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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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voters have three hours left to cast their ballots in the critical new york primary. the results will have a big impact in the presidential contest for both parties. but first, high drama in court, a judge reduces the charge against former police officer peter liang and then sentences him to no prison time for the shooting death of akai gurley. i'm liz cho. >> the prosecutor and defense say they will appeal the ruling. >> the jury convicted liang of manslaughter but the judge reduced the charge to negligent homicide. >> and no principle time just probation and community service. we are at the courthouse with the lead story. >> reporter: bill, this is a
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those who wanting liang who didn't think he should have been indicted in the first place and then the side of gurley. >> you are a murderer, a convicted murderer. >> reporter: a convicted murderer who won't spend a day in jail. peter liang entered the courthouse convict have had manslaughter but left convicted of criminally negligent homicide. >> i am just confused on what happened. >> reporter: liang will start five years' probation and 500 hours of community service for the shooting death of akai gurley. a brooklyn judge reduced the charge. >> the fact that the judge did reduce the charge was upsetting.
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we feel there was enough evidence to uphold the findings of the jury but this is a man who is a convicted felon. >> reporter: district attorney ken thompson initially recommended that liang serve house arrest and that attracted a crowd of protesters. >> no matter what recommended sentence we gave, people would be upset. >> reporter: and officer peter liang, he drew his own crowd. >> the indiement should not be against peter liang but those in the housing authorities, those in the new york city housing authorities that failed to address the terrible conditions in the houses. >> reporter: so this is far from over. you have the family of gurley who is appealing the sentence and upset about this new
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li ang appealing and then the mother of akai gurley saying this holds no one accountable for the death of her son. >> darla, thank you. big developments. polls are closing in three hours from now and there is controversy over the disappearance from the rolls of tens of thousands of new york city voters. >> donald trump cast his battle at a synagogue in midtown and hillary clinton and former president clinton voted near their home in west chester county. >> bernie sanders, a native new yorker, now a vermont resident voted before he headed to at stake, 291 delegates for the democrats and 95 for the pbs. one of the biggest prizes in the race so far. >> we have several covering the candidates and voting. we'll start in midtown.
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clinton will be here at 9:00 or 9:30 for what she hopes will be a victory celebration. months ago, none of us thought it would be unsettled here on april 19th but we are here. this morning where she has voted for years, a homecoming for hillary clinton and her husband after watching others vote if other primaries, and she has a chance to vote at home. >> i love new york and it's been a joy to be here all over the state and i hope everyone votes. >> reporter: this primary is tougher for clinton than anyone thought. this is her adopted home state but bernie sanders has made inroads but still, this first- time voter is with hillary. >> i think we need more women
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i think she knows what she is doing. >> reporter: established politicians like the governor and mayor pulled out all the stops for clinton and may be glad that the primary is almost over. >> this community is very good to us. it's just wonderful. it's a great day, a beautiful day. >> reporter: and bernie sanders really needs the upset in new york if he has any hope for winning this summer. hillary clinton is ahead by 200 delegates. but if he is able to pull off a win tonight, everything changes. >> thank you, dave. and from midtown, to josh
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>> reporter: liz, 6400 students, capacity here all hoping that something will change so that the world will set its sights on pennsylvania. the line stretched as far as the eye can see amid an enthusiastic crowd for bernie sanders supporters. >> i don't think if matters if he wins the democratic nomination because what he has done so far is historical. he is really for the people, by the people and that in itself is really amazing. >> reporter: sanders left the city after a few last handshakes at times square. if he loses new york by 10 points, he must win 80% of the vote in each primary. he question the new york's closed system. >> here in new york state we
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which basically disqualified 3 million people who are independents from participating. >> reporter: and a lot of students at penn state are pretty upset about that and are hoping that pennsylvania can right those wrongs that they say bernie sanders faced in new york. this will be his second appearance in pennsylvania. the first was where he never ongoing. the speech will happen before the polls close tonight. josh einiger, eyewitness news. and this election is uber important for donald trump who would like to get a nomination in his pocket. if he can get all 95 delegates for new york, mathematically he the nomination. sandra bookman has more.
