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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  April 23, 2016 9:00am-9:59am EDT

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>> i wasn't there for that. [ laughter ] >> meteorologist amy freeze is here taking a look -- [ laughter ] >> okay. i love you guys. >> you know what, it happens. it happens. right here it happens. good morning, we start off with clouds and overcast conditions and there are showers in spots. grab your umbrella if you are headed out the door and know day. overcast, but we can see down into lower manhattan and one world trade. it looks like this day will turn out to be better in the second half. we're at 61 degrees right now. if we can get that northerly wind to come in and dry out the atmosphere. sun breaks will move in and get our temperatures about 10 degrees warmer from what we've seen on the maps right now. 50s from poughkeepsie and new.
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montauk at 57 right now. if we get into the afternoon and the sun breaks happen, we shouldn't have any problem repeating our 70 degree reading today. then we cool it off in the second half of the weekend. here's the rest swinging through north jersey. there's still rain left on the accutrack. we can zoom in and see that the traffic is over the borough and showers into ozone park. we'll see that happening within the next five to ten minutes and more mad rat rain left back -- moderate rain left back in the lower hudson. still rain to go. we're not completely done with it yet. by the afternoon, the showers are out of here. so hackensack, you are up next. grab the umbrella if you have to walk the dog. everybody else is looking at the next several hours. temperatures get into the 70s later this afternoon. cooler and details on that in the accuweather seven-day coming up next, rob? following a developing story out of queens right now.
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after hitting a church van that was full of kids. >> people at the scene quickly jumped into action to help scrambling to get the trapped kids out of that van. kristin thorne joins us live from jamaica with more on the story. kristin? >> reporter: good morning, the force of the crash caused this church van to fly into several parked cars. one of them you are seeing right here still at the scene. six people injured in that van including several young children. as you mentioned, thankfully, everyone will be okay. this is exclusive surveillance video we obtained here on "eyewitness news" that shows it traveling on shore avenue when it was t-boned by a ford sedan, which blew through a stop sign. witnesses say the driver of the sedan got out of his car, looked at what happened and then ran away. this all happened around 11:00 last night. the driver of that church van, we're told by police, was injured as well. two female adult passengers, a teenager, and two 3-year-old boys. neighbors ran to help pull
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its side. >> i seen the neighborhood people, everybody trying to get the people and kids out. they were kicking the windows everything out. >> reporter: all of the passengers were taken to checked out. everyone was going to be okay. police continue to look for the driver of that sedan. i'm kristin thorne, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> thank you, kristin. happening today, the family of a man fatally shot by police last weekend will speak at today's national action network rally. george killman's mother, wife, sister and other loved ones will join reverend al sharpton to talk to the community about his death. the father of five was shot by four officers sunday in queens. they say he opened fire after they ran from him and reached for his gun. new this morning, a man police say is suspected of two
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five people in georgia has been found dead. the columbia county sheriff says the suspected gunman killed three people in a domestic dispute last night. two other people were found dead about a mile away. police say the victims may be related to the suspect's wife. police discovered the suspect's body early this morning with what teared to be a self- inflicted gun shod wound. turning now to "eyewitness news" exclusive. we're learning more about the man who was killed at a construction sight in manhattan. louis matta moved to the u.s. nearly a decade ago. he came here to get a job to simply support his family back home in mexico. on thursday, matta was leaving work in greenwich village when a wooden plank fell from a scaffold, hit him and killed him. >> i had a broken heart because he was my friend, you know? it's really sad. >> reporter: a department of buildings spokesperson says violations have been issued to
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past, including a stop work order for scaffolding. another stop work order has now been issued following matt's death. a huge relief for the family of a missing 11-year-old girl. she was found last night safe. shia andrews was last seen with hernan custodial mother. -- with her noncustodial mom. officers are not releasing any other details there. police have made an arrest in the shooting of a 7-year-old little boy who was hit by a stray bullet in patterson, new jersey. he was playing with his siblings at his home in february when shots with are fired on his street. a stray bullet came right through the window hitting him in the shoulder. april a seven-week investigation, police arrested a 29-year-old named justin pope. he faces charges including attempted murder. police in queens are hoping surveillance video will
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a pair of violent robberies. nypd says the suspects attacked a 25-year-old man from behind last week, punching him and kicking him before then robbing him as well. the next day, the three approached a 32-year-old man and hit him in the face with a rock before beating him and running off with his wallet and cell phone. some neighbors, as you can imagine, say they are concerned about this recent wave of violence. the neighborhood is getting very, very bad now. we have to do something with the community. >> all three suspects are believed to be in the late teens or early 20s. if you have any information, please give police a call. you can give crimestoppers an anonymous tip to authorities. coming up on "eyewitness news" saturday morning, we're learning more about the death of a once in a lifetime kind of artist, the legend, the icon prince. this weekend, how new york city is honoring this musical genius >> and in accuweather, we're tracking rain showers.
