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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  April 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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for the first time. this is as an autopsy was conducted on the singer's body. plus they picked the wrong store to try to rob. we'll talk to the shop owner in connecticut who opened fire when two mask men walked through the door. good afternoon, i'm liz cho. >> i'm david in a var owe. results are pending for prince. the singer's body has been turned over to his family. >> investigators are expected to speak. let's listen in. >> a spokesperson from the midwest examiner's office. >> welcome to carva county. i wish it was under difficult circumstances. this is a tragedy for all of us. to you, prince rogers nelson was a celebrity. to us, he's a community member, and a good neighbor. to his
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in life he was a private person. we're going to respect his privacy and his dignity in hope that you will do as -- hope you do as well. we also respect the media's right to information. bare in mind this incident happened 29 hours ago. and continues to be under investigation. there are some things regarding this investigation that i will not be able to talk about. i'm going to give you a statement, and we will then take some questions that you may have. at 9:43 yesterday morning, we received a medical call at pessly park. the sheriff's office, and ridge view call. that is our standard protocol and it's not unusual at all for us to
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medical like that. they found an unresponsive male in the elevator. cpr was initially started. but was unsuccessful. he was pronounced decease at 10:07. we have identified him as prince rogers nelson. 57-year-old. staff members from pays isley park had been unable -- from paisley park have been unable to contact prince. they found him unresponsive and called 911. deputies went through the building to make sure that there was nobody else inside. because this was an unwitnessed death of a middle-aged adult, the decision was made to process the scene. that is also normal protocol and not different from what we normally would do. there
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lab is helping us with that and they should be no information taken from that. it's not unusual for them to do these calls. we finished with our processing late afternoon and turned paisley park back over to prince's representatives. again, because this investigation is ongoing, i will not answer questions on whether or not there's items taken during our processing. the midwest medical examiner's was contacted the medical examiner responded. there were no obvious signs of trauma on the body at all. the body was transported to the doctor's office for an autopsy and that's being done today. results for the autopsy may take weeks which is not unusual.
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to be an open investigation until the autopsy results come back and we are ready to take questions that you may have. >> yes, ma'am. >> one of the 911 callers said there's people in the home who wanted to destroy it. can you tell us who was in the home with prince? >> there were staff members who went to check on him, and that's all i'm going to respond to with that at this time. >> was there a suicide note found. >> i'm not responding to what may have been taken. we have no reason to believe that at this point this was a suicide, but this is early on in this investigation, and it's continuing to -- we'll continue to do our investigation. >> sheriff, do you know how long he had been in the elevator, was he wearing the clothes from the night before? >> we haven't received that information from the medical examiner's office
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been in the couple of minutes before first responders arrived. >> can you repeat in? >> it not been in the couple of minutes before the first responders responded. >> he says he's a vibrant person, was he as a healthy person? >> i'm not the right person to answer that. wile let the medical examiner talk about that when the time comes. >> according to 4:21 yesterday, were there medical calls made to that address? >> i have checked called for service that are logged for that address, as well as for -- in prince's name directly, there were no calls involving prince in the past year that we have had. paisley park, prince does concerts there sometimes and get togethers, so it's not
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paisley park itself. there was nothing that i'm aware of that involved prince at paisley's park. >> are you able to confirm whether prince was taking any medication at the time of his death? >> i'm not able to confirm that at this time at all. question. >> sure, sir. >> is there an idea of what the investigation will entail, what types of [indiscernible]? what types of [indiscernible]? this is a long process. >> yeah. we'll be talking to people close to him. we'll be gathering medical records and taking a look at those between us and the medical examiner's office and working off it from there. >> the staff was inside the home? >> yes. >> were they there before he collapsed in the elevator? is there a timeline for how long he
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>> they were trying to reach him yesterday morning. they were unable to reach them. excuse me, reach prince. so they responded to paisley park to look for him and found him unresponsive in the elevator. >> he was alone at home? >> that's correct. we cleared -- we did clear and go through the residence at the time and didn't find anybody else there. >> sheriff, there's people -- are you looking at all into the flight that [indiscernible] returned to illinois? >> we'll be looking at all that. yes. >> sheriff -- >> can you tell me what you've done so far? >> our detectives, this is 29 hours old, our detectives are working on this case. there's things they're working on. >> are you [indiscernible] with the jurisdictions? >> of course we are. >> sheriff, you said there were no calls involving prince in the last year.
