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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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new at 11:00, the family of
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on the job. calls for action tonight after a worker is killed on the construction site. the work site shut down for safety violations. good evening everyone, i'm bill ritter. >> i'm shirleen allicot.
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the first time tonight, only to eyewitness news. we have the exclusive story. >> reporter: the department of buildings has issued another stop work order following this death. the department explains that they are issued before including a stop-work order for the scaffolding here. the victim's family asking and wondering if this could have been prevented. >> reporter: he was finishing up the work day on thursday afternoon here at this construction site. the close childhood friends said that the 27-year-old was headed for his westchester county home when he was hit and killed by a wood plank that fell from a scaffold near hudson and leroy street. >> reporter: when officers arrived they found him unconscious with severe neck and back injuries. he was pronounced dead.
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spokesperson says that the construction accident happened while scaffolding was being dismantled at the luxury condo development. that mato was wearing a hard hat when he was hit. >> it is sad to find out that something happened like that. i'll never see him again. >> reporter: he lived with his uncle in porchester coming from mexico nearly a decade ago, dreaming of a better life. >> he worked a lot. working for his family. his mom is in mexico right now and i mean he was the only support she had. >> the the funeral is scheduled for this weekend. no details yet to be provided to us. the company doing the work on this project in charge of this project have yet to release an official statement. reporting live in the village
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>> a developing story for the missing 11-year-old girl found safe. cops spent the day and the night searching for her. with that non-custodial mom. an arrest after a 7-year- old boy is hit by a stray jersey. he was playing with his sibling in february when the shot were fired. a stray bullet came through the shoulder. police arrested 29-year-old justin pope who faces charges including attempted murder. an arrest in this purse snatching. he is shown stealing a purse from a grandmother on an mta
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the boy has been charged with grand larceny. the last one they assaulted a man from behind. and the attack caught on camera. here is live news reporter a.j. ross. >> it is surprising that it happened around here. >> they were linked to two back- to-back neighborhoods. you can see the trio approach the victim from behind and then proceed to beat him with a rock before robbing and leaving the condition. >> it's scary, you know you. don't expect people to jump up at you. the 25-year-old victim was kicked and punched in the head and body. >> i am very upset. it is getting worse. >> reporter: people who live
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remain on guard. >> i will let people know if i see anything. >> reporter: channel 7 eyewitness news. now to the latest on prince. it could be weeks before we know what caused his death. the body was turned over to his family with no signs of trauma or suicide. >> it was a complete exam. several of the pieces garth will be sent to laps for further testing. >> reporter: prince was last seen alive wednesday night, found unresponsive thursday morning at the studio complex outside minneapolis. he was pronounced dead a short time later. the memorial outside his studio complex continues to grow.
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theaters in our area will be showing his 1984 film "purple rain," starting tomorrow. they started the tribute early with one showing. the film will be at six other new york and new jersey theaters through thursday. and tonight in harlem, people will continue to pay tribute to prince with the memorial outside the apollo theater. tonight stirring up the new interest. the body of the 31-year-old who found them 15 months ago stranded in the wooded area of the ocean county town of lakewood. she lived in the river where the two kids were reported missing two days before the body was found. now they are putting out that word for new clues to help solve -- to help solve this case. packages were disappearing. they decided to install that security camera and that this is what they discovered.
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and they were just taking that package. they spoke to eyewitness news tonight. >> i always thought that, you know, the postal worker would deliver to a different address. that it got delivered. but the thing is that i don't have any proof and now i have that to prove it and that it is the guy that stole my package. >> as they found a box a block away, but empty. police are alerting residence to try to identify this thief. a man hunt is underway in ohio for the shooter or the shooters who killed eight people. all the victims, members of the same families. their bodies were found in four different homes in the appalachian mountain region about 80 miles east. seven adults and the teenage boy were shot in the head treatment children were left alive, including a four-day-old baby. >> it is heartbreaking. i mean, the one mom apparently was killed in her bed with the
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>> there is a strong possibility that any individual involved with this are armed and extremely dangerous. >> reporter: the authorities say that there is no sign that any of the dead killed themselves. now to 2016 in a bold statement tonight from the republican national committee who said that the gop will not, quoting now, hand the nomination to a candidate that does not win the majority of delegates. if they do necessary delegates they will pick their nominee at the contested convention. even if they fall short of the majority requirements. meanwhile candidates are gearing up for another super tuesday. they all have been in those polls next week. both holding events tonight in pennsylvania and holding votes over the weekend.
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the israel center hosted a community dinner on the upper east side. like this one. new at 11:00, concerns about toys that may be sold at levels of lead. after almost hitting 80 degrees today we have fallen down into the lower 70s. just incredibly mild for this time of the night. this time of the year. some showers are showing up as they might linger into a part of the area here. we will talk about that in your full accu weather forecast. you have to see this. surviving a frightening accident when that piece of medal came crashing into her car.