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saturday, but it doesn't end that way. the showers that are on the map right now will move off to the south and east. we'll talk about improvements. could we hit the 70s at all this weekend? the answers are comi smoking causes 16 different types of cancer. you have one clear way to reduce your risk. you can quit smoking.
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. welcome back, everybody. today, fans all over the world are celebrating the life of music legend prince. there are questions those surrounding the icon's death. there are questions also about the legacy of the music that he left behind. fans, some of them convinced some of his best work could still be stashed away when and if it's released. no one knows just yet. abc's dan harris, though, has more from minneapolis. [music] >> reporter: prince fans sounding the word of --
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diving into his music. the heaven-time grammy award winner reportedly left behind a secret vault of songs so vast his state could release an album a year for the next century. >> we could put out more work in a month than most could do in a year or more. >> reporter: the purple one was recording so much that she started collecting his tapes and storing them in one place. [music] leaving undiscovered songs that could become available dating all the way back to 1984 back to the time of his signature "purple rain." blueprints give us a view inside prince's massive studio complex and home, paisley park, including the section basement marked tape vault b9. rogers describes it as a giant room filled with shelfs that filled up quickly with private sonic treasures all sealed behind a door locked with a large spinning wheel. >> at the moment he spoke, he
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needed to get out. >> reporter: prince himself rarely discussed the so-called vault but did tell "the view" one way or the other the material would eventually become public. >> one day someone will release them. i don't know that i'll get to release them. >> reporter: prince wasn't married and had no kids, so with no obvious heirs, could representatives for his estate now battle over his music? it would be an a man who spent five years waging a public war against warner brothers for control of his music. >> you know, i don't own "purple rain" and i don't own "when doves cry." >> reporter: in the end, the beneficiaries may end up being his fans who could miss their prince but could have enormous unheard music to keep his memory very much alive. >> can you imagine what's in that vault? that was abc's dan harris reporting.
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in a tribute to prince, amc will be showing his 1984 film "purple rain." last night in our area, the amc on east 19th street started early. they had one showing here. the film will be at six other theaters through tuesday. so go get your "purple rain" fix, april lone ya fix and all of that stuff. and yes, last night in harlem, people paid tribute to prince again with a memorial outside of the famous apollo theater, a spot where fans continue to gather to come, remember and mourn the musicians. today, remember rend al sharpton holds a special memorial for prince joining the weekly rally. the memorial continues in recognition of the genius and giant we have lost too soon. we turn now to the race for president. ahead of the republican national committee says the gop
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to a candidate who doesn't win a majority of delegates. rice previs of s says if no candidates wins the necessary delegates, the party will pick its nominee. donald trump argues he should be the nominee even if he falls short of the majority requirement of 1237 delegates. meanwhile, candidates are gearing up for yet another super tuesday. voters in connecticut, pennsylvania, delaware, maryland and rhode island will head to the polls next week. hillary clinton and hillary clinton will be campaigning in connecticut today and tomorrow as well. trading ahead on "eyewitness news" saturday morning, a truck, look at this, swallowed hole in a houston parking garage. we'll tell you what was behind that. >> also ahead, can meditating
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. welcome back, everybody. we're seeing video right here of the earth swallowing up a tanker truck down in houston. it's not a sinkhole that's related to all of the recent flooding in that area. the parking lot is actually the roof of an underground parking garage, and the structure can't support vehicles more than 4400 pounds. the tanker's weight was obviously a little too much. fortunately, though, no one was hurt in all of this. >> good. >> indeed. i want to thank you all again for the purpleness, the purple- osity of the show. >> there's nothing to discuss. >> it just feels right. >> longest prince song? >> "purple rain?" >> it's 26 minutes long. >> i thought it was "sometimes it snows in april." that's nine minutes long. >> i never heard that song
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and we found it by googling it. >> "the war." >> little known. >> it didn't play on the radio because that's half an hour. >> of course. >> you have to have commercials. >> it is the most amazing catalog of music. the more i reed and more coverage -- the more i read and more coverage i absorb, what he did, it's artistically explorable. >> how many lifetimes, right? >> i found it impressive how many artists came forward with either personal messages that he had scribed for them, inspiring them or congratulating them or giving them advice. bruno mars posted up great things that he said to him. >> bruno mars, when you have two heroes, god and yourself. peace and be wild, prince. that's how he signed it. >> okay. >> i love it. >> i found all of those things very inspiring, right? >> i know.
