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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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cab, forced that cab into a pole and fled the scene. fans pay tribute to the legendary prince. investigators look into the singer's death, but say some details will remain private. good evening, i'm joe torres. >> and i'm sandra bookman. a wild crash in long island. >> a driver hit the taxi and pushed it across a turnpike and tried to escape. mallory hoff is in frankland -- >>reporter: this crash happened at 4:16 this morning. the taxi cab driver arrived here at this airport and turned onto the road when the crash happened. both cars came to a stop where the power pole is across the street. the other driver ran from the scene, but arrested an hour later. his charges
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nassau county police say 23-year-old duke was driving a bmw at a high rate of speed when he hit a 2009 chevrolet taxi. the bmw pushed the taxi across two westbound lanes onto the sidewalk on lincoln road. the taxi driver died as a result of the crash. >> my love goes to his family and kids. >> his colleagues said he arrived early for a 5:00 a.m. shift when the crash took place. >> there's no reason for fast. he doesn't live in this world by himself, so you can't drive like that the world. he needs to be careful. >> that victim was from he -- he 47-year-old. released.
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looking for a driver in a hit and run driver that hit a sedan. it happened just before 11:00 p.m. the car ran a stop sign and t-boned the van which ended up on its roof. the three adults and three children in the van were hurt, but not seriously. >> it's crazy to see it, but we're grateful that they're okay. it could have been worse, but by the miracle of god, it is not. this is a miracle that everybody's okay and safe. >> hospital doctors treated and released the injured victims, and the crash damaged a parked car. police are looking for a 2016 ford sedan. celebrations in honor of music legend prince extend into the weekend. fans continue to visit his minnesota compound where the singer was discovered dead thursday morning. abc
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>>reporter: a legend is honored some some making the trip across the country to the memorial outside of paisley park. >> i like the red corvette. and he was -- you feel like how he was feeling when he was singing. >> for the majority of those who placed balloons and artwork baring the artwork synonymous of his name -- playing a sound track reflected on their youth. >> this is what the dove lies >> prince grew up with me, and i'll never forget "when doves cry." >> he left an influence on everyone that was from the area. >> many fans remain stunned that such a power house is gone. >> i think it brings tears
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that he's a great artist, a genius as he was to die so young unexpectedly. >> another all night dance party happened in minneapolis at the first avenue club. for the third time weekend, fans will commemorate the life of prince while partying like it's 1999. interestingly enough, outside the -- there's been no music playing at this memorial. rather an extended moment of silence. while around the world, prince's songs remain on repeat. in minnesota, adrian banker, -- his movie purple rain will be shown today starting to today through thursday. you can catch it in seven theaters in new york and new jersey. stay
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slide show of prince's life and legacy on abc 7: there's been an over overwhelming number of tips of the massacre in a same family. the victim's families were found in four different homes yesterday in an rural area 80 miles east of the cincinnati. 7 adults and a teenage boy shot in the head. three children were left alive including a 4-day old baby. police are executing search warrants and saying more than one person may be responsible. the daughter of a georgia man who shot five people to death before killing himself says her father was a quote, ticking time bomb. she hid with her -- 50-year-old wayne anthony shot himself after shooting and killing three men and two women. new video in the search for two men involved in a brooklyn shooting that left
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police are looking for a blue is suburban and a mercedes benz. police say a man in that mercedes got out and opened fire on a man in the suburban. bullets struck 50-year-old alisa in the face. that bullet broke a bone just above her chin. police are looking for this person after an assault in a subway station in the bronx earlier this month. they say a suspect punched a woman while boarding a southbound five train at the third avenue east 149th street station. the suspect came up behind the victim, grabbed her, and hit her in the face. the suspect, you see her here, got away on the subway. you turn to the race for president. donald trump says he has no intentions of toning it down one day after his chief adviser said that the front runner would show
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he campaigned in connecticut and held -- authorities once again ejected protestors. a bridgeport police officer put a man in a choke hold and dragged him out of the rally. trump told supporters he can be presidential when he needs to be, but when he's campaigning, he has to be different. >> i don't like toning it down. i'm going to talk about that in a second because it's interesting. isn't it nice that i'm not one of these tela prompter guys. >> trump's rivals are gearing up for primary in five northeast states. cruz spoke at a rally near pittsburgh, and john kasich held a town hall meeting in rhode island. on the democratic side, both clinton and sanders are campaigning in connecticut weekend. during a roundtable event, clinton talked about raising the she'll campaign in
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fundraiser in stanford. sanders will have a rally in new haven. today he was in maryland where he criticized clinton's record in the senate and as secretary of state. stay with eyewitness news and abc news for coverage of the race for president. you can get the latest on the campaigns at our website at abcy and click on politics. still ahead on eyewitness news at 5:00, a messy scene in new jersey. freight trains run off the tracks. and more people buy tickets online. a new company aims to take the guesswork out of finding the perfect seat. we have a perfect afternoon after a dreary afternoon. it's going to chill off in a big way tonight.
