overnight some families reuniting. this woman coming off of a boat with her walker into her daughter's arms. the rain that fell on monday was historic. the devastation can be seen for miles. in just 12 hours, a foot and a half of rain fell forcing creeks and bayous to burst over their banks. the water soaking nearby towns leaving people trapped in the floodwaters. the governor declaring a state of emergency in nine counties. >> water rescues, there have been well over a thousand. >> reporter: but not everyone was able to make it out okay. at least five deaths have been blamed on the rain. many were people who became trapped in their cars and drowned like this man's wife who drowned in the rising waters on her way to work. >> she mentioned that she is in a little bit of trouble. she was water all around her. >> reporter: this isn't over. flash flooding, isolated storms
12:36 pm
possible today and tomorrow in texas. reporting for channel 7 eyewitness news. stephanie ramos in washington. >> here we have sunshine. >> a really nice period of weather today and into thursday. after school today a little cooler than yesterday. it was 82 yesterday after school. we will be at 72 today. this is nearly 10 degrees warmer for this time of year. great for getting outdoors today and really tomorrow and thursday. we will talk about rain friday next in your accuweather forecast. back you to. >> thanks. >> coming up, the search for the man who killed a fitness instructor in a church. chilling surveillance video shows the suspect wearing tactical gear. the latest on the investigation next. and a gay slur written on a cake.
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dad, it's time warner cable. 300 megs. crazy-fast. dad! you can get wifi all over this place. cool! make your home as connected as possible. get 50 meg internet with unlimited data for $39.99 per month. and ask about free installation. call now. >> well, a long delayed 2nd avenue subway project may be delayed even longer. december's planned opening in may is jeopardy according to an mta consultant despite a $66 million financial boost if february, last-minute design changes to the station is schedule. >> the mta is looking for alternatives to repair the l train's tunnel after original plans planned to set off a backlash. the plans could last up to a year disrupting the lives of
12:40 pm
the mta considering a plan to close one tube at a time so some trains can continue to run. the tunnel suffered heavy damage from superstorm sandy. workers need to reconstruct almost three miles of track and replace 50 miles of cable. the carnarsi tunnel has more than 300,000 riders each weekday. >> the ntsb released a preliminary report on the train from knock to savannah. the report says the backhoe operator had a right to be on the tracks during a 55-hour maintenance window and the track had been closed periodically during that time. what remains unclear though is whether or not the track was closed to trains at the time of the accident. well, now to a manhunt in texas for someone caught on camera after a mother of three was murdered in a small town church. police searching for a man wearing tactical gear at the scene. ans' tanya whitworth has the story. >> reporter: overnight a
12:41 pm
person seen in this chilling surveillance video. police believe the suspect dressed in head to toe tactical gear is responsible for the death of 45-year-old missy bevers. she was carrying equipment for a boot camp class into this church. students from her 5 a.m. class discovering her body. >> it is a strange occurrence at this time of morning. >> reporter: police rerecessing this surveillance video overnighttime stamped 3:58 a.m. shoaling the suspect rogue the halls of the church. building shows signs of forced entry but church officials have not reported anything missing. police are wondering if b evers was in the wrong place at the right time. she leaves behind three young girls. >> she was passionate about
12:42 pm
>> reporter: her community remembering her. >> she is definitely in heaven. she was an angel. >> the survivor of a shooting rampage opening up. half a dozen people were killed when a uber driver opened fire. now we are hearing from one of the victims about the terrifying moments. >> and a young woman suffering serious health issues. she says her parents refused to get medical treatment for her
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12:45 pm
>> a survivor of an uber dryer's deadly shooting spree is speaking out. abc's alex perez has her story. >> reporter: she came face to face with the uber driver accused of a shooting rampage that left six dead and tiana carruthers speaking out about that horrifying night in february. >> i wake up and i'm thinking it's all a dream. but when i wake up, reality hits. >> reporter: the reality is
12:46 pm
shot four times. one bullet piercing her liver. >> it's a struggle. >> reporter: carruthers says she saw suspect jason dalton's vehicle pull up at her apartment complex near kalamazoo. within seconds bullets were firing. >> fires shot. the car sped off. >> reporter: as the gunman fired, carruthers yelled out to her seven-year-old daughter and other children playing nearby to get to safety. >> so many people are proud of you for being able to think in that second and tell them get to safety. >> something just told me to tell the children to run. and, you know, just being a parent you just go off those instinct. >> reporter: thanks to her instinct, the children all escaping unharmed. >> i hurt. i do hurt. but let's be honest. do you really think that a child --
12:47 pm
weeks in extensive rehab but is now back home. did this make you stronger in ways you didn't know? >> i didn't think i could get any stronger. but god has really been here for me. >> reporter: alex perez, abc news, kalamazoo, minnesota. >> a woman is now facing serious health issues because she claims her parents refused to get her medical treatment. at the heart of their decision their religious beliefs. mariah was born with a hole in her heart and she says her condition could have been repaired by surgery and her parents did not seek help. the parents felt the medical condition could have been treated through faith and prayer. she walton feels they should face charges in their home state of idaho. >> my parents should be prosecuted. it's unfair they throw me this situation. >> doctors say that a simple surgery when walton was younger could have prevented her hypertension.
