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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  April 20, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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let's take a look at that video. there you have it. you can see one home is damaged and another is destroyed in this fire. you can see them dousing those flames as we speak. the flames broke out around 11:00 in a home on francisco avenue in rutherford and quickly spread to the neighboring house. >> at one point the flames were shooting out of the roof. big, black smoke could be seen for miles. as precaution, the road has been closed. we're taking another look from live copter 7, crews have the upper hand on the fire. the good news is there has been no injuries reported. we're also following breaking news in brooklyn. police are searching for a man accused of trying to sexual assault a jogger this morning. a woman says a man grabbed her from behind in prospect park. he threw her to the ground and held her at knife point and
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assault her. she fought the man off but her finger was cut, and she needed stitches. >> donald trump, hillary clinton dominated new york's primary. hillary clinton won by double digits, picking up 169 delegates in new york. 16 delegates remain up for grabs as the votes continue to be counted according to abc news. on the republican side, donald trump claimed 89 delegates. nearly all of the republican delegates in new york. three remain as the vote continues to be counted. diana rocco, live midtown with what is next on the campaign >> diane? >> and, david, good afternoon to you. donald trump left his residence just a short time ago. he's on his way to indiana today after last night's victory party here. hillary clinton, however, has two stops in philadelphia. both candidates took a moment to enjoy their home state.
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trail and more primaries. >> hillary clinton and donald trump are in a new york state of mind 24 hours after the hometown delivered losses. today you proved once again there's no place like home. >> we're going to end the very high level and get a lot more delegates than anybody projected, even in their wildest imaginations. >> this morning trump gave a wave leaving trump tower. he nearly swept the state, winning all counties but one. the gop front runner thanked his staff, tweeting new york, i love you. trump is calling for opponent ted cruz to drop out of the race after his comments of new york values. >> based on what i'm seeing, senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated.
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the convention and has his eye on pennsylvania where he spoke about reuniting the party. >> so what we're seeing happening is republicans republicans are uniting behind this campaign. they're coming together behind this campaign. >> clinton and trump are focusing on the race in new england. trump has a lead over republicans and clinton is showing a lead over sanders who las headed home after the blow. >> we'll be competing in rhode island, maryland, delaware, we look forward to winning a number of those states. >> governor john kasich did come in second after yesterday's primary. he'll be campaigning in connecticut this week. wards has decided to take the day off and regroup.
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eyewitness news. >> diana, thank you. a special election on long island. it was to fill the seat of scene skellos. republican chris mcgrath refuses to concede. he says it's still too close to call. in lower manhattan, democrat alice cansell has been elected to replace silver after his corruption conviction. successor. you can find complete election results on our website. you can also watch speeches from the candidates and take a look ahead to next week's primaries. >> well, police say a decade long crime spree has come to an end on staten island. the ninja burglar went before a judge this morning. he's been linked to dozens of homes and robberies.
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>> robert costanza is in court bail. the case will be sent to the grand jury. this morning he was wearing an black. the all black anyone ya outfit aside, robert costanza is charged with a string of ago. police say the 46-year-old is responsible for 19 19 staten island. he earned the name ninja burglar after witnesses say he was dressed in black and armed with nunchucks. >> are you waiving the case to the grand jury? >> yes, your honor. >> he was extradited to connecticut for 2014 home invasion charges. while still in custody,
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costanza to the ninja burglary spree. now, the staten island district attorney is expected to release more information about this case in about an hour. we'll have more on that coming up at 4:00. reporting live in staten island, darla miles, eyewitness news. a court appearance for the father and man dressed as the easter bunny. they got in a brawl in a new jersey mall. they're both charged with aggravated assault and disorderly conduct. he's charged of attacking charles after he fell off his child's lap while taking a photo in jersey city. we now have the name of a suspect in a police shooting. the the man was shot after pulling a gun on officers in downtown brooklyn. officers had stopped one man for a warrant, and his friend allegedly pulled a gun from his waistband. officers shot him in the hand. both men were arrested.