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four cars of an sfx freight train derailed this morning in jersey city. it happened near new york avenue in a common avenue shared by sfx southern railways. there were no injuries and hazard materials were not involved. the derailment posed to danger to the public. what caused it is under investigation. it was a beautiful day today for a parade. >> this one to celebrate the opening of a little league season that children marred up saint nicholas avenue in washington heights. michael little
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28th season. the team is named for a 24-year-old nypd officer who was shot and killed by a suspect in 1988. all the players wear the names of fallen nypd officers on the backs of their shirts. >> keeping these heroes alive, i believe you die twice -- as long as we can keep these young children and let them know who the hero was and how the bad guys -- whatever happened to them and keep their names alive. >> the team is also said to be the only one in the country run and coached by police officers. a cool morning did not deter the people who want to find a cure for parkinson's disease. thousands showed up for the parkinson's unity walk. all the money raised goes to research. parkinson's disease effects movement.
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the day, but it certainly followed your forecast and cleared up. >> second half, working out better than the first today. the second half of the weekend is going to be just as nice as the second half of today. a lot of halves in that forecast. we get outside and we look at full sunshine. looking down at central park. a lot of people out there in the sheep's meadow taking advantage of this nice afternoon. northeast wind at 10 miles-per-hour. it has been a little gusty at times. and with humidity plummeting over the next few days, the brush fire risk will be in -- it will be increasing. we had several of those. it got up to 71 a little while ago. the records were 86 set recently in 2007. but it's well above normal for this time of year by 7 degrees. chilly tonight though. they'll be 30s areas north and west of the city. maybe some patchy frost in parts of the hudson valley,
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nice day tomorrow. seasonable sunshine. temperatures back into the middle and upper 60s. we're into the 70s on monday. through tomorrow and monday, there's an elevated brush fire risk. we'll have to see if the national weather service issues a red flag warnings like they had during this past week. 73 in new york. warm west of the new york city. down to 55 at monticello and that's evidence of that cooler air bleeding in from the north. 64 newburg. 70 down the shore at brick. 66 on the island of ice lip. and 57 on the east end of monday tiff where you're clearing out. all that damp weather and dreary weather we had this morning is over the ocean, but you're getting clouds south of new york city. it points north and west. it's clear and with the wind coming in generally from northerly direction overnight, that's efficient in transporting the colder air off to the south. we're down to 46 for a low tonight in central park.
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want to layer up late. we're down into the 30s. right plains and morristown and below freezing at monticello. in the areas that are above freezing overnight, we're right near the service of the earth, near the plants and flowers. there could be a touch of frost this morning. highs tomorrow, getting up to 66 in the park. and cooler along the jersey town. belmar getting up to -- a few degrees cooler than today. a lot of sunshine. accu weather forecast for tonight, clear and cooler. down to 46 in midtown. some suburbs will get down into the 30s. the high getting up to 66. a smidge above average for this time of year. partly cloudy tomorrow night and down to 51. here's your accu weather 7-day forecast, check out monday. 75 degrees.