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donald trump knows if he does well in his home state, the death to the delegates clears substantially, but if he under performs, that means that there there is little chance of him getting to the number. after voting for himself in midtown this morning, donald trump said he wants to take home all the 95 gop delegates up for grabs. >> it would mean a lot. >> reporter: for trump, new york is a chance to rebound from a trying stretch in his campaign and a major step towards amassing enough delegates to clinch the nomination before the convention and he doesn't shy away from suggesting what ted anticipated win. >> should cruz drop out if it's
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>> i would say so but that's up to him. but i would say so. report >> reporter: no party planned tonight but we will be here to bring you the latest. sandra bookman, eyewitness news. john kasich is campaigning in pennsylvania and maryland, hoping to come in a strong second in today's new york primary, trailing behind the other candidates and the delegate count, he has only won one state, his home state of ohio. and now to the voting problems. 120,000 registered voters just
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controlling for an audit and an investigation. stacey sayinger is in bed stuy tonight. >> reporter: liz, disorganized, chaotic and ine fishient, that is now the comptroller describes the system, and yes, he is conducting an audit of the board of plexions. we are outside ps 5 where voters have come out and ted -- said this was horrible. hard to say how many voters won't get to vote today because of the polls but this 73-year- old was determined not to be one of them. we suggested that she get a court order and he did. >> i am willing to do whatever i need to do to vote because to me, voting is very important. >> reporter: she is one of more
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alone whose names vanished from the voter rolls. late today, the new york city comptroller announced an audit. >> these allegations are very serious and unfortunately in new york city, this is nothing new. we have long accepted the board of elections' incompetence. >> reporter: the board of elections says that brooklyn fell behind in 6 months to a year in kgw up with with the voter rolls. >> if they believe it was the utilization of the agency's funds to audit the board of elections, we will fully cooperate as we have done with other comptroller audit that is may not have received so much attention. >> reporter: workers came
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keys that would observe cabinets containing the ballots. so voters gave up. >> it was bad. >> reporter: what is your biggest concern when you see the crowd out front? >> that we want them to vote. all votes count. >> reporter: and a short time ago, mayor bill deblasio issued a statement saying he supports the audit saying that the voting rolls in brooklyn, quote, contain numerous errors including the purging of entire buildings and blocks of voters from the building list and that the errors indicate that additional major reforms will be needed for the board of elections and in the state law governing it. this is just a reminder that voters can vote by affidavit but it won't be counted today and in some cases if they want it counted today and go to the office to the board of elections, they can goat a
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the polling sites are open until 9:00 this evening. i'm stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> we have not heard the last of the issue. thank you. and two special elections are held in the state. they will select new state representatives to replace disgraced former senate major ity leader and councilmember, both facing year ises in principle for corruption. again, polls close tonight at 9:00 and as the results come in, we'll bring you updates all night and on air and online. and as we continue on this tuesday night, an art museum faces a fine for displaying a piece of art. so does it really review too much? >> and two brush fires in new jersey sending heavy smoke over the hudson river and new york city skyline. when you have humidity at
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two big brush fires in new jersey are smoldering and
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jersey transit and amtrak. it burned 150 acres of the meadowlands with smoke so high it could be seen from office towers in manhattan. look at that. it took two hours for firefighters to get that under control. they needed to get on the tracks so amtrak service and jersey transit were suspended. a woman's participating of a nude backside is caution a the spa. englewood is siting a 1992 ordinance when it delivered a take-down order to the gallery owner. when she refused, the city sent her a citation of $1200 a day in fines and 90 days in jail. >> i'm shocked. i had many exhibitions not only in this gallery and down the street. >> it was not this gallery and it was not art galleries that motivated that ordinance. >> she will be taking the town to federal court hoping to kill
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unconstitutional. and just ahead on eyewitness news, lee with
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we're on a nice roll here. oh, my goodness. the nicest roll since october. >> nice big roll. >> now i'm thinking about dinner. [laughter] outside to blue skies and high, thin clouds out there. i mean, it may be al frescoe, but i mean, clouds rolling in, and we had a mild evening yesterday. but for the next couple hours, it will feel nice and then the chill is back. the high today, 73, so about 10 degrees above average.