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visits that he may have had recently? >> there are no calls involving the sheriff's office that i'm aware of. >> i know you said you wouldn't give specifics about things taken. was there medication taken out of the home? >> again, i'm not going to get specific on what's taken or not taken from the home. >> do you know -- there have been these reports that he could have been on some sort of medication. have you gotten evidence about that or talked to anyone about that? >> this case is under investigation, and i'm not going to talk about that at this time. >> illinois -- [indiscernible]. >> between us and the medical examiner's office, we'll look at all that, yes. absolutely. >> there's report s s that he frequently -- there's reports that he visited a walgreens frequently, have you talked to the employees
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surveillance video? >> that's apart of the investigation and that's our normal protocol to pull any type of video or so on. >> i said that would be our normal protocol. this case is 29 hours old, and it continues to evolve for us. >> sheriff, how detailed are your crime scene investigators. >> excuse me. >> how detailed are your crime scene investigators detailed in the scene? can you talk to us about how meticulous you are? >> the crime lab is helping us from a processing standpoint. they're very meticulous. photos and so on. >> is there an indication how long he was in the elevator? had it been overnight, do you believe? >> we're going to wait for the medical examiner's office to give that information. i cut somebody off over here.
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>> it's a question for the medical examiner's office. >> she's the public informational officer. she's not the medical examiner. >> is there a sign of a drug overdose found? >> there's no information at this time in regard to exactly what you're talking about. let me give you background about midwest medical examiners. we're working as apart of the investigative team with the sheriff's office. much of the answers that i will be able to give you today will include the word pending. so we received the call at 10:12 yesterday morning to assist the county sheriff's office in this investigation. our chief medical examine -- examiner arrived on the scene at 11:30 and on the scene for several hours. the autopsy began this morning at 9:00 p.m. central daylight time. i received word that his
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examiner's office and released to the family. it was a complete exam. and so several of the pieces of information that are gathered in that process will be sent to labs for further testing. so that answer is pending. and it will take days and weeks to complete those particular investigations. >> is it possible to say that when he died? i know time of death was pronounced 7 minutes passed 10:00, but had he been dead overnight. do you know when he stopped breathing? >> that's pending. >> do you know what time he was removed? >> 1539. >> that's when he left paisley's park? >> yes. >> can i ask a question over here. >> my question for the sheriff at wcc radio, was there extra people brought in because this was prince or any extra deputies or anything like that, different because of the way -- because it was prince?
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people that started gathering across the street very early as well as media. so yes, we certainly did bring other people in to help from a crowd point standpoint. as for as a processing standpoint, it's a large area. paisley park is. so we have to bring extra people in and that's apart of the reason for having the county assist us with that. >> is that searching the room, is that what you're talking about? >> the building is pretty big. >> sheriff, were there surveillance video at paisley park, and do you have that them? >> that's apart of the investigation. i don't want to comment on that right now. >> does it appear he used the elevator because he felt like he was going to pass out or unable to take the stair well -- >> i don't think it's unusual for him to use the elevator. the staircases
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if that's why he took the elevate e -- if that's why he took the elevator or not, i can't say. >> was he collapsed inside the elevator? >> that's correct. go ahead. >> do you know when the last time he was seen alive, and at what point he had retired for the night? >> the last information we have was he was seen at 8:00 wednesday night. >> where was that? >> at paisley park. >> just a question. have you met prince before the mayor or the sheriff would like to answer and if so, was there in ter action? >> i did meet prince not in my capacity -- our plain was waiting for departure and there were two seats
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and soon after that, the steward escorted prince and a member of his entourage, so that was the only time i had an encounter. i didn't greet him, hello, but as mayor, i've never had a reason to or occasion to meet him. >> sheriff, we would see prince from a law enforcement standpoint, occasionally. he would have concerts at paisley park and we would help with traffic assistant, he lived there for a long time and had two different residents that he lived in, not talking paisley park itself, so he had been a long time member of the community and a good neighbor for everybody. >> [indiscernible]. you said there's no reason to believe there's a suicide. is there a reason to believe that fowl play was involved? >> we have no reason to believe it's a suicide. the rest is under investigation. >> sir, can you -- did you talk to his personal doctor