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out there with a mix of sun and clouds. it looks like we'll have showers and thunderstorms around during the day on tuesday. it's a cooler day today. only getting up to 65. we break out with the sunshine of the upper 60s. another shot of rain on thursday and evening. 64. friday, mainly cloudy and a lingering shower, 68. we next weekend. still need some. and i'll show you how the derth of rainfall -- i'll show you that in the next half hour. president obama continued his visit to the united kingdom and he said he was robbed. that's what the president claimed during a round of golf with prime minister david cameron. the ball was heading to the third hall. jeff and i could relate to that. it circled around the hole. the leaders played at the grove. the
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masters later this year. this is the second time president obama had golfed on a foreign trip. >> that's the problem. >> he wasn't familiar with the hall. lauren is up next with sports. >> the rangers playing for their postseason -- we're going to check on that five -- there's walk off drama. the islanders will
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yankee trying to get on the role, huh, lauren. >> the yankees earned a needed win as they began a series against the rays at the stadium. a trend they hope to continue today as the 9-game home stand is near the end. the rays at it again. they're going 7 strong in the second straight -- striking out brad miller to get out of the jam in the 4th. he couldn't get out of this trouble. in the 5th, kevin taking him deep for the solo home run as the rays take the lead. the yankee his to answer a couple of innings later. the game tied in the bottom of the 9th, but not anymore. it's gardener again. time sends
5:21 pm
walk off home run. 3-2, the yankees win their second in a row. no team wants to keep putting itself in a desperate situation, but the rangers can say they've been here before. they've come back to win the last two. in pittsburgh, they're trailing 6-2 as they start the 3rd. as for the islanders, much to work last night. they took a lead over the panthers in double overtime of game 5. alan scoring the game winner on the power play. 16 minutes into the second ot. everything ended just after midnight in florida. the islanders one win away from their post series win in 23 years. >> a huge win. we got to move forward. the last one is the hardest one. >> we had to fight for it. they're playing well. we're spending a lot of time on our end, but the
5:22 pm
>> nothing something we talk about in the sport's world, but it's prong time. high schoolers look forward to -- for one senior -- >> looking at her dress, becca couldn't be more excited. >> the back is see through. >> her senior prom is tonight. she has pre-prom planned, but it isn't dinner or a trip to the salon. she'll be making her first maa debut an hour or so before prom. >> my sister who is doing my makeup says what if you have a black eye? i'll be fine. >> but she's been training at her omaha gym for the last year. >> i remember saying i want to be a champion, and that didn't happen. >> a female maa is on the
5:23 pm
it's popular and for somebody like becka, it's great for her. she wants to pursue this into something bigger. >> she wants to make it to the ufc and fight on the national stage, but step one. get through her first fight saturday. >> up, up. >> even if it means a few bruises or a black eye at prom. >> i'm going to have so much fun. >> it will certainly be a night to remember that's for sure. coming up, at 6:00, we're going to wrap up the rangers must win game five against the -- we'll check in on the nba playoffs as well. joe and sandra, see you in a bit. >> thank you lauren. trying to buy tickets to a baseball game or play online can be difficult. it's hard to know if you're going to get good seats or if you're stuck behind a support beam. >> americans will buy 85 million tickets to various events and many tickets are purchased using mobile
5:24 pm
king went to lower manhattan to a company who says they're trying to make it user friendly. >>reporter: using smartphones, they're looking to make noise in the 3 -- 30 billion >> it's the uncertainty of not knowing what they buy. >> fans select an event and a seating chart shows up. click on a seat and virtual reality takes you there. >> you're looking what it looks like to sit in that seat. >> we hooked it up to a monitor so you can see what i'm saying. >> you're going to get a few hd pan -- pan ram i can experience. >> you can see it -- at the
5:25 pm
manhattan, a team is mapping the yankees stadium. >> we can use that and overlap it with photos. >> ruckus cofounder hope to have all of the city's venues mapped within a year. so what has begun with sporting events will soon extend to all forms of entertainment. >> virtual reality is a key. it's the missing piece to allow fans learn what is my experience going to be. so they can decide if they want to pay more or less. and decide what's the best seat for their money. >> what's begun with sporting events will soon extent to all forms of entertainment. i'm sandy canninon, -- violence erupts at a hospital when family members react to the shooting death of a loved one.