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he had a lot of humanitarian work. he did a lot quietly without cameras and photos. just an incredible legacy. tile. >> that's all right. let me get going with the purple rain we have outside of why you are door. you need your umbrella with you early on. it doesn't last all day. mid morning, midday we see improvements first north then west. then everything shoves off to the south and east. outside your front door, you've got overcast conditions. more moderate rainfall outside of the city just north and west. so that's what's yet to come. then we'll be done with this. north winds will come in behind this showery activity and dry us out rapidly. so showers will move out for the second half of the day. a cool breeze will develop and we've got 60s coming for the second half of the weekend. while today could get into the 70 degree range, the cool air coming in behind it tomorrow is going to take our temperature down in a bit. 50s and 60s right now money
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take all day long. you could get wet, so make sure that you are ready for the showers that come and go. keep in mind we've had about a half inch in the highest amounts of rain spots. white plains is one of those. these are the numbers since midnight. many places getting less than a quarter inch of rainfall. i don't expect a lot more coming as far as stacking up the totals to be that impressive. so maybe a few hundreds of an inch. on radar and satellite, you can see some rain in hackensack. union city light rain. all of this pushing off to the south and southeast so you've been getting the consistent rain flow in because of what's happening. this pattern is pushing south and east. so we'll watch this until 11:00 a.m. this morning, maybe about noon to see the improvements of this shower activity moving out. sunday looks great. lots of sunshine. then the winds coming in from the north will keep our
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for today, air quality is good. uv rate is high and pollen count for the trees right now. breezy breaks will take 71 for the afternoon. just know that that's going to feel cooler once we settle into the evening hours. i think this allows to you open tonight. 46 degrees overnight. tomorrow it's pleasant, 66 the high on sunday afternoon. the accuweather seven-day forecast, monday turns out to areas. not everyone, if you are down the shore, any of the coastal locations, we'll see slightly cooler temperatures on monday because of the on-shore flow. setting the stage for a frontal passage on tuesday. that could spark storms into wednesday and thursday. thursday and friday, temperatures are in the mid- 60s and 70s. leaving the house this morning, you do need to be prepared for damp conditions, wet sidewalks and a few puddles to jump over
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by this afternoon, sun breaks. a north wind should dry us out rapidly depending on where you are if your fields got too wet, you may have the games canceled this afternoon as well. maybe, maybe if it can dry out quick enough, we may get rain. >> all right. we've got the parkinsons unity walk. >> you'll be out there. >> i will be there. in this morning's health alert, evidence that medicating could slow the aging of our brains. researchers scanned the brains of 50 people who regularly meditate and 50 people who do not. a computer analyzed each brain estimating its age. meditators' brains are seven years younger than they really were. nonmeditators matched their real age. the new york city deal
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welcome back, everybody. steph curry is doing a lot more than sinking three pointer after three pointer after three pointer. he's also helping under armor score. they have seen footwear surge 64% in the first three months of this year. overall, sales have gone up 30%. they are calling it the seth curry effect. no kidding. it does have a signature basketball line with under armor. >> he is the man right now in pro basketball. so keep it coming. >> looking for a second title
9:25 am
>> he's like, what is going on here. the islanders pull off an overearl time win in florida giving them the 3-2 lead in the series. allen kline scored on the power play. his first actually. the islanders play game 6 in brooklyn tomorrow to clinch the series. if they win, it would be the team's first postseason series win in 23 years. >> i can't believe it's been that long. it's time for sports with rob powers. >> reporter: trying to earn the first victory of the season, harvey 0-3 up against the 4-11 braves. he gave up a couple of runs. he struck out five and three 101 pitches in only five innings. good thing he got curtis granderson on the side run. bases loaded with a grand slam for granderson.