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computer outages are continuing at branches across the state. the dmv is asking customers, if possible, to avoid going to its offices. however, it does not affect triple a offices. customers are being encouraged to go there for licenses or card renewals. if your license expires today, it will remain valid until tomorrow night. bill de blasio's campaign has expanded. prosecutors are focused on efforts to raise money for democratic candidates in half a dozen state senate races in 2014. grand jury subpoenas have been issued. several of the democratic candidates have been questioned by the fbi and investigators from the manhattan district attorney office office. president barack obama first met with the saudi king. this comes as it's likely he'll veto a bill that will let
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ash carter is also in the area. he's pushing his counterparts in the gulf states to provide operations in iraq. the city council expected to vote its -- it's the mayor's first major step in an ambitious plan to cram thousands of new affordable housing units into established city neighborhoods. the mayor eventually plans to target 15 neighborhoods for rezoning. king's bridge in the bronx and queens are next up. a local town saying good- bye to its police force. we'll tell you why and show you safe. >> plus, parents outraged after a group of kids as young as arrested. what the children are accused of doing. >> plus a desperate leap. a woman jumps from a third floor window to escape a fire, saved thanks to some quick
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well, we have a lot of sunshine outside. we have nice comfortable temperatures. 62 is about our normal high temperature this afternoon. 63 around newark and around jamaica queens, look at the wind. still a 2 mile-per-hour wind. it's breezy. humidity is posted in the
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new at noon, criminal charges have been filed against three government employees in connection with flint water crisis. the quality regulators michael frisbee and steven bush were charged with misconduct in office and tampering with evidence. michael glassco is accused of
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results and willful neglect of duty. new at noon, the family of a man that fell to his death is reportedly suing the atlanta braves and major league baseball. according to the atlanta constitution, relatives of 60- year-old gregory murray claim major league baseball and braves disregarded fans' safety. they put up a guardrailing that's 12 inches short of the industry standard. murray fell to his death during a game between the braves and the yankees. a father is furious saying children as young as eight were arrested over a cell phone video. some kids were playing in his tennessee backyard when a five and six-year-old fought over a basketball. it was captured on a cell phone and was shown to school officials who called police and police arrested five children, ages 8-13 who did not step in to break up the spat. >> makes me want to fight.
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what if it was your child? how would you feel? i'm going to do whatever it takes to take care of my kids. >> the kids were charged with criminal responsibility of another. parents are pushing for the charges to be dropped. have a look at this photo. it was tweeted out by a police department in washington state. can you see it with the night vision shot they got there? the residents say, hey, stay work out. they're in the woods. they know what they're doing. no word of anybody getting picture. >> it does, for sure. a frightening confrontation, a man accused of pepper spraying a father and island. what set him off. >> watch what happens when a man says he dropped his car off at a dealership. there's a wild ride to follow.
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dolphins create a stampede in the ocean as they flee a killer whale. whale watchers spotted this off the coast of northern california and pulled out their phones and took the video. they say as many as 1,000 dolphins were scene, which is incredibly rare. >> yeah, but beautiful. >> scared off by the bigger fish. >> right. >> this should be a cool video
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have a look at this amazing video. this is a time lapse as the night sky swirls around the north star. it was captured around the national weather service in seattle. >> and the north star is? >> right there. i'm looking right at it. >> that's a little twilight zonish. >> the north star is? >> north of us. >> okay. all right. here we go. let's take a look outside, star. how about that? the big one is called the sun. >> shall we. how about that? >> blue skies, a lot of sunshine on the way. it's going to be a gorgeous park. it's going to be pretty. it's going to be cooler today than yesterday. we were around 73 for the high. today we'll be in the 60s and 62 right now. so we're going to be in the upper 60s as we go into the humidity is dry. 18%. the winds northwest at 12.