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after an ambush. plus a low battery leads to high stress for cell phone users. consumer
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here's a look at tonight's top stories. a taxi driver dead and another driver under arrest on long island. police say
5:29 pm
tried to flee the scene after he hit a car pushing it into town car. a church van was hit in queens. six people escaped serious injury when the van flipped over in jamaican. celebrations continue in honor of legendary singer prince. fans are visiting his minnesota compound where the singer was discovered dead thursday morning. good evening, again, everyone. i'm sandra bookman. >> and i'm joe torres. a fire broke out at a house fire. >> that led to another wild scene at the hospital where grief corrupted into a mayday. aj ross is live in south bronx. aj. >>reporter: if you look behind me, you can see the police tape is roping off several blocks in the south bronx following two back-to-back shootings. the first happened on clay hospital and left a 30-year-old man dead and the hunt for his killer
5:30 pm
family is overwhelmed with pain. >> i didn't know what happened. what happened. scary. >> a small house party turned into a huge crime scene saturday morning when gunfire erupted inside this clay avenue home. >> the guys were cool. everybody was cool. the music was playing low. it was fine. next thing you know as i go across the street, and as soon as i put my key inside the door, i see people running outside the house and they scattered everywhere. >> a 30-year-old man was taken to bronx hospital where he was pronounced dead. it was news his loved ones didn't take well. a large fight broke out at the hospital with a female breaking a window of a police car and another female arrested for assaulting an officer. another shooting a couple of blocks away spilled over at 169 street and morris avenue. >> i saw them coming out with a body on the gurney. >> maybe an hour after
5:31 pm
>> the two shootings are likely related, and they recovered five shell casings at the second scene in addition to this knife discovered on clay avenue. >> we have to go, but a violent way, it's honestly sad. when is it going to stop? i don't know. >> police have independent icated they're searching -- police indicating they're searching for two males and three males who fled the scene. i'm aj ross, channel 7, eyewitness news. a gunman took aim at two officers at a walmart in phoenix, arizona. the officers survived. the man who shot them, 24-year-old mitchell oakley is dead. police say he ambushed the officers as they responded to a call about a trespasser. >> our officers are alive, and just for that, we're eternally grateful. both were shot multiple and they're stable at --
5:32 pm
their bullet proof vest. >> he was a transient, but had family in the area. investigators recovered 30 cases of commercial fireworks stolen from a train from chicago to detroit. thieves stole -- the explosives are used in aerial shows. the investigation continues. new video from a drone shows the wide spread damage after that earthquake in he ecuador. officials are listing 130 people are still missing. more than 26,000 are living in shelters. many people have having to sleep outside as the area continues to experience after shocks. the 7.8 magnitude quake hit one week ago. in china, six people are missing after a landslide struck in the un
5:33 pm
shovels and their bare hands in the search for survivors. seasonable rains with common. y new york city is honoring a former fire commissioner on what would have been his 100th birthday. west 155th street in riverside drive was conamed robert way. olary was the city's first black fire commissioner. family members received a commemorative street sign matching the one that went up. new york's first black mayor talked laurie's service -- >> it's bob lawry that paved the way for me to be the 106th mayor of this city. >> he joined the fdny in 1941 and appointed commissioner in 1965. he was known for his dedication to improving race relations.
5:34 pm
complaints that people have about their smartphones is short battery life. >> consumer reports put 50 phones to the test to find out which has the longest lasting batteries and to offer tips to keep your phone battery going. here's eyewitness news anchor laurie stokes. >>reporter: it has happened to all of us at some point. you're nowhere near an electrical outlet or you don't have a charger and you get a low battery warning on your phone. consumer reports tests dozens of smartphones and their batteries each year. and can help you avoid a dead phone. in one of their battery life test, there's a -- like voice calls and web browsing. >> lazy cow lay in the cool grass. >> the battery life of the phones in our ratings ranges from less than 8 hours to more than 24. >> the motor row low
5:35 pm
followed by the samsung galaxy 7 edge and the samsung galaxy 6 active. the -- those all have rapid charging which can bring a dying battery to 30 to 60% in 30 minutes. but what if your phone isn't on the list. >> even if you don't have one of these phones, there's lots of ways for you to get more juice out the phone you have. >> it can adjust to indoor or outdoor lighting or lower it when you can. you can also set the screen to go to sleep in 15 to 30-seconds of inactivity. >> another tip, if you find yourself in an area where there's no signal, put your cell phone in airplane mode. that disables calls accident text and e-mail. >> phones offer power saving or low power mode if you're running really low. laurie stokes, channel 7, eyewitness news.