9:26 am
of innings later this is not a replay. it is a measly slow-mo shot. to the bronx. the yankees get back on track having trouble finding ways to score. overall, the yanks have lost three in a row. fourth inning tied 2-2. aaron hicks hurts his left shoulder trying to make the play. hicks is playing center field for jacoby ellsbury. he comes into the game on third base here in the fifth inning. here it comes. ellsbury steals home and ties the game at three. first straight steal at home for the yankees since jeter 15 years ago. ellsbury want done, oh, no. it is a two-run double here and a much-needed win for the yankees. 6-3 is the final score. they finally found ways to score. it looks like the josh norman o'dell beckett, jr. battles will happen twice a year every year. norman gets a five-year, $75
9:27 am
the biggest contract in the league for a corner and $50 million of that money's guaranteed. norman made headlines last year giants. they are now division rivals. they play twice a year. the nfl draft opens this week. the jets have the 20th overall pick but have questions that need answering before they are here's the biggest. what to do about free agent quarterback ryan fitzpatrick. still plenty of time before training camp. even more time before the season starts. both sides like each other, but it's business. it's money. both sides are patient. >> we're doing everything we can do to help facilitate putting the best team forward. at some point in time, hopefully ryan's a part of that, but we'll see. finally, a programming note. channel 7 nba playoffs tomorrow. doubleheader, spurs/grizzlies at one. warriors/rockets play tomorrow right here on channel 7. so another big sports
9:28 am
whatever happens, laura behnke's got you covered. i'm rob and i'll see you right back hear on monday. -- right back here on monday. we'll have much more ahead. >> police are looking for the driver who slammed into a packed church van in queens.
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. >> welcome back to "eyewitness news." we're taking a live look at our neighborhood on this saturday morning april 23rd. umbrellas have been opened and closed and opened and closed. it's been really nice on this saturday morning. >> purple rain. >> everyone's still in that state of mind, yeah. >> good morning, everybody. thanks for being with us. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm michelle charles. welcome back to "eyewitness news" saturday morning. >> and also who's in purple today, amy freeze.
9:31 am
a lot of folks using the remember prince. so we deal with our purple and start off this day with a chance for showers. it certainly doesn't last all day. in fact, we'll be able to lose the umbrellas as it looks like by 11:00, 12:00, around the lunch hour. everything starts to push off to the south and east. overcast for now looking into the battery. 60s. we'll go 61 currently in central park. looking for the temperatures to warm as much as ten degrees. that is going to take the sunshine to get these numbers up. dry out the atmosphere and the temperatures go up. early on, you'll dodge a shower or two. you can see that on the accutrack. it's moving through the city right now. all of the boroughs getting showers moving through. we've got rain that will push through central new jersey. these are light showers and again, the tendency is for the push to be south and east of us.
9:32 am
valley, you see improvements really quickly. we've got a shower right now moving over hillside. the futurecast shows us clearing out by about noon and the rest of the afternoon turning out to be nice. the best sky conditions will be north and west. the second half of the weekend is looking great at this point. take the temperatures into the low 70s about 10 degrees to where we are right now. tomorrow the cooler conditions. i'll have details in the seven- day forecast in a few minutes. rob? >> amy, thank you very much. not bad. we're continuing right now to follow the developing story out of queens. a speeding driver t-boned a church van carrying children. the driver then just ran away. we have video of the crash as police continue to search for the person behind the wheel at the time. kristin thorne joining us live now from jamaica with more on the story. this is the intersection
9:33 am
six people in total injured in that van, including at least one pregnant woman a teenager, and two toddlers. this is surveillance video which you saw first here on "eyewitness news," which shows this church van traveling on shore avenue and then getting t- boned by a ford sedan, which had blown through a stop sign. this all happened around 11:00 last night in jamaica, queens. the van then crashed into several parked cars. the driver of that sedan, we're told by witnesses, got out of the car, looked at what happened and ran away. the concern, of course, immediately was for the people trapped inside of that van. the force of the crash caused the van to flip onto its side. neighbors ran out to help. >> a 5-month-old baby and the girl was pregnant right now. so we were trying to get her out. the baby was the most important thing. >> reporter: all of the passengers were transported to jamaica hospital for evaluation. they are all expected to be just fine.
