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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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music and the enormous impact he had on new york. but first, an eyewitness news exclusive. we talk to an innocent bystander shot while getting out of her car. good evening at 6:00. i'm liz cho. >> i'm bill ritter. the 58-year-old victim hearing gunfire and suddenly realizing she'd been shot in the leg. >> two teenagers have now been arrested. the victim has a message for his parents. >> it happened in passaic, new jersey. tim fleischer is there with the exclusive report and our lead story. >> very painful. >> right here. very painful. >> reporter: having been shot in her right thigh, it is painful for santa guerrero to walk now. this crossing guard coming home wednesday night, the innocent victim of a shooting. >> they can't be shooting people like that. they could have killed someone.
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>> reporter: she was coming home from work. she just got off the bus here at gregory avenue at madison street across from christopher columbus park. the crack of four shots shattered the quiet of the night. one bullet pierced her thigh as she ran. police responded quickly and with the help of witnesses were able to arrest a 16-year-old on a bike a few blocks away. >> i don't know who fired the shots. i know there were three but i only saw two when the shots were fired. >> reporter: police say the alleged gunman was a 17-year-old arrested at his home in nearby clifton. >> teenagers. where are their parents? parents need to know where the kids are. >> reporter: and now santa says she cannot walk sophly in her neighborhood, -- cannot walk safely in her neighborhood especially at night. >> not good. breaking news in new jersey. a rescue underway after a car slammed in to a truck. it is now trapped under the truck.
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in newscopter7 with the latest. >> just a horrible, horrible accident here. you're looking down at willow avenue, right at the intersection with 19th street but you can see the fire department is furiously working to free the driver of the vehicle from the vehicle. they cut off the roof after he drove in to the back of a tractor-trailer. the ex-at the point in -- the extent of the injuries are unknown. the priority, just freeing the person from the tractor-trailer. you can tell this is going to be a prolonged operation. as you travel through this area, that's your first closure coming up at 16th street. further back from that they've done a secondary closure to try to free up traffic through this area. there's that secondary closure over 18th street, park avenue picking up the alternate volume. shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. now to the death of prince, an artist who defined genre. right now the cause of his death still has not been released. sheriff's deputies say they
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elevator after they were called to his compound in suburban minneapolis. first responders attempted cpr but they could not revive him. prince was 57 years old. fans gathered outside of his paisley park studio after hearing the news, emotional. and then shortly thereafter, three of his albums, including purple rain quickly rose to the top of the itunes chart. at the famed apollo theater in harlem, a marquee now honors prince, this as fans gathered below the marquee and played and danced to his songs this afternoon. eyewitness news reporter rob nelson is there tonight. >> good evening. whether it's purple rain or when doves cry or little red corvette or raspberry beret or i would die for you, pick one hit by prince and trust me, as you can see behind me they've been singing to it and dancing to it for hours. folks here in new york and across the country and the world coming to terms with this loss
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celebrating the legacy of one of the most distinct and talented musicians of our time. >> reporter: it's a scene playing out tonight in the streets of new york city and across the country. fans remembering prince through his unmistakable music. >> he's a good man. always will be. and forever will be missed. >> reporter: at local radio station 107.5 wbls, prince is on continuous loop. the man may be gone but his music lives on today, a reminder of loss but also a celebration of legacy. >> he will be remembered as one of the greatest concepts of an artist that can cross over in the history of music. >> reporter: prince's legacy lives on at the uptown dance academy in harlem where he once donated $250,000, money the group desperately needed to stay afloat. >> to have someone that i have
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quarter of a million dollars felt absolutely wonderful. >> reporter: the superstar also gave a million dollars to the harlem children's zone which supports families battling poverty. the group said, quote, we have a special love for him as a musician, social activist and human being. he will be sorely missed. the shocking news has resonated with local leaders and everyday fans. >> it's a spiritual thing with him. he's just unique, the way he moves, his style. >> he was a transforming artist. he was one that really innovated, he transformed the musical scene. >> we lost him so early. but sometimes that's the way when god gives us a gift, he doesn't allow us to keep it that long. we'll miss the prince. >> we also received word just a few minutes ago that spike lee
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honor prince's life and legacy. that event is going to be held at 40 acres, that's at 75 south elliot place. it says we will dance, sing, and shout to his music, the one bit of advice is wear something purple. that event is set to kick off at 8:00 tonight. as for here in harlem, we expect this crowd to only grow in front of the apollo as people celebrate the incredible gifts that prince left behind. reporting live in harlem, rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> celebrating his life throughout the night. the attempted rape of a jogger in prospect park. police in brooklyn releasing surveillance video of the suspect they're looking for. he attacked a woman yesterday during her predawn run and then tried to rape her. she fought back and he ran. n.j. burkett at the scene with the latest. >> 36 hours after the attack, the suspect remains at large tonight. but yes, the search for that suspect has intensified.
