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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. new at 11:00, an ecigarette
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as the ninja burglar numbers, the next jackpot could be $90 million. now, new york's number one news. channel 7 eyewitness news. decision day in new york. hillary clinton and donald trump both huge winners tonight. but the voting process not without big problems some purged from the system, an investigation and over haul. good evening. an important night on the road to the white house, democrat hillary clinton easily
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the polls and the race have been tightening up. you can see hillary clinton with 59% of the vote. donald trump easily meeting john kasich, ted cruz, 14% perhaps getting all 95 gop delegates we don't know that for sure, but it sure seems like that. tonight we're with the trump campaign and dave evans where clinton spoke in the last half hour, david. bill, i thought that hillary clinton would probably win this primary, but i didn't think she was going to win by this much. bernie sanders needed an upset to change the trajectory, by about 200, 220. he needed an upset, didn't happen instead a huge win for her. a moment at 9:45 when she was declared the winner by the
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there was such a sense of relief and excitement in this crowd because there was real worry as to whether hillary clinton was going to be able to pull this off. sanders has won 8 of the last 9 primary states, there was real worry as to whether she could stop this momentum and whether she could win in her adopted home state of new york, tonight, she did. >> new yorkers, you've always, always had my back. and i've always trialed to have yours. today, together, we did it again and i am deeply, deeply grateful. >> even before tonight bernie sanders needed to win 56% of all the delegates between now and june 7th. the task made more difficult by how well hillary clinton did in new york tonight.
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until june 7th when california and new jersey vote on that day, reporting live in midtown, channel 7 eyewitness news. speaking of bernie sanders the senator dismissing claims from clinton campaign, tonight spoke at penn state university before the polls closed here in new york. >> now, i don't want you to tell anybody this, so keep it, shh. but secretary clinton is getting a little bit nervous. after speaking there sanders boarded a plane back to his home state of vermont, heading back to campaigning in pennsylvania on thursday. to the republicans a big win as we say for donald trump tonight, huge as he would say trump defeating john kasich and ted cruz enough perhaps to get all 95 gop delegates this was 59% of the vote. mr. trump. a significant win, mr. trump spoke to reporters in midtown you saw it right here
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there for us tonight, sandra. liz, and bell it was as you said a very good night for donald trump. when you consider that string of losses to ted cruz that he suffered in the weeks coming into the new york primary, he needed to win big in his home territory and he did. now as he gave his victory speech tonight, mr. trump of course thanked new yorkers for their support. he also continued to rail against the delegate system. once again calling it rigged. he also, i would say, relished the idea of dealing of possible knock out blow to ted cruz. >> we're close to 70% and we're going to end at a very high level and get a lot more delegates than anybody projected even in their wildest imagination. senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated.
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only celebrate for about 2 more hours tonight, then go to bed and back up tomorrow morning head first to indiana then to pennsylvania. he says these coming states are states with a lot of problems, he says that's his territory. that's where he thinks he'll really make an impact and put the republican presidential process to bed. we're live tonight in midtown, channel 7, eyewitness news. big night there sandra thank you. to the results of two special elections in new york, voters choosing replacements for state corruption. votes are slowly coming in from nassau county, the republican is currently leading on long island's ninth district race to replace dean a republican and has been elected in lower manhattan to replace sheldon silver, a democrat. all sorts of voting
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investigation and even an over haul. the biggest problem, 126,000 registered voters some how expunged from the rolls, how many actually were prevented from voting? here is rob nelson. i don't trust this election right now, i don't trust the outcome. >> annie and her daughter kayla both registered republicans recorded this exchange with workers who apparently didn't even know that both democrats and republicans were allowed to vote today. >> it is strictly the democrat primary today, just democrats? >> i have no idea. >> this is just a snapshot of the pit balls that city officials say plague today's election. scott stringer says he will now audit the board of elections. the next president of the united states could very easily be decided tonight and yet, the incompetence of the board elections puts a cloud of these
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clean up this mess. i think this is one of a series of things we've seen with the board of elections that suggests we'll need bigger reforms controlled by state law. according to board of elections director michael ryan, 126,000 voters over all were purged from the rolls in brooklyn, 47,000 declared inactive should have been given an affidavit so the vote could be counted today. 70,000 previously declared inactive and warned they could not vote in this primary. i want to clear up the misconception that there are mass problems throughout the city. the over whelm overwhelming majority, had a positive experience. rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness news. story not over that's for sure. as for what tonight means for the delegate count, for more results come in for each county
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post on our website abc7ny. go to my facebook page for exit poll information in this election. we'll turn to the other news, a man was shot and wounded by police after pulling a gun in front of officers in downtown brooklyn, happened at the house as police say when officers stopped a man for a warrant that man's friend pulled a gun from his waistband. three officers open fire shooting him in the hand both men were arrested. strong reaction tonight some of the it angry to a judge throwing out the jury's manslaughter conviction against peter liang and lowering the charge to negligent homicide. given probation not prison for the deadly shooting of a housing project in brooklyn. here is jim dollen.