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be cleared up by talking to the doctor? >> that's apart of the investigation. we'll have contact with any medical personnel he's had contact with. >> have you talked to his doctor? >> this investigation is 29 hours old. our investigators are currently working on it. i have not talked to them in the past, however long. so i don't know specifically who they talked to or haven't at this time. >> sheriff, what time was the elevator on? >> i don't have that information. i don't know. he was on the first floor. whoever asked that question over there. >> sheriff, are there rumors that you would like to [indiscernible] at this time about the nature of the investigation? >> there have been so many rumors, i have read about. i don't know if i can dispel the rumors. this is under investigation, and it's under investigation. >> you have been listening to a live news conference with the sheriff's office
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the investigation into a cause of death in the last moments of prince's life. i think we were all for a little bit more information to come out of this news conference. not a lot. they went through the timeline. they said that prince was seen alive around 8:00 p.m. and received the call at 9:43 in the morning and pronounced dead at 10:07 yesterday morning. they don't believe signs of trauma on his body. other than that, they wouldn't a - they wouldn't elaborate. >> the investigation of prince's death continues. they'll be a 1 hour 20/20 dedicated to prince's legacy that begins at 10:00 p.m. on channel 7 followed by eyewitness news at
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a commuter -- a commuter alert in new jersey. we have shannon snow over it. shannon, what do you know? >>reporter: this happened just before the exit at 157. there were three cars involved. this one took a lot of damage. it's up on the tow truck. this one is getting on the tow truck now. that was overturned in the middle of the roadway. they've cleaned up the debris spill from this. and all of the victims in this accident have taken to a local hospital. all with minor injuries, but the damage to the garden states -- we had all lanes shut down. this volume is a bumper to bumper delay. it's five miles long. look at this. it keeps going and going. it's back to route
4:20 pm
getting worse by the second. reporting live over the burgen parkway, shannon, eyewitness news. >> thank you. we're hearing for the first time from a shop owner in connecticut who fought against a pair of would-be robbers. the man opened fire when the robbers walked into his store. it was caught on video. cephan has the story. >>reporter: the suspects were armed and dangerous and they fired shots. the only reason they got away empty handed because the store owner was armed too. take a look at this security footage taken from the mini market in bridgeport. watch as two mask men wearing hoods enter the store. weapons drawn. they step inside. then one of the suspects kauks his firearm. the store owner s s fires a -- the
4:21 pm
>> when you have a business, you're not supposed to be scared of anything because we make a living. we're here to make a living. >> this is the bullet hole left in the ceiling. a resident carrying a -- confronted the suspects outside and they exchanged fire shattering the window's store. >> this is the first time i witnessed this. >> june was heading to the store when she saw the suspects fleeing. >> they were running down there, and i saw a guy running over here and he had a gun in his hand and i heard, pow, pow, and i ran back home. >> it happened on beach mount avenue just before 9:00 p.m. witness. robbed 8 times in 25 years, the last time he was held up just four weeks ago >> i know they came to rob me or shoot me, but have you to protect yourself. i have family to feed. >> at any time that someone has come in here and, you know, really cause a
4:22 pm
-- at first he's respectful. he tries to be respectful as possible, but you threaten his business, he's willing to protect his business. >> the -- no one in this incident was injured. police believe the suspects may have fled in a dark-colored bmw with dark-colored wheels. should he have handed over the money. we'll tell you what the police says at 5:30. >> thanks a lot. let's check with meteorologist jeff smith in for lee goldberg. >> jeff, it's beautiful, but we may have rain. >> showers and maybe a thunderstorm. this feels like june. the humidity has come up. enough humidity in the atmosphere where that can spark off a shower during the evening hours. you want to grab the umbrella just in case. let's head up
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a nice view there. central park looking green this time of year. the average high this time of year is 78 degrees by the way. the current temperature sitting at 77 degrees. so that's not the average high. that's your record high by the way. normal highs is around 64. here's your headlines. a few showers and a thunderstorm tonight, mainly early. and mainly to the north and west of the city. i'll show you in that the future cast in a few minutes. a slow start tomorrow, and breezy and brighter during the afternoon. might be clouds morning especially south clear out. it might be chilly that there can be frost in areas northwest of the city, and a nice recovery coming up during the day on sunday. right now, you're sitting at 82 at tebara. 81 at new york. and a pair of 70 at laguardia airport. 66 in ice lip. 56 on the east
4:24 pm
80 all the way up the hudson river. check out the radars and you're seeing a couple of showers popping up. there was one little batch that was moving into parts of fairfield county, connecticut. that's weakening, and another shower north of greenberg. that can contain a downpour into parts of westchester county heading north of white plains and another shower developing over mercer county, new jersey. that will head into -- western mammoth. it could be a downpour with that. very brief and there could be a rumble of thunder. look how far back the clouds extend into the ohio valley and the midwest. that's why tomorrow, the morning starts off kind of cloudy with the potential for a shower. here's our future cast into the evening hours, and you see not a whole lot. i mean, there could be a scattered shower or thunderstorm around the city. there's a better shot north and west especially as we head towards later tonight. and then everything switches to the south and east by day break tomorrow.