9:34 am
the driver of that sedan. we're live in jamaica queens this morning. i'm kristin thorne, channel 7 "eyewitness news." also new morning, a new york-bound flight made an emergency landing because of a broken windshield. the american airlines flight said the pilot said the windshield was cracked out of an abundance of caution, flight 1048 made an math landing. 166 passengers and six crew members were on board at the time. everyone was fine. federal officials have denied parole to the stepfather of late rapper tupac shakur. the 65-year-old is serving 30 years for masterminding a string of armed robberies in both new york and connecticut. they include the 1981 holdup of an armored truck in rockland county, which a brinks security guard and two nay yak police
9:35 am
the museum of modern art received a nice gift, a $100 million donation. david geffen donated it. among the changes, three floors of new galleries called the david geffen wing. geffen, a brooklyn native is the co-founder of dream works studios. >> reporter: hometown boy done good. >> right. >> apparently very good. >> pretty good there. i mean, can you imagine taking out the checkbook and here's $100 million going to a great cause and great group. >> so good. coming up next on "eyewitness news" saturday morning, a manhunt is under way in rural ohio, just a horrendous story. police searching for the man who shot and killed eight members of one family. new details police are learning this morning. >> also ahead, if your daily commute takes you across the tappan zee bridge, the way you pay at the toll is changing in
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this is the elevator rap slapbacks and cadillacs [music] >> well that is the elevator rap from usc linemen who got stuck in the elevator. the group were headed to dinner with their offensive coach when they all got in one elevator. not a high percentage move. here was the problem. they were 700 pounds over the weight limit. >> is he crying? >> 6' 9'' 360 pounds zach banner decided to record and live tweet the entire ordeal. here's the cool thing. the firefighters who showed up to rescue them came with snacks and drinks. it took about an hour, though,
9:39 am
don't do this at home, people. >> i get slightly claustrophobic. i hate being stuck on an elevator. i would freak out within five minutes. >> i would have been like, you know what? i'm doing quick math in my head, boys. let's catch the next one. >> i know. >> i did have a pretty intense phobia of elevators before i came to new york, which you have to quickly get over. >> right. >> i still cringe at the small ones. i prefer the open ones. i like to go in the cargo elevator. [ laughter ] >> you prefer to be with the freight. >> and i really don't like the cage. >> oh, no. it just feels old and quasimodo like. >> yeah, whatever. i mean, i guess it's better than the walk-up, right? i don't know. we have a few showers out there right now. >> i know.
9:40 am
>> this is my saturday. >> if you can hold off for the afternoon and the $1030 and 11:00, you can see the showers dissipate and the sun breaks out and looking for a northerly wind. so there's time to see improvement. we're expecting our temperatures to make it to about 70 degrees as well. all morning long, the visibility has come and gone as the showers had passed through. we could see down to one world trade right now. 61 you were rently at central park. it will become breezy once the winds out of the north start to pick up a bit, that's what dries out the atmosphere. that will make it feel cool late afternoon into the evening. watch for out, breeze developing and 60s for the second half of the weekend. 70 and by tomorrow, cool air is coming in. there's evidence of the drier air trying to make its way in. 11 degrees cooler in monticello
9:41 am
that's a little piece of evidence with the cooler air trying to infiltrate the area 50s and 60s on the map. there's certainly little more sunshine but the atmosphere will feel different. rate now it's muggy, moist outside, damp streets and on the accutrack, showers are still falling over not just manhattan but many of the boroughs. hit or miss showers are coming through. hackensack just got done with showers. further back into bloomfield and newark, we've got showers coming down. union city, you'll see rain coming down in the 20 minutes. ozone park getting another shower coming in. that's how it's been much of the morning, the showers coming and going. we won't be completely done with them until about noon. then we see the nice improvements and even the computer models show the clearout happens rapidly even by 9:00 a.m., the hit or miss showers happening and then by
9:42 am
sunshine farther back to the north and west. lots of sun on sunday looking good. we take the futurecast hardly a cloud to look tomorrow. by sunday, it looks back to sun and clouds and temperatures in the mid-70s. first pitch forecast 1:00 in the bronx. the rays are playing a north wind. that's what you notice 20 miles per hour. it should be very, very pleasant. the breezy breaks come in and makes it look better. tonight is clear, 46 for the overnight low. one of the nights where you can open the windows and let in the cool breeze, accuweather seven- day forecast turns warmer on monday. this is inland 75. at the shoreline, temperatures a little cooler because of the onshore sea breeze we're expecting. tuesday, the front actually passes us and we get mid-60s. that will also be a day we could see thunderstorms. wednesday, a mix of sun and clouds, 67. temperatures do turn up for thursday 72 and then 64 on friday.