12:48 pm
regret not getting her medical attention. a volcano erupted in mexico sending ash blowing over a nearby city. night vision showed rocks as far as a mile away and spewing ash a mile in the air. people are urged to wear masks toss avoid the fine grit that has covered houses and cars. >> back home nothing like that. i mean, we just had a great looking stretch. >> we do. it's going to be nine days of sunny weather by the time it's all said and done and we get into friday. here we go. a look outside at noontime, it really is pretty with a lot of sunshine and fair weather cirrus clouds. these clouds are just coming down north-south with this nice area of high pressure that is giving us beautiful weather. the cameras really tell the story. here is a camera in queens.
12:49 pm
roosevelt island to the east side. on the left-hand side is socrates sculpture park. a great day to go there today or the north woods in central park where everything is starting to blossom now. 70 degrees. the humidity 33%. the winds are north at 13. gusting 23. it's mostly a north-northwest wind. with that low humidity, we have a big fire threat. 82 was the high yesterday. normal is 63. we will be at 72 today. a little cooler. still above normal. air quality moderate. uv index of 7. high for degrees. looks like maple, juniper, and dr. leonard b.elory says birch is going to come jumping out. 70 around teterboro into the park and 68 around laguardia. warm numbers here. newark 72. 74 belmar into toms river 73. northerly wind here. a few clouds.
12:50 pm
around 72 in the park. maybe 74 newark for the afternoon. 28-mile-per-hour winds around islip. big fire threat when you have this much wind. it's a tinderbox. the least little thing can start a fire. a bubble of high pressure out of canada. and so all the rain's going to keep coming up to the west. that will stroll towards us to friday. clear skies today and much of thursday. thursday afternoon a few clouds and then here comes some showers for friday. but those are not looking all that great. as a matter of fact, we are looking at great weather into tomorrow with this high pressure sliding eastward. keeps the coastal sections cool. we will be look at this high pressure sliding eastward for a great day tomorrow and then it gets a bit warmer thursday. back into the low 70s the rain from the wave comes eastward as we go into friday. sun, clouds, windy, 72. chillier tonight.
12:51 pm
sunshine for the most part tomorrow. we are around 67 degrees. really the only bad day of the seven is that there could be a few little showers on friday and it doesn't look like much of that is going to be a whole lot. a quarter of an inch. mainly light rain. might be a scattered thunderstorm in that. sunny weather and nice school springy weather for saturday and sunday with temperatures in the 60s. and those are, you know, a little bit above normal for this time of the year. then the next shot of rain might come on monday. those april showers are going to be few and far between. lee, my friend, and a very fine meteorologist, will be here for us at four. >> we have breaking news and it's weather-related. a brushfire. video we just got in from news copter 7. you can see the smoke there. >> what are the winds? >> 23 miles an hour. >> a big swath of that part of jersey, as you can see right now. brushfire. no word of any injuries or anybody being hurt, but it's
12:52 pm
here because i believe that's jersey city we are looking at in the foreground. correct me if i am wrong though. i am pretty sure that's what we are looking at right now. >> that wind out of the northwest will carry the smoky to staten island, maybe to brooklyn. it's a brushfire. we have crews on the way to follow up on this as we get any more information of course we will give you updates on it on abc7ny. and we will be right back. first, here is a look at what's coming up next on the choo. >> today we are digging in. mario is making a delicious farm to table treat.
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12:56 pm
positions in the area. no word of any injuries right now. but it is generating a tremendous amount of smoke covering that area of new jersey. it can be seen from new york and beyond. bill, you were saying that the wind right now is pushing around 20 miles per hour? >> yeah, out of the northwest. that would carry that smoke, as you can see, would come across lower manhattan towards the battery and probably across sandy hook, new jersey, staten island. >> the smoke is almost flat. that's a big wind that's coming across out of the northwest. >> and you have to imagine when you have that kind of smoke, even if the fire is contained, and we don't know at this point what is the story with the fire, what they are dealing with on the ground, but the smoke alone is going to have traffic concerns and cause problems in the community, not to mention people wondering what's going on. that's why we're letting you know. this is a brushfire causing all that smoke that you are seeing in that area.
12:57 pm
any buildings or any injuries at this point. it's been on the dry side in this time. not completely unheard of that a fire might occur? this situation. >> that's why we have a fire alert to 8:00 tonight. wind and extreme low humidity. the ground is like kindling. when you have this type of grasses, areas where there is open fields, everything is very dry. we haven't had any rain in a few weeks now. so the ground is not really moist at all. it's quite dry. and these brushfires could pop up in a few places in the afternoon. we have this fire danger alert to 8:00 tonight. >> right. and you know the thing is that it's still a very populated area. i think a lot of people in their mind don't think of kearny and a lot of brush. well continue to follow the latesten this. we have crews on the way to cover this and have updates at abc 7n. >> the 9ers close tonight.
12:58 pm
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