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got to around 14%. dangerously dry. a big fire threat looms out there. we don't quite have the wind we had yesterday. we have winds around 35 miles per hour gusting yesterday. normal high is 63. we started the day above that. in the afternoon, we're going to be above that. it's going to be gorgeous. so the brush fire threat has moved into connecticut and massachusetts. today. the temperatures come back tomorrow and showers showing up for friday. 63 around newark and jfk. these numbers are really nice the afternoon features a lighter wind out of the northwest here. the afternoon in this type of system picks up more. we're in the single digits this morning. the fire warning here is for connecticut, fairfield county. bridgeport, on up into new england. things are dry. you really don't have the limb to fuel that. we have all the flooding in texasment when you have this
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the jet stream is running around that. so what happens is the jet stream holds it here, and it just keeps raining and raining and raining for days. it's even cutely going to -- eventually going to fade out. here comes clouds into friday. friday afternoon we start to see the showers popping up. with that, there may be a popup thunderstorm or two that's in that. some april showers coming by. we're about two inches short of the normal rainfall. we get to saturday, the sun comes back out. north winds 10-15. the rip current is high. the beaches, even though it's a nice day to go to the beach. water temperature is about 50. yankees play tonight at 705. light breeze, 67, tomorrow,
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around 72. here's your accu-weather forecast. we've got the showers late in the day. look at the weekend. really nice for viewing the north star on saturday. 70 and 66 with sunshine on saturday. nice ocean air day and next week, we have temperatures right out of normal. >> you're asking me the name of the north star? >> yeah. >> polaris. >> i thought you wanted to know where it was. sometimes it's over there. it's always north of me. i know that much. >> get your telescope out. we're going to be looking for it. official events are under way to mark queen elizabeth's 90 90th birthday tomorrow. the palace released this picture. it features the queen, prince charles, prince william and little prince george, who's third in line for the thrown. so cute, is speaking out about
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to be a good leader. >> tolerance, commitment to others. that's incredibly important to me. it's about finding your own way at the right time. if you're not careful, duty can sort of weigh you down. >> in june 000s of people will celebrate the queen's birthday at a church service and lunch. >> the prince standing on those books is is precious. >> it is. look at this woman leap three stories from a burning building. what neighbors did to save her. >> and the battle over the $10 bill. what the hit broadway show
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a woman survives a frightening fall, a school fight over bathrooms and a car dealership joyride, just some of the stories caught on camera. this is a dramatic moment as a woman jumps to escape a fire. you can see flames and smoke becoming intense in spain. the woman is up on a ledge. she's falling. she had no choice but to jump. she was caught by rescuer rescuers and eyewitnesses. she's okay.
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gender neutral bathrooms. students protested across the street. students became very physical. >> it's just one restroom. there are still boy-girl restrooms. if they have a problem with that, go to those restrooms or or go to the gender neutral restrooms. >> dash cam video captures the shocking scene in california. you can see an audi technician walking around before he decides to get into a customer's car and peels out of the dealership. the driver takes the car on a scenic joyride through the streets of palo alto. they have cameras on everything. you can get a behind the wheel view of it. when the valet brings the audi back, it appears he says something. the owner of the dealership says they've taken action. but it's unclear if the employee was fired, disciplined, or fired, but this was evidence he was doing something she should not have
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>> very tempting, those automobiles. >> that's not a defense. that's not a defense. >> never. we have kids in the studio. >> i didn't mean to drive it. it's an audi. do you see this thing. >> that's not a defense. >> killjoy. >> sorry. >> thank you. workers from two rival construction companies in china used their bulldozers to settle an ongoing feud. watch as bulldozers ram each other with shovels on a busy street. several minutes later, one of the bulldozers fall on its side. as much as six were damaged during the street battle. two drivers were hurt. the motive for the clash is still unclear. >> actress jennifer actress has been named people magazine's most beautiful woman for people magazine. >> she's learned to accept her appearance after she shot to fame on friends. she said she was motivated to take care of herself when an
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part because she was too chubby. >> much more news ahead in the next half hour. a police department in new jersey forced to close. so who will police the town? also, a none arrested for dui
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so call today. because now's the perfect time to learn more. go long. our top stories this
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police in brooklyn looking for a man who tried to sexual assault a jogger this morning. the 23-year-old woman says the man grabbed her in prospect park, threw her to the ground, and held her at knife point. she fought him off. >> the so-called ninja burglar is in custody. authorities have linked him to hundreds of home invasions and robberies on staten island. he was caught in connecticut after dna linked him to a robbery there. >> hillary clinton, donald trump, celebrating last night's victories in the new york primary. next tuesday, voters in connecticut, delaware, pennsylvania, rhode island head to the polls. hello again, i'm david navarro. new at noon, a police department in new jersey will have to close their doors. >> lake cuomo can no longer afford a police department. it would have raised the property taxes by 22%. and the homeowners rejected that as the only option. now a neighboring agency will police the town.