9:43 am
over the next cupful days with temperatures ranging from the mid-60s to mid-70s. what's going to be sort of a defining factor is where you are as these fronts come and go. so it could be a little warmer. could be on the cool side. you will have to pay attention to the forecast. where the winds are coming from could make all of the difference. today when we get that northerly breeze, you'll know what i'm talking about. >> see, i'm going to have that amy a-ha moment. this is what she's talking about. >> oh, yeah. have you ever had a bum- bum dial? someone is in jail because of a phone call he did not make on purpose anyway. joseph was riding his bicycle when he pocket dialed 911 over and over again. when they found him, he pocket dialed 911 again and dispatchers heard him say "busted" and learned a little bit more about him.
9:44 am
so he was taken into custody on the warrant. when he was taken into custody on the warrant, they found a small amount of marijuana in his pocket and small amount of methamphetamine. >> he previously failed to appear in court on drug and theft related are charges. coming up on "eyewitness news" saturday morning, lower air fares, believe it or not, lower air fares are on the way. hear when the discounted rates will start kicking in. >> before we go to break, let's go to a song that's not going to play because it's a joke. >> people still don't get that. >> purple for purple rain for prince. >> we're honoring prince all weekend. that's why we're dressed in purple and all calendars are dedicated to prince. i'm sharing prince trivia and we've done "money don't matter tonight" at 6:00 p.m.
9:45 am
he wrote a crazy good song, gave it to members of the revolution to do on their own. >> mm-hmm. >> he liked what they did with the song so much, he took it back and made it his own. that song was "kiss." he gave it away originally and took it back. >> i'm taking that >> oh, yeah. >> on madonna's big hit eye like a prayer 0 i ," that's prince on guitar and he never took credit for it. third fact, he shares a birthday with a certain someone, june 7. >> and jessica tandy. i can't take. >> prince, jessica tandy, similar artists. >> with that the remix here. >> it's not gonna play. >> amy is laughing so hard. >> sun roof open on a brilliant day. this is remix of "little red corvette." [music] here's what's happening. have confidential papers lying
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do with them? come to the mobile shredder to watch the clutter disappear. going back to the prohibition era as you focus on of course phiing experience of the 1930s movement. at the museum of the city of new york, be part of the 46 am annual earth day celebration. we help you learn about ways to protect our planet. heading with family and friends for fun at the spring festival and indulge in hands-on arts and craft. watch how wool is spun and see demonstrations on a day of sheep shearing in new jersey.
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refresh yourself on the outside and inside
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sip in a refreshing iced tea, iced green tea, or iced tea lemonade today. america runs on dunkin'. be . >> an intense manhunt after eight members of a single family in ohio were all gunned down execution style. >> the rampage took place at four different locations. abc's eva pilgrim has the latest on this manhunt and the murders. >> a mass -- a massive manhunt and a killer on the loose. the search continues for this shooter. >> we do not know whether we're talking about one individual or two or three or more. >> there is a threat there, and i believe that threat to be armed and dangerous.
9:50 am
caller reporting the gruesome discovery. investigators say seven adults and one 16-year-old all killed execution style. all members of the same family that investigators think were targeted. their bodies found in four homes all less than two miles apart. >> it's heartbreaking. i mean, the one mom apparently was killed in her bed with the 4 day old right there. >> reporter: that newborn among three children who survived the massacre. stunned family members gather at a nearby church. >> never have i ever imagined such devastation to a family, to a county. >> just a terrible thing. >> you'd have to be a monster to go in and do something like that. >> that was abc's eva pilgrim reporting. meantime in michigan, the uber driver accused of killing six people in kalamazoo is fit to stand trial.