4:25 pm
7:00 in the morning, low 60s in the park. mainly cloudy skies and showers going on south and east. and then we recover during the afternoon. a little clearing. a breeze picked up. not quite as warm as today. and temperatures really telling off by 8:00 tomorrow evening down to 63 and the city falling down into the 50s. accu weather forecast for tomorrow, cloudy and a couple of showers and maybe a thunderstorm around mainly during the evening hours. we're down to 60 for a low. a straw shower early tomorrow, mainly south and east of the city, and not we'll have breezy conditions of sunshine. after a slow start , a nice recovery, and for tomorrow night, cooler and chillier. 70 in midtown. 30s in the suburbs and near freezing over the hudson valley which means there could be isolated areas of frost. if you're away from your tv, you can search wabc.comand get our accu-track alert app where
4:26 pm
through the evening. grab the umbrella, just in case, we mielth get a shower or two. we'll have the 7-day forecast which includes the rest of the weekend and very tricky temperatures potentially early next week. it could be very warm on monday or a little cooler than what we've had recently. >> we've mentioned frost? >> isn't that unbelievable. we're near 80 degrees right now. the areas could have frost. >> i completely ignored that part on purpose. >> i for give you. still to come, car-free new york. that was the case in some areas to honor earth day today. but we'll tell you why the car ban didn't go over well.
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a grizzly scene in rural ohio. 8 people confirmed dead in a series of excuse style shooting. the bodies were discovered in four homes this morning in an area outside of cincinnati. the victims to be members of the same family including two children. a baby survived the ordeal. it's not clear what the motive was or if the killer or killers are among the dead or if they're still on the loose. a historic moment at the united nations on earth day as leaders from 175
4:30 pm
landmark paris agreement on climate change. secretary of state john kerry signed the measure with his grand daughter sitting on his lap. it wasn't just world leadering -- the leader -- >> it's a shame what we carry when our children and grand children look back seeing we have the means to stop the devastation, but lack the will to do so. >> the secretary gen -- during his years as head of the un. he called today a moving day for him personally. jews around the world are celebrating pass over at sun down. for the obama family, this has a special meaning. it will be their last at the white house. the first family hosted their first ever white house sater. the president it gives us an opportunity
4:31 pm
future remains unseen. may this season inspire us to rededicate ourselves to peace and freedom. >> i think that's best. rapper tupac step father serving time in connecticut. we'll tell you what happened during his parole hearing. an attack inside of a mosque in queens injured
4:32 pm
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recapping our top stories. there's new details in the death of music icon prince on the autopsy performed on him. investigators says it does not appear that prince committed suicide and there were no signs of trauma. prince was seen alive around 8:00 p.m. wednesday night and he was found unresponsive thursday morning inside of an elevator at his compound in minnesota. he was pronounced dead a short time later. staff members from paisley park have been able -- have been unable to contact prince yesterday morning and went to check on him.
4:35 pm
unresponsive and called 911. >> results of toxicology test on prince are not expected for several weeks. all new this half hour, communities are standing up against hate. >> several people were injured after an attack inside of a jamaican muslim center in queens. chris has this story. >>reporter: mike is being charged with assault, criminal miss chief and harassment. this does not constitute a hate crime, those with the jamaican muslim center here say they disagree. members tells us the 26-year-old came in during prayer saying he was the profit and he needed a quran. members asked him to be quiet at which time they say they began punching and kicking people. some so badly that two went to the hospital the nypd hate crime unit will
4:36 pm
but as of now, the queen's da is not prosecuting this as a bias-related crime. he has been released from jail upsetting the mosque members. >> i would like to request, please take care of this issue for the sake the harmony and peace in our community. protect muslims and other innocent citizens from this kind of attack. >> this is a picture of one of the victims, 69-year-old salem. he had bad head injuries and he was released from the hospital last night. coming up on eyewitness news at 6:00, salem's rampage didn't end there. we spoke with a woman who says he went after her as he ran out of the muslim center here, and allegedly vandalized her brother's car. we'll have that for you at 6:00. for now, live in jamaican queens, i'm christian thorn. a young man wanted for
4:37 pm
boy has been -- police released pictures of the robber who they say are between 16 and 20-year-old. they're accused of taking a cell phone and $200 from a 73-year-old man at knifepoint on east 81st street early monday morning. the night before, police say the assay lance punched -- parole was denied for the step father of tupac. the 65-year-old is serving 30 years for master mining a string of armed robberies in new york and connecticut. they include to be 1981 holdup an arm truck in rock land truck. a security guard were killed. a public memorial held for the new jersey superintendent struck and killed by a student. mayor was hit while jogging with his dog.