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live in lake cuomo with more. michelle? >> reporter: well, the people in this town voted for this. 73% of the people who lived here voted for this change. it's a tiny town of 800 people nestled between spring lake and melmar. they voted to share their police department to a savings of $1.5 million per year. that means their property taxes will not go up an estimated 22%. for the average taxpayer, that means an average savings of $700 a year. people are on edge about the change. many new jersey governors over the years have urged that they share services to cut down on property taxes. but, again, the vote was almost 3-1. >> unfortunately it had to be done. i know the police department. they're great guys, but we
12:32 pm
there they had to go back over. you have to do this to keep taxes down. everybody is going to have to do this. >> shared services, you mean? >> yeah, it's just a matter of time. >> this is going to take place in the next few days. the bellmar police department will be the police department for lake cuomo now. we'll be speaking with the mayor in just a few moments. lake charlesworth. thank you, michelle. detectives were just arraigned in queens. baker says detectives punched, kicked, and dragged him onto the sidewalk last year. he filed a sworn criminal court complaint alleging that baker parked in front of a fire hydrant, but the prosecutor says video evidence shows that
12:33 pm
than 15 feet from the hydrant. a nun accused of driving drunk has been convicted in new jersey. the judge decided to suspend her license for 90 days and fine her $257 plus fees. the claim she had taken a sedative and doesn't remember crashing a car into a building. a long island man is accused of pepper spraying people and brawling outside a mall in hixville. they say he cut off a car in the mall parking lot and sprayed the driver and his two children who were in the car with him. bystanders jumped in to subdue labella, but police say he fought his way free and was found at his home in seacliff. researchers in california say they're working to create mosquitoes that are immune to the zika virus. scientists say they're able to genetically modify eggs to
12:34 pm
it would have to be approved before put in practice. the zika virus can cause severe birth defects in humans. no direct evidence against other terrorists was found on the san bernardino shooter's iphone. no suspected coconspirators or on syed farook's phone. the fbi sued apple to try to force them to open the device. apple fired back, saying the government wanted a back door that could be used on any iphone. the court battle ended when the fbi found a third party to disable or bypass the security features. it's a race against time for rescuers, trying to find survivors after the earthquake in ecuador. the death toll rising again today. more than 500 people are dead and more than 200 are missing. overnight, a 6.1 magnitude earthquake jolted residents. stephanie ramos is live with
12:35 pm
>> reporter: food, water, blankets, much needed humanity aid is being sent from neighboring country peru. >> this represents how many bodies were found underneath the rubble. locals risking their safety to go back to their badly damaged homes, gathering whatever they can find. >> photos of this one, the little boy's birthday party. the boy in the photo is this man, staring deeply at the aftermath of ecuador's strongest earthquake in decades, he says his wife, his one-year-old daughter, mother, and family members were all inside and they're all dead. >> santana detailing how his wife was cradling his baby girl. incredible loss but also stories of survival. pablo cordova is thankful to be alive.