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65 in brentwood and 69 in lakehurst and monticello, 57. and there may be upper 30s for you tonight. the winds will gust but back off in the evening and the humidity will rise as the temperature drops in the evening hours but right now, still bone dry with the fire weather warning that the continue until 8:00 or so. 64 at 7:00 and gusty breeze, clear overnight and the wind backs up, still brief winds to the north northwest but 5 to 10 in the afternoon hours and here are the clouds that strolled through this morning, a couple of sprinkles in the hudson valley and connecticut and long island and no measurable rainfall and the clouds shift off to the south. a cold front here and dry high pressure coming in that will fend off this moisture for a couple more days even though we'll see more cloudiness by
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number 8, high pressure, less wind. number 9, maybe a late-day shower but the bulk of the showers wait until friday. a chill in the air tomorrow morning rather than it is 50s and 60s, upper 30s in the colder spots north and west and middle 40s, need a jacket in the morning and pleasant and light wind and temperatures in the low to upper 60s west of new york city. 67 tomorrow and lots of sun and less wind and a great april day, beautiful spring day and clear and moon lit tomorrow night. the 7 day accu-weather forecast, warmer on thursday and friday, off and on showers and might have a break in the rain in the middle of the day, and an early shower on daybreak
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kind of like an election at madison square gardens tonight. >> there will be a winner and a loser. i'll tell you that much. the rangers and penguins in game 3 of the opening round series and the blue shirts are hopeful that ryan mcdonough will return. the rangers could use help of the garden crowd. during the regular season, the team had the third best home record in the league and they'll keep the trend going tonight. >> oh, it's nice to be at home. we have been a good team at home all career and we want to continue with the crowd and our crazy fans yelling and whooping it up a bit. >> we're excited to play hockey at the garden. we are excited to have a good start on home ice. >> and fresh off the overtime win on sunday night, the
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after a day off yesterday, clashing again tomorrow night in game 4 at barclay center. on the diamond tonight, the yankees are back in action hosting the athletics while the mets continue their series in philadelphia. terry collins announce that does jacob degrom will return to the rotation against atlanta. but against the phillies, it was the noaa syndergaard show. 17 of his pitches clocked in at 99.5 miles per hour or faster. syndergaard sports a.90 era in 3 starts and david wright homered twice in the win. the pistons and cavaliers resume tomorrow but today, stan van gundy fined $25,000 for criticizing the referees for how they handled lebron james. last night, mavericks, dallas
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thought it stole the game but after review, it was off after time expired. the series, 1-1. quarterback bring an hoyer will play a visit to the jets. gang green is nil -- still in their deadlock. >> really. >> wow. thank you. and earlier, we told you about voting problems in the new york primary, more than 120,000 registers voters, most in brooklyn, apparently, just dropping off the rolls, and the comptroller scott stringer is calling for an investigation and an audit, and mayor deblasio talking to eyewitness news about the controversy.
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purged from the list, some of them maybe inappropriately, and i am calling for them to put all the names back and review the situation from scratch and confirm the people meant to be on the list. >> meanwhile, a spokesman for bernie sanders sending in this note saying we are deeply disturbed by this and it's a criteria for fixing the voting laws. much more at 11:00 and when the polls close, we'll bring you updates all night and on air. world news with david muir is coming up next and join us at 7:00 tonight, just breaking news tonight. the battle for new york. as we come on the air, the first exit polls are in. what the voters are saying, as donald trump eyes a major win but takes a hit for a slip about 9/11. and the hometown showdown between hblillary clinton and bernie sanders. can clinton wrap up the nomination? also breaking.


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