4:38 pm
was held at princeton alliance church. police say the 17-year-old student who hit mayor was late for a classroom trip and the student not charged. a fight inside that killed a 16-year-old may have been recorded by witnesses on their cell phones. amy joiner, francis died from injuries. she suffered during a vicious beating inside of a beating at howard high school of technology in wilmington yesterday. detectives said no weapons were involved and two female students involved are being questioned by police. a motive for the fight is unclear. connecticut's budget crunch is leading to more job cuts. 166 correction officers are being laid off and four are -- the other workers provide support. there' 1st. governor dan malloy says he has said 2500 state
4:39 pm
in the coming weeks. happening tomorrow, the freeway authority will post cashless toll collecting for the bridge. it allows drivers to pay their tolls at high speeds using their easy pass or tolls by mail. they'll be -- they'll be a high steel system. it will eliminate the need to we've in -- to eliminate weaving out of the lanes. among the changes, three floors of new galleries that will be called the david wing. he did contribute a lot of money to earn that. the brooklyn native is the founder of dreams -- the music tv awards will be held at madison square garden. it's the
4:40 pm
the garden. the vma's have been held in new york 15 times. before though, the very first show was held in -- the mtv music awards airs -- they ran videos and tribute of prince. >> which was -- >> it's nice to catch up. >> it was nice to see. it was a great tribute. still to come, the president and the first lady head across the pond. we'll have details of their royal --
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new information following that drone scare. the uk aviation minister says it's not clear what the pilot actually saw. there's some speculation that may have just been a plastic bag. the british airways flight landed safely on sunday after the pilot reported he thought an object struck the front of the aircraft. at first,
4:44 pm
triggering an investigation. thankfully the plane wasn't damaged. the president lady and -- the 94-year-old prince philip join them to the castle. the president and the first lady gave the queen a birthday gift and a photo album chronicling her -- queen elizabeth turned 90-year-old yesterday. >> she's one of my favorite people. may we be as vibrant as she is. >> president obama met with kate and prince harry. can you see little prince gorge standing in the corner there. he's given a 15-minute bed time extension so he can meet the president. >> in his white robe. that's cute. a police officer in michigan is winning praise for his act of kindsness after he pulled over a
4:45 pm
he stopped dell because of his tented windows. when he walked up to the car, he saw something else. dell's 3-year-old daughter lauren was not in a car seat. instead of giving dell a ticket, he told delta to follow him to a walmart where he bought a car seat for little lauren. >> why is she there without a car seat, and he teared up a little bit and said he's going through tough times. >> everybody should know what he did. you'll be surprised what comes out of it. >> dell says his perception of officers has changed and he wanted to show everyone about his act of kindness and general ross its. still to come, we'll show you how new york is celebrating earth day. and there are -- that's not good. >> they're not going anywhere.
4:46 pm
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4:48 pm
we're back with another commute era -- this is a commuter alert. this is causing delays for motorist. i can see say problem here. let's go to shannon sohn. what happened? >> >>reporter: this happened inside the covered roadway.
4:49 pm
what we can tell you for sure and we can't tell you how bad the accident is. the left lane is shut down and that's a big problem if you're coming out of the holland tunnel. you have one lane getting through in that entire cover roadway. look how far back that accident is, and look at the delays. they start inside the holland tunnel at this point. if you can take it over to the turnpike, it's going to treat you better or take you -- reporting live over the holland tunnel, shan knowledge stone. >> shannon, thank you. a special group of ladies prepared for their new arrivals today with the help with baseball wives. baby showers were held for military mom is in manhattan. amber, and jessica gardener and casey were among the wives of yankees players delivering those gifts. babies r us and operation shower. organized event.