9:51 am
competent enough to understand the murder charges against him. investigators say he shot people outside of a restaurant and car dealership in february in kalamazoo. daulton told police a devil figure on uber's app controlled him. prosecutors say a plea deal will not be offered. a record number of guns was found inside carry-on bags across the country this week. 73 firearms were discovered. 68 of them were loaded and 27 a previous record was set at 68 in october. the transportation safety administration says agents regularly find more than guns in carry-on bags, bb guns, replicas, brass knuckles and batons have been found. mcdonald's is getting an all around boost from its all- day breakfast. profits have surged by more
9:52 am
because of egg mcmuffins. globally, same-store sales rose 6%. the company says it's extended breakfast menu has helped boost numbers here in the u.s. >> hotcakes, sausage and the hash brown with the greasy biscuit as students do the paper, delicious. traveling by plane will get a bit easier on the wallet. finally good new from the airline industry. all four major airlines, american, united, delta, and southwest have plans for lower fares this year. american airlines says customers can expect those lower prices, but the rates will only last through 2017. american says competitors and a drop in business travel are responsible for the decrease, but even with the lower fares coming, air carriers are still seeing huge profits because primarily, the cost of fuel has dropped so much in recent months. a commuter alert for everybody this morning. crashless tolls take effect at the tappan zee bridge shortly after the stroke of midnight
9:53 am
here's a live look at the toppen did i bridge where the new system activates at 12:01 a.m. it allows drivers to pay tolls without slowing down one bit or stopping. they can pay either through e-z pass or tolls by mail. >> i like that. keep it moving. it's new york, things to do, including super cat saturday. amy, what's going on? >> aren't you glad it's the weekend? that weese we begin with. get your -- that's what we begin with. get your paws up. her color and coat is where she gets her name. twitter. you have this poser dexter who's not the only one with his paws up, though. quincy, hey, what's up? sent in by sandy. nice see you. a little wave there. this very nice exposed cat sent in by ashley. looks like he's been working on
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we'd love to this price is so low. trying to make me eat my greens? no, just trying to save you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices.
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great price on this boneless chicken! yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices.
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a speeding driver hit a church van containing children and ran away. police are looking for that driver. >> hi, kristin. >> reporter: this is the intersection where it all happened. the driver of that car, again, police are looking for him. meanwhile, six people in that van injured including several children. thankfully everyone will be okay. this is surveillance you saw first. witnesses say the driver of the sedan got out of his car, saw what happened and ran away.
9:57 am
injured as well as a teenager and two 3-year-old boys. they are all going to be okay and the search continues for the driver of this sedan. we're live in jamaica queens. i'm kristin thorne, channel 7 "eyewitness news." now to the latest on the death of music legend prince. authorities say it could be weeks before we know the cause of death. they say early on there are no signs of trauma or suicide. in tribute to prince, local amc theaters, get this, will show his 1984 film "purple rain" starting today. you can catch it at seven sheeters in new york and new jersey through thursday. several days to go to check it out. why not? a piece of movie history right there. the music and morris day and "the times." >> i'll have to lie to my parents again to go see it.
9:58 am
>> well, it wasn't the truth. i said i was going to see "the natural." i thought it was a cowboy movie. mom said yeah, you'd better get your facts straight. robert redford, oops. >> they say parties weren't meant to last. >> sad but true. >> rain wasn't meant to last, either. this afternoon, the sun breaks. we have a north wind developing so yes, we'll dodge a shower early on. looking for a high of 71. accuweather seven-day forecast hoping to chase way the gray and bringing the sun. sunday's looking fantastic, a high of 66 degrees. the accuweather seven-day forecast cooling it back down on tuesday after a front coming through with storms. then the wednesday 67 we climb back into the 70s on thursday. friday storms the high of 64. so bouncing around the temperatures between 65, 75 degrees pretty much all week. >> not bad. >> enjoy, everybody. that will do it for this edition of "eyewitness news" saturday morning.
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