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peterlyage liang is a convicted wasn't intentional. >> always treated people fairly with respect. the shot was accidental. i apologize -- then the judge threw out the manslaughter conviction which a jury decided in february insteaddeclared the cop guilty of lesser charge criminally negligent homicide. >> i'm just confused on what happened, what made the charges be reduced? >> decision led to clashes between protesters and police, a radio reporter got shoved to the ground before order was restored, shot and killed in
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houses in brooklyn in 2014, and rookie cop peter liang accidentally shired a shot that gurley killing him. act. >> the direct said many wanted liang held responsible for other police shootings. we have to take each case on its own merritts we can't look at other states, we can't look at other instances involving police officers and civilians. liang was sentenced to 800 hours of community service and five years probation, both sides are appealing this case. liang because he believes he should have been exonerated and the district attorney because he believe it is jury decision of manslaughter should have been up held. in brooklyn, channel 7 eyewitness news. new at 11:00, an arrest of
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thiedubbed the ninja burglar managed to go undetected to district attorney will identify the man they have arrested who is scheduled to be arraigned. at least 507 killed from the devastating earthquake in ecuador. more than 4,000 people were hurt. 3 days after the magnitude 7.8 quake the search for survivors is growing desperate. rescuers found and freed 8 people who were trapped under the rubble of a shopping center. candlelight vigil in brooklyn to mourn the victims of that quake, the president eric adams joining leaders of the community in bushwick, new york city and the surrounding region home to the population of ecuador americans in the country. an ecigarette explodes, a woman badly burns what she tells us what happened and what you should watch out for. fidel castro makes a rare
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stunning announcement about death. make it 7 straight dry days this was a beauty temperatures in the low 70s, cool, still a breeze, cool 59 and our run of rain free weather, hitting the great price on this boneless chicken! yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices.
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this price is so low. trying to make me eat my greens? no, just trying to save you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my stop & shop. . new at 11:00, a woman in queens badly burned when an ecigarette blue up in her pocket. the explosion was so powerful the cigarette went flying and got stuck in the dash board of her car. i do want to warn you some of the images you are about to see may be disturbing.
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>> i am in severe pain. >> reporter: scared and traumatized, she is still in disbelief after a battery exploded inside her pocket and left her leg covered in third degree burns. >> it was like a firecracker that went off, i was in shock i didn't want know what was coming from until i seen the actual explosion. >> relying on the cane and unable to work as she prepares for a long road for recoveryincluding surgery and skin graphs. very little warnings if any associated with these products stores warning customers if they touch water, another battery they can explode. it is a disturbing pattern all too familiar with, with his firm also representing 14-year- old who was blinded in one eye
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ecigarette battery earlier this month. the fda does not regulate e cigarette or vaporizers, we'll work together. >> emphasizes this isn't about a big pay out, holding manufactures and distributers accountable so no one else has to suffer like katrina. >> people should be aware of thedangers associate with it, has to be over site and regulation. >> very dangerous, i just hope that it just doesn't happen to anybody else at this time i just want to feel better. i'm a.j. ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. two men charged in a rather notorious easter bunny brawl in new jersey due back in court happened easter sunday in jersey city, 22-year-old charles, aka the easter bunny, and 44-year-old juan guerrero, accused of attacking the bunny
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>> a rare appearance by former cuban leader fidel castro some calling a fair well speech said in so many words that he'll soon die. castro, who was 89 called on them to continue his work when he is gone, the party congress did not welcome the new u.s. relationship with cuba, but they did vote to keep fidel's brother, raul in power. the death toll risen to 7, look at this, young people ventured in the water with a kayak ended up in trouble. the flooding was caused by storms that dumped a foot and a just amazing. we are seeing so many dramatic pictures coming out of that area. they are stuck in that weather pattern, we're stuck in this i was amazed firefighters putting down a huge billowing smoke in carney, hopefully
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tomorrow, i think the winds are lighter but still very dry it is a great stretch of weather, go on 8, 9 days of weather and get rainfall on friday. not a lot, though. midtown manhattan, clear as a bell, 59 humidity really low the winds a little gusty at 25- mile per hour, mid-70s, 10 above average, a beautiful wednesday coming up, wall to wall tomorrow and a little less wind, there is an early chill in the air, need a jacket early and seasonal in the afternoon mid-and upper 60s. back to have the 70s, a little bit more cloudy in the afternoon later in the day, good fair amount of sunshine through mid-afternoon, showers will show up friday should leave the scene by saturday morning worse case this is a lingering shower around daybreak, sun coming back 68, lower sunday a little bit because i think the winds wore off the atlantic on sunday, we'll have to watch that temperatures are generally in the 50s, you see the
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up a little bit there is still fire weather watch in connecticuit tomorrow fair field county the winds still gusty in new england our winds 6 to 12, over connecticuit just on the fringe only some of the gustier winds, limited vegetation. 47 to start, upper 30s in the coldest spots north and west, 57 by noon, mid-and upper 60s in the afternoon with north, northwest wind going 5 to 10 on shore towards the early evening hours patchy clouds around, it is a high south of hudson bay, stretching down to the northeast fending off the clouds to the west still more showers right now in north texas not near houston, see how the storms should be shredded apart as it tries to come high? definitely day 8 of dry weather and then this high will move offshore, get a 9 on thursday, clouds increase late day shower a possibility. and then showers come in late friday.