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a worker in trouble tonight after tumbling down into a trench. police say that the man fell into a trench about 15 feet deep. the site is near the jewish medical center and good thing too because in that emergency room area, the doctor rushed to the scene to help. >> i saw that we cannot really do anything for this guy in there and except just not make it worse. to hold his head to make sure there is no movement to the spine. there is high risk of the neck fracture. the extent of his injuries are not clear at this time. the port authority that operates newark liberty airport
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provision where they will pay the city $1 million a year and for the right to operate at the airport. most of the airport is within the new york city limits and the port authority, they will lease the land from the city. a shuttered windshield. the shuttered windshield that will be coming this close to shattering a woman's life. this close. state police in massachusetts said that the woman was drive handgun driving -- the woman was driving when the piece of metal came through the windshield. she was glad that she was wearing sunglasses to protect her eyes from the glass shard that flew at her. some jewelry-making kits by crazy art contain parts with up to 10 times the amount of lead allowed by federal limits. the kits were sold at k-mart, target, toys "r" us, as well as amazon's website. new jersey-based crazy art says they are investigating. the problem could be limited to
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new tonight a 5-year-old in queens coming to the rescue over a mother who is having a seizure. now kids know how to call 911, but a 5-year-old when her mom is unconscious, she is indeed a hero. tonight mother and child are talking about their stronger bond with our lucy yang. >> reporter: i called 911. >> who told you to call 911? >> myself. >> reporter: isabella rodriguez just saved her mother's life. last wednesday mother and daughter were in their bedroom. isabel doing homework when her mother suddenly collapsed. she fell down and made me cry. >> reporter: despite the panic, they knew exactly what to do. >> mommy, wake up. >> reporter: with the mother suffering the epileptic seizure she gathered all the courage to call for help. >> and mom was shaking. she was on the floor.
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>> reporter: despite the tears and the fears, young isabella stayed on the phone until the ambulance arrived. >> and my mom had a seizure anyhow. >> reporter: isabella was able to give her address in corona rushed to the hospital. once she regained consciousness, that the first thing they told her was about her daughters. >> and i'm blessed by having this little girl here in my life and i'm blessed. >> and do you think that you're a hero? you do. >> i think that i'm a hero. >> a hero who would turn 6 this weekend with a lot to celebrate in this family. in queens, lucy yang channel 7 eyewitness news. >> hero indeed. there may be a rough and tumble presentation campaign underway, but not much of the way of the rough and tumble man that they want to replace. president obama and his wife, they are sipping tea and socializing with england's royal family. several generations of them.
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tonight hosted by prince prince harry. earlier that they would have a birthday lunch with queen elizabeth as there was some work to be done as he is also meeting with the prime minister urging britain to remain in the european union. and maybe the best picture of the day, right? the 2-year-old stayed up a bit past his bedtime to visit with the obamas. the little prince was dressed slippers. thanking the first family for a rocking horse that they sent in when he was born. that he could not get enough of those pictures today. >> he has no idea what's in stored for him. try to keep him sheltered about this. >> they do. >> absolutely. >> the forecast, what do we have ahead for us? >> not too bad. tomorrow a slow start with some clouds and a couple showers east of the city. but we will close out during the course of the day back up to 70 degrees.
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71 degrees the empire state building that went up in green and the wind coming from the south at 6 miles per hour. the high up near 80s getting up to 79 at central park and the full 15 degrees above normal and the record was 86. not quite getting up to that level, but newark got up to 83 this afternoon. new jersey getting up to 82 and cooler on the item of the atlantic ocean. in general a pretty nice weekend. it's not the trough that has been coming up here for the past cough l of days. about normal during the day with the highs in the 70s and the 70s on sunday. >> 73 at la guardia airport with temperatures in the mid- 60s down the shores into
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from time to time. just south of the danbury area. the clouds extend pretty far back. tomorrow morning we'll still have some cloud cover around because it will take a while for those clouds to move from the the west to the east. 8:00 tomorrow morning still a couple showers south and east of new york city. then we gradually clear things out during the afternoon. the temperature will respond accordingly getting up to near 70 by 3:00. here is your accuweather forecast. mostly cloudy. probably the widespread activity is after midnight down to about 60. mostly cloudy, a couple of showers from long island into the jersey shores. temperatures around 63.
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quite as warm as it has been the past -- the past couple of days. clear and chillier tomorrow night down to 47 in midtown. but check this out, 30s near freezing in the hudson valley. keep have scattered frost out there. i noticed those locations, mainly sny, but the the real warm air will be to the south and west of us at 80 degrees. watching those temperatures that are subject to change. thousanders and -- showers and thunderstorms are expecting to return. 64 back into the 70s by the end of the week. with that cool weather. frost in some areas. >> 76. >> yes. actually in that area that they will yell at me.
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it is a very exciting game and still going on, fighting to the end and then some.
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it went to a game five. he gets the goal to go to overtime, barcoff awarded a penalty shot in o.t., but inactions for both teams as it remaybes tied 1-1 november -- 1-1 in overtime. matt harvey trying to earn his first win of the season. before 11-4 braves tonight striking out five. but he threw 101 pitches in only five innings. good thing that they would havecurtis granderson. a pets are on top this is not a
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on right now. yankees try to get back on track with the rays in town, losing a ton of games lately, having trouble finding ways to score. overall the yanks have lost three in a row. seven out of their last ea. fourth inning tide to the two. and he rud in thetivitien into tie the game -- and later the two-run double with a much- needed win. 6-3 as they find a way to score tonight. it looks like josh norman and odell beckham jr. will find themselves twice a year. cut loose by the panthers with a five year $75 million deal
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$50 million of that money is guaranteed. they will play twice a year. the nfl draft opens up next overall. they have questions that need officially on the clock. here is the biggest on what to do with the free agent ryan fitzpatrick, still, but this is business and worth some money and both sides are patient. >> we're doing everything to forward. >> reporter: all right, finally from us, the programming note. channel 7 nba playoffs this sunday. spurs, grizzlies at the rocket's play after that and then sunday right here on channel 7. islanders still tied with the panthers.
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that's the news for now, i'm shirleen allicot. >> i'm bill ritter. thanks for watching. eyewitness news begins tomorrow morning at 6:00. for all of us here, have a great night, a wonderful weekend. be -- live"! >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, the cast of "captain


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