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and a very good composite sketch of the suspect. so good, in fact, that the borough president eric adams is out here tonight handing out wanted posters, not only to help find the suspect but to warn women to be alert. >> reporter: prospect park is alive tonight with cyclists and runners and children and strollers. but looking back at them, the face of a man wanted for attempted rape. the wanted posters are everywhere. >> that's horrible. i hope they catch the guy. >> reporter: many women we spoke with hadn't heard of the attack. all said it was shocking because they have always regarded the park as safe. >> ita little bit disconcerting because i don't consider this park to be unsafe. and i'd imagine there would be so many people around that if i went by myself it wouldn't be unsafe. >> reporter: police say it happened along the western edge of the park where a woman claims she was approached from behind
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she resisted and the would-be rapist took off. detectives believe this is the suspect moments from the attack, running from the park while his victim lay bleeding. she worked with a police sketch artist to produce this sketch of the suspect, describing him at 5'10" to 6'0" tall, distinctive gold teeth, dressed from head to toe in black. 36 hours after the attack, women say it's reason enough to be cautious. >> are you going to maybe be more careful, do you think? >> definitely, yeah. and not go by yourself. >> it's good to be safe. i'll be aware. >> back now the live picture, eric adams, borough president helping to spread word about the attack. it happened wednesday morning at 5:15 a.m. the victim suffered a deep cut to one of her index fingers, and yes, she's working with detectives tonight. anybody with information that
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is urged to call the nypd. live tonight in brooklyn, n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. now to vote 2016. hillary clinton tonight taking aim at the gun lobby. the democratic frontrunner leading discussion today in hartford, connecticut. she said she'll use everything in her power if she's elected president to push through what she calls are common sense gun reform laws. she says she'll need help from the american people who are fed up with gun violence. >> we need a national movement. the gun lobby is the most powerful lobby in washington. you can talk about wall street, drug companies, insurance companies, big oil. they're all powerful, don't get me wrong. nobody is more powerful than the gun lobby. >> bernie sanders hosting a town hall meeting in scranton, pennsylvania, claiming to his supporters that the democratic nomination is still within his reach.
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very important primary here in pennsylvania. if there is a large voter turnout, i believe we will win. >> senator sanders hoping to regain some of his momentum after his big loss to clinton in the new york primary. the numbers though not in his favor. republican frontrunner donald trump is taking to twitter once again. this time to pressure his gop rivals to drop out of the race. trump tweeted today, quote, senator ted cruz has been mathematically eliminated from the race. and kasich should get out for the same reason. i think both should get out. meanwhile cruz is balking at trump's suggestion, saying neither he nor trump will have enough delegates secured for the nomination. cruz is campaigning in indiana tonight after a bruising defeat in new york. he's looking ahead to a possible string of victories in next week's primary. john kasich who's in a distant third in the delegate count is also refusing to drop out of the race.