12:36 pm
collapsed hotel after 36 hours beneath the ruins. the death toll from saturday's quake now rising above 500 with hundreds still missing. another quake measuring at 6.1 shaking ecuador's coast overnight. the interview disrupted by after shocks. >> you can see that the windows are moving. this is an after shock. across the pacific ocean, more rescue efforts in japan following last week's twin earthquakes that left more than 100,000 people homeless. >> the death toll is likely to rise in ecuador and may take the country years to recover. i'm stephanie ra ramos for channel 7 eyewitness news. >> there will be a service to mourn the victims in ecuador. brooklyn -- president joined leaders of the ecuadorian
12:37 pm
it's home to the largest population of ecuadorian americans in the united states. >> and woodside queens among them as well. our hearts go out to them. we have the after school accu-weather forecast. >> it's going to be absolute leghorns. after school it's going to warm up to 67 degrees. maybe over the areas of new jersey. lots of sunshine. tomorrow after school is going to be warmer. after school on friday, we'll talk about rain next on your accu-weather forecast. back to you. >> thanks. a woman recovering from severe burns, and she claims an e-cigarette is to blame. coming up, the lawsuit she's filing. it started as a battle to
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a queens woman suffered severe burns after an e-cigarette blew up in her pocket. she was stopped inside a car in wines when she said the device exploded and flew out of her pocket onto the dashboard. she relies on a cane to get around. she's on a long road to recovery, which includes surgery and skin grafts to repair the burns. >> i just hope it doesn't happen to anybody else. i just want to feel better. >> she's suing the manufacturer
12:41 pm
there are very few warnings associated with the device. this week, mara garland will neat with five senators. today president obama's pick will talk with south carolina's pick. garland has made inroads among republicans. he has met with other republicans, including susan collins, jim burke, by the end of the week, garland will have met with 40 senators, including ten republicans. a dog believed to be the oldest in the world has died. maggie. lived to be 30 years old. that's 133 in dog years. she lived with her family on a dairy farm in australia where her owners say she was doing well right up until last week. the age is not verified, so she doesn't hold the official record, but the record is held by another australian dog who lived to be 29 years old. more off the field trouble for johnny manziel. the 23-year-old just lost his
12:42 pm
he had signed a multiyear deal in march 2014 with the company. this is the latest blow from manziel. he was dropped by as a client by his agent. and colleen crawly claims he hit her so hard she temporarily lost hearing in one ear. get your tickets ready. there are millions of dollars at stake in tonight's powerball drawing. the jackpot is now 227 million- dollars. that works out to more than $150 million if you win and take the cash option. you can see the winning numbers tonight on channel 7 right before eyewitness news at 11:00. let's take you to breaking news right now. this is on long island. there's been an accident involving an ambulance. i don't know if you can make it out from that chopper shot. i happened in hampstead. right now the eastbound lanes are closed between 17 and 18
12:43 pm
it appears the ambulance hit the overpass. no word on extended injuries. of course we'll keep you posted. the battle over the $10 bill a big push to put a woman's face on it. the popularity of the broadway show hamilton may have derailed those plans. wait until you hear what they're going to do with the 20s.
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we're back with breaking news. in the past few minutes, we have learned abolitionist harriet tubman will replace jackson on the $20 bill. a mock-up image of the bill was tweeted. earlier there was talk about putting the woman on the $10 bill and replacing hamilton, but the popularity of the broadway show hamilton may have derailed those plans. now there's more on the debate.
12:47 pm
have saved alexander hamilton's dignity of a duel with any number of patriots. >> it was time for the 10 to be updated. and everybody was fine with it until there was a musical on broadway. >> blasting the u.s. treasury for reneging on its plan to put eleanor roosevelt or rosa parks or susan b anthony on the front of the bill. cookie is now being told we can look to the trusty 10 promoting broadway's hottest ticket for a few more years. the treasury is not confirming any of this right now, but officials seem to be scrambling to come up with a compromise. one possible solution, put women on the back of the bill. yeah, that will go over well. >> you will have another whole generation of girls who have grown up thinking their proper place is the back of the bus. >> how about the 20 or some new denomination. >> that would be even worse in
12:48 pm
oh, you get your 7-dollar bill. >> lynn miranda said, i talked with the u.s. treasury. secretary lou told me you're going to be very happy. >> david wright, abc news, new york. >> and, again, in the past few minutes, we have just learned that harriet tubman will be on the $20 bill. what a great choice and great figure of our history. >> and kudos to hamilton. i like the hashtag, we get the job done. >> hamilton stays on the 10. >> right. >> and there's a rumor that they're changing the $5 bill. >> i don't know. we're not allowed to talk about those things right now. there's talk. other things are in the works in the monetary world. >> my sources say that lynn manwell miranda is going to be ob it. >> i vote for you, bill. here is what is going on. we take a look outside at noontime.