4:50 pm
provide the ladies with essentials like bottles, bedding and toys. >> i think our producers created the perfect segway when you said showers. >> it got dark out there. >> it looks threatening. it didn't will being like a big deal. >> okay. >> we head outside and i hope that rings true. >> we'll give you five minutes. >> we're going to hold you on that. >> we look towards the empire state building. the sky has clouded over a little bit. and that has been the trend during the past few hours. clouds streaming from the west. 77 right now. it was mostly sunny as of 4:00 p.m., but as of 4:50, winds coming from the south. the next 7 hours, our computer models showing us moving into the 60s. that's when our better chance of getting a shower or thunderstorm moves in
4:51 pm
braves facing the broncos. it could be a shower storm. looks like the game will go on. a tarp on standby in case. 70 degrees. that southwest wind coming in at 12 to 25. upper 70s on the board. mid-60s bridgeport down to ice lip. this is what we're talking about. these are few and far between. but we do have some brief, but heavy downpours out there. one over southern orange county heading into northern parts north of mt. pleasant and this will move into connecticut and another shower tends to be weakening here, approaching the new jersey turnpike just south of south brunswick and middlesex county. staten island it could -- really, i mean it's a disorganized system. had we gotten into this moisture bloom, i would be
4:52 pm
wide spread downpours, but that's not the case. there's a lot of cloud cover to our west, and that's why i think we start tomorrow on a cloudy note. lows getting down to 60s in the park. a shower or thunderstorm around at times. highs tomorrow, getting up to 71. after we clear out, they'll be clouds in the afternoon and a couple of showers south and east of new york city, but generally a mild pacific air mass moving in. it won't be a tlop cal -- it won't be a tropical air mass. once the sun comes out which is high, and pollen is high with maple bean being the main comfort. mostly cloudy and a couple of showers and a thunderstorm out there during the evening hours. we're down to 60. we break out into sunshine tomorrow afternoon. during the morning, there will be some clouds. there could be a couple of scattered showers north and east of the new york city.
4:53 pm
the low 70s. nice day shaping up on sunday. monday, 72. 80-degree warmth is not too far from our south and west. it will be close enough so that if that forecast is well off, we could be in the low 80s on monday. it's a tricky forecast and maybe a shower storm on tuesday. >> and we need the rain. >> we really do need the rain. >> i'm getting used to not taking my outdoor pillows outside. >> i have not put ours out specifically for that reason. >> take them in now. >> thanks, joe. coming up next, parts of new york going car free for earth day. we'll tell you why it some folks upset. delays we were talking you at the holland tunnel are up to 30 minutes and
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
well in case you did not know today is earth day. there were three areas in manhattan where cars were banned, but not many liked the idea.
4:57 pm
story. >> reporter: yes, there were a lot of honking horns. trying to create a car free zone created traffic here on 23rd and broadway. the message of less congestion, trying to do better with our cars wasn't ideal for everyone. but what was a breath of fresh air was for folks on broadway to be able to get out and enjoy their friday afternoon with lots of space. >> as broadway shut down between 17th and 23rd. one of the car-free zones. >> i think it is a nice thing to do to celebrate earth day which we don't have as many cars as we normally do and a think. from using the car. >> reporter: those avoiding vehicles on earth day got fitted for free helmets. the ceo of motivate says that
4:58 pm
>> last year we had $10 million people ride their bikes in new york city. what does it mean? the equivalent of taking 4,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide. >> the car-free zone area from the congressman that says it is all about doing things now to protect the future. >> my message today is that we need to do the best that we can to review the emission that we have seen in our city. 25% of the emission that we could use in our city are related to vehicles. i think that we could reduce it. >> do you think that it is a realistic thing? >> it is just what this city needs. >> reporter: if you have not done your part for earth day, allow free unlimited 30-minute rides. if you get on the bikes within the next couple of minutes you'll have 24 hours to use your pass. by the way the car-free zones are being planned for april 22nd of 2017.
4:59 pm
channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, amy. still more news ahead. eyewitness news at 5:00 starts right now. the death of the music legend. investigators just wrapping up the news conference about the sudden death of prince. what we learned as the world mourns. but first an eyewitness news exclusive. a woman in a bus stop in brooklyn shot in the face. tonight she's recovering in the hospital as we hear exclusively from her husband. i'm diana williams. >> the woman caught in the cross fire. crime scene tape covers the area where she was shot in the head. >> tonight the woman in the hospital with that bullet lodged in her chin. eyewitness news reporter jim dolan talked exclusively with her husband about what
5:00 pm
>> reporter: diana, she didn't call 911 after she was shot. she instead called her husband. she was standing over here on the corner. she had walked between two men who started shooting at each other. she instead was shot in the face. in an exclusive interview, her husband told us today that she said on the phone i don't want to die. >> the guy would stop the car. she was walking home from the store when she was shot in the face by the men shooting each other. she didn't call 911, she called her husband because she thought she was dying. she said somebody shot me and i


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