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eyewitness news at 5:00, another musical app makes noise by refusing to reform in north carolina after a law limiting protections for the lbgt community. it's easy to get chills when you look at a powerful piece of art, but one new
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i solemnly swear that my kfc $20 fill up will fill your family of four up, with eight pieces of delicious original recipe chicken and sides. it's a meal that's freshly prepared every day. court adjourned! colonel quality, guaranteed. members of the blue man group just cancelled their upcoming performances in north carolina. they joined the growing list of entertainers and businesses protesting hb-2. the state law banning those from using public restrooms not matching their biological sex. the blue man group was supposed to perform in charlotte in june. the
5:40 pm
individual's right to live a dignified, vibrant life in full color. there's a new ominous addition to the manhattan skyline and did sits a top of the metropolitan museum of art. >> eyewitness news lauren glassberg takes us on the creepy tour. >>reporter: instead of competing, carter decided to add to it. >> people look at the view, and i thought i could make it in congress, an object to sit with the view, so it was apart of the skyline in new york. >> in congress, indeed. >> it goes to a beautiful view to what is that to a scary house in the roof top. >> it's a 30-foot high sky sculpture. the wood all from an old barn up state and it's a symbol to look
5:41 pm
house from the film "phyco" >> perhaps i was channeling hitchcock. >> the piece was for its roof, it's titled transitional object psycho barn. >> sometimes she takes objects and explodes them, and represents them in a different way and infuse a new story or life into the objects. >> sneak into the back and it's a set propped up and stabilized and for this drop back. >> it's an old school -- and with this modern, beautiful skyline, and so, i just thought it would be beautiful. >> to add to the experience, there's 6 specialty cocktails being offered. this is called >> it's important for us
5:42 pm
others to have this extraordinary view, but to have something unique. >> the exhibition runs through halloween, but of course. lauren glassberg, channel 7 eyewitness news >> everything goes down easier. >> that's right. coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00, a man accidentally turns himself into police all because of a pocket dial. what the police found out after this guy called 911. and police say a woman tried to hit someone with an suv and led officers on a high speed chase. we had a little rain this morning, but we could use more. since march 1st, 30% of rainfall. we have two opportunities though
5:43 pm
mu smoking causes 16 different types of cancer. you have one clear way to reduce your risk. you can quit smoking.
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new video of a nighttime car chase on the freeway of southern california. a woman fled after trying to run over her parents with an suv. after driving through several counties, cops lost her. but they got word they should been spotted in a bar and when they arrived, she ran down the street. and strip necked. that's when police a rrested her. also in california, surprise, surprise, a mountain biker was airlifted to safety after falling off a cliff into a canyon in laguna beach. a helicopter was able to hoist the biker up. he was rushed to the hospital reportedly in critical condition. he suffered fractures and internal injuries, but authorities say it was fortunate he was wearing a helmet, and that thick vegetation absorbed his fall. jeff with the accu weather forecast. >> i know when i'm hiking along the palisades, i make
5:47 pm
vegetation there. anyway. nice day coming up for tomorrow. we have a couple of chances of rain coming up during the next week. we need the rainfall in the area. we're 30% of normal since march the 1st. we have outside -- we check out what's going on. there's clouds to our south and east. those are clouds the we had this morning. they're shifting offshore into the atlantic ocean. 67. mostly sunny skies and the wind coming from the in the east at 10 miles-per-hour and these temperatures falling pretty quickly overnight. you have to layer up especially if you're heading out during the later hours of the evening. we're down to 60 by 9:00. 55 by midnight. it's the northerly wind coming at 8 to 16 miles-per-hour that's helping to propel the colder air from the north. rainfall today, and much of this occurred around dawn, point 1 inches in -- caldwell down the shore checking with point 4
5:48 pm