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campaigning in pennsylvania. he's pinning his hopes on a contested convention, saying he's the only republican that can beat hillary clinton in the fall. there's reaction tonight from new york mayor de blasio. the wall street journal reporting that state and federal officials are looking in to a $100,000 donation to campaign for one new york, a nonprofit run by the mayor's supporters. the money given to two leaders of an animal rights group pushing to ban the horse carriages. >> i've said many times we held ourselves throughout to a very high standard of integrity. we followed the law very carefully in everything we do. i believed all along, i said it in my platform and i ran very clearly for office saying this is a change we had to make in our city. >> opposition from the new york
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prevented any ban from taking effect. as we continue with eyewitness news at 6:00, parents make stunning allegations of abuse at a local school for a child with special needs. now they're talking action. >> the rangers play a crucial game 4 tonight in the stanley cup playoffs. rob powers with the story coming up in sports. >> from the garden to the baseball. 67. temperatures drop. the humidity is coming up.
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the parents of five special needs students on long island say the district nothing after learning a teacher was allegedly abusing students. they say their children were subjected to years of physical and sexual abuse at the long beach middle school. lisa weitzman and two assistants are accused of striking the children, restraining them with zip ties, spraying aerosol in their faces and locking them in the bathrooms. >> i'm sick about it. >> you can see he's scarred by it and i want them all punished. >> the teacher is now on paid leave and facing an administrative trial that could lead to her dismissal. she, by the way, is denying the charges.
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square will soon get strict rules. mayor de blasio signing a bill in to law allowing rules for pedestrian plaza use across the city. new rules for times square expected to restrict those costume characters and others looking for tips to just certain areas. officials say they're responding to concerns about aggressive panhandling behavior by some characters. just ahead on eyewitness
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we need the rain. we can't complain. >> not that it's going to be a drenching or a washout at all, just on and off showers during the afternoon. >> we need the rain. >> outside we go this afternoon, fair amount of sunshine and a little bit more of a haze than we've seen in quite a while. the air has been so dry, we've had the deep blue sky. now moisture is starting to come back on the scene which is great.
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little bit. still an elevated risk in to the evening hours. 70 degrees. humidity at 38%. south wind at about 6. some gusts over 15 or 16 miles per hour. the high today, 73 degrees. a full 10 above average. close to 80 tomorrow afternoon with enough sunshine. there are your sunrise and sunset times. weather headlines, it's a milder night ahead. we're not going to drop off in to the 30s in any outlying areas tonight. mild night with clouds and a milder breeze. there can be a spot shower toward sunrise. most places are going to be dry. it's not a washout, especially day. saturday may start out cloudy. this front is delayed coming in and may struggle to leave the scene on saturday morning. sunday looks like a nice sunny day although it's cooler because atlantic. nice and mild from stanhope over to clinton and clifton, 74 degrees. look at the difference over the island. 59 degrees. here.
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big range here. 71 degrees in lakehurst right now. humidities have come up. single digits yesterday, 9%. now closing in on 40%. 60%, montauk. 62% in islip. now it's warm and more humid overnight. 7:00 this evening, high clouds. partly to mostly cloudy overnight. i still think there's breaks of sunshine at least through the midday and early afternoon tomorrow. then we'll see numerous showers and maybe a couple thunderstorms in the afternoon. in between there are breaks of sun. it's not raining all the time but you need your umbrella at times and a few spots will get drenching downpour. these showers are drying out. this protective shield of high pressure which was up here all week has moved off in to the atlantic. instead of the north wind now we have the southwest wind. here comes the moisture. first few showers may sneak in later tonight in to the morning. this is the main band that will try to come in in the afternoon. actual core of the system is west of chicago. it's moving very slowly eastward. that's why i say it's going to
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the scene. streak of dry weather ends at 9:00 as we get showers. have your umbrella for the friday night plans. then breezy with brightening on saturday. look at the back edge of the clouds around late morning. could take a little while to clear out saturday. futurecast showing maybe a shower for early risers. breaks of sun. look how the showers start to fill up the radar a little bit more. a shower or thunderstorm in to the afternoon and in to tomorrow evening so it's 59 tonight. partly to mostly cloudy. a milder night. just a stray shower late. near 80 in a few spots if the clouds can break tomorrow. more of a stray shower threat in the morning. have the umbrella for the friday night fans. clouds will break on saturday but the morning may start out cloudy. 67. cooler. nice on sunday. back to a couple showers especially north of the city on monday and maybe a decent rain on tuesday because we need the rain. rob is up next with sports. >> we've said this before.