12:49 pm
it's going to be a great afternoon. another nice one. we call it day eight in the sunny, dry weather. we're looking at those sunbathers, the sheet metal. they're playing softball. what a great job the parks department has done with that. 62 degrees right now. the humidity is 18%. sunburn out here in an hour today on fair skin. northwest wind at 12, the pressure is 30, that strong high pressure over us. yesterday's high was 73. normal 63. and we're already right at our normal high. we'll break that again today. so it's 58 at northport and -- also the water temperature is at 51 degrees. it's going to be coolner spots there. wind is coming out of the north and northwest. bridgeport warmed up nicely to 62 so far. so we're looking at the wind still out of the northwest. it will turn around to the southwest tonight.
12:50 pm
of warm air is going to come our way from the southwest. this area of rain that had been really touched her by the omega block, rains and rains and rains because nothing comes along to push it out of the way. high pressure on one side. high pressure behind that. it all kind of locks up into a big block. well, that's going to break down. starting tomorrow night, clouds come in. then friday, showers come in right after lunchtime. we could have a shower and a popup thunderstorm as we go into friday night. by midnight friday night, the showers are out of here. saturday morning the sun is out. tomorrow we're going to make it number 9:00 and the clouds will increase out ahead of the front, and we get much needed showers out of that on friday. we're two inches sort of our normal rainfall. we need some of theirs showers. 67 degrees. moonlit tonight, clear skies, 40 in the suburbs, then we have
12:51 pm
72 tomorrow. here is your accu-weather forecast. we're looking at sunshine, breaking into the clouds to start the day. right after lunch, the rain comes in. and then that's gone friday night. and then a look at saturday, couple of clouds as the front pushes east. we've got 70 on saturday and 66 on sunday. some beautiful weather for this weekend. a really nice stretch of weather in april. it's a pretty rainy month for us. these not going to be the case. at this point, we need it. we do. thanks a lot. >> singer songwriter blake shelton scored a victory. a california judge refused to throw out his lawsuit against the mag. an article suggested that drinking was a factor that helped destroy his marriage to
12:52 pm
shelton has sued. game four of the stanley cup playoffs. the isles are up 2-1. pittsburgh now has a 2-1 series lead. game four is tomorrow night at the garden. >> we'll be right back. here's a look at what's coming up next on the chew. >> hey, today we're serving up big bites on a budget.
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hi, everybody. i'm diana williams in the newsroom. here's what's coming up. winner. he scored a $7 million jackpot. we'll answer health questions, including which is the worst
12:56 pm
those stories and more. sugar or preservatives, i'm voting for preservatives. >> i'm going with sugar. sugar is the evil. >> that makes me sweet. >> i'll take preservatives. >> you're already too sweet, diana. we'll talk to you later. this is just providing a unique look into the mind of a child with autism. the national autism association asked a 10-year-old boy with sentence. the result is a a poem that's being shared. i am new. followedly i wonder. if you are too. the completed work turning into a window for what it's like for someone with autism. it's a viral hit helping to disorder. it's really beautiful. it. >> beautiful indeed. okay. this next story, you don't have to be religious to appreciate it.
12:57 pm
viral. why? please tell me. can we state the obvious. >> i think i see something. >> for those who can't see it. jesus christ on the cross. it's an image that cannot be denied. so much to what appears to be his legs crossed on the cross. the shares have been coming in. people so moved by this image and so is the mom to be. she has cone's accounts. >> an adorable creature. mr. hodge huffington. go ahead. the story of how this started is heartwarming. in an interview, mr. huffington said she struggles with seasonal depression. she set up an account to make
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