exited. it's a mild weekend overall. not exceptionally warm because unlike like last week when we had the winds from the south or the southwest, they're coming in more from the west. it's a mild pacific air mass. not a gulf of mexico air mass, so temperatures back into the 60s. we did top out officially at 71 in central park. right now again, sitting at 67, a pair of sixes on the island. 64 down the shore. 55 at monticello. upper 50s on the east at monday tact. some places are going to get into the 30s north and west, and that can mean patchy frost in the locations. the radar and satellite showing the dreary rain moving offshore quickly. you have clouds leftover ocean county extending into surfer county and long island, but in general, the trend is for dry. lows tonight, getting down to 46 in the
5:49 pm
below freezing at monticello. down to 35 at sell sick. upper 30s on islip and mid-30s, and belmar towards -- getting to the mid-60s. a couple of degrees above average, but not quite as warm as it was today. cooler along the coast right around 60 down the jersey shore onto long island. weather wellness, air quality on the moderate side tomorrow. not great. uv index is 70. you can get a sunburn with full sunshine. pollen is high. i've been hearing sneezing and coughing in the cases here in the studio. here's your accu weather forecast for tonight, clear, cooler, down to 46 in midtown. some suburbs getting into the 30s. a high of 66 with partly cloudy tomorrow night. down to 51. not quite as cool tomorrow. a warmer day on monday. we'll be breeze y y -- we'll be
5:50 pm
there's an elevated risk of brush fires because it's going to be dry and breezy. showers and thunderstorms returning on tuesday. there's an opportunity number one forgetting rainfall. 65, we clear out wednesday for a time, and showers and storms potentially returning on thursday. we might try to clear out by late friday. it's more likely by next weekend. not looking too bad. bums in the road, but we need the bumps in the road because we need the rainfall. >> thank you, jeff. a man in wisconsin is in jail because of a phone call he did not make on purpose. joseph was riding his bicycle early thursday morning when he pocket dialled 911 multiple times. authorities tracked him down using his phone's gps. when they found him, i think the pocket dialled 911 again, and dispatchers heard him say busted. that's when -- >> he had a warrant for his arrest, so he was taken
5:51 pm
warrant and when he was taken into custody, they found a small amount of marijuana in his pocket and a small amount of meth. >> selenas failed to appear in court on theft related charges. football players -- packed like sardines in an elevator and then they get stuck, but that he make good use of the time. >> this is an elevator ride >> this is the best cadillac >> this is the elevator ride >> that sounds pretty >>. -- the 8 players were headed to dinner when they got stuck in an elevator. the big problem, they were 700 pounds over the weight limit. 6'9", 365 pounds, zach live tweet the whole ordeal. firefighters showed up with snacks and drinks.
5:52 pm
hours to free the teammates. >> you need to show up with a cow to feed that -- >> snacks and drinks are not going to cut it. a big change is about to take place at the bridge. coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00, a loose change of cash won't help you get across the bridge anymore.
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cashless toll takes place shortly after the stroke of midnight. here's a live look at the tapency bridge where it's a 12:00 a.m. -- cashless tolls or electronic toll collections allows drivers to pay their tolls without slowing down or stopping. they can pay through easy pass or tolls by mail. an urgent safety prommed the agency -- the faa order modification on ge engines on some 787s because of an icing problem could force those agents to shut down. it happened --
5:56 pm
the aircraft landed safely without -- with its remaining engine. the order effects 176 dream liners at 29 airlines worldwide. traveling by plane is going to be easier on the wallet. all four major us airlines, america, united and delta and southwest have plans for lower fares this year. customers can expect lower prices, but it will last through 2017. americans say competitors and a drop in business travel are responsible for the decrease. even with lower fares, air carriers are still seeing big profits especially as the cost of fuel drops. a new option for families looking for affordable internet. at&t will offer internet as low as $5 a month. installation and equipment fees will be waived.
5:57 pm
the connections will be relatively slow. the offering is part of an agreement at&t made with the fcc as apart of the last year's direct tv merger. mcdonald is giving a boost from its all day breakfast. the fast food train reports that profits surged by a 35% gain. globally same store sales rose 6%. the breakfast men y ny boost numbers -- the breakfast menu boost numbers. cosco could see their numbers go up. they're upping their membership to $60 a year. executive memberships are expected to reach $120. the cosco hasn't commented on the increase, but the company hikes prices every six years. the last hike was in 2011. mayor de blasio take heat. the memo that lays
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plus an innocent woman shot while waiting for the bus. and honoring prince.
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