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chill in the air upper 30s lower 40s need the spring jacket, temperatures are in the mid-60s maybe lower 60s along the coast, cheer and cool 7 a.m., some 30s north and west, 67 lots of sun and a light wind tomorrow night 57 moon let skies your seven day accuweather forecast, high to 75 late day clouds, on friday. just have to watch out for showers that will get in here by midday, better chance in the afternoon a rummer of thunder late in the day. you go into the weekend saturday, 68 sunday is cooler because of the ocean breeze, another chance of rain comes in on monday, looks like the last 10 days of april will have a rain threat every few days which we need. thanks. coming up next the changes that could make your credit card faster. plus could your mouth be used to predict if you were at risk for one type of cancer? first let's check in with jimmy kimmel to see what's coming up
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hello new york tonight gina davis from game of throwns, and we have music from shawn hook, fat baby bingo, a special new
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. the credit card company
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chips even smarter, improving to speed up transaction, many businesses and customers forced to wait for transactions to go through. visa says the quick chip will allow customers to dip and remove cards in two seconds or less. tonight's health alert something inside your mouth may determine your risk of developing pancreatic cancer, a study of 300 people said a common bacteria in their mouth, let's hope this information can be used for early detection, typically when it is detected it is too late. >> wouldn't that be amazing to be simple like that. laura up next for sports in for rob powers. it is hockey! stanley cup play offs, the rangers and penguins shifting to new york where the blue shirts look to use a little home cooking to their advantage
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. so you know that i love hockey, there is nothing like play off hockey, the rangers did what they needed to do in the first two games of the series winning one in pittsburgh, the blue shirts can't do what they need to do at home, winning a pair, that began against the penguins, still scoreless in the second, the pins on power play, 1-0 rangers under a minute to go, the advantage, they capitollize crosby tying things up go to the third still tied for the
11:30 pm
matt going in to beat lundquist, 17 shots, 3-1, the pens take -- lead, it is a little disappointing can't find a way to get a goal, and they you know, they get a win and up in the series, we have to respond here. after snapping their fore game skit on sunday the yankees return to the diamond today hoping to now make the most of this 9 game stretch at yankeestadium on a pretty nice night for baseball. alex rodriguez had a pair of hits tonight,single each time the a's tied it, the rbi single went to the eleventh inning, chris davis, the go-ahead run scores the yanks had a chance in the bottom of the 11th. aaron hicks, flying out to end the game.
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>> the mets rotation got good news against the phillies jacob will return from family emergency leave while the replacement logan, solid in philly. another derby for the mets, and neil walker lucas, and finally curtis six homers in all, 17 long balls in the last five games also had nice defense, as a replacement robs michael of the two run jack, all added up to the win the mets back over 500. finally, you don't get to become a tennis ball kid by cracking under pressure. doing a job quiteadmirably, picks up the ball, runs back to his spot when the crowd attacked him!
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position, this kid is a true provisional. we do not need to laugh at him because he did his job. don't look here, it doesn't happen. okay. good for him.
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. that is the news from this very busy news night thanks for watching. >> jimmy kimmel is next, eyewitness news returns tomorrow at 4:30, for all of us and the whole team have a great night and we'll see you tomorrow. dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, geena davis.


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