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it's not a must-win game but it's one of those you better win kind of games. we're talking hockey and a big playoff match-up at the garden. laura behnke has a preview for
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trying to parse the difference here. it's not a must-win, but they gotta win. >> that's the difference. you got it? the rangers trail the penguins two games to one. dating back to last season, the rangers have lost four straight playoff games at home, all while mustering 17 shots on goal the other night. they look up at the penguins, desperate for a win on home ice road. let's get you rinkside. laura behnke is live at the garden ready for another game.
6:27 pm
best teams in the nhl at home in the regular season, but in the playoffs as you've mentioned, they've now lost four straight here at the garden. tonight. >> reporter: it's a pivotal night for the rangers who will either tie up the series with pittsburgh or be pushed to the brink of elimination. >> we've got to find a way to our best game. >> you want to make every game. you don't want to be desperate, but we've got to get off to a good start tonight. >> reporter: the penguins have been one of the hottest teams in the league, winning 16 of their last 19 games including nine of ten on the road. the rangers are more focused on themselves. >> i think we have a good team but it's also about getting everyone here at the highest level possible. >> reporter: once again, it could come down to special teams. the rangers have one power play goal this series and their penalty kill can't afford any mistakes. >> we've talked about it with our specialty units. we've gone through video. hopefully we've made the
6:28 pm
tonight. >> here's a trend rangers fans will like. this team has won its last five playoff games that followed a loss. we'll wrap it all up tonight at 11:00. live at the garden, laura news. from today. the giants have plenty of picks. busy offseason for the giants who also hope to have a healthy victor cruz. hasn't played since 2013. cruz working hard to make sure this comeback sticks. >> all our doctors are pleased with this progress so far and we're hoping that he'll be the victor we know. mets are off. matt harvey pitches tomorrow in atlanta. yankees wrap things up against the as tonight. yanks have lost six of their last seven games, scored 16 runs in the stretch. nothing has been going their way. but what has everybody riled up are the fundamentals that fall by the wayside.
6:29 pm
defense and base running from gregorius. even he said this is stupid. gregorius is not in the lineup tonight. alex rodriguez said the yanks need to start concentrating on the little things and they need to start tonight. back to the mets. they lost in philadelphia last night, 5-4 in 11 innings. hit a couple home runs. that's 19 in their last six games but what's alarming here are the strikeouts. 17 of them last night. david wright went down four times. record is back to the .500 mark at 7-7, already four games behind the nationals. again, they are at atlanta tomorrow. let's end with more baseball. pirates, padres. the 0-2 pitch here is in the dirt. here it comes. better find that ball. this could get ugly. do you see it? not many people saw this. chris stewart the catcher eventually is going to find this ball. he's going to look that way, that way. look straight ahead. you know where it is? it's right there. it's in the ump's pocket.
6:30 pm
dead ball. awkward moment. >> but dead ball. that's what matters. >> make the pockets a little smaller. let's take a look at the stories we're working on for eyewitness news at 11:00. tributes continue to pour in to remember prince. people expected to gather in our area tonight and we'll be there. also, big changes could be coming to new york city taxies. what could soon be removed to make them more like uber and other car services. those stories tonight at 11:00. that's it for us for now. thanks for watching. i'm bill ritter. >> and i'm liz cho. world news tonight is coming up next. have a great night. see you tonight at 11:00. breaking news. prince, the death of a legend. the music superstar, today found dead at his estate. going